Monday, June 24, 2013

The World Stage

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players: 
They have their exits and their entrances; 
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages." 
                             - William Shakespeare

"Life is a play of light and shadow."
                         -Swami Muktananda

The world of mundane, waking consciousness (jagrat) arises from a spectra of perceptual data received through the sensory organs. As with quantum physics, that which is perceived is necessarily distorted by the instrument perceiving it, so with the organs and the mind itself which to some extent filters the data by its own ability (or inability) to pick up and comprehend the available information. What ends up 'going through', or enters cognition, is what makes up what R.A. Wilson terms one's 'reality tunnel'. Merely a tunnel in that it is closed off in whatever degree to the rest of reality. This inability to receive certain streams of 'reality', or what have you,is not always so much an inability as it is a defense or survival mechanism. If one was fully plugged in to all things, perceiving the total interconnectedness and simultaneity of everything, one would ultimately cease to be in the state of jagrat and would enter immediately the state of susupti, or dream-less deep-sleep, void of all sensory input and mental movement. All would appear as it truly is - One as None. This state of preconceptual awareness is not normally perceived in an individual's waking life, though it is the aim of meditation and mysticism to make this state of mind more easily accessible.

Between these states lies svapna, the dream-state, whose input lies for the most part internally within the mind and only secondarily externally - in that external influences may affect it, but are perceived internally within the realms of the subtle body (i.e., Astral, Auric, Etheric, etc.) Beyond all of these lies turiya, the superconsciousness. In the Mandukya Upanishad turiya is described thus: 
Turiya is not that which is conscious of the inner (subjective) world, nor that which is conscious of the outer (objective) world, nor that which is conscious of both, nor that which is a mass of consciousness. It is not simple consciousness nor is It unconsciousness. It is unperceived, unrelated, incomprehensible, uninferable, unthinkable and indescribable. The essence of the Consciousness manifesting as the self in the three states, It is the cessation of all phenomena; It is all peace, all bliss and non—dual. This is what is known as the Fourth (Turiya). This is Atman and this has to be realized.
This almost perfectly equates turiya with what Kenneth Grant terms The Mauve Zone, as well as the state of Truth that is The Aeon of Maat. Nema notes that Maat is symbolized in the black hole and the anti-particle of the photon. This shows the level of depth to which turiya/maat lies. Grant terms the Mauve Zone as "The spaceless and timeless region 'between' dreaming and deep sleep states of consciousness which transcends the sixteen kalas and which is sometimes known as the Seventeenth Zone or kala." - The Ninth Arch, pg. 543. Similarly, Turiya is defined on page 551 as "The 'Fourth State' of Consciousness which is really no-state, as it releases from all conceptuality. It transcends altogether the worlds of body, senses, and mind." He mentioned the '17th kala', which is similar to the '23rd Atu', the non-existent zone in which the existent ones operate. Essentially the point in the omnipresent center of the Taro/Rota (Wheel of Life)/Kala wheel. This is basically what I have been describing all along, and it is the true zero point beyond 0 = 2.
Beyond the interplay of light and shadow is a higher state where duality ceases.

For various reasons, I want discuss certain connections I have found interwoven in the concepts set forth above. Anyone who has studied Crowley knows he was not only a high-level mason, but also a master at chess. Chess is a very symbolically masonic game itself, and even its checkerboard pattern is found on the temple floor. There are 64 (8 x 8) squares total equating the chess board, or 'the world stage', with the 64 permutations of the Tao (I Ching). 64 is the number of 'Change' in Jewish Gematria, and I Ching is translated as 'The Book of Changes'. Change is also the formula of Magick ("energy tending to change") and Death. 64 is also the number of Thelema in Simple Gematria, as well as True (i.e. True Will). Most importantly though, 64 is the number of 'Zero', and 'Nuit'. Zero as 8 x 8 shows the definite connection between those two numbers that I have already extensively expounded on. Grant notes the Maatian connection of 64 as:
 "...the Perfect Form of Truth', a further allusion to the connection with the Maatian Gnosis. The 'perfect form' is Maat in manifestation, i.e., in full materialization; in other words, in Matter. In confirmation of this interpretation it may be seen that 64 = ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ, 'Truth'. And, again, and asserting the predominance of the Set complex, 64 = NBHZ, 'Anubis', the jackal-headed deity of the Avites (see II Kings xvii, 31). Note also that 46, the astral reflex of 64, equals 2 x 23, denoting the twin currents of Maat (64) and MU (46) infusing the waters of the twenty-third Path to which the Word IPSOS is attributed by the Maatians."
Anubis assists Maat in the weighing of the heart against the Feather of Truth. 8 is the last of the even numbers and its association with time and spatial dimensions attest to its balancing/weighing components. "God has arranged all things by weight, number, and measure". 8 is the ultimate height to Set's sept/7 as Isis "in her active phase (7+1), or Nu Isis." Being the number of Mercury, the scribe or messenger, it is right that GEMATRIA is 8 letters and its numbers 269 and 660 reduce to 8. Even the abbreviation for Mercury (Hg) = 8 [5+3].

The Magic Square of Mercury consists of 8 x 8 squares. Each row or column sums to 260, the number of Baratchial, the qliphoth of Beth/The Magus. This path not only has Mercury as its correspondence, but to add further connection 260 is the number of Tiriel, the Intelligence of Mercury. Note that 260 also reduces to 8. In Part II, Ch. 2 of Nightside of Eden, Kenneth Grant notes that 260 enumerates KMR, 'blackness', 'priest'; i.e. Black Priest/Magician, also MONNIM, 'sorcerer'. "This is the kala of the Sorcerers ... who transmit the light direct from beyond Kether to Saturn via the formula of duality. Duality is expressed zoömorphically by the twin serpents Od [11] and Ob [9], and by the ape - the shadow of the Magus who, according to tradition, distorts and perverts the Word of the Magus thus making a mockery of his work, as do the Black Brothers with their formula of duality. [i.e. illusion. It is the 1 reflected that becomes 2, Likewise 11, eleven, is the number of 'those who are of us.]" (page 163.)  

11 is the number of manifest duality, the 'Magick Force' (note Grant says Magick is the control of the qliphoth/11'). Further on in Nightside of Eden, Grant says:
"The Black Brother is double-tongued, as the serpent, which is significant, for the magical power ascribed to the obverse aspect of which this path is the tunnel, is the Gift of Tongues, the Gift of Healing, and a Knowledge of Sciences. The healing here however is a healing of the ego, which merely aggravates with illusion the disease of false identity creating thereby a chain of endless suffering. Likewise, the Sciences of which knowledge is given are the sciences of darkness. Yet it must not be supposed that these are necessarily evil, it is merely that in the hands of a Black Brother they necessarily tend to sterility because directed towards the fulfillment of wholly personal ambitions. The dark sciences of this path contain the secrets of the kalas of the void, and of that Kalinian Current which obtains in the widdershins world of anti-light."
This is interesting because the number of 'double-tongued' is that of The Double One, or The Devil - 
Διαβολος (Diablos) = 387 = Διλογος. 387 is also the number of the sciences in that it is the number of CALCULATOR, Formula, ואשף - 'Astrologer/Sorcerer', אסטרונומיה - 'Astronomy',  שביל החלב - 'The Milky Way'. In another spelling, the values of the former Greek words are 787 (Διαβολους & Διλογους), which is the number of Μαγευτικη, 'Magical', THE MAGICIAN, ZION (which in Simple gematria also = 64), and Freemasonry. This shows the multiple threads of what this post is about - that of the duality of Magick and its manifestation through either the Black or White Lodges in 'The World Stage' (Malkuth/The Mundane). Knowledge cuts both ways though, and as Grant clarifies, it is in the hands of the Black Brothers that they tend towards sterility instead of fertility. You can build starships with it, or nuclear wastelands. "There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well!"

Referring back to the number 260, it is very significant that it is the number of LUCIFER, The Light Bearer, the promethean messenger deity of Christianity whose fall from grace turned him into The Prince of Darkness (Satan)... once again denoting the Dark/Light currents. (Note LUCIFER+SATAN = 621 = THE FALLEN ANGEL.) The name Lucifer is first used in Isaiah 14:12 as the Hebrew הֵילֵל, denoting 'the shining one', or 'Venus'. Venus is the 7th sephira, and the connection between Lucifer and 7 has been made in previous posts. There is however a secret connection here. L74U13C73I20F13E10R510 in Full equals 713, the number of THE ARCHANGEL, THE NUMBER, and אבדון, 'Abaddon', 'Destroyer'. 713 holds the secret to which I refer in that 7 veils the 13 by the fact that 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, the sum being 49 (~13), but more importantly, containing 13 veils going in and out of the seven. (13 is also the 7th Fibonacci number, not counting 0). This is the alchemical process of the purification of Saturn (שבתאי), which also = 713. This can therefore be seen as a qabalistic exegesis of the allegorical fall of Lucifer and the descent of Spirit into Matter (and back). Note that 713 + 64 = 777. LIBERATION (777) from THE FALSE REALITY (777)/OVLM HQLIPVTh ('World of Shells' [777]). Saturn (713) being the Lord of generations, time cycles, restriction, limits, and lower energies, along with 64 being TEN (the lowest sephira), TIME, MYTH, EDEN, and Γενεα 'Generation/Age' denotes the Eternal Truth of Change (אשליותיך, 'illusion' = 777). Note also that 64 enumerates ADM + ChVH (Hebrew for Eve), the prototypical generators from EDEN at the beginning of TIME from the Genesis MYTH manifested on TEN (Malkuth). Thus, 777 is the REVELATION (777) of THE TORAH CODE (777) which is not only found via the EQUAL DISTANT LETTER SEQUENCE (777) of the characters, but also UNUS IN OMNIBUS OMNIA IN UNO (777).

The pawns on the world stage know little to nothing of their status as such. They know not that the coin over which they battle is no more than an illusion of attainment meant only to get them to do what is needed by their Masters. Even the kings of the earth, whose currency is not the coin, but the populations themselves, hardly know the true source of wealth and the nature of their Crown. Their authority is neither divine, nor is it just. It is a mockery of Kingship, as is the Black Brother a mocker of the true Magus. The true kings of the Earth are those guided by the Light of the One Crown. "Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever." (AL.II.58) For that reason, pay no mind to the lowly opinions and assumptions of the slaves, and heed not any false laws that impinge the Rights of Man (see Liber OZ). 

To burning flame, jagged rock, and freezing water may I be condemned,
but forever with Strength may I return therefrom.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Double Wand of Power

"There is no being in the outermost Abyss, 
but constant forms come forth from the nothingness of it." 
                                                         -Aleister Crowley, The 10th Aethyr, Liber 418

The current magical formula working itself out in the consciousness of the present human life-wave is that of Crowley's 0 = 2. It is an ancient Chinese formula showing how Nothingness (0) implies its infinite opposite () , which thereby makes 0 imply two forces. A - (negative) and a + (positive).

Qabalistically, this is played out in the schema of the Tree of Life itself as AIN (0) unfolds to DOT 
(11). This Dot is the BINDU (=72), which is the sacred symbol of HADIT. Daath is Knowledge, which 
goes both ways - as HAD is The Manifestation of Nuit - whose interplay gives rise to the Dual One Ra-
Hoor-Khuit. In AL.III.72 He says: 
I am the Lord of the Double Wand of Power; the wand of the Force of Coph Nia— 
but my left hand is empty, for I have crushed an Universe; & nought remains.

11 is the 1 reflecting itself - thus

The Tree of Life remember is the Tree of the Knowledge of Life and Death. The tree of life is the key of life in our soular system. Malkuth (10) is where you are in your body condensed and physical. The more subtle components lie in order of density going inward - which is outward (as above so below) - from the astral (9) to the soul itself (6) to the very connection (I) with 'God' Itself. The 1 and the 0 of Ten is that connection, and it too can be seen as an interplay of the lingam and yoni. The 10 is also the container, literally The Kingdom of the spiritual essences. THE BODY (496) equates precisely with MLKVTh (Malkuth), as does MICROCOSM. The Macrocosm is really the web or net of cosmic infinity surrounding the Malkuth (10 / HAD).

Solve (411) and Coagula (114) is the alchemical formula of the negative/dissolving factor and the positive/uniting factor, which can only be 'overcome' by Silence. 411+114 shows also the reflection that is typical, as has been shown, of DAATH (= 411). Daath corresponds to Vishuddha in the chakra system, (VISHUDDHA = 101 = ELEVEN) which is centered in the throat. 525 is 30 (L) less than 555 (HAD in Full manifestation, i.e. 10+111+434.) 30/L is the Key of Balance, literally the Scales of Maat, the way of Lam, and that of Silence. Note that 525 = 418 (Aiwass/Parzival - the Silent One) + 107 (The Egg/GOLD/Philosopher's Stone), also number of THE NINE, which I will get to. Also, 525 + 10 (HAD) = 535, which is AIN (61) + DOTh (474), THE ONE.

 555 being the central Trine of 111-999 is HAD, or the supreme Bindu. 555 is the number of THE ONE EYE, THE CONE, and THE INFINITY, which shows that 555 is an energy zone of supreme focus and power. 5 is the number of the Pentagram, of Spirit (1) over Matter (4). 1+2+3+4+5 = 15, the sum of 5 x 3. 15 is The Eye (Ayin/O). 55 is Malkuth (1~10), and 500 is Φ (Phi), THELEMA, and Παραδοξολογια – ‘Paradox’.

All of the Triple Numbers are vortexes of power. The Three is the BA, or Spirit itself, and is highly important in that it is reflected all the way through to nine, which is the end of the sequence of numbers - before reaching 10, The Body which contains it. The number 369 shows how SPIRIT is CRYSTALLIZED in THE MATRIX of Malkuth. The knowledge of this put into understanding brings Σοπηια ‘Sophia’, Wisdom (369).
GRAVITY (630) is the Κοσμικος (=630 Cosmic) force responsible for the grounding the subtle energies into atomic, planetary, and cosmic energies, and guides them in the Great Matrix (999).
Thus, The Fool (with his 111) aspires to 999 to become The Wizard where the 0 becomes filled, then 'crushed' where nought remains because the shell of the egg breaks and all is made One. 
The skin of the serpent is shed, and his vision is once again clear as the first time he opened his eyes.

The time beyond the clock is the light higher than eyesight. It is the astral dreamscape. This is the 9 or womb of the Goddess and corresponds with the back of the head (Moon/Qoph), the color purple, and the astral body. The 7 colors within the frequencies of white and black compose the color spectrum of the visual universe. BEYOND THE LIGHT (999) of these 9 components lies the 0, which is also within the 9 components as the omnipresent fabric in which the components reside - the plane of Being Itself, which as I said, infinitely implies what it isn't - which is everything. The lila, or play, of life is therefore maya, or illusion, because the true Truth is undefinable.

Kenneth Grant notes that 0=2 is ultimately an error of judgement, and that it's corollary was perceived by the sensitive Austin Osman Spare who found the true fundamental equation to be not (-1) + (+1) = 0 / 0 = 2, but the negation of both the negative and the positive to an anti-cosmic state of 'neither-neither. This reversion of negations is the nature of the AIN, as it is bound up like an accordion within itself, and has it's own dark anti-universes of its own. 

The tendency towards expression, satisfaction, lust, and love are the cause for anything to be, as it was for you to be. As it is above/within. Your material incarnation comes about through many very special forces whose miraculous alignments are the literal keys (and doors) to your very existence. 
Don't be be fooled by or pity the many many people in the dark, for no amount light you try and supply will illuminate them but their own. Work on keeping your own light shining so you can be a beacon of strength and a leader in faith to those able to follow suit. 

Tiphareth on the Tree of Life is representative of the Sun, as 6. 6 and 9 (Yesod, the Moon) denote the Spiral force travelling from the the 1 and back, and are representative of the Male and Female forces - the 23 + 23 Human Chromosomes that make up the Ladder of DNA. Thus ADM (45) + EVE (16) = 61/AIN/6+9 = 15/Eye. (61 - 15 = 46.) Note also that 61 + 46 = 107 - The Egg of MU.

The spiral is the Will/Thelema of Had. 93 (Thelema) + Had (10) = 103 = Λεξη ‘Word’, the 'unspeakable' word which Frater Achad came to express as ALLALIA, which means 'speechless, or wordless' for it is merely an expression of the true unutterable word - the breathe itself, the breath of life - of which Achad also showed is found in AL, the nasally inhale where the tongue rises to make an 'L' sound, and its release 'LA', 'LIA' can be translated as 'the bringer of', or 'messenger' (i.e. The Bringer of Life). 103 is therefore fitting for its number as The Secret, Mercury, and Enlightened.
Note that 103 is one more than my Neophyte motto (MAYAN), and is also the number of MABYN, 'The Crowned (1) Babe'. 

The current formula of 0 = 2 is being transcended by humanity, although it is for the most part sub- and supra-conscious for most. The Astral Dreamscape is shifting as well as humans divorce themselves from the natural forces and deny vehemently the reality of the metaphysical energies they themselves possess. Consequently, much energetic build-up is accumulating within people not equipped  mentally or physically (because of lack of decent health) and as to be expected, many people are losing it. The qliphothic voids of the anti-universe are becoming like fat deformed energetic ticks feeding off of the life-forces of humanity.... and boy do they have some good tasty shit to suck out of people.

The point is to find that Point within, and fortify it!

The Egg is your shield, silence your sword
Attain to the Tao, The Unutterable Word

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Spiral Call

Black are the voids of Vith 
wherein the spiral call from the Egg 
echoes and secretes a meticulous globule.