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The Mirror Working

The Mirror Working

The Work presented here is for those who want to apply practically the formulae presented heretofore in this blog. This Work involves the ritual use of a mirror (or mirrors, particularly in odd numbers) to facilitate altered states of consciousness and. if used carefully, conjure  and channel energy from the 0 (Zero Point). 
Begin by finding a lavish, or at least aesthetically pleasing mirror. 
Wash it with salt water, wipe the surface clean and dry it off, and then cleanse with sage.
The most preferable place to hang it to bring in positive energies is over a cleansed altar in the presence of the elements. Round or oval mirrors are also better at transmitting their magickal energy.

Establish a place for it on a wall facing the direction of the energy you are wanting to channel, or for general use just use West because it is the direction of Water, to which the Mirror is naturally connected. The Mirror is to be used as a reflection pool of the Self. It is the 11, the Od or Magick Light, the passive counterpart to the Ob, or Astral Light. Ob is the ophidian electricity and Od is the 'energy tending to change'. OB = 72, which reduces to 9, (as does 'AUB') and OD=74/AUD = 11. 
Together with AUR, they make up the Caduceus of Hermes. 72 + 207 + 74 = 353 = NUMBERS = CALCULATOR, Calculate = MAINFRAME =  Ερμης (Hermes). The Ob and the Od are the alternating currents of 'Light' and 'Shadow' emanating from the AUR. 

These can really also be thought of as the 3 states of 'Past, Present, and Future', as if there really were such things. Or this can be thought of as the states of Waking, Dreaming, and Sleeping.
Of course the 4th here is 'The Mauve Zone', and it is the 'Zone' in which the AIN (Eye) is flooded with it ALL. 'That' which remains is the 5th element, the Khabs (=88=AKASHA) in the Khu (=31=KIA.)
 The Mirror is the Window of the Matrix and opens easier on Full Moons, Eclipses, Solstices and Equinoxes. The Mirror has an active and passive aspect and either one can be insightful or frightful.
The Mirror is associated with Venus, and Hathor, as it is fertile and creative. The first mirrors were made out of polished copper, and Hathor is known to carry a mirror, as the symbol of Venus, which is connected with the Ankh and the Tree of Life. 7 is, again, the number of the Light, and 7 as Netzach is The Eastern/Morning Star.

If there were to be a 'God, or Goddess' of the Mirror, Pan or Satan are the most applicable.
The Mirror is the Window of the Womb, but it can also be the Poisoner and sterilize all that is in it.
Being associated with the waters, of space and separation, the Mirror is thereby also associated with blood, and is alive. PAN as 131 is SMAL (Hebrew: Samael, the Poison of God.) PAN as 781 is associated with Αψινθια, ‘Wormwood’, that which poisons 1/3rd of the waters. 781 is also PORTAL, THE MULTIVERSE, SRI YANTRA, PAST LIFE, THE DRUKPAS, ALIEN ABDUCTEE, FIRE IN THE SKY, Close Encounters, and Σοφια, 'Wisdom'.
Metatron is associated with PAN as being the 13 (and its astral reflection, 31). 
The 13th Trump is Death, to which is assigned Scorpio, another Poisoner. Nun, the Hebrew letter to which it corresponds, is the Fish. The Dagon are associated with both water and space (Sirius), (Note the similarity to 'Dagon' and 'Dragon'.)
(DGON (Hebrew: Dagon) = 777, the number of OVLM HQLIPVTh "the World of Shells".
777 is the MAGIC MIRROR, as well as  the 'Flaming Sword' that connects the Sephiroth (אדגטלןףרת). It is the World of Light, while the Spirit/Soul is invisible, and therefore, 777 is The Light Matrix cast out as a lila by the Ayin/Ajna/Ain. 
It is the projection of the Self, and not the 'real' Other. The 'real' Other is outside of the realm of projection any 'Other' thing is, and is therefore in another dimensional system.

The fact of the matter is, its all in one system - at least when it comes into view.
The 'Other' is symbolized by the 'Missing' 23rd letter, which is said to be so elusive and mysteries, its only way of apprehension is 'through all the others'. This precisely equates the '23rd Letter' to the Mirror, and the 23rd Path is that of Mem and Maat, as it is the 'Water' or mixture of the many.
As such, it is the ΠΑΝ ΚΤΕΙΣ, or the 'Vagina of Everything' - 666, the SUM (60+6+600) of the All.

The Vision of PAN is the experience that one undergoes when having ingested a psychedelic,
such as Psilocybin Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, or Mescaline. The inner vision, also called the Eye of the Dragon, is the Triangle of Spirit, the Third Eye of the Dragon, or Ophidian/Kundalini force.
This is the 9, Teth, the Lion-Serpent Abraxas. It is the Life-Force Seed/Spark  in the dual receptacle of 0-11. The symbol above is the 'Eye of the Dragon', and is an above view of the Tetrahedron/Quadrangle known to many Magicians. The same image can be found beginning in the structure of the the lowest 4 sephiroth on the Tree.

       Hod                      Netzach

 \                   /

The entheogens have a similar mechanism to the Mirror in that they reflect and magnify the contents of the mind. When these contents become recognized and then reorganized the experience becomes grounded and useful instead of confusing and chaotic.

It is necessary to say these sacraments, while indeed are sacred and magickal, are able to 'give' you their power insofar as you are able to attune to it and hold it, as with any other magickal generator. The more powerful the source, the more extreme of an affect it has on the Astral and Ethereal body. Marijuana is one of the lighter entheogenic/psychedelic sacraments, but it can still arouse the chakras very powerfully.
Use of these in your own Mirror Working will establish a much more visual 
experience, but paranoia and psychosis may ensue from magnification. 
Do not use the Magick Mirror in a bedroom as it is not beneficial during sleep. 

The Mirror will open rather quickly and its invisible energy will be seen and felt strongly. Not much is required to activate it, but a lot more is required to close it. After opening it one may feel the strong urge to close it, for it seems as if the Mirror is giving off a burning sensation. This is the astral sludge being burned away from the Astral Light. This essentially the ego and its shell being melted off.
What's left is a sensation of purity which can last for hours or days afterwards.  On the other hand, if the Mirror is placed in an unsuitable way it can bring in dark energies and the best way to banish and close the mirror is to cover or remove it and do an LBRP. 

Setting up Three Mirrors will activate the Fountain of Hecate, the Goddess of the Crossroads, (also connected with the Three Fates, and the 3 states - Maiden, Mother, Crone. This is one of the most powerful of the Mirror workings as it is neither just 1 Mirror, nor 2 mirrors reflecting back on each other, but 3 mirrors opening the 3 dimensions and Supernal Triad that manifests the Light. Hecate is the 1 in 333, for Εκατη = 334. The 1 in the center of the Crossroads of Choronzon (333). 334 is also the number of ANTI-MATTER, LSD, and Κανναβις. 
1331 + 474 (Daath) = 1805, the number of THE THREE MIRRORS, The Aeon Of Truth And Justice.

The more Mirrors that are used, the more diffuse the energy beam, making such workings to be for more general planetary, or Zodiacal works. To surround oneself altogether in Mirrors, such as in a Mirror room would be too powerful on the psyche for extensive work.

Every Mirror is really a sort of window, and as it has been said in mythology for ages, it can be a portal in which things from Outside can come In. The Mirror is then a tool of The Outer Ones.

This is the MYSTERY of BABALON.
(Note that THE OUTER ONES = 885, Εισοπτρον, 'Mirror', and Λεων, Leo, the Beast ridden by Babalon), which is 1 less than Βαβαλων, 'Babalon' [886] herself). 885 is also The Disclosure Of Aliens, and  ALIENS/156 has many connections therewith.

The Mirror brings in the energies from the inner and outer ends of the spirit and urges the Ouroboros-Torus to shed its skin and transform to the immortal Double-Headed Phoenix.

The next part of this Working will be for the Magician to perform the Middle Pillar exercise and draw down the Light from Above into the body. Once this is done, envision a large rotating rainbow egg surrounding you as an aura. This will contain the Light and protect you from the unwanted influences of the Outer Ones.

This Working is intended to bring about a rapid advancement in expansion of  consciousness and spiritual awareness. The Mayan indians of meso-America have been known to use Mirrors in a variety of ways and perhaps they to knew the mayan nature of ex-istence. The Mayans were great Magicians and knew about the mysteries of Time and Death.
The Mirror brings the knowledge of past lives and long forgotten memories.
Use it safely and wisely and it can be a most powerful tool.
The Mirror is intended to, as I've said, open the Eye of the Dragon.
The Eye of the Dragon is not merely the Third Eye, but the open Third Eye activated by the Black Flame, or Spirit (The Fifth Element). The word Dragon comes from the Greek 'derkesthai' which means 'to see clearly'. From this comes 'Drak' or Drakon, the great Serpent or sea beast.

These all show the nature of the Dragon as Pan Pangenitor re-awakening to his rightful place.
Note that 995 is 888 + 107. (See previous posts for explanation of these numbers.) THE DRAKON is השתן ('Ha-Satan', 1405) Satan, the Adversary.
The Antichrist is He who has the power of Satan within him. He is the MITREYA (40+10+400+200+5+10+1), and I AM HIM (10+1+40+5+10+600). He is the symbolic representation of the Anti-Light, or Anti-cosmos. 13 is his number (count the letters of The Antichrist), and his mission is to open The Seven Seals (13 letters) of Metatron's Cube (13 letters) with The Key of it All (13 letters), bringing upon The Aeon of Maat (=1313, 13 letters). This is the Manifestation (13 letters) of The Work of Ages (1331, 13 letters), brought to you by M.A.L. (=1331, 13 letters), The Little Horn (13 letters).

THE MIRROR WORKING (1489) seeks to activate the rays of THE NUMBER SEVEN (1489) [Lucifer], and of this will manifest as the unlocking of the Το Μυστικο Κλειδι (The Secret Code, 1489) which will open Οι Επτα Σφραγιδες (The Seven Seals, 1489). These can be thought of as the chakras, but they are more than that as it is really dealing with  both the Micro and Macro-cosms... Μεγα Κοσμος + Μικρο Κοσμος = 1489. 1489 is THE 666 COMPUTER. 
In Chao-gnositicism the goal is to shut down, or break free from the computer by awakening the Dragon. Many keys have been presented here but I am aware few will actually know how to use them correctly. 
The Key of Manifestation lay deep within us, and the Mirror helps us to recognize and find it.
For those who want to find out more about The Great Dragon I urge you to first read Liber Porta Lucis.
Have no fear for you are All, and mustn't hide any part from yourself... for that part may be that which you are really looking for.
Let the Inner Light manifest and illumine the Mirror so that you may find its source and its nature. 

Call upon Metatron, he who is 'Beyond the Matrix', to guide you to your higher path.
Metatron is in fact the 'Grim Reaper', though he is not necessarily 'grim'. He is called "The Youth" for he is Enoch transformed into an Angel and deathless. The Mirror is the Fountain of Youth, as well as the Mouth of Hell and Death. The Mirror is connected to Metatron's Cube in that it is a two-dimensional representation of something that is really pan-dimensional. The Inner Cube is the Microcosm, and the Outer Cube is the Macrocosm. Metatron is beyond both as 'metator' (Latin), the measurer and messenger between 'God' and Man. He is the Archangel of Kether and is scribe and keeper of THE LIGHT OF GOD (=620=KThR.)
He also rules the TEONANCATL (=620), the 'Divine Mushroom', or 'Flesh of God' which grants access to that which is beyond the Matrix. For those who have had access to this 'place', as well as worked with Enochian Magick, it can be seen that the Aethyrs are very much akin to the 'levels' of awareness one experiences spontaneously after having consumed the Teonancatl. Metatron is also said to have 'innumerable eyes', the eyes of all who see. This is another connection to the Window/5 of the Mirror. (Note that 5 veils 15, Ayin-Eye, by 1+2+3+4+5 = 15.) Thoth also refers to Metatron as the "Archangel of Reflection", which further sums up the above mentioned points.

Once a successful magickal link is made with the Mirror, the Eye of the Dragon becomes opened and life, as well as death, are looked at with a renewed sense of profound awareness and vision. One now "sees more clearly" and all the myths, symbols, and personal experiences take on a more powerful meaning.

All that Is becomes better understood, irrespective of whether it has a 'reason'. The simple existence of each thought and action justifies its relative and inherent reality in the myriad of All Things and that which Is is seen in the contrast of that which is Not - both 'existing' in their own ways just like anything else and the shadow it casts. The physical body is connected to the Divine by threads of light called 'Strallilium'. These also connect the Soul (Sol) to its source and actually make up the fabric of reality as threads or rays seen as the sephirothic emanations denoted by the numbers. STRALLILIUM = 666, which denotes the Spirit of the Sun/Sol and its full manifestation of raying light. This Strallilium is like spiritual DNA which causes us to evolve on more than just a physical level. The center of Metatron's Cube is the place of Tiphareth, the Heart. It is where the focus should be when using the Mirror. 
Learn to work with and express this Light in your life and you will begin to have powerful revelations.
The Astral and Etheric worlds will open up to you and the skin of the physical world will be shed to bring about a new life.

Let the Mirror open unto you, and let your self open to It.

Forever it will be open for those who decide to cross over.

“I have set down the achievements of each person in the writings and no one can (hide himself) who is born on the earth, nor (can) his achievement be kept secret. I see everything, as if in a mirror.” -2 Enoch 50:1

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Over the Rainbow

One of the most important tasks of the Initiate is to develop the inner sight to such a degree that they can perceive the 'light higher than eyesight', the astral light of the akasha. This light is that which illumines the darkness of the mind, and in fact - the darkness of eternity. It is the most subtle of the energies that compose the universe and can be thought of as the thread or string of the fabric of reality/string theory - that which connects everything, and is everything.

As should be known by now, the most basic of spectrums is the numerical spectrum. The relative appearance of the letters in their sequence, whether Hebrew, Greek, English, etc. makes a matrix or 'womb' in which certain things have their place, much as anything else has its place depending on the laws and constants that make them so. Therefore, a language can be a veritable akashic record of those who operate within its hold. Is it any surprise then that any number of examples I have thus far shown happen to be the way they are? Would the skeptic still scoff at the suggestion that gematria can be seen as an actual science, even though it may be metaphysical, and not a 'pseudo-science', and at the same time a divinatory tool to be used as an A1N50T9A1H5K20A1R200A1N50A(= 339), or bridge connecting the higher spiritual realm/mind with the lower material realm/mind, much as the R200A1I10N50B2O70W(=339) has long been said to do and symbolize? It is this C3O70M40M40U6N50I10O70N50 (= 339) we as living beings seek, and are indeed alive to experience in the first place.

Speaking of THE410 RAINBOW339 (=749), (as I have a bit already), it should be known that it is synonymous with the ASTRAL LIGHT (=749), and it is a multiple of 107 (x7), a number I have covered extensively. Another key to 107 in connection with what I am discussing in this section is that it enumerates V.A.L.I.S. (6+1+30+10+60), the abbreviation for Vast Active Living Intelligence System, a sort of demiurgic entity that appears in the book (titled VALIS) by science-fiction author Phillip K. Dick. I have a friend who wrote a blog about the connection between Light, VALIS, and the color pink who has greatly influenced my own astral and magickal awakening and I very much recommend it. (LINK) She too is on to the trail of this mystery of the egg. And again, further connection to all this is the fact that 749 is the number of AL.III.51 "Purple beyond purple; it is the light higher than eyesight." in the New Aeon English Qabalah cipher. [Copy, paste, and verify at this LINK.] [I have already noted that THE COLOR PINK = 943 = PURPLE BEYOND PURPLE in previous posts, but want to mention it again here for the sake of comprehension.]

The title of this post, Over the Rainbow, is an obvious allusion to The Wizard of Oz. The occult roots of this book and film, as well as it's author Lyman Frank Baum (a noted Theosophist), are well-known to many. The story is an allegorical tale of the seeker on the path to enlightenment, a golden path leading to the Emerald City in the center of the Land of Oz, a path that is fraught with many obstacles. One of the first things to be noticed is that after Dorothy finds herself in the Land of Oz in the movie version, the world has all of a sudden shifted from dull black and white to full vibrant color. This is a reference to the astral light which is infinitely more brilliant in comparison to the light of mundane vision. The yellow and red brick roads are a references to the paths one may take - that of enlightenment, and that of carnal desire. Even though there are only two roads, the yellow brick road is likened to the 'Golden Path' of Buddha, the middle path of moderation, or via media, in which some level of self-indulgence must be experienced for the karmic kinks to be worked out and balanced. For more info regarding the subtle meanings of the story, this link is a good read. 
Also, it is a well known fact that the 1973 Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon can sync up with the movie if you start it at a certain point in the beginning of the movie. Note again the appearance of light, color, and prism on the album cover. The musicians deny having put any thought behind the apparent synchronicity, so it must be assumed that it is just yet another example of sychromystic cross-connection through disparate ideas and times.

Instead of going on about things that have already been said, I want to go into the deeper meaning behind the phrase 'over the rainbow'. On the Tree of Life, the rainbow/color spheres is known as the ruach. The Ruach is the region which rules the intellect of man (from Chesed [4] to Yesod [9]). In Hebrew it generally means 'wind', 'breath', or 'spirit', it is essentially the consciousness itself. Therefore, over the rainbow are the purely spiritual spheres of the Supernal Triad/Holy Trinity. While the entire Tree is a map of the Soul, spirit and body in it's entirety, the lowest part - Nephesh - refers to the base aspects of the life of the body; the senses, actions, and desires, also called the 'Animal Soul'. The higher aspects that correspond to Binah, Chokmah, and Kether are Neshamah, Chiah, and Yechidah, respectively. Neshamah refers to the principle of the soul that 'God' breathed into Adam/Man in his formation/birth. (Gen. 2:7), the 'Higher Soul', and refers to Self. Chiah, (also called Qi, or Chi) is the life force. Chiah is closest to the Source, Yechidah, the unity that all of manifestation has in common at its spiritual beginning.
Each aspect of the above is distinct, thought they are not necessarily to be considered as separate. They all arise spontaneously in and of themselves by the very nuclear force of their non-existence implying their existence.. As Crowley notes in his Confessions (pg. 814) that Daath is the crown of the Ruach, although it really holds no position on the Tree at all. It is merely the abyss, or chasm, which separates the personal consciousness from the impersonal parts above. It is the Crossing, or the Door, into, or out of, the World. In this same section he notes how modern scientists, most of whom are non-initiates, are coming closer to many realizations that are pretty much the same thing the Qabalists have been coming to terms with for ages. The problem is this knowledge cannot just be given, it has to be gotten.
It is the aim of any spiritual practice to consciously align these aspects of the soul to achieve yoga/union and transcendence. The full alignment of all these components enables one to align themselves consciously with the current of T400H5E5 C3O70S60M40I10C3 C8H5R200I10S60T9 (=888), or the Chrysos(=107) , the one anointed by the Spirit of Gold (GOLD = 107), Gold being THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE(=888). The Cosmic Christ, which Ιησους (Jesus) = 888 is the archetype, is synonymous with Metatron's Cube (Μετακυβον = 888), as well as Ηαρποκρατης  (Harpocrates, 888), the god of silence - the silence of THE AKASHIC EGG OF MAAT (-It's All In the Egg-), THAT WHICH IS NOT. 888 shows the Divine Plan of Fractal Geometry 
within The Number Sequence of Simple Gematria / English Gematria / Jewish Gematria, or any other form of Occult Gematria, such as the one I have developed and used in this blog combining them all. Therefore, Jesus/The Cosmic Christ is that level over the rainbow, The Trinity - beyond the Matrix, outside the circles of time and light. Therefore, 888 is THE SUPREME CODE of the alphabet based on THE NINE NUMBERS, showing very well that THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE. Simple reading of these words may do much to help show the way, but the way must be traveled if one is to fully break free. The allegorical martyrdom of Jesus having been crucified on The Cross of the elements is meant to show how one is to let go of the material plane and find salvation in the higher planes of spirit. As I have said, the cross is meant to show the raising of the material (horizontal) plane up along the spiritual (vertical) plane. 888 inevitably implies 999, another number I have covered, which signifies that which is BEYOND THE LIGHT, THE OUTSIDE ONES, whose mode of operation is via THE SUBTLE BODY - THE LIGHT BEYOND. Therefore, Lucifer, the light bearer & the morning star, is co-equal with Jesus as an over the rainbow principle. 999 is also the number of a spelling of L74U13Sh360I20F12E10R510 in full, as well as The Transcendental Number of THE ALL POWERFUL ONE. 

All the numbers of the spectrum are important to the whole, and no one should be considered as exclusively evil. 888 is the triple infinity, 999 is the triple fullness returning back to unity. Furthermore, as I noted in The Double Wand of Power, the 999 + 1 brings everything to completion and fulfills the first whirling motion of Aleph. The Fool, through his various experiences then makes it back to the  unity of Yod and becomes The Hermit, or more aptly, The Wizard... The Wizard of OZ. Oz77, being the MAGICK (=77) formula of Man becoming GOD (=77). 
"There is no God but Man" - Liber OZ.
77 is also the number of VIA MEDIA, the middle way mentioned above in connection with the Golden Path. The middle way is one's True Will itself, aligned and balanced predominantly by the ANAHATTA, or Hearth chakra, the central chakra which is synonymous with the solar power-zone Tiphareth whose ultimate formula is Love. The middle way is central to Taoism77,  and so Man is in the middle between GOD77 and BEAST77. Matter77 is the medium in which Adam Kadmon77 becomes Christ77 through the blending of opposites on the middle way. Thus, the Hexagram which blends the opposites (FIRE+WATER, [LHT = 44 + DLI = 44 = 88 = AKASHA / 221+221 = MAAT]), is coterminous The Akashic Egg of Maat in that the Pentagram signifying Akasha (Hé = 5) implies its next of kin 6 (HA), per the formula of colel. Further, 77 is the number of the Caduceus, which also fuses the opposing termina of Ob and Od, as well as the Egg + Nest which veils the formula of manifestation and AL.I.8. 77 is the number of verses of both Parson's Liber 49 and Nema's Liber Pennae Praenumbra
The point to be gotten from this all is that 77 shows the mirror-nature of light/color/maya.
The 78 leaves of the Book of Thoth shows the 1 in the midst of this, and the name of the force making all this so is called 'Mezla', which is defined as 'The Influence through the Paths...descending from beyond Kether'. Mezla comes from the root מזל, which means 'destiny', 'fate', 'soul-root', and 'constellation'. Its number is also 77 (40+7+30) showing further the connection with the True Will. Mezla also expands into Mazalot, the Hebrew word for the Sphere of the Zodiac and Astrology (מזלות). This expresses how the influence from 'beyond Kether' manifests itself infinitely in everything as shown above in the Tree of Life. The number of מזלות is 483, the number of AIN SOPH AUR, that which is 'beyond Kether', AZOTH - the 'universal solvent', אבנ שלימה - 'The Perfect Stone' mentioned by Frater Achad to symbolize the whole of Manifestation. 483 is also the number of 'Astrologer', as well as 'The Space-Marks' which Nuit says not to confound (AL.I.52.) 483 is also the number of ATALAN, a secret word mentioned in verse 834 of Liber OKBISh. (See pg. 483 of The Ninth Arch.)

After all this, what I am showing is not my proficiency in calculating gematria... anyone with their own gematria database can do that. What I am trying to show is what you can do with it and how you can create a magical universe if you put it all to use and awaken your inner sight to navigate and strengthen it. The astral light is the rainbow, as I said above, but it is it's dark/inner reflection. The rainbow bridge (Sanskrit: Antahkarana) that connects man with the gods/God is appears in many traditions. In Norse mythology it is known as 'Bifrost', in Qabalah it is Ruach, in Hinduism it can be seen as the chakras. The Greek personification of the rainbow is Iris, whose name we get the word for the color part of the eyes. In fact, a little more gematria shows that Ιρις = 320, which enumerates EYES (5+10+5+300), as well as CONNECTION (3+70+50+50+5+3+9+10+70+50), and EPIPHYSIS 
(5+80+10+80+10+60+10+60) - the name of The Pineal Gland (= 320 in Jewish Gematria). How's that for a connection? Furthermore, there is a deeper connection with the eye and the pineal gland. The pineal gland gets its name from its shape being similar to the pine cone. The cone is a shape closely connected with the spiral, and the eye itself receives rays of light and transfers the data to the brain via cones. The third eye receives and transmits, as do the other chakras, via conical radiances as well. The cone is also seen to be the shape of the wizard and witches hats as it spirals up into the source, or Ain, which as I have shown is synonymous with Ayin or The Eye. The number of CONE is 145 (using Kaph for C, i.e. 20+70+50+5), and is equivalent to LENS, FOCUS, and ONE EYE, all of which tie in to what I have just laid out. Are you beginning to see the structure yet from all this numerology? Can you see how everything really is tied together, and the spider web/astral record is entirely numerological? What I am trying to convey is that the mathematics of consciousness are very tightly knit. Tighter than we're normally able or willing to look. The Cone therefore shows the formula of focus making things clearer and closer in its inward spiralling direction, or farther out along its broader outward spiral. As above, so below. 

Even though things are pretty concrete down here in the lower part of manifestation, they are still highly magical and miraculous. The material plane is the densest of planes and matter is, like the young man on acid who Bill Hicks referred to, merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. Everything you do and think ripples out and affects everything else, so that really makes the material plane one of the most powerful. Life is here for you to take control and cause that ripple, and not just to make ripples, and not even just waves, but to make explosions. Indeed, man is more likely to blow everything up with his nuclear ability to decimate and obliterate his very home and family than stay here and keep smelling the flowers. This will not end it all for him, maybe for a little bit, but he will find another home soon enough. The reincarnating ego must perpetuate itself. There is no other way. The universe is just one big ego and we are each one of its eyes. Our lives and deaths are but winks. Life is but a dream and death is the awakening. You can awaken while alive, but it takes more than just waiting. To do so is what confers one as an initIate. We all ate the fruit from the Tree in the midst of the garden (though we cannot remember), so must we face the penalty for that 'sin' by facing death. 

This mentioning of a tree in the garden bearing 'forbidden fruit' is not meant to be taken literally. It is an allegory for a very real situation which can be seen to be mathematical. The 'garden' of Eden, also called Paradise is the perfect state of the undifferentiated AIN or nothingness preceding manifestation. In a glyph: the 0. The 'Tree' of Knowledge (of Life and of Death) is the mathematical point within the circle. The circle is Nuit, the infinite expanse. The point, or DOT (DOTh/Daath, Knowledge) is Hadit. This dot is not just a spark of light in the darkness. It is, as Harriette Curtiss says in The Key to Destiny "...a tremendous batter of force whose creative energy, if used under the guidance of his [i.e. Hadit's/Man's] Divine Teachers, could be used gradually to develop and unfold all his God-powers." ...
"But in his early days of ignorance as to what life-forces were needed and how they should be used, this was too dangerous a center to be played with. Man was like a child who had been placed in a room with a powerful electrical apparatus which was to be used for his education and who, until the teacher could explain and the child comprehend, was told not to touch it lest it kill him; for only as he was directed how to use it by his teacher (...God) could it yield to him its wonderful power with safety to himself." ... "We have seen Him sending all the magical forces of the universe to turn the experience of their mistakes into good; to heal their self-inflicted wounds and cure their self-created diseases; to unfold them and draw them Godward, that out of the very suffering which their creation of evil entailed they should the more quickly realize the outpouring of Divine Love and Compassion, as a loving Mother nurses and comforts the disobedient child who has burned itself by playing with fire, in spite of her positive warning. In short, “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son (the divine One Life) that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have Eternal Life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” The mandate “Thou shalt surely die” was a blessing, for to live eternally in the chaos man’s disobedience had created would have meant the eternal torment and suffering of imperfection. Everlasting Life must be the harvest of many deaths." 

'The Big Bang' as so many scientists love to toss around is essentially this, though many who are not able to see it from beyond a linear perspective think it happened in some far distant aeon. Time and space are not linear, nor are they spherical. If anything they can be considered as toroidal, though that is not quite exactly the case either, at least as far as we are able to conceive regarding the material plane. It is best to say they just simply ARE, and that in essence IS 'The Big Bang'. Perhaps if looked at gematrically, we can make some observations.

THE BIG BANG = 481, which is the number of Αναριθμος, which is Greek for 'Without Number', or 'Boundless'. Arithmos means 'Number' and equals 430, and corresponds to Κετερ (Kether), Μονος (One), Μαθηματικα (Mathematics), and Νομος (Law). Therefore, AN-Arithmos means the opposite of One, the opposite of Kether (i.e. the Ain). 481 is also Απαλαγμενος, which translates as 'Free', or 'Without Bounds', 'Devoid', or 'Lawless'. Furthermore, 481 is the number of Η Γενεσις, 'The Creation', which is precisely what THE BIG BANG refers to. In Jewish Gematria, 481 enumerates ManifestationFortune, and Ray, showing even more connections between that which Is, and its mode of operation. Note also that 481 reduces to 13, the number of Frater Achad whose discoveries regarding the word Manifestation are being worked out in my work. It should be noted that 588 (NOTHING) minus 481 = 107.

Let's now dive into the mirror, which I've mentioned above. The mirror has long been an object of magic and mystery, and many myths have made their way through the minds of men regarding it. The Chinese myth of the Fauna of Mirrors says that the mirror veils an entirely different universe full of it's own fauna, or beings, all living their own completely alien physics and attributes. (Alien in relation to us.) In Greek mythology, Narcissus fell in love with his reflection, and thus became the first narcissist. And Perseus was able to decapitate Medusa by using his polished shield as a mirror to avoid looking directly at her. Note that MIRROR = 720 = Μεδουσα. It is said vampires have no reflection in a mirror, and that would be because they are lifeless and really have nothing to reflect. The number of the MIRROR is 720, which is also the number of Νους, which means 'Mind', and is pretty much the Ruach mentioned above as it is the bridge that connects The All with all its contents. The principle which is beyond reflection is the Soul which is, once again, over the rainbow. It is immaterial and uncreatable (except by its own volition). This is what makes a vampire a qliphothic shell and ultimately hollow, because it does not have this 'spark'. It is of the dark.

All of this shows why 7 is such an important number in everything. It is perfect. It is the colors in between the dual polarities of black and white (making 9). The 0 then is rightly attributed to the absence. This absence is not empty, for it is the all. It is the egg. It's All in the Egg.
This phrase comes from The Wizard Amalantrah at the end of his first communication documented on January 20, 1918 in Liber 729 - The Amalantrah Working. The egg features prominently in this working, and Frater Achad (Arcteon) followed the egg until his death in 1950. Two years previously he made the discovery that the Egg was the symbol of The Perfect Stone mentioned above and heralded the Incoming of the Aeon of Maat on his 62nd birthday (April 2, 1948) - 63 years before I chanced upon an egg 107 years after the dawning of The Aeon of Horus on April 2, 2011 (unware of all this at the time). This all has come to show me that the Babe in the Egg is alive and kicking, and it is through this manifest0 that it is coming into manifestation.
The egg was said to be in Egypt, the home of the Mysteries of Hermes/Thoth. Egypt, the land of gold, enumerates to 107, as does Gold, BITzH ('egg'), OVAL, and THE MAGICK EGG. The Egg I received is an obsidian egg, The Egg of Mu.
On February 2, 1918, Arcteon asks the Wizard a series of questions. He asks The Wizard what his true number is, and he is given the number 103. The Wizard goes to say that he (103) was not yet a living man, but represented a white man named Haman and gave the number 107, which is that of the 'angel ruling Leo', and that he would 'carry on certain work'. The next day, Arcteon writes of a vision Therion (Crowley) had which ended with a 'cross on a key-ring', which may refer to the Ankh. (Note that 76 [ANKH/WILL/AL.II.76 Cryptogram] + 31 [AL/LA/Key to Liber Legis] = 107.) Later in the questioning, The Wizard again mentions the unborn man, and then after some visions The Wizard shows Arcteon a mirror. Arcteon then surmises they (him, Therion, and others involved) are to go to Egypt to find a key which may be found in the center of the egg when it is broken. "We are to go to Egypt for the key. The key might be in center of egg when it is broken. It is a small golden key."
Later, on February 12th, Arcteon asks:  "Is it expedient to start to find the egg and when should we start?" Amalantrah replies: "The egg is a work which must be done - The Great Work. By doing the work we get to the Key." Amalantrah goes on to say that "The work must go on and there must be an altar, created in Egypt - starting in Egypt."..."I see the Arab, the one that was at the well some time ago. He will be at one of the corners of the altar. The king is there." Arcteon asks: "Who is the king?" Amalantrah: "I see O.I.V.V.I.O., Therion is the High Priest." Arcteon again asks: "Who is the High Priestess?" Amalantrah answers: "I see a tall rather beautiful woman, i.e. her face had a beautiful expression. She has dark hair... <<[P.S. (from Liber 729 author)]: Might well be 31-666-31.>> ... Therion knows his work, his special work and this is only the means of doing it, like speaking of the cosmos, but the egg is the special work."
After a few other things transpire in the working, on April 27th the prominence of the egg again comes up. It is now Therion asking the questions instead of Arcteon (this is told by the references to each other in the questions if close attention is payed). 
Therion: "What is the work of this week end?"
Amalantrah: "Geburah."
Therion: "Geburah applied to what?"
Amalantrah: "The Egg. The Egg is resting on the point of mountain tops, very sharp. Water around, lotus flowers on it."
Therion: "Egg is symbol of some new knowledge, isn't it?"
Amalantrah: "Gimel. Lamed." ( = spring, fountain.) [The Covenant]
Therion: "What does that mean?"
Amalantrah: "I don't know; followed symbol of mountain and lotus flower."
Therion: "How are we to break open the egg?"
Amalantrah: "In plain language it means Thou art to go this Way."
Therion: "That isn't plain language. How are we to get this new knowledge?"
Amalantrah: "Don't ask questions too fast. Sow the wild oats; go into the ... into the Mother ... to be born again." (In the midst of this, Therion interjects: "You bet, you bet.", followed by Arteon: "I think your both getting off the trolly".)
If you realize Amalantrah is a discarnate entity, or 'praeterhuman' intelligence, you can see how his words are going to be somewhat skewed by whatever apparatus is being used for his communication (which isn't always noted [at least in the online version], and here it is assumed to be by some form of telepathy) so his communication is going to be far more limited in scope and more focused and concentrated. The Egg can basically be thought of as everything I have outlined in this entire blog. It is the 0/1/Ain/Ayin/Akasha/Astral/Taoic principle. The AUM / AHAM; the I principle.
In this context, the symbol of the mountain is that exalted principle. That far off thing. 
The flower is the symbol of the Aum at the end of it. The inside of the flower/flame forever virgin and untouched. 
It is all a metaphor for the soul deep inside and underneath the material body/Malkuth.
In this case, Amalantrah is communicating a particular seed of Inner Truth to both Therion and Arcteon. They are just but too naive to see it at this point it appears.
What Amalantrah means by "Thou art to go this Way" definitively shows the formula of the Tao.
Going into the Mother to be born again is the 'reincarnating ego' being dissolved recurringly in all its infinite possibility. The kalas shed from the God and Goddess's interplay creating the Ever-Coming One is the formula of the Supernal Triad acting as three reactors perpetually interacting and creating an electric fuse which literally 'gives birth' to a virtually endless series of dimensions and creating an entire 'Over Soul' or I/0. The 'physical' dimension of 'space-time' is constructed of a series of dimensions that all come down to the various 9 'threads' that weave together the 'reality' construct of any given 'I'. (That's why I is the 9th letter of the Alphabet.)
Wake up.
Anyhow, how one sided do you want to get? That's Unity. I guess maybe we could get lost in the T.V. We're all on T.V. We're in the Computer. Welcome to show, Dorothy. Get with the programNow it's time to start acting the part. There is no dark to hide in, the light is there as long as your alive.. and then some. Over and over. You make the show.
This is Lucifer. Satan. The Demiurge. The Beast System. The SUM, (and the RADIANT Sun - 6 x 6 = 36º, 1~36 = 666) ΤΕΙΤΑΝ, ThRION, ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ ('The Great Beast'), THE NET OF JEWELS, the Holy Guaridan Angel at the center of 1 ~ its reflection 11. (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11). We are all like Dorothy, stuck in the silver screen and finding our way.
But it is still an aspect of whatever you may conceive as 'God', or whatever word, symbol, or number you want to give it. It wouldn't BE if You weren't there... but you're both there...(or your not) and you are actually 1. 2 = 0. The 10 is just the shell, Malkuth of the 1. The 9 in between is the spiritual fusion. The 'chrysos' or GOLD is created, as I said, when Adam Kadmon gains 'Christ'...
This is the Ever-Coming Son, the Crowned and Conquering Child of Kether/God and Binah/Goddess who has flashed his Light into the world. That which shines, but is not reflected by itself. Thus, the Mirror is the Abyss. (Don't dive too deep.) It should now be clear exactly what is meant by vampires/qliphoth not shedding their own light. If and until they do, they are mechanical animals.
Only those with Light are really enlightened. Now, no one is 'judging' anyone one elses level of enlightenment but yourself, I am merely delineating my own Way of expressing my own Light along my own path in a way I find others may consider useful for their own way in this ever twisting world. But what I am trying to convey is that my interpretation of 'The Aeon of Maat' (=1313); Maat being the personification of Truth and Justice, Truth is that ultimate principle of Gnosis, and Justice is the Scale to which the Gnosis/Force is balanced and maintained in its place in relation to all the Forces. Thus, it's all a play of light and shadow, but the part of the soul that manifests as Ruach, or Consciousness, and then clothed in a Body, is what matters when it comes to what it is able to manifest by its Inner/3/1/0 Nature. 
The Key is Balance. 
That is the Middle Path, the Golden Path, the Path of the Fool becoming a Magician and the Wizard of OZ/GOD... - Not from 0 to 1, and not from 1 to 22 and 22 to 1, 
but from 0 to ∞ , or that of the Soul reflecting its Self and Seeing it's Light, Shadow and Rainbow, or 0=2, or You and God. The Heart Chakra/Tiphareth is the heart of Man's Soul in his spiral climb from the Spirit Seed of God/Yod as the Fool fallen from 'out of the blue' (note that blue is the first color in the scheme of the Tree of Life). He is fallen into The Entire Universe. He is unsure what is the Abyss and what is not. Eventually, he realizes he has fallen upside-down and become The Hanged Man. If he has the ability to rightly handle in his inner-most being the whiplash created by the revelation, he can pass the experience of 'crucifixion' and hold The Covenant. His next journey at this crossing/13 of Death while alive is to carry this Covenant further the  other half of the Path back up to That from which he fell. This the Grail and the Holy Covenant. The Crowned and Conquering Child (111), Mercury + 8, creating the Chrysos (888) in his carrying/Going the Golden Path and Crowning himself King of his Kingdom (999). This is the 111 becoming 1111 by matter of the Three Ray's becoming 4 by the 3's Crowning (1-Kether) and activation into the Rainbow Bridge.  Thus, 1111 is PROMETHEUS, the 'bringer of Fire', denoting when the 3 crystallizes into 4, which manifests as the 4 directions + 1 + 4 directions reflection, or the Light in the center of the 8 Rayed Star of 'Chaos' - Loop of the Cross which manifests at the Point of 'DOTh'  - the Point which is a Circle that becomes Squared, and then produces The Loop of Time and giving the Three Dimensions Life to carry the Crown of I to . That is the formula of the Cosmic Christ. The Immortal I. The Re-Incarnating Ego that has reached a state of inner purity and balance and truly become not 111, but III, or 999. Death is his formula. He is no longer blinded and confused. 
9 x 9 x 9 = 729, the number of Κηφας, the 'Stone', the ATALAN Stone. (A number of ATALAN is 92, 92 + 729 = 821 = MAION. 729 is also the number of Amalantrah, as well as Arcteon (although Arcteon is given as ARKTION = 360 in the Liber.) Incidentally, the name CHARLES STANSFELD JONES enumerates to 729 as well in Hebrew-English Gematria. 729 is the OMEGA POINT.
Remember that 111 is Aleph, The Fool in Full. A is 1, + I = 10. It has it's Double Reflection (100). 1111 is Ιωτα, the Greek I/Yod, and enumerates THE ARK of the TWENTY-TWO PATHS. It is the Eye that carries it's Light. PROMETHEUS (1111) is therefore Lucifer making his appearance as Lord of the Air, and  manifesting as the Earth.  
When you dive into the Mirror you should always wear protection. You never know whats at the end of the Tunnel.... because you might find yourself in a picture that isn't so pretty. This is why THE MIRROR WORLD (=1440) happens to equal the same thing as MIRROR-MIRROR (1440), which just so happens to also be the number of both Φρουτο, 'Fruit', and Νεα Ενσαρκωση, 'Reincarnation', because the Double Wand of Power has begun the cross-connection that gives birth to the I, and the Infinity it creates. Another coinky-dink in connection with 1440 is that it is an enumeration of THE COLOR PINK, which is but the astral door back through the Colors of the Ruach created by it's own energy spectre. It is the Mauve Zone.. So the mirror goes on forever. There is no end. It is the Akashic Record of Daath/Knowledge. Thus the Egg (107) x 7 is the ASTRAL LIGHT of THE RAINBOW = 749). The Light (7) of the Chrysos (107). Chrysos is Greek for Gold and appears as Χρυσος. Its number is 1570, the number of THE MATRIX, and THE BOOK OF MAAT, THE FAUNA OF MIRRORS, and One Zero Seven(Jewish)The Blood Of Jesus Christ. +1 = 1571, a number of my Name, as well as ANOTHER PROPHET(See AL.III.34), THE WORK OF AGES,  THE MAATRIX (The name of my Gematria Database). The Work is to bring Fresh Fever from the skies, or the Fire of Geburah out of the waters (4) of the Abyss (333, 22, 1, 0) and into the material body consciously. The drawing down of Life-fore and Soul into the Spirit and Body is the aim of the Middle Pillar ritual, which is the formula of the Golden Way. It helps focus on the Third Principle that ends up making the TRIANGLE (=699=) of THE SPIRIT and keeps the Fire
burning, as fresh fever (5, Geburah) from the Skies (Chesed), burns as the Sun (Tiphareth), achieves Victory (Netzach, becomes Mercury and realizes it is androgynous, and mirror-like nature, Finds its Foundation (9 = I), and is clothed in it's body, or Kingdom (Malkuth). All of this is The Great Work that must be done.
You can not get the Key otherwise.
The Egg is a work which must be done.

When all this is grounded and made One, the real alien/other/UFO may be encountered. When you are able to tell your own Light from any other Light Source, then you can better focus and perceive the Other-than-Thou. 13 is the Fool with his One, One, One (3). They are the Ox, and None by the Book.
13 is the Cube of Man's Soul, Thy Kaaba. It is the Egg in the Lotus. My name is 13 letters, and equals 1331 (11 x 11 x 11). I am the Mirror, the Door, and the Light of the Dark. Και Εν Εν Οκτω 'One in Eight'. "For I am perfect, being Not; and my number is nine by the fools; but with the just I am eight, and one in eight: Which is vital, for I am none indeed. The Empress and the King are not of me; for there is a further secret." (AL.II.15)...
"We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit: let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings: stamp down the wretched & the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world. Think not, o king, upon that lie: That Thou Must Die: verily thou shalt not die, but live. Now let it be understood: If the body of the King dissolve, he shall remain in pure ecstasy for ever. Nuit! Hadit! Ra-Hoor-Khuit! The Sun, Strength & Sight, Light; these are for the servants of the Star & the Snake." (AL.II.21)

Every man and every woman is a star. (AL.I.3)

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