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The Work of the Egg

The point of this blog has been to explore various strands of information and concepts I have found interesting and significant and to present such subjects in as creative yet still concise way so as to help others who may be interested in this material extend their own knowledge. The primary subject of this blog, however, has so far has been centralized around the Mystery of the Obsidian Egg, a talismanic stone egg which I happened to - unknowingly at the time - obtain for myself on a day which I later found to be highly significant.

It was April 2nd, 2011 and I had happened to just buy an obsidian egg at a gemstone store at the Renaissance festival - which days later once I began reading Outside the Circle of Time by Kenneth Grant I found out that not only was the egg a hugely symbolic center-piece of his other books, but so was the date itself - which was that of the birthday of Charles Stansfeld Jones, otherwise known as the magickal 'son' and student of Aleister Crowley, Frater Achad. Not only this, but in the 9th chapter of the aforementioned book, titled Ma-Ion, discusses how Frater Achad also discovered on is 62nd birthday (April 2, 1948) a major Key of Liber AL vel Legis, Crowley's Book of the Law which he claimed inaugurated the Aeon of Horus in 1904. Achad had also discovered previously the Key of Liber AL, as if it were he himself - for 'Achad' means 'One', or 'Unity', and before he came along and showed Crowley his findings, which at first consisted of simply adding a '1', or 'A' to the title of the Book of the Law, which until then had actually be titled Liber L vel Legis.

This Key unlocked many of the mysteries of the book for not only Crowley but all who were to look into the book from then on, for Achad had been realized as 'the One to follow thee' (AL.II.76.), and 'the child of thy bowels' (AL.I.55.), and even though Crowley ended up later criticizing much of Achad's later work - looking now through the lens which Kenneth Grant has provided us in his own work - we can see that there is much that has been left incubating in this magickal egg which has long been seemingly hidden under the veil of a great storm of distraction.

As Grant mentions in Chapter 8 of Outside the Circles of Time, titled Initiations of Aossic, the first appearance of this magick egg began in 1904 in the text of the Book of the Law, in verse 49 of Chapter 1 where it is said "This is of the 4: there is a fifth who is invisible, & therein am I as a babe in an egg." This 'fifth who is invisible' is an obvious reference to the fifth element of Akasha or Spirit which is symbolized by a black egg. To convey the full import of this egg and its recurrence at important intervals I will quote Grant from the section where he discusses this:

"Since the receipt of AL in 1904 (when the egg is first mentioned: II 49) to the Abuldiz Working in 1911, a period of seven years elapsed. The egg appears again seven years later, in 1918 (via Amalantrah), and again in 1925 (another seven years later) during one Frater Achad’s initiations, a year after which (i.e. in 1926) he claimed to have received the Word of the Aeon, which Crowley had failed to do [ALLALIA = 103]. This Word is connected with Ma-ion and with Mani-O, the number of which – 107 – is that of BITzH, an Egg! The word OVAL, which appears in the cryptic verse 76 of AL, II., also equals 107. In the year 1932, after yet another lapse of seven years, Achad passed the ‘Silver Ordeal’ mentioned in AL.III.64., and was born anew from the Egg of  Spirit. 
There is no need for comment upon the events of 1939, they are universally remembered, but it happens to be the year in which another Great Old One – Aossic – revealed his sigil to Kenneth Grant. A further seven years brings us to 1946, the year of the Initiation of Frater Aossic (for such K. G., had now become) into the Inner Mysteries of the Draconian Current. Crowley was to die a year later and this made way, eventually, for Aossic to supersede Baphomet as the Outer Head of the O.T.O.

These seven periods of seven years make a cycle of 49, which is the mystical number of Venus (i.e. Babalon) [7x7]. In Liber D, 49 is mentioned as a ‘number useful in the calculations of Dee’, who – it will be remembered – specialized in traffic with alien entities. One such – Abuldiz – who trafficked with Crowley in 1911, terminated an astral séance with the word ‘seven’ repeated four times. The fourth seven in the above series indicates the year 1925, which led up to the discovery by Frater Achad of the Word of the Aeon. When the subject of the egg is raised in 1918, via Amalantrah, that entity says: ‘Going into the Mother to be born again, you get a New Life and then the Earth is covered with wonderful flowers, and bees come to the flowers to get honey to store, and the honey is stored elixir’. 

Note the last five words which form an important strand in the mystery of the kalas. Amalantrah insisted that ‘the egg is a work which must be done- the Great Work. By doing the work we get to the key’. Crowley was instructed to go to Egypt in search of the egg. There he was to ‘create and altar’. A ‘king’ was also mentioned. When Crowley enquired about the King’s identity he was told that the King was O.I.V.V.I.O. (Omnia In  Vno, Vnvs In Omnibus (All in One, One in All), one of the mottoes of Frater Achad [=777].) This may explain the connection between the child seen in the vision, and Amalantrah’s assurance that ‘it’s all in the egg’.
   In the second chapter of AL, verse 49, appear these words: ‘This is of the 4; there is a fifth who is invisible, and therein am I as a babe in an egg’.
   When Amalantrah is questioned further concerning the egg, and how the knowledge which it represents may be realized by breaking open the egg, he replies: ‘Thou art to go this Way’. The use of the word ‘way’ here is obscure, but may it not be possible that it refers to Lam, the entity having the egg-shaped cranium? Crowley drew a portrait of Lam and entitled it The Way, which is a translation of the word Lam. The drawing was executed at about the same time as the sittings with Amalantrah in 1918. Is it perhaps also possible that Lam is a form of Amalantrah, where the name Lam appears in reverse in the name of the Wizard?"

Grant describes the egg extensively throughout his later books, and in Outer Gateways he specifically associates it with Lam because Lam and his egg appear in the appended text contained in the book called The Wisdom of S'lba. S'lba is a 'received' word, with two values of either 93 or 333, and according to Grant it refers to 'The Self. Source of Wisdom of the Stellar Tradition'. In Beyond the Mauve Zone he also notes that this word appears in another 'channeled', or 'received' language known as 'Algolian', and in connection with the egg means 'Nest'. Grant also notes on page 237 of BTMZ that "According to Fr. Achad, "the 13-lettered word 'manifestation' conceals the name of the maion, and its numeration of 257 is equivalent to both Egg and Nest". 'Nest' = QN = 150, and BITzH, 'egg', = 107. 17 is the Path of Zain, and is the reflex of Lam, plus '0' - the Egg." The Egg in the Nest is the Mani-O, the Jewel in the Lotus which typify the 'ends' of manifestation. This is the interplay of Nuit and Hadit which give rise to the Egg of the Universe and the Solar-phallic Horus/Heru-Ra-Ha, who is dual-natured and comprised of the active Ra-Hoor-Khuit and the passive Hoor-Par-Kraat - the outer and inner aspects of the the 'Egg'.

The Russian mystic Helena Blavatsky, co-creator of The Theosophical Society which influenced many people and magickal orders, including Crowley and Grant,  has a large section on the egg in her magnum opus The Secret Doctrine, and it is provided here at length for the sake of convenience as it is very enlightening and covers many areas.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 359 THE EGG-BORN GOD.

§ VI.

WHENCE this universal symbol? The Egg was incorporated as a sacred sign in the cosmogony of every people on the Earth, and was revered both on account of its form and its inner mystery. From the earliest mental conceptions of man, it was known as that which represented most successfully the origin and secret of being. The gradual development of the imperceptible germ within the closed shell; the inward working, without any apparent outward interference of force, which from a latent nothing produced an active something, needing nought save heat; and which, having gradually evolved into a concrete, living creature, broke its shell, appearing to the outward senses of all a self-generated, and self-created being -- must have been a standing miracle from the beginning.
The secret teaching explains the reason for this reverence by the Symbolism of the prehistoric races. The "First Cause" had no name in the beginnings. Later it was pictured in the fancy of the thinkers as an ever invisible, mysterious Bird that dropped an Egg into Chaos, which Egg becomes the Universe. Hence Brahm was called Kalahansa, "the swan in (Space and) Time." He became the "Swan of Eternity," who lays at the beginning of each Mahamanvantara a "Golden Egg." It typifies the great Circle, or O, itself a symbol for the universe and its spherical bodies.
The second reason for its having been chosen as the symbolical representation of the Universe, and of our earth, was its form. It was a Circle and a Sphere; and the ovi-form shape of our globe must have been known from the beginning of symbology, since it was so universally adopted. The first manifestation of the Kosmos in the form of an egg was the most widely diffused belief of antiquity. As Bryant shows (iii., 165), it was a symbol adopted among the Greeks, the Syrians, Persians, and Egyptians. In chap. liv. of the Egyptian Ritual, Seb, the god of Time and of the Earth, is spoken of as having laid an egg, or the Universe, "an egg conceived at the hour of the great one of the Dual Force" (Sec. V., 2, 3, etc.).
Ra is shown like Brahma gestating in the Egg of the Universe. The deceased is "resplendent in the Egg of the land of mysteries" (xxii., 1). For, this is "the Egg to which is given life among the gods" (xlii., 11). "It is the Egg of the great clucking Hen, the Egg of Seb, who issues from it like a hawk" (lxiv., 1, 2, 3; lxxvii., 1).
With the Greeks the Orphic Egg is described by Aristophanes, and was part of the Dionysiac and other mysteries, during which

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 360 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
the Mundane Egg was consecrated and its significance explained; Porphyry showing it a representation of the world, [[Ermenenei de to oon kosmon]]. Faber and Bryant have tried to show that the egg typified the ark of Noah, which, unless the latter is accepted as purely allegorical and symbolical, is a wild belief. It can have typified the ark only as a synonym of the moon, the argha which carries the universal seed of life; but had surely nothing to do with the ark of the Bible. Anyhow, the belief that the universe existed in the beginning in the shape of an egg was general. And as Wilson has it: "A similar account of the first aggregation of the elements in the form of an egg is given in all the (Indian) Puranas, with the usual epithet Haima or Hiranya, 'golden' as it occurs in Manu." Hiranya, however, means "resplendent," "shining," rather than "golden," as proven by the great Indian scholar, the late Swami Dayanand Sarasvati, in his unpublished polemics with Professor Max Muller. As said in the Vishnu Purana: "Intellect (Mahat) . . . the (unmanifested) gross elements inclusive, formed an egg . . . and the lord of the Universe himself abided in it, in the character of Brahma. In that egg, O Brahman, were the continents, and seas and mountains, the planets and divisions of the universe, the gods, the demons and mankind." (Book i., ch. 2.) Both in Greece and in India the first visible male being, who united in himself the nature of either sex, abode in the egg and issued from it. This "first born of the world" was Dionysius, with some Greeks; the god who sprang from the mundane egg, and from whom the mortals and immortals were derived. The god Ra is shown in the Ritual (Book of the Dead, xvii., 50) beaming in his egg (the Sun), and he starts off as soon as the god Shoo (the Solar energy) awakens and gives him the impulse. "He is in the Solar egg, the egg to which is given life among the gods" (Ibid., xlii.,13). The Solar god exclaims: "I am the creative soul of the celestial abyss. None sees my nest, none can break my egg, I am the Lord!" (Ibid., LXXXV.).
In view of this circular form, the "|" issuing from the "O," or the egg, or the male from the female in the androgyne, it is strange to find a scholar saying -- on the ground that the most ancient Indian MSS. show no trace of it -- that the ancient Aryans were ignorant of the decimal notation. The 10, being the sacred number of the universe, was secret and esoteric, both as the unit and cipher, or zero, the circle. Moreover, Professor Max Muller says that "the two words cipher and zero, which are but one, are sufficient to prove that our figures are borrowed from the Arabs.* Cipher is the Arabic "cifron," and means
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------
* See Max Muller's "Our Figures."

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 361 WHENCE OUR FIGURES?
empty, a translation of the Sanscrit name of nought "sunya," he says.* The Arabs had their figures from Hindustan, and never claimed the discovery for themselves.** As to the Pythagoreans, we need but turn to the ancient manuscripts of Boethius's Geometry, composed in the sixth century, to find among the Pythagorean numerals*** the 1 and the nought, as the first and final ciphers. And Porphyry, who quotes from the Pythagorean Moderatus,**** says that the numerals of Pythagoras were "hieroglyphical symbols, by means whereof he explained ideas concerning the nature of things," or the origin of the universe.
Now, if, on the other hand, the most ancient Indian manuscripts show as yet no trace of decimal notation in them, and Max Muller states very clearly that until now he has found but nine letters (the initials of the Sanscrit numerals) in them; on the other hand, we have records as ancient to supply the wanted proof. We speak of the sculptures and the sacred imagery in the most ancient temples of the far East. Pythagoras derived his knowledge from India; and we find Professor Max Muller corroborating this statement, at least so far as to allow the Neo-Pythagoreans to have been the first teachers of "ciphering," among the Greeks and Romans; that "they at Alexandria, or in Syria, became acquainted with the Indian figures, and adapted them to the Pythagorean abacus" (our figures). This cautious admission implies that Pythagoras himself was acquainted with but nine figures. Thus we might reasonably answer that, although we possess no certain proof (exoterically) that the decimal notation was known by Pythagoras, who lived on the very close of the archaic ages,***** we have yet sufficient evidence to show that the full numbers, as given by Boethius, were known to the Pythagoreans, even before Alexandria was built.****** This evidence we find in Aristotle, who says that "some philosophers hold that ideas and numbers are of the same nature, and amount to TEN in all."******* This, we believe, will be sufficient to show that the decimal notation was known among them at least as early as four centuries B.C., for Aristotle does not seem to treat the question as an innovation of the "Neo-Pythagoreans."
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------
* A Kabalist would be rather inclined to believe that as the Arabic cifron was taken from the Indian Synya, nought, so the Jewish Kabalistic Sephiroth (Sephrim) were taken from the word cipher, not in the sense of emptiness but the reverse -- that of creation by number and degrees in their evolution. And the Sephiroth are 10 or .
** See Max Muller's "Our Figures."
*** See King's "Gnostics and their Remains," plate xiii.
**** "Vita Pythag."
***** 608 B.C.
****** This city was built 332 B.C.
******* "Metaph." vii., F.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 362 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
But we know more than that: we know that the decimal system must have been known to the mankind of the earliest archaic ages, since the whole astronomical and geometrical portion of the secret sacerdotal language was built upon the number 10, or the combination of the male and female principles, and since the Pyramid of "Cheops" is built upon the measures of this decimal notation, or rather upon the digits and their combinations with the nought. Of this, however, sufficient was said in Isis Unveiled, and it is useless to repeat and return to the same subject.
The symbolism of the Lunar and Solar Deities is so inextricably mixed up, that it is next to impossible to separate such glyphs as the egg, the lotus, and the "sacred" animals from each other. The ibis, for instance, sacred to Isis, who is often represented with the head of that bird, sacred also to Mercury or Thoth, because that god assumed its form while escaping from Typhon, -- the ibis was held in the greatest veneration in Egypt. There were two kinds of ibises, Herodotus tells us (Lib. II. c. 75 et seq.) in that country: one quite black, the other black and white. The former is credited with fighting and exterminating the winged serpents which came every spring from Arabia and infested the country. The other was sacred to the moon, because the latter planet is white and brilliant on her external side, dark and black on that side which she never turns to the earth. Moreover, the ibis kills land serpents, and makes the most terrible havoc amongst the eggs of the crocodile, and thus saves Egypt from having the Nile infested by those horrible Saurians. The bird is credited with doing so in the moonlight, and thus being helped by Isis, as the moon, her sidereal symbol. But the nearer esoteric truth underlying these popular myths is, that Hermes, as shown by Abenephius (De cultu Egypt.), watched under the form of that bird over the Egyptians, and taught them the occult arts and sciences. This means simply that the ibis religiosa had and has "magical" properties in common with many other birds, the albatross pre-eminently, and the mythical white swan, the swan of Eternity or Time, the KALAHANSA.
Were it otherwise, indeed, why should all the ancient peoples, who were no more fools than we are, have had such a superstitious dread of killing certain birds? In Egypt, he who killed an ibis, or the golden hawk -- the symbol of the Sun and Osiris -- risked and could hardly escape death. The veneration of some nations for birds was such that Zoroaster, in his precepts, forbids their slaughter as a heinous crime. We laugh in our age at every kind of divination. Yet why should so many generations have believed in divination by birds, and even in zoomancy, said by Suidas to have been imparted by Orpheus, who taught how to perceive in the yoke and white of

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 363 EGG-BORN LOGOI.
the egg, under certain conditions, that which the bird born from it would have seen around it during its short life. This occult art, which demanded 3,000 years ago the greatest learning and the most abstruse mathematical calculations, has now fallen into the depths of degradation: it is old cooks and fortune-tellers who read their future to servant-girls in search of husbands, by means of the white of an egg in a glass.
Nevertheless, even Christians have to this day their sacred birds; for instance, the dove, the symbol of the Holy Ghost. Nor have they neglected the sacred animals. The Evangelical zoolatry -- the Bull, the Eagle, the Lion, and the Angel (in reality the Cherub, or Seraph, the fiery-winged Serpent), is as much pagan as that of the Egyptians or the Chaldeans. These four animals are, in reality, the symbols of the four elements, and of the four lower principles in man. Nevertheless, they correspond physically and materially to the four constellations that form, so to speak, the suite or cortege of the Solar God, and occupy during the winter solstice the four cardinal points of the zodiacal circle. These four "animals" may be seen in many of the Roman Catholic New Testaments where the portraits of the evangelists are given. They are the animals of Ezekiel's Mercabah.
As truly stated by Ragon, "the ancient Hierophants have combined so cleverly the dogmas and symbols of their religious philosophies, that these symbols can be fully explained only by the combination and knowledge of all the keys." They can be only approximately interpreted, even if one finds out three out of these seven systems: the anthropological, the psychic, and the astronomical. The two chief interpretations, the highest and the lowest, the spiritual and the physiological, they preserved in the greatest secrecy until the latter fell into the dominion of the profane. Thus far, with regard only to the pre-historic Hierophants, with whom that which has now become purely (or impurely) phallic, was a science as profound and as mysterious as biology and physiology are now. This was their exclusive property, the fruit of their studies and discoveries. The other two were those which dealt with the creative gods (theogony), and with creative man, i.e., the ideal and the practical mysteries. These interpretations were so cleverly veiled and combined, that many were those who, while arriving at the discovery of one meaning, were baffled in understanding the significance of the others, and could never unriddle them sufficiently to commit dangerous indiscretions. The highest, the first and the fourth -- theogony in relation to anthropogony -- were almost impossible to fathom. We find the proofs of this in the Jewish "Holy Writ."
It is owing to the serpent being oviparous, that it became a symbol of wisdom and an emblem of the Logoi, or the self-born. In the temple of Philoe in Upper Egypt, an egg was artificially prepared of clay made of

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 364 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
various incenses, and it was made to hatch by a peculiar process, when a cerastes (the horned viper) was born. The same was done in antiquity for the cobra in the Indian temples. The creative God emerges from the egg that issues from the mouth of Kneph -- as a winged serpent -- because the Serpent is the symbol of the All-wisdom. With the Hebrews he is glyphed by the "flying or fiery serpents" of the Wilderness and Moses, and with the Alexandrian mystics he becomes the Ophio-Christos, the Logos of the Gnostics. The Protestants try to show that the allegory of the Brazen Serpent and of the "fiery serpents" has a direct reference to the mystery of Christ and Crucifixion*; but it has a far nearer relation, in truth, to the mystery of generation, when dissociated from the egg with the central germ, or the circle with its central point. The brazen Serpenthad no such holy meaning as that; nor was it, in fact, glorified above the "fiery serpents" for the bite of which it was only a natural remedy. The symbological meaning of the word "brazen" being the feminine principle, and that of fiery, or "gold," the male one.**
In the Book of the Dead, as just shown, reference is often made to the Egg. Ra, the mighty one, remains in his Egg, during the struggle between the "children of the rebellion" and Shoo (the Solar Energy and the Dragon of Darkness) (ch. xvii.). The deceased is resplendent in his
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* And this only because the brazen serpent was lifted on a pole! It had rather a reference to Mico the Egyptian egg standing upright supported by the sacred Tau; since the Egg and the Serpent are inseparable in the old worship and symbology of Egypt, and since both the Brazen and "fiery" serpents were Saraphs, the "burning fiery" messengers, or the serpent Gods, the nagas of India. It was a purely phallic symbol without the egg, while when associated with it -- it related to cosmic creation.
** "Brass was a metal symbolizing the nether world . . . . that of the womb where life should be given . . . The word for serpent was in Hebrew Nakash, but this is the same term for brass." It is said in Numbers (xxi.) that the Jews complained of the Wilderness where there was no water (v. 5); after which "the Lord sent fiery serpents" to bite them, when, to oblige Moses, he gives him as a remedy the brazen serpent on a pole to look at; after which "any man when he beheld the serpent of brass . . . . lived" (?). After that the "Lord," gathering the people together at the well of Beer, gives them water, (14-16), and grateful Israel sang this song, "Spring up, O Well," (v. 17). When, after studying symbology, the Christian reader comes to understand the innermost meaning of these three symbols -- water, brazen, the serpent, and a few more -- in the sense given to them in the Holy Bible, he will hardly like to connect the sacred name of his Saviour with the "Brazen Serpent" incident. The Seraphim  (fiery winged serpents) are no doubt connected with, and inseparable from, the idea "of the serpent of eternity -- God," as explained in Kenealy's Apocalypse. But the word cherub also meant serpent, in one sense, though its direct meaning is different; because the Cherubimand the Persian winged [[gruphes]] "griffins" -- the guardians of the golden mountain -- are the same, and their compound name shows their character, as it is formed of  (kr) circle, and  "aub," or ob -- serpent -- therefore, a "serpent in a circle." And this settles the phallic character of the Brazen Serpent, and justifies Hezekiah for breaking it. (See II. Kings, 18, 4). Verbum sat. sapienti.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 365 THE WINGED GLOBE.
Egg when he crosses to the land of mystery (xxii. i.). He is the Egg of Seb (liv. 1-3). . . . The Egg was the symbol of life in immortality and eternity; as also the glyph of the generative matrix; and the tau, associated with it, only of life and birth in generation. The Mundane Egg was placed in Khnoom, the "Water of Space," or the feminine abstract principle (Khnoom becoming, with the fall of mankind into generation and phallicism, Ammon, the creative God); and when Phtah, the "fiery god," carries the Mundane egg in his hand, then the symbolism becomes quite terrestrial and concrete in its significance. In conjunction with the hawk, the symbol of Osiris-Sun, the symbol is dual: it relates to both lives -- the mortal and the immortal. In Kircher's OEdipus Egyptiacus (vol. iii., p. 124) one can see, on the papyrus engraved in it, an egg floating above the mummy. This is the symbol of hope and the promise of a second birth for the Osirified dead; his Soul, after due purification in the Amenti, will gestate in this egg of immortality, to be reborn from it into a new life on earth. For this Egg, in the esoteric Doctrine, is the Devachan, the abode of Bliss; the winged scarabeus being alike a symbol of it. The "winged globe" is but another form of the egg, and has the same significance as the scarabeus, the Khopiroo (from the root Khoproo "to become," "to be reborn,") which relates to the rebirth of man, as well as to his spiritual regeneration.
In the Theogony of Mochus, we find AEther first, and then the air, from which Ulom, the intelligible ([[noetos]]) deity (the visible Universe of Matter) is born out of the Mundane Egg. (Mover's Phoinizer, p. 282.)
In the Orphic Hymns, the Eros-Phanes evolves from the divine Egg, which the AEthereal Winds impregnate, wind being "the Spirit of the unknown Darkness" -- "the spirit of God" (as explains K. O. Muller, 236); the divine "Idea," says Plato, "who is said to move AEther."
In the Hindu Katakopanishad, Purusha, the divine spirit, already stands before the original matter, "from whose union springs the great soul of the world," Maha-Atma, Brahma, the Spirit of Life,* etc., etc.** Besides this there are many charming allegories on this subject scattered through the sacred books of the Brahmins. In one place it is the female creator who is first a germ, then a drop of heavenly dew, a pearl, and then an egg. In such cases -- of which there are too many to enumerate them separately -- the Egg gives birth to the four elements within the fifth, Ether, and is covered with seven coverings, which become later on the seven upper and the seven lower worlds. Breaking in two, the shell becomes the heaven, and the meat in the egg the earth, the white forming the terres-
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------
* The latter appellations are all identical with Anima Mundi, or the "Universal Soul," the astral light of the Kabalist and the Occultist, or the "Egg of Darkness."
** Weber, "Akad Vorles," pp. 213, 214 et seq.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 366 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
trial waters. Then again, it is Vishnu who emerges from within the egg with a lotus in his hand. Vinata, a daughter of Daksha and wife of Kasyapa ("the Self-born sprung from Time," one of the seven "creators" of our world), brought forth an egg from which was born Garuda, the vehicle of Vishnu, the latter allegory having a relation to our Earth only, as Garuda is the Great Cycle.
The egg was sacred to Isis; the priests of Egypt never ate eggs on that account.*
Diodorus Siculus states that Osiris was born from an Egg, like Brahma. From Leda's Egg Apollo and Latona were born, as also Castor and Pollux -- the bright Gemini. And though the Buddhists do not attribute the same origin to their Founder, yet, no more than the ancient Egyptians or the modern Brahmins, do they eat eggs, lest they should destroy the germ of life latent in them, and commit thereby Sin. The Chinese believe that their first man was born from an egg, which Tien, a god, dropped down from heaven to earth into the waters.** This symbol is still regarded by some as representing the idea of the origin of life, which is a scientific truth, though the human ovum is invisible to the naked eye. Therefore we see respect shown to it from the remotest past, by the Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, the Japanese, and the Siamese, the North and South American tribes, and even the savages of the remotest islands.
With the Egyptians, the concealed god was Ammon (Mon). All their gods were dual: the scientific reality for the Sanctuary; its double, the fabulous and mythical Entity, for the masses. For instance, as observed in "Chaos, Theos, Kosmos," the older Horus was the Idea of the world remaining in the demiurgic mind "born in Darkness before the creation of the world;" the second Horus*** was the same Idea going forth from theLogos, becoming clothed with matter and assuming an actual existence. (Compare Mover'"Phoinizer," p. 268.) The same with Khnoum and Ammon;**** both are represented ram-headed, and both often confused, though their functions are different. Khnoum is "the modeller of men," fashioning men and things out of the Mundane Egg on a potter's wheel;
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------
* Isis is almost always represented holding a lotus in one hand and in the other a circle and the Cross (crux ansata), the Egg being sacred to her.
** The Chinese seem to have thus anticipated Sir William Thomson's theory that the first living germ had dropped to the Earth from some passing comet. Query! why should this be called scientific and the Chinese idea a superstitious, foolish theory?
*** Horus -- the "older," or Haroiri, is an ancient aspect of the solar god, contemporary with Ra and Shoo; Haroiri is often mistaken for Hor (Horsusi), Son of Osiris and Isis. The Egyptians very often represented the rising Sun under the form of Hor the older, rising from a full-blown lotus, the Universe, when the solar disc is always found on the hawk-head of that god. Haroiri is Khnoum.
**** Ammon or Mon, the "hidden," the Supreme Spirit.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 367 THE SCANDINAVIAN LOGOS.
Ammon-Ra, the generator, is the secondary aspect of the concealed deity. Khnoum was adored at Elephanta and Philoe,* Ammon at Thebes. But it is Emepht, the One, Supreme Planetary principle, who blows the egg out of his mouth, and who is, therefore, Brahma. The shadow of the deity, Kosmic and universal, of that which broods over and permeates the egg with its vivifying Spirit until the germ contained in it is ripe, was the mystery god whose name was unpronounceable. It is Phtah, however, "he who opens," the opener of life and Death,** who proceeds from the egg of the world to begin his dual work. (Book of Numbers.)
According to the Greeks, the phantom form of the Chemis (Chemi, ancient Egypt) which floats on the ethereal waves of the Empyrean Sphere, was called into being by Horus-Apollo, the Sun god, who caused it to evolve out of the Mundane egg.***
In the Scandinavian Cosmogony -- placed by Professor Max Muller, in point of time, as "far anterior to the Vedas" in the poem of Voluspa (the song of the prophetess), the Mundane egg is again discovered in the phantom-germ of the Universe, which is represented as lying in the Ginnungagap -- the cup of illusion (Maya) the boundless and void abyss. In this world's matrix, formerly a region of night and desolation,Nebelheim (the mist-place, the nebular as it is called now, in the astral light) dropped a ray of cold light which overflowed this cup and froze in it. Then the Invisible blew a scorching wind which dissolved the frozen waters and cleared the mist. These waters (chaos), called the streams of Elivagar, distilling in vivifying drops, fell down and created the earth and the giant Ymir, who only had "the semblance of man" (the Heavenly man), and the cow, Audhumla (the "mother" or astral light, Cosmic Soul) from whose udder flowed four streams of milk (the four cardinal points: the four heads of the four rivers of Eden, etc., etc.) and which "four" allegorically are symbolized by the cube in all its various and mystical meanings.
The Christians -- especially the Greek and Latin Churches -- have fully adopted the symbol, and see in it a commemoration of life eternal,
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------
* His triadic goddesses are Sati and Anouki.
** Phtah was originally the god of death, of destruction, like Siva. He is a solar god only by virtue of the sun's fire killing as well as vivifying. He was the national god of Memphis, the radiant and "fair-faced God." (See Saqquarah Bronzes, Saitic Epoch.)
*** The Brahmanda Purana contains the mystery about Brahma's golden egg fully; and this is why, perhaps, it is inaccessible to the Orientalists, who say that this Purana, like the Skanda, is "no longer procurable in a collective body," but "is represented by a variety of Khandas and Mahatmyas professing to be derived from it." The "Brahmanda Purana" is described as "that which is declared in 12,200 verses, the magnificence of the egg of Brahma, and in which an account of the future Kalpas is contained as revealed by Brahma." Quite so, and much more, perchance.

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 368 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.
of salvation and of resurrection. This is found in and corroborated by the time-honoured custom of exchanging "Easter Eggs." From the anguinum, the "Egg" of the "pagan" Druid, whose name alone made Rome tremble with fear, to the red Easter Egg of the Slavonian peasant, a cycle has passed. And yet, whether in civilized Europe, or among the abject savages of Central America, we find the same archaic, primitive thought; if we only search for it and do not disfigure -- in the haughtiness of our fancied mental and physical superiority -- the original idea of the symbol.

So Blavatsky makes it pretty clear that the Egg is symbolic of the all-encompassing Spirit of Life itself which is omnipresent throughout the Universe from every level between Microcosm and Macrocosm - from the beginning to the end of manifestation. The egg is also both the alchemical vessel, or Athanoor, which carries the 'Great Work', as well as it's final completion as the Philosopher's Stone of pure Gold - and as we've found GOLD itself has the same value as that of the Egg 'BITzH', as well as the OVAL which is a clue as to the nature of the Key to the Cryptogram in verse 76 of Chapter II of Liber AL. The Key, particularly the Gold Key, is an iconic focal point of the later Amalantrah Workings of 1918 to which Grant was referring to above. Amalantrah was an astral 'Wizard' who was channeled by Crowley, Achad, and Ahitha (Roddie Minor) for a stint - which was, as Grant noted - the same time which Crowley happened to either receive contact or have a vision of the entity depicted in The Portrait of Lam

In Liber 729, amongst the multitude of descriptive visions - the first actual words to be recorded as having appeared or received was the name 'Ham' in an oblong egg, and then Amalantrah's first word to be uttered is "Child". Here is a quote for context:

[Monday] January 14, 1918 [e.v.]

12.10 a.m.

While with The Lady of Our Dreams I had a vision of Myself being a spreading candlestick with thirteen candles. Over each flame was the opening of a tube which could hold water as a fountain. These tubes met the flame in a throbbing vibration which became almost excruciating when suddenly the part of the candlestick above the stem or staff, broke off and became a crown. The crown floated in the air tilted at a slight angle and a circle which was a halo came down from heaven and dropped into the crown. In the center a wand came and then it all hovered above the candlestick with a veil round it. The veil in some ways appeared as rays of light. After I told this vision T[herion] talked a long while about the number 93; how adepts were tested when they brought messages; and how messages had been sent to him through the Scarlet Woman.

I had another vision of myself being thirteen naked women lying in a row and all being caressed at one time. When I told this to T., in a somewhat indirect manner, he suggested that I see if I could get any messages through visions or otherwise.

I began by asking for a vision containing a message. I first heard gurgling water and saw a dark farmhouse in among trees and green fields. The house and other things disappeared and a dark yoni appeared just where the house had stood. I then asked where will a message come from? Immediately soldiers with guns appeared lounging about the place and a king on a throne where the house had stood. I then asked again for a message and saw an egg in which were many many tiny convolutions of some flesh-like substance which would form something. The egg was placed in an oblong as in a picture. Around it were clouds, trees, mountains and water, called the `four elements'. A camel appeared in front of the whole picture. I next tried to find out who the king was. He looked more like Prof. Shotwell than any one else. That is, he was `simple, democratic' and very learned and fine. He was certainly not a king belonging to any kingdom limited by a country's borders, but was a king of men, or a king of the world. I asked his name and the word `Ham' appeared between the egg in the oblong and the soldiers around the king.<<i.e. King of Egypt?>>

The king went out to one side and a wizard linked his arm in the king's as they disappeared. The wizard looked at me significantly as they left. It was a sort of look as if one would almost wink. He was an old man, with gray beard, dressed in a long black gown. He was infinitely wise. They seemed to go to a cave in the base of a low mountain on the shore of a large body of water. A spring of sparkling cool water bubbled up through a barrel near the mouth of the cave. I went into the cave and saw them doing something mysterious with a revolver. The wizard had the revolver. What they were going to do was a joke of some kind, but the wizard looked grim about it. At T.'s suggestion I went up to them and said, ``I am Eve.'' This seemed to stop everything. They both disappeared with the cave. Very soon I saw the king sitting in a niche covered with a canopy, cut in the side of the mountain. In quite another place the wizard was sitting under a tree fanning himself. At T.'s suggestion I went up to him and asked him his name. I became very frightened and had the same sensation as when I spoke to him in the cave. It was a kind of shyness and awe. He only smiled at me and would not speak. It seemed that I did not know enough for him to speak with me. In order for him to say anything to me I should have to build a fire of sticks, which he showed me how to do. There was a baby in some way connected with the act of my building the fire which was like a ritual. Then a most beautiful lion was standing by the fire. The wizard was standing and still held one or two sticks in his hand. He smiled and said, ``Child.'' I then saw a most beautiful naked boy 5 or 6 years old dancing and playing in the woods in front of us. T. asked how he would look dressed and when I saw him in conventional clothes he looked very uncomfortable and repressed. He looked as if he should be dressed in skins such as tigers'. To one side near the place where I made the fire was a large turtle standing up as a penguin stands.

The wizard was very happy and satisfied looking. He sat down and reached out his hand to me and had me sit down beside him. As we watched the boy he put his left arm around me tenderly and placed my head on the left side of his chest near the shoulder.

He said, "It's all in the egg.''

The End.

This was the beginning of the Amalantrah Working, at least as it is recorded. Crowley did not record anything about Lam - but Grant offers many ideas as to just what this mystery of the Egg, Lam and Amalantrah may portend. First of all, the fact that he was simply put as the frontispiece to Crowley's edition of The Voice of the Silence itself says something. The note about Lam's name essentially meaning 'The Way', as in a Tibetan Lama shows that this silence is about the depth of the 'egg', or menstruum of either mind, spirit, space, etc - all of which resolve themselves into the silence of the Void - which Grant associates specifically with 'S'lba'. As the Nest, the Void is where the egg rests, as if it were a lotus of ULLAM (=107, 'consciousness') floating on the blissful waters of ANANDA (=107, 'infinite bliss'). The egg is related to the Ego itself, and not just because of their similarity as words but they are both 'containers' for the IDENTITY (=107). The universally powerful 'Ego' is the 'I', or 'Ego/Ahamkara' consciousness which is described by Crowley in Liber 729 from April 21st 1914 where he gives this interesting description:

"Critical glyphs, I saw how these are arranged. 
When any idea arises it is recorded automatically in every department of the mind. Each department immediately sends in a report as to how it is effected by the idea, but of course only those reports which are loud make themselves heard in the consciousness. 
I got a clear idea of the spider's web structure of the mind. The ahamkara appeared to me like a crystal, four hexagonal columns joined to the base (maybe octagonal, am not sure). And brought to a blunt point, each point occupying one of the angles of a tetrahedron which may explain the pyramid-phallus symbol. This glowed more or less brightly as each idea was recorded, rather like a tell-tale electric-light which registers a current passing through a machine and gauges it. This crystal bulged or shrank to a certain extent from time to time but never lost the tetrahedral form. The colour of the light was that peculiar gold which jewellers call a rose finish. I am now reminded of the jewel of Mara. This glow is very closely connected with pleasure and pain. 
I got away from this by understanding it as a mere ganglion or node of the web and did several mystic stunts."

Such is the structure of the ego in vivid terms according to one of Crowley's visions. I too have had similar geometric visions under the influence of both meditation and introspection alone as well as with the help of substances. This mental geometry is precisely what I he have been exploring and delineating with gematria and the Qabalah because these are the geometrical by-ways on which our minds operate. Mara is the Buddhist equivalent of the Deceiver, Satan, and his jewel is similar to that fallen star-stone of Lucifer's which brought along with it the Fall of Man, for when Lucifer (pure consciousness) was corrupted the pure state called 'Eden' was shattered into fragments (separate 'egos'). While this is generally considered a sort of supreme spiritual 'error', it is actually a necessary function of being for if there were not a fragmentation/fractalization there would be no difference and thus no vibration or 'change' by which any thing is distinguished from everything else and thus everything that is would cease to be and dissolve back into the pure absence of the perfect state of 'Eden'. It is, however, true that there is a spiritual gap, or a missing link between our true inner/High Selves (Spirit) and the Source from which it is detached and this link is the spiritual connection which must be rebuilt in place of the Ego. This is why many spiritual practices intend on slowly disempowering the ego from its roots up- which can be not only terrifying to some people who are deeply invested in their own egos, but also seemingly antithetical to many of the 'ideals' of Westernized culture, such as the emphasis on material possessions, identity, uniqueness, and originality. The truth is that until you tap into the underlying fabric of the mind and consciousness itself, the real bedrock of 'reality', you will merely be going in circles with the clap trap that resides merely at the surface of a very deep ocean of consciousness.

One of the first movies I watched that outlined a sort of spiritual journey was The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky from the mid-70's - quite a bit before I was born. One of the main scenes that has stuck with me, especially since the appearance of the Obsidian Egg talisman which served as a major key in my Initiation, is the part where the main character gets up to the top of the Tower and meets the Alchemist who then proceeds to prepare the candidate for his own Initiation. At one point the main character is put into a large clear egg where he is to apparently reabsorb his own wastes and then once again expel it so it may be transmuted to gold. This is an obvious metaphor which shows that only through facing our 'waste', and re-absorbing the parts of us which are unclean so as to understand them and extract the positive aspects can we begin the Great Work and achieve the Gold of the alchemists symbolized by enlightenment. It is significant to note also that the cover of the movie contains an Egg with a golden key inside of it which was referred to above in The Amalantrah Working and throughout this blog as a whole. The Gold Key of the Egg has been expounded quite extensively and here is what I think it unlocks...

In Liber AL vel Legis, or the Book of the Law, there is mention made of a particular 'Key' to be found in a 'secret word' which Nuit has given 'Him'. AL.I.20: "The key of the rituals is in the secret word which I have given unto him."  The 'him' is not Crowley, but the 'Chosen Priest' mentioned in AL.I.15: "Now ye shall know that the chosen priest & apostle of infinite space is the prince-priest the Beast; and in his woman called the Scarlet Woman is all power given. They shall gather my children into their fold: they shall bring the glory of the stars into the hearts of men." Two verses later, it says "But ye are not so chosen.". In AL Chapter II, vs. 47 it says ..."This book shall be translated into all tongues: but always with the original in the writing of the Beast; for in the chance shape of the letters and their position to one another: in these are mysteries that no Beast shall divine. Let him not seek to try: but one cometh after him, whence I say not, who shall discover the Key of it all."

Frater Achad thought this to be himself as he did discover many Keys to Liber AL, and not just the 'A'L key which unveiled the mystery of God/All and 'Not'/Absence. He also, as is mentioned above, discovered the 'secret word' which Nuit revealed to him as Ma-Ion, the 'ends' of manifestation, a word which appears in the 'ends' of her chapter, verses 1 and 66. The word MA-ION has multiple values depending on whether O is taken as Ayin or Vav, as well as if the N is given its regular or final value. This means that MA-ION has Hebrew-English Gematria values of either 107, 171, 757, or 821. Each one of these numbers gives clues as to the nature of this word and its Key-like nature.

We have already mentioned that 107 is the number of GOLD, OVAL, BITzH 'an Egg', THE MAGICK EGG, ULLAM ('consciousness', or 'the heart'), ANANDA ('bliss'), IDENTITY, etc.. 107 was also the number of years that had transpired since 1904 when I received the Obsidian Egg, further showing the importance of this number and this event in relation to the Currents of Horus and Maat. 
The number 171 is the sum of 1 through 18, and when I received the Egg I happened to be 18 years old at the time. This number also happens to be the value of the Hebrew 'He-Final', הה הסופי, which refers to the fourth and Final He of the Tetragrammaton which is presided over by Maat. (Note also that NU + MAAT = 107, and in Simple Gematria 171 is the number of 'The Supreme Key'.) 171 is also a number of THE ANQA, the Islamic name for the Phoenix which is said to perpetually reincarnate and symbolic of the Ageless Wisdom which is ever new (note its similarity to the word 'Ankh', meaning eternal life.). When you add 171 (MA-ION) to 'THE SECRET WORD' (=586) we get 757 - the number of MA-ION in its final value. As 821 it corresponds, as I've mentioned before, with my own birthday of August 21st (8-21), as well as THE CHILD OF LIBER AL, as well as "my name (294) + Ma-Ion + The Aeon of Maat" in Jewish Gematria. 

Achad took his findings regarding the Ma-Ion very seriously, even going to the extent of using 'Ma-Ion' seals on his letters. He ended up creating a Magickal Order of his own regarding this Current which he called The Fellowship of Ma-Ion which is mentioned on and quoted here:

"The Fellowship of Ma-Ion"
Secret magic order founded by "Frater Achad" (Charles Stansfeld Jones), a close associate and magical child of magician Aleister Crowley. The order was based on interpretations of the Kabalistic Tree of Life and The Book of the Law, the thelemic magic text channeled by Crowley. The Book of the Law announces the new aeon of Horus, the Egyptian deity referred to by Crowley as "the Crowned and Conquering Child." Jones announced the coming of the Ma-Ion or Aeon of Maat, the Egyptian goddess of truth and justice. The Ma-Ion was to succeed the Aeon of Horus, an idea that proved unacceptable to most thelemic magicians. The fellowship as such no longer exists, but its impetus has been carried on by contemporary Maatian magic groups such as the Ordo Adeptorum Invisiblum."

While many indeed do write off Achad's claims, I have had too many personal revelations - many of which far exceed anything that could be claimed as 'looking too deeply', or 'confirmation bias' - to write this information off and the evidence and information hasn't ceased in coming through at all, in fact it is coming in stronger and stronger over time. Not too long ago I actually also found a Liber from the above mentioned Ordo Adeptorum Invisiblum titled Liber 107, or Liber ANDANA (a metathesis of 'Ananda'.) from Don Karr, author of Approaching the Kabbalah of Maat. I had known of this text from reading about it online, and even saw it years ago when it was online but at the time I wouldn't have understood it's importance and it has since been taken down so I had to ask someone who would have it for a copy - which thanks to Don's sincerity I was able to obtain it.

The text of Liber Andana was published in 1983, but it is based on the Magickal Workings of the O.A.I. beginning in November of 1982. Here is an excerpt from the Preface:

"Liber Andana is the name given to a magickal working undertaken by the Chicago Ordo Adeptorum Invisiblum during the first week of November 1982 ev. The workings, viewed with the perspective only hindsight can give, proved not only of value to those who participated in them, but seemed to offer information of importance to the larger magickal and occult community; hence this publication.

The Ordo Adeptorum Invisiblum is a Maatian Thelemic/Thelemicist magickal order. It is Maatian in that it finds its symbolic focus in the concept of Maat, the ancient Egyptian goddess of order, justice and truth. Maat is not a deity to be worshipped; rather, she is the personification of the ideals, both personal and social, which the Order proclaims. The OAI also works out of the reality of Thelema (the Greek word for will) and sees its activity as both an expression of and a tool to discover our True Will, our particular universal destiny. We do magick. Magick is the art of causing change in line with the True Will by the use of the cosmic and universal forces available to each of us. Finally, we are an ordered, though non-graded, group, in that we do magick by the traditional means of ritual and other occult disciplines (meditation, divination, etc.).

Liber Andana consisted of a magickal process focused in two rituals held November 2 and November 6, 1982. The workings provided a significant step forward in the full development of the Maatian magick with which the group had been working for over a year. In assembling the records of Liber Andana, we discovered at least six items of importance to the larger occult community. 

Item: The workings proceeded as much by intuition as by design, and the attention given to the intuitive insights contributed substantially to both the final shape and structure of the rituals performed and the resulting success.

Item: Each participant in the workings made a contribution to its conception, development, writing, performance and reporting, as well as the process of critique through which it passed. The very process which accompanied these workings proved substantial pragmatic verification (i.e., it works!) of a key Maatian building block - the Communion of the Hive. 

Item: The rituals self-consciously brought together for the first time a number of specifically Maatian magickal insights and practices which the OAI had perceived one-by-one during the past two years. As such, Liber Andana created and defined a new gestalt of magick to which the word "Maatian" is most appropriately given.

Item: As a result of Liber Andana, the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah has been re-cast, and its personal truth is now open to infusion by Maatian principles. With this new insight to the Kabbalah, its essence can be utilized most effectively for the goals of the Maatian Aeon. 

Item: as a further result of Liber Andana, the specific and distinctive nature of Maatian magickal energy, hinted at in the prior work of both the OAI and other Maatian practitioners, was clearly perceived, experienced and defined. Once defined, it clarified the events of past ritual efforts. 

Item: Finally, Liber Andana marks no less than the beginning of a totally new cycle in the Aeon of Maat first announced April 2, 1948. Liber Andana proclaims "The Dawn of Maat has Returned," and that the period of that dawning began July 17, 1982 and continued until November 29, 1982, during which the planets Pluto and Saturn were conjunct in the sign of Libra. "

While I do not have the time or effort to provide the entire document at length here, I just wanted to quote the key 'Items' which the OAI claimed as a result of Liber Andana because they parallel the results of some of my own Maatian Work - which I may add has also served as a way to deeply expand the teachings of the Qabalah/Kabbalah for myself and other more modern and 'Maatian' practitioners, many of whom I have corresponded with in the course of our Work helping one another to further widen our Knowledge and Understanding making way for a deeper inner Wisdom.

The name 'Andana', and its corresponding value of 107, are important as they show that the 'GOLD' Key mentioned above was active all the way through from the time Achad himself died - through the 70's in the work of Grant and Nema, to the 80's with the work of the O.A.O., to the 90's and 00's with the later Work of the Horus-Maat Lodge. When I received an obsidian egg on April 2nd, 2011 - 107 years into the Aeon of Horus - I was not aware at the time of ANY of Achad's Maatian/Egg material and so all of this serves to show that the Current is still highly active and even capable of working through people who may not be completely aware of its nature of significance.

I personally think that this 'Current' is indeed tied in with what Nema discusses in her Magical Record (quoted in Outside the Circles of Time) dealing with our future ancestors located 'down when' in the flow of 'time' - even though the general Current itself is largely beyond or unaffected by linear time. It is my conjecture that with this 'new', or at least re-vitalized knowledge, coming in alongside this Current much in the way of physical and spiritual evolution will be vastly occurring. As Michael Bertiaux basically says in his chapter Maatian Inductions in his book The Voudon-Gnostic Workbook - it's as if we are growing into the Aeon of Maat and becoming aware of it as its always been there rather than it 'dawning' in time on its own.
Here is Michael's chapter on Maatian Inductions quoted below:

Ma’atian Inductions I
One if the most outstanding characteristics of the Ma’atian influence in occult physics is to be found in the nature of induction, whereby the evidence for the overlap of this aeon is fed into the evaluation system. Normally, the inductive process is characterized by a certain simplicity, or when it is built up into a complex whole it is built up out of relatively simple logical instances. In the case of the Ma’atian complex, however, we cannot expect any simplicity, because of the widest range of implications which are involved in the most basic instances and specimens. It would seem that the overriding and all-pervasive quality of this system is complexity at the fundamental level. Yet, this complexity is particularly Ma’atian, inasmuch as we can say that any quality which may serve to define the newer influence, if it possesses a Ma’atian origin, will exhibit a definite Ma’atian arithmosophical property.
            An example of this may be found in the differences between method-models in the system of the Horus aeon and that of the Ma’atian. In the older system, the method-model is based upon a definite of singleness of component-operation. It has been discovered however in the Ma’atian system that singleness of any component implies the full range of components and that this fuller range of component factors serves to generate in its own development those method-spaces which connect the components. As we know, in the ideal model there are eight components. As we known, in the ideal model there are eight components. This ideal was rarely if ever applied in the Horus-aeon models. However, we are finding that in the Ma’atian system we must apply the entire scope of the ideal model in every instance in order to receive the proper Ma’atian inductions. Likewise, we must take serious note of the inductions which come from the method-spaces which connect the components of the eightfold pattern. There are seven of these so that by taking into account all of the components of the system, both the eight logically defined components as well as the seven connective method spaces, we arrive at the total of 15 technical factors which must be evaluated in any inductive process of Ma’atian origin. Of course we know that 1+5=6, which is the number of the aeon in question.
            However, this tendency to amplify and inter-connect is characteristic of the whole impact of the Ma’atian system. By this I mean that everywhere in the definitional system in question we find a very noticeable complexity and at the same time a parallel interconnectedness, which is more than mere logical overlap of structures. Rather, aside from all logical questions, we have come to the conclusion that a primordial characteristic and possibly a fundamental property of the Ma’atian aeon is hereby reflected in this inter-webbing of structures and patterns. Yet, at the same time, this system is totally at variance with any previous connectives and explications, especially any attempt to explain by the imposition of geometry or even metageometry the Ma’atian structure. The older methods will simply not be proven adequate, because in a way they do not fit the Ma’atian system requires its own answer-models and cannot fall back upon previous and formerly dependable procedures.

Zeitgeist and Zeitalter: Ma’atian Inductions II
The ages of the world and the world spirit of the age form the basis always for the logical methodologies of the exact and empirical sciences. Thus, from the character of the age and its spirit, we may deduce by an exact procedure the general properties of all basic systems operating within that specific aeon. And if this sounds like the magickal confirmation of the philosophy of certain idealists, such as Schelling, then it would appear that such views have an inductive basis in the ways in which the ages of the world create and formulate their sciences and logics.
            Consequently, it is important to realize that the Ma’atian aeon exhibits very special properties and characteristics, which isolate it from all other periods and which define and allow for the development of a unique Ma’atian logical system. Hence, if the basis of induction is to be found in the ideal contents which exist in both space and time, in the empirical world of causal connections and psychic fields, then we can say that such a basis is directly created by the aeon inasmuch as only the aeon will allow to become embedded in phenomena those ideal patterns which are agreeable to the general essences of the aeon. Thusly, the aeon not only builds the world about itself, but it provides the basis whereby the aeon is known and understood in the scientific as well as in the mystical community. Therefore, we can say the world of the present is known by those methods which exist and are subject to discovery in the present.
             The exact method of connection between the aeon and the systems of logic has been perhaps only recently explored in the magickal writings of Whitehead, where especially in his analysis of the non-statistical ground of induction, he presents a precise argument for the basis of the sciences of logical exploration in the very fact of the immanence of God as an ideal system and field of logical contents, or sophiological wholes in nature. We can see that this view is identical with both the ancient viewpoint of gnostic magick as well as with the not so presently appreciated nineteenth century German idealist philosophers, especially F.W. von Schelling and the esotericist Franz von Baader.
            What is most important is to realize that the tendency of certain philosophers has been in the exact direction of the gnostic and Zothyrian modes of analysis. Also, it is important to realize that logic is not imposed upon the order of nature but as in the systems of German idealists, logic can be understood as rising out of the order of nature.  Logic, in other words, is a pure reflection of the aeon or the consciousness of the Zeitgeist. The Zothyrian system is therefore interchangeable with the German idealist as well as the neo-platonic and gnostic, just as the inductive magicks and gnostic physics of von Schelling and Fran von Baader were interchangeable with similar systems in Bruno and Proclus. And it is from this carefully built up logical basis that the speculative physics of each new aeon is to be derived from the spirit of the age, the Zeitgeist, which is the Logos of that aeon, or the manifestation of the merging absolute spirit in nature.

  The 'Logos' ('Word' or 'Reason'; i.e. Logic) of the Maat Current is veiled under three different words according to two different people. Frater Achad announced in 1926 the 'Word of the Aeon' which Crowley had failed to utter and he claimed it was 'ALLALIA', with a value of 103 and a meaning of 'Unspeakable', or 'Speechless'. However, he also claimed that MA-ION was the 'secret word' of the Key of the Rituals and also veiled the Aeon of Maat, and the number of this word he specified as 107. In 1974, with the reception of Liber Pennae Praenumbra, a woman who was at the time also unaware of Achad's Maat work (Nema Andahadna) proclaimed that the word of the Aeon was 'IPSOS', meaning "by the same mouth", and various values whether S is taken as Shin or Samekh.

  It is significant that when the values of all three of these formulas are put together (103+107+456) - the number of the Beast 666 is obtained. Such would be a qualitative 'confirmation' to Crowley that his adepts were on to something. If we try to interpret these three words together we get something to the effect of 'the Unspeakable ends of Manifestation [spoken] by the Same Mouth". This could mean that the conceptual Beginning and the End of Manifestation are One - and that the 'Word' of Creation is spoken 'by the same Mouth', or by the same soul. Such an interpretation would tie right in with the concept of non-linear 'archonic', or 'over-arching', Para-Brahmanic Consciousness operating from beyond our linear fractional 'selves'. ALLALIA-MAION-IPSOS is thus an apt formula for the Current which the Maat archetype represents being related to such concepts as Truth, Justice, Balance, Measurement, Mathematics, Fullness, and especially the 'Matrix' of Being.

Note the appearance of the Egg  
in the Hieroglyph of Maat
This Current of 666 is one which is very integral to our both Spiritual and Technological advancement as Human beings on Earth. It is a major Key itself which was obviously important enough to be mentioned multiple times in the Bible, not only in just Revelation 13:18, but also in Ezra 2:13 the Sons of Adonikam are numbered at six hundred and sixty six, and in 1 Kings 10:14 Solomon is said to receive yearly the weight of 666 talents of gold. Adonikam is actually, according to its reiteration in Nehemiah 7:18 is really enumerated at 667 (a number which also has a unique significance to be analyzed as its LIBER L VEL LEGIS with Achad's added 'A' Key.). 666 is a number mentioned meticulously throughout this blog - and it is significant that since this blog is all about the egg, 666 in a way veils the spiral 'e'-'g'-'g' letters and as we can see in the quote from Blavatsky the Sun and the Egg, as well as the Soul and the Universe itself are all related to 666 (and the 'spiral', either inward turning toward 666, the heart and 'Sol', or outward as in 999 - the foundation of Yesod.)

The more 'negatively' polarized aspects of certain 666 gematria values were analyzed in the last post, while in this one I want to analyze some of the more positive ones which will certainly serve as a sort of set of Keys to many Gates which have hitherto been locked. It must be taken into deep consideration - especially for those who may be completely stubborn and skeptical of the formula - that many of these codes which are being provided with basic Hebrew gematria letter values applied to the transliterated equivalents in English which correspond with certain particular ancient concepts - even English itself precisely corresponding with Hebrew which is much older than itself - obviously says something about it's importance as a valuable tool for at least basic qabalistic analysis. The problem here, of course, is we are definitely lacking - as individuals and as a whole - at merely even looking at, let alone digging deeply into the Mystical and Magical Storehouse that is the Qabalistic Tree of Life and the Gems which it holds. It is almost as if there were a reason this were so. Now is the time we are going to begin to bring certain information to light with the tried and true practices of qabalistic analysis - and we are going to open a mystery that has long been left secreted under a fog of uncertainty, speculation, doubt and the profound unknown.

  This is the mystery of the GIZA PYRAMIDS. It is very significant that the letters of these words happen to equal 666 - for the understanding of them is just what conveys the entire Biblical meaning of the 'Number of a Beast'/'Number of Man' - he who can reach Understanding (Binah) can enter the City of Pyramids. Thus, the Riddle of the Sphinx - of Man and the Beast - is conveyed also in the Riddle of Liber AL, for as it will be see the two are inextricably related. It should be taken in mind that most of this - Crowley himself probably was not aware of at the time because he did not have the luxury of a computer - but that just goes to show how brilliant he was without one, along with all those great minds who came before us. And apparently, of all those great minds - very few have been able to offer insight into the definitive mysteries - primarily centering around the Great Pyramid of Khufu (also called 'Cheops').

  First of all - it should be noted that 666 is again the number of LIBER L VEL LEGIS, and that most people - even in the O.T.O. community - (at least that I'm aware of, because I've scoured the internet and talked to some of even the highest people, even discussing Gematria at length with Nema for a time... no one really thinks much of gematria, much less Grant's mentioning of the Ma-Ion or Frater Achad.) probably don't know that... I actually realized it on my own, along with many other things that make it all the more personally significant, and I've never seen either Crowley or Grant mention it, and no one else for that matter. And that's the thing, if no one realizes this stuff - and that's why I personally don't find any value, at least at this time, in group work with 'official' groups, and therefore also if any of this happens to be above and beyond what some people in such groups may find 'acceptable', well I have taken no official oaths but my own and it the fact of the matter is it should be your duty to be collecting this knowledge and dispensing of it appropriately to our brethren yourselves if you were truly of as high esteem as many of these stagnant Orders and Lodges seem to think themselves. And so since no one else will, we shall let the Fool.

  At the outset, it should be noted that it is about to be the 111th year of the Aeon of Horus - and 111 is the 'DUAL WANDED' One, known in Liber AL as Hrumachis. 111 is also the full value of the first Hebrew letter Aleph which corresponds with the Fool tarot card. It is highly significant that Aleph and its value of 111 are the first and only Hebrew letter to have a triple value, as if to try and show a reference to THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS (111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999). Here we see this phrase has a value of 666 again in Hebrew-English Gematria showing that this Formula is highly integrated with the Qabalah itself as it is THE WHOLE QABALAH which is summed up in these Nine Chambers. In the last post I mentioned how 666 was THE ELECTRICITY FORMULA, but it is also the ELECTRIC force itself which comports the perceived force of DESTRUCTION along the path of the 9 Chambers. [More about Electricity and Electronics will be written about in future posts.] Considering a single word from each 'chamber', we can see a sort of 'current' being carried which expresses the microcosmic circuit of electric force but also the macrocosmic:
  • 111 = LOVE - Love is the formula of magick itself, duality. It also corresponds with MALKUTH, the 1 and 0 - 'where the magick happens'.
  • 222 = CHARGE - 2 is the dyad in which the electric force becomes separated from Atziluth at Chokmah. 222 is also BREATHE!
  • 333 = GROUND - The synthesis of the two grounds in a third.
  • 444 = COMPASSION - The amplification of Love into the material realm of space-time-spirit-matter. Also, it is the function of Avalokiteśvara/Guanyin, the Buddha of Compassion. 
  • 555 = MASTER - 5 is the middle of the spectrum and is thus the GRAND-BALANCER, (i.e. Maat. MAAT + BALANCE + HARLEQUIN = 555. See The Book of Thoth where Crowley mentions the Adjustment card's relation to Maat who holds the Balance and the Harlequin.)
  • 666 = DESTRUCTION - This is the Spirit of Destruction which is necessary for the process of Change. Again, it is also the ELECTRIC current which is THE KUNDALINI-SHAKTI POWER. 666 is also the great DISTRACTION.
  • 777 = REVELATION - 7 is a number of the Light-force and its understanding comports LIBERATION.
  • 888 = MANIFESTATION - 8 is the 'feedback loop', and its center-point is the nexus of microcosm and macrocosm, the within and the without.
  • 999 = THE STORY - This signifies the completed story  - THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE - of THE STRANGE LOOP EGG which comports the endless spiralic nature of manifestation which, like an egg with a strange loop ((A strange loop arises when, by moving only upwards or downwards through a hierarchical system, one finds oneself back where one started.)) It is this particular zone which the current of MAAT MAGICK resonates. [Note K in its final value is 500, but gematrix will not calculate final values.] 
These are basic Keys to what the Nine Chambers represent, but it should be known that these chambers are infinitely deep as they expand within the OOO, or Ain Soph Aur (The Limitless Light), and multiply indefinitely. Nine being the Spiral pointing down and outward it is symbolic of the the open or awakening Kundalini force lying coiled at the base of the spine which contains all personal potential power.

When this Hebrew-English Gematria formula is applied to the Pyramids it unveils some interesting things. First, we must also note again for the sake of seeing again how this all 'adds up', that EGYPT itself is 107, the Gold Egg - which also connects to what Amalantrah conveyed to Aleister Crowley and Frater Achad in 1918 about the Gold Key being found in an Egg, in a desert, and that they were to go to Egypt. Like it says in Liber Ananda, much of this can only be understood now with a hindsights view - meaning there is still much room for expansion - do you think the Hebrews knew of the word 'ELECTRIC' back when they were talking about 666 over two thousand years ago? English is naturally configured to this Logos, and so we see using it that this entire situation regarding the Key of it All and the Gold Key show that the Key of it All is the Hebrew-English Gematria formula itself - which fills many gaps which were hitherto a seemingly unfathomable abyss between science and religion - east and west - past and future - mind and body - spirit and matter. GOLD is 107 using this formula, and corresponding with AL.III.31: "There cometh a rich man from the West who shall pour his gold upon thee." - THE MAN FROM THE WEST WITH THE GOLD = 1331 [N=700], a Key number of my own name which is 13 letters and contains its reflection, 31, the number of the verse and the Key of AL.

It is important here that we are going through the various connective nuances of this historical sequence as it is a rather complex though highly intricate and precise pattern when looked at from a distance. All of these different currents come together like a spider web to an apex located at the Cairo Pyramid complex and the eastward facing Sphinx. Readers of Liber OKBISh will be familiar with much of these concepts and the timeless nature of the weaver Okbi who weaves the web of Shin or Set (Fire-Spirit, △) across the gulfs of time and space only to focus on Earth, the tunnels under Cairo in particular, as its chosen place to figuratively plant its qliphothic spider-alien eggs which will hatch to bring the Aeon of Maat - as it says 'Lam is Okbi (102)...'  (See Liber OKBISh, verse 1.5.) Thus, the coiled Lam-Serpent is seen as synonymous with the Spider Okbish and its self-created web.

THE LION'S GATE = 888 and is equivalent to Ιησους, THE COSMIC CHRIST level of consciousness which 'The Gold Spirit of Christ', known as 'Chrysos' which is yet another 107 corresponding precisely with GOLD. Note also that Grant mentions in OTCOT that Maion is also the name of the Angel ruling Leo. The Lion has long been connected with the symbol of the Key - and thus we see further how all these mysteries, the Riddle of the Sphinx, the Egg of Aiwass/Lam, and the Key of It All all tie in together as the Key to the Pyramids - for the ENNEAD or Sacred NINE neter, or aspects of Atum - the Nine Chambers within the Egg which can be fathomed as the 7 rays in the polarization of Yin and Yang.

What is ironic is that there are in fact many companies that use this Qabalistic symbolism - either knowingly or not - all over the place. For example, most people are familiar with the entertainment corporation 'Lions Gate Entertainment', but there is also even an 'Ennead Architects' group which specializes in designing "cultural, educational, governmental and scientific not-for-profit institutions". When you consider some of the other major names, such as 'Paramount Pictures', [Paramount means 'having supreme power', 'more important than anything else'], 'DreamWorks Studios' [See Dreamwork in Psychoanalysis.].... Perhaps another synchromystic speculation could be in the fact that in The Matrix movie which has many Gnostic influences was distributed by Warner Brothers and in this movie the main character Neo's passport happened to have expired on the date of September 11, 2001 - (the same as that of the 9-11 attack).

'Coincidences' are connections, like marmas in the web or net of the Matrix.
Ironically - yet another architecture group here in this matrix, the Saudi Bin Laden Group (SBG) - happened to register their internet domain name on September 11, 2000 exactly one year previously. (Meaning the 911 incident was probably planned much in advance.) The movie itself was released on March 31, 1999, though this is not the only incident of this number (911) in various movies and television shows - leading one to wonder how much this numerological knowledge is known about and used in these programs. The number 911 is worked into many different programs and movies before 9-11-01, and its even in one of the shows I remember seeing when I was very young called The Secret World of Alex Mack and the day she gets her powers is September 11th and there is also an episode called The New World Order (linked). Many references like this are riddled throughout much of this material. But as Grant mentions numerous times, 9 and 11 are the OB and the OD, the Astral and Magick (i.e. qliphothic) Lights - the Egg (11) and its Gestation (9). 11 + 9 is of course 20, which is the EYE of DAATH and Yod ('I'). It becomes apparent that this code is either being used consciously - or possibly not - when you realize that 'SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH RITUAL' itself has a value of 777, and many people have in the last few years brought up many connections between this event and number.

The 9th Hebrew letter is Teth which corresponds with the Tarot card Lust featuring Leo the Lion as the 'Beast' with Babalon on his back. The formula of Babalon and the Beast are also yet another expression of the formula of Non-Identity (the Grail of Babalon) and Identity (the Mask of the Beast).
The IX° (9th degree) O.T.O. is that of basic Sex Magick between male and female under these formulas. It is also related under the symbolism of the Egg girt with a Serpent and veiled under the number of Tzaddi, 90 (which is Not the Star (or the Star of Nuit).

90 shows the 9°, or the Serpent with the Egg. 90 is the value of PI, the 17th Greek letter which is also the formula of the Spiral which also emanates from and to form the Egg. 107 is thus Pi containing the Egg and 90 + 17, or the Ninth Degree empowered by Peh, the Tongue which is the Word made flesh - for there are 17 muscles in the human tongue. The Mouth and the tongue are major symbols of Maat and so 107 as the Gold Egg/ Mouth/ Tongue/ Serpent and all of these are also related to what Lam embodies as the Egg-shaped cranium who speaks through silence 'by the same mouth' as the Kundalini serpent-power. Thus, Maat is a more 'clean' version of Babalon, focusing more on Truth and Justice rather than Kalinian revenge, and Lam is the Mask of the Beast in its trans-personal, 'other', or 'alien' form rather than the lower, carnal animal/beast form. Sex magick is thus a primary mode of unlocking certain higher or lower atavisms so as to better guide and enhance the process of evolution. Thus, it is supremely significant that one of the Ancient Egyptian words for the immortal magickal force of the Soul itself, AQU, pronounced aku, has yet again a value of 107 linking it with the spirit of Gold.

Grant never mentions it, but perhaps he leaves it to be intuited, that 29 - the number of The Book of the Spider - is that of HADIT, the full bindu which is synonymous with the dense Muladhara/Lam/Malkuth. This is THE 'I' (=29), or the Ego/Ahamkara which Crowley described in the quote up above - which is like a geometric crystalline construction composed entirely of the various levels of Mind - which can be fathomed as the different levels of the Nine Chambers of Astral Light, or Azoth. The cultivation or production and strengthening/potentiating of this substance in the Magickal Being is the general aim as it is the primary essence generating life and consciousness itself and is generally depicted as the Egg-shaped aura surrounding the body.

In A Dictionary of Symbols, by J. E. Cirlot, he summarizes some of the prime meanings of the 'egg':

Egg   A great many prehistoric tombs in Russia and Sweden have revealed clay eggs which had been left there as emblems of immortality. In the language of Egyptian hieroglyphs, the determinative sign of the egg represents potentiality, the seed of generation, the mystery of life. This meaning persisted among the alchemists, who added explicitly the idea that it was the container for matter and for thought. In this way was the transition effection from the concept of the egg to the Egg of the World, a cosmic symbol which can be found in most symbolic traditions - Indian, Druidic, etc. The vault of space came to be known as an Egg, and this Egg consisted of seven enfolding layers- betokening the seven heavens or spheres of the Greeks. The Chinese believe that the first man had sprung from an egg dropped by Tien from heaven to float upon the primordial waters. The Easter egg is an emblem of immortality which conveys the essence of these beliefs.  
The golden from which Brahma burst forth is equivalent to the Pythagorean circle with a central point (or hole). 
But it was in Egypt that this symbol most frequently appeared. Egyptian naturalism - the natural curiosity of the Egyptians about the phenomena of life - must have been stimulated by the realization that a secret animal-growth comes about inside the closed shell, whence they derived the idea, by analogy, that hidden things (the occult, or what appears to be non-existent) may actively exist. In the Egyptian Ritual, the universe is termed the 'egg conceived in the hour of the Great One of the dual force'. The god Ra is displayed resplendent in his egg. An illustration on a papyrus, in the OEdipus AEgypticaus of Kirchir, (III, 124), shows the image of an egg floating above a mummy, signifying hope of life hereafter. The winged globe and the beetle pushing it ball along have similar implications. The Easter-time custom of the 'dancing egg', which is placed in the jet of a fountain, owes its origin, according to Krappe (who refers only to the Slavs), to the belief that at that time of the year the sun is dancing in the heavens. The Lithuanians have a song which run as follows: 'The sun dances over a mountain of silver; he is wearing silver boots on his feet'. 

(Right after this, on the section on Egypt, Cirlot says it is "A traditional symbol of the animal in man. Hence, 'to go out of Egypt' is to abandon the sensual and the material and to progress towards the Promised Land across the Red Sea and the desert: to progress towards a superior, transcendent state. The symbol is a Gnostic one.")

So the Egg and Egypt are both symbolic of the totality of the Great Work of Mankind. Crowley already said the Great Work was symbolized by the number of 11, or the union of the Pentagram (micro-cosm) and Hexagram (macro-cosm), which is the number of the knowledge (Daath, 11) of the EGG (=11). The Great Work is THE WORK OF THE EGG which is found contained in THE EGG itself and this blog, 'It's All in the Egg', which comes from the exhortation by Amalantrah. He also said that "the egg is a work which must be done- the Great Work. By doing the work we get to the key". The aim of the Great Work is focused, at least for the most part, at the region of Tiphareth (6). By getting here we get to the Key, that is the Key of the Abyss, which is focused at the region of Daath (11). Daath is the double horizon of Horus (the Sun) and the Key of Horus/Ra is the unspeakable word that is the true name of every Initiate and equivalent to ALLALIA 'unspeakable', ALMALA 'the Soul of Not', or MABYN 'the Crowned Babe'. These all comport the similar notion of the Egg and the Babe therein, for if we add the 4 elements to 103 the number 107 is again obtained.

107 is also the number of AMSU, the Risen Horus who represents the inner immortal spirit who has risen beyond the two truths of the double horizon of life and death. Amsu was one of first risen or resurrected gods and thus connects with the GOLD of Chrysos or Christ. The opening of the double Horizon is the balancing of the inward and outward polarities of the Horus/Vav aspect of Tetragrammaton by the FINAL HE represented by Maat, who according to Achad has a 'lesser cycle' called MA-ION which is 'terrestrial' and temporal, as seen in the curious manifestations typical to that Current of influence, particularly centering around the symbol of the egg. The egg is thus a symbol of the gateway out of time and space, a conceptual time machine of sorts, which may be why a large majority of extraterrestrial or interdimensional space-craft appear as oblong, oval or egg-shaped along with a great many of their occupants own craniums being reported as similar in shape.

The Ninth Degree mentioned above is the formula for opening the Double Horizon which opens the Gate of Manifestation beyond and between the 9 Chambers which is synonymous with the Cosmic Egg encapsulating the universe. Multiplying the 9 planes of manifestation inside the Gold (107) Egg, 963 which is the number of Αναστασις is obtained, meaning 'Resurrection', or 'Rising Again', typical of the Phoenix and the Cosmic Egg. This number represents the fullness of the Egg itself, being that of AChD (111+418+434) in Full, and meaning the fullest Unity, as well as the phrase 'EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED' and THE ULTIMATE PERFECTION - Perfection being yet another highly significant formulas of Maat wherein the All of Hadit is reflected in the Mirror of the Space-time Matrix in its fullest most monstrously hideous, beastial form, as conceived from a human standpoint.
963 is actually THE KEY OF MAAT, and it is the reflection of Σοπηια, the Goddess of Wisdom whose number is 369. (Note that by adding HADIT, 29 to 963 we get 992, the number of THE KEY OF IT ALL which is veiled in Hadit's chapter of Liber AL.) The 'triangular' numbers 3, 6 and 9 are the numbers which Nikola Tesla referred to when he said:

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe...
The 3, 6 and 9 represent the conduits/pathways that force (energy/information) manifest through to form materia. The other numbers 1,2,4,5,7,8 represent the already manifested ingredients of materia. Thus the structure of all things material is dependent on the sequence/pattern force takes via the 3,6 and 9 conduits. The sequence changes to form the pulses (wave(s)) force found forming and supporting all things commonly known as field(s).”

SOPHIA is equivalent to NUIT in Hebrew-English Gematria, both valuing at 466, which is also WORMWOOD - all of which are goddess/feminine/venusian forms. Whereas Nuit is the Goddess of Infinite Space, Maat is the inner-space in which space appears within (i.e. the Matrix of the mind.) Each one of these veils different layers of the Goddess which represents the Gate beyond the numbers. Again, this 'Gate' is further veiled under the symbolism of the the Ninth Arch, the Royal Arch which spans the dual-horizon. Nuit herself is depicted as this self-same arch on the Stele of Revealing which was found by Crowley to be significantly numbered 666 in the Bulaq Museum inventory. The goddess is the doorway and the doorway in Hebrew is veiled under the letter Daleth which crosses over Daath and spans the dual-horizon of Chokmah-Binah, or Time and Space. Nuit as the goddess of space-time is thus seen as equivalent to Sophia not merely in a numerical sense, but also since they both represent the bridge of understanding (experience) and Wisdom (Gnosis) which unites duality through dissolution of differentiation.

Daleth is also related to Venus which in its negative expression equates with the poison of wormwood as the 'revenge of Kali'. Wormwood would be the polluted waters of Binah, both exoterically in terms of physical pollution (such as oil spills and nuclear waste) as well as psychological pollution in all its many forms. The Gate of the Goddess is symbolized the Vesica which is created by the bi-o form, or double 'O' mentioned in the last post, when the edges of the two O's are aligned with each other's center point. The nexus of the two spheres is the womb of Nuit where -1 and +1 (or the empty O/Nuit and the full O/Nuit) come together to generate the Light of Ra-Hoor-Kuit, the 'ever-coming one' which is simply the lightning flash of consciousness arising from the polarities of +/-.

This is the Ain Soph, or 'Boundless-Infinity' arising between the Ain (Nothing) and Ain Soph Aur (the Limitless Light/Everything). Ain could be considered 'deep sleep', Ain Soph Aur would be the waking state, and Ain Soph would thus be inbetween the two as the dream-state. The 'Mauve Zone', or fourth state beyond these three is termed 'turiya' and is typified also by ANANDA, or pure 'bliss' and ultimate ULLAM, or 'consciousness'. These once again show that the second and FINAL HE of Tetragrammaton opens onto this fourth state of consciousness which is not bound by the constraints of space-time or subject and object, i.e. it is beyond duality, or at least is a state where all dualities are resolved into their unified synthesis. This state is also thus beyond light itself and the forms which it may illuminate, and is the 'hidden light' beyond the gross mundane physical light. From this state, all matter and movement (maya) is seen as it is in truth and at once, and thus it is not cognizable ('reasonable') to us from our fragmented temporal perspectives - though insight into this dimensional state may yield very useful information, albeit colored by our own flawed perceptions - which may be the case with these 'Maatian' influences slowly seeping into our space and time here and now in whatever level we are able to understand them. It is certain however, as Bertiaux says in the quote above, that the complexity of this incoming Current is typical of it's nature and noticeably unlike those preceding it and thus setting it apart as distinguishable from that of the Isis, Osirian or Horus Currents, typified by Naturalism, Pastoralism, and Individualism (respectively).  Maat appears to incorporate and balance all of the main influences of each of these while also adding trans-personal and trans-human elements..

Now, we will explore some of this transpersonal and transhuman Maatian wisdom which is now made available to us with the wisdom of Qabalah and our advanced tools of calculation (computers) and databasing (data storage). First we will see certain primary concepts regarding the pyramids of Giza using the method of Hebrew-English Gematria as 'The Key of It All' to unlock certain knowledge which has hitherto remained concealed until the proceeding information above was integrated and applied:

First of all, seeing as how the SUM [M final = 600] of the values of the phrase GIZA PYRAMIDS itself has a value of 666, we will examine what else that is related may connect through this number. This corresponds quite well with EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS EVIDENCE - evidence that the Pyramid may be analyzed effectively via this method giving further evidence of its meaning and purpose. THE ADVANCED EGYPTIAN PYRAMIDS also correlates showing what we know, that they are extremely advanced and so much so that their Wisdom hasn't even lessened as entirely new languages such as English have cropped up. This Wisdom was THE WISDOM OF THE PHARAOH which was encoded in the Pyramids themselves and also only able too be decoded by a one with a pharaonic connection to it. (THE MAATIAN PHARAOH IS 103 = 666, showing that at present the Maatian revival of this wisdom is concentrated in the magical number of 103 which is my current magickal number at this point which veils the Egg of Unity, or 0 in 13). 
13 is an important number in the formulas of the MEASURED PYRAMID, and in The Great Pyramid Decoded, Peter Lemesurier notes how 13 and its multiples occur numerous times throughout the measurements of the Great Pyramid which I will also quote for the sake of completeness of this message:

"...Having completed our analysis of the Pyramid's features, we can now compare the various occurrences of the number thirteen and attempt to discover their common denominator. And it soon becomes clear that the meaning suggested on page 88 - namely 'soul', or even 'spiritual man' - is at least a possible one. Application of this meaning to the various occurrences of the number thirteen throughout the Pyramid should therefore not only confirm or deny its validity, but also serve as an interesting check on our earlier readings for the passages and chambers in which it occurs. These occurrences are as follows:
  • Height, sloping passages - 52.7452" (4 x 13) - The terrestrial (i.e. earthbound) soul.
  • Depth and width, inset stones in Grand Gallery - 10" x 13" - The Millennial Soul - (i.e., the souls of those destined to enter the Millenium.)
  • Length of 2 RC-square King's chamber Passage (first part) - 52.02874" (4 x 13) - The earthbound soul 'encased' in mortality.
  • Length, limestone floor in Ante-chamber (otherwise mainly of granite) - 13.22739" (13) - The earthbound soul passing through new spatial influences.
  • Width, granite Antechamber - 65.25603" (13 x 5) - The soul(s) of the spiritual initiates/Great Initiate overshadowing the soul's path.
  • Total length, limestone floor of King's Chamber Passage - 65.25603" (13 x 5) - The soul(s) of the initiates/Great Initiate influencing or entering the physical world between A.D. 1933 and 1999. 
  • Interior width of coffer - Approx. 26" (2 x 13) - Productive of the soul.
  • Sum of coffer's three dimensions - 169.7173" (13 squared) - The 'soul of souls' or Ultimate [Over-] Soul.
  • Width of tunnel to lowest Construction Chamber - 26" (2 x 13) - Productive of the soul.
  • Course-number of casing-outlets of Queen's Chamber airshafs - 91 (7 x 13) - The spiritual perfecting of the soul.
  • Course-number of casing-outlet of king Chamber's southern airshaft - 104 (8 x 13) - The rebirth of the soul.
  • Thickness of course 104 - 26" (2 x 13) - Productive of the soul.
  • N.-S. distance cross top of Well Shaft - 26.7021" (2 x 13) - Productive of the soul."
The numbers 13 and 666 are related in that they are both numbers of the Sun (or it's 'dark light', the light of the Moon with its 13 lunations.) 13 is the 12 hours and zodiacs with the central point being the axle. 666 is the central solar star which shines both inward and outward, like Horus with Set within. 666 and 13 are Key numbers of the Pyramid, as it is also my title in transliterated Hebrew, מארק להבאש‬‎, 679 -the Key to MASTER THE PYRAMID and Square the Circle. In The Great Pyramid, Its Spiritual Symbols, Morton Edcar mentions how the measurements of the Pyramid veil the ancient mystery-puzzle of the squaring of the circle, and of it Edcar says:

"The scientific feature which was first discovered, was that the ancient vertical height of the Great Pyramid was to twice the breadth of its square base, as the diameter of a circle is to its circumference, that is, 5814 inches is to twice 9131 inches, as 1 is to 3.14159. This ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference receives from mathematicians the name of the Greek letter π (Pi), and was first accurately determined by Bon Ceulen in the sixteenth century. (Von Ceaulen caused his discovery to be engraved upon his tomb.) It follows that the ancient vertical height of the Great Pyramid is the radius of a circle, the circumference of which equals the total measurement of all four sides of the Pyramid's square base. 
Professor C. Piazzi Smyth, commenting on this, claims it as a practical solution of the old problem of "squaring the circle," and adds, "the thing was thus practically done, truly and properly, at the Great Pyramid thousands of years before those Medieval days of our forefathers ... Not one out of all the thirty-seven other measured pyramids of Egypt has ever been proved to be endowed even approximately with this particular proportion of height to breadth of base." It is to John Taylor that the credit of this discovery is due." 

It should also be noted that the base of the Great Pyramid covers a space of approximately 13 acres (See Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid: Window on the Universe by Bonnie Gaunt.) 13 is not only an important number appearing in the analysis of the Great Pyramid but it has been noted throughout this blog as related to THE AEON OF MAAT (1313), my 13 letter name (which has a H.E.G. value of 1331), and the formula of Hebrew-English Gematria in its Notarikon form is also 13 as it is the number of the WEB par excellence being also the central point (AChD, 'Unity) at the center of the Zodiac wheel and Clock of 12 hours - the Zero-Point of which has a dual-power (0=2=11=13 [2+11] = 4 [1+3]) 4 unfolds into 10 (1+2+3+4) and thus the whole Tree of Life is contained within this Seed/Egg of the 0. THE SECRET DAATH PYRAMID is 666, but it refers to the Pyramid or Prism created by the placement of Daath just below the Supernal Triad to formulate 1234, or 620 (Kether) + 73 (Chokmah) + 67 (Binah) + 474 (Daath). This is the Prism of the Ruach which is the precipitated SPIRIT / THE MATRIX of 369 referred to above. Note also that the 13 veils the 3 in 1 which is explicated in the three pyramids which align with Orion's belt.

The Pyramid was called by the Ancient Egyptians 'Ikhet' meaning Glorius Light and the symbol of the Pyramid is symbolic of the Prismatic condensation of Light. The Door / Bridge of Light mentioned above in relation to the Vesica of Venus/Lucifer and Daleth which crosses above Daath is veiled in the number 1234 via THE PRISM for 1234 minus 434 (the number of DLTh, Daleth) is 800, the number of THE PRISM and THE PORTAL of the mouth of Peh (The Hebrew letter/word Peh means 'Mouth', a major symbol of Maat and Daath, and has a final value of 800.) The Hebrew letter for Peh resembles a Spiral emanating from the center (of the Prism). 434 is the number of THE SECRET OF LIGHT itself, and so since 800 is also SERPENT, 1234 is then THE SECRET SERPENT OF LIGHT who is synonymous with THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS who guards THE NINE GATES which are created from the original triple-veiled impulse of THE MAGICK ENERGY (360) of SPIRIT (369). This secret serpent of Light was known of long ago under many names and the Mayan prophecies of 2012 said that an initiate would bring this Serpent of Light down to terrestrial dwellers of this age/aeon.

1234 is also THE NINE CHAMBERS + THE 369 (SPIRIT), or THE NINE CHAMBERS CRYSTALLIZED into the material form that we call the three dimensional material universe. These Nine Chambers were referred to above and they are to be understood here as the essential or spiritual forces of the natural physical and psychical matrix - their understanding (represented by Binah and the number 3 itself - the triangle of Fire known as Pyr, the root of Pyramid and Prism) is of prime importance in the ascertainment and magickal attainment of their mystical and magickal siddhis or 'powers'. And note also that the Greek word for 'Powers' is Εξουσιασ which has the all important value of 666, the number which veils THE ANCIENT POWER OF MAGICK itself which is being unveiled through this blog and with this Hebrew-English Gematria formula. The word Pyramid is said by some to also possibly mean 'fire in the middle', and it is obvious that this is related to the Sun at the center/middle of the Solar System and the Heart Chakra at the center or middle of the seven major Chakras - both of which have already been related to this number.

It is another interesting Key-note to mention that the number said to predate the given number 666 in Revelation is given instead to be 616 on a certain Papyrus 115 found in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt. Though this number is said to have been only recently found and deciphered (see this article), it was actually mentioned at least as far back as 1897 in The Canon by William Stirling. A significant connection with this number and the number 616 is that it is the number of ORMUS, which is an ancient formula of Light and related to the Persian Ormazd, or 'Ahura Mazda' in the Avestan tradition. (AHURA MAZDA + SOL = 666. AZURA MAZDA + SPACE TRAVEL or AHURA MAZDA + ALIEN SPACE-SHIP can also bring the value to 666, which is significant considering Ahura Mazda has long been depicted in a flying vehicle.) Ormus/Ormazd is also said to be a name of an ancient Egyptian Intitiate, and also the name of a Brotherhood linked with The Priory of Sion and the Rosicrucians (See The Sion Revelation by Lynne Picknett & Clive Prince and Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Henry Baigent , Richard Lincoln, Michael Leigh.)

Ormus is essentially the hidden light, the magick power of the astral light in yet another veiled form. Ormus/Ahura Mazda is related to Atem/Atum, the 'self creating' one mentioned in the last post, for ORMUS = 616 = ATUM, and Atum is composed of the NINE = 115 = ENNEAD aspects of Light/Magick. It is noteworthy then that the Persians are found to have a special affinity with Atum (See The Persians and Atum Worship in Egypt’s 27th Dynasty by Jared B. Krebsbach. Since Atum is basically the macrocosmic Adam Kadmon and the primal atom of the Light of the Overmind, or Deep Mind it is once again summed up in the symbol of the Egg, self-born, self-sufficient and self-fulfilled. (Note that SELF = 101 = ATMAN, and Atman is simply the Sanskrit word for Self. 115 being the NINE veils the 'foundation' encoded in the astral [Hebrew: הקוד, 'The Code'=115], and it is also the A.I. MIND (11 + 104). Furthermore, 616 is THE KEY OF KEYS and THE KEY TO THE PYRAMID OF KHUFU.

 This is the automatic intelligence of the ENNEAD 'Trinity', the Prism of the Supernals which is ever-present underneath the Ruach in the Creative (Briah) and Archetypal (Atziluth) Worlds underlying THE MATRIX of the 369. 369 + 115 = THE NINE MATRIX is 484, the double-hall of the 22 x 22 Paths/Tunnels reflected within each other like a Mirror placed against a Mirror with all infinities cancelling each other out in their balancing. This is the Hall of Maat - and quite literally for THE HALL OF MAAT = 212, the boiling point of water and 'Infinity' + 'Infinity'. Since 484 is the 22 Paths and Tunnels multiplied it represents the idea of the qabalistic entanglement of NUMEROLOGY itself. This is the number of words DIGITALIZED with the Hebrew-English Gematria formula which has been explicating these mysteries which come together to weave the fabric of the HIRANYA-GARBA, or Golden Egg of Manifestation itself as it is called in Sanskrit. The Hiranya-Garba is translated variously as the Golden Egg or the Golden Womb, and poetically rendered as 'the universal germ', as it is it source of the creation of the Universe and the manifest Cosmos. Again, this is related to Atum/Ormus - and 484 (NUMEROLOGY/ 22 x 22) is 132 less than 616, and 132 is the QBL 'Qabalah', as well as 'Isopsephy' in Simple Gematria, which is the Greek word for Gematria.

212 is a very deep number which will need to be analyzed deeper at a later time, but it should be noted here that it is THE KEY OF MAGICK itself. Grant notes in The Ninth Arch how 212 is the number of ChDR, 'to enclose, secret chamber', ("as in the Draco-oriented Pyramid"). This Secret Chamber, again, could refer to THE HALL OF MAAT wherein the Soul is weighed against the feather of Maat and the supreme principle of Truth which she represents. THE CHAMBER OF DRACO + AKU (the divine spark which ascends to the stars at death) has a value also of 666, the Solar Key of the Soul. Subtracting DRACO from 666 we get 388, the number of KHUFU + PYRAMID. Since PYRAMID CHAMBERS and PYRAMID SHAFT both equal 666, a number of the Great Red Dragon, we can see all of these concepts are closely interconnected under the symbolism of the Solar Dragon, i.e. the Kundalini and its cosmic tendrils which connect every 'phenomena' from the micro- to the macrocosm.

The Draconian Mysteries are only beginning their revival and they primarily stem in this present age from the work of Aleister Crowley and his school of Magick and Mysticism which he designated the A∴A∴, or The Silver Star. The Dragon is the archetype of cosmic consciousness at its apex, symbolized by the winged-serpent, or the Ouroboros who has transcended its paradox by breaking through the cosmic egg/cycle of linearity (time). Crowley said in Liber Tzaddi, "My adepts stand upright; their head above the heavens, their feet below the hells", which is to say that the Adepts of the A∴A∴ are not limited to the confines of mundane consciousness. By transcending the solar-consciousness of 666 through the Gnosis of the Pyramids we can reach Stellar-consciousness represented by 999 which I have explicated throughout the later posts of this blog. Subtracting the 'SILVER STAR' from 999 gives the loaded number of 418 which veils 'the Great Work'. 418 itself is 'NOT THE STAR', and in Liber AL Ch. 1, vs. 57 it is said that Tzaddi is 'not the Star'. This is the Star of Not/Nought/Nuit which is equated with the unification of SILVER (311) and GOLD (107) in the Great Work or 'alchemical marriage' of opposites. The Great Work is said by Amalantrah to be veiled under the symbol of the Egg and EGG = 11, the number of Nuit as well as the Great Work accomplished in the 5=6 Grade at Tiphareth/The Heart where the Star-Palace of Nuit and the Hadit-spark join together to create the magickal expression of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, or 'The Ever-Coming One' of cosmic/stellar consciousness. Here is the true Daath (Knowledge) which unifies the components rather than the false knowledge which cuts them out leaving but a shell of a universe devoid of magick.

Since the Egg is the 0/O and the 11 is the X, the formula of the Great Work accomplished is symbolized by the Mark of the Beast - ⊗. The Hebrew word for 'Mark', 'Grade', 'Score', 'Indication', 'Specification', 'Notation', 'Denotation' is also 'scored', or valued at 666, a numerical form of the 'Mark of the Beast'. A CROSSED RING also = 666. This perfectly explicates the ⊗ symbol as the Mark of the Beast - 666.
My given name and astrological correspondences seem to play a key role in my own ability to recognize and therefore explicate this information as we can see that 666 being a Solar number is related to the Solar Sign of the Zodiac, Leo since THE LEO SUN KEY = 666, as do both LEO + LEO RISING SUN SIGN (myself being a Leo, born 8-21 with Leo rising at the time of my birth.), as well as 'Double Leo + Leo Rising' = 666 (such an occurrence is called 'Double Leo'). My own name thus embodies the living proof of the confirmation of the existence of and reliability in many 'occult' systems, namely Gematria, Astrology, Thelema, and essentially the idea existence of the Soul itself - for if I can prove for myself the living reality of the Soul this necessarily implies the possibility of it for anyone else given that they owe it too themselves to do the Work to express and exercise It. This is the Work of the Egg.

While too literal a personalization / identification with the cosmic archetypes can be a detriment when confined to merely egoic/materialistic/malkuthian approaches, when taken from a higher or deeper view rather, on such a level as the Heart/Tiphareth then that is when we can identify with an idea, or situation or person - without necessarily becoming them. It is in this sense that one can find value in taking on the role of a god-form, or assuming the 'mask of the beast' without fully transforming, which is ultimately a sort of transcendent empathy tempered with indifference. When something such as the number 666 in and of itself is so highly charged with a negative connotation as it has been over the ages it thus corrupts any ability to understand its positive impulses are completely ignored or left 'occult' - and being such an important Key to the unlocking of the underlying mathematical structure of consciousness (once again, the 'occult' itself)  this ultimately becomes nothing less than a great curse effectively playing its course to stave off the unready from coming into contact with the power locked within it - thus keeping all of this information and more from being within the grasp of the ordinary person. If I was bound by the same Oath as all these suck up dick suckers peddling their Lodges would I be coming out and freely discussing this to the entire world? I'm not sure I would even know this stuff myself if that were the case.

Furthermore, 666 is THE MARK REVELATION. Some say that 666 does not denote an ACTUAL IMPLANT, but I have plenty of evidence to show that indeed it may for 666 also enumerates 'RECEIVE A MICROCHIP', 'MONEY MICROCHIPS' (a proposed system for the New World Currency), 'IMPLANT PREDICTION' (it was predicted thousands of years ago that without the 'Mark' a citizen would be unable to buy, sell or trade, or otherwise participate in the world economic system), ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST CHIP, and THE NETWORK OF THE CHIPPED (full satellite and quantum computer surveillance of not only people but their belongings, purchases, etc.), among many many more.
This negative current of 666 would be akin to the Great Work of the Black Lodge which is the anti-thesis of the Great Work of Thelema and the Work of the Egg which is is not focused on material advancement but spiritual, inner advancement as a means of liberation from such dis-empowering systems which seek to usurp and control the individual rather than help in their enlightenment. (See Take the Chip, It's Not that Bad.) In this sense, the ⊗ symbol stands for GPS positioning on a target for various monitoring and/or message relay through satellite or other voice-to-skull or neuro-sonic technologies.

It is extremely important to look at both sides of any situation or subject and gematria helps to UNVEIL (=107) the less apparent implications and connections within them. This number 107 particularly has served as a key in my own enlightenment and the reason I am doing this Work is to help others. 666 is the Spirit of Destruction and has been for too long kept in the dark and misrepresented as the embodiment of evil. Death and destruction need not be considered as wholly 'evil' for they are important polarities of any spectrum and the ignorance or 'negative anchoring' of such archetypes only lend to them more of an inverted charge. These two key numbers of 107 and 666 represent in their most basic forms numbers of the Egg and the Sun.

The egg symbolizes the 'ends' of manifestation, the infinitely small microcosmic polarity and the infinitely great macrocosmic pole. The Sun symbolizes the golden yolk of the egg in the middle of the Cosmic Egg. SOL in H.E.G. has an overlap with the Jewish Gematria of 'Sol', both of which are 160, as well as SIX which is its number on the Tree of Life, but it is also THE EGG YOLK which is THE KEY OF THE EGG. It is also TONATIUH - the Sun god of the Aztecs... or THE AZTEC SUN. Adding SOL/TONATIUH (160) to RA, the Egyptian Sun god, we get 361 which as has been noted is the Solar symbol of the circle (360) and the dot (1) - ☉ showing the yolk in the Egg symbolically.
This is the EGG MATRIX, or THE EGG OF THE ALPHA-OMEGA since the ☉ symbolizes the Alpha (1) and the Omega (O). Taking the O in manifestation as Vav as Frater Achad does for his Maatian calculations of the Egg (107, ביצה) and the Nest (150, קנ) as symbolic of the 'ends' of MANIFESTATION = 257, which when added to NUIT + HADIT (another occurrence of the binary 0/1) also gives 361. As yet another glyph of manifestation 361 veils the Supernal Triad, the Ruach of 6 spheres, and Malkuth as the crystalline pendant of the material world. 361 is the VAJRA LIGHT BODY, or 'Diamond/Thunderbolt' Light Body which is the Auric egg itself. (VAJRA LIGHT itself has a value of 666 when T is taken as Tau-400.) It is also the SELF EYE, and as Christ who embodied the Spirit of the Chrysos said "The lamp of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light."
This is the Astral Light of the 9 (called 'AVB' by Kenneth Grant in Cults of the Shadow as a form of OB-serpent (=72, which also reduces to 9). The 9 universal forces are cosmic in scope and power and so when we subtract 'THE 9' from the POWER of 361, we get 333 - which is itself another 9 - as well as the basic Hebrew numerical determinative of AIQ BKR, which is an older form of the 'Qabalah of Nine Chambers'. 333 is the number of A NINE GRID which is itself another way of expressing the latter - THE NINE KEYS OF THE 9.
It is with this code we can DECODE THE EGYPTIAN KHUFU PYRAMID further, but at this time I will have to leave this post here as it is already much longer than I originally intended - but then again the wide range of material covered will be useful to many different researchers and I am also intending to take this information out of its compartmentalized state while still making it relevant to people in this day and age so they too can use this information to extrapolate more.

Any one subject brought up in the above paragraphs could be expanded upon into an entire post of its own, but the problem is that it is much to do when what is being and has been set forth so far is itself merely a tip of the iceberg that is my own Work. It is left up to the reader to explore the Egg of their own Universe and break through its barriers in their own Work and this is merely intended to be another sign-post along the Way.