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A Hive of Sleeping Bees

(1) Kether (כתר) - Crown = 620
(2) Chokmah (חכמה) - Wisdom = 73
(3) Binah (בינה) - Understanding = 67

620 + 73 + 67 = 760 =

Greek Gematria
Νυιτ (Nuit, the Goddess of Infinite Space), Αραχνη (Arachne, 'the weaver'), Αφανησ (Invisible)

Jewish Gematria
CONSCIOUSNESS (13 letters, 13 is the number of Arachne's WEB)
SERPENTARIUS (Another name for Ophiuchus, the 13th sign of the Zodiac)

Hebrew Gematria 
אטמין (to hide),
אנרכיסטית (anarchist),
ארגונך (organization, setup),
בעבועים (bubbling, effervescence, effervescency, intumescence, gurgle, ooze),
ברחמיך (womb),
בשבתנו (to dwell, remain, sit, abide, inhabit),
דמיון (Resemblance, likeness, image),
דפוסים (pattern, form, frame, mold, mould, framework),
הוטמן (be hidden),
הושטתם (extending, stretching out),
הושמטת (be omitted, left out),
המקטרות (to sacrifice, burn incense, burn sacrifices, make sacrifices smoke),
הפנוטים (hypnotization, hypnotizing, hypnotism, trance, mesmerism, mesmerization),
הפרדותיהן (separation, parting, severance, segregation, intervenience, maceration,
scission, sunder, dialysis, disarticulation, disassociation, disintegration, disjointedness, divorce; resolution; analysis), הפרעתה (disturbance, interference, interruption, obstruction, intrusion, distraction, interposition, intervenience, intrusiveness, perturbation),
הצהרתכם (declaration, proclamation, statement, affirmation, plea, profession,
pronouncement, testimony, allegation, asseveration, averment, avowal; affidavit), הצטעצעותך (playing with (something) , toying with),
השכלתה (education, literacy, schooling, scholarliness, learnedness, reading; knowledge; enlightenment, illuminism; wisdom), השתמטו (to shirk, escape),
השתנה (become different, to change oneself),
התמסרנה (to devote himself to),
התמקצענה (become professional, be professionalized),
התפרעה (be wild, become unruly),
התשנה (to wear out, exhaust, weaken; uproot),
ויחלקום (to divide, share, plunder, allot, apportion, assign),
ומשחתו (to smear, anoint, spread a liquid),
ושמטתה (to release, let drop or loose or rest or fall; to cause to let drop; to release, let drop),
זחליהן (larva, caterpillar, maggot, grub),
זעזועם (shocking, shaking, rocking; agitation),
חבישתם (bandaging, fasciation, fomentation, ligation, dressing; saddle; imprisonment; wearing),
חבשתן (to wear, put on (hat) ; saddle; dress (wound) ; imprison),
חומרנותן (materialism, materiality),
חישבתם (to calculate; consider; esteem),
חמושות (armed, equipped),
חסרונותיך (disadvantage, drawback, minus, shortcoming, weakness; defect, fault, demerit; lack, deficiency),
חשבתן (to think; intend; esteem; regard; invent),
חשיבתם (thinking, cogitation, thought, cerebration),
טופולוגיים (topological),
טיעוניהם (argument, argumentation, pleading),
ייספם (to revaluate),
ייצרתן (to produce),
ייקרתם (to increase a price),
יישמת (to implement),
יכניעם (to be humble, be humbled, be subdued, be brought down, be low,; be under, be brought into subjection),
ימין (At the end of the days; the right, right hand, right side; right (of direction); south (the direction of the right hand when facing East)[ονοτοσ 'south wind'],
ינקם (to avenge, take vengeance, revenge, avenge oneself, be avenged,; be punished),
ינתש (to pull up, expel, root out, pluck up),
יספים (to add, increase, do again),
יפניים (Japanese, Nipponese),
יפעם (beat),
יצירתן (creation, formation, generation, procreation, composition; work of art, handiwork, piece; pottery),
יצרנית (manufacturer, fabricator, producer),
יקירתם (dear, darling, loved),
ישנת (to sleep),
ישתמדו (be destroyed),
כיפרתן (to atone),
כספם (money, currency, bread, dough),
כעסים (anger, fury, ire, wrath, exasperation, fretfulness, grumpiness, indignation, irateness, paddy, passion, resentfulness, resentment),
כפירתן (heresy, atheism, godlessness, heterodoxy, impiety, infidelity, ungodliness, apostasy; refuting, denial),
כפרתכם (atonement, pardon, forgiveness, indulgence, expiation, propitiation, absolution),
כשמת (name; name; reputation, fame, glory; the Name (as designation of God); memorial, monument),
כשתלי (plant, cutting, transplanted shoot, slip),
כתשם (to crush; to grind),
לקלם (voice, sound, noise; voice; sound (of instrument); lightness, frivolity),
מאבטחן (security officer, guard),
מבחין (to notice, observe; distinguish, discern),
מגביהן (back),
מדריכותיכן (guide, mentor, cicerone; educator, instructor, trainer, coacher),
מודיפיקציית (modification),
מוחשות (be rushed, accelerated),
מורחקות (be removed, sent away),
מחוון (pointer; indicator, index),
מחשבית (of thought, conceptual, abstract),
מחשבתי (thought, thinking, headwork, idea, inspiration, mind, reasoning, reflectance, reflection, rumination, brainwork),
מחשיבת (thinking, cogitation, thought, cerebration),
מנסרתי (prismatic, of the prism),
מסירתן (delivery, transferring, transmission, impartation; informing),
מצריכת (consumption (goods, etc.) , intake),
מקביל ומתקבל (Both Active and Passive (said in the Qabalah re: the Sephiroth),
מקסמייך (charm, enchantment, fascination, captivation, glamor, glamour, lure,
ravishment, winsomeness; magic, sorcery, spell, witchery, witching),
מרדנותכם (rebelliousness, insubordination, mutinousness, intractability),
מרעיתם (pasturing, pasturage, shepherding; pasturing, shepherding; pasturage; flock),
משודדות (robber, bandit, brigand, mugger, plunderer, footpad, picaroon, pillager, predatory, sacker, spoliator, waylayer),
משוחות (pit, trench, foxhole, sap, burrow),
משחזתה (to watch, look at),
משיתי (to put, place, set, make, impose; heed) See THEMIS,
משכת (to drag, draw, pull),
משמשיכן (to attribute, ascribe),
מתנכרים (to estrange oneself),
מתנער (to shake oneself free of; renounce),
מתערים (be joined, glued; rooted, based; involved),
נודרך (be guided, directed, instructed, led, coached),
נוקדם (to pre-date),
נחצבים (be mined, hewn, quarried; carved; created),
ניעלם (to disappear, vanish, be hidden),
ניצים (hawk),
ניצרתי (to christianize),
ניקרת (to peck),
נכסיכם (property, asset, possession, prize, acquisition),
נכפים (be enforced, compelled),
נמכרתן (be sold),
נסתרים (hidden, latent, underlying, secret, covert, veiled, latescent, recondite, veiled, cabalistic, cabalistical, cryptic, larval, larvate),
נעקצתן (be stung),
נפלמ : Fall,
נקים (to fulfil, carry out; hold; save),
נקים (clean, free from, exempt, clear, innocent; free from guilt, clean, innocent; free from punishment; free or exempt from obligations; innocent),
נקרית (to meet by chance, run across),
נרמסתי (be trampled, trodden underfoot),
נתעמר (to abuse),
נתרסן (be restrained, curbed; put reins on),
ספריית (library),
סקרת (to glance, look; survey, review),
עיניכם eye; eye; of physical eye; as showing mental qualities; of mental and spiritual faculties; spring, fountain, orb),
עפים (to fly, soar; go swiftly),
עצם (thing, object),
עצם (Bone; substance, essence; body),
עצרת (Confinement, detention),
עצרת (assembly, solemn assembly; assembly (sacred or festive meeting); assemblage, company, group),
ערבויותינו (guarantee, guaranty, recognizance, sponsion; bail; surety, security, suretyship,
עריפת (beheading, decapitation),
פטריותיהם (mushroom, champignon; fungus, mold),
פלילים (judge, assessment, estimate),
פניכם (face, front),
פעירת (opening wide, gaping),
פצעייך (wound, bruise, injury, lesion, sore, raw, slash, slashing, stab, canker, cut),
פקפקת (to doubt, hesitate),
פרחוניות (flowery, ornate, floral, flowered),
פריעת (payment),
פרמתם (to unstitch),
פשפש (to browse, examine, search, scrutinize),
ציינם (to mark, indicate),
צלילם (sound, tone, note, ring, twang, key),
צללים (shadow, shade, shelter, cloud, ghost),
צרחנותו (tendency to scream, shrillness; screaming, screeching),
צרתכן (trouble, calamity, misfortune, mess, mischief, mishap, fix, ill, jam, pickle, plight, sorrow, soup, spot, woe, worry, adversity, cankerworm),
קימרתי (to arch),
קנים (nest, nidus, nacelle; cell, chamber),
קסם (Divination; witchcraft),
קציניך (chief, ruler, commander; chief, commander (in war); dictator; ruler (of one in authority),
קרינת (radiation, irradiance, irradiation; radiance, radiancy; shining),
קרנית (cornea),
קרסת (to collapse),
רעמתן (to thunder),
רצינית (serious, solemn, staid, demure, devout, dour, owlish; grave, earnest, severe, heartfelt, momentous, profound, acute, bad; impressive, deep),
שאגתנו (roar, roaring; bellow),
שגיאותייך (mistake, error, fallacy, fault, solecism),
שדונת (imp, sprite, leprechaun),
שכיחויות (frequency, incidence, frequentness, rifeness, familiarness),
שכלית (intellectual, rational, mental, noetic),
שכלתי (to be bereaved, make childless, miscarry),
שלדותיי (birth, delivery, childbirth, childbearing, labor, parturition, accouchement, childbed, confinement, genesis),
שליחותו (mission, errand, legwork; message, vocation),
שלייתי (placenta, afterbirth),
שלכתי (going),
שניםשני (Two),
שנית (again, second time; secondly),
שנתי (year),
שתיליי (plant, seedling, sapling),
תגבשנה (to crystallize; integrate, unify; form, shape), תומחשו (be demonstrated),
תחומשו (be armed, equipped; divided by 5, multiplied by 5),
תחשיבייך (calculation),
תינצרי (be treasured; locked (rifle) ; guarded),
תיספרי (be counted),
תיפרסי (be sliced),
תמחשבי (to computerize),
תסריטאיכן (script writer, scenarist, scriptwriter),
תערץ (to tremble, dread, fear, oppress, prevail, break, be terrified,; cause to tremble),
תרסק (to crush, crash; mash; pulverize),
תרעיף (to impart),
תרעץ (to shatter),
תרציני (become serious),
תשכיל (become educated; become wise; succeed),
תשני (to study, learn; teach)

760(The Supernal Triad) + 3 = 763 = THE FORMULA = Jewish: THE GEMATRIC KEY/
MYSTERY: Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth

Instead of adding 3, add the Triangular Number of 3 (1+2+3 = 6), 766 = SUN (whose number is 6),
766 is also the number of the THE MANIFESTATION OF BABALON, which also equals 247 in Simple Gematria, the number of THE DOUBLE CURRENT OF MAAT.
 and as further coincidence grants - LIBER PENNAE PRAENUMBRA - the 'received' text by Nema Andahadna also equals 766.

When 760 is added to 7 (the Sephiroth below the Abyss), 767 is obtained.
767 veils a very powerful significance in that it is Binah (67) reflected by Daath.
767 is the number of THE FIRE-SNAKE and SHAITAN, as well as THE ANTICHRIST. 'Reversed' 767would be 676, which is 26x26, 26 being the number of the 'God', in whose likeness man was formed (Gen 1:26), furthermore, 676 is the number of THE BRANCH, a title of Jesus.

The Triangular Number of 7 is 28 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28). 760 + 28 = 788 = THE PATH OF AYIN, which also equals 888 in English Gematria [ = THE GODDESS HECATE, THE TRINITY, THE SECRET PATH], HUMANITY (Which equals 666 in English Gematria, the ILLUSION created by THE ARCHONS. (I.e. PARASITES of THE PURE SIMULACRA.)
The Hebrew word for The Tree of Life 'עצ חיים' equals 788, as does The Secret Wisdom 'חכמה נסתרה', chokmah nestorah. 788 is also the number of THE SECRET NAME, which has yet to be fully uttered...
בשמותם (name; name; reputation, fame, glory; the Name (as designation of God),
הגפן : The Vine
הגשמתם (realization, fulfillment, fruition, accomplishment, actualization, attainment, materialization),
הפגשת (to bring together),
השתגעי (to go crazy, lose one's mind),
השתכחנה (be forgotten),
חלמין (dream),
חשמלית (electric, electronic, electrical),
טקסטים (text, words),
מאורעותיהן (event, occurrence, incident,
מלחין (composer, songwriter),
מערבולתם (eddy, whirlpool, vortex, swirl, maelstrom),
שליחתם (messenger, emissary, envoy, delegate, courier, runner, herald, legman, mercury, minister),
תחצצר (to blow the trumpet),
תחקירכן (investigation, debriefing),
תישבעו (to swear, take an oath),
תשגלנה (to violate, ravish),
תשועבדו (be enslaved),
תשכחני (to forget, ignore, wither; be forgotten)

49 (The number of 7x7) + 760 = 809, which is the number of THE NEPHILIM (Gen. Chapter 6), as well as LOCUST, who come from the smoke of the Abyss (Rev. Ch. 9, Vs. 3).
The Locusts of Revelation are likely to be the third of the angels that became demons, Legion. The same Nephilim giants who were cast out in the deluge
In Jewish Gematria 809 shows to relate some very relevant words and phrases, such as;
VRIL, the 'Magical Force' of which Kenneth Grant notes is "a phonetic permutation of HRILIU, an expression signifying, according to Crowley, the "shrill scream of orgasm", or the metaphysical ecstasy that accompanies congress with non-human entities. In The Heart of the Master, Crowely defines 'hriliu' as the Word of the Dove, an early Typhonian zootype." see pg. 110 of Beyond the Mauve Zone
VRIL: The Power of the Coming Race was also a book written by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1871, which describes a subterranean alien civilization which uses VRIL.
Vril: The Power of the Coming Race = 2414 = EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATION OF EARTH =
Ironically, SUBTERRANEAN ALIENS also equals 809 in Jewish Gematria, as well as the phrase 
(for more information on which, see my post entitled Spheres of Initiation)
809 is also the number of ALIENS FROM SIRIUS (about which see The Sirius Mystery),
as well as THE NOMMO FROM PO TOLO (see related material).
Lastly, 809 is the number of ANGRA MAINYU, the Zoroastrian spirit of destruction.

If the number of Daath (474) is added to the Supernal Triad, the number 1,234 is formed.
1,234 =
אוזכרתם (be referred to, be cited),
אורוותיהם (stable, stall, livery),
אזהרותיהם (warning, admonition, tipoff, caution, caveat, monition, presage),
איגרתכם (letter, note, missive, epistle),
בורותכם (ignorance, illiteracy, ignorantness, nescience, benightedness, boorishness),
ביקורותיך (criticism, review, revisal, knock, stricture, censorship, censure, animadversion; audition, examination, inspection),
בריאותיהם (lung),
דרתיכם (period, generation, habitation, dwelling; period, age, generation (period of time); generation (those living during a period),
הצטדקותכם (self-justification, apology, excuse),
הצטלקתם (to scar, be scarred; be cracked, split),
השגותייך (attainment, achievement, obtainment, proocurance; reaching),
השוואותיך (comparison, similitude, analogy, analogue; equalization; equation),
השתגעותן (driving mad, acting crazily; madness),
התאווררותי (ventilating, airing),
ובכשרון (success, skill, profit; skill; success, profit),
חקירותיך (inquiry, investigation, interrogation, questioning, probe, enquiry,exploration, inquisition, interrogatory, quest, quiz; research),
חרותכם (freedom, liberty, manumission, emancipation),
טשטושים (stupor, daze; concealing, erasing; blurring, fogginess, fuzziness, defacement, fog),
מתחפשות (be disguised, masquerade),
נפקדתם (be counted, numbered),
שחיותיך (animal, beast, brute),
שלדתך (religion, faith, belief, gospel; law, rule; decree), תדלקן (to fuel),
תדריכם (briefing),
תחפושתם (disguise, disguisement),
תחקורייך (debriefing, interrogation, questioning)
תכתובות (correspondence, exchange of letters; agreement; similarity),

which co-incidentally equals 397 in Simple Gematria [397 = THE ENDING OF THE WORDS IS THE WORD ABRAHADABRA (AL.III.75) the last verse of The Book of the Law
It is significant that 220 (the number of the verse, and the Liber itself), when added to 397 = 617, which is half of the equation we are analyzing (1234).
Not only is 397 another enumeration of THE SECRET NAME, but it is also the number of 
THE EGG OF THE AEON... which aeon?
THE AEON OF MAAT (13 letters)
The Ninth Arch gives AVSShIK (AOSSIC) for 397; the number of the verse saying "at the heart", which Grant says may refer to the core of the Sigil of Aossic - 'an egg, or simply the cypher, zero.'
On page 366 Grant himself declares "'It's all in the egg!', (i.e. in Lam). What is all in Lam? The Aeon of Maat! The Egg, furthermore, is the triple Stone, the triple egg of Lam's Atu." 397 + 424 (a number of my name) = 821 = MA-ION.

Whether or not Η Μαγια Ημερολογιακο Ημερομηνια Ληξης (The Mayan Calendar End Date) is relevant rgarding this will soon be seen. 
The number for these phrases is 1128, the Triangle of 47. 47 is the number of BABALON and her counter-part the BEAST, as well as the Tetragrammaton IHVH.

1234 is also the number of THE MARK OF THE BEAST, which when 666 (The number of The Great Beast) is subtracted 568 remains, another number of THE EGG OF LAM, the MAGICK EGG. 568 is also a number of חסך 'Darkness'.
1234 in the New Aeon English Qabalah is the number of AL.I.46:
"Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty-one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, four hundred & eighteen."
as well as AL.II.56:
"Begone! ye mockers; even though ye laugh in my honour ye shall laugh not long: then when ye are sad know that I have forsaken you."

Now I would like to deviate from this analysis of the Qabalah of the Tree of Life and mention that The Star composed of the 13 letters of my name has some more synchronicities which I would like to record to further validate my connection with the Aeon of Maat/MA-ION.

ר    ך
ל        נ
ל   ה   ב   א
= 858

א   ר   ך   א
ל       נ
ה   ב

858 + 1089 = 1947 = THE SECRET HAS BEEN REVEALED.
When the central 'A' is added, the number 1948 is obtained, which once again was the year Frater Achad announced the Incoming of MA-ION (March 17 - April 2) See The Typhonian Trilogy, particularly Nightside of Eden, Outside the Circles of Time, & Hecate's Fountain.
1948 = תכתובתכן (correspondence, exchange of letters; agreement; similarity), 
From 1948 to 1992, a period of forty four years (13+31) elapsed. From 1904, the first appearance of the Egg in verse 49 of AL Chapter 1, to 1992 a period of EIGHTY EIGHT YEARS  (17+71), elapsed.
When counting both triangles of my name in hexagram form, the number of letters totals 19, which is how hold I was in 2011 when initiating The Aeon of Maat 107 years after The Aeon of Horus.

The year 1992 is also not only composed of 821 (MA-ION/August 21 and 1171 (my name),
but also 13 (the number of letters in my name) x 102 (the Simple Gematria value of my name) = 1326 (Αρχοντες 'Archons') + 666 (THE ARCHONS/ILLUSION/HUMANITY).

I am now growing tired of writing about this tonight. I have probably said enough for now.


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