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Links on the origin and $ymbolism of the root of all evil: MONEY.

The Word "Dollar" and the Dollar Sign $
The Secret Destiny of America - book by Manly P. Hall
The Secret Teachings of All Ages - book by Manly P. Hall
Gold, Money and The Mark of the Beast 666
Symbols on American Money
39 Things On The Number 13

"Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

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Take the Chip, It's Not That Bad

Rev 13:16: And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads:
Rev 13:17: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Rev 13:18: Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

The number Six Hundred and Sixty Six is a number with many implications in numerology.

   It is directly related to the number of man (6) by the fact that 6 x 6 = 36 and the Triangular Number of 36 is 666. (1+2+3…+34+35+36 = 666) Six is the number of man numerologically because in biblical theology man was created on the sixth day. Six is a Solar number, and in the Qabalah the sixth sephira (sphere) of the Tree of Life is Tiphareth which is attributed to the Sun. The name for the ‘spirit of the Sun’ is סורת (Sorath), and enumerates to 666 using Hebrew gematria. The English gematria formula, which is based on the number six (I.e. A=6, B=12, C=18~Z=156) is a very useful formula for deciphering the occult meaning of the number 666. All words/numbers in Simple gematria (A=1, B=2, C=3…Z=26) are all just multiplied by six. Nearly all of the words or phrases that equal 666 in English Gematria are centered around the above quoted verses of Revelation, and after enough research it becomes clear that Gematria is indeed a consistent resource to use as a tool to uncover the occult connections in the real language of the universe: Numbers.
   While there may be many different languages and many formulas for each thereof, gematria can be used to show a definite connection, and in some cases – divine intervention, - in not only religious texts, but everyday words and phrases. This text is intended to show just that.

   Using a computer (such as a simple calculator), we can calculate the number of the beast by applying English gematria to the very word COMPUTERThis is the first logical CALCULATION considering it is the computer/calculator that does the calculating, as well as many other things we don’t want to do on our own and would rather rely on technology to do for us.

   This form of CODE SEARCHING (i.e. Gematria) is entirely left out of books which claim meaningful codes exist within books such as the Bible, Qu’ran, and various other ‘received’ texts. The series entitled ‘The Bible Code’ by Michael Drosnin doesn’t mention gematria at all in the first two books, and I was reluctant to waste my money on the third installment to see if it fails to mention it in the third. The formula utilized in that series is known as Equal-distant Letter Sequencing which is self-explanatory, but for the sake of being concise, I will say it is where they find meaningful words by looking for letters spaced in various sequences that are equally distant from one another. While I won’t discredit the validity of this particular method, I find it highly odd that Drosnin, fails to mention gematria which is a lot more SIGNIFICANT.

    The context in which the number of the beast (666) comes from in the Bible associates it with MONETARY concepts, so let’s focus on this a bit. There is more talk now more than ever of making it MANDATORY for every person to be assigned an E-IDENTITY, or electronic identity, to buy, sell, or trade, and otherwise comply in the increasingly CORRUPT governmental healthcare and immigration policies. This method of getting people to comply for fear of not having money to eat or afford healthcare will get many, if not most people to willingly RECEIVE A MARK and accept SATAN’S SEAL.

   This is all A SATANIC PLAN, and the engineered collapse of the community and families, and thus sovereignty of the individual will be usurped and replaced with A SATANIC MARK containing all of the person’s information, such as B.C. IDENTTIY (birth certificate identity), which will be based under a single database logging all IMPLANT DATA, such as geolocation, what is ingested, and probably even thoughts and temperaments, but especially the things purchased via the barcodes that will be associated with the person’s buying habits via A CHIP SCANNER which will scan THE HAND OR HEAD (whichever contains the RFID or radio frequency device.)

   It has been known for many years that the number 666 is secreted in HIDDEN BARCODES (the word occult means hidden, thus: OCCULT RFID) which have paved the way for the actual GENETIC BARCODE that many people will accept merely on the basis of their government PAID HEALTHCARE.

   The fact that BIG PHARMACIES are in on this is undeniable when you simply Google the fact that the FDA approves the sale of ingestible pills containing RFID microchips. (Note even that MONSANTO, one of the top GMO corporations also equals 666.) The HORRORS of the pharmaceutical world go largely unnoticed, but it is no wonder why harmful substances which have just been made with hardly any time to know  their long-term effects are marketed heavily in COMMERCIALS that have to name all manner of negative side-effects, rather than rely on natural remedies that have been around for centuries with very little to no long-term negative side-effects.
So once enough people believe the great LIE TO AMERICA and agree to a tyrannical/socialistic HEALTH REPEAL the END TIMES DEAL (which is a STUPID DEAL) a DEMONIC EVIL will be released and A DEMONIC FORCE will control many people who will then have a literal DEMON INSIDE of them. Some say that this is already being enacted through the Obama Healthcare Bill, which I do not doubt one bit.

   Once we all have NO MORE CASH after the DOLLAR CRASH from the BARACK DEBT BUBBLE created from his horrendous first term as President, and the BIG INCREASES from his second term, we will likely go under A MARTIAL LAW further increasing the chances of people accepting the BAD IMPLANTS and TAKE A BARACK SEAL from the LEFT HANDED OBAMA. I could go on and on about THE OBAMA CODES, but I will just say if you were smart you would not take OBAMA’S ORDER, even if he is A PRESIDENT, because THE FIERCE OBAMA and THE B.H. OBAMA CHIP are not the SEEDS OF CHANGE, they are the seeds of GLOBAL GENOCIDE and he is likely to be the SON OF SIN, A MAN OF SINS, and an ICONOCLAST.

   The above statements are not too far out when you consider things from a biblical and historical perspective, though the nature of the things we are dealing with are naturally deceptive and this could very well be a diversion from the real DEATH-BRINGER, but I only included it so that all possibilities are considered. There is no doubt though that there is a lot of consistency in the above, and other unmentioned ‘coincide-ences’. Even if it ends up being true, if you are to truly be a child of God take no actions in regards to the above except in the form of self-defense. The fact that Barack Obama openly states he wants to limit, if not altogether eradicate, the Second Amendment should send up red flags to those law-abiding citizens who want to have the right to legally possess guns for their protection and other legal reasons. We all know that taking the guns of those who are responsible is the first step in taking over a country and implementing a authoritarian/totalitarian dictatorship, and when those who abide by the laws abide by the laws, those who didn’t still don’t and then self-defense is severely limited. In that respect, it is important to be aware, informed, and active in protecting our freedoms because freedom is never free. The fact that those who want to peacefully resist this takeover are deemed ‘threats’ is a direct indictment that what we are ‘threatening’ is in fact a fascist regime that doesn’t work for us.

I will say right now that I am a peaceful activist hand believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, so I advise anyone else to engage in peaceful resistance through education rather than other more extreme routes.

   Now, I could go on and on with more words and phrases that equal 666, but if you haven’t gotten the idea by now then you are too STUBBORN to see the reality of the REBEL ARCHANGEL -Το Μηγα Θεριον (The Great Beast) and will likely never see even though the signs are all around.

For the prophets of old to predict what they did at a time when virtually none of the above could have been foreseen without divine intervention is nothing less than a miracle and while gematria is a double-edged sword, it should be known that each person has their own path to tread and no one can decide things for them
If you would like more information on this and the deeper reaches of gematria, especially within the Bible, I will provide some links below.

o Gematria - Wikipedia
o  Creation HyperHolograph: Genesis 1.1 -
The Divine Tapestry of John 1.1
o The Bible Wheel
The Number 666 - God's Secret Place
o Properties of the number 666 -

THE ONLY SIGN = E: 888 / J: 769
769 - Jewish Gematria :

MANDATORY RFID = E: 888 / J: 805

SATAN'S RFID = E: 666 / J: 421
421 - Jewish Gematria : 

A SATANIC PLAN = E: 666 / J: 366
366 - Jewish Gematria : 

COMPUTER = E: 666 / J: 528
528 - Jewish Gematria : 

E-IDENTITY = E: 666 / J: 672
672 - Jewish Gematria :

RECEIVE A MARK = E: 666 / J: 929
929 - Jewish Gematria :

SECRET KEY = E: 666 / J: 698
698 - Jewish Gematria :

QABALAH IS MINE = E: 666 / J: 286
286 - Jewish Gematria :

CODE SEARCHING = E: 666 / J: 305
305 - Jewish Gematria :

LIE TO AMERICA = E: 666 / J: 313
313 - Jewish Gematria :

HEALTH COST = E: 666 / J: 385
385 - Jewish Gematria :
THE ARCHONS (E: 666), THE DRAGONS (E: 666), A STRANGE GOD (E: 666), 

GRAY ALIENS = E: 666 / J: 653
653 - Jewish Gematria :
653 - Hebrew: כוורותיה (Beehive/Apiary), מדגרות (Incubator.Hatchery), 
מוזרת (Alien/Grotesque), עסקאותיו (Bargain/Deal), פיזיקליות (Physical), רמאותו (Deceit), תרמזו (Hint)

THE ALIEN FORMULA = E: 666 / J: 575
575 - Jewish Gematria :

SIGNIFICANT = E: 666 / J: 314
314 - Jewish Gematria :

IMAGE OF SATAN = E: 666 / J: 340
340 - Jewish Gematria :

DOLLAR SIGN = E: 666 / J: 321
321 - Jewish Gematria :

DOLLAR CRASH = E: 666 / J: 357
357 - Jewish Gematria :
NO MORE CASH (E: 666), OBAMA DEMOCRAT (E: 666), A MAN OF SINS (E: 666), 

A MARTIAL LAW  = E: 666 / J: 1163
1163 - Jewish Gematria :

A HEALTH I.D. MARK = E: 666 / J: 277
277 - Jewish Gematria :

A PRESIDENT = E: 666 / J: 394
394 - Jewish Gematria :

THE OBAMA CODES = E: 666 / J: 349
349 - Jewish Gematria :

SON OF SIN = E: 666 / J: 375
375 - Jewish Gematria :
MARK OF BEAST (E: 666), SATAN'S HELL (E: 666), PREPARE: OBAMA (E: 666), 

GLOBAL GENOCIDE = E: 666 / J: 223
223 - Hebrew Gematria :
אונסק"ו (UNESCO, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization),
אזהיר (to enlighten, shine; warn, alert, caution),
איורו (illustration),
בראך (to create, shape, form),
דפדפנה (Computers) browser, program used for viewing sites on the World Wide Web),
הוגדרה (be defined, classified),
הודברו (be destroyed, disinfested; subdued, overcome),
הוזהר (be warned, admonished, cautioned),
הוחדר (be infused; infiltrated; impregnated with),
היהרג (be killed, murdered, slain),
הרגיה (to kill, slay, murder, destroy),
חורט (to machine (metal parts) ; engrave),
ידורג (be graded, classified),
יוראו (be shown, exhibited; revealed),
יזקקו (to refine, purify),
יחרה (to be hot, furious, burn),
למפגע (thing hit, mark, target, object of assault),
מוזמניכן (invited, guest, invitee; ordered),
מוזעק (be called in, called upon; alerted; summoned),
מזומניכן (cash, ready money, funds),
מחליפיהם (to change, exchange; substitute, replace),
מחלפיהן (spare parts),
מפגנים (tattoo; demonstration),
נזקינו (loss, damage, injury, harm),
ניקוזים (drainage),
קטנטנה (tiny, very small, minuscule),
רובוט (robot, automaton),
רזיו (secret, mystery),

1048 - Jewish :

Αιδης - 'Hades'. 'Hell' = 223

Λ͖͔̪̲͌̽̅Є͕̯͍͓ͬ͒͐̅ͯ̎Δ̹̣ͦ͌ͦͬ͑Я̜̼̺̝̜̾͒ͭ̀И̺ͤ̂̂̀̄̊̊ ̖̳̱͈̰̱͔ ͊ͬ͆̽ͮ̚Ƭ̊ͬͭ̋͊͗Ѳ̼͚͕͉̝͎ ͔̭̟ ̭̀Ɖ̦̣̪̜ͧƖ̜͚̓̔̓ͩƧ̳͇̳̤̠͍ͭ̇Ɔ͔̙̩̪̤͓Є̖̘̭̂ͯͥЯ͖͔̥̰͈̅ͭ̿͂ͬЙ̗̞͙̣͊͊̊ͩ̉ͅ

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The Blinded Eyes

There has been much talk recently about the 'Illuminati', and its influence on popular culture and the mainstream media. In my own research, I have found much evidence to show that celebrities and politicians are indeed influenced, if not down right directed, by members of sects whose main aim is to generate confusion among the public in order to get the majority to think that all the obvious symbology is nothing more than a particular type of advertising meant to draw the most attention.
Unfortunately, many are led to think that ALL occult secrets are evil or malevolent, though like any useful tool, there is room for good or evil depending on the person who holds the key.

The point I want to make is that many of the popular celebrities and figures utilize occult symbology quite often, though they fail to acknowledge what exactly they are intending to mean by it, and rather in most cases they act quite oppositely of what they might try to portray. Most of the examples below are of celebrities who do not promote intelligence, wisdom, or knowledge, but rather partying, hedonism, carelessness, stupidity, and materialistic pride, and just general ignorance and arrogance.

Just to get past it, I will begin with the notorious Lady Gaga. She either has some sort of eyeball fetish, or she is being directed by someone to constantly cover one eye, much like has been done in the past numerous times by celebrities such as Britney Spears and Madonna.
I have listened to some of her songs and have come to the conclusion that she is a puppet for the LGBT community who doesn't really do much that any LGBT people I know can relate to anymore than they could relate to a colorful Christmas tree. I am not trying to criticize her musical ability, just the way she presents herself and fails to acknowledge anything of relevance that hasn't already been said or done before, at least as far as I have seen. Anyway, I will let her eyeball speak for itself.


Even her designer Nicola Formichetti does it (Above Right). 

(Now you see why I wanted to get that over with)

Another big icon for many teens and trendies is Rihanna. Rihanna also either has an eyeball obsession, or else her photographers are telling her to do the most overused pose in history. Many of her music videos are full of symbolism as well, and no doubt that nearly none of her fans would understand what it is intended to mean.

Her newest video for 'Where Have You Been' even has a blinking eye formed by dancers. 

(Beware, there is an atrocious farty noise about 1 minute in that can be quite irritating.)

(I will get into the Disney connection later)

Rihanna is also connected closely with Jay-Z, another celebrity who utilizes overt occult imagery but fails to acknowledge why or what he thinks it means. The last thing we need is a rapper who cares about nothing but money ruining the image of Crowley's 'Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law', which does not mean do what you want, but to find your True Will and DO IT, which I can assure you is not going to be very easy when you're misguided by these sad excuses for artists. Though, Crowley did enough to tarnish his own image so as to prevent those who are unworthy from understanding his work.


Another celebrity who utilizes Crowleyan imagery and yet again fails to acknowledge any of it is Kanye West. Kanye is known to wear a goddy Horus necklace, I assume to reference the Aeon of Horus.
Some could say that he isn't saying anything in the spirit of the 4 'powers of the sphinx'; to Know, to Will, to Dare, and to Keep Silent, but being so obvious is far from silent. Keep in mind that these celebrities are trying to appeal to the younger generation, as well as to the black community, two groups which aren't generally known for their aspirations towards illuminism or enlightenment particularly in the Crowleyan sense.

Jay-Z and Warren Buffet... HMM?

Oh, and Obama is a fan too.. go figure.

Apparently Obama fans are also Jay-Z fans.

Lebron James actually has a little ritual he does before every game. He started doing this after Jay-Z started going to his games...

Notice how Kanye West in one of the pictures above is at either an MTV or Nickelodeon premiere of some sort, both of which have utilized the pyramid in front of audiences which would generally have no idea of its implications or origins.
(from commercials)

2011 VMA Awards

The Disney company has had a far reaching history when it comes to things like subliminal messaging, occult symbolism, and questionable material which is supposed to be entertainment for children. MAny examples can be found by simply googling 'Disney Illuminati', or 'Disney Occult'. 
The three biggest 'Mouseketeers' to later have very big celebrity success; Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilara also have there own fair share of eyeball worship.

(Mickey Death's Head)


And the new generation of teen idols have also caught on to the eyeball worship.


Willow Smith

From Willow Smith's music video for Fireball

(Emma Watson, the girl who played Hermione in Harry Potter)

Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright from Harry Potter

Taylor Swift

Eye'll Say

Even politicians are portrayed as cyclopean conformists of the Illuminati fad.


(I know both Palin and Romney are Republicans, but try as I might, I can't find any 'Eye' pictures of Obama and friends yet. I am neither pro-Republican nor pro-Democrat, I think they are all corrupt money hungry tools.)

[UPDATE: 9-26-2012]
A new direction huh?... that's 'Real Talk'.
Well, I just wanted to write about how these artists are not really doing much to fight against the centralized control structure, but rather working for it. "By their fruits you shall know them".
Another musician/artist who I have mentioned in previous posts has also utilized the 'all seeing eye', albeit in a  more sarcastic way. Marilyn Manson has much occult imagery in his lyrics, videos, and painting, although if you listen to his lyrics and interviews you can clearly see that he reflecting the corporatist/conformist back in a way that his audience can actually learn from. 
For example, Manson states in the opening of the cover song Rock'N'Roll Nigger:
"I was raised in America and America hates me for what I am, I am your shit, you should be ashamed of what you have eaten.", which he corroborated in his next album with the song 'The Reflecting God', and pretty much every song to date, particularly in his Triptych.
Marilyn Manson is the only artist I know of to utilize the very imagery all the above 'artists' have failed to accurately explain. He is also one of the few (semi)mainstream artists to openly talk about the fascism of the mainstream media/politics, and how America is turning into a police state, unlike all the other celebrities I have thus far referred. For more info on Marilyn Manson's views on this subject I urge you to look at these articles on the Nachtkabarett website:


Here are various other media usages of the All Seeing Eye. It is used in everything from Bank advertisements to models in magazines.

(Target sign in store)

Urban Outfitters


Michael Jackson, (musician)

Janet Jackson


Steven Spielberg

Johnny Depp, (actor)

Freemasonic 'Hidden Hand' gesture and the 'Sign of Silence'.

David Bowie

'Drake', rapper

50 Cent, (rapper)

Adam Lambert
Wearing an Aleister Crowley shirt similar to the one worn by one of Disney's Jonas Brothers;

'Bono', (musician)

Bono with Henry Kissinger

Madonna, (musician)

Shakira, (musician)

Hayley Williams of Paramore

Zac Efron

Cyndi Lauper

Tyra Banks

Lindsay Lohan

Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood, who also appeared in guess what...
A Lady Gaga music video

Seal (musician)

Amy Winehouse


Milla Jovovich (actress)


Lil Wayne (rapper)

Gloria Steinem (activist) (link)

Ke$ha, ('musician')

Nicki Minaj

Anna Hathaway (Actress)

Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt who is apparently a Freemason. (Actors)

Samuel L. Jackson (Actor)

Jim Carey (Actor)

Sandra Bullock (Actress)

Uma Thurmin (Actress)

Jennifer Lopez

Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton

Kourtney Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian

Tila Tequila


Wiz Khalifa (musician)

Jessica Alba

Christ Brown

Peter Gabriel

Reese Witherspoon


Jared Leto

Avril Lavigne

Asia Argento

Boy George (musician)

Katy Perry


Alanis Morissette

Beth Ditto (Singer)

Shaquille O'Neal with masons in masonic apron.

From a sports commercial

Usain Bolt

George Bush Sr. in magazine photo with a pyramid on his lap.

Obama with devil horns?

Clinton with devil horns?

Putin with devil horns?

Bill Graham with devil horns?

Pope with devil horns? 
It sure seems like the editors were trying to give this impression.

2012 Olympics stadium lights.

Toy Story promotion with same model posing in the same way for a different shoot.

(From the TV show Glee)

The same gesture is even used in other countries:

And what do all of these pop culture icons all have in common?
They are all highly publicized by the same corporations that own the media and many controlling factors of society. They are pawns who will gladly sell you falsehood and benefit from your ignorance.
The time has come that you either open your eyes or be perpetually lost in denial and fear.
It's time you wake up and face the real nightmare or it will never end.

(Eye-Spiral symbolic of Hypnosis.)
Time Warner owns most Television channels and popular magazines : LINK