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Dragon Blood

There is an old legend about an ancient Star-Stone that fell to Earth ages ago when the archangels Lucifer and Michael first battled. Michael struck Lucifer on the head and the crown jewel fell off and down to Earth (Malkuth). This legendary stone is called the Lapsit Exillis, or Stone of Exile. The Stone the builders rejected, which ended up being the Capstone.

The Jewel has been equated with the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, as well as the Graal. It is symbolic of yet another allegorical rendition of the 'Fall' of not only Lucifer from Heaven, but of The Middle Pillar on the Tree of Life (Tiphareth, Yesod, Malkuth), which created Daath/Death/Dimensions/Time-Space (i.e. Life).

There are many links in this web of Dragon gematria. In Arthurian legend, The Stone holds the Excalibur that only 'The True King' with Strength can withdraw. The Sword is the Flaming Sword (The Spirit) being cast into matter. The Flaming Sword traced along the paths of the Tree of Life from Kether to Malkuth enumerate to 777, the number of the Divine REVELATION (See Liber 777.) 777 is also the Dragon (DRUK=710) of the Deep (Binah=67), and OVLM HQLIPVTh, ‘The World of Shells’. 7 is Zain, a Sword, therefore 777 is the triple, or 'Flaming' Sword.

The Dragon has many forms. First as TN, Tan, (from which comes 'Tanith'.) = 59, the number of 'Dragon' and 'Archon' in Simple Gematria. TN with Nun final (N=700) = 709 = Αρχη – ‘Beginning’, SERPENTS - Arche-Serpents, or The Reptilian Archons - The Dragon Kings, the Kings of Edom.

709 + 1 = 710, the number of DRUK (דרון), the 'Thunder Dragon' of Bhutanese mythology. 710 is also Ψι ‘Psi’, the 23rd letter of the Greek Alphabet, denoting a form of psychic energy. As 71 x 10 it is LAM in Malkuth, or the Dragon-Serpent LAM manifested in full as DRUK, the Dragon. SETH (Set) or SYTh also = 710, as both the name and the 'word' (hiss) of the Serpent.
The Stone (ABN, 703) + The Sword (ZIN, 67) together enumerate the Key to their solution. Only Ο Φοινιξ - The Phoenix / Ορυς - Horus, (=770) has the Power.

ThAN as (400+1+700) = 1101 = Σαχλος – ‘Saklas’ 'The Fool', which I have come to find may be a prototype for Santa Claus (E: 666), the Christmas Clown. 1101 is the number of SURPRISE, THE DRAKO ALIENS, THE ALIEN ABDUCTORS, THE MEN IN BLACK, GRAY ALIEN DISCS, THE NUCLEAR ALIENS, RPSTOVALGiza PyramidObviousLook For Patterns In The Alphabet

This associates the Dragon with the UFOlogical/Extraterrestrial phenomena, as well as with the Egytian Mystery Religion, as well as certain aspects of the Abrahamic, and Qabalistic spiritual literature. 

Reversed, 1101 is 1011 = SATAN, THE MASK, THE RIDDLE OF AL, THE SUPREME SPELL, THE CONCEALED WISDOM, TEONANCATL (The shamanic name for psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms), The Lord of the Gates of Matter (The name of The Devil [15] card.)

The Dragon TAN is typified by the number Ten (10), being the crowning of the Serpent. It is the Ouroboros, LVIThN, Leviathan. LVIThN = 496, the number of Malkuth, the 10th Sephira which governs THE BODY (=496) and the material world - the Body of the Dragon. 496 is also 1 through 31, the Key of AL. 

The letters surrounding the Sigil of Baphomet are those of the name Leviathan, and it is not the face of a goat as many assume, but the Dragon that is given as the face of Satan/Baphomet.

THE KEY OF IT ALL mentioned in AL.III47 equals 992, which is 496 + 496. 1~31 (AL) + 1 ~ 31 (LA).

992 is also the number of THE ORDER AND VALUE, mentioned also in AL.II.55 referring to the cipher used in these transmissions. This is THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT given by the Serpent before the Great F13A831L74L74 of THE ENTIRE COSMOS into THE UNIVERSE initiating THE WHEEL OF TIME. This is the Key to Liber L Vel Legis (=J: 992), The Book of the Law.

The Serpent (NChSh = 358) is one less than Satan (ShTN = 359), which is itself one less than the Circle (360). 360 is the number of the Wheels, Disks (Sephiroth & Chakras), and the Soul itself. (Soul= 360 in Jewish Gematria.) 360 is the perfect-ionThe Garden Of Eden (=J:360) in which the Serpent (358) was on the central tree (1/I, 359) which gave the Knowledge to Adam at Conception (=J:360). The 'Fall' is the opening of the Gate of Malkuth, to which in the Waking State initations is the equivalent of 'Opening the Eye of the Dragon'. 360 is the number of the Hebrew דרקון - Drakon, and in Jewish Gematria 360 is furthermore the number of The Angel Of DeathTUAOI ('The Fire Stone', associated with the destruction of Atlantis.)

There is a Hebrew name for Malkuth called 'The Gate', and it is a temurah of TARO as ThROA (=671).
It is the 360 (O - Eye-Aura-Egg) of ADAM QADMON (= 311 =) AISh 'Man', a title of Tiphareth. The O, or Opened Eye of the Dragon. 671 is The Nucleus of THE DNA MOLECULE that operates in and by THE BEAST SYSTEM of NUMBERS + LETTERS
The Παντελες ‘Perfect’ Κυριακον ‘The House of the Lord’, Παραδεισος – ‘Paradise/Heaven’. 
It is all in Το Κρανιον ‘The Skull’ of Ο Μαντις ‘The Prophet’. 
The Ερημιτης ‘Hermit’ knows it as the "five aspects of Typhon": 
1. ThARO, the Mother of Revolutions, or Circles of Time; 
2. ThORA, the Law; 
3. ThROA, the Gate; 
4. AThOR, womb or Mother of the Har (= Horus), the Child; 
5. ROThA, a Wheel, a restatement of the Mother of Revolutions, or re-turnings, of Time. 
Of these, the ThARO is the supreme grimoire containing formulae of Time and the Aeons.

There is a secret here, for Kaph is the 11th letter, and 671 divided by 11 is 61. 61 is AIN, 'Nothing', which reversed would imply ALL (also 61). In AL.III.72. Ra-Hoor-Khuit exclaims:

'I am the Lord of the Double Wand of Power; the wand of the Force of Coph Nia— but my left hand is empty, for I have crushed an Universe; & nought remains.'

Coph (/Kaph) Nia is 11 (Kaph) x 61 (NIA) - The Wheel or Axle (DOT-Daath) of the ALL/NIA.
This is the 'Galaxy', fractal and holographic, unitary. The essence of what Ra-Hoor-Khuit symbolizes, a self-oriented and aware Ba (3), or Being. Note that 61 + 11 = 72, the number of the verse in AL, and 311 not only equals ADAM QADMON and AISh 'Man', but also QOPh NIA - 'Coph Nia'. The 'Man'-Soul born of Nu + Had
Daath is transliterated from the Hebrew דעת - DOTh, and it is from the 'Dot' in the center of the Circle that the ALL issues forth bringing 'Knowledge'. This is the 'Forbidden Wisdom' which modern science is trying to formulate in terms of the 'Big Bang Theory'.

The Knowledge (Daath - 474) of Satan (359) is 833, which is apt for its position as such for it is the number of the sum of the alphabet in Hebrew-English Gematria:

A1 B2 C3 D4 E5 F6 G3 H5 I10 J10 K20/500 L30 M40/600 
N50/700 O70 P80/800 Q100 R200 S60/300 T9/400 U6 V6 W6 X90/900 Y10 Z7

The GNOSIS (=833) of the WITCHES (=833) who use Gematria to EXTRACT INFORMATION (=833). 833 is Ο Μαργαριτης ‘The Pearl’, 'The Pearl of Great Price', and can be formulated as a cipher of Nuit - 5 ÷ 6 = .833   The reconciliation of the 5 and the 6, or the Pentagram and the Hexagram is one of the simplest formulas of The Great Work. 833 - NU (56) = 777. 359 + 418 (Aiwass) is also 777.

The ORDO LAPSIT EXILLIS is the Order of the Exiled Stone and has the same number of the STN (Stone/Satan) itself - 769 (60+9+700).  769 is the number of THE BOOK OF SATAN, which can be obtained from Myself by mail order upon contact. It is THE WEB OF ARACHNE in the form of a Gematria Database on a CD  - THE GEMATRIA DATABASE CD = 769. The Disk of Death (-Daath - Knowledge.) The ☉ - SECRET NAME which is the No word of the Beast. (666 + 103 [ALALIA - 'Speechless', Not talking'] = 769. 769 is also THE SPIDER, equating the Spider with its Web, and Satan with his Word, and the OUTER ORDER (=769) which carries the STN.

ORDO LAPSIT EXILLIS as 1009 equates with the full value of ShTN (359) as the DARK LORD. 1009 is the number of THE DRAGON BLOODLINE and Χθονιος (Cthonios) 'Under', 'Beneath', 'Infernal', 'Underworld'; referring to the nature of the Beast. 1009 is also number of THE LAM WORKING, LAM being a form of Dragon as the Lion-Serpent on microcosmic level as Spermatozoa (the root zoon means 'beast'), and a macrocosmic level as Interdimensional-Demiurgic-Serpent-Man. 1009 is the 1 in the 00, or Infinity/Cycle becoming 9. Plus 102 (see previous posts) = 1111, THE ARK. 1111 forms the X of the Abyss, the Mark of the Beast.

When it is realized that the Divine King/Queen-dom is Serpentine, or Dragonine in essence, the 'reptilian' nature of things doesn't seem quite so startling. The Reptilian current is everywhere apparent, if not especially so in the number 666, for זוחליהם, 'Reptile', 'Reptilian' = 666. 666 is the number of the Beast in its Solar-Phallic form. It is the number of 'Dark Matter', which is the 'The Unseen' world beyond the 'Illusion'. 666 is the Heart and Core of the Computer / A.I. System. It is then Significant  regarding the situation with the 'Gray Aliens' and 'The Gray Race' which may be 'The Archons', or 'The Dragons' that the Gnostics talked about.  
The Devil Card is called the 'Lord of the Gates of Matter' as well as the 'Child of the Forces of Time' because it is the saturnian material aspect of creation and the carnal bestial/reptilian impulse. The connection with Pan, as the Pangenitor or All-Begetter and Panphage 'All-Devourer' shows the formulas of Solve et Coagula resumed by the Ayin/Eye correspondence of this Atu.

The Blood of the Dragon is the combined Elixir of Kalas that coagulate to form the ShThN - Stone (=1400). 1400 is another number of ORDO LAPSIT EXILLIS, as well as THE BLOOD OF THE DRAGON itself.
1400 is את, meaning 'Essence', and see as the Earth/Universe (Tau) of the Air/Aethyr (Aleph [Final value - 1000]). 1400 is Πρωτον, First/Before (Time)/At The Beginning’ denoting ShThN before the Falling of The Blood of the Dragon from Heaven to Eartth. As such we see Ερμαφροδιτος – ‘Hermaphroditus’, or Baphomet, The Double One. 

The Hermaphrodite is a form of Hermes as the androgynous double one attributed to Mercury. The magical formula of Mercury is Azoth (AZVTh = 414), which is the 'creative principle of nature' and the 'fluid of the astral light'. It is the A-Z / A-Th / A-O (Alpha - Omega) and equates with the AIN SVPh AUR, or Limitless Light. It is then significant to note that it is verse 8 of Chapter 1 of Revelation that the title of 'The Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End' is given as the title of Jesus. It is the First Matter of the Beginning (414) as well as the Perfect Stone of the End (474) and together comprises THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE (=888). As such it is the Jewel created when Above meets Below (as seen in the number 8), the 0. 
This is the blood of the Dragon. Blood in Hebrew (DM = 44) is equivalent to Fire (LHT = 44) and Water (DLI=44). 44 is also the number of ChVL, the Phoenix. The Blood (DM) of the Fire (LHT)-Water (DLI) Phoenix (ChVL=44) = 176 = BLOOD. (Note that today is August 8, THE LION'S GATE = 888.)

It is Blood that is in THE HOLY GRAIL (=769=STN), which is another form of the Lapsit Exillis. The Grail is considered the Womb of Babalon (Binah), but it also can be seen as the Chalice of Venus (♀, Netzach), and when enlightened with Sol () [And Luna , its reflection.] becomes Mercury, the Androgyne. The BLOOD in THE HOLY GRAIL enumerates to 945, the number of Αστρον Αργον, Greek for 'The Silver Star', the name of the Inner Order of the A∴A∴. A 'sister' Order of The Horus-Maat Lodge is known as The Servants of the Star and the Snake, or S.S.S. which preserves the lineage of the Serpent. The Star is the Star-Stone, or Ixaxaar (Lapsit Exillis) that 'fell to Earth' and spawned the progeny of the Snake. The Star Sirius is the Star of Set and it is significant that the number of LAPSIT EXILLIS is 665, one less than 666, and equivalent to Ο Σειριος 'The Dog, Sirius' as well as Αντιδικος 'Adversary, Satan'.

The Ixaxaar is one with Azerate (=692=), the Κυβος (Cube) of the THE SECRET and THE SEVEN SEALS of THE ZERO. This is the Pandora's Box that once opened can never be closed, the Malkuthian equivalent of the DOTh in the midst of Eden. This is the 'wish-fulfilling gem', or the Black Diamond of the Dragon. (Note that in Liber 777 the animal attributed to the 0 is the Dragon.)

Πανδωρα’ς Θεςη = 1458, the number of the sum of the series of numbers 0 through 9 written in Hebrew-English Gematria:


It is also THE KEY TO THE ABYSS which the smoke billows out from in Revelation. The word Azerate mentioned above is the name given to the Goddess of the Abyss, the 11th Zone, and her number using Hebrew (AZRAT) is 218. The 218 Current, known under the name The Temple of the Black Light is another Order of the Dragon, and their main book is Liber Azerate. Their aim is to accelerate the Mahapralaya, or dissolution of the cosmic demiurgic boundaries of the Universe to let the freedom of Chaos once again reign supreme. The symbol of their Order is the 'Broken Pentagram', or 'open' Pentagram which signifies the Opening of the Eye (11) of the Dragon (10) for it has 11 points instead of 10 which lead to the Great Beyond. 
Furthermore, THE EMERALD TABLET (=751) as well contains the direct link to ShThN (=751) and 
The Royal Lineage of Bistea Neptunis, or 'The Beast from the Sea' (both = 751). For information on the Royal Bloodline and the Beast, I recommend The Merovingian Dynasy: The Satanic Bloodline of The Antichrist & False Prophet751 is also the number of the elements as 

I - Yod - The Spirit
A - Aleph - Air 
M - Mem - Water
Sh - Shin - Fire
T - Tau - Earth

This shows the Silent Word, or Voice of the Silence being spoken  by way of Manifestation; 'I A M Sh T' : 

751 is also MARDUK, the 'oldest of all Dragonkind', and the bringer of life and wisdom. "Marduk is a venerable Dragon who has come to Gaia many times as human due to his interest in human emotions and experiences. Marduk is known specifically as the Lawgiver. He is believed by Dragonkind to have created more than just the worlds, but all Order from the Chaos, while being a Being of Chaos. Marduk is an extremely powerful Dragon whose steps into the Keys of Wisdom and Power have been widely documented. He is a teacher to Men as well as a student OF Mankind. He is open to contact with humans, and often seeks us out in search of forgotten or new information." 

The Four Elements stand within the Spirit, and the Spirit interpenetrates as the 'Matrix', or 'Womb' (5). 5 is not only at the center, or belly of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, but the symbol itself shows a pregnant belly/womb. 5 is Hé, the 'Window' looking both ways in and out-side. As can be seen in the diagram, the Rays of the Pentagram are formed by connecting the points of the Quadrangle to the Spirit-Source. The Pentagram can be turned 'both ways' as Upright or Inverted. This same shape is found in the 'Eye of the Dragon' which is formed by spheres 7, 8, 9, and 10. The number 4 contains the complete series of the whole as the Tetrakrys, (1+2+3+4 = 10). The Τετρακτυς is 1626,  THE DOT IN THE CENTER,  and Crystalline Structure of Matter. 

The number 1234 has been mentioned previously, but here it is important to point out that 1234 being the number of the first 4 Zones (Kether 620, Chokmah 73, Binah 67, and Daath 474.),  further veils the Lapsit/Graal/ShTN/Pandora's Box.  As THE NINE GATES it is the Dragon Eye looking in all directions. The Eye of the Dragon is a form of THE MARK OF THE BEAST (=1234) for it grants the Vision of the Dragon. It is THE KEY TO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT, for 474 (DOT) is the Abyss/Pit. It is ruled by THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS, who is actually LUX, or Lucifer - the Bringer of Light for Y20O780D434 in full = 1234 - Yod being the I of Set. 1234 is the Creator B412R510A111H10M80A111 and the Destroyer S360H10I20V13A831.

This is Cosmos arising out of Chaos, who Set, or Satan is the God of. Hence the Prince of the Air, and the Lord of the Earth - The Child of the Forces of Time and The Lord of the Gates of Matter. 

The Lost Stone, or Lost Word - The Omnific Word - is the No Word that IS the Soul itself.

...How shall he destroy himself? -Liber I, v. 00.

And in the word CHAOS let the book be sealed; yea, let the Book be sealed.
 -Liber I, v. 21.

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