Monday, January 14, 2013

The Color of Time

We are now in the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. All is well, nothing cataclysmic has happened, and no alien species have disclosed themselves to the mass populace. Yet.
For the last few weeks I have been contemplating many of the subjects I have thus far gone over and have filled in a few gaps, though the puzzle keeps unfolding the more I search. I have realized that this blog really doesn't do the subjects involved justice, but that is why I insist upon your own personal analysis and research. Much of what I have said can easily be misinterpreted as a literal truth instead of grasped for its more subtle underlying meaning, which I have to redact what I had said in the first post about speaking as clear as possible.. Such a thing is nearly impossible when discussing the aforementioned subjects, and I merely wish to point to where an answer may be found rather than try to give them myself. The written word is one of the most powerful mediums because much like a painting, it too can say more than what is superficially read. The same can be said of simple symbols, which I have utilized on many occasions. 
   In this post I want to go over some more connections and correspondences I have found dealing primarily with Time, Space, Consciousness, and Evolution - or as Grant may have it - Time/Space/Spirit/Matter.

The symbol above is the main symbol of a modern occult school known as 'Chaos Magick'. Wikipedia says it is a 'modern magical tradition which emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems and the creation of new and unorthodox methods', apparently quoted from John Greer's The New Encyclopedia of the Occult which actually says:
      "Chaos Magic: A diverse occult movement born in the last quarter of the twentieth century, sometimes spelled as "Xaos magic" - apparently on the principle that rejection of authority should be carried into the realm of spelling as well as that of spells. Chaos magic owes its origins largely to a work of science fiction, the Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. The trilogy, a dizzying mixture of satire, put-on, pop culture, and occultism, attacked all conceivable belief systems, presented a theory of magic that centered on sex, and drew heavily on the writings of the previously obscure Discordian movement, which worships the goddess choas. All three of these features went on to become essential to Chaos magic. . .
. . . Chaos magic differs from other occult traditions in its exclusive focus on magical technique and its rejection of theory and philosophy. Beliefs, according to Chaos magic proponents, are tools used to attain specific mental effects and nothing more; they have no validity or truth in themselves, merely usefulness for particular tasks. "Nothing is true; everything is permitted" - a saying attributed to Hassan-I-Sabbah, the founder of the Order of Assassins, and repeated often in Discordian writings and the novels of American writer William S. Burroughs - is often cited as a summary of the Chaos magic viewpoint.
   In keeping with their rejection of the validity of belief system, Chaos magicians have made much use of symbolism drawn from fantasy fiction. Many Chaos magicians use, as a symbol of their approach, some variant of the 'Banner of Chaos' from the fantasy novels of British author Michael Moorcock, which consists of eight arrows radiating from a common center. The works of Peter Carroll also include such fantasy-fiction elements as references to "octarine", the eighth color of the spectrum in Terry Pratchett's Discworld fantasy-satires, and an invocation of Azathoth, the idiot-god of primal chaos in the horror fiction of H. P. Lovecraft."

This cluster-fuck of symbolism and various belief systems I have presented in my previous posts are essentially portraying the chaotic formula of 'Nothing is true, everything is permitted'. The universe, at least of the human is pretty limited - even when you begin to look beyond the single-framed mundane conscious perspective. Only by transcending consciously the seemingly unchangeable 'laws' of physics, or mental modalities can one even begin to think 'outside the box', or be actively creative for more than a short glimpse. It is this expanded awareness that the chaos star symbolizes, and the magician embodies.

A similar ancient symbol is the Sumerian cuneiform 'Dingir' which is commonly interpreted as 'deity' or 'god/goddess'. It is primarily used to signify the Sumerian sky-god An, or Anu (the root of the word Anunnaki - 'those who from the sky/heaven came to earth (ki). As a symbol for the sky/heavens, the dingir is even further like the Chaos Star because of its implication of the 8 directions, as well as the 3 dimensions of space. It is therefore a glyph of the radiance of shakti (power), of which Kali is the god(dess)form.

The Hindu goddess Kali not only represents shakti, but her name comes from kala which refers to colors, blackness, time, and death. Before I go deeper into Kali I want to first quote from Hecate's Fountain:
  "This symbolism interpenetrates the doctrine of Space Doubles revealed in New Isis Lodge. The thesis is that every idea projected by the mind into the terrestrial dimension (earth) has a double  in space (air). This double is refracted into n dimensions. Ideational essences are vibrations which manifest as colours in the spectrum, and beyond it, and as kalas in the human light-form or space-body which - being double on earth as male and female - is fourfold in space, eightfold in the sub-ethers, sixteen-fold in the ether (akash), thirtytwo-fold in cosmic form [the Tree of Life], sixtyfour-fold in the hierophantic hierarchies of Hexagrams, and two hundred and fiftysix-fold in terms of trans-cosmic Akash awareness. The latter formulates itself as the stellar viibrations of the 13-rayed Star of Set [2+5+6=13], which reduces to the original 4 (1+3) Space Doubles." - pg. 128

Kalas are not only rays of color, but digits and divisions of time and the word calendar is derived from kālá.
In the glossary of Hecate's Fountain Grant says "Time is the source of energy that powers spacecrafts. When converted into energy, the kalas appear as the power that motivates spacecrafts and enables them to travel infinite distances in the twinkling of an eye." When you look at the multiple occurrences of the number 8 and its connection with time, space, and the cosmic kalas that these dimensions contain, you can really start to see how consciousness begins to expand and connect with everything else like a cosmic puzzle or matrix.

Kali is sometimes depicted with eight arms and standing on the Destroyer God-Shiva. The Nirvana Tantra texts says the Trimurti (Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva) all arose out of Her as like bubbles in the sea, ceaselessly arising and passing away, leaving their original source unchanged. Kali has one of the most important goddesses of the Hindu religion even though she has long been the representative of violent death, darkness, and blood because she was also a 'figure of annihilator of evil forces'. She is also revered as Bhavatārini (literally "redeemer of the universe"). As a wild, uncontrollable, chaotic cosmic force - Kali also embodies the chaos magic current. Many of Grant's books extensively refer to Kali so again I refer the reader to his books, particularly the chapters Kalas Out of Space from Outside the Circles of Time, and Out of the Abyss from Hecate's Fountain.

Another chaotic zootype is the spider, which is mythologized in the Greek myth about Arachne, the weaver. I have already went into the web of Arachne in previous posts, but there are some more things I want to mention regarding The Book of the Spider (Liber 29 - OKBISh) which is contained in The Ninth Arch. 

If you have read previous posts, as well as a significant amount of Crowley and Grant material, you will notice the recurrence of the number 13. There are 13 Holy Books in Thelema, 13 is the number of spheres in  Metatron's Cube, 13 Zodiacal symbols, it is the number of M (Mem, the Dividing Waters) letter of Magic, Mystery, Mother, Matter, Mouth, etc. Many of the important larger numbers that appear in the Thelemic and other magical Currents reduce to 13, such as 418, 616, 76/760, and 1417. In fact, 1417 is the number of THE BOOK OF THE SPIDER, THE TRIPLE ZERO (Ain Soph Aur/Endless Light), as well as the Triple Goddess (Hecate) under the MAIDEN-MOTHER-CRONE, as well as the Hebrew rendering of Metatron's Cube itself (מטטרון של קוביה).

The Arachnid is also a zootype of the Archon, or artisan. Not only are there seven archons, but there is also another primordial emanation from which the 7 came from known as Barbelo (Βαρβηλω), also referred to as 'The Triple Androgynous Name'. Her name is an earlier rendering of the Thelemic Goddess BABALON. Even the name Βαρβηλω, which equals 943, also connects to 13 because the word THIRTEEN = 943. And as the eighth, she is PURPLE BEYOND PURPLE, THE COLOR PINK. The color 'octarine' mentioned above in the quote from the occult encyclopedia is a fantastical reference to the notion of a transcendental color, or kala, which typifies the akashic realms outside the circles of time.

The black widow spider, as depicted, is one of the most venomous spiders, and as such is one of the most important symbols of the 'Typhonian Tradition'. It is interesting to note that it is the hourglass, or infinity symbol that is in blood red on the black widow - another veiled reference to the Kalinian aspect of time, blood, and death. The 8 symbolism is one of the most prevalent in such an analysis and needs special consideration as it is the number of the sephira Hod, which means Splendor (brilliance, glory, color). The paths that connect to Hod are also some of the most elusive. As Mercury, the mirroric, or mirrauric, alchemical metal, it is all about duality and reflection (remember the Grant quote about the Space Doubles). It should here be noted that the number of Kalas are 16, the reverse of KALI (61), which is also the number of ALL, as well as its opposite, AIN.
   The Spider is a totem of the the cycle of creation, death, and rebirth and there are many mythologies which revere the spider for its cunning and resourceful nature. There is Neith of Egyptian mythology who was the weaver deity who wove all of the world and existence into being on her loom. Another important African spider deity is Onsi, or Ananse, the trickster spider who was very intelligent. A much needed reference to pop-culture should be mentioned and that is to the 1986 Stephen King novel (and 1990 movie) 'IT', which is a story of adults who share a similar childhood where they encountered an evil clown (trickster) named Pennywise who was able to shapeshift into the fears of the children. The clown and the spider are both symbolic of the trickster who can be both good and evil. I won't ruin the movie for those who haven't seen it, but if you haven't, just remember to connect the symbolism of the Trickster/Clown/Fool with the spider and its necrosophic connotations. For more info on the symbolism on the clown, I suggest this link.

As the Triple Goddess of the Crossroads, Hecate is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the moon, and doorways (crossroads), and she is ruler of the Sky (Heaven), Earth, and the Sea (The Deep/Hell). As one of the supreme triune deities, HECATE = 419, the number of Teth in full, which means 'Serpent', and of course as the 9th Hebrew letter is 3 x 3, 9 being the number of Yesod (the Moon). In her original Greek form, Εκατη = 334, which is 333 (Choronzon, Guardian of the Doorway/Daath/Death) + 1, as well as the number of TRIPLE, which is another obvious connection, and the 1 in 3/333 is a very significant metaphysical concept of which all of the above comes into play.

Particularly regarding Shakti is the interplay of the Tribindu, the 'three seeds' - Sun, Moon, and Fire, as well as the Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, and perhaps most importantly, Past, Present, and Future.                                                                        Connected with Hecate are the Greek Moirae (known as the Parcae in Roman mythology), also called the 'Three Fates' or 'Apportioners'; Clotho 'the spinner', Lachesis 'the alotter', and Atropos 'the inevitable'.                                                 Grant mentions many times that the frontispiece to The Ninth Arch, Man Is A Bundle of Ids by Austin Osman Spare is the essential magical formula of Zos-Kia, which denote the phenomenal and noumenal aspects of existence. The 'formula' centers around the conical shapes in the central of the picture, which Grant refers to as 'the Cone of Hecaté' on page 414 of TNA, veiling the crossing over of dimensionalities. Appendix I of TNA is a partial commentary on the cone, as well as the 8/hourglass. I have yet to fully understand what this all means myself, I have yet to read Zos Speaks!, which may yeild a clue, and I also have yet to finish Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare, but I am sure I have already said enough on the topic for interested readers to find out the secret for themselves if they wish.

Another important typhonian/chaotic zootype is the Octopus, which Cthulhu is a rendition in the Lovecraftian Mythos which is a prominent figure in the work of Grant and subsequent material he has since influenced. Cthulhu is the lord of The Deep Ones, the deep being the realm of subterranean and subconscious domains. The octopus totem is a very enigmatic figure and very aptly typifies the depths of being and meaning. Have you ever heard of the expression that there are tentacles all over something? Well, if you have gotten this far, you have probably begun to see that. Like a chameleon, the octopus is able to camouflage itself within its surroundings which express its connection with secret or hidden knowledge, especially of the kalas. Though, octopi not only change colors to keep hidden, but also to be seen and to be known, to communicate.
As a water animal it connects with the the blood/water of Kali, the ocean of space, and the other venomous octopod - the spider. Both the spider and the octopus have generally dark essences,Water is the element of the unconscious, and since it takes the form in which it is held it is a lot like the octopus in being flexible, and adaptable and ever changing. 
While the octopus is a very psychic and watery creature, being a beast of the deep it also signifies the importance of grounding in the chaos of the waters. The octopus is also a very suggestive symbol of the 8th Tarot card Adjustment, the formula of which is Balance. (Note: FIRE (221) + WATER (221) = 442 = MAAT, Goddess of Truth, Justice, and Balance - depicted in ATU XIII.)  The fictional character Cthulhu is said to be 'not dead but dreaming' under the sunken city of R'lyeh, and that 'When the stars are right', R'lyeh will rise from the sea, never to sink again, and Cthulhu will awaken and revel across the world - 'ravening for delight'. Cthulhu is made of cosmic material and cannot be affected my mortal weapons, and even the Great Old Ones were not able to destroy him.
Grant says of The Great Old Ones in Outer Gateways thus:
"Also known as the Ancient Ones. They are the hidden powers ruling this planet at the present time. The spells for communicating with Them are concealed in grimoires such as the Necronomicon, the Book of the Law, and the Wisdom of S'lba. The emissaries of the Old Ones are usually nameless, but members of Their race delegated to traffic with terrestrials have appeared to specially prepared individuals (Al Hazred, Crowley, Austin Spare, etc.), for purposes of communicating certain keys to the Outer Gateways."
The importance of Cthulhu can only be briefly mentioned in this disseration, but for more info I would specifically refer the reader to the chapter entitled Tutulu in Outer Gateways, and the short video below of Terence McKenna on Visible Language:

Regarding Balance, I want to go over the cosmic balance of the microcosm and macrocosm now that the first atom (or at least its shadow) has now recently been photographed.
It is obvious from my previous posts and the name of this blog itself that the egg is a symbol of cosmic significance and yields many keys to many doors on the path to enlightenment. The number 7 as the number of the perfection (the week/seas/continents/chakras/alchemical metals/etc.), is further balanced by the 8, and the 8th chakra blooms once the 7 major ones are correctly aligned. As I have described, the 8 is merely the twisted zero, or the zero becoming infinity. (Note the correspondence of the numbers of letters in a word with the meanings of the word). The commonality of the 0 and the 8/∞ is that it repeats itself in cycles. Microcosmically, even the atomic nucleus is rarely ever spherical, but instead egg shaped. 
The next plane consisting of concentric egg-shaped cycles are the orbits of the planets which is what cycles of time are derived from.
Another correspondence of the 8 and Mercury is the fact that Mercury takes 88 Earth days to complete one Mercurial year. There are also 88 constellations of modern astronomy, and Mercury is the messenger god who relays the gnosis of the gods to the terrestrial adepts. 88 is also the number of CADUCEUS, the MAGICAL tool of Mercury.
Not only do space and time imply one another, but they both necessarily imply the spirit/matter complex of consciousness, particularly in the Zos-Kia sense. Zos is the term used to denote 'the body considered as a whole' - phenomenon, and Kia denotes the 'Atmospheric I', or Cosmic Consciousness. 
So far, modern science has been able only to catch a relatively small view of the local Universe through infrared and other techniques, and it too appears to be ovulescent, or egg-shaped. As I and my predecessors have said, the universe really is a fractally dynamic energy grid.

I also want to point out the fact that atomic bombs, such as that used in the Trinity Test, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki are also egg-shaped, as are the craniums of the entities they seem to have gotten the attention of in the late forties when they began being used. The atomic weapon is not only one of the most dangerous weapons for life on earth, but it can and is likely to be very disastrous in its effects on the subtle fractal energy grid of the entire universe itself, and possibly even other 'uni'-verses within the multiverse.
As far as biological life on Earth (which is also not completely spherical, but more of an oval), the Egg appears throughout the evolution from single-celled organisms to fully developed brain of the homo sapien.
In Chapter 27 of Magick Without Tears, Crowley mentions that Ernst Haekel discovered and demonstrated that:

". . .the history of any animal throughout the course of its evolution is repeated in the stages of the individual. To put it crudely, the growth of a child from the fertilized ovum to the adult repeats the adventures of its species.
   This doctrine is tremendously important, and I feel that I do not know how to emphasize it as it deserves. I want to be exceptionally accurate; yet the use of his meticulous scientific terms, with an armoury of quotations, would almost certainly result in your missing the point, "unable to see the wood for the tree."        
       Let me put it that the body is formed by the super-position of layers, each representing a stage in the history of the evolution of the species. The foetus displays essential characteristics of insect, reptile, mammal (or whatever they are) in the order in which these classes of animals appeared in world history. Now I want to put forward a thesis - and as far as I know it is personal to myself, based on my work at Cefalu - to the effect that the mind is constructed in precisely the same lines. . ."

Whatever the next stage in our evolution is, we can probably surmise that  the common depiction of the short, slender, androgynous alien documented primarily in the late 40's, though also as far back as 1918 with the Portrait of LAM and even centuries before then in petroglyphs and paintings, may be somewhat portentious. Such a dramatic change in the morphology would be necessarily concomitant with our acceleration towards a spacefaring species - and an even more likely reason for our transformation into hairless, almost deformed looking humanoids, would be the increasing amount of nuclear radiation in and around our planet which is surely affecting our genetics. 
Some people have supposed that at least one of the 'races' or groups of aliens that seem to have been watching or quarantining us for so long may in fact be our future-selves having transcended the limitations of physical embodiment, either through the development of particular technologies throughout the unfoldment of time, or possibly just posthumously in some after-life dimension. This subject is obviously unverifiable, but the fact that the ideas not only exist, but seem to be growing in the conscious apprehension of mankind seems to lend the idea at least some level of importance in being considered.
The modern Grey aliens which are the most commonly perceived extra-terrestrial/dimensional beings seem to themselves have many connections to the Kalinian/Cthulhian symbols mentioned above. For example, it is common for abductees to have blood, semen, and skin grafts taken from them, as well as different operations performed that seem to almost intend only to inflict pain and fear in the victim. Many abductees also report being in a place that seems to be not in space, but instead underground, or even under large bodies of water. I have already presented a .KMZ (Google Earth) file in a previous post listing many of the alleged secret military bases that may or may not even be under control by any human military elements. There is plenty of information online about such places and the experiences people have had within and around them. I just wanted to further link the above with the seemingly monstrous aspects of the 'others'.

Whatever the case, it is to surely coordinate with the variously termed 'Age of Aquarius'/'Aeon of Maat' terminologies, that we will somehow move beyond our present terrestrial state if we don't succumb to a similar fate as previous civilizations such as Atlantis or Lemuria by not gaining control of both our technological capabilities, but our rampant subconscious and qliphothic negative energy spectres as well.  The balancing of the front/dayside of the Tree of Life with the back/nightside of the Tree of Death is probably the most important thing that needs to be put into action by the majority of humanity because the Qabalah is not some map that works for some people. It is a universal map and you can have virtually no creativity or imagination and begin 'climbing' or learning the Tree of Knowledge of Life and Death and begin to find not only some of the most profound answers to many questions who have never been able to answer, but it also helps strengthen the spiritual and material levels of being when, like any other tree, it is given patient cultivation. It is in this personalized sense that the the esoteric teachings remain esoteric ('for the few') because only a few people out of the majority have ever been able to refine themselves and become subtle enough to perceive some of the most tenuous of vibrations, influences, or ideas. Silence, the fourth power of the Sphinx and one of the most important keys to occultism, is necessary for the individual because his or her Universe, while it may be shared with others is nonetheless theirs and only theirs as far as their spiritual destiny is concerned and speaking out about particular things can leak energies from the mental and auric zones. It is better to wait until an ordeal is long overcome and analyzed and integrated enough to be able to be spoken easily and fluently. This 'silence' is typified by the god Harpocrates (shown of the Aeon Tarot card). I have already noted that the Greek Ηαρποκρατης = 888, the number of this blog (It's All In The Egg) and THE GLOBED PRIEST mentioned in AL.III.34, all of which refer to the New Aeon and The Final Hé of Tetragrammaton

According to the numerology website, the number 8 is symbolic of The Cosmic Christ (Ιησους, Jesus); it is the 'final point of the manifestation'; 'the balance and cosmic order, according to the Egyptians'. There are also eight courses in Yoga, to which I recommend the book Eight Lectures on Yoga by Aleister Crowley.
   After all this talk about the number 8 and it's connection to time and cycles, I guess here would be a good place to mention that 8 x 8 = 64, the number of TIME, which is also a Temurah of MYTH. There are also 64 Hexagrams in the Chinese divinatory system known as the I Ching.
   As you can see, all of the above is just a tip of the iceberg with the mythology of time. I could go on more, but once again I have stayed up for far too long to complete this even though it was pretty fun.