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Maat and Masonry

The origins of Freemasonry have a long convoluted history and like many ancient occult Orders it has no precise beginning. It is probably much older than the stonemasons guilds of the Middle Ages, which is about as far as most historians are willing to go, but it has probably derived most of its traditions and knowledge from the Hermetic societies in Greece and Egypt and many other sources stemming from the Ancient middle-eastern, and Asiatic religions. 'Officially' the Premier Grand Lodge of England was established on June 24, 1717. The first Lodge in what would be come the United States of America was created on July 30, 1733 in Massachusetts. In 1797, John Robison, a Scottish inventor, physicist and mathematician, issued a book entitled Proofs of A Conspiracy Against all the Religions and Governments of Europe carried on in the secret meetings of Freemasons, Illuminati and Reading Societies which claimed that Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati had infiltrated the Freemasonic Lodges, an order with a secret agenda to take over the world through its religions, economies, and social structures. The point to be known is that regardless of the flaws of certain individuals, Masonry itself is merely the upholding of the basic primary virtues of Man and there will always be those who seek to invert and manipulate things for their own personal gain but of course these are not the principles of true fraternal Masonry.

Masonry, and Illuminism in general, were not and are not always 'bad', and not always insidiously controlling, and dictatorial. Originally, and even somewhat still now, Freemasonry represented the highest form of Religion and Communion among the Many and the One. In the Masonic Temple, it does not matter what 'religion' or Path you take, for each Path is integrally significant. What matters really is the level of understanding, and the overall maturity of He or She who is in charge of that Path. The Path is what You make it, and that is the Great Work. In essence, Freemasonry indeed represents the true World Religion of Man and all are in its school, whether they know it yet or not. The problem is - the Black Lodge has gained more servants on its side and the balance has been knocked awry. Darkness shackles the hearts and minds of the many and Light only scares them deeper into the comfort of the blanket of ignorance. The Blind have made their Covenant and made more of a monster themselves than that which their small minds were able to even fathom in the first place. On the other hand, we have entire worlds of knowledge in libraries around the world and on the internet which contain records the heights of human knowledge and intelligence, often available for free to the public, and it all goes unnoticed and left to sit while the masses clamor for answers. The only way they can be helped is if they find it in themselves.

Etymologically, the word Freemason is said to come from the French frère 'brother' maçonmachun 'maker', 'mason'. Masons refer to one another as 'brothers'. On page 816 in Morals and Dogma, Pike states that "The Templars, or Poor Fellow-Soldiery of the Holy House of the Temple intended to be re-built, took as their models, in the Bible, the Warrior-Masons of Zorobabel, who worked, holding the sword in one hand and the trowel in the other. Therefore it was that the Sword and the Trowel were the insignia of the Templars, who subsequently, as will be seen, concealed themselves under the name of Brethren Masons. [This name, Freres Macons in the French, adopted by way of secret reference to the Builders of the Second Temple, was corrupted in English into Free-Masons, as Pythagore de Crotone was into Peter Gower of Groton in England."

FREEMASVN = 373, the number of Λογος (Logos) 'Word', a symbol which is revered in Masonry. The subject of 'The Lost Word' is very deep, but when you get down to it, the Word is really every word and no word as The Word being Spoken. As Frater Achad mentions in Liber 31, a form of the Lost Word may be ALLA, which can be thought of as the word of Life which is 'spoken' when breathing in and out, and cosmically as Being and Non-Being reoccurring. FREEMASON with an Ayin instead of Vav equals 437, the number of LThBH, the 'Ark' or 'Arch' of the Masons, as well as Λογος Αληθεια, the 'True Word'. It is significant that 4+3+7 reduces to 5, for 437 equals THE FIVE, the Star, as well as WINDOWS. The Window is Heh, the fifth letter and the fifth element which is associated with the Spirit which is of the Stars. In Jewish Gematria 437 is the number of The Pentagram as well, and Gematria Database showing how important a gematria database is for easily finding qabalistic connections between magickal concepts. THE FREEMASONRY = 666, the number of ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ – ‘The Great Beast/Satan’, showing the Draconian connection (= The Dragons). The Dragon is also known as THE WYRM, which signifies the Trans-Cosmic Kundalini. This is the 'core' of the system, which in our Solar System is seen as the Sun, and as the Solar Self. Thus, in Greek we also havΗ Φρην =666, 'The Mind', or really the Heart or Intellect. Note also that 'Dragon Heart' = 666. There are also 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons in Carbon, one of the most basic  elements of our physical world. Therefore, it is Significant that the word Formation also = 666. And thus the Hebrews were right in there assertion that 666 denoted the quality of materialisation, or manifestation, appertaining to the Solar Divinity, ΟΣΕΡΑΠΙΣ and ΤΕΙΤΑΝ. 666 is the SUM of 1 through 36, 36 being 6 x 6. 6 is the number of Tiphareth, the Sun. It is the Sun which traces the Royal Arch in its course across the sky. Incidentally, I + JOIN THE FREEMASONS also =666, as do some other very telling correspondences - THE RITUAL, THE ARCANA, WORShIP, UNDERGROUND BASE (the vault of the 9th Arch), THE BALLS OF LIGHT, THE ORBS + THE MOUNTAINS, and PARASITES. These show the chthonic nature of a major aspect of the number 666, hence its association with זוחליהם, 'Reptilian' imagery and associations, as well as the association with the SATANIC ILLUMINATI BLOODLINES - this encoding is all rather just now being revealed and I myself am assoicated with no Lodge nor am I under any Oaths but my own and therefore all the 'secrets' I may be revealing are ones I attained at my own ability and it is my duty to awaken the Brethren of to the Knowledge that if they aren't at the right level to appropriate will remain occulted anyway

. It is deep within that the Spark is found, and it is far within (93 million miles within) that our Sun is away from us. 666 + the Will (93) = 759, the number of טנן, 'The Dragon', פיתגורס, 'Pythagoras', THE KEY HOLDER, THE ALLEGORYΦανης – ‘Phanes(From φαίνω, phainō, "I bring to light”.), The TARO Key, The Number of Gematria, Encrypted Code, N'TN (N'Aton, the Hive-mind of The Horus-Maat Lodge [also 759].)

MAAT = 442, which correlates with אפסי ארץ, 'The Ends of the Earth', the two spans at the end of any (and all) spectrums. Thus, her association with measuring, mathematics, and the matrix. She is the ruler of the Laws of Nature, and she is one of the highest aspects of the Great Mother. MAAT also equals 51, the number of AN the Sumerian God of the Sky. The word Mathematics is said to derive from Maat, and the Greek version Μαθηματικα (=430) is equivalent to Αριθμος 'Number', or 'Numeral', as well as Νομος 'Law'. This shows without a doubt that Mathematics and Numbers govern the Divine Law. 43 is the number of Triangles in the Sri Yantra, the 'Sacred Wheel', and 43 is MG, 'Mage', The Magician in the Center of the Universe, or GM 'Gem', the Gem at the center of the Lotus. 430 is also the number of WISDOM, and MAGICAL UNIVERSE. The Sri Yantra, or Shri Chakra, is related to the Mantra OM, or Aum (ॐ). It is possible to assume that GM is a veritable form of OM for the letter G, as Crowley notes, forms a nasally drone sound (as in AUMGN). GM is therefore the Mantra from the Mouth of the Mage (MG). Crowley died 43 years after his reception of Liber L. GM is also related to the Gems of Gematria, the Sephiroth themselves. The Manipura Chakra refers to the 'City', pura, of 'Gems' mani

In  her book Lord of the Flame, Elizabeth Van Buren makes an interesting point about the letter L that is relevant here. "Another mystery which surrounds the cubit is why the measurement called the "el" was associated with it. Phonetically the word, calling to mind the word "elbow", suggests the 90° angle which appears as the letter "L". L is the letter of the Law. The Divine Law of Maat, i.e. Mathematics, and of Spirit interacting with Matter. It is the beginning of the second half of the Hebrew alphabet showing the line of division, or balance.

The title of this essay itself came to me as an inspiration while working with a lot of different material on Freemasonry and a wide range of other Egyptian and Hermetic subjects. It just so happens that MAAT AND MASONRY have the value of 777 in Hebrew-English Gematria which just goes to show that the two currents which at the outset seem somewhat almost antithetical to one another actually go hand in hand quite well. 442 is the combination of FIRE and WATER, which form the Hexagram, which is sacred to Maat and Masonry. In Jewish Gematria, 442 is The Mirror, which again, is related to 11, the dual one. Maat holds the double-edged sword in the center of her Atu as can be seen by the fact that the Path of Zayin, 17 forms 442 by the fact that Σ17 (1~17, 153) + 17 x 17 (289). The path of Zayin is right above that of Lamed. L is the letter of Love and Zayin is the path of The Lovers. It is significant then that 442 is also the number of the SUN + SATURN, the sword being the link between the Womb of the Great Mother, and the incarnated Soul which was born from it. 

Both paths Lamed and Zayin are related to LAM. LAM equals 71, the reverse of 17, and means 'The Way' (of Truth), Lamed. Together, Paths 17 + 22 equal 39, LAMAL, the formula of Lam's manifestation. Lam is essentially a mask of a form of entity that is located somewhere in the desert of the Abyss having been spawned from the dead body of the Serpent whose head was crushed by the Abyss, (i.e. qliphothic phantomata). He is a form of Satan, the One that was Not (the spirit of the hole of absence, or 'death') in the form of a bornless, or 'dead' soul. Thus, he is also the face of the Fire Snake (Shin, fire + Teth, snake = ShT, Set/Shaitan.). LAM is mantra of the Root of the Fire Snake, and the Portrait of Lam is a vision of the Dragon itself. 

"The reconstruction of the eye symbolised the return of the full moon and ultimately the cosmic order, known as Ma'at: "I am seeking the Eye of Horus, that I might bring it back and count it. I am Thoth who brings back Maat I am he who returns the Udjet Eye, I am he who abolishes its dimness, when its brightness was damaged in the House of the Moon."

The connection between Bees, Maat and Masonry has been mentioned a few times before, but it is too important a symbol to not explore more in depth in this analysis. In Egypt, the Bee was called the abait, the 'bird-fly'. ABAIT equals 23, the number of the Path of Mem, and related to Maat as Kenneth Grant notes numerous times in his Outside the Circles of Time. However, simplified, Abait can be ABIT, 22, the number of the Path of Lamed, the Ox-goad which better equates with the myth of the Bees being the guides of the Soul in Amenta. 23 is the number of the TET pillar, the hidden pillar in Amenta, and the hidden letter that is the sum of all the other letters. Grant says that "The shaft denotes the place of crossing, an interdimensional duct that penetrates the Mauve Zone denoted by the TET (23). The Tet is the Pylon of Set, the Pillar "'stablished in the Void". This is the Hidden Pillar, the Phallus buried in Amentet. (Pg. 353, The Ninth Arch). This 'hidden pillar' is the Secret Path that crosses the Desert or Abyss of Daath. It is associated with Teth, the Serpent, but instead of Tau, the Cross, it terminates in itself (Teth). In fact, TET (23) plus Teth (419) = 442, MAAT

The Abit or Bee is said to guide the soul from Amenta to Aarru, or Heaven/Paradise, but it was only the souls that were equal to the feather of Maat that were able to pass. The Soul was thought to be in the Heart, and it is significant that the Path of Lamed guides the Soul (Yod) through the Flame of Truth and into the Amenta (=106, Nun). This is the process of reincarnation as the Self (Ayin, Eye) of the Hanged Man (Mem) is crucified in his revolutions on the Wheel of Life (Kaph). (See the paths surrounding Tiphareth on the Tree of Life). And remember that the Bee is symbolic of the immortality of the Soul. Note that Bee comes the from the Norse 'Bia', which is the Spirit. It is through this process of purification that the 'royal jelly' or Pure Gold can be formed. The Tet is therefore the 'portal' that leads outside the 'Matrix' and it is said that the Bees are also symbolic of the Outer Ones as well as the Lord of the 'Flies', or more correctly, the Lord of the Bees, Beelzebub. Note that ZBB is 11, connecting to Daath, the Pillar or Hole that is Not and therefore 'outside'. 

In Outer Gateways, Kenneth Grant mentions the Bee and its relation to many streams of relevant subjects:

"The final manifestations of Consciousness have been typified by the Arachnids, and it was precisely the spider which represented the ancient cult of the Ob or Python. The bee, beetle, or crab, is therefore the link between the earliest manifestation of the Typhonian current and its final phases. Note that all three are insectival, for the crab is a kind of water beetle, or is considered as such in occult lore. These phases consitute the links of a chain which precedes, includes, and then transcends the human component. But it should be understood that the human element does not grow out of, or into, the two Typhonian phases which precede and succeed it, rather, the human element appears as an interruption, an interference even, with the ongoing current. The Bringer of the Graal may therefore be envisaged as offering to this terrestrial and alien race of humans the chance of communion with the Typhonian bloodline. For the bearer descends from the Bear (Typhon), which embodies the type (Typh) of the blood royal, i.e. the sangréal.

   Henry Lincoln's researches reveal a connection between the Clan Plantard and the occult Order of Sion. The armigerous crest of the clan includes two bears. The name Sion (TzIVN) equals 156 which is the number of Babalon, the Scarlet Woman who collects in her 'graal' the blood of the saints. [156 also = TZLVL, 'limpid blood'] If the final letter of the name is given its de value, TzIVN = 806, the number of ThVTh (Thoth) who, as Set, is the son of Typhon (the second bear). 806 also denotes the empusae, the 'vampires', whose emblem is the calix horroris, 'the cup of horror'. 806 as 86 = KVS, 'cup'. KVS, Kush, is the Chaldean form of the Egyptian Khepsh, the Haunch emblematic of the 'Thigh' constellation, Ursa Major, the Khepsh being the place of outrance on earth for the seed of the stars. 8 + 6 = 14 = ZHB, a metaphor applied to 'the heavens'. 14 denotes the Door or Gateway, and as such it is a 'concentration of 86'. 14 (1+4) = 5, the number of the Old Ones, and the basis of their qabalah. It is also the number of Woman, the 'cup'. 

Five suggests the Quinotar, 'a beast of Neptune' which, Lincoln tells us, was the designation given to the marine entity connected with founding the Merovingian dynasty which plays a vital role in the Graal Gnosis. Lincoln also tells us that "one of the most sacred of Merovingian symbols was the bee"!

  Lincoln's researches have undoubtedly illumined certain phases of an ancient myth-cycle intimately associated with the Typhonian Current. They reveal a possible connection between an historic lineage - the Merovingian - and the Typhonian Tradition. In The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, the authors reproduce the family crest of the Clan Plantard, the contemporary representative of which was, until recently, the Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion, an Order which, according to Lincoln, dominated the Order of the Knights Templar and various other highly influential institutions which, at certain periods of history, included the Vatican.

   The crest, which supplies the key to the current represented by the Merovingian bloodline and the ORder of Sion, comprises the symbols of the Typhonian line of descent: the two bears, eleven bees, and the fleur de lys. The motto incorporated in the crest reads et in Arcadia ego. Arcadia - 127, which is the number of the Egyptian Goddess Heqt who was typified by the 'lower part of the back, or haunch'. The two bears denote the Mother (Typhon) and her son (Set). The image of the bee pictorializes the buzzing or humming vibration peculiar to the Outer Ones, or their vehicles. [Note, in this context of vehicles, that the initials UFO = 156, the number of Sion. {VAV=13 + VAV = 13 + OIN = 130}] Eleven is the number of Those who are Without, or beyond, the Tree of Life, thus identifying the Outer Ones."        -Pages 82-84.

The Bear constellation, Arktos, or Ursa is extremely important in the mysteries and one of the more obvious veils of its symbolic nature is that the Bear is the bearer of Light, for being in the North, Arca, or the Arch is that which is above and descends, as the Light that descends from Heaven (Aaru). Arca and Ursa are similar, and notice that it is an arch that the bees are on which the Bears are reaching up towards. To correct an error of Grant's in the above quote from Outer Gateways, the gematria he gives for 'ARCADIA' is 217, which is actually the gematria of ARADIA, which is the Goddess of the Witches, according to Charles Leland. (See Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches, 1899) ARCADIA is either 220, 237, or 317 depending on if C is taken as Gimel, Kaph or Qoph, but in Greek Αρκαδια is 137. ARADIA itself is 217, the number of דבורה, 'Bee', as well as Σηθ, 'Set', both of which are indeed Typhonian. 

Arcadia is symbolic of the 'Utopia', or 'Paradise', that which is 'Above' or 'North'. However, it has been said by some that the North is an inimical direction, for being that of the North wind. The Bible also points to North as being a source of evil:Then the LORD said to me, "Out of the north the evil will break forth on all the inhabitants of the land." -Jeremiah 1:14. Arca resembles Arche (Αρχη), the 'Beginning', and the Argo (αργω) refers to the Ark or ship, as in Noah's Ark. The word 'Arcane' also derives from arca 'chest, box, place for safe keeping', referring to the Ark of the Covenant. The Bear is the Bearer of the Graal, the Sangreal or Holy Blood. AR is Light and is the root of Aur. It is also the root of Ari, the Lion and Air, the virile life-force - vril (卍). Ari is the root of Aryan, the 'noble'. ARChA is mentioned in Nightside of Eden (pg. 94) and means 'Way', and Orach.

What's more is that 806, 'ThVTh', Thoth, the consort of Maat and TzIVN, are connected numerically and conceptually to Θεια Σοφια 'Divine Wisdom', and Το Σελας 'The Light', all of which refer to the Gnosis of the 'received' wisdom, the Qabalah. 806 is also THE ROYAL JELLY, the Sacred or Heavenly Gold. 

Mer means 'sea' and the Sea, which again, connects to Neptune and Atlantis. Merovingian comes to Meroveus or Merovech. Meroveus was said to have been born from a Quinotar (a sort of Neptunian sea-beast) and a woman. The words Mermaid and Merman derive from this legend. The name Merovech is really just Merodach, מרדך or Marduk, the God of Babylon in the Mesopotamian religion who governed magic, water, vegetation and judgement. Later on, Marduk was associated with Baal, or Bel (בעל), 'Lord'. The Merovingians were said to be 'Sorcerer Kings' who possessed great knowledge and magical powers. It is said to be the '13th Bloodline' of the Illuminati, and likely the one which The Antichrist would come from. The Merovingian dynasty was a Frankish dynasty and considered the first French royal house. I myself happen to be French and my last name means 'the Damned', as in the book La Bas by J.K. Huysmans. Marc or Mark means 'dedicated to Mars', but also has connotations of the Arca and Arktos explained above. Thus my name resumes the formula of the balance of the High and the Low, Fire and Water, Horus and Set and its manifestation as a 13 pointed star, or 13 unit hexagram. Thus, it is the Merovingian Antichrist in Revelation 13:13: "And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men." 

The bridge between worlds was severed when Lucifer 'fell' from his Throne, when the 'Lapsit Exilis' fell from the Crown. As Grant notes in Nightside of Eden, we didn't fall into the Abyss, we fell through it, and the veils or walls separating reality are traveled between via the Doors (ShORIM, 620) - if but one has the proper keys. These keys come through tests, trials, and purifications. The Bifrost or Antakarana, the rainbow bridge between worlds, is the qabalistic Ruach or Spirit connecting the 'Soul' to its Source which it has separated from in order to Be. This Triad is the Supernal Triad which unfolds into the Ruach. (The Supernal Triad reflects downward, then the middle 'Abstract' triad is paralleled by the 'Astral' Triad. These 6 are topped with Daath, the non-sephira that really creates the Tree in the first place as being the Black Hole of absence sucking The All from the Ain into Being. Daath is the Door of All Doors. It is also the Key of the Door in that the Key is the Knowledge of the Door's Way. Speaking frankly, the Door is symbolic of the Soul. The Key is symbolic of the Word of the Soul, or the Soul's destiny. 

Yog-Sothoth is also said to be the Gate and the Key of the Gate. Yog-Sothoth is said to be a 'congeries of 13 irridescent globes' and it is the 13th Zone which is the Doorway through Time (12, the Zodiac). 13 is the zone in the center of the Black Sun and 13 is the number of Spheres in Metatron's Cube. Though there are 11 zones (10 Spheres + Daath), there is another dual ring which balances the 11, so 11 + 2 = 13. Ain + The Tree (10) + Daath + Manifestation. 13 is Mem, The Hanged Man, Jesus, the Messenger of God who claimed to be the Alpha and the Omega (The Beginning and the End). He was the thirteenth along with 12 apostles. Mem is also Water, and Jesus also said 'Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in.' (Luke, 22:10). The Water is related to Aquarius who holds the pitcher of water, but Mem is associated with the element Water and Aquarius is attributed to He, The Star. 13 is the universal code of Transcendence. At the present time, Work is being done to transmute the ancient Tree of Life from 10 spheres (and Daath) to a 'restored' version of the Edenic state before the 'Fall'. This is to be achieved by a reformulation, along lines similar to those expressed in Achad's The Anatomy of the Body of God, along with the added work by Grant. The idea is to restore the Tree to the form known as the Metatron's Cube consisting of 13 spheres. 
The idea of The Aeon of Maat as presented by Achad, Grant, and others, is the same idea as the restoration of the final He of the Tetragrammaton, or the reparation of Malkuth and Daath. It should be seen from the keys presented in this publication that the Egg/107 is coterminous with the FINAL HE
From this egg proceeds the MA-ION, or the manifestation of THE AEON OF MAAT (=1313.)

Technically, when looked at '3-Dimensionally', the Metatron's Cube would consist of 17 spheres. 17 is very much a number relating to time, cycles, and dimensional matrixes. (See Break the Cycle.) Kenneth Grant also found 17 important enough to give a section on it in the end of the final book of his Typhonian Trilogy, The Ninth Arch. The importance here is that 17 is the Path of Zayin, the Sword, or Cleaver (figured as 7), and 17 is also the number of the letter Q, which in Hebrew is Qoph 'ק', which has the value of 100. We see here the underlying implication of the number 107 again. It is interesting to also note that the name Zayin, or Zain, is spelled in Hebrew 'ZIN', or זין. This was also the ancient god for the Moon, 'Zin', or 'Sin'. Remember that Qoph is attributed to The Moon card. This 'sword', 'zin', may be symbolic of a connection between the Kingdom of Malkuth and Yesod, the Foundation.

An important mathematical, and one could also say Masonic concept is the Pythagorean Triangle and the formulas surrounding it. In The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, Paul Foster Case attributes the three sides of the Pythagorean Triangle 3:4:5 to Osiris, Isis, and Horus. He says:
"The Pythagorean Triangle is related to alchemy for other reasons. Both Osiris the Father and Horus the Son were solar deities, and Isis the Mother was a moon goddess. Thus, the triangle represents the Great Work declared to be an operation of the sun and moon.
   Again the alchemists held that their work depended on three principles, which they named Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt. Of these, Mercury was the principle by whose aid the work of the Sun and Moon was performed, and without Mercury nothing could be done. The alchemical books also make it clear that Sulphur is the second principle, and that it therefore occupies an intermediate place between Mercury and Salt. Salt is also indicated as being the principle of fixation, just as Mercury is the volatile state of Matter. Hence, in our diagram (Figure 1) we assign Mercury to the upper segment of the Osiris line, Sulphur to the middle segment, and Salt to the lower segment.
   To the line corresponding to Isis, the mother, we have assigned four elements - Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. These elements, need we say, are not the ordinary physical things that go by their names. This the alchemists make clear my taking care always to speak of "our" Fire, or "our" Earth, just as they always speak of "our" Sulphur, "our" Gold, or "our" Mercury, in order to indicate that what they are so naming is always to be understood as being other than the common substance.
    Finally, to the hypotenuse of the triangle are attributed the ascending kingdoms of manifestation. Nearest the base and nearest to the element of "Earth" is the mineral kingdom. Above that is the vegetable kingdom, followed in order by the kingdoms of animal and human life. To the uppermost segment of the hypotenuse the fifth, or divine, kingdom is assigned. It is what Jesus called "the Kingdom of God." Hence, the hypotenuse of the triangle represents the progressive upward movement of life, corresponding to the old Qabalistic aphorism: "First the stone, then the plant, then the animal, then the man, and after man - the God." Horus the Son is the cosmic Life Spirit, ascending this evolutionary ladder of form, one kingdom emerging from another.
   This Pythagorean Triangle is remarkable, not only because of the properties of its three boundary lines, but also because of its interior angles. Of these, the first is the right angle of ninety degrees, formed by the junction of the descending line of Osiris to the horizontal base, or Isis. In Hebrew, 90 is the value of the word MIM, Mem (Water). Thus, the angle joining the lines of Osiris and Isis may be represented by the alchemical aphorism: "Our Sun and our Moon are conjoined in our Water." Paracelsus tells us: "The element water is the mother, seed, and the root of all minerals." In another place he writes: "The son of Hamuel says that the Stone of the philosophers is water coagulated, named in Sol and Luna. From this it is clearer than the sun that the matter of the Stone is nothing else but Sol and Luna."

This brings us back to Maat, the L, or 90° angle. 90, it should be known is the value of Tzaddi, which is also the 17th Hebrew letter. It is attributed to The Star card, and symbolizes Sirius the star-system nearest to ours. 90 is also the value of Πι, 'Pi', which itself is the 17th letter of the Greek alphabet. All of these concepts have to do with the formulas of 'this', or 'a' dimension, as well as those beyond (in this case Sirius.)

It should be noted here that 90 + 17 is 107, and the three formulas of the Father, Mother and Son in the Pythagorean Triangle also enumerate to 107 = AB (Father, 3) + AIMA (Mother, 52) + BN (Son, 52).
Thus, yet again, 'It's all in the Egg'! Maat is thus the measurer, the Matrix or womb from which the Egg comes.

Another point relevant to this writing is The 8-fold Seal of Immortality. In the Ordo Aurum Solis, the 8 pointed star is used as the basis of their magick known as the 'Ogdoadic Tradition'. It is related to the Signet of Melchizedek, whose name means MLKI 'King', of TzEDEQ 'Righteousness, or Justice' - 'King of Righteousness'. The Hebrew form מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶֿק equals 294 (the number of my name in Jewish Gematria). Melchizedek and Metatron have been associated with one another quite often, and they are indeed quite similar in a few respects. Something to note here is that 8, which is a symbol of the infinity, also forms the Chaos Star, also known as the Star of the Magi, and the Star of Ilu. The 8 directions, surrounding the 9th point in the middle reflect inward ('self reflection') and thus 8 + 9 = 17, the number mentioned about. This 'implodes' and becomes 107, when it is realized that the 17 (points in the swastika, spheres in the 3D Metatron's Cube, and Tzaddi/The Star card) are unified (Γιογκα, =107 'yoga', 'union'.) The connection between the 8 and the 0 has already been elucidated in this blog, but it should be noted that the 'yoke', or 'center' of the Egg is the Μηδεν, 'Zero' point (-lessness). The Egg and the Metatron's Cube are one and the same as well, therefore it's appearance in physical form on April 2nd of 2011 was a manifestation of the Gnosis of Maat/Metatron/Melchizedek which led to my discovering of the keys presented here. The Egg is the Bornless One, Harpocrates, which in Greek as 888 is equal to ΜΕΤΑΚΥΒΟΝ, the 'Meta' Cube, or Metatron's Cube - also of course, aligning with Ιηςους, Jesus. 888 is also MANIFESTATION, the 13 letter word that contains the secret cipher of MA-ION. Thus, we see that these codes are in order and succinct in their interrelation numerically and conceptually. (I will be providing the links to the calculated formula for each example soon.)

There is much Gnosis that can be gained from further research into these subjects and codes. This work may be ongoing as a sort of rough-draft version of a book I am working on to collate all the information in this blog, along with other things I haven't been able to include. Relevant links are located below: