Thursday, September 25, 2014

Opening the Gate

I am soon to self-publish a book I have written in the last few months which sums up most of the main core material of this blog, as well as a bit more that I had omitted. I have for a long time, many years in fact, known I need to write a Liber 999. I began this book thinking of it along those lines, and in 2011 I took the motto 'Mayan' which equals 102, or 752 when N=700. Just recently, when writing the last chapter I realized that LIBER MAYAN has the value of 999. This is highly profound to me as 999 goes back to my first Initiation/Oath date, September 9, 2009.
This book will be available on request from me personally and will be uniquely inscribed by myself. I have also chosen to subtitle it The Book of Maat even though there have been a few books using that title - one actually supposedly being published the exact same date on which I got the Egg of Mu (April 2, 2011) which I found in about 2012 from a Horus-Maat Lodge e-list discussion about it, though it appears to not even be available. Link

There has been a sense of urgency to get this out - probably because the Current of Magick informing it has long been dormant and needs an equipped and adequate channel to release it appropriately. Those reading must each quickly realize that we need not vie for this power - as it is 'given' to yourself through your attainment to higher self. The knowledge can not be shortcutted, it must be earned. Now in this age of information and technology it is much easier to see that our self is the biggest hindrance to our Will. We are perpetually standing in our own way, chasing our tails and waiting for that time to come when all will be well.

It has become apparent with the advent of the new genocide campaigns - 'ISIL/ISIS', the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham - as well as Ebola (EVD.EHF), the Enterovirus 68 and the vaccines with potentially lethal constituents for the aim of literal 'population control' - things are about to change.
The Fourth Reich is in full swing and the agenda is to clear the board. Mutual destruction by a hidden third party is the key to the Third World War which some have called the 'Quiet War'. The game has been set so that everyone only sees Obama - the big clown puppet smiling... But he's just playing Hitler. Hitler was the face of a movement which gave gain to others from beyond Germany's own empowerment - and really the heat from that hot-air balloon was sucked out by the U.S. when the great patsy supposedly killed himself. Just a few months later we began dropping atomic bombs on cities of innocent people.

The Fall of Man, as with the Apocalypse, is not a one time thing. It is reoccurring every generation and only a very few can ever make much light of the situation in their quick flash of existence. Light is blinding to the baby, but it is daylight and awareness to the matured. Light and mind are one and the same, which is why light is understood to be the fastest travelling energy in the universe. Walter Russell (1871-1963) said that only when man thinks in terms of Light will we understand the language of the Universe. Life grows toward the Light but darkness has its place for being the nourishing damp soil which it gains its foothold in. The dark depths of the soil/soul are of equal importance to ineffable heights of the Tree. I actually just recently found out about Russell the other day, and am astonished at how odd it is I haven't found out about him until this long since after I began personally working intensely with this Diamond Formula which was initially brought up to me by Soror 722, who is also mentioned quite a bit in Liber 999 actually. Russell has many interesting artistic diagrams throughout his books, the most popular of which are The Secret of Light and Atomic Suicide! The diamond appears a few times in his diagrams and I need to read more of his material. From what I gather, the Diamond is very much connected with the Daughter aspect of the Final He of Tetragrammaton, which is attributed generally to Maat. She is therefore not only the cosmic archetypal process of birthing a new matrix/creation, but also death itself as I have mentioned the fact that the Hebrew word for Death/Dead is מת, MT, a phonetic reduction of Maat. The symbolism is deeper though in that this force also signifies rebirth or immortality on a level that transcends the material.

I was meaning to make a post back in July about the Gates of Hell opening but was unable to - and there was a funny little thing about how SIRI said the Gate of Hades opened July 27, 2014. This day I went and saw Thy Art is Murder for the second time whose albums Hate and The Adversary are very much in the vain of opening the gate of hell (particularly the song Engineering the Antichrist), so I was busy and didn't get to write about it. This is just interesting, and even Tracy Twyman mentioned in her interview Talking With Demons with Freeman recently that Cain told her recently himself that the Gates have been opened. I myself have long been working with the formula 107, which Grant says in The Ninth Arch to veil the formula which opens the gates of the individual space-time continuum. I have found a few more gematria values that equal 107, and one which I found very interesting was ACAUSAL, which Jung mentions in relation to synchronicity itself. 107, being the Egg (ביצה) which literally manifested completely acaussally to me on the 107 year of the Aeon of Horus, appears to be a major Key to the puzzle, especially Liber AL itself, and this is revealed in Liber 999. Note that 999 - 107 = 892, the NAEQ value of AL.I.48
"My prophet is a fool with his one one one, are not they the Ox and none by the Book."

2015 will be the 111th year of the Aeon of Horus and I am certain it will be significant for many reasons, and for more than just the few reasons mentioned above. 111 is Aleph in full (Aleph-1 + Lamed-30 + Peh-80), as well as the Greek Εννεα, 'Nine'. In the number spectrum, 1 is the positive force of unity and 9 is the negative force of disintegration. Something to note is that 111 is also the number of Ηβολα, which is Ebola in Greek, as well as Κακο, 'Evil/Bad'. 111 veils the Holy Trinity/Supernal Triad as it descends from the Triple Veil of Nothingness through the diamond prism of Kether (Kether's mineral is the Diamond). Soror 722 was the one who brought to me the key to the Daughter formula as being the 4th Ray to the Triangle formed by the 111 which gives Illumination to the Eye. This unfolds into the Diamond and then the Star Tetrahedron Merkabah which is veiled in the symbol of Metatron's Cube. There is really nothing 'new' about this knowledge, it is really just being revived in its cyclical manifestation through the human lifewave on a more amplified level. The tampering with atoms and alien biomes as well as biological and genetic material are the same abominations mentioned hundreds and thousands of years past, and it appears that the only recourse for safety if things become out of control (if they aren't already) is for the elite to recede into their underground bunkers, which is also oddly prophesied in Revelation 6:15
"And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains"

The Seven Seals of Revelation, it has been said, are merely the seven chakras, but since that which is above is like that which is below, the corresponding earth-chakras of the seven continents and seven seas can also thus be activated. Our earth's aura is becoming increasingly toxic and the solution from most of the top so-called leaders is to abandon humanity and life altogether and somehow convert themselves into machines. Many rabid anti-religionists, particularly anti-Christians, hate the idea of even quoting from the Bible let alone attempting to find value from any of its words or prophecies, but much of this was accurately predicted even before the invention of electricity and has been eerily following this path, either naturally or because people are following it intentionally. I think much of it is subconscious and unintentional as I myself have done things and written things that I end up seeing later how much I wasn't even consciously aware of the importance or depth of at the time. Those who don't see or even deny this preconditioned patterning are perhaps even more susceptible to it than those who can recognize it, and the discernible repetition of human history is evidence of this. There are no chakras for those that do not know about them as magick does not exist to people who are themselves not magicians. They cannot open the gates of their own being enough to get past the main gate of the illusory ego and remain locked in the lower-region of material bondage known generally as 'Hell', but also called Hades, Patala, Sheol, Helheim, The Abyss, or the Bottomless Pit. This situation calls to mind the verses from Liber AL 32-34:
"Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise."
"Enough of Because! Be he damned for a dog!"
"But ye, o my people, rise up & awake!"

The Factor Infinite and Unknown is the Self abiding S'lba, the Oversoul of Anatma, or 'Not-self' (pure being which is no-thing.) The skew-wise words must be taken for what they are. Because is false, there is no 'because', there just is, as is said in vs. 31, "If Power asks why, then is Power weakness." It's a way of stepping over a paradoxical trap of the reasoning mind. Those who can make the step over the Abyss understand that the Matrix is a fractal unified field and since every thought and event is a conscious interaction between the Soul and God every magickal act becomes an act with the full Creative Power of 'God'. The 3rd Degree Master Mason is the 'Son' aspect of the Holy Trinity who is the creative function of the Child by the prime duality of Mother/Father, and the 4th state is the matrix or womb which opened by the Crowned and Conquering Child (Cosmic-Christ Consciousness) when the Child can go inward and unify his mind with his matrix to fertilize a new generation. This is the 'awakening' and the opening of the last gate of Daath which itself leads beyond the individual consciousness continuum. Work with Daath and the Nightside is called 'shadow-work', and 11 itself shows the 1 confronted with its own shadow, or reflection. 'To Know' someone is an archaic way of referring to the act of sex, and this is another veil of 11/Daath and the mystery of generation.

The shadows above the Abyss, the Unholy Triad, are the root of the shadow with the first shadow of Kether being Thaumiel, meaning the 'Twin of God'. The Twin of God is Satan-Lucifer, and Thaumiel is generally depicted with a double-face of Satan and Moloch. The qliphoth of Chokmah is Ogiel, which means 'the Hinderers', or 'those who flee from God', and the qliphoth of Binah is Satariel which means 'the Concealing', or 'Hiding of God'. This is the 'anti-prism' or Unholy (Qliphothic) Trinity which radiate internally behind the operational forces conceived of as the Supernal Triad which manifests light and mind. Therefore, these are the anti-forces, the 'effectual reflexes' and underlying and backsliding currents of what can usually only be conceived of as 'death', or 'evil', but are really just as functionally important in the induction, fluctuation, and deduction of the natural forces of both life and death. It may be significant that the Hebrew values of the Qliphothic Triad (488+120+703 = 1311) is the value of THE SEVEN CHAKRAS themselves, which is interesting since the two Triads plus Daath equal 7 and are reflected into the Ruach and then crystallized in the egg of Malkuth. Incidentally, 1311 is also the number of מפתחות שבעה, 'The Seven Keys', as well as THE SUPREME SPELLS of the F13R510A111C73T419A111L74. The two Triads above Daath are symbolized by the number 33 and it is also noteworthy that 1311 is the number of 'Thirty Third Degree Freemason' in Jewish (Masonic) Gematria. The symbolism and Gematria appears to be concrete all the way up to the top - and even the BLACK (2+30+1+8+20) of the AIN (1+10+50) is succinct. The Externalization of the Hierarchy is now coming into view, and the Pyramid of the Τετραγραμματον1311 is 'capped' by the 0=2 formula, for 1311 + (0=2) = 1313 = THE AEON OF MAAT. 1313 is the number of Πηγαινετε Σε Εναν Κυκλο, ‘Go In A Circle’, which has been mentioned by Bonnie Gaunt in Genesis One: The Sacred Code of Creation to be a concept related to the number 999. Note also that 'TO GO IN A CIRCLE' (the function of CERN) = 474, the number of Daath, which is at the center of the Likhu, or Loop of the Tree of Life (when the Ankh is superimposed). 999 itself has many values in various gematria formulas regarding its connection to the O, the Circle, the 'fullness', and the Ma-Ion or Aeon of Maat. 1313 itself is composed of 999 + 314, and 314 is מטטרונ, Metatron, who is intimately related to Maat / Maitreya / Mu / MAL, etc.. 1311 is also 20 less than 1331, the number of my name which is also 11 cubed, and 20 is the number of 'CUBED', and 1311 is 437 x 3. 437, interestingly enough, is the number of FREEMASON and איש עונ, 'The Man of Sin'.

That which is above Daath is 'beyond the circle' and is really what that which is 'in' the circle/universe/matrix is aimed at manifesting, or at least using as a source of power for manifestation. The Sol Symbol ☉ is symbolic of the cosmic cell-clock of space-time. In motion, or extension, the symbol becomes the formula of  Φ, the Golden Spiral which is the extension of the Point (1) into I (=9). 19 itself happens to be the number of the Path of Teth (9, the Serpent), and the Atu 19 of The Sun. Thus, the 7-rayed Sun God is of both Light (White-1) and Dark (Black-9) qualities - as ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ is the 'God-Devil' of the Earth-time Matrix (=365). Note GAIA MATRIX = 365. These symbols are indicative of the Torus and the O or Circle of Power, the knowledge of which is both ancient and yet to be fully discovered. It is ironic that 1311, the number mentioned above, is also the number of the question 'WHAT ARE THE GREYS + ALIENS?', because this is also the number of ARCHONS + THE GREAT OLD ONES, as well as מלאך פנים, 'Archangel'. I am also currently in the process of writing an exegesis on the Archangels and how they relate to the symbolism of Tree of Life, and it is notable that the Archangels can be thought of as the macrocosmic extensions and embodiments of the Angles of Space(-time) as well.

The O is the Gate through which the 1-9 travel in a spiral movement, and the number 999 is entirely aligned with the Phi/Spiral wisdom. First of all, 999 is The Number of the Letter O, as well as The Full Circle Matrix and The Full Decimal Spectrum, and has it as symbolic of 'The Truth' and 'The Justice', which is of course related to Maat. 999 is also THE MAAT GRIMOIRE and THE BOOK OF MAATRIX, which will also be released at a future time. 999 is many things, such as THE GOLDEN RATIO + THE COIL, THE 360 TRUTH, and LITERAL FULL CIRCLE. Being the O of Ma-Ion, it is significant it is THE EGG OF MALKUTH and THE TUAOI GNOSIS. It is also 'The Black Light' + 'Senor La Muerte', which is very significant in the Temple of the Black Light and Templum Falcis Cruentis 218/182 Current of Luciferian Necrosophy. 999 is also 'The Energy of the Black Light' of 'Metatron - The Master of Death'. The Black Light is the anti-cosmic, or chaotic/qliphothic anti-light which is shed by the Unholy Trinity mentioned above, and is also called 'The Hidden Light', which in Hebrew is AVR GNVZ, and equals 273, the number of אבן מאסו הבונים, 'The Stone that the Builders Rejected' (Ps. 118:22), THE FALL OF MALKUTH, DEMIURGE, AN ANGEL OF LIGHT, ENERGY, GRADES, etc. This signifies the 'Light' (Lucifer) which was 'cast out' as the Stone of Exile (Lapsit Exilis), which equates with the Philosopher's Stone - and note that 999 - 273 = 726, the number of V.I.T.R.I.O.L., the formula of Art/Temperance. Thus, 999 is also The Number of the Soul, as well as The Grail of Lapsit Exilis, or spelled variously The Lapis Exillis Graal Light, or The Lapis Exillis Graal Force.

999 is even related to the Diamond, which itself contains Phi, which is actually called 'The Golden Rhombus'. 999 is 'The Secret Gold Rhombus Code', as well as 'The Gold Rhombus of Frater Achad', and it was Frater Achad who first adumbrated the Aeon of Maat with the number 107 and its attribution to the GOLD Egg, and the egg veils the vesica which both relate to the Diamond. Note also that 'The Aeon of Maat + The Egg of Maat + Nine Nine Nine' = 999 as well, and 'The Gold Stone of Maat + The Gold Diamond' is also. This all comes as proof of the beginning of extra-temporal advent of the Aeon of Maat, and note also that 'The Aeon of Maat + Outside Time' also equals 999. Whereas 666 is very much of number of the SATURN+HEX - 'Cube' of the Matrix, 999 is the opposite and operates beyond the Matrix. (999 = 'The Golden Ratio Matrix' as well as 'The Golden Ratio Torus').

The manifestation of this Current is sure to have profound and noticeable effects on the Outer - but it is imperative we look at what we can and try to become more aware of our magickal powers as conduits and channels of various energies which is far more powerful than ourselves, and try to ensure that we ease through these troubling times to at least gain as much as possible from them. The Knowledge of Life and Death is itself a Double-Edged Sword.