Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Pestilential Wind

The Comment to Liber AL vel Legis, or The Book of the Law, by Aleister Crowley warns that "Those who discuss the contents of this Book are to be shunned by all, as centres of pestilence." This situation is explained at length by Kenneth Grant and I think it is important to analyze this in light of current events with an obvious pestilential flare. There are even obvious gematria correlations that I think might need to be kept in mind so that hopefully we may understand more just what is occurring. For example, EBOLA has a Hebrew-English Gematria value of 5+2+70+30+1, or 108. I have known this for a while now since Ebola began spreading rampantly in Africa. I recently found a news-clip where they zoomed out from a parking placard with the number 108.

108 has been mentioned before at times in this blog in various posts, as well 107 which has to do with the Egg and the Key of Liber AL. 107 is PAZUZU, the Babylonian demon-spirit of plagues and pestilence, as well as the bringer of storms or droughts. He is also associated with the southwestern wind. Ebola is the perfect candidate for a bloody pestilential plague typical of the Aeon of Horus and Chapter III of Liber AL where 'blood' is mentioned five times. The only other place it is mentioned is in Ch. I, vs. 59, where Nuit says 'there is no blood'.

Referring to the Stélé of Revealing in the previous verse, Ch. III, vs. 11 says;
This shall be your only proof. I forbid argument. Conquer! That is enough. I will make easy to you the abstruction from the ill-ordered house in the Victorious City. Thou shalt thyself convey it with worship, o prophet, though thou likest it not. Thou shalt have danger & trouble. Ra-Hoor-Khu is with thee. Worship me with fire & blood; worship me with swords & with spears. Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow to my name. Trample down the Heathen; be upon them, o warrior, I will give you of their flesh to eat!

Ra-Hoor-Khuit, it should be noted, is the active forceful aspect of Heru-Ra-Ha, while Hoor-Par-Kraat is the passive and 'silent' aspect. Ra-Hoor-Khuit is the Solar god of War and Vengeance - the vengeance over the suppression of human will over the last few centuries through the spilling of blood as a means of liberation. The swords and spears, fire and blood obviously indicate a Martial aspect and the two sides of Horus/Heru is like the two primary aspects of Mars as inverted or natural.

When blood is outside of the body it is red, inside it is blue, and when it coagulates or is absorbed by the body it turns various hues of purple or pink, and these are the colors of Chesed-4, Mars-5 and Yesod-9 - empowered by the central Sun Tiphareth. Pink is also associated with Daath-11 which is the apex of the triad of Netzach-7 and Hod-8. All of these combine to form the multitudinous ocean of light and color in the womb of Binah-3. The sum of the Ruach (4+5+6+7+8+9) along with the 11 Key of Daath gives 50, the number of the Gates of Binah. Ruach is the 'Breath' so it is significant that 50 is the number of 'Prana', as Prana is the 'life-force' or Breath and essentially the same as Ruach. The colors are infused by the range of contrast via the Supernal Triad, the Triple Genetrix or 'Trimorphic Protennoia'. Blood is the coagulation or materialization of the combined kalas or cells of the spiritual life-force secreting itself on the physical plane through biological vessels (bodies).

The entire fetishism of 'zombies', 'vampires', 'aliens', 'werewolves', etc. are all forms of the bestial and necrophilic seduction of sorcery and the appeal of magick, which is for all intensive purposes, 'illusory'. First of all, certain distinctions should be made between the various 'classes' of beings which are being menageried across the media-sphere with so many zombie movies and television programs (World War Z, Contagion, I Am Legend, 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, etc.), as well as the Vampire ones (True Blood, Twilight, Supernatural, etc.).
Zombies and Vampires are particularly associated with the Qliphoth of Qabalistic lore, which are the 'shells' or 'husks' of dead or dying beings. They have no life-support of their own so they can only parasitically feed off of those that do - thus the need to 'feed' for these creatures. Vampires are more metaphysical, seeing as how they can't see themselves in the mirror, because they are spiritually dead as well. The entire idea of 'transhumanism' through external augmentation and manipulation is by no means a form of 'evolution', and the tampering with the real forces of evolution will only hold it back or backfire the natural flow - especially considering all the ways science and especially psychology has tried to 'test' or 'experiment' has largely been forcing their models on what is rather than looking at it. We can't see the forest for the trees because we are bulldozing it before we can even study what's there to begin with... and this is the same case with most ideas or statements unless they come in the form of some entertaining or self-gaining (zombified/vampiric) form.

The animal totem of the Vampire is obviously the Bat, and the Bat in Mayan mythology is Camazotz who is very similar to Pazuzu in that he represents plagues (since bats are known to have rabies and other diseases) and he also was said to behead his victims. The Mayans were big on blood sacrifice, moreso than the Aztecs apparently, and did blood sacrifices to various gods, though primarily Kukulkan who one of the main Temples was dedicated to at Chichen Itza, the 'lizard-house'. Kukulkan is the 'feathered', or 'winged' serpent - the Ouroboros who has transmuted into the Phoenix. The whole idea of aliens, especially as interdimensionals travelling from another time or place, perhaps even our future selves, is being put forth through mainstream channels almost constantly on things like the History channel, as well as the major TV shows. The Alien is another form of the 'Beast' from the Abyss, or 'Beyond' - and from reading the evidence it appears humanity has long been aware of potential influence and even direct contact with intelligence from 'beyond', be it from Mars, Sirius, other star-systems, or even past-lives on this or other planes or planets. The distinction here is that aliens are more likely to have a 'Ruach' or 'Spirit' and a Zombie or Vampire is not. However, in literature and movies especially, the alien is commonly depicted as being blood-thirsty and predatory to humans much as we would be to another lesser species. The Werewolf as well is the basic theriomorph or shape-shifter common to the archetypal dog-lore of the spectral dog whose transformation coincides with the lunar tides, often seeking to feast on blood.

If you just look at the gematria of ALIEN, (1+30+10+5+50) which is 96, you see it is related to THE BEAST (9+5+5 + 2+5+1+60+9). 96 is a form of the Double-Current, which when doubled becomes 696, the number of IPSOS (10+80+300+6+300) and the Current of Maat. 96 is also mentioned by Grant in The Ninth Arch to be the number of TUAOI, the crystal-energy stone that the Atlanteans misused and somehow destroyed themselves with. This is significant because with all the things I have enumerated about the number 107, the GOLD stone OVAL or Egg (BITzH) - it is 589 less than 696 and 589 I have found to be THE DIAMOND (See The Diamond of Perfection.) 696 is thus THE GOLD DIAMOND, which is also called the Golden Rhombus as it contains the Phi (Golden Ratio) proportion. 696 is also THE ATALAN STONE, Atalan being a secret word mentioned in The Ninth Arch. 696 + 93 (the Horus Current) is 789, the number of TEMPERANCE and the balancing of the 'Double Current'. 789 is 99 less than 888, and 99 is the number of ALChHEMY and 888 is THE ALCHEMICAL MATRIX of MANIFESTATION.

What is so ironic is how both so-called 'scientists' and so-called 'Christians', as well as so-called 'Occultists' gawk at such things as gematria and Qabalah, when really - it does exactly what Crowley himself aimed to do with what he termed 'Scientific Illuminism'. It literally does merge the science of the West with that of the East - and it should be noted that one of my friends and magickal colleagues notified me that there is an Indian system similar to gematria known as Katapayadi, and that this word itself equals the same number as that of QBLH, which is 137. I looked and saw that KATAPAYADI (20+1+9+1+80+1+10+1+4+10) does in fact equal 137. It is also commonly known that 137.5 is the degree of 'Phyllotaxis' in plants, as well as the sum of the two angle degrees of the Freemasonic Square and Compass. 

137 is also the 33rd Prime Number, and 33 has already been explained extensively in regard to Masonry and the Qabalah (10 + 22 + Daath). Corresponding with the Phyllotaxis 137.5, the chlorophyll molecule, which is what is responsible for converting light to energy and giving life to plants, is composed of 137 atoms (C55H72MgN4O5). 1/137.036 is the value of the fine-structure constant at zero energy of the Fine-structure Constant introduced by Sommerfeld in 1916, also called α or Alpha. This is significant since Alpha, or Aleph denotes Frater Achad, who in 1916 took the Oath of the Abyss on June 21st. 137 is an arrangement of the Spheres as they are on the Tree of Life- as 1 being Malkuth at the bottom, 3 being the Supernal Triad, and 7 being the Ruach and Daath. 
A further arcane point is that 137 is also the number of Αρκαδια, 'Arcadia'. Both Arcadia and the word Arcane come from Arca "chest, box, place for safe-keeping", or Ark- "to hold, contain, guard". Arche is also the Greek word for 'Pre-' or Beginning. These concepts veil the 'Box' or 'Cube' of the Arche- or Architect. Dia or Δια, is Greek for 'Heavenly' or 'Divine', and is related to Dio, a name of God. Arca-dia is the Ark-, 'Cube', or container of God or the Divine. Taking 137 as a veil for the sum of 1 through 37, which is 703, the number of ABN, the Stone - as well as ברית האלהים, The Covenant of God - which the Ark of the Covenant was referred to. 

The Ark of the Covenant itself was said to have a deadly power and this knowledge always comes back to the fact that Daath, 'Knowledge' is attributed to the Archangel Azrael or Abaddon (Apollyon), the Angel of Death. Note that Azrael is a temurah of Raziel, the Archangel of Chokmah, the 'Knower of the Secrets of God'. THE ARK OF THE COVENANT is 2 less than 1313, and 2 is A∴A∴, which come together as the Square and Compass, the Diamond or Hexagram. 1313 is Αυγερινος, 839, 'Lucifer' and 474, DOTh, 'Daath' - the Knowledge of Lucifer which is dual as the A∴A∴ / ♢ .
1313 is THE AEON OF MAAT, and a temurah of 1331 which is one number of my 13 letter name, and 11 cubed. The word ATALAN mentioned above, when spelled with N with its final value of 700 has the value of 1133, and 'The Mark of His Name is The Atalan Stone'. My name in Jewish Gematria is also 294, the number of Melchizedek, and 1133 is 294 + 839. There are 13 letters to both The Aeon of Maat and Metatron's Cube also, which forms a Hexagram or two interlocking triangles - the 1 in 3 and 3 in 1 - which three-dimensionalizes into the Star-Tetrahedron of the fully manifested Metatron's Cube. I just find this significant since I am the only one I know finding these particular correspondences and my name has the same and similar codes.

13 is the number of Life as well as Death, and Metatron's Cube is the Matrix of Life, the means of which to escape is Death, but even then it just returns to Unity (AChD) which is just another Life. The WEB (=13) of LIFE (=51) is the same as the Web of MAAT (=51). MAAT (51) x 13 = 663, a number of THE AEON OF MAAT - and the sum of the letters on the stone that was recently added (and then removed) from the Georgia Guidestones: MM - 16 - 20 - 14 - 8 - JAM + 'GEORGIA GUIDESTONES' (taking R for Rho, 100) = 663. 663 is 3 (G) less than 666. 663 is also the number of THE RIDDLE of AL.II.76 which when revealed will signalize a more full flowering of the Aeon of Maat. Much has been revealed in Liber 999, but I am sure even more has yet to be unlocked. It is my contention that the greater Mysteries of which Crowley, Achad, Grant and others have come to resurrect and set forth are being largely suppressed while at the same time used and perverted in the media. All of a sudden since I have discovered and written about the Diamond even - 'all of a sudden' there are diamond patterns on clothes everywhere and diamond imagery all over, along with the Sri Yantra. It is said Hitler may have been influenced by Liber AL and I am sure many other elitists active on and off the world-stage are as well. Even if they aren't aware of its full import for the present time and conditions, then all the more reason for them to be swept up in a current they are completely blind to. Death, however, has been the head of this current since the beginning.

Ebola slowly shuts down the organs of the body as it spreads and they finally deteriorate and you rot and die an agonizing death. Whether this particular major outbreak since about 2012 has been completely 'natural', or somehow 'helped along' (some sources say it was engineered and weaponized in the 70s-80s at Ft. Detrick, along with AIDS and other viruses) is not fully known and is hardly relevant at this point. The United States does not help by having its borders fully open with flights to and from Africa with various patients with Ebola already in the U.S. and potential avenues for it to spread, as it appears to be. The fact that 2012 was when this outbreak began to flare is significant since it was 2012 that was the 108th year of the Aeon of Horus, as mentioned in previous posts. 
There happen to be 108 names of Shiva the Destroyer, and I have also found 108 names of Kali, Krishna, Durga, and Maa Tarini:
The Riding the Beast numerology website has 108's properties listed as (along with others I've found):
  • Number of the man.
  • According to the Rosicrucians, it symbolizes the summit that a man can reach on the Path during his incarnation and it is then the number of the achievement.
  • The 108 years of cycles of the Rosicrucian brotherhood. That is to say the number of years characterizing the periods of activity and sleep in the Order Rosicrucian A.M.O.R.C. The White Cardinal underlined that at the beginning of the era of the Aquarius, in 1962, the Order of the Temple had disappeared from the external world 6 times 108 years.
  • Universal Number, as a product of 9, number of Completion, and 12, Cosmic number. There are 12 constellations and 9 arc segments called namshas or chandrakalas...9 x 12 = 108.
  • There are 12 houses and 9 planets...12 x 9 = 108.
  • 108 lords of the Tao according to the Taoism.
  • According to a Tibetan legend, there exists in Shambhala 108 great Initiated and Masters.
  • The new Japanese year is celebrated, the day before at the evening, by 108 knocks of gong in the main temples. It is one of the feasts which joins together the most world, because, exceptionally, they are the laymen and not the monks who have to knock on the gong.
  • In Cabal and in Hinduism, 108 years complete of Brahma constitute one whole period of the age of Brahma, that is to say 1 Maha Kalpa.
  • The Chinese astrology counts 36 beneficial stars and 72 evil stars, their sum constitutes the sacred number 108.
  • Blanquart points out that from the Soul's day (November 2) to Christmas (December 25) there are 54 days and 54 nights, that is to say 54 positive units and 54 negative units: 54 + 54 = 108. In this senses, 108 would symbolize the progress of darkness to the light.
  • In the geometry of the pentagon, the angle between the lines of the points formed by the star, is 72 degrees. Also the angle between paws of the pentagon is 108 degrees.
  • The chakras are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra.
Wikipedia also has quite a bit of information on 108 which appears to come up many times in Eastern imagery and symbolism such as on the malas or rosaires and the structuring of their mantras. Many temples also have 108 on them and some schools of Buddhism say there are 108 different 'feelings', while in Marma Adi and Ayurveda there are 108 pressure points in the body where consciousness and flesh intersect to give life to the being (in some systems it is considered 107 marmas, with the 108th being considered the mind itself.) Another one I found highly interesting considering the pestilential aspect of 108 is how there are 108 'Defilements' in Buddhism as well: The 108 Defilements of Buddhism

abuse, aggression, ambition, anger, arrogance, baseness, blasphemy calculation, callousness, capriciousness (unaccountable changes of mood or behavior) censoriousness (being severely critical of others), conceitedness, contempt, cruelty, cursing, debasement, deceit, deception, delusion, derision, desire for fame, dipsomania (alcoholism characterized by intermittent bouts of craving), discord, disrespect, disrespectfulness, dissatisfaction, dogmatism, dominance, eagerness for power, effrontery (insolent or impertinent behavior), egoism, enviousness, envy, excessiveness, faithlessness, falseness, furtiveness, gambling, garrulity (tediously talking about trivial matters), gluttony, greed, greed for money grudge, hardheartedness, hatred, haughtiness, high-handedness, hostility, humiliation, hurt, hypocrisy, ignorance, imperiousness (assuming power or authority without justification), imposture (pretending to be someone else in order to deceive), impudence, inattentiveness, indifference, ingratitude, insatiability, insidiousness, intolerance, intransigence (unwilling or refusing to change one’s views or to agree about something), irresponsibility, jealousy, know-it-all, lack of comprehension, lecherousness, lying, malignancy, manipulation, masochism, mercilessness, negativity, obsession, obstinacy, obstinacy, oppression, ostentatious, pessimism, prejudice, presumption, pretense, pride, prodigality (spending money or using resources freely and recklessly), quarrelsomeness, rage, rapacity (being aggressively greedy or grasping), ridicule, sadism, sarcasm, seduction, self-denial, self-hatred, sexual lust, shamelessness, stinginess, stubbornness, torment, tyranny, unkindness, unruliness, unyielding, vanity, vindictiveness, violence, violent temper, voluptuousness, wrath.

The Diameter of the Sun is 108 times that of Earth, and the distance between Earth and the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Sun. The distance between the Earth and Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon. 108 is the measure of stages of Atman (the Soul) on its journey to perfection. The word 'Journey' is 108 in Simple Gematria, and 108 is also the value of 'Geometry', the measure and 'Precision'. 108 is also the 'Full Moon', which we recently had as a Blood Moon on October 8th, or 10-8. 108 shows the 1 (Unity) and 8 (Infinity) warding the Void (0) showing the two poles of the 0 which = 2. 108 is the Crowned Babe (1) in the Egg (107) which is bursting forth with a rush of bloody birth-pangs. The crack in the egg of the auric shell of Man is reflected macrocosmically as the unsealing of the space-gates which open on to the 'dark' areas and planes of the space-time continuum.

The Egg of Malkuth is the Egg dropped by Kalahansa which birthed the world (similar to the Lapsit Exillis legend), and it's cracking open births new Egg-Universes. It is notable that THE EGG OF THE UNIVERSE has a value of 1009, which is the 'Egg' (=19 in Simple Gematria) with the infinity or Ain Soph (00) in the center. 1009 is also ORDO LAPSIT EXILLIS, the Order of the Exiled Stone - the Stone of ShTN (300+9+700, Satan). These are cognate with THE DRAGON BLOODLINE of the DARK LORD Χθονιος. Furthermore, 1009 should be known to be the 169th Prime number, 169 being the square of 13, and it is also את מפתח סודי, 'The Secret Key' of 'The Geometry Of The O', with THE ONE DOT (DOT being DOTh, 'Daath') being the 'dot' in the center of the circle of 360 which is 'not', and therefore 359, ShTN, the Eye of the Serpent in the midst of the Garden (GN, 'Garden', NG 'Naga'/Serpent). Thus 1009 is also THE GREAT SPIRAL of the Golden Serpent Ratio which THE SPIDER weaves the universe with. (Note that THE UNIVERSE = 361, which is the circle (360) and the point (1) = ☉, another form of the 'Babe in the Egg'. Note that 1009 + 361 is 1370, the number of 
התהום של בייב, 'The Babe of the Abyss' who is THE OPENER OF DOTh. 1 more is 1371, the number of THE PASSWORD of THE CHILD OF THY BOWELS (AL.I.55). This password was given as
'M.V.A.V.M' by Frater Achad, but by considering the Aleph as the Yod, the Full One (10), M.V.I.V.M. has a value of 102, which is the formula of LAMAL, the manifestation of LA (non-being) to Being (AL) - or the manifestation of LAM via MAL.

Relating to the Pestilence, literally PESTILENCE has a value of 262, and MAL/LAM = 71. Together they are 333, the number of Choronzon and doubled as Choronzon-Shugal, or 666 - it is THE QLIPHOTH OF PESTILENCE, or the Shells of Pestilence. There are quite a few things regarding Ebola that amount to 666, such as THE EBOLA VACCINES which might be of more concern than the virus itself for some. In Jewish or Masonic Gematria, 666 is the value of the 'African Ebola Outbreak', 'The Ebola Genocide Purge', 'Ebola Genocide Plan FEMA Death Camps',  'The Urban Ebola Pandemic'. Perhaps 'The Obama NDAA Sanctions' will come in handy.

edit: Update
A friend notified me that apparently the Facebook page of Thomas Duncan had a bat image uploaded as a cover photo shortly before his death:

Note also that MAHA KALI = 108 as well, which in Sanskrit is The Great Mother Kali, the ruler of Blood, Time, Life, Death, and Shakti (power).