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Tͣͯ̐̑ͮ̓̄̾̔̐̆͏̧̧́͟H̡͛̎ͪ̿̉ͯ̍̂͂ͬ̍͒̈̉̽͢͟E̢̒͌̅̎ͩ͒̀͝͝ ̽̂̃ͨ͂̍̉ͣ̿̏҉̷͢ O̴̧ͥ̏̓̑ͥ̋̚͘͝͝M̵̢ͦ͌̍̚E̡̢ͮ̌̊͗̑̚̚̕͟͡G͂̍̀̔ͮ̋͒ͭ̋͟͡͠Ȧ̽ͭ̓̀̆̽̂̔͂ͥͯ̚̚̕҉̵ ̸̔̽͊̐̾̃͋ͥ͡M̿ͯ̄̋͂̌ͮ͊̓̿̈́͋̎͏҉À̧̢̡̍̏̂̃͌ͨͮ͊͋͂͆N̢̧͊̑ͥ͂ͧ̅̇ͩ̔ͤ̀̚͢͝

The title of this post/essay comes from both the name of the movie The Omega Man (1971), as well as the phrase 'Omega Man', or 'Omega Male', as opposed to an 'Alpha Male'. The latter designation refers to one who, rather than seeking appreciation from peers, and being dominant in an overt sense, it refers to one who has his own standards, his own canvas, and his own idea of what it means to be strong and powerful, and since power originates in ones own being, this is the only real lasting power - exoteric power is temporal, and undirected, and often those who think they possess it are in fact the ones possessed by that power. 
It takes a reversion/inversion of the senses for the sensory apparatus' to be recognized, and only then can the senses received truly be distinguished from one's 'self', and the various levels between 'that' and 'self' sequentially apprehended. The Inner is known as the Way of the Mystic, and is to be balanced with the Outer Way, that of the Magician. 

The Omega Man = 102. 102 is the number of my name, and my magickal Neophyte name MAYAN, 'The Great Magician', as well as the palindrome of my initials, and the formula for the Cult of Lam - LAMAL. 102 is the ה FINAL, which is 5 less than the 'full' HÉ FINAL - 107. 107 is the Egg, and the difference of five denotes the 'fifth who is invisible', where 'therein am I as a babe in an egg'. 102 is also EGG (11) + MAN (91) - 'Eggman', denoting the Man with the Egg, and/or the Man with the Egg shaped head. LAMAL. The Egg and the Omega are connected since the Omega is the final letter in the Greek alphabet and symbolizes the completeness, or wholeness of perfection, as does the Egg. 

THE OMEGA MAN = 1270 when N is given its final value (700). Kenneth Grant mentions the number 1270 once in his trilogies in Beyond the Mauve Zone (pg. 22): 
The fusion of the Magical Currents of  Babalon (156) and of Vela (116) added to 999, produces 1271, ‘The Gnosis’ (Greek qabalah). This number is one more than the ‘Bridegroom’(Nymphior = 1270), identified in the Typhonian Gnosis as Kion (1270), the cynocephalus or dog-headed baboon, totem of the Dog Star Sirius, The Soul of Isis. Thus, a balanced manifestation of the Double Current as Pan-Sirius in fusion with the Nu-Isis-Maat complex.

1270 is also THE GREAT CIRCLE which corresponds not only with the Omega, ('Mega' means Great in Sanskrit), but also with the Greek ΚΥΚΛΩ, kuklo, meaning 'Circle'. Another correspondence with 1270 is Διανευω, ‘To Give a Sign/Communicate by means of a Sign’, and like Grant says, 1271 is The Gnosis, so adding a 1 () to the O once again gives the . This is significant to me because I had gotten the Trident of Witchcraft series of books by Mark Alan Smith, and the total enumeration of the book numbers were 986, 180, and 104. We also have for 1270 - THE MAGICK NUMBER (final K, 500), as well as THE TELLTALE MARK, THE CHILD OF THE BEAST, THE GREAT BOOK, and 'The Flower Of Life' - an important figure in Sacred Geometry that is composed of 20 circles. I have found that 'TWENTY CIRCLES' = 400, and 400 is 20 x 20. The 20th Tarot card is the Aeon (Judgment in the older decks), and signifies the cyclical nature of the Spirit through Time (and Space/Matter).

THE OMEGA MAN with N as its regular value of 50 gives the phrase the number 620. This, as any well studied Qabalist knows, is כתר, 'Kether', The Crown of the Tree of Life, the core and totality of all that is. It is also Τελειος, ‘Perfect/Complete’ and Μιτος, the 'Thread' or 'Seed' of Life. This thread is that which weaves together the fabric of our reality, and at its root is the Seed of 'THE LIGHT OF GOD' - 'TRUTH' - the Oneness of All, non-being (LA) and Existence (AL) becoming One. The riddle of Daath is that it guards the One, making itself the 'False Crown', and instead of being One it is really the void that causes the differences between things - hence its glyph - 11 - the separated currents, the double horns. Its association with the Hidden, or Black Light and the Shadow also shows that it is not the Absence of the Void, or the Supreme White Light of Kether the ALL, but is the shadow, the 'dweller on the threshold', the cast off reflexes of the Fire Snake/Kundalini (9). 620 is also THE MACHINE MAN, who is known as Kalki, the rider of the White Horse who ends the Kali Yuga.

The idea of the 'Omega' man implies the idea of a 'last' or 'final' man, which is relevant to us all, since we are, in essence, the last of our kind, each experience is fleeting and the last of its kind. On a more macrocosmic sense, the Omega Man can refer to the last one of their Bloodline, or Lineage. Given the current shift towards trans- and post-humanistic ideas, this may not be far out of the question for many individuals, and in a metaphysical sense, the last of one's kind could refer to the last person able to transmit a particular strain of wisdom, or traditions. In a more colorful sense, the Omega Man could be thought of as an Antichrist, which there are many. One who not necessarily perverts the Christ-force, but inverts it for purposes of gaining a personal communion with the Inner-Source-Power, instead of shedding it outwardly.

10, Malkuth is not only the lower region of the body (usually located at the base of the spine), but it is THE BODY (=496) itself - the physical manifestation of your spiritual being. Therefore, the 'Gate' of Malkuth outwards which leads to the Sitra Ahra would literally be the anus, where the 'qliphothic' material is excreted. However, the body excretes its wastes more than just through bowel movements. Our mouth also have many excretions, WORDS are an obvious example. The vagina and penis also excrete reproductive material, and herein is a key to Sex Magick. The orifices, as Grant mentions numerous times, are the Gateways, or Doors (ShORIM, 'The Doors' = 620) which lead to 'other' or 'outer' dimensions, dimensions beyond the Manas/Ego part of the Spirit/Mind/Body complex. Even the pores of our skin are 'gateways', and it I have noted that after ingesting TEONANACATL (=620, psilocybin) the body feels as if it were very spongy, and the doorways open and awareness of the subtle planes becomes much stronger.

THE OMEGA POINT = 748. There are some interesting correspondences, such as THE GALACTIC CORE, which be a black hole - a form of the Omega Point. Also, 748 = OUROBOROS, the Serpent swallowing its tail. 748 reduces to 1, and some more corresponding words are CALCULATE GEMATRIA, and REDUCTION, a fundamental practice of numerology.  748 reduces to 1, which is the Point. 

748 in Jewish Gematria gives The Zero, Astral Body, The Supreme Cipher (all of them used together), and 'The Reason for Gematria'. What I think the 'reason' for gematria is - is that it can be used as a tool to verify things, and to understand the resonance of a word, symbol, or idea. The numerical value of a word or phrase is like its 'data', or 'bits'. Again, note that 'data' is 'Da'at' (Daath), which is the DOTh, or 'Dot' - a 'bit'. Bit is BITh, or Beth, the second Hebrew letter meaning a 'House'. The House is obviously where things are 'stored', 'housing' - therefore clearly it is apparent that the reason for gematria is that it is to be used to decipher the 'bits' of 'data' (data-bytes) - not to get hung up on the codes themselves, but as a means to see how the energies flow and to explore structures of logoic thought.

THE OMEGA POINT can also be 1139, the number of THE INTERNET, which is something actually Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was said to be the first to have envisioned. 1139 is also THE NINTH ARCH, Kenneth Grants final book, and for Jewish Gematria we have 'The Electromagnetic Spectrum'. 

Related to the Omega Point is the Aeon of Maat, the Point of Full Manifestation. This can even be seen by the number 1139 being divided into 718 and 421. 421 is THE EGG, and It's All in the Egg in Jewish Gematria, and ABRAChADABRA - the reformulated Word of the Aeon. 718 is the number mentioned in AL.III.19:

That stélé they shall call the Abomination of Desolation; count well its name, & it shall be to you as 718.

718 is the number of Aossic Aiwass (OSSIQ, 300 + ΑΙFΑΣΣ, 418), as well as MAAT in Full (90 + 111 + 111 + 406). 718 is also ZAIN, the Sword, which Maat holds in the Adjustment card, as well as the symbol of the return of Christ/Maitreya, the resurrected Serpent force. The Egg and its connection with Aossic, Maat, and the Sword have been explored thus far, and it should then be significant to see that 11 x 39 (two high important numbers in Thelemic numerology) = 429, the number of IMMORTALITY, and the Greek magickal formula ΥΓΙΕΙΑ, which means 'Health'. 429 is also DEITY, and it is significant it is composed also of the highly important numbers 13 x 33, the two numbers most related to Deity and Immortality. 
Another interesting connection is that 429 also enumerates the word SPIRITS, since 13 is the number of the (re)Generative Cycle, and 33 is the full initiatory cycle of many Spiritual Orders. 

I have shown Gematria to be a very useful tool in analyzing words and formulas, and with that done I now want to analyze one of the more common phenomena in the occult/paranormal subject - and that is Orbs - also known as Ghost Lights, Spirit Orbs, or Light Balls. I am not referring to merely just the Orbs people find in their photos that is more than likely just dust, but the orbs that manifest in various places such as in peoples homes, around mountain ranges, over crops where crop circles are subsequently found, and the actual sightings of seemingly conscious, or self-directed plasma balls. I have had an experience with a blue orb that flew through my window at night and quickly flew out when I psychically drove it away from me having been surprised since I was trying to go to sleep at the time. 

These Orbs can range from being anything from disembodied spirits to shapeshifting entities of almost any kind. The only way to contact them is by being open to them and being calm, and if you have never seen them before you may react badly the first time you see them on your own. They generally exist beyond our three dimensional visible spectrum and can quickly go 'right around the corner' of dimensions, so to speak. I want to analyze the various values regarding Orbs and see what interesting connections there are.

ORB = 272 = המרכבה, 'The Merkabah'; מרכזה, 'Center/Core/Centrum'; כרבים, 'Cherubim'; CENTER, LUMINOUS, ALIENS UNVEILED, THE AEON OF MAAT (in its lowest form using Teth.)

THE ORB = 682, מעשה מרכבה, Ma’aseh Merkabah, ‘The Work of the Chariot’; OVUM, ORBITTHE AFTERLIFE; Ain (Nothing - O) - 61 + Ain Soph (Endless - OO) - 207 + Ain Soph Aur (Endless Light - OOO) - 414, BOOK M (Liber Mundi, the Book of Nature [or Maat]) - and Q186B412L74H10, Qabalah in full. The Orb is the ION/OIN/Ayin (O). The Triple O is explained by Dion Fortune in The Cosmic Doctrine as the Ring Chaos, the Ring Cosmos, and the Ring Pass Not. 'The Triple Stone of the One' mentioned in Liber OKBISh. The Work of the Chariot is the development of the Soul/Cell/Shell - the growing into fruition - and the reabsorption back into the Ain as the Enlightened Eye of the All - The All-Seeing Eye

THE ORBS = 742 = AOPATOΣ, ‘invisible’, and ΦAΣMA, ‘a spectre’, both of which refer to the regular perception of the Orbs before and after the Inner Eye is opened. Note that the Hebrew letter Ayin (O) used to be numbered 11 (see pg. 423 The Holy Kabbalah, Waite; and pg. 189 Outer Gateways, Grant.) so the Triple Ain/O/Egg is 11x11x11 - 1331.

The Letter M, which is 13, is the glyph of the Serpent-Holder. 

The 1 in the center of the 12 Zodiacs - the Axis of the Wheel - and, therefore, the ☉ symbol since the Sun goes through the 12 Houses. It refers really not to merely our Solar Sun, but the True Sun behind the Sun - Kether. 13/M/31 is the Key to Liber AL and 13 is the WEB of H.E.G (=13, Hebrew-English Gematria.) 13 is the number of Spheres in Metatron's Cube, and Metatron is the Archangel of Kether. ☉ is the symbol of the Illuminati, of which is said is upheld by 13 bloodlines - the 13th being the Merovingian.

People want to think that all things that mention, let alone claim title of 'Illuminati', are bad or in support of the current control structure - which is run largely by people who are the dimmest, and least illuminated of people, at least on the spiritual planes. The 'True' Illuminati, like the 'True' Rosicrucians, the 'True' Christians, the 'True' Mason, or 'True' Seeker of the Light are all a part of the very same Inner Order. We all ultimately want the same thing - TRUTH - and that is the essence of Theosophy. Theosophy (Theos - God) + (Sophia - Wisdom), means 'The Wisdom of God'. In The Secret of the Illuminati (1982), Elizabeth Van Buren refers to those that seek to veil the Mysteries and hold people back from attaining Wisdom are rather called the 'Obscuranti', and the Illuminati are the rightful holders of the Flame, while the Obscuranti seek to snuff it out.

ZION - Z-ION = 137 = QLBH, 'Qabalah', and QZL, 'Quetzal', 'Quetzalcoatl' (the Phoenix).
The Z-ION shows the Z, 'Zain', which means 'Sword', and ION, the Eye or Orb. 7 extended is 777 - the Flaming Sword - the Life Force, Spirit, or Prana that descends down the Sushumna. 777 is also related to the Antakarana, which shows the wheel of three 7's - the 'flaming/fire/△' Sword. 777 + 334 - the number of ANTAKARANA = 1111. 1111 is PROMETHEUS, the Greek form of Lucifer, the 'bringer' of Light. The 'Fall' of Lucifer into matter/hell symbolizes the crystallization of spirit (energy) into matter, and science tells us that everything is ultimately composed of various densities/frequencies/quantities of energy/light. The Sword descends from the 'Zero Point' to Malkuth and this is the myth of the Sword in the Stone. Only those who can see that the Sword is Light can remove it from the Stone and wield it with the strength to handle its power.

What's more significant is that the original Hebrew form of Zion is actually spelled with a Tzaddi instead of a Zain. Tzaddi is Atu 17, and Zain is Path 17, so there is a connection there. TzION = 870, which is significant since it is the number of THE LIGHT SPECTRUM, THE KUNDALINE FORCE, and KThNTh, 'a Coat of Many Colors' - which refers to the Rainbow, and all of these connect to the 7 rays/chakras - which is a Sword of Light that spirals out through the emanations of the Spheres/Chakras/Wheels of Light/Kalas. 870 is also ThOTh, the Messenger and Scribe of the Egyptian pantheon, and if you add 777 (The Flaming Sword), with 93 (the Sum of the Tarot Atus following the Sword) you get 870.

The Superstition Mountains, at 33°N 111°W, overlooking the area where I was born.
THE BALLS OF LIGHT = 666, as does THE ORBS+THE MOUNTAINS. These are pretty consistent, and since 666 is the 'spirit of the Sun' SVRTh, the ball/orb quality is seen to be relevant as well. There have been countless reports of Orbs coming out of and going into mountains, most notably in the eastern region of the U.S., though their are legends of them that are very old. They are known in European folklore as 'Will-O-the-Wisp', or 'Foolish Fire', and it is ironic that these phrases actually equal the same number themselves: 'WILL-O-THE-WISP' = 712 = 'FOOLISH FIRE'. 712 is the number of Αγγελους, 'Angel', Οπτασιαν, 'Vision', and Αρματος, 'Chariot'. Grant says "...712, or 666+46, which combines the currents of the Aeons of Horus and of Maat. It is therefore a Double Current." (pg. 190 of Hecate's Fountain.) The Orbs, as well as LAM (the root mantra which connects the root with the Crown), like Grant says elsewhere, will link the two Aeons as the Ma-Ion unfolds.

One of the more astonishing numerical verifications I have found is that 'GHOST LIGHT' (another name for them here in the U.S.) = 444, the number of the Doorway par excellence, and the Hebreרוח כדור, meaning Spirit Orb!!! This is also the number of 'THE VISITORS', and 'FLYING SAUCERS', which shows that the idea is the same here. I am not saying I think that the Orbs are 'flying saucers', though perhaps it is just the opposite - what we used to think of as 'flying saucers' are really Spirit Orbs, at least in the legitimate cases as opposed to military aircraft which is also nearing 'UFO'-like appearance. The fact that 'The Mountains' combine with 'The Orbs' to equal the same number as 'The Balls of Light' just reminds us that these things seem to come from the 'Gate' of Malkuth - which is Inner Earth. It is then even more significant that the value of these phrases - 666 - is also the value of 'UNDERGROUND BASE'. The Balls of Light are RADIANT and composed of STRALLILIUM ("The Strallilium are the radials of Metatronic Light which are designed to penetrate the subsuvial membrane of an ensouled being and infuse the corporeal body of that soul's matter expression with the codes of divine kinship (and thus service) beyond the tapestry of karmic revolutions.")/Plasma.

The truth is, the Orbs are everywhere, not just in the mountains. The mountains are just the real spiritual skyscrapers of the Earth, and in them lie great force, power, and wisdom. Wherever there is power, or force, there is life (and Wisdom) - and our Universe is all alive, full of infinite expressions of divinity, and clearly shows signs of some sort of Wisdom inherent in its structure. The Orbs or Spheres are just the most basic of forms, and therefore consciousness itself. If you live in a city, or on a flat part of land, I highly suggest you go to the nearest mountain range and just absorb the sheer power they impress on you. They can charge your 'battery' in a way like no other, and the positive energies they radiate will last with you for days. 
The Holy Mountain is the story of the ascent back towards the Source and the True Self, the Alchemical allegory of transmuting Lead/Earth into Gold, though its hidden treasure really lie deep down inside, in the churning magma within - though only those pure of heart may reach it. The Shining Ones and the Tibetan Ascended Masters are also said to reside in the mountains, and Grant mentions a quote many times that mentions the 'Thrones' (Merkabah) Underground:

"For there are Thrones underground
and Monarchs upon them
Reign over Space and Beyond
Invoke Them in Darkness, Outside
The Circles of Time
In Silence, in Sleep, in Conjurations
Of Chaos, the Deep will respond...
  -From The Qabalahs of Besqul

Perhaps when it is said "Invoke them in Darkness, Outside" and then skips and says "The Circles of Time" - a veil is being hinted at, and if you pull it back you see that we are to Invoke them (The Circles of Time) in the Darkness - outside (in nature, and in the astral), and in Silence, Sleep, and Conjurations, those from the Deep ("underground") will respond. 

We have had many, what some might call 'responses', from our calling up of energies from the depths. Not only did we have a major influx of UFO-logical phenomena following our tampering in atomic physics in the early 40's, but since the Space Age when we went to the moon in 1969, and even since the start of the Internet, there have been no shortage of sightings, reports, and messages received from 'Beyond'. Many of these incidents have clear similarities, which skeptics claim as evidence of their falsity. However, in many situations where similarities are present, the people involved often have little or no knowledge of the technical information of their circumstances and often there are clear signs of relation in cases - but based on the evidence alone, and not the people themselves. This is common in occult work as well, many people will work on similar materials at the same time, and even reach the same results, while not aware of each others work. The same holds true in the science and technological sectors. Perhaps it is the zeitgeist, or 'spirit of the time'. Many people, including notable scientists and inventors, have claimed divine provenance of their ideas, and in some cases have claimed to have gotten their knowledge from higher beings, or in dreams.

Everyone wants physical evidence of non-, or meta- physical beings. Only the uninitiated will be unable to see the multi-layered levels of Life beyond our physical plane. There is life in the Sun, the Moon, the Air, Water, and Earth. Fire even has life, even thought it is one of the more vibrant and violent of energies. Instead of looking at these forces as lifeless chemical reactions, see the light of the flame dancing in motion like the lila (play) of Life itself. It is very much alive, and sitting quietly alone with a candle can show one that. Life is everywhere, speaking at all times in all tongues, the bigger question is are YOU there?

This question brings us to the main thesis of this post. Who are You? Who am I? What are We? What the Fuck? In Sanskrit this very question is a profound act known as Atmavichara. Atmavichara means 'Self-Inquiry', and is a meditation towards the constant attention of the inner awareness of 'I' or 'I am'. ATMAVIChHARA = 282, the number of ZERO (O), and FOUR (X). 282 is the SECRET, and that Secret is within YOU. 282 is also NOW I KNOW, indicating the coming full circle (YOU can be rendered YVU = 22, the Cycle.) 282 is the 22 with the Infinity in the center, and is very much related to Aquarius, as it is the Spirit of Life manifest - and in Greek 282 iΒιος, 'Life'. 282 is 10 more than 272 (ORB). 10 is the number of manifestation, and the 1 (dot) in the O (circle), which many Orbs appear as, so this is significant. In 
 the commentary of verse 282 of Liber OKBISh in The Ninth Arch, Grant gives an Oracle of 282 as SAFHYR, a 'Sapphire', or 'Sphere'/'Sephira', and this is also relevant. 282 is also MARMA, denoting a highly important point of power where currents cross, and in Ayurveda it is actually said there are 107 Marmas which connect the Body and the Mind, which is hugely significant if you consider all the marmas that come together in the cell 107. 

marmas (märˑ·ms), in Ayurveda, the 107 subcutaneous pressure points in the body that are believed to connect mind and body. Each marma influences a specific organ system and an injury to a marma damages the related organ. Many of the marmas correspond to the Japanese Shiatsu system.

The Mind itself is counted as 1 and so they total 108, another hugely important number. Again, we see the O with the 1 in the center filling its space. And again, we see that 'It's all in the Egg', the Mind is in the Egg (body) and the Egg (body) is in the Mind. The Macrocosmic Egg of the Aeon Horus has been gestating and in 2012, the 108th year of the Aeon of Horus, the Egg began to hatch when two Adepts who Inaugurated the Aeon reached a point of being able to work again towards the work of balancing the forces of Horus with those of Maat. The Mayans were right, a new age did begin in 2012, 3 years to the date after I took my Oath of Initiation on September 9, 2009. 
The Flame of the Double-Phoenix was reignited and a new Cycle is come to Go.

The importance of the Orb(s) may become more apparent over time, as the course of events carries on deeper into the fog of time. However, we need not occupy ourselves with the question of others, since we are all One, and the The Supreme Knowledge lies in the Sahasrara, not in Malkuth (Muladhara) or Daath (externally). The value of THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE came to me today, while Soror 722 and I discussed Chapter 4 of Beyond the Mauve Zone. It is 999, the number of the Full Zero/Orb, the Manifestation of Nuit wherein all is connected and united. It is THE ALL-POWERFUL ONE, LUShIFER (in Full) - the Light Body (O), which is Immortal. It is THE MAGICK EGG (107) of LAM (71) in the MA-ION (821).

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