Monday, September 9, 2013

Break the Cycle

     Furthering the web that has thus far been spun, I want to go into a subject that has been expanded upon very little since it's appearance in the 1999 publication Beyond the Mauve Zone by Kenneth Grant. This article is in regard to chapter 6 of that book, The Rite of the K'rla Cell, which deals with a broad array of subjects which can be quite difficult to keep up with if not familiar with the previous material in Grant's trilogies.

      The word 'K'rla' is not mentioned anywhere previously in the Typhonian Trilogies, or anywhere else to my knowledge. Evidently, Grant gets it from the work of Jeffrey Evans (Frater Khephra-Mâ-Åst - 481) and Ruth Keenan-Evans (Soror Maiat - 352) whose work, Liber 251, is briefly mentioned and hitherto unpublished. At the outset of the chapter, Grant mentions that the word K'rla is suggestive of the Tibetan khorlo, which means 'wheel', 'round', 'samsara', and is the Tibetan word for the Sanskrit chakra. It will be seen that this is more than a mere suggestion.

"The Evans-Keenan Rite here described provides a simple method - simple, that is, in regard to components - for contact with non-terrestrial entities via the cosmo-sexual magick of the Ophidian Current. As in the case of the Sri Chakra the K'rla Cell is, fundamentally, a battery of limitless potential. A cognate rite of some antiquity survives in the Tibetan Khorlo Rite, and the names of both of these procedures suggest an affinity of the methods used."

     Grant goes on to say; "The nature of these methods is best understood by a qabalistic analysis of the designation of K'rla. K'rla has the numerical value of 251, which is the number of VRIHL, the 'Magical Force' associated with 'The Coming Race', or Aeon, about which Bulwer Lytton wrote in his novel of that name. Vrihl, or Uriel, was the Angelic Name worn as a lamen by the Mage Abramelin during his transaction with spiritual beings. VRIHL is a phonetic permutation of HRILIU, an expression signifying, according to Crowley, the "shrill scream of orgasm", or the metaphysical ecstasy that accompanies congress with non-human entities." This shows undoubtedly the connection between the K'rla 'cell' and the 'zero-point' energy field which the early Vril Society, a subset of the Thule Society, were working on at least as far back as the late 1800's.
As a 'battery of limitless potential', the K'rla Cell is basically a form of the Vrihl/Vril 'light force'. Uriel is rendered as VRIHL via U=Vav / E=Hé, but in its original Hebrew form it is אוריאל, i.e. Auriel, which means 'God is my Light', again referencing the Aur, or light. This light is the Azoth, Astral Light, Chi, Ojas, etc., that tenuous substance which cannot be measured with conventional means, but nonetheless can be encountered and worked with internally if the 'vessel' is finely tuned enough through alchemical and mystical exercise. HRILIU has similar undertones as it has been defined as "the very fabric of existence, the currents of energy that are luminous and void", and "metaphysical ekstasy". (See Words of Power.) This is Ekstasis itself, which literally means "to be or stand outside oneself, a removal to elsewhere" from ek- "out," and stasis "a stand, or a standoff of forces".

      Concerning the 'contact with non-terrestrial entities', further analysis of the qabalistic weight of K'rla shows that 251 is also the number of ANNADOTUS, 'the Repulsive One' associated with Oannes, God of the Deep. REMU, the 'City of Fish' mentioned in the Book of the Dead. OTzADAGOWAH, Ossadagowah, mentioned in the Derleth recension of the Necronomicon Gnosis as the parent of “a frightful spirit as came down from ye stars”. (See The Lurker at the Threshold.) 251 is also, coincidentally, the number of ALIEN ABDUCTION as well as ALIEN CONTACTEE. This shows the undeniable position of this number as a key of the Outer Ones. Grant also goes on to note that K'rla rendered with a Qoph instead of Kaph brings it to 331, the number of Αλλος, 'other', or 'alien', which I also have enumerating ALIEN VISITATION,  A WAR ENGINE, THE DOUBLE WANDED ONE, and בחטא איש, 'Man of Sin'.
     Grant also mentions that in Lamaism: The Buddhism of Tibet by Laurence Waddell there is mention that it was in the year 331AD "there fell from heaven several sacred objects, including the Om Mani formula inscribed on a stone"...'Probably the Chintamani Stone or wish-fulfilling talisman mentioned in ancient Sanskrit works.'
     He goes on to say: "This formula of the Jewel in the Lotus describes the cosmic vibration which stimulates the Sri Chakra to flower in the fullness of total manifestation. 331 is the number of ShAL, 'a chink in the ground', a 'crack or crevice', which may be compared with Sheol, 'hell', and ShIAC (331), the Aramaic form of the Sanskrit Patala, 'hell'. ShAL is the orifice whence the oracle proceeded, as at Delphi, Dodona, etc. K'rla thus suggests the Deep Ones, the Oracle, and the power-zone of the Kaula Circle described by the Sri Chakra." Thus, the 'bottomless pit', or the Abyss is both within (infernal) and without (supernal), (or which ever way you want to view the termina. 

      The Jewel in the Lotus can be thought of as the interplay of Hadit (the Jewel) and Nuit (the Lotus), and glyphed as the ☉. The Jewel, or Mani, is the Stone, and the Lotus, or Padme is also termed by Frater Achad as the Mani-O, coterminous with the Ma-Ion - the ends of manifestation. The ends of manifestation are the Inner and Outer nodes which when united dissolve the limitations of differentiation and become the singular and total Being that cannot be numbered or symbolized. The K'rla Cell is thus the awakened or reborn spiritual Light, naturally 'alien' or 'other' in respect to its mundane original form. This can be confused with other 'others', but to adequately communicate with such 'others', the True Self must first be attained. This is why it is imperative that the initiate reaches the level of Tiphareth (Sol) and achieves 'Knowledge and Conversation' with ones Holy Guardian Angel, or Higher Self, before invoking or evoking entities such as the Goetia, for until then the initiate is a shell in which such entities can infiltrate and take hold.

      This is the 17th Kala which has no distinction. 17 is also the number of units in the swastika, the symbolic form of the whirling motion of creation, also used by the Vril and Nazi occultists. In the glossary of Beyond the Mauve Zone, Grant mentions the 17th Kala:

Kala (S): Time, period, section or part. The substance that reifies and sets limits. 
The process of conceptualization. There are fifteen kalas of the lunar cycle which 
culminate in Sodashi, the sixteenth and 'secret' secretion. There is a further or seventeenth
kala that pertains to the Aeon of Zain. It is inexpressible in verbal form.

     As has been stated in The Color of Time, the word 'kala' is a division of space-time, and is closely connected with the words color and calendar. The kalas and the swastika imply the Wheel of Time, or in terms of the Tarot, The Wheel of Fortune, and this is important because remember that Khorlo means 'wheel', or 'cycle'. It is further relevant that the word CIRCLE itself also equals 251. Note also that the same number for KHORLO, 395, is that of the SARVA-MANDALA, which is the Great Golden Egg from which the Creator deity Brahma was born.
("Sarva-mandala (Sanskrit) Sarva-maṇḍala [from sarva all, complete + maṇḍala globe, orb] The complete globe or orb; hence the Egg of Brahma or the universe, applicable to any of the numerous Eggs of Brahma, whether a galaxy, sun, planet, or even a nebula or comet.")

     Crowley, in Liber 777, also notes that the Hebrew 'ChVG' which means 'circle', or 'orbit' equals 17. It is within these paradoxical and seemingly unattainable and incomprehensible vistas that the true essence of Magick, and 'God' itself is to be found, and that is why I am working to better explain such 'concepts'. Outside the boundaries of the limitations, indeed 'outside the box', are where the real treasure lies. I have noted previously how the X in the O is a symbol for not only 'the Mark of the Beast', but also the entrance to the Inner Realm of the Temple. As the symbol for Terra, ⊕, the X (or +; i.e. the Cross, or Tau) marks the spot where the Treasure lies, as Kether resides in Malkuth and vice versa. This symbol is the unbroken/unopened swastika itself. 

     The word "swastika" comes from the Sanskrit svastika - "su" meaning "good" or "auspicious," "asti" meaning "to be," and "ka" as a suffix. The swastika literally means "to be good". Or another translation can be made: "swa" is "higher self", "asti" meaning "being", and "ka" as a suffix, so the translation can be interpreted as "being with higher self". Though this is the original meaning of this symbol, the Nazi's inverted its meaning for malevolent purposes. This symbol is very ancient and generally refers to the whirling motion of creation, or life.  The symbol of the Vril Society, however, was not so much the swastika as it was the Black Sun, which has similar connotations, although instead of being the wheel of light it is the wheel of anti-light/anti-matter, more correctly associated with the black hole. 

     The Wheel of Fortune is atu X, the number of completion and totality. 10 is the ☉ in that it is the lingam and the yoni, or the phallus and kteis. There is an inner mystery here because the phallus and the kteis conceal the formula of Kaph, which this atu is attributed. Kaph is spelled כָּף, i.e. K+P. The Wheel with its central axle is the ☉. Kaph means 'hand', or 'cup', or that which holds, and it is the wheel of dharma, or the dharmacakra,  that 'holds' every distinct facet of being in its place. It is highly notable then that DHARMA also equals 251.
The number of Kaph is 820, which is the number of זמן (Time, 747) plus החלל (Space, 73), i.e. Space-Time. 820 is also the number of Η Σφαιρα, 'The Sphere', which is the circle extended into another dimension. It is also the sum of 1 through 40, 40 being the number of Mem, the 'waters' (of manifestation).

     But I digress. The K'rla Cell is not definitely defined in Beyond the Mauve Zone, it is only hinted at as being a formula for congress with extra-terrestrials, but the methods are left obscure. In Peter Levenda's book The Dark Lord: H.P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant, and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic, the K'rla Cell is mentioned on page 302:
"The very word we use in the modern age for referring to otherworldly ideas, planes, levels is “astral,” which means “starry.” It is the Starry Wisdom cult of Lovecraft's story “The Haunter of the Dark.” We hear talk of the “astral plane” and the “astral body” and rarely stop to consider what that means. It is the astral self that is indestructible, that is capable of doing the kind of time and space traveling that both Grant and Lovecraft describe. And entire cults were built around its cultivation and use. One of Grant's power-zones, the K'rla Cell, was designed with just that idea in mind. He describes it in Beyond the Mauve Zone, and tells of the intention of its members to contact Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth, both Lovecraftian entities, and to use “psychosexual dynamics concealed in the Necronomicon.” This group eventually identified the star Betelgeuse as the home of the Elder Gods, and a black hole somewhere in the constellation Sagittarius as the home of the Great Old Ones."

     He is effectively equating the K'rla Cell with a form of the astral body. Analyzing the word as two separate words, KR and LA, we see that כר means 'know', 'be familiar', and לא means 'not', 'nothing', or 'absence' (Nox). Therefore, K'rla can mean 'the Knowledge of Nothing', nothing being the Zero Point, or background of manifestation. KR itself equals 220, the number of Liber AL, as well as NPhILIM, 'the Great Old Ones', from whence AL was transmitted. LA is 31, the key number of Liber AL. Thus, again we see that this text is indeed 'forbidden wisdom', the wisdom from 'beyond', or outside. In order to apprehend it, one must transcend oneself and 'become as God' by aligning and integrating all aspects of ones own being and taking great step of standing beyond within-without. Know that AL is one of the most ancient names for 'God'.

      I have already discussed the 'broken circle' in Dragon Blood, which is the formula of ShTN (359), but Grant mentions this formula in regards to the K'rla Cell which is important in this analysis:
"There are further links between the New Isis Workings and those of the K'rla Cell. The name Isis denotes a Stone Throne, or 'Seat'. The name ShTN (Shaitan) is in fact our word Stone, and Set has the meaning of a 'standing stone'. The number of ShTN, 359, is one less than the perfect or unbroken circle (360 degrees). The formula of Shaitan therefore indicates the 'broken circle'. [Cf. The Necronomicon (Schl. ed.), p. 16: "a broken line provides means of entrance for those Outside, for a broken star is the Gate of Ganzir, the Gate of Death, the Gate of the Shadows and the Shells".] This is the formula, par excellence, of the Typhonian Gnosis because it permits of both ingress and egress of Forces outside the Circles of Time. The mystery of the break in the circle is the mystery at the heart of the magick of the New Aeon and it is manifested in blood, the outpouring of the Circle (yoni/lotus), of the sacred plant that flowers only in moonlight, [Evans notes that "this fantastic plant is the legendary MARIPOSA, said to grow in Tibet. It is supposed to be a cure for the curse of lycanthropy. By Greek gematria, Mariposa = 502, twice 251, or two K'rla Cells 'linked', glossed by the equation 251 + 251)".] on the fabled Plateau of Lêng."

      So the 'hole', or opening in the circle is equated with Daath, the 'דעת'/'Dot', as I also made apparent in my previous article. Ganzir is 'The Gate of the Shadows and the Shells' according to the Necronomicon, and "The Gate that leads to the seven steps into the Frightful Pit and the shrieking of the God on the Throne of Darkness". The sum of the Tetraktys; Kether-620 + Chokmah-73 + Binah-67 + Daath-474 = 1234, the number of THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS and AZRAEL-THE ANGEL OF DEATH) Note that Azrael is often connected with Uriel. Ganzir equals 271, the number of NHIRV (Lux), AVR NVGH, 'shining light'. Being the Gate of 'Death', or outrance, and equal to the Light, it can be thought of as the Source beyond the seven gates. Referring to a formula received by a priestess of the New Isis Lodge of the with the same number, Grant states that "[M'rla] {=271}, therefore, glyphs the light of Consciousness (LVX) shining in the Darkness (NOX) of the Tunnels of Set.

      Relevant to this analysis of the K'RLA formula and transmissions from the Beyond, Grant also mentions that K'rla was "adumbrated in the Workings of the New Isis Lodge, and even earlier, for in 1943 were received by Aossic The Chronicles of Kr[alnia]." Kralnia, or KRLNIA as he has it in The Ninth Arch, was one of Grant's magical names as far back as 1939. It is then even more significant that there exists a ufological document known as 'The Krill Papers' which tells of an alleged 'extraterrestrial biological entity' who gave its name as KRLL, or Krill, which stayed behind on Earth after a race of extraterrestrials met secretly with the United States government in the 60's. While it is pretty obvious that the text is a sham, some of the information it contains may be factual, and the name Krll itself is highly suspicious considering the forgoing material. Remember that Grant often references how works of fiction can sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally on the part of the author, contain gems of truth in them. The stories of Lovecraft being one of the best examples.

Deeper analysis of this enigmatic chapter, we see Grant following up about 'M'rla':
In the change from chandra bindu, represented by the letter 'M', to the letter 'K', the glyph of the Goddess, may be seen the flowering of supreme potential into full manifestation. Frater Achad suggested that the first and last verses of Nuit's chapter in AL point directly at Ma-Ion, the Lesser Cycle of the Aeon of Perfection ushered in in 1948. Likewise, one 'end' of K'rla is Kr, the other, La, whereas previously it had been Mr and La. The end is constant only when it is 'not' (La). It is plain, therefore, how the Nu-Isis and K'rla Cell Workings have produced an operation formula for the manifestation - at the end of an aeon - of the full Sri Chakra represented by the Goddess whose bija-mantra is Kr-M (KRIM), i.e., Kali.

The Evans-Keenan Cell Workings in the Tunnel of Niantiel established contact with the Old Ones in the specific form of KRLAMKR. This formula has the numerical index of 511, or 93 plus 418, thereby revealing at its heart the 93 Current - Aiwass. 511 is the number of the "cyclopean and many-columned Y'hanthlei - lair of the Deep Ones". (The Shadow Over Innsmouth [Lovecraft], p. 185) It is also the number of Heqat, a form of Hecate. Significantly, the formula KR (220) + LAM (71) + KR (220) also equals 511, and thus exhibits the thread of continuity with the Book of the Law, thereby substantiating Crowley's claim that AL contains the "supreme spells" or spellings. And this is does, for the "four letters, O, A, U, M [i.e., the Pranava Gk. 'ΟΑΥΜ'] add up to 511, the number of K'r-LAM-K'r". [Private communication dated December 15, 1990] As a final seal upon a remarkable chain of identities, Thomas Inman gives 511 as the value of ASNTh, which translates as "dedicated to Neith". [Ancient Faiths Embodied in Ancient Names (Inman)]. Note also that the K and the M (KA-rla and MA-rla) indicate the 'Sixtystone', a potent talisman of the Qliphoth. [See Outside the Circles of Time (Grant), p. 215.] These notions combine to demonstrate how the K'rla Cell is founded upon the Typhonian Gnosis.

     This shows the connection between the K'rla Cell and the entity, or if you prefer, ophidian archetype, LAM. He goes on to say:
"The number 291 [the number of Kr'LAM and Mnar, Mnar being a Lovecraftian form of the Mauve Zone] signifies the ARTz (earth) of Malkuth, i.e., the plane of manifestation. The vibration of the earth seed-mantra LAM, [Lam is the bija mantra of the Muladhara Chakra, the abode of the Fire Snake.] manifesting in the Muladhara Chakra, flashes from that chakra to the brain of the priestess functioning as the K'rla Cell. This is the formula of the psychosexual dynamics concealed in the Necronomicon...
...Jeffrey Evans explains succinctly the rôle of the K'rla Cell in the Typhonian complex:

It seems clear to me that, in some mysterious way, 666 [Crowley], 
H.P.L. [Lovecraft], AChAD [Jones], 718 [i.e. Aossic Aiwass], and now 
481 [Kephra-mâ-Åst] - and certain others, notably the Dogon of Africa - 
have tuned into a current which is emanating from that region of the Celestial Sphere. 
My own 'pet theory' at this point in my career, is that it represents the rudiments of 
what will, in future, be our (i.e. humanity's) 'link' in the group of already existing 
telepathic life-forms in the Universe. Without the Typhonian Tradition such a link
will be night impossible; for as long as we do not learn to think outside of ourselves
and our own forms, as long as we continue to think in anthropomorphic terms, we 
will not be able to stand the inflix of sheer alienness which such telepathic contact
necessarily implies.

The region of the Celestial Sphere alluded to above is inclusive of the stars Pollux, Capella, Aldebaran, Rigel, Betelgeuze, Sothis, and Procyon."

     Grant mentions the letter M multiple times noting its connection with the Elder Gods:
"The letter 'M', the key vibration of the plane of the Elder Gods, is represented mythologically as the sea-goat, Makara, or as the crocodile, the beast of the waters."
"The kala of Ibt al Ghauzi manifests directly the vibration symbolized by the letter 'M' which is the root vibration of the Elder Gods located in that star".

     The letter 'M' is the chandrabindu, which literally means 'moon-dot'. It is the dot or bindu in the pranava ॐ.
     It is the nasally ng sound/vibration, and in its deepest aspect, the space that the Door (4) leads to. In the case of cosmic forces, another dimension. In relation to the mantra Krim mentioned above, Grant says: "Krim is the bija-mantra of the Black Goddess, Kali, who grants Liberation (Kaivalya), and the letter M, or chandra-bindu, is the root mantra = 30". Even though M as Mem technically equals 40, the number 30 is here in its place for its similarity to ॐ, and the fact that M is the mid-way, the middle-waters of Balance which Lamed (30) symbolizes. "Om is the dynamic formula of the K'rla Cell resulting from the application of Restriction, [The reflex of Liberation.] typified by the Priestess in the bondage of the mummy-swathings, [The silence of the Death Posture, or Magical Sleep.] combined with the feminine karezza."

     There is some confusion here since 'Ibn Gazi', is the powder mentioned in the Necronomicon which, when ignited, enables the Old Ones to manifest in the present universe, or 'Universe A', i.e. the waking state. The point is that we are dealing here with a particular form of magickal manifestation, the vehicle of which being the K'rla Cell. Thus, Grant says: "The Great Old Ones, the Ophidian counterparts of the Elder Gods, will manifest through the K'rla Cell." Further on, Grant identifies Ibt al Ghauzi with Betelgeuze, saying "According to Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Betelgeuze (Ibt Al Ghauzi) is the home of the Elder Gods; and according to Evans "that Star has decidedly become the focus of the K'rla Cell". It should be known that the Arabic name for Betelgeuze is إبط الجوزاء, 'Ibet al-Jauza', often translated as 'Armpit of the Central One', but it is more correct as 'The Arm of Orion' (the Giant). (See etymology.) Going on, Grant says: "'He [Evans] adds that the notion "that there is a K'rla Cell emanating from the region of Ibt al Ghauzi is not so far fetched'. This stellar complex is opposite a supposed Black Hole in Sagittarius, near the centre of the galaxy, and Evans speculates that if Betelgeuze is the home of the Elder Gods, may not the Black Hole be the home of the Old Ones?"

      Now that these two similar concepts (Ibn Gazi and Ibt al Ghauzi) have been distinguished, we can go back to an important piece in this puzzle. "It is therefore possible to understand how Jeffrey Evans has unveiled the inner meaning of AL.I.8 and 9: "The Khabs is in the Khu, no the Khu in the Khabs. Worship then the Khabs, and behold my light shed over you"... The Khu, or Magical Will, is the product, not the producer, of the Sacred Ash. This reveals an entirely new mode of magick which is in precise alignment with New Isis and with the doctrine of Maat."

     Grant notes that "The functioning of the K'rla Cell chimes with Dali's sensation of wearing his own skeleton outside of him". This is interesting, since he is saying that the K'rla Cell is an inner rather than outer vehicle. I have had two significant magical experiences with a skeleton in my initiation. First, after having unintentionally chanced upon obtaining a copy of the book Liber Falxifer on the Holy Day of San La Muerte, August 15th, 2011, I sought contact with the Saint and had a vision of a large black skeleton which I seemed to be a part of, as if I was within it's empty womb. I took this to be a sign that I was indeed close with the patron Saint of Death. Numerous 'synchronicities' regarding myself and the Necrosophic/Death current have manifested throughout my life, and I find it highly significant that my very name, which both begins with the letter M (13) and has 13 letters enumerates to 1331. 
     Second, while having an LSD experience around 2012, I had another vision that my bones were glowing neon and that my blood had congealed as if I were effectively dead but alive at the same time. Every thought I had and every second that passed became as a pump in the veins of the heart-beat of God/Being and space-time imploded into the Eternal Moment of All. It was quite an experience. Note that the Hebrew word for 'Death' is מת, 'MT', which is phonetically similar to Maat, the Goddess presiding over the underworld and the souls awaiting judgment. Going back to the material on the letter 'M', I want to quote Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine, because it is very interesting and should be of note here for many reasons. Remember that 'M' is the chandrabindu, or Moon-dot, and that there are 13 lunations per year.

      "...The Lotus and Water are among the oldest symbols, and in their origin are purely Aryan, though they became common property during the branching off of the Fifth Race. Let us give an example. Letters, as much as numbers, were all mystic, whether in combination or each taken separately. The most sacred of all is the letter M. It is both feminine and masculine, or androgyne, and is made to symbolize the water, the great deep, in its origin. It is mystic in all the languages, Eastern and Western, and stands as a glypg for the waves, thus: ♒. In the Aryan Esotericism, as in the Semitic, this letter has always stood for the waters; e.g., in Sanskrit Makara- the tenth sign of the Zodiac - means a crocodile, or rather an aquatic monster associated always with water. The letter MA is equivalent to, and corresponds with, the number 5 - composed of a binary, the symbol of the two sexes separated, and of the ternary, symbol of the third life, the progeny of the binary. This, again, is often symbolized by a Pentagon, the latter being a sacred sign, a divine Monogram.
Maitreya is the secret name of the Fifth Buddha, and the Kalki-Avatara of the Brahmans - the last Messiah who will come at the culmination of the Great Cycle. It is also the initial letter of the Greek Metis or Divine Wisdom; of Memrah, the "word" or Logos; and of Mithras (the Mihr), the Monad, Mystery. All these are born in, and from, the great Deep, and are the Sons of Maya - the Mother; in Egypt, Mut, in Greece Minerva (divine wisdom); of Mary, or Miriam, Myrrha, etc. the Mother of the Christian Logos, and of Maya, the mother of Buddha. Madhava and Madhavi are the titles of the most important gods and goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon. Finally, Mandala is in Sanskrit "a circle," or an orb (the ten divisions of the Rig-Veda). The most sacred names in India begin with this letter generally - from Mahat, the first manifested intellect, and Mandara, the great mountain used by the gods to churn the Ocean, down to Mandakini, the heavenly Ganga (Ganges), Manu, etc., etc."

      M is the formula of manifestation, and when consciously directed under Will, becomes a force of Magick.

"The Magical Numbers of the Agents which denote the terrestrial operators of the K'rla Cell are Freater 481 (Jeffrey Evans), and Soror 352 (Ruth Keenan):
481 = Ibt al Ghauzi (Betelgeuse)
352 = Al-Haldah (Sagittarius)
352 is the number of TANA [Gk. Τανα], the leaves of which plant revive the mummy in Amenta. The mummy, or K'rla Cell, is thereby equated with the black hole, or, in Kamite Terms, with Amenta:
The centre of the Galaxy ecliptically is toward Sagittarius.
Sagittarius is opposite Gemini... and as Ibt al Ghauzi is the 
home of the Elder Gods, may not the home of the Old Ones be
located somewhere in the region of Sagittarius? Perhaps the
Black Hole itself is a Gateway to the home of the Old Ones. This
would mean that beyond  the Black Hole (or within it) lies "Ubbo
Sathla... that unforgotten source whence came those daring to
oppose the Elder Gods who ruled in Betelgeuze".

     Evans identifies 'Ubbo Sathla' as "a glyph for the centre of our own galaxy, and its hidden door to our own forgotten source. Out of what we have come, into that shall we return at the time of Mahapralaya [The Aeon of Zain] when Shakti assumes the form of Bindu".
In the Necronomicon mythos, Ubbo Sathla is described as the source of the forces that fought against the Elder Gods who ruled from Betelgeuze. These forces, the Great Old Ones, were directed by Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth. 
Jeffrey Evans declares that the K'rla Cell Working shows
a definite orientation perpendicular to the axis of the Earth, 
toward Ibt Al Ghauzi at first, and now toward the Galactic 
Centre. This creates the effect of the Earth as a spinning cross;
and when facing West, or contra the direction of the elliptical
constellations, the Pole Star is on the right hand, and on the left 
hand is the black void of space around which the circle Canopus
and Sothis, the Southern 'Pole-Stars'. It is though a link has been
Ubbo Sathla ↔ Ibt Al Ghauzi
...and it seems that the K'rla Cell needed to make the contact
with the Old Ones through the Elder Gods at first, before making 
direct contact with the Old Ones Themselves.
Evans states categorically that "the formula of the K'rla Cell, the function of which is to serve as a vehicle of communion between worlds, takes the form of KR-LAM-KR".

     This is interesting, considering LAM is also said to be the link between the Aeons of Horus and Maat. Horus is the Lord of War, and being a large red star and part of Orion the warrior it resumes the martial aspect. On the other hand, In Outside the Circles of Time, Nema is quoted as equating Maat with the Black Hole. The ancient Egyptians also revered Orion as can be seen by the alignment of the Pyramids of Giza with Orion's belt, and the name of the city Cairo itself means 'Mars'. The Black Hole being equated with Amenta, or the place of the dead, is then rightly aligned with Maat who resides there with her weightless feather of Truth. Thus:

"The operation of the Cell by the Old Ones and their Agents comports a sexual formula for the entifying of Lam, or the embodiment of Lam in the Aeon of Zain. In order to explain this formula it is necessary to place on record that an agent of of the Great Old Ones known as KR-AL-NIA-Z [An avatar of Aossic] initiated the Current of Zain in 1939 e.v., when the present author adopted the magical name, Kralnia-Z. [This name was taken spontaneously as a non-de-plume in connection with a novel he was writing in his 'teens.]
The Kr'la Cell, the AL-LA (Horus-Set Current), and the Aeon of Zain, are all explicit in the name Kralnia-Z. A profoundly subtle cosmic telepathy from future time therefore occured in connection with this Initiation. It is perfectly in order, therefore, that in another context Jeffrey Evans has explained why an Aeon of Silence (Z-ain ion) was needed before the fill flowering of this interstellar contact could be achieved: "The being, LAM... is an Avatar of Silence", or in the Aeon of Zain; and Kralnia-Z was its reflex in a temporal and mundane context."

     Another personal addition to this lineage are all the subtle hints I have hitherto made about my own position in this chain. The year 1992 in which I was born was 44 years after The Incoming of the Aeon of Maat, which itself was 44 years after The Inauguration of the Aeon of Horus. 44 is the number of ChVL, the Phoenix and 88 is the number of KHABS, the Star, or Star-child. My Initation into the Draconian Mysteries began in 2011 with the reception of a Talisman of Ma-Ion in the form of an obsidian egg precisely on April 2, 107 years since 1904 (Anno Heru), and 63 years since 1948. (107 = MAION, BITzH, 'Egg', OVAL [AL.II.76], 76 + 31.) My initials are M.A.L., the reflex, or terrestrial manifestation of LAM. Additionally, my name in Greek qabalah is 481 as well. This leads me to wonder if my Magical Work was adumbrated far before I was even born, and if perhaps I myself am a modern avatar for the same Current those before have been the vessels of. My Work will speak for itself. 

     The date April 2 comes up again in this chapter in regard to Mr. Evans as well:
"A curious connection exists between the chronologies of the K'rla Cell Workings and the inception of the Aeon of Maat in its Lesser or 'Daughter' Cycle (Ma-Ion), as announced by Frater Achad on April 2, 1948. The date which Evans gives for his 'Magical impregnation' by influences from Outside is April 2, 1984. This also dates his focusing his focusing on Halley's comet. He later realised that in the year 1948, that "comet reversed its direction just as Achad had reversed the direction of the paths". It is surely significant that the difference between 48 and 84 (another reversal), 36, yields (as 3 x 6) the number of Isis and the female pentagram."

Note the many instances of reversals, the supreme formula of The Dual One.

     Of great importance in this analysis is that Grant mentions the significance of Phi (Φ), which can be seen as another form of the Phallus and Yoni. The Phi proportion, or Golden Mean is found all throughout nature and manifests from the Zero Point center of creation. 

"In the Evans-Keenan Cult the Greek letter Phi (value 500) denotes the K'rla Current. Phi  is special among numbers for its reflex is minus one, the 'I', or ego. The full numeration of Phi (i.e. the letter-name Phi) [Ph=I. Phi is the basis of the square root of Five, the number most closely associated with the Great Old Ones.] is 510, a value of ThNIN, Draco, the sea monster or serpent which gives its name to the Ophidian Current. It is also the number of KRONOS [Κρονος], the alchemical ilus or primal slime which forms the basis of the Great Work. It is the chaos out of which arises the astral shadow of Horus, the shadow-twin, Set, whose name is one with the 'seat', or 'foundation' (Yesod) of the Tree of Life. Set is identical with Isis or whom he is the child or manifestation in the realm of Amenta. AL.III.74 declares "...the sun of midnight is ever the son", and the midnight sun is Khephra. Evans, whose motto is Kephra-mâ-Åst [I.e., "that which comes into being out of Ast (Isis)" and who copulates with his own shadow in order to create.] writes "Like Kephra I have produced an astral shade with which to unite for Creation". He thus assumes the god-form of the Beetle that is recurrently born of Isis to create another Day."

     Of note here is that 510 is the number of of Ισκιος, 'shadow or shade', Νυξ, (Nyx) the God of Night, STAR, ASTRONOMY, חלומותיי, 'Dream' or 'Vision', and The K’rla Gnosis. This essentially shows the Stellar nature of this Tradition, and the truly Ageless Wisdom that is ever present if one could but see it. The formula of Kephra, the Scarab in Atu XVIII, is that of 'seeing in the dark', and is subsumed under the Hebrew letter 'Qoph', meaning 'back of the head'. KPRA = 301, the number of Σεληνη, 'Selene, the Moon', as well as ASTRAL, YOG-SOTOT, and AOSSIQAOΣIK. 301 is also אש, 'Fire'. Kephra symbolizes the renewal of the Light, and thus the Immortal Soul. The cyclical terrestrial, lunar, and solar cycles must be shown against the background of the stellar cycles, the aeons of the Great Old Ones, for their full manifestation to be seen in the light of their place amongst the infinite expanse of The Queen of Night, Our Lady Nuit. 

"In concert with the formula of Khephra-Mâ-Åst and the shadow (Set), Evans suggests that the mysterious cypher contained in AL.II.76 may be the veritable formula for giving birth to a star-child.
It should be evident from the material presented in these trilogies that Crowley, Leadbeater, Parsons, Evans, and others, known and unknown, have been attempting to utilise such a formula. The inevitable question is surely: has such a magical child been brought to birth within the current Aeon? Crowley may not have failed, for the Star evisaged by Cameron Parsons [See Hecate's Fountain {1992}, Part I, ch.3.] yet struggles in the birth pangs of an aeon that is nameless, perhaps because the child of its bowels has not yet emerged. Perhaps Evans, Nema, and others are labouring to bring forth not a single entity but a composite stellar complex of Powers, such as Lovecraft may have glimpsed in the shadowy gulfs of dream. The Great Old Ones, the Deep Ones, the Outer Ones: may not they be entities or gods such as those described by Crowley as "certain vast 'stars' (or aggregates of experience)? [See the Introduction to The Book of the Law (Crowley), O.T.O., London, 1938.) 

     When all of this is fathomed and comprehended, it becomes apparent that something of vast, cosmic proportions has been and is going on and this planet is not quite as insignificant as are so often led to believe. Something so monumental that very few will have the requisite degree of psycho-spiritual compatibility to not only to carry forward the lineage, but even to withstand the implications this knowledge brings. Humanity at large is incapable even of withstanding its own baggage, so to speak, so something of this magnitude is necessarily left to those 'special' individuals who have taken it up as their duty to carry the weight. The crumbling of society and its environmental impact on the planet are all a part of the influx of energies that we have, in some cases, blindly evoked. The only reprisal for those with any inkling of an ability to withstand such effects is to become aware of their innate abilities, and "renew contact [with their HGA] in each incarnation in order to maintain continuity of magical consciousness in the waking-state." (BTMZ, pg. 145.). Only then can the true Heirs rightly take back control over the guidance of humanity and push us back towards a state of benevolent harmony with nature.

Every man and every woman is a star. AL.I.3.