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The Faculty of Abraxas

'The Universe', Sengai
"...the entire eighth, my son, and the souls that are in it, and the angels, sing a hymn in silence..."

Geopoliticus Child
Watching the Birth of the New Man,
Salvador Dali (1943)
Those who walk the golden path know from experience that it is one of great illumination and propels one through a course of Initiations that simply cannot be fully expressed to one who has not 'broken ground' within themselves enough to appreciate the higher, and subsequently deeper levels of being we become attuned to and aware of through ritual work, reading, communicating and experimenting. Beginning to get on the 'path' is one of the most difficult stages, and environmental factors play a major role in that as well. There are many different ways to ignite the Black Flame within, ranging from art, to music, plants, sensory derangement - these all may serve as a 'switch' which affects the regular mode of operation allowing one to analyze both the familiar mode and the new mode, or perspective - the goal being to obtain a higher gnosis or 'profound view' of the mundane mind and its habituated instinct of identifying only with that which one sees with their eyes and opening the ego up to the range known as the 'higher mind', technically also including the subconscious, which on the Tree of Life is Yesod (the Moon).

Over time, usually the period of many years, and with much effort in gaining knowledge from various sources and working with it, a second-knowledge is developed, a knowledge not based merely on action-reaction/cause-effect of factors in the microcosm, but the actions and reactions of causes and effects that span over the course of long spans of time and the impulses behind them and which they carry. There are many times in our lives where we feel a profound sense of belonging, like we are at the 'right place at the right time', and that everything in the universe must have been right on track for some fateful event to have happened in the particular way it did. Deja vu itself is like a magnified form of this in that its like we are realizing or reawakening to the path that we seem to have passed through before.
The Bruce Codex - 
See also The Gnosis of the Light by Rev. F. Lamplugh
and The Gnosis Or Ancient Wisdom in the Christian Scriptures
by William Kingsland (PDF).

Archetypal patterns are the fractal templates in and of themselves which carry on along the spiral currents of manifestation and sometimes our waking mind receives flashes of this pattern which reduces like a net infinitely great or infinitely small. This 'net' is that which Egyptian initiates would 'master' through their various practices, and this is the same practice that is happening in any gnostic yoga practice which seeks to unify (as a 'yoke' in an egg) as well as encompass (as the cosmic egg itself), and therefore become conscious living embodiments of the two extremes (yin and yang), and the 7 rays between them which alchemically mutate from light (spirit) into matter and then Spirit and Matter unified in balance.

The Balance is symbolized by Atu VIII (8), and therefore Maat directly rules the balance of the Egg/Toroid of space-time. The symbol above which is similar to that of the Ankh shows the Wheel of Time, with the 'T' being the cross of directions, Past, Present, and Future with the 'wheel' being that which is 'rolling' (i.e. the luni-solar-stellar interplay of light and shadow which affects psychic and physical functions.) 8 or ∞ is related to the egg which has been 'imploded', that is - opened from the inside rather than the out. The center of the torus has opened and the Egg which was one universe to its own has awakened to find but another seemingly infinite universe right outside its shell.

The 8 is symbolic of Eternity and the figure of Woman and the Ankh is that of Eternal Life and the figure of a Man. The figurative Serpent who put emnity between them is the spiral of 'time' at the center of the 'garden' (the toroid), the center of the Circle being figured as 359 (ShTN, 'Satan'), one less than the full circle which opens the Gate of the Qliphoth creating the movement of the revolution of Light signified by the Seven Aeons or Rays - the 8ths being the Great Ray of 'Time'/Chronos/Abraxas, and the 9th being that of distinction in solidarity or homogenization to re-open on a higher-level in 10, Malkuth, the Material plane.

The Hexagram is symbolic of the union of opposites creating the Seventh Ray which illumines the 8th.
It is the central shining light of GOLD in which used in Banishing and High Magick.
Note also that the Hebrew word for this symbol is מגנ דוד, and thus equivalent to GOLD in the number 107, and of course reduces to 8, but shows the separation of the 1 from the 7 by the O, or Wheel of Time. 
See Clearing the Aiwaves for the Qabalistic Cross
The 8th Ray is known in the Gnostic Aeonology as the super-celestial aeon beyond the lower seven aeons and represents the stepping beyond the fractal 'net' through the path opened through duality and into the timeless astral region of Σοπηια (Wisdom, 369) or Αβραξας (365). The 'faculty of Abraxas' to which this post receives its name refers to the faculty which is generated over time through understanding and wisdom, to step across the 'abyss' of the fractal and tap into the source-energy of the Matrix itself - and thereby receive the power of the Ennead, a direct line of contact between ones 'self' (microcosm) and the core macrocosm of Infinity (in the center of the circle which is the Heart/Sun/Star center reflected by its own Light).

The triple extension of 8 as 888 is the number of Ιηςους, 'Jesus' the carrier of THE COSMIC CHRIST force of Chrysos (GOLD), the 'Gold Light of Spirit itself manifested into THE FULLNESS OF INFINITY fit neatly into THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, that infinitely subtle but infinitely powerful substance (THE AZOTh = 888) which is the One Substance upon which all is but a mutation of the HOLOGRAPHIC SOUL which projects both inward and outward. It was just recently mentioned by physicists that certain changes in their models show that the Universe may be infinite, and I think it's funny because I recently found that 888 is THE ETERNAL OVUM MUNDI UNIVERSE, Ovum Mundi being the Egg of the World or the Universe itself - 'The Cosmic Egg' corresponding to the 888 of 'It's All in the Egg'.
THE TIME DOOR + O is 888 as well showing that the Ayin (Ajna) is the Door of Time which is merely the projector of the kalas of maya or the illusion of time (THE LION'S GATE - Abraxas being the Lion-headed Serpent). Thus 888 is the THE TIMELESS TIMELINES OF ABRAXAS, THE ENCODED LOGOS-LANGUAGE which stands beyond time. Particularly related to the Gnostic idea of the 'Demiurge' which is associated particularly with the interplay of the 8 and 9 (89 being the 'GVPh', or place between Manifestations), is that 888 is itself THE GNOSTIC DEMIURGE - and THE DEMIURGE + THE AEONS and THE DEMIURGE INTELLIGENCE which is exhibited throughout the fractal cosmos and condensed in the Logos of Humanity.

Being one (111 = RAY in Greek as ΡΑΙ, Rho Alpha Iota) ray above 777, 888 rules THE LIGHT WORLD (=777) which is equivalent to the OVLM HQLIPVTh, or 'World of Shells' which is the shadow of the Light. The Seven Seals of REVELATION are the cosmic-fractal connection between the 7 major Chakras and the 7 major Rays of Light which combine in 888 and condense in 999 - THE ALIGNMENT of the All in One and One and All (Frater Achad's motto which had the value of 777 in Latin). Notice this is all above 666 and also above the 'physical' once entering into 777, The Light World. The Spectrum of the Nine Chambers is very dense and only just now beginning to be deciphered and disseminated - no doubt there will be people trying to plagiarize this Knowledge - THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE - but technically it's not 'mine' anyway, though I do seem to be the only one to have deciphered this key and found personal profound revelations prompting me to find more and present it to what I find as a decaying community which I think could be greatly 'refreshed' with this very dense but still very telling information.

The Faculty of Abraxas is mentioned in a few different prominent Masonic works of the 1800's and along my search for more about it they each gave a little more information. While not referring to Abraxas in particular, Helena Blavatsky discusses the nature of the 8th Aeon as being related to that which opens beyond time in The Secret Doctrine (Vol. II page 563.):

"We are reminded in King's "Gnostics" that the Greek language has but one word for vowel and voice; and this has led the uninitiated to many erroneous interpretations. On the simple knowledge, however, of that well-known fact a comparison may be attempted, and a flood of light thrown upon several mystic meanings. Thus the words, so often used in the Upanishads and the Puranas, "Sound" and "Speech," may be collated with the Gnostic "Vowels" and the "Voices" of the Thunders and Angels in "Revelation." The same will be found in Pistis Sophia, and other ancient Fragments and MSS. This was remarked even by the matter-of-fact author of "The Gnostics and their Remains."

Through Hippolytus, an early Church Father, we learn what Marcus -- a Pythagorean rather than a Christian Gnostic, and a Kabalist most certainly -- had received in mystic revelation. It is said that "Marcus had it revealed unto him that 'the seven heavens'* . . . . sounded each one vowel, which, all combined together, formed a complete doxology"; in clearer words: "the Sound whereof being carried down (from these seven heavens) to earth, became the creator and parent of all things that be on earth." (See "Hippolytus," vi., 48, and King's Gnostics, p. 200.) Translated from the Occult phraseology into still plainer language this would read: "The Sevenfold LOGOS having differentiated into seven Logoi, or creative potencies (vowels) these (the second logos, or "Sound") created all on Earth.

Assuredly one who is acquainted with Gnostic literature can hardly help seeing in St. John's Apocalypse, a work of the same school of thought. For we find John saying (chap. x. 3, 4), "Seven thunders uttered their voices . . . and I was about to write . . . (but) I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, 'Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.' " The same injunction is given to Marcus, the same to all other semi and full Initiates. Yet the sameness of equivalent expressions used, and of the underlying ideas, always betrays a portion of the mysteries. We must always seek for more than one meaning in every mystery allegorically revealed, especially in those in which the number seven and its multiplication seven by seven, or forty-nine, appear. 
Now when the Rabbi Jesus is requested (in Pistis Sophia) by his disciples to reveal to them, "the mysteries of the Light of thy (his) Father" (i.e., of the higher SELF enlightened by Initiation and Divine knowledge), Jesus answers: "Do ye seek after these mysteries? No mystery is more excellent than they which shall bring your souls unto the Light of Lights, unto the place of Truth and Goodness, unto the place where there is neither male nor female, neither form in that place but Light, everlasting, not to be uttered. Nothing therefore is more excellent than the mysteries which ye seek after,saving only THE MYSTERY of the seven vowels and their FORTY AND NINE POWERS, and their numbers thereof; and no name is more excellent than all these vowels." "The Seven Fathers and the Forty-nine Sons blaze in DARKNESS, but they are the LIFE and LIGHT and the continuation thereof through the Great Age" -- says the Commentary speaking of the "Fires."
Now it becomes evident that, in every esoteric interpretation of exoteric beliefs expressed in allegorical forms, there was the same underlying idea -- the basic number seven, the compound of three and four, preceded by the divine THREE (△) making the perfect number ten.

Also, these numbers applied equally to divisions of time, to cosmography metaphysical and physical, as well as to man and everything else in visible nature. Thus these Seven vowels with their forty-nine powers are identical with the three and the Seven Fires of the Hindus and their forty-nine fires; identical with the numerical mysteries of the Persian Simorgh; identical with those of the Jewish Kabalists. The latter, dwarfing the numbers (their mode of blinds)made the duration of each successive renewal (what we call in esoteric parlance Round) of the seven renewals of the globe only of 7,000 years, instead of, as is more likely, 7,000,000,000, and assigned to the total duration of the universe 49,000 years only. (Compare § "Chronology of the Brahmins.")

Now, the Secret Doctrine furnishes a key which reveals to us on indisputable grounds of comparative analogy that Garuda, the allegorical and monstrous half-man and half-bird, -- the Vahan or vehicle on which Vishnu (who is Kala, "time") is shown to ride -- is the origin of all other such allegories. He is the Indian phoenix, the emblem of cyclic and periodical time, the "man-lion" Singha, of whose representations the so-called "gnostic gems" are so full.* [*As confessed by King, the great authority on Gnostic antiquities, these gnostic gems are not the work of the Gnostics, but belong to pre-christian periods, and are the work of magicians (p. 241).] "Over the seven rays of the lion's crown, and corresponding to their points, stand, in many cases, the seven vowels of the Greek alphabet [Gk char], testifying to the Seven Heavens." This is the Solar lion and the emblem of the Solar cycle, as Garuda* is that of the great cycle, the "Maha-Kalpa" co-eternal with Vishnu, and also, of course, the emblem of the Sun, and Solar cycle. This is shown by the details of the allegory. At his birth, Garuda is mistaken for Agni, the God of Fire, on account of his (Garuda's) "dazzling splendour," and called thereupon Gaganeswara, "lord of the sky." Again, his being represented as Osiris, and by many heads of allegorical monsters on the Abraxas (gnostic) gems, with the head and beak of an eagle or a hawk (solar birds), denotes Garuda's solar and cyclic character. His Son is Jatabu, the cycle of 60,000 years. As well remarked by C. W. King: -- "Whatever the primary meaning (of the gem with the solar lion and vowels) it was probably imported in its present shape from INDIA, that true fountain head of gnostic iconography" (Gnostics, p. 218).

The mysteries of the seven gnostic vowels, uttered by the thunders of St. John, can be unriddled only by the primeval and original Occultism of Aryavarta, brought into India by the primeval Brahmins, who had been initiated in Central Asia. And this is the Occultism we study and try to explain, as much as is possible in these pages. Our doctrine of seven Races and Seven Rounds of life and evolution around our terrestrial chain of spheres, may be found even in Revelation.** When the seven "thunders," or "sounds," or "vowels" -- one meaning out of the seven for each such vowel relating directly to our own Earth and its seven Root-Races in each Round -- "had uttered their voices" -- but forbidden the Seer to write them, and made him "seal up those things" -- what did the Angel "standing upon the sea and upon the earth" do? He lifted his hand to heaven "and sware by him that liveth for ever and ever . . . . that there should be time no longer."But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound, the Mystery of God (of the Cycle) should be finished" (x 7), which means, in theosophic phraseology, that when the Seventh Round is completed, then Time will cease. "There shall be time no longer" very naturally, since pralaya shall set in and there will remain no one on earth to keep a division of time, during that periodical dissolution and arrest of conscious life."

The Egyptologist and historian Gerald Massey also gives somewhat similar comments in a relevant vein showing his own Abractic Gnosis having studied as wide a frame of references as is necessary to truly gain the necessary inferences and insights to truly appreciate the 365, or worldwide daily powers as they manifest across the sphere in its multitudinous formats which apparently some cannon seem to appreciate.
Μενος – ‘Strength/Force(From Proto-Indo-European *ménos (“mind”), from *men- (“to think”). Cognates include Avestan (manō) and Sanskrit मनस् (mánas).)
Mειθρας – ‘Mithras’ =
Aβραξας – ‘Abraxas(Gk. ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ, variant form Abrasax, ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ) was a word of mystic meaning in the system of the Gnostic Basilides, being there applied to the “Great Archon” (Gk., megas archōn), the princeps of the 365 spheres (Gk., ouranoi). The seven letters spelling its name may represent each of the seven classic planets—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.)

"It is affirmed that our Freemasons conceal, among other secret arts, what they term the ‘faculty of Abrac,' which is obviously a reduced form of the word Abraxas, the six-sided stone (sas or kas, Eg.) of the Ab-ra or Af-ra (Eg.) the Chnubis sun. The Abraxas stone with six sides is the foundation stone of the Masonic degree of R.A.M. [Royal Arch Mason]. This stone was fabled to have been brought by Adam out of the lost Paradise of a foreworld, and was passed on until Solomon used it as the foundation stone for his temple.
The seal of Solomon is a double triangle, Y, looking like a six-pointed star. It is sometimes called the shield of David. The Hindu sri yantra contains the same figure, which is also found in ancient English churches, where the builders have made a Masonic mark.
This figure is a symbolic part of the Royal Masonic Arch; and the seal of Solomon or shield of David is an extant illustration of the lunar character of David (the Egyptian Taht), and of the soli-lunar origin of Solomon the son. The double triangle of the sixfold one was also continued in a form of the divine nimbus worn by God the Father, which is represented in a fresco at Mount Athos, and upon an 'Epigonation' worn by a great image of St. Nicholas in the chief convent of Meteora in Thessaly, near Triccala. Building the temple of the heavens is the great mystery of Masonry, and they retain the chief figures accordingly. The number 5, for example, in which the first planetary heaven was completed, is one of the sacreds. This five runs into the six in the 'Five Orders,' of what are termed the 'Six Periods, the Grand Architects;' which expression is used [p.82] to designate the six days of the creation. Their mysteries reveal the same system as mythology. The building of the temple is one of the Masonic mysteries. Masons who know nothing of the mythical, that is astronomical, origin of these mysteries think this was the temple of an historical Solomon. But the mystic sen (Eg.) or brotherhood of Mâ is indefinitely older than the times of the supposed Solomon. Universal symbols found in all forms of the mysteries did not originate with the Jews a few centuries before the present era. Besides which, the 'Venerable Mah' of the Masons is one with the Hebrew Chokmah (המכח), the personification of wisdom, or Sophia, who acts the part of the builder in creation that Mâ does in the creation with Taht and Ptah. Chokmah was the 'founder of the earth.'When the heavens were prepared and a circle was set on the face of the deep, and the decree was given that the waters should not pass their appointed limit, Chokmah was there. She was the builder from the beginning, who first built the house of the seven pillars, and, therefore, like Ma, can be traced back to the goddess of the seven stars, the first measurer and maker of a circle in heaven. Chokmah denotes the skill of an artificer, but, personified, she is the feminine artificer. One mode of creating is described as checking the waters. This, in Egyptian, is khekh, to expel, turn back, or check. In the cuneiform description of creation, as part of the process, the waters were gathered into one place, where they are yet, in the three water-signs of the zodiac, and in the meh of the north. The words on the Babylonian tablet are miistinishikkiqueMi, is watersistinishone place; and ikhique answers to the Hebrew chaq (קח), a defined andappointed limitChit, in Phoenician, means encompassingKiki, Maori, is confinedKuku, Fiji, to holdCiko, Zulu, is the woman's word for a stopper; as we have it in stopcock. To cag, English, is to bindlimit,imprisonKakhya, in Sanskrit, denotes enclosurekachcha, shores; ciug, Irish, the circlekac, Breton, enclosure, whence the kay. One khekh (Eg.) sign was a collar with nine beads which, as the collar of Isis, signified the nine months of gestation and breath (or the put-circle of the nine gods). The nine dry months of the khekh, and the inundation, represented by the three water-signs, made a year, in the figure of which the waters were checked, limited, and confined to the meh, the abyss and water-girth of the northern quarter. On this the earth described by the Hebrew writers and Diodorus was founded in the nine dry signs, the antithesis of the waters. On this abyss of the waters was established the put-circle of the nine gods, the creation of Ptah who wrought in conjunction with Mâ, the Hebrew Chokmah, the Masonic 'Venerable Mah.'
It is the mythical origin alone that affords any solution in such a case as this where the historical becomes fraudulent. Solomon, the Prince of Peace, was but a form of the solar or luni-solar manifestor. The demiurgic Ptah, the architect who built the temple of the heavens in conjunction with Mâ, according to one of the particular patterns, of which there were several, stellar, lunar, and solar, has a son who takes the name of Iu-em-hept, the bringer of peace. This was the Egyptian Solomon, the Ecclesiasticus or Iu-su, the coming son of the Apocrypha that was brought out of Egypt. He who comes with peace or fulfilment is the Solomon by name. The Egyptian Solomon was the typical builder and designer, the original, i.e., divine, modeller of the celestial temple. It is said in an inscription that the Temple of Edfu was 'restored as it is in the book of the model of the temple composed by Prince Iu-em-hept, eldest son of Ptahi.Prince Iu-em-hept is the prince who comes with peace, and is the Solomon who became the typical architect and healer in Israel.
This establishes the link with the god Ptah, the solar architect whose assistants, the seven khnemu, are the fraternity of the seven builders of mythology. The sovereignty of Sebek (or Atum-Ra) as the seventh was founded on the six previous creations typified by the Ab-ra-xas stone; and the fact of the year having been established on those six creations and the luni-solar six divisions and then completed in 365 days, was conveyed by the 'faculty of Abraxas' in the numbers of the name, after the mode of the mysteries. This name is Abraxas in Latin and Αβρασάξ in Greek,
= 365
Such being the numeral value of the letters in Greek and Coptic, and therefore, still earlier, in Egyptian. Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch, affirmed that Orpheus composed a poem of 365 gods one for every day of the yearJustin Martyr puts the number at 360. Both are numbers of the year, and both show the phenomenal foundations in the time reckonings. The Gnostics, says Irenaeus, make out the local positions of 365 heavens. They hold that their chief is Abraxas, and on this account the word contains in itself the numbers amounting to 365. Lastly, the legends show that man was created in the likeness of the types belonging to the mythos at various stages of its evolution; and as, according to the Targum of Palestine, the Adamic man was created in the image of the Lord, with 365 nerves, the divine image was the solar god of the complete year of 365 days or divisions described as nerves. That is, Adam was formed in the likeness of Atum-Ra and of the Af-Ra, the sun of the three realms, the sixfold division of heaven and of the perfected year of solar time. This was not a primary but almost the final creation.
Here is another link with the Masonic six, the great seisor of the Irish Druids. Acacian is a title signifying a Mason, but not because άκακία [p.84] means innocence. The acacia (Mimosa nilotica of Linnaeus) is the Masonic typical tree, the Nile name of which is sas (ses, or sesso wood), the same as the number 6 and the division of time by six. The cube sas or was was squared in acacia wood, as well as stone, on account of its hardness, as a figure of the sixfold foundation. In 'passing the veils' in the Masonic mysteries the candidate proceeds from the figure of six, the double triangle, and at the figure of nine—the triple triangle—the word is communicated by the companions. The Masonic north is the Void or Abyss. It appears to me that their temple of the heavens ranges from the heaven of the seven stars to that of the seven planets.
The sanctum sanctorum is a place of the seven, which are typified by a candlestick with seven branches. Here the initiate is shown the Ark of the Seven and of the Covenant; 'the Ark to build, the Covenant to Keep.' It is the same ark of the seven as that of the seven Rishis, the seven Hohgates, the seven companions of Arthur, the seven stars of the earliest circle and covenant made in heaven. Synesius observes that the Egyptian hierophants had κωμαστήια, which are arks concealing, as they say, the spheres. The later planetary seven are illustrated by the seven steps and seven degrees of ascent. There are seven steps in the Scottish ritual of the degree called the 'Knight of Kadosh,' the names of which are chiefly Hebrew. Also, the ladder of seven rounds ascends from the Red Room, red being the colour of the goddess Ma, and of the nocturnal sun. Ne plus ultra is written at the foot of the ladder. This is considered the highest mystery. It was the top of attainment in relation to the later and superior ogdoad of gods consisting of the seven planetary gods and their manifestor, the 'Star (eight-rayed) of the Pleroma.' Both systems are combined in the account given by Celsus, preserved by Origen, who says:

'After this, Celsus desiring to exhibit his Learning in his treatise against us, quotes also certain Persian mysteries, where he observes:—"These things are obscurely hinted at in the accounts of the Persians, and especially in the mysteries of Mithras, which are celebrated amongst them. For in the latter there is a representation of the two heavenly revolutions of this movement, viz., of the fixed stars, and of that which takes place among the planets, and of the passage of the soul through these." The representation is of the following nature:—There is a ladder with lofty gates, and on the top of it an eighth gate. The first gate consists of lead, the second of tin, the third of copper, the fourth of iron, the fifth of a mixture of metals, the sixth of silver and the seventh of gold. The first gate they assign to Saturn, indicating, by the lead, the slowness of this star; the second to Venus, comparing her to the splendour and softness of tin; the third to Jupiter, being firm and solid; the fourth to Mercury, for both mercury and iron are fit to enclose all things, and [p.85] are money-making and laborious; the fifth to Mars, because, being composed of a mixture of metals, it is varied and unequal; the sixth of silver, to the Moon; the seventh of gold, to the Sun; thus imitating the different colours of the two latter." He next proceeds to examine the reasons of the stars being arranged in this order, which is symbolised by the names of the rest of matter. Musical reasons, moreover, are added and quoted by the Persian theology; and to these, again, he strives to add a second explanation connected also with musical considerations.'
There are data, then, in all the different creations and points of departure which range from the motherhood of the seven elementaries to the final fatherhood established on earth and in heaven, as it was under Atum-Ra or in the second gnostic 'Hebdomad which surrounds the Father,' the planetary seven represented by Iao-Sabaoth. The development, changes, and readjustments can all be traced according to the data yet extant. This was preserved by the Gnostics, amongst others of those who knew, the men who were supposed, by the Christian Idiotes, to be mere plagiarists and heretics that sprang up in the second century of the present era.

The Gnostics and Neo-Platonists brought on the whole matter with the connecting links. They have the primary ogdoad consisting of the Mother Sophia and the 'Inferior Hebdomad' of the seven elementaries who dwelt upon the mount of Am-Smen. 'This Mother they (the Gnostics) also call Ogdoad, Sophia, Terra, Jerusalem, Holy Spirit, and, with a masculine reference, Lord.' Proclus also says: 'The Goddess Rhea is a Monad, Duad, and Heptad, comprehending in herself all the Titannidae.' Valentinus maintained that the power of the seven who gave life to this world after the likeness of the first hebdomad was represented by Arrhetos, whose name is composed of seven letters (with one duplicate) to indicate the sevenfold nature of the one. Arrhetos, the sevenfold, answers to Sebti (or Sut) and Sevekh, both of which names contain the number seven. There was a certain dyad, or twofold being, he said, who is inexpressible by any name, of whom one part should be called Arrhetos (that is ineffable), and the other Sige (Silence); this was the source of the Ogdoad.
-pg. 81 The Natural Genesis, Gerald Massey

The Rectangle (or Square), Triangle and the Circle are related to IAO and the Ogdoad by way of the fact that, for one, they resemble the letters IAO, and the angles of the rectangle (4), triangle (3), and the circle taken as 1 enumerates the Ogdoad. IAO has a H.E.G. value of 81, which is 9, the serpent, cubed but also THE AJNA which is the central Eye which in a sense acts as a microcosmic version of the Prism of Daath being as it is the focal point of the inner vision which first shows itself as a thin thread of light which can unravel to reveal the mask of the fabric of what we consider reality (maya). 81 in Jewish Gematria is both 'Gold' and 'Ra', signifying the root-light of the 9x9 serpent-grid.
The Kundalini/Chnoubis as
the Lion Headed Serpent.
In its Greek valuation, ΙΑΩ is 811, and a temurah of Αιω, meaning 'to Live', 'Breathe', 'Know'. 811 is also THE LIGHT SOURCE of THE SHEKINAH, Shekinah being the 'holy dwelling' or 'holy place' of God (i.e. manifestation), and since 811 combines the 8 and 11 which are both related to Daath (counting up from Malkuth, and counting it last), it refers to the Egg (11) of 8 (Infinity), i.e. the Egg of Abraxas which as a form of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, is 'ever-coming'.

Note 800/Ω itself is 'INSIDE THE EGG' and 'THE EGG OF EVERYTHING', THE PRISM of the SERPENT which is centered in the EPIPHYSIS (Third Eye) through the alignment with XIN.
 (In China, the word, xin (often translated as ‘heart’) is frequently used and its concept is central to Chinese culture. However, its meaning is not exactly the same as ‘heart’ in English. Using qigong as the context, this article aims to explore the meaning of xin as a cultural keyword in order to gain an indepth understanding of Chinese culture and knowledge within that cultural system. Qigong is a Chinese health maintenance system and healing tradition which integrates physical activity with training of the mind and self-cultivation. One of qigong’s basic components is xin adjustment. It is impossible to convey the full meaning of this concept without understanding the meaning of xin. In Chinese culture, xin is the root of physical and mental life. It is the seat of all emotions, and embodies the inherent goodness of human nature and wisdom. Xin helps to guide the individual’s way of life and attitude, and can lead one to deep contentment.) 

This is the alchemical process known as 'Theurgy', which in the west is the central aim of the a prominent Buddhist sect, that of MAHAYANA-BUDDHISM, by creating the 'Great'/Maha 'Vehicle'/Yana of Awakening which the Egg, Diamond, Torus, Dodecahedron, etc. are all types of. (Though it is said that the Mahayana school is a much lengthier route to Atma-Vidya/Self-Knowledge and true Enlightenment than the Vajrayana which focuses primarily on the Diamond body and the Diamond realm. There is also Therevada, Navayana, and many other forms of Buddhism which have their own unique perspective and all are very interesting and very useful for the Chaos-mage, Experimentalist, or the like.)

Each path is essentially all one which leads by way of silence out of the gross mundane world of matter and ego into THE LIGHT WORLD of what could be termed 'LUCIFER CONSCIOUSNESS', for when one realizes their inextricable unity between mind and matter all is seen to be Light and THE COILED SERPENT-ANGEL OF LIGHT awakens in a way that can only be withstood for short periods either as flashes or full on raptures but may also open wider in the dream-state which is itself composed purely of the Light of Consciousness. 
"The Gnostic Serpent Wheel pictured above represents the eight Aeons of Gnosticism.
It is a emblem of the cycles of time and is a symbol of the Gnostic messiah- the eighth Aeon who brings awakening and restores unity. It is closely related to the eight-spoked catholic baptismal cross- the Sunday of the resurrection was for early Christians an eighth day, and symbolized regeneration. This cycle was represented for some Gnostics by the serpent, who was associated with the “self-begotten” Deity by virtue of its ability to “give birth to itself” by the shedding of its skin."

See Isis Unveiled Vol. II, page 461 & The Rosicrucians by Hargrave Jennings
LAM is integral to these many different currents spanning the course of human history, and being enumerated as 71, Lam is a form of the Kundalini having stepped beyond the Seven Aeons into the 8th. Lam is the Mantra of the Root Chakra, the most dense relating to physical matter which is the mantra itself serves to open or loosen for entry into the more subtle layers. The Mask of LAM as given by Crowley is thus the face or head of the Kundalini (generalized of course) which has its reflection in Malkuth as M.A.L., the distiller and reviver of this core of ageless wisdom. Having been placed as the frontispiece to his commentated version of Blavatsky's The Voice of the Silence a clue is given as to the nature of what this all means, for in the Gnostic text 'The Discourse On the Eighth and the Ninth' which discusses in mystical terms the transition of the 8th to the 9th Aeonic Ray is done by a mode of 'singing in silence'. 
"Hermes' son soon had ecstatic experiences of his own, and his comments make clear that visionary experiences were located as experiences of the Ogdoad or Eighth, while intellectual intuitions were located in the Ninth. In the Hermetic system, a person who was having a vision had transcended his bodily senses and had, as such, ascended beyond the physical realm of the seven planetary heavens. The Hermetists' mind or self found itself in a condition of existence that was entirely literal, even though it was mental rather than bodily. Visionary experience was not a state of consciousness but a state of being, a discrete rank or stage in the great chain of being. The Eighth cosmic region was, in Corbin's (1972) sense of the term, an "imaginal" realm, with its own epistemic and ontic integrity. We might best approximate the Hermetic nuance in modern idiom by speaking not of an Eighth celestial region, but of an Eighth "dimension."

To go on to reach the Ninth cosmic region, the imaginal realm of forms had itself to be transcended. Both meditations and mystical experiences had to be limited to intellectual abstractions:
"Trismegistus, let not my soul be deprived of the great divine vision. For everything is possible for you as master of the universe."
Evolution - Adrian Kenyon
"Return to <praising>, my son, and sing while you are silent. Ask what you want in silence."
When he had finished praising he shouted, "Father Trismegistus! What shall I say? We have received this light. And I myself see this same vision in you. And I see the eighth and the souls that are
in it and the angels singing a hymn to the ninth and its powers. And I see him who has the power of them all, creating those <that are> in the spirit" (Disc. 8-9 59-60; Robinson 1988:325).

Abraxas - Josip Csoor
The assertion that "he enters into the understanding of the eighth that reveals the ninth" (Disc. 8-9 63; Robinson 1988:326) epitomizes this part of the mystical technique. Visualization practices were used to induce visions of images that had forms. The visualizations were known to be fabricated, but the visions that they triggered were thought to be unfabricated. These reflections on the visions were made during the visionary state while in the company of the envisioned souls and angels. Due presumably to the visions' coherence or intelligibility, initiates postulated the reality of a Mind that was responsible for ideas that took visionary form as images. This Mind was not manifest to the initiate, but the images that manifested its ideas were. The text does not mention whether Mind, in this context, was human or divine.

Once the ninth had been postulated on the basis of the evidence of the eighth, the initiate was ready to move on to the ninth itself. The postulation of Mind was to be used to induce a purely intelligible experience of the divine Creator of "those <that are> in the spirit." Having perceived the intellectual necessity, during visionary experience, of postulating a Mind beyond one's own, a Hermetist was to accomplish a final ontological movement by proceeding from vision to union. The initiand was to verify the divinity of the human mind, and its equivalence to divine Mind, by seeking an intellectual mystical experience. Corpus Hermeticum XIII described the experience as follows:
"Father, I see the universe and I see myself in mind."
"This, my child, is rebirth: no longer picturing things in three bodily dimensions. (C.H. XIII.13; Copenhaver 1992: 52)" pages 88-89, Stages of Ascension in Hermetic Rebirth, Dan Merkur

Because Abraxas represents the cycle or circuit of the Earth-year it signifies revolution, which through time moves in a spiral fashion. The Spiral is related to the Cone and thus also the Triangle of ABRACADABRA itself which is said by many to be directly related to Abraxas. In An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences Vol. I by Albert G. Mackey, William J. Hughan & Edward L. Hawkins thjere is an entry on Abrac on page 6:

"Abrac. In the Leland MS. it is said that the Masons conceal "the way of wynninge the facultye of Abrac." Mr. Locke (if it was he who wrote a commentary on the manscript) says, "Here I am utterly in the dark." It means simply "the way of acquiring the science of Abrac." the science of Abrac is the knowledge of the power and use of the mystical abraxas, which see; or very likely "Abrac" is merely an abbreviation of Abracadabra."

And on page 260 there is an entry on the faculty of Abrac as well:

  "Faculty of Abrac. In the so-called Leland Manuscript, it is said that Masons "conceal the way of wynninge the facultye of Abrac." That is, that they conceal the method of acquiring the powers bestowed by a knowledge of the magical talisman that is called Abracadabra."

In this Freemason's Magazine from 1796 a whole section which mentions the Abrac/Abracadabra connection referring to what also Mackey refers which is The Leland Manuscript (sometimes called The Locke Manuscript "in consequence of the suppositous annotations appended to it by that metaphysician", see The Leland Manuscript by Mackey.)

See Vol. III. p. 82.
I WAS extremely delighted with the copy of that ancient and venerable manuscript concerning Free-masonry with which you obliged to the public.
Mr. Locke's notes and explanatory remarks do the paper great honour, and his declaration and the lady's have contributed to encrease the number of Masons in several lodges.
There are however some passages so obscure that Mr. Locke himself knows not what to make of them. The way of wynning the facultye of Abrac is one; which I shall endeavour to elucidate.
I apprehend, that by the facultye of Abrac is meant the chimerical virtues ascribed to the magical term ABRACADABRA, written or repeated in a particular manner. This fanciful charm is supposed to have been invented by the elder Serenus Samoniacus, in the time of the Emperors Severus and Caracalla; and was though to be efficacious in curing agues, and preventing other diseases. ---The way of writing it was thus:

A    B     R     A     C     A     D     A     B     R     A
A     B     R     A     C     A     D     A     B     R
A     B     R     A     C     A     D     A     B
A     B     R     A     C     A     D     A
A     B     R     A     C     A     D
A     B     R     A     C     A
A     B     R     A    C
A     B     R     A
A     B     R
A     B

 A paper so inscribed was tied about the neck of the patient.
It is the more probable that this may be the true explanation of the facultye of Abrac, because we see that several of the mysteries of masonry enumerated in this old piece, are obscurely, imperfectly, or corruptly expressed. For instance, Peter Gower. Who would imagine that Peter Gower was Pythagoras in disguise? Yet how naturally and satisfactory is the corruption accounted for, by the medium which Mr. Lock has so happily discovered? Pythagoras seems to have been fated to transmigrations. The transmigration of Euphorbus into Pythagoras seems scarce more incredible, than (at first sight) the transmigraiton of Pythagoras into Peter Gower.
  Another explanation of the above is to be seen in Mr. Hutchinson's Spirit of Masonry. p. 33, and in Brother Preston's Illustrations of Masonry."

"Mr. Lock has made several judicious observations on the answer which is given to the question here proposed. His being in the dark concerning the meaning of the faculty of Abrac, I am not surprised at, nor can I conceive how he could otherwise be. ABRAC is an abbreviation of the word ABRACADABRA. In the days of ignorance and superstition, that word had a magical signification; but the explanation of it is now lost. [Mr. Hutchinson, in his ingenious treatise, entitled The Spirit of Masonry, gives the following explanation of the word ABRAC; which, as it is curious, I shall here insert in that gentleman's own words: "ABRAC, or ABRACAR, was a name which Basilides, a religious of the second century, gave to God; who, he said, was the author of three hundred and sixty-five. "The author of this superstition is said to have lived in the time of Adrian, and that it had its name after ABRASAN, or ABRAXAS, the denomination which Basilides gave to the Deity. He called him the Supreme God, and ascribed to him seven subordinate powers or angles, who presided over the heavens: and also, according to the number of the days in the year, held, that three hundred and sixty-five virtues, powers, or intelligences, existed as the emanations of God; the value, or numerical distinction of the letters in the word, according to the ancient Greek numerals, made 365.
Α    Β    Ρ    Α    Ξ    Α    Σ  
1    2    100   1   60   1   200
"Among Antiquaries, ABRAXAS is an antique gem, or stone, with the word ABRAXAS engraved on it. There are a great many kinds of them, of various figures and sizes, mostly as old as the third century. Persons professing the religious principles of Basilides wore this gem with great veneration as an amulet, from whose virtues, and the protection of the Deity, to whom it was consecrated, and with whose name it was inscribed, the wearer derived health, prosperity, and safety.
"There is deposited in the British Museum such a gem, which is a besil stone, of the form of an egg. The head is in cameo, the reverse in intaglio.
"In church history, ABRAX is noted as a mystical term, expressing the Supreme God; under whome the Basilidians supposed three hundred and sixty-five dependent deities; it was the principle of the Gnostic hierarchy, whence sprang their multitudes of thæns. From ABRAXAS is proceeded their PRIMOGENIAL MIND; from the primogenial mind, the Logos, or Word; from the Logos, the PHRONÆSIS, SOPHIA and DYNAMIS, or Wisdom and Strength; from these two proceeded PRINCIPALITIES, Powers, and ANGELS; and from these, other angels, to the number of three hundred and sixty-five, who were supposed to have the government of so many celestial orbs committed to their care."
So, we can see that as far back as the 17-1800's the 'facultye of Abrac', or Abraxas was at least somewhat known about, though the Gnostic discourse mentioned above ("The Eighth Reveals the Ninth", as it is called here since it's actual name is not fully given.) was not discovered until 1945 [= 'The Way of Abraxas' - reflecting on a newer level this year in 2015 as 'The Way of the Lama Serpent', or Serpent Lama or SERPENT LAM = 1111] and deciphered until 1947 [=THE SECRET HAS BEEN REVEALED].

The Ogdoadic and Enneadic traditions however go clear back to the Egyptian dynasties and span up to the present day with the Golden Dawn system largely of the Septuagint (7), the Ordo Astrum Solis of the Ogdoad (8) and the presently developing Enneadic Revival (9) on Malkuth with the 9 Typhonian Trilogies imparted by Kenneth Grant being a great foundational concentration and balance of the Horus and Set energies of Thelema fused with the primary keys of many of the important systems of the world and even tapping into the transplutonic, or otherworldly Gnosis which is slowly becoming more of a reality with both technological as well as psycho-philosophical advancements. The 9 pointed Star is known to Masons as the symbol of the 33rd Degree, and therefore it symbolizes the full flowering of the human soul, 33 being the two triangles forming the Hexagram of the Heart/Xin as well as the full Tree of Life including the Knowledge of Daath with it's full implications of the 'double tree', i.e. the double-headed Phoenix who is associated with Abraxas. 

The 8 pointed Star is known as the Star of Ilu but it goes back to Sumeria where it is known as the Dingir which resembles the  Chaos magick star with the I/Eye/9 in the center and the Chinese bagua. There are 8 directions including the inbetween spaces of the cardinal directions, and 9 is 3 x 3 or the three dimensions projected into the grid # which veils the 8 directions with the 9th central square opened in the fractal expansion. 8 and 9 together are 17, the 1 divided from the 7, or Set with the Phallus of Osiris - which is unified by Isis (8+1) giving 9, the totality waking up or being reborn in Malkuth with the rising of the sun. 17 is related to Osiris who is also related to Orion and there are 17 stars in Orion that are visible to the naked eye. 17 is specifically related to reincarnation or resurrection (The Light [7] resurrected in Malkuth [10]), and 107 is The Egg of Daath which recurs cyclically through time, the nature of which is nearly 'Unspeakable' though may be intuited if one goes around the cyclical path enough to recognize the nature of the fractal wheel of Abraxas. 

Note: Using Greek - ΑΒΡΑΓ or 'ABRAC' = 107, the primary number of the Egg explored in this blog.

Heaven and Hell Dennis Konstantin
418 is the value of Crowley's rendering of the Abracadabra formula as Abrahadabra with HAD at the heart which he wrote about extensively in various works. 418 is the number also of Aiwass in Greek Αιvαςς, as well as the ChIT - 'pure consciousness'.

In his book to Frater Achad, Liber Aleph; The Book of Wisdom or Folly, Crowley veils certain things relating to Abrahadabra:
Behold moreover, my Son, the Oeconomy of this Way, how it is according to the Tao, fulfilling itself wholly within thine own Sphere. And it is utterly in Tune with thine own Will on every Plane, so that every Part of thy Nature rejoiceth with every other Part, communicating Praise. Now then learn also how this Formula is that of the Word ABRAHADABRA. First, HAD is the Triangle erect upon twin Squares. Of Hadit need I not o write, for He hath hidden Himself in "The Book of the Law". This Substance is the Father, the Instrument is the Son, and the Metaphysical Ekstacy is the Holy Ghost, whose Name is HRILIU. These are then the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, whose sacred letters are R-ר, B-ב, and D-ד. But the last of the Diverse Letters is H-ה, which in the Tarot is the Star whose Eidolon is D-ד; and herein is that Arcanum concerning the Tao of which I have already written. Of this will I not write more plainly. But mark this, that our Trinity is our Path inwards in the Solar System, and that H being of our Lady Nuith starry, is an Anchor to this Magick which else were apt to deny our wholeness of Relation to the Outer as to the Inner. My son, ponder these Words, and profit by them; for I have wrought cunningly to conceal or to reveal, according to thine Intelligence, o my Son!

Crowley mentions something else that is odd in The Wake World about 418 being a 'Charioteer' who is 19 years, which is odd because I turned 19 the year of my deeper Initiation with the reception of the 107 Egg in 2011 which was 102 years years Liber 418 was written in 1909, 102 being the number of Mayan the Magician also mentioned in that work being also the Future Mage mentioned by Nema, and the one to carry on certain work mentioned in Liber 729:

"Abrahadabra," which is a most mysterious word, because it has eleven letters in it....
The charioteer is a most curious person; he is a great big crab in the most lovely glittering armour, and he can just drive!  His name is the mysterious name I told you {Nomen [Yod Heh Vau Aleph] = 22
   22x19 = 418 = Abrahadabra} about with eleven letters in it, but we call him Jehu for short, because he's only nineteen years old."

Note that NINETEEN = 184 which is A-Ch-D, Achad, 'unity', the unity of 1 through 9 in the 'Egg'=19, and a temurah of 418, both of which reduce to 13. NINETEEN in its highest Hebrew-English Gematria form with N final = 700 is 1225, or 35 x 35 - the Double KEY, the KEY cubed or the KEY of the Cube. ) 19 is said to be 'The Secret Code of God' for a number of reasons, but spelled out as 1225 it is equivalent with the HUMAN LOGOS of 'The Seven Archons' of the Πνευμα Μητρας, 'Spirit Matrix' which is Ενας Σε Ολα Τα Ολα Σε Ενα, 'One in All-All in One', one of Achad's formulas for the Universe. [Note 19 is also the number of IACh, a form of IAO.]

1225 is also the sum, or triangular number of 1 through 49, 49 being 7x7 or 'Light Cubed' (The fractal extension of the manifestation of Light). Both 1225 and 19 reduce to Unity, and so it is significant that it is also the value of a Hebrew title of Kether : עתיקא דעתיקינ, 'The Ancient of the Ancient Ones'; and a verse from the Bible, Exodus 3:15: זֶה שְּׁמִי לְעֹלָם וְזֶה זִכְרִי לְדֹר דֹּר, This is My eternal name-and this is My memory from generation to generation. Thus being One with the Logos all is known by the Over-mind of 'God' which is symbolized by the 1 in 10 and 10 in 1, or 'One in All/All in One'.

In Binary, 110101 is '53', the number of both DMT and Ακακια, the holy wood of immortality use for the Ark of the Covenant which contains DMT, a substance created by the pineal gland when one achieves the state of 'one-in-all-all-in-one' (Note 5x3 = 15, 'Ayin'-O, the Ajna), and 53 is also the degree of the angle of the Pythagorean triangle where Horus and Osiris meet (See Maat and Masonry). 53 is also ABN, the Stone, which connects back to 184 which is also the CHINTAMANI - the Stone which Achad concerned himself with as the MA-ION. MAION as 171 is 13 (AChD) less than 184 (A-Ch-D), but counting them all together as the MAION ABN CHINTAMANI the number 408 is obtained which is The Sapphire Stone itself, אבן הספיר - ABN H'SPhIR as the 'Maion Abn/Stone Chintamani - and if you subtract 'FRATER' from 408 -13 (negative AChD) is obtained, as if to show that Frater Achad is right there 'beyond the 0/Abyss', or inside the Egg.

Certainly he was on to something with his calculations, he just happened to die two years later (after 1948) and wasn't able to fully expand upon it. Kenneth Grant was the main person to carry this further, as well as a little bit of work done by various Maatians, such as Bertiaux, Greenfield, and others - but it really took awhile to develop and 'gestate' in egg a while for things to really be able to be put in scope and developed by someone with the inner-connections to these cyclically manifesting cosmic currents. I was 19 when I began this blog and the Egg was hatched in 2012, the year which the Mayan's prophesized Kukulkan (=102 = my name in Simple Gematria) would bring the SERPENT LINK (=999, K=500) to humanity at large. This has effectively been done yet is still in its formative stages.

Kenneth Grant reformulates Abrahadabra in Beyond the Mauve Zone as ABRAChADABRA exchanging Heh for Cheth making AChD/'Unity' central to the formula instead of HAD, bringing the total value up from 418 to 421 the value of THE EGG which re-manifested, as a re-incarnation of Aiwass precisely on April 2, 2011 carrying on THE WORK OF THE EGG. This also makes the formula more consistent with it's ancient relations to Abrac/Abrax/Abraxas.

Returning to the subject at hand, the value of ABRAC using Cheth is 212, the number of the Boiling Point in degrees Fahrenheit - 'The Boiling Water Degree', as well as 'Zero-Point Energy'. 212 is the value of ZHR, the Hebrew form of 'Zohar' which means 'Splendour' or 'Radiance', the same title as the Eighth sephira Hod associated with Abraxas - the 'radiance' from the Zero-Point - 'THE KEY OF MAGICK' or THEE MAGICKAL FACULTYE. 212 x 11 (Od/Aud, The Magick Power) = 2332, which happens to be the sum of the triangle of ABRAChADABRA in Hebrew-English Gematria.

A = 1
Total = 2332

THE FACULTY OF ABRAXAS is 911, a number which has been stigmatized like 666 and associated with negativity such as the police and the events of September 11th, however it is a number of power being that of THE ZERO POINT which is active when it is the Pointed Zero (☉/10) form between the 9 and 11. 911 is also the formula of LAM-IPSOS / IPSOS-LAM [M final = 600], mentioned by Grant in Outside the Circles of Time (page 280) as 'The Maatian formula for evoking Lam', 10 being Malkuth/Muladhara/Lam which is a 'mask' of the Zero-point. 911 is also 'THE SECRET WORD WHICH I HAVE GIVEN UNTO HIM', that word being MA-ION [N final = 700], which as 821 is 90 less than 911, and therefore THE LAM-MAION is 911, 821 being THE GEMATRIA CODES of THE CHILD OF LIBER AL. Most importantly however, 911 is Αξων, 'Wheel', 'Axis', 'Pole' - the Axis or Axle being the center of the torus and therefore the heart of Abraxas - the Ομφαλος, 'Omphalos' or 'Center' from which is drawn the Ακμων, 'Meteoric Stone'/'Thunderbolt' (i.e. Magickal Creative Power of the 'Divine Light'). 

Azathoth - John Coulthart
In the course of writing this post I had a dream just last night wherein I was doing a banishing ritual in an astral ritual chamber levitating as I do very often in my dreams above and surrounded by an empty vacuum of space. This is the timeless realm of the Egg of Abraxas which is co-terminous with the Ma-Ion, the astral K'rla Cell beyond space-time which is developed and empowered as the fractal Diamond-Light Rainbow Body. After remembering I had this dream today I calculated simply 'THE BANISHING RITUAL IN A DREAM' and just like many things that come to me almost like 'transmissions' from THE GENIUS MIND (=888), the 'received' phrase has a value of 777. 777 being the Light World of the 7 Rays it is also THE ASTRAL SEA of the ASTRAL PLANE DREAMS, each of which are like a 'BUBBLES' (=107) of AZATHOTH (=107) as what Crowley called "aggregates of experience". The ability to awaken in this way is the Faculty of Abraxas for it is the aligning with the Higher Self  and having calculated many Buddhist things and finding many things that = 777 it is significant to see it's also THE VAJRAYANA SIGHT of THE SEVEN PRIMAL RAYS of THE PHOENIX LIGHT, the re-incarnating, or re-creative eternal light. 

The generation of the power of Abrax can be done with the method given in the Chinese Book of Life as expanded upon by Wilhelm and Jung in The Secret of the Golden Flower which gives the method of the Circulation of Light to create the golden elixir of 'chin' or Xin. XIN is 800 and is secreted from the GLAND (88). The XIN GLAND-888 is specifically related to the THE CIRCULATION+THE LIGHT. THE GOLDEN FLOWER which blossoms as a result of this is 889, THE INVISIBLE JEWEL of THE HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL - the One in the midst of the 8th Gnostic Aeon. Adding OM to THE GOLDEN FLOWER which is unfolded by it's utterance gives 999, THE HIGHER POWER of THE HIGHEST UNITY UTTERMOST SHOWED of THE GOLD TAO EGG of the PERFECT MANI-STONE which arrived to me on April 2nd, 2011 as a talismanic manifestation of my having aligned with the Current of Maat (The Perfect-Ion) on September 9, 2009 (9-9-9) successfully channeling THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE without my conscious awareness at the time. More of this Knowledge will be disseminated as it is more properly integrated and much more is to be published soon expanding on many more different routes of analysis using this frame of context.

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