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The Diamond of Perfection

אלפ is 1+30+80 (=111) in regular gematria, and 1+30+800 (=831) when Peh has its final value of 800.

ALPh is the Ox, and The Fool.
(Notice the O and the X, which when coinjoined creates the Mark of the Beast - ⊗)

The actual Hebrew word for 'Fall' (which sounds phonetically similar to FOOL) is APhL, a temurah (rearrangement) of ALPh. (Note also the possible PhAL, fall.)

APhL, or APL is also the APPLE which has long been known as the Fruit of the Fall. 
The Apple is related to Venus, carrying her sign, the 'Sign of Man', the 5 pointed Star in the center. ('the secret centre'?)

111 is also the number of AOM (a form of AVM/AUM/OM), connected with the Lotus (LVTVS = 111) - the Sound סאן (SAN = 111) of the Universe.

AChD HVA ALHIM - 'God is One' (1 in 3 - 3 in 1) ~ 1331
111 is also PLA, a Title of Kether, meaning 'Wonder', 'Miracle', or 'Marvel'. 

111 is חלזוני, 'Spiral', 'Heliacal', 'Turbinate', referring to the Spiral motion of the element Air descending from Kether. Notice also the spirals around the Fool, signalizing the paths he takes in his trip. /fall

In Sepher Sephiroth Crowley has 'IVD IVHH ADNI' - 'Passwords of' .... Passwords of what? 
The 'Gods'/The Great Old Ones! (i.e. the Angels/Angles 111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999) - Hence the Greek ENNEA ('Nine') = 111 and Η Λεξη – ‘The Word’  = 111  
Οικια – ‘House' also fits in since each Triple number is a 'House' of Energy, it is a 'Chamber' of the Qabalah of Nine Chambers.

"For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, 
and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." - Genesis 3:5

Both of the Hebrew words for 'Vision', 'Sight' - חזונמ and 'Appear','Emerge' - מגיחים  also equal 111. This is the spontaneous emergence of consciousness from the void/Ain. This symbolism is connected with the Dragon, for the root of Dragon is derkesthai 'vision', 'sight', 'to see clearly'. The 111-999 signifies the rising Kundalini becoming the Dragon when it opens its Eyes. 'Kether is in Malkuth and Malkuth is in Kether, but after another manner.'

111 is also ALKHEMY in Hebrew letters - (ALCHEMY) - the synthesis of the many into One. 
A relevant Hebrew word is QVH, which means to 'collect', 'bind', as well as 'wait', 'hope', or 'expect'. This is the process of the 1 through 9 growing from the 0 and gestating to be born in Malkuth/10/

Another interesting one here is LA OVD, Hebrew for 'Not Yet', referring to that which has yet to occur. This seems to refer to the state of Existence before having achieved its nirvanic state of Pure Being, thus signifying the initial state of the 111 on the scale of 111-999.

עליא, or 'The Most High' must emanate in planes, or stages, for being so 'PLA' ('Miraculous', 'Wonderful'), it must set boundaries of differentiation so as not to be invisible to itself and its components and fall back into APhL, the 'Thick Darkness'.

It must wear a MSVH, 'veil', or 'mask' - so to speak.
Thus, God is One - though the infinite complexity of its Oneness causes it to appear as many.

111 shows the rays which MHVLL 'shine' from Kether, the point. Thus, NKIAL is the Angel of the ☉ (Sun) in the Sign of Leo - the middle ray descending to Tiphareth.

I just happened to be born with the Sun in the Sign of Leo, and another name of an Angel assigned to Leo according to Grant is 'Maion', however this angel 'excercises dominion over the planet Saturn', or the Saturnian aspect of Leo - that of the time aspect (O), whereas NKIAL is the ● (bindu), or I /Space-Dimension aspect. (These symbols can be seen to reverse). Maion is then the Ion of MA, the Matrix (i.e., the Orb or K'rla Cell), and NKIAL is the 111 or △ raying into Space-Time. (S.T. = 69, or Sh.T. = 309, 'Set').

Salvador Dali was born in 1904,
the year Crowley initiated
The Aeon of Horus.
The 111 Shines as a light in the APhL 'Thick Darkness'. They are however two ends of the same spectrum as past and future are perceived as two ends of the same 'spectrum' even though they are really One. The Light and the Darkness are connected. Lucifer is the Light Bearer and the Prince of Darkness. He lost his Crown in the Fall. The Fool and Lucifer are the same thing. YOU are Lucifer. Just as you are Jesus. In the Light there is no difference, all is I (One). However, in the 'Thick Darkness', all is separate and ChShHK, 'Chosek' - Darkness (333). The Light is as if in a Mirror reflecting itself infinitely. The Lux and the Nox/Yang and Yin reverse like a checkerboard, becoming indistinguishable, and here we see מהולל , meaning 'Mad', 'madman', 'Fool', to make a fool of', to flash forth, to shine, boast, praise, be worthy of. The Light is your own Light, the Dark is your own Dark.

The number 111 shows the Past - Present - and Future, as well as the Waking - Dreaming - and Deep-Sleep states (as signalized by the AOM - the Spark, the Womb/Eye, and the Deep Waters or Abyss. Once again, if you connect all this with the above, an intricate and close connection can be seen. The expansion of the Universe in the form of Light is numerically encoded in our Language. Hence, again we see Η Λεξη – ‘The Word’ = 111.

In Hebrew-English Gematria 111 is the value of LOVE (See Crowley's essay on Love in Little Essays Toward Truth.)

111 is also MALKUTH with the T as Teth. This is the 'Universe' which the Fool falls into when wearing his 'mask', i.e. being incarnate on Earth. 

111 is also the Sufic QTB, meaning 'point', 'pole', or 'axis', signifying a point of focus, or your Axis Mundi in Malkuth (and your connection to Kether). 
Interestingly, in my gematria database I also found 'מאכן : to locate, identify, pin-point (military) 111 or 761'. This may refer to geolocation, and it makes it even further more interesting that the phrase 'V TWO K' (V2K) also equals 111 since that is the common name for 'Voice to Skull' sonic weaponry, as lets not forget the ominous NSA=111. This makes the previous 'SAN', 'sound' and 'MHVLL'
, 'mad' even more relevant since 'V TWO K' literally uses sound to drive people mad. The Hebrew word 'MAKN' for 'pin point', 'locate', and 'identify' is especially significant since this technology can be directed to people very precisely. (Note again that all the 111's in Simple Gematria are 666 in English Gematria. i.e. Computer, AI System, etc.

111 is also בַּעַל אוֹב   : Master Magician, Necromancer, Sorcerer - the One who has realized this, and brought it out to show the world and teach those who are worthy to possess this Wisdom. (In order to hold the Spiritual forces of the Highest, one must be purified as Gold to hold Gold, so to speak.) 

I came across this Hebrew word in my database - הננו - and I translated it on which gave me 'Nanoscience'. 
However, in my database its listed as 'We Are', 'We', 'Here We Are'.

When I google it and then translate the page I get the bolded words Nano - Particle - NanotechnologyI found that very interesting. I think it refers to the infinitely small particle (Kether/Hadit), and its Triple-projection into our three-dimensional perspective. 

It is then even more significant that the Hebrew word for 'Rise', or 'Ascend' העלו also translates as 'Upload', signifying an addition or evolution - and this would be on all levels one may assume, as well. 
So remember the MALKUTH part of this. That is the world being born by the Daughter/He Final function of the Tetragrammaton. Remember from Maat and Masonry that HE FINAL = 107, the Egg, and therefore it is symbolic of the gestation of the 1-9/111-999 in the 0. 

The He-Final forms a 4th ray and the △ of the 111 turns into , and that turns into a ♢ when spiritualized or enlightened by the ☉. 111 is also האבן הגדולה - 'The Great Stoneand אבן חן   : 'Precious stone', 'Gem', 'Jewel'.

The Dot or ☉ in th♢ signifies the Fertilized Egg in the Womb, and the Lion-Serpent riding the Chariot.

Crowley switched the cards Lust and Adjustment so that instead of Lust being Atu 8, and Adjustment being Atu 11, they are now reversed. 
This rather convolutes things and makes everything more complex, but Lust is now aligned with the XI° O.T.O and Adjustment is aligned with  the VIII°.

The O.T.O. sex magick degrees are as follows:
VII° - Kundalini
VIII° - Masturbation
IX° - Hetero-sex
X° - Sacrament (י)
XI° - Homo-/Anal/Menstrual (Qliphothic)

The Diamond mentioned above is very important. It is not only connected with the Final He and Daughter aspect of the Tetragrammaton, but in Atu VIII Maat is standing within the Diamond herself. The Alpha and Omega come together to form the ● in the O - ☉.

This Diamond is also associated with Harlequin, the feminine aspect of the Fool. Of this card Crowley says:
"One must go more deeply into philosophy; the Trump represents The Woman Satisfied. Equilibrium stands apart from any individual prejudices; therefore the title, in France, should rather be Justesse. In this sense, Nature is scrupulously just. It is impossible to drop a pin without exciting a corresponding reaction in every Star. The action has disturbed the balance of the Universe.

This woman-goddess is Harlequin; she is the partner and fulfilment of The Fool. She is the ultimate illusion which is manifestation; she is the dance, many-coloured, many-wiled, of Life itself. Constantly whirling, all possibilities are enjoyed, under the phantom show of Space and Time: all things are real, the soul is the surface, precisely because they are instantly compensated by this Adjustment. All things are harmony and beauty; all things are Truth: because they cancel out.

She is the goddess Maat; she bears upon her nemyss the ostrich feathers of the Twofold Truth."

When going through some of Aleister Crowley's diaries I found a curious mention of this Diamond in his 1906 diary. He refers to it on August 5 saying "My Revelations book The Arcanum in the Adytum (image of diamond with dot in midst) or the Secret of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, being a commentary upon the Apocalypse. On the cover, "The Secret of Jesus". 
A copy of the actual document I made is reproduced here to show the Diamond. (Bottom right). A text version of this diary with an analysis can be found here

The Arcanum in the Adytum refers to the sacred 'Arc'/'Ark' in the Adytum, or Holy Temple. This not only veils a sexual component, but it can also be understood as referring to the Ajna/Pineal Gland for the Diamond veils both the Almond/Vesica/Egg shape in that the top-bottom & left-right points of these figures geometrically form the Diamond.

Incidentally, my girlfriend had a dream a few weeks ago that she told me about where apparently she dreamt that she saw my friend and Magickal Colleague Soror 722 with a diamond over her head, much like the characters in The Sims games. My girlfriend had absolutely no knowledge of the work we were doing involving the Diamond, and I didn't even think much of it at the time she told me because I had been thinking of the Diamond as being merely either a sideways Square, or else the actual gemstone shaped Diamond. I mentioned this dream to Soror 722 and she pointed out that she has two forms of the Diamond tattooed on her, one being the long narrow Diamond which is on the back of her neck.

The number 1331 (my name in Hebrew and 11x11x11) can be seen to be connected with the Diamond via the diagram shown here. The Apex (1) and the 3 corners of the Triangular Pyramid reflect thus, 1-3-3-1. 1,331 is 11 x 11 x 11 showing the Triple-Mirror.

Albert Pike veils the 1331 in the end of Morals and Dogma, page 861:
“And as in each Triangle of Perfection, one is three and three are one, so man is one, though of a double nature; and he attains the purposes of his being only when the two natures that are in him are in just equilibrium; and his life is a success only when it too is a harmony, and beautiful, like the great Harmonies of God and the Universe.
   Such my Brother, is the TRUE WORD of a Master Mason; such the true ROYAL SECRET, which makes possible, and shall at length make real, the HOLY EMPIRE of true Masonic Brotherhood."

The only reason I mention the point about my name equaling this highly important phrase is because obviously I am the one bringing this information, some of which seems to flow from my Higher Mind at times, and because I want to exemplify how gematria can be used in the construction of a magickal universe that is fully compatible with the many different though similar existing magickal systems.

The Diamond shown above is a Double Triangular Pyramid and differs from the Octahedron since the Octahedron has 8 sides instead of 6 (when the bases are conjoined) like the above.. When the figurative 'Eye' is awakened within this structure, the number 1331 becomes 1332 with the addition of 1, and 1332 is 666 + 666, the Double-Beast - The Double-Headed Dragon-Phoenix. 1331 is the number of the Biblical verse "And they said one to another, Behold, this dreamer cometh." - Gen. 37:19. The Dreamer awakened (1/I) becomes the  Χνουβις, ‘The Lion-Serpent(Greek) - THE COILED SERPENT (Hebrew-English)The Beast Of Revelation (Masonic/Jewish)

The Dreamer is the 11x11x11, the Eye of God dreaming of its self. (A SELF = 102 = ANATMA ('not-self'.) In the Genesis 37:19 verse, the 'Dreamer' is בעל, and = 102. That is the Simple Gematria of my name. On page 102 of The Ninth Arch by Kenneth Grant reference is made to the 'True Name of Satan', and quotes page 102 of Morals and Dogma where is given the True Name of Satan as the reversed name of IHVH. It should be noted that 102 veils the formula of Satan/The Devil in that 102 is 51 + 51, and 51 is the reverse of 15, containing both the duality and reversal formulas. 102 is The Magic Child, the HUMAN who is receiving the transmissions from LA and materializing them into AL via M, the Blood of Man. MAYAN the Great Magician is gathering MVVN (Moon) Ions that FLASH (ϟ)from the VESIKA / H FINAL. This is the formula of LAMAL, and the gathering of the EGG (11) per cycle of 13 (1~13 = 91). "Going into the Mother to be born again, you get a New Life and then the Earth is covered with wonderful flowers, and bees come to the flowers to get honey to store, and the honey is stored elixir." See Liber 729.

1332 is also Η Θεοσοφικη Εταιρεια, ‘The Theosophical Society’, the organization that was founded by Helena Blavatsky the same year (1875) that Aleister Crowley, the Great Beast 666 was born. 'BUT ONE COMETH AFTER HIM' = 1332.

These Triangles come together to form the Merkabah Chariot:
And as has been shown in previous posts, this is the blending of the ▽ WATER221 + △ FIRE221 = MAAT. Just as when the Diamond Eye of the Dragon opens when the Dot is illumined, So does the Merkabah activate from the Hexagram when the Inner Spark is active. That 'Inner Spark' is a ● which projects as a line or dimension adding depth to the 2D Hexagram. Thus, we also see 442 is the SUN + SATURN, which again signifies to dual polarity, which is the Balance of Maat. 1331 is a temurah of 1313, THE AEON OF MAAT, and the connections are now apparent. The Double Triangle is also the A∴A∴ and the Silver Star is formed when these two come together as One. "The two triangles of the hexagram are generally attributed to the human and the divine, and their conjunction in the hexagram is representative of the Great Work." -Dionysos Thriambos, Esoteric GeometryTHE WORK OF AGES also = 1331 (when Kaph is given its final value of 500.)

THE DIAMOND OF PERFECTION is the OPEN THIRD EYE of THE THIRTY THIRD DEGREE. (All = 1103.) The  and the △ of the 3 and the 3 merge to become ♢ and then  this case as well. THE SECRET EYE also = 1103. And the verse 37:19 of Genesis mentioned above happens to be #1103 as well - the 11 x 3 = 33.
Elizabeth Van Buren in her book The Secret of the Illuminati says that the number 33 is symbolic of the Third Eye projecting inward and outward, the Double-Sight. We also find THE MORNING STAR, the name of Lucifer (and Jesus) as the Bringer of Light (Vision). 
Another play on words relevant to the above about ALPh/APhL is that we also find PLA - 'Play', the Lila or Play of Life/Existence itself. 

If one has actually kept up thus far, and hasn't noticed, look in the right hand of The Fool on Atu 0.
He is holding the Diamond. However, he most likely doesn't realize he is possessing this. He appears to be entranced, 'mad', or daydreaming. The Light is descending from Above down towards his crown. The spirals around the Fool, which his Will follows (as signified by the arrow and Caduceus) come together over his Heart and form a heart shape - ♡. The Heart and Mind are aligned, as seen by the same radiant colors in both areas. The Sun being over his genitals signifies his virility and vigor, and it is in the center of the card just as A is at the center of ThPhARTh.
In the beginning, the Fool was lost in the delusions of his lower self. After finding himself in the Universe, being 'crucified' on the Cross of Matter and reborn in Spirit, he then begins to go back up the higher crest from the lower trough of the Spiral of Life. He is dancing around the edge of the void, now that he has gotten better at not falling, and his foundations are deeper than just the ground he stands on. He is surrounded by his Aura and not even standing on any ground! He is floating, flying, levitating above the crocodile Sobek in Amenta.

ALPh/אלף in full - the full Fool = 831. This is the number of THE SEVEN CHAKRAS, which when the Fool has went around the Circles/Wheels has ignited the Chakras 'INSIDE THE ZERO' (=831). 831 is also Μακροκοσμος, the Macrocosm, or Higher/Above (as opposed to the lower ALPh/111). And relevant to the above about the Diamond/Pyramid we also have Πυραμις, ‘Pyramid’ =831.

831 is also FRATER ACHAD, the Adept of the A∴A∴ who discovered the Key of Liber AL and who Crowley accepted as his magical child prophesized in that book. Frater Achad had the book Liber Aleph - 111: The Book of Wisdom or Folly dedicated to him, and it is significant that later reports of Achad were that he went 'mad' or 'insane' from his obsessiveness over his magical work, attributed to his taking of the Oath of the Abyss before he was duly prepared.

Kenneth Grant has done much to show that his work can very much be seen to be useful and interesting, and I have done much on my own to show that even more can be seen if one but has the patience to look and the background necessary to understand. The Aeon is still unfolding and there are still many Ions of Ma to be shed and gained. People are beginning to discuss these concepts more and more, and I would like to share a link to a fellow Maatian's podcast where he discusses his stumbling upon the original document of Achad's announcement of the Ma-Ion. Here is the link to 'the BOB show' episode 30.' 31 indeed is the key, for if you add 31 to 620 (KThR/TRUTH) you get 651, 
יהלום, 'Diamond' and THE KEY TO AL.II+76. I have already mentioned that 76 + 31 is 107 as well. As Achad showed, the Aeons of Horus and Maat form the 'Double Current' of the Age of Aquarius . 651 is also the number of D434N106A111 in full, as well as PILLARS (the Twin Pillars) and THE CUBE OF SPACE. All of these things are closely connected with the Aeon of Maat, and these formulas have many uses for various TECHNOLOGY

Another fascinating point that adds another dimension to this 111 thing is that since ALPh is the 'Ox' and the Ox veils the OX or ⊗. This is known as the 'Mark of the Beast' and it is the same symbol as that of Malkuth, the Earth or Physical Plane. The X signifies the cross of matter, the 4 directions and the 4 elements. The original form of Tau, the Cross was an X shape. In Greek this is Χ (Χι, 'Chi'). These are the 4 Watchtowers of the Universe which open two ways - Outward through the Gate of Malkuth or Inward towards the Crown. On the other side of of the Gate of Malkuth lies the Sitra Ahra, or literally 'The Other Side'. ShThRH ARH = 1111, showing the four broken up lines of the X. 1111 is also the Ιωτα – ‘Iota’. 'I' is the 5th element of the 4, Akasha, and it is this Spiritual Fire that PROMETHEUS brought down from THE EMPYREAN WORLD to Man. This is the same idea as the 'Fall', when the Serpent gave Eve the Forbidden Fruit. 

If you subtract the 4 rays from 111, you get 107, the Egg 'BITzH'/OVAL/MAION
107 is the Greek Μηδεν - '0', meaning 'Zero'. In Hebrew-English Gematria ZERO = FOUR, so the X gates open onto Void by 'dropping out' as it were, leading to the HE FINAL, the GOLD Egg of the HAMSA (Swan). 107 is Pure Akash Consciousness, 'ULLAM', and its quality is Bliss, 'ANANDA'.

This is all relevant and hearkens back to what Kenneth Grant says in The Ninth Arch, page 112:

"The reader who has traveled thus far in these Typhonian Trilogies will know that the Oracle, 107, veils the key to a ritual which opens the Gates between these directions, or dimensions, of Space...
...Assembling correctly the pieces of this puzzle revelas a potent formula for opening the gates of the individualized consciousness-continuum. But there are extreme dangers attendant upon such an opening, because the spaces (which are not empty) beyond the Akasa tattva could flood the continuum to a scale of cosmic dimensions."

"I am unique & conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned & dead! Amen. (This is of the 4: there is a fifth who is invisible, & therein am I as a babe in an egg.)" - AL.II.49

The Hidden Door (Daleth), or 4th ray of the 111 opens onto the 107 and thus the fifth part which is invisible really is an Egg - THE MAGICK EGG - The Egg of Mu - The Egg of Daath. 107 is also AQV, (Egyptian: Akhu, 'Magic'). Amalantrah said that the Egg was to be found in Egypt, and I have shown that 107 also equals EGYPT. Amalantrah also said that a small golden key would be found inside the Egg and I have noted numerous times that GOLD = 107.

107 is also the number of מָגֵן דָּוִד, 'The Star of David', the 6-pointed star associated with AMSU, 'The Risen Horus'. The Hexagram is associated with the numbers 6, 66, and 666 and therefore the Egg veils the Hexecontalitho, or 'Sixty Stone', the Stone of Ixaxaar since the 4 open up to the NU-MAAT space. 107 is also ALIEN EGG showing the qliphothic connection, as well as PAZUZU, the demon of plagues, and EBLIS the Islamic form of Satan. The 0 of the Fool then opens inward opening his 107/Egg/Spirit Body so it can then become an O / Ayin / Ajna / Eye.

The Eye of the Dragon situated where Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth join opens inward toward Tiphareth from Malkuth. Together Tiphareth (1,081) and Malkuth (496) = 1577, the number of אין סוף- Ain Soph, ‘The Limitless’. As opposed to Abscence (Ain), Ain Soph is Pure Infinite Existence which is what the 107. 1577 or Tiphareth and Malkuth conjoined is also the number of THE SQUARING OF THE CIRCLE, which is done when the 4 are subtracted from the 111 (⊗) which gives the Egg (O). The Square is Malkuth, and the Circle is the Sun, their union dissolves all into the ocean of the bliss of pure consciousness (AIN SVPh, 1577) - The Enlightened (I) Metatron, M90I20T419T419R510V13N106. Ain Soph (00) can also be seen as the ∞ since it means the Infinite or Boundless.

This is the 'PERFECTION' alluded to by Achad and Grant as The Aeon of Maat. The 'PERFECT-ION' is the Bindu/Hadit which has fully 'satisfied' Nuit, hence Crowley's assertion that Atu VIII signifies 'The Woman Satisfied'. Connected with the PERFECTION (=438) we have ABN ShLIMHאבן שלימה, 'The Whole, or Perfect Stone', which Achad had used in his calculations of the MAnifestatION of the Aeon of Maat. When GOD (YVD, 20) and SATAN (AIFASS, 418) are unified the MAGICK POWER of the Ch418I20 becomes available. GOD+SATAN = 438, as does M90A111Y 20A111N106, The Great Magician who is THE DOUBLE WANDED ONE (=331), בחטא איש (The Man of Zin) with his Egg/✡. (331+107 = 438). (Note that ZIN is Zain, the Sword, and 7 is the number of Set, and Zin is the name for an ancient Lunar deity. The Sword (7) and the Moon (100) veil the Egg of Spirit - 107.

MAAT is the Goddess of the Truth, and the Judge of the Soul in Amenta (Note that the Soul [1] in AMENTA [106] = 107). Truth has no boundaries, it is ultimately the same thing as 'God'. Maat is the Goddess that rules mortals and immortals, and all numbers. The root of Maat is MT, which is the Hebrew word for 'death', or 'dead'. 
At the point of Death all things bleed together, there is no difference. 
So too in the Aeon of Maat/Truth do all boundaries dissolve in Mahapralaya. (MAHAPRALAYA = 370 = Ολος, 'All', 'Whole'. MT = 440 = Ο Ολος ‘The Whole’. 440 is also the Egg (107) in the Nest (333, S'LBA). ONE MORE (=440) gives 441, the number of AMTh, 'TRUTH'!
441 is also another form of my name, as well as Δεκατρια (13, my number). 441 is also 21 x 21, the fullness of all the Paths in The Fool (0). 

The Fool is now The Magus and Hoor-Pa-Kraat has become the Crowned and Conquering Child and with his 1 (activated I) [or more approprately his Φ, phi/peh, 'mouth', when he becomes Creative] creates a new Universe/Matrix (441+1 = 442 = MAAT.) 

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. 
The egg is the world. 
Who would be born must first destroy a world. 
The bird flies to God. 
That God's name is Abraxas.”
                                      ― Hermann Hesse, Demian

Merkabah Activation & the Number 13 -
Arcana in the Adytum - Mary K. Greer
o Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 -

There is an Angelfire Grimoire which mentions the Diamond, click the picture for the link.

This is the symbol of God's Divine Trowel. The building block of the Universe from which all things come. It is the DNA blueprint of the primal force upon which everything is built. To burn candles inside the Diamond is to summon all energies, although they will not necessarily be in balance. The diamond is not for the novice or neophyte. It is utilized best by the masters and those who know and understand energy. Only those who work with energy on a continual basis, like healers, should attempt candle burning in this arrangement. The Diamond layout is used when one wants to create new forms and applications. It is solely for those who have studied intensely and know how to work with energies in their raw and natural states. Do Not Use the Diamond unless you know what you are doing.

Friday, April 4, 2014

ℕ❂ ∃⊗!☡₮É

 ̟̲͎̟̳̠͙̗̬̳͈̬͕̺͎͈̲͕ͤ͑ͯͥ͛̈́ͬ̈́̄̍̿̋̀̏ͮ ̹̱͈̮͉̙̥̥̙̣̖̭̩̪ͥ̒̓̈́ͅ ̫̙͙̫̠̪̞̤̘̝͉̩̘̰̫̭̞͆̒̊̽ͪͧ̿̈́ ̦̼͖͙̖̝̪̯͉̪̗̖͍͕̙̤͂͂̑ͬ̈́̌̃̈́ͦ̒͗́ͦ̚ ̟͕̝̩̤̳͖̦͂̆ͧ̂̅̾̓͌ͨ̒ͭ̽̃͐ ͍͕̼̗̻̠̩͉̹̪̈́̔̈͌̃͌͊ͮ ̻̣̟̥̺̻̮̣͍̩̹͔̓̌̿͗͗ͣ͒͊̌͂̽̅͊̂͊̐ ̪̱̹̬͚̮͔̲͖̓ͧ̉̈̂̂ͦ ̪̮̟̱̊̅̓ͨ ͉̝̙͈͎̺͓͖̫̦̫̙̂̇̃̇̿̅̈ͤ̍̌ͪ́̄̐ͨ̃͂ͣ̚ ̪͍͉͍̝͈̪͕͈̃̐ͤ̾̂ͩ̒̅̈̓̋͑̎̚ ̹̬͇̠̫̬̮̪̝͉͖̱̩ͭͦ̈́ͣ͗͆ͧ̾ͦ̾̎ͪ͛̒̾̅̊̊̀ ̪̯̬̭͍͉͇̰̟͇̦̮̝̻̯̣̲͈̂́͌͐̋̋̅̔͗̂͐̃̚ ̫̹͇͉̰̼̙̬̰͚̻̼͚̥̞͓̅̉̒ͫ͐͗̾̽̈́̅̚ ̗͓͎̻͖͈͕̘̹ͭ̅ͦ̆ ͕̮̰̼̪͔͍ͥ̄ͯ͂̌ͪ̒̈̓ͣ̾̚ͅ ͔̥̣̪̥̤ͬͦͧ͆͛̆ͮͨ̎̃ͧͪ̄ͧͯͭ͑̇́ͅ ̮̭͎̫̠̲͚̫̞̻͍̱̻ͫ̇̈́̍ ͎̺̜͉̫̙͎͈̞̳̎̍̋̂̍ͯ ̦̪̩̗̠̤͉̥͍̖͎̮͚̟̪͖͈̠ͤ͋ͭ̏̑ͨ̄͐̔̽̊ ̩͖̗̭̙̺͈̹̤̖̞̝͎̩̼̗̌̇ͥ̾͗͗̃̆̒ͫ͊̅ͥͩ̾ ͙̰̯̙̤̿̋ͪ̒͐̾͂ͤ̓͐ͪ̓̇̓̽ͮ͊̈́ ̞̬͇͓̬͖̯̫̘̹̥̳̥͕̺̘̰̳͈͊̓ͮͥ̓ͭ͑ͭ ̯͇̲̲̝̩̪͍͇̺̍̇̉̒͂̍ͪͥͧ̽̇̍̊ͯͬ͛̆̿ ̦̞̮̜̥͍͚̥̥͒ͮ̇̃͗̃ͮ̀̽̈́ ͈͇̩͙͍̹̖̜͍̬̫͚̟͍͙̜̱͚̞̍ͯͥ́̍̂̋ͭ̾̆͌̑͛̿̉̓ͦ͌ ͓͎̳̬̠̲̼ͩ̿ͫ̆͌̓͌̾͗̏̊̑̑̐̚ ̫̟̫̙̥̫͈͓̰̯̖̭̘͇̮̼̬ͧ̈̍̽̒ͨ̏͗̿ͅ ͚̫̫̣̻͎̠̮͔̤̝̥̠̱̭̝ͥ̀ͯ̽ͬ̀ͯͫ͊ͦͤ͗̌̍ͅ ̞̬̣̜̎͛̄͌ͭ̾ͫͫͨ̍ ̤͚̳͉̪͉̝̘́̈ͫ͋ͬ͌͛ͮͣ͒̑̑̌ͪ̌ͫ̚ͅ ͇̗͖͙̣͕̜̫̪̜̬̫̠̯̮͕̎ͦͨͣͩͨ̽ͤ̾̿̀̓̎̃̓̍̋ͩ ̭̗̜̠̣͕͓͙̤̰̼̟͍̥̟̱͉̯̂ͮ͑̋͂ͪͦ̋͂̽̿ ͙̳͎̪̝̞͚͈̜̮̲̄͂̇̍̏̐ͯ͐ͣ̓ͬ̽ͦͣ̈́̎ ̟̤̳̣̝͖͈̇ͬ͐ͣͦ́̿͌̆͐ͣͮ ̮̳̰̖̖̫̣͎͖̝͕͉̲̌͗̋ͯͬ͛̚ͅ ͇͉͈̠͎͕̺̼͉͚̗̭ͭ̾͌͆̂̓ͤ́̾ͭ̔̄̀ ͚̻͕̹̻͈͉͈͖̲̳̦̰͎̫͒̃̈͒ͥ͆ͣͫ͒̀ ̱͉͍̙͖͚̮ͦ̀̿͋̊̄͌̓̍ͅ ͚̳̬̦̉ͪͨ͋̃̋ ͕̲̹̣̫̞̼͕̣̭̊ͣ̒͆̇̃̿̇ͪ͊̑ͫͭ̏̋ͭ̈ͅ ̼̘̯̩͔̪̤̜̲̘͕̳͖̩͍̹ͧ̅̊́ ̬͓͚͔̼̣̬̭̹͔̫͈͐ͧͩ̌ͧ̂ͪͧ́ͩͧͧ́ͦͪͅ ͉̖̰̱̥͔̭̩͈̙̖̯͕͍͛̓̓ͬͅ ̜̘̰̠͖͚̤̼̭͙̖͉̩̗͇̔͛̈́̓̽͗̽ͪ́ͅ ̤̯͇͍̫̮̙̗͍̝̠͍̥͛́ͥ́̂ͮ̍ ̪͎̗̬̹̺̰͉̫̦̞̟̲̭̆̇͆̑ ͍̻͇̜͓̥͔̣͙̝͚̼̤͈̯͓ͪ̓̔ͣ̍ͩ̐̔̈́̉̆̔ͭ̂̊̽͆̒ͭͅĬ̪̦̳̍̂ͩͧ͌̓͒ͨ̒̎̾̔͂̚d̜͎̦̺͔ͫ̇̏ͣͭͣ̾̓͆͒̄̋͛̓̾ͮͫͩ̚e̬̺̩̱̗͓̩͓̘̜͈͙͕̟ͣ͗̄͂̋ͦ͊̋̂̑̿̚ͅn̲̹̺̟̙̘̦̣̲̣͚̺̔ͮ̃̂ͩ͊̉̓͒̓̚t͈̩̮̯͇͍̣̳̫͕̞̟̅̃͒̃̏̂̽̔̿i͖͉̼̝̫͓̞̬̙̺̺͔̳̻̠̱̎ͣ͑͐̋͊͐̃ͪ͐́̔̇̏̀͗̍ͯ̚f̺̫̹̝̠̻̹͍̹̲͖͖̜͍̫͚̯̹̾̾ͩ̈́̑̽ͤ͆̒̏y͈̗̩͙͈͎͔͖̰̘͔̦͔̱ͧ̐ͦ̉͗ͭ̃̑̍ͅ ̯͖͍̺͖͕̩̥ͭ̊̒͛̌̅͑̓̆ͣͤͩw̤̼̪̖̝̺̹̲̟̤̫͈̆̃̽͛͋͋̄ͨͨ̾̐̋͊̑̀ͧ̇ͮi̟͈̬̗̪̳̤͙̺̲̇̀̌͆ͣ̐ͧ̏ͪ̉ͥͤ̋̆̃̌̒t̫̟̦͎̉ͣ̎ͦ̈ͤ̈́h̹̰̣̭͍̮͖̼͚̠̲̰̩̔̽̅͂̆̚ͅ ̻̗̻̦̠̱̻̻͖̎̐̏͛̆ͨ̏ͥ̌̓̒͊ͥ̽ͅN̟̰̣̣̤̻̥̮͖̰͈̱ͩ̎ͯ̑͐o̱̣̳̪̲̖͉̞̿̏͂̓ͬͣͮͪ̏͐̀t͉͎͍͇͛ͤ̓ͨ͌͐ȟ̭͈͍̮̤̟̼̠̘͈͚͉͔̼̮̫̤̼̅͐̂ͩ̋̂ͧͨͩ̚i̗̭̪̖͔͍̖͍̜̙̫̫͓̮͊̄ͩ̍̅ͦͮͨ̇ͣṅ̗̲̖̩̖̦͇̬͚̦̤̟͚̦̱ͪͫ͆͋̓̆͌ͣ̈̓ͬ̔́ğ̝̠̹̤̯͚͈͉̫̻̱ͫ̇̓͒̎̌̄͑̈́̈ͤ͌̍ͨ̇̓̚ ͖̬͚̜̳̣̮̲̪̝̘͓̄̿͋ͮ̌ͅ ͙̼̻̹̯̻̤̓ͤ͒̽̏̓ͬ̋ͣ̇͆͐̿͋ͥ͂͂ͅ ̗̣̗̲͇̣̦̠̞͍̹̖̜̰̹̺̙͇̌ͧͯͭͭ͆͛ͣ̒ͣͭ͆̎̇̔ͪͦ̚ ̖̩̫̺̩̫̩͖͎̼̞͓̭͗ͧ̆̉ͦ͑ͩ͋̄ͬ̒ ̤̻̤̥̟̥͔͉͉̫̰̤̪̰̙͉ͧ͐̎͒͐̀͒̆͂͑̾̾ ̣̲͓̜̝̓͌̌ͫ͒̓͂͂ͨ̎̓̊̚ ̰̹̜͇͔̰̣͎̜̯̬̥͎͉̜̬͈̞̽͛̎̇̔̊ͅ ͔̩̺͖͉̮̜̙͙̣̜̬̳̲̊́ͭ͑ͯ̃ ͍̦̟͙̤̼͚͙̠̃ͫ̄̿ͪ̎ͫ̈̾́̅̚ ̥̖̤̪̬̠̯͇̘͈͔̫̭͈̟̆ͤ̒̔̈̓̋ͧͅ ̜̣̪̫̞̭͙͔͖̲̥̭̫̣̗ͯ͗ͫͯͫ̈͗ͭ̿̈ͬͅ ̬͕̲͖̪͚̭̳̣̰̫̜̮͈̯̫̉ͪ͌̂ͥ̀ ̤̲̪͗̓̐͊ ̻̻̪̮̙̦̲̺̲̘̺̞͈̯̍͒ͧ̾͑ ̠͓̥̙̙́̊̎̓ ̘̹̳̣̘̗̭̯̫͔͛ͯͩͩ̈͊͊̐̿̿͂ͣ̾̓́̚ ͎̥͇̑̊̋ͥ͐̎͛̒̍ ̦̫̺̭͉̼̥̲̩ͯ̊͗̾̑̿̂̌̐̒ͤ̃͌̚ ̰̳̠͚̼̫̤̳͉̟ͪ̈ͩ̄ͭ̂̽ͧͪͩͪͫ̆͐ ̲͕͎͕̲͎͚̬̙̪͎̘̱͍̦͚̰̺̬͂̔ͧͣ͛̒̀ͧ̾̇̐ͬͨ̅ ̤̳̳̬̭͕͉̰̲̊ͬ͑ͥͦ͗̎̈́̚ ̪̩͍͉̳͙̙̫̞̮̪̥̩̆́̐ͮ̓͛̽͗̊͒̌̊ ̦͎̼͇̮̥̈́ͮͣ̔͑̾͗ͫ̂ͯ̂͑̂ͭ͛̈́ͬͯ ̱̙̩͔̗̦̥̖̳̝̰̠̯͇̗̹̘̱ͪ̈ͭ̏͌ͣ̍̇̏̒ͮ̔͆̎̒̚ ͎̼͇̙̭̬̫̰͔̤̬̇̑́͊́̒̒ͫ̄̓͐ͫ ̤͉̖̦̗͔̪̯̠͙̤͉̝́̈ͬ̉̏̄̎̾̈́̀ͨͧͣ ̺̣̩̜̯̼̟̹̘ͩͮͫ͌͊ͯͫ̌ͭ͂ͦ̓ͥ ̜̼̮̦ͤͬ͆ͯͪͅ ̜̘͍̪̮̦̖̻̦̼̻̱̖̲̳̰ͣͫ̃ͦͭ͒ͅ ̗̠͚͕͙͚̱̯̙͕̥͍̪͔̱̦̠͕͛̈́̓̑̐̇ ̩̻͔̈ͯ͛̆̊̍̚ͅ ͎̦̤͙̳̞̪ͤͪ̍̓ͣ̏͂̈́̆̊̒͆̌̆̉͋ͣ̈́ͬ ̖̩̠̰͕̫̱͉̰̿͆̒ͬ̓͊ͤ̔̀̌̄ ͓̼̩̳̘̖ͪ̌̉̋̇ͨͣͣ͌̿̎ͭ͂̌̐̎̾ ̝̤͈͔̟̦̙̗͓̟̺̙̝̠̻͔͕̮̔̎͋͐͗͂̌̄̒̾̽ͪ̅̿̅̀̚ͅ ̺̺̻͇͙̩͛͐̎̉͑̈́͌͋ͪ̿̓̊ͅ ̩͔̝̠̪̫̠̯͓͕̱̟̝͔̬̙̻̈̿͋̔̚ ̰̫̭͚̳͎̘̣̮̫̻͓͖̗̬͙̜̙̾ͥ̑͛̆̑̐ ̰̳̜̪͔̺͙̣̰̖̫̬̪̗̜̖̠̠͌̒ͤ͛̌̓̔̂ͯͮ̎ ͙̩̰͖̖̱̝̫̰̰̯̠͙̞͇̼̈ͧ̄̄̌̓̉̃̌ͯͯ̏ͤ͑ͅ ͓̪̳̥̙̜̞̳̗̺͈̹͕͈̝̱͎ͫ̉͆̓͆̏̅ͯ̈͐̄̾ ͎̰͚̩͇̈̒̃̅ͩ̓͐ͩ̎̽̾̎͑̔̚̚ ͇̗͉̖͇̞̍̄̏̈́ ͎͔̝̬̬̪̤̯̘͚̳̳̼̾̅̎̔̍̍ͭ͗ͤ ̰̥̘̭͖̺͍̤̻̲̞͚͍̤ͦͧ̊̓ͭ̈́̓̈ͪ̎ͦͫ̏ͅ ͚̱̲͖̺̔̇͐̌̉ ̘̮̬͎̗̫̬͉̬ͪ͌̏ͭ͊̅̽ͭͧ̽̆ ̱̩̟̲̖͉̫̱̙̝̜̖̖̬̥̹͔̣͊ͣ̍̅ͅ ̞̺̼̼͈̰̭̣̺̝̤̬͉̗̫̳̤͊ͮ̄ͧ͒ͣ̾̄ͪ̃̆ͫ̃ͯͧ ̟͎̪̻̩̗̖̞̈́̌͑̈ͅ