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Gematria Analysis and New Considerations Regarding The Middle Pillar Ritual

in 6° Tauri : in 20° Leonis : dies Lunae : Anno VI æræ legis, Monday April 27, 2015

        The Middle Pillar = 888 in English Gematria. 8 is symbolic of the Hourglass figure representing Space-Time, as well as a cross-section view of the Torus which is of great importance in the visualizations of  the Middle Pillar. 8 is also the number of directional rays emanating from the central zone of the Chaos Magick star or Buddhist Dharmachakra. Eight is important to the Gnostics as the Ogdoadic Sphere above the manifest seven, particularly relating to Space-Time and the region of Daath which is the eighth zone on the Tree of Life counting up from Malkuth.  There are also 8 points in Perfect Ashlar of the Masons, and Christian Mystics have known for a long time that the name Jesus in Greek, Ιησους, has a precise value of 888. 888 is a number of movement, change, flux, energy, and rightfully it is symbolic of the nature of the Middle Pillar ritual which is aimed at generating this magickal energy at will. Atu VIII is Strength (Lust in the Thoth deck), which shows a woman opening the mouth or riding on a lion, which connects to the ancient depictions of Ishtar (whose symbol is also the 8-pointed star). The Middle Pillar serves to strengthen and balance the Light-Body as well as re-connect as a bridge Yechidah with the Nephesch, i.e. Higher Self with Animal Self. 

Formulas of the Five Zones of the Middle Pillar
אהיה – Eheieh – “I Am” = 21
אלהימ יהוה – YHVH Elohim – “Lord God”, “Lord of Gods”, or “Lord of Hosts” = 112
ודעת אלוה יהוה – YHVH Eloah Va-Daath – “God Made Manifest in the Sphere of Mind” or “Lord God of all Knowledge” = 548
חי לא שדי – Shaddai El Chai – “The Almighty Living Creature of God.” Of the Four Holy Creatures, the Man. The sexual strength of Yesod.  = 363
הארצ אדני – Adonai Ha-Aretz – “Lord of the Earth” = 361

21 + 112 + 548 + 363 + 361 = 1405 = השתן, Ha-Satan; Satan, The Prince of Darkness. This is a mystical allusion to the fact of the fall of the Lucifer, Bearer of Light into the lower (manifest/magickal) form of Satan, the Prince of Darkness.
1405 is also the number of THE MIDDLE PILLAR854 + קבלה של החוכמה551, ‘The Wisdom of the Qabalah’, as well as:

MIDDLE PILLAR = 444, half of 888 and related specifically to the 4 ELEMENTS444, which make up the material manifestation (Σαρξ και Αιμα444, ‘Flesh and Blood’) of the higher Ενεργειακο Σωμα444, or ‘Energy Body’ – the two being conceived as the phenomenal and noumenal composites of the Mystical and Magickal, Inner and Outer, or Above and Below. 444 is also the full Hebrew value of Chi (הה יוד חות, Cheth-Yod-Hé), meaning ‘Life’, the life of the ENERGY BODY VITALITY444 which is generated in the emanations of the SEPHIROTH444 power-zones. The 4th Sephira is Chesed, ‘Mercy’, whose Archangelic Choir is Chasmalim, ‘The Bright Ones’, a Hebrew word with its root Chasmal meaning ‘Electricity’. (Note that the English word Chasmal means “resembling a chasm”, i.e. the Abyss, which separates Chesed from the Supernal Triad.) Chesed is the first sephira of the Microprosopus/Zeir Anpin (“The Lesser Countenance”/“Small Face”/Microcosm) and is sometimes called the Cohesive or Receptive Intelligence being as it contains “all the Holy Powers, and from it emanate all the spiritual virtues with the most exalted essences.”
            An important personal experience I had on January 2nd, 2012 should be related in more full explanation in regards to a manifestation of an electric blue orb which manifested itself to me while in bed that night by glidingly floating through the window. During this period I had been just beginning to make the Initiatory connections and Ordeals through reading much occult and magickal material. Oddly, right when I was in a very comfortable state right before falling asleep something told me to open my eyes and to my surprise I saw an electric blue orb come through the glass window as if it were completely immaterial. This caused me to panic and I could hardly breathe or speak and felt a great sense of panic having never experienced something so out-rightly alien to my senses. My friend Nick happened to also be in the room because he had been over for the night and I attempted to yell for him to wake up and look as he was already asleep, though I could hardly find words. He looked just in time to see a blue light move quickly out or away from the window, but was unable to get as full a view of it as I did. I told him the details of how it looked to me, like a sort of brighter, bluer and more dense sort of novelty plasma globe lamp which strangely seemed to cast no reflecting glow on the surrounding walls or the window-pane itself.
Nick and I discussed whether it could have been someone with a flashlight outside, or a headlight reflection, but the problem with both of those is the fact that if anyone were outside the window we would have heard them walk up and definitely run away because I can hear when someone is walking by five feet away, much less right up close. Also, the parking spot in front of my window was filled by my friend’s car, also noise would have been made if it were a vehicle which there wasn’t, being as it was about midnight or shortly after. However, the memory of what I saw and the effect it had on me, leaving a case of goose bumps to last about an hour, was too strong to write-off as anything other than what it was as I experienced it, which was me looking up to see a GLOWING ORB444 enter my bedroom and then quickly fly out as I panicked. The reason I am noting this personal experience is because in A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism, Gareth Knight mentions clearly that “The Archangel of the Sephira [of Chesed], Tzadkiel, as well as the Order of Angels, Chasmalim, or Brilliant Ones, can be built up in imagination, the Archangel having an especial link with the symbol of the Orb”.
            444 as the triple or three-dimensional extension of Chesed is rightly allocated to the power of electricity and materialization being as it is the first zone of the emanation of Light through the refractory prism of Daath (also related to the 4/Door symbolism) in space-time.
The figure of 4 is specifically related to the symbol of Jupiter, it’s planetary representative, but is also reminiscent of the crossed-legs of the Hanged Man who symbolizes the Adept crossing the Abyss, or the crossing of Spirit and Matter divided by the Waters (Mem/Mu) of Space(-time). This ‘crossing’ is symbolized in the cross of the elements or Matter, ⊗. This is the main ‘wheel’ of the ‘wheels within wheels’, and as such it is given the God-Name of El, or AL, אל31 which also reduces to 4. The main symbol of Chesed is however the Square, a symbol of the Masons which together with the compass can be seen illustrated in the letters A as the compass and L as the measuring square. A, or Aleph in the Tarot is 0, the circle or zero-point of origination which the compass traces (The Fool in his dance of maya) and L is Lamed attributed to Justice, or Adjustment which shows Maat the balancer/measurer in the Diamond. Both Atus in the Thoth deck show a form of the Diamond, also related to Chesed and the 4. Another form of 444 is ADI VAJRADHARA, (Primordial Diamond-Holder) or simplified as THE VAJRAHARA, Sanskrit for ‘The Diamond Holder’, or Bearer of the Thunderbolt, a title of the Ultimate Primordial Buddha, or Adi Buddha (‘Dorje Chang’ in Tibetan).
Vajradhara (Sanskrit) Diamond-holder; the First Logos, supreme buddha, or adi-buddha, equivalent to the Tibetan dorjechang. “As the Lord of all Mysteries he cannot manifest, but sends into the world of manifestation his heart -- the ‘diamond heart,’ Vajrasattva (Dorjesempa)” (The Secret Doctrine 1:571). Vajra here expresses the indestructibility and spiritually adamantine quality of this “One unknown, without beginning or end” - unknown to the average worldly person, but recognized by full initiates as the source of their divine inspiration and intuitions. –Babylon Dictionary
The Thunder-bolt is particularly related to Chasmalim and the descending energy of the Middle Pillar, and even though Chesed is not on the Middle Pillar itself, it is nonetheless of great importance in this analysis. In Chapter 1, verse 6 of Sepher Yetzirah, it is said
“The Ten ineffable Sephiroth have the appearance of the Lightning flash,(17) their origin is unseen and no end is perceived. The Word is in them as they rush forth and as they return, they speak as from the whirl-wind, and returning fall prostrate in adoration before the Throne.”
17 Lightning flash. In the early edition the words "like scintillating flame" are used: the Hebrew word is BRQ. Many Kabalists have shown how the Ten Sephiroth are symbolised by the zig-zag lightning flash.
This ‘Zig-zag lightning flash’ has been found to be formulated on the paths of the Tree of Life itself enumerating to 777 אדגטלןףרת, (if the path from Binah to Chesed be taken as 3, for Gimel connects Arikh Anpin with Zeir Anpin). 777 is also הקליפות עולם, OVLM H’QLIPhVTh, The World of the Shells, or Qliphoth which refers to the broken lights or shells which were destroyed in the primordial ‘fall’ of the Lightning-Bolt/Soul-Spark into a lesser, mundane form. 888, 444, 777, etc. each illustrate the transmission and reception of Qabalistic Knowledge as gradual emanations from 111 to 999, which is known as the Qabalah of Nine Chambers also called AIQ BKR333, בכר איק formed from the Hebrew alphabet of 22 letters (along with its 5 final letter forms) folded into a grid according to their gematric value of 1-9, 10-90, and 100-900. All of these various expressions are examples of what is called the Literal Qabalah, and though much of this is all rather concise and literally connected many orthodox Qabalists and Magicians still have yet to admit even the possibility of a practical application of the Hebrew Qabalah to English (much less Sanskrit) terminology as if doing so would in some way diminish the tradition, when in fact it strengthens, expands and updates it.
Much of this knowledge is actually somewhat new while the fundamental Qabalistic system is itself very ancient. English was non-existent in the times the Qabalah was first being transmitted, and even though the language still fits with the legends, tenets and axioms when analyzed in database form – such as I have created and published in Liber Mayan.

The string of correspondences unveiled in the Qabalah of Nine Chambers (specifically the numbers 111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999) illustrates a sort of literal qabalistic expression of the Middle Pillar itself, being as it is a pillar or spectrum of the nine numbers in trine form (a trine of trines). They are called Chambers because they are like cells or shells, the World of Shells being those primordial lights which broke in the Fall, giving way to Malkuth, or the Nephesch (Fallen-Animal Soul) in Assiah (Material World), symbolized by the number 10. The Nine Chambers are referenced in the Masonic legend of the Ninth Arch, ‘The Royal Arch of Enoch’, under which was kept the secret name of God inscribed on a triangular gold plate. The Nine ‘homeworlds’ are also mentioned in Norse mythology, and the Egyptians as well as the Greeks also had their Enneads and appending Creation myths. It is almost as if the Pillar were more like a ladder, or staircase even, and simple referenced to the number 999 in Liber 999 (the number of Liber Mayan) will show that this is a precise allocation for THE STAIRCASE, which according to Freud in The Interpretation of Dreams (Ch. VI, sect. E) is said to be a symbol of copulation, and thus the act of emanation, manifestation and reception (i.e. the Qabalah itself.)

            The symbolism of the Ladder, Staircase and winding stairs is also featured in Masonry as symbolic of order, initiation, and the human spine  or ‘winding stairs of the temple’ mentioned in I Kings 6:8 “And they went up the winding stairs into the middle chamber.” The Body is the Temple, and the ‘middle chamber’ of Solomon’s Temple refers to the Heart or Tiphareth/ Anahatta chakra. If one looks at the center of the Qabalistic Grid, 555 which is a number used also in Masonic symbolism, is seen to be a form of HNK, or Enoch, the ‘Master of the Ninth Arch’ whose name in Hebrew means ‘Initiate’, ‘Initiator’, ‘Founder’ or ‘Dedicated’, (i.e. the Initiated Initiator and Founder of Masonry). In Hebrew 555 is also חנוך ויתהלך, ‘And Enoch Walked’, from Genesis 5:24  “And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” The number 555 is further related to mystical resurrection and initiation in how its sum is 15, the number of parts including the lost phallus that Osiris was dismembered into by Set according to Egyptian legends. There are masonic depictions of THE COFFIN555 with the numbers 5-5-5 inscribed, and Osiris is particularly symbolic of the resurrection, afterlife and underworld (Amenta). Atu XV15 is The Devil, another mask of the Initiator and ruler of the Underworld. The 15th letter is ‘O’, the Hebrew letter Ayin, meaning ‘Eye’ which the English letter is symbolic. E. A. Wallis Budge, in Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection (pg. 9) says “The name Osiris means “many-eyed” (πολυνοφθαλμον), and is rightly applied to the sun, which darts his rays everywhere, seeing as it were with many eyes what is on land and sea.” Again, the Middle Chamber (5/555) is associated with the Sun, Tiphareth/The Heart/Anahatta.

In Matthew 6:22 the words of Jesus are record as saying “The lamp of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” This is an alchemico-mystical expression referring to the unification of the inward and outward vision and the disparate rays or base metals into a balanced composite known as the Chrysos or Gold of which the title Christ receives its origin. Thus, the ‘many eyes’ become THE ONE EYE in 555 which from the central chamber forms the central or middle pillar. While MIDDLE PILLAR is 444, THE BALANCE is 111, therefore THE MIDDLE PILLAR BALANCE or BALANCE THE MIDDLE PILLAR is also 555, also illustrating this idea (the balance being especially related to Maat the balancer/measurer as presider over Truth and Justice, the .) The Risen Osiris is symbolized by the raising of the Djed pillar, the upright and stable pillar synonymous with the Tree of Life itself as well as the spine, the upholder of the sky and cosmic stability. In The Ninth Arch, Kenneth Grant refers numerous times to the ‘Tet’, or Amen-Tet, the Hidden Pillar “established in the void” of Amenta, the Desert of Set. The name Set means ‘a standing stone’, relating of course to the Djed which is also a standing stone. Both TET and DJED have a value of 23, the number of the ‘Hidden’ or ‘Secret’ Atu which is equated to the Lost Word or Omnific Letter which is symbolic of that which is yet to Be and the power of infinite potential, the power of the DJEDI (33), the root of which is the Djed. It has long been known there are 33 disks in the spinal column, and the djed disks are said to intentionally exhibit this. 33 is of course the amplification of the 22 and Paths with the Ten sephiroth along with the Hidden Pillar or Standing Stone of Set (Daath), the Knowledge of the WITCH33 and the formula of WICCA33, which is essentially a western form of yoga, since it is essentially a ‘bringing together’ and ‘weaving’ of forces, paths , knowledge, MagicS:33 etc.  

The Egyptian green faced ram god Khnum, who is the union between Osiris (the Underworld) and Ra (The Sun) is the Potter god of Creation and Fertility and ruler of the annual Nile inundation, a type of Demiurge who fashions man on a potter’s wheel out of clay. The ram or horned one is also totemic of many nature deities, Amun-Ra, Pan, Cernunnos, the Goat of Mendes or Baphomet, and even Moses was depicted with horns as symbolic of Aries . Khnum is said to have reconstructed the limbs of the dismembered Osiris, as well as himself the personification of the “Ra in Osiris and Osiris in Ra”, i.e. the fusing of the Light and the Dark, the Day and the Night, Life and Death, Kether and Malkuth. The Horned One is of central importance to the Wiccan and Sabbatic Craft traditions, and the symbol of the horns is of course obviously related to the ‘Double One’, 11, the number of Daath as the Knowledge of Life and Death. The spiral horn is reminiscent of the winding spiral staircase which is related to THE CONE555 of Power mentioned throughout The Ninth Arch as a key to “the true formula of transition to other dimensions.” (see pg. 341) Grant mentions how this idea was sigilized in a painting by Austin Spare called ‘Man is a Bundle of Ids’, and in his deeper explanation in Appendix I, its true significance particularly in regard to further expansion and integration of the Middle Pillar is shown. A full quote of the Appendix thus follows:

The signs and symbols printed in books are stylized mnemonics communicated by specific Intelligences and/or Spirits. The Sign of Protection however is not formed as one would form a regular figure such as the pentagram, hexagram, etc., but according to requirement. A very special form of defence is necessary against hostile forces from Outside. A particular angle of the figure has to be projected into another dimension. Such a figure cannot accurately be committed to paper, not may it be traced in the Air. Such a Sign has plenary magical potential only when projected mentally by one who has established two-way traffic with his daemone, whose Word he has received. Those who have passed the Pylon of Samekh1 will be familiar with the curious ‘sloping’ sensation that precedes a shift of consciousness beyond everyday awareness, as occurs in dreams, trances, ecstasies, profound anguish, or in vertigo. The Sign of Protection is the most ancient form of the pentagram. It was known originally by the Kamite designation, S’baau, meaning ‘abode of stars’. It is represented by the Star of Set figured in the heavens as the Eye of the Southern Pole, itself symbolic of the Amenta or Hidden Land. As our model we shall take the stylized pentangle, bearing in mind that it may only be suggested on a plane surface:

When the Word of the daemone is vibrated correctly, it extends the required angle of vision. This extension vibrates and creates a whirling cone, vortex, or funnel, which sucks in and destroys hostile forces. In the process, the star is distorted by elongating and twisting the appropriate angle out of proportion to the figure’s remaining nodal points. The latter are then to be extended in turn according to the divers directions there occurs also a distortion of sound, of vibration. This phenomenon is paralleled by the Hindu pranava which, in ideographic form, exemplifies lineally, twisted sound.2
                But there is an almost insurmountable obstacle to the projection of this vibration beyond the realms of the known universe. The Sign of Protection must needs reach beyond the ‘ring-pass-not’ sentinels of astral, etheric and mental rings – which are merely conceptual – if it is to penetrate the Outside. Matter must be dematerialized and reintegrated as something quite other, in order to strike at the roots of invading alien influence. This basic fact was understood by the ancient Adepts, and some of their teachings on the subject of the Ain Soph (Outer Void), though without specific reference to the Sign of Protection, were incorporated in a paper prepared by more recent Adepts of the Golden Dawn, entitled ‘The Law of the Convoluted Revolution of the Forces Symbolized by Four Aces [Tarot] Around the Northern Pole’. Concerning the translation of matter from one dimension to another, the formula is described in qabalistic terminology, and its meaning will be seen to resonate with our remarks above:

The symbol of the connection between the Malkuth of Yetzirah (mental) and the Kether of Assiah (material) will be a form somewhat resembling an hour-glass, the thread of the Ain Soph … traversing the centre thereof and forming the connection between the worlds. So that the symbol [hour-glass] of the connection between planes [dimensions] is this, and also the modus operandi of the translation of the form from one plane [dimension] to another is this [hour-glass]. And hence does the title of the sphere of Kether of Assiah signify commencement of the whirling motion [twisted form / spiral]. From the diagram of the hour-glass symbol it will be manifest that the Malkuth Yetzirah will be the transmitter of the Yetziratic forces into Kether of Assiah, that the latter will be the recipient thereof, and that the hour-glass symbol or double cone will be the translator from one plane [dimension] unto the other …

Any forces in Malkuth may act through the upper cone of the hour-glass symbol, and by means of the lower one translate its operation into the Kether below, but its mode of transmission will be through the cones by the thread of the Ain Soph or of the unformulated. So that in the transmission between the two worlds [manifest/unmanifest] the formulate must first become unformulate ere it can reformulate in new conditions.
                Other aspects of the cone were noted by Aleister Crowley in connection with the fourth dimension, which he worked into the fourth chapter of Moonchild. Austin O. Spare envisaged the cones as extending to infinity.3 Whilst en route, the points of the cones pierce the aethyrs like a needle, paralyzing any hostile force inhabiting them. In Spare’s diagrammatic drawing (see Frontispiece), note that the descending cone depends from a pentagon, the extreme distortion of which is caused by space-time dilation. A similar distortion links the Zos-Ilyarun-Aossic complex in the ‘Formula of Zos vel Thanatos’ stylized or – more appropriately – stélé-ized in the plaque reproduced in Zos Speaks!.4 Frater Achad had envisaged, independently, and perhaps deployed, his ‘Star of Manifestation’ (see diagram 3, page 403) in a similar context. He hinted also at a mode of invocation involving a special order of shaktis (letters) in the thirteen angles of the Star to bring into manifestation the defensive influences of the Maatian Gnosis. Achad’s Star was thus also a Sign of Protection.
                Major Typhonian implicits of the Hour-Glass Formula may be recognized in the following representations of key factors of the Aeon of Zain:

The Double Cone comprises the 7 (Set-Typhon) and the 8 (Isis) in her dynamic phase (i.e., with Phallus, I) as ‘New’ Isis. This is the key to the Stélé 718 (AL.III.19) fused with the stélé of Zos vel Thanatos as the basic formula of the Aeon of Z(ain), thus manifesting the “thread of Ain Soph”.
                In summary: the potency of the Sign of Protection is dependent upon the Magician’s ability to release and to direct the vibration of the Word communicated to him by his daemone, and to sever with the Sword (Zain) the intrusive tentacles from Outside.
1 Samekh means ‘prop; standing-stone; pylon or pillar’. IT is the ideogram of Set, the ‘Passing of the Pylon’ should be achieved in the Fifth Degree of O.T.O.
2 See Nitya Tripta, Spiritual Discourses, page 441.                          
3 The hour-glass, by shape, is a figure of eight (Isis), and a vertical form of the mathematical sign for infinity.
4 See Zos Speaks!, page 154. The stélé designed by Spare incorporated the encoded formulae activated to form the basis of the Zos Kia Cultus founded in conjunction with New Isis Lodge. Spare fleshed the formula of the Double Cone, or Hour-Glass, in feminine form with sigils and ‘sentient symbols’ located at the zones relevant to their function in the subtle body.

The Hour-glass/Double Cone created from the thread of Ain Soph is also mentioned in ‘The Astronomical Tarot’ section of The Golden Dawn text which relates the Tarot with basic astronomical and astrological principles and mentions some interesting details about the “Hourglass Connection of Malkuth and Kether”:
                “Now there will be, not one, but four formulae of the application of the Four Forces of Malkuth, unto the revolution of the Aces in Kether, and these acting not singly but simultaneously and with a different degree of force. Were Malkuth or Kether in the same plane or world the transmission of these forces would proceed more or less in direct lines. In this case, seeing that Malkuth and Kether be in different planes or worlds, the lines of transmission of these forces are caught up and whirled about by the upper cone of the hour glass symbol into the vortex where through passeth the thread of the unformulated, i.e. the Ain Soph. Thence they are projected in a whirling convolution (yet according unto their nature) through the lower cone of the hourglass symbol unto Kether. Whence it resulteth that these formulae are of the nature of the Dragon, that is to say, moving in convolutions, and hence they are called the Dragon or Serpent Formulae.” –S.L. Mathers

            This is all a rather confusing mystical expression of the conceptualization of the formulations of emanation according to the Tarotic and astro-symbolic terminologies. Donald Tyson, in his book New Millennium Magic explains in detail close to the beginning of the book the nature of the Manifest toroidal coil and the Unmanifest zero-point (created if the top and bottom cones fold in on themselves and connect), which is the same shape-formula of the Macrocosmic Galaxy as well as the Microcosmic atom.
The Cone of Power and the Middle Pillar are essentially one and the same with the dual ability to bring down or ‘manifest’ creative power or to raise up, exalt a power, or sow a seed into the Unmanifest. The flow of energy marked by the arrows in the diagram show the inward/upward and downward/outward channel which itself resembles the growth of a Tree – growing up, out, dropping its seeds and its dead material back down and cycled again. This would of course then be the mystical and magical Tree of the Knowledge of Life and Death centered in the middle of the Garden. The Tree in its spiral growth through space-time is yet again also related to the imagery of the Staircase, which as Freud said is symbolic of copulation (Generation/Genesis). The Staircase (999) emanates from THE SEED (333) which in its most basic form is the symbol of Sol, , also known as the Anupadaka. THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE999 of Daath is contained in the DOT (Daath is literally Daleth-Ayin-Tau, D-O-T) at the center of the Circle. 
According to Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine“In the metaphysical world, the Circle with its one central Point in it has no number, and is called Anupådaka – parentless and numberless, for it can fall under no calculation. It is a center of energy, which I shall for the present call the Logos. It is called the Verbum by the Christians, and it is the divine Christos who is eternal in the bosom of his Father.” –I., 118-155.

It is from this center which is everywhere and whose circumference nowhere that the unfoldment of the Supernal Triad gains energetic potential to manifest the lightning-bolt flash of creation. The mathematical precision of the Qabalistic conceptualizations show the framework to be both accurate and workable and therefore even deeper and more intuitively reliable creative visualization can be undertaken when working the Middle Pillar ritual and the channeling THE POWERS OF AZOTH999, the hidden animating spirit associated with Akasha and the Ain Soph. In the beginning of my own Initiations I had conceived of my own gradual awakening as like that of an invisible thread which slowly becomes unwoven like the coming un-done of the hinges of the fundamental zones of reality having deeply meditated on the nature of the Numerical Spheres. This weaving ‘Thread’ is the Gold Thread of the Ain Soph which extends infinitely into the two extremes; Ain (Nothing) and Ain Soph Aur (Limitless Light). This mystical thread is the source and medium of magickal power itself as cosmic manifestations of the one substance which is aimed at being purified, consecrated, channeled or discharged through the Middle Pillar.

The Middle Pillar Ritual Procedure

Establishing the Pillar

Kether: After a few minutes of relaxation, imagine a sphere of white light just above your head. Vibrate the name Eheieh (pronounced Eh-hey-yay, meaning “I am”). Keep vibrating this word until it is the only thought in your conscious mind. Then imagine a shaft of light descending from your Kether center to your Daath center at the nape of the neck.

Daath: Form a sphere of light at the Daath center. Vibrate the name YHVH Elohim (pronounced Yode-heh-vav-heh El-oh-heem, meaning Lord of Hosts).

Tiphareth: Bring a shaft of light down from the Daath center to the Tiphareth center around your heart. Form a sphere of light there. Vibrate the name YHVH Eloah ve-Daath (pronounced Yode-heh-vav-heh El-oh-ah v’-Dah-ath, meaning Lord of Knowledge).

Yesod: See the shaft of light descending from Tiphareth into the Yesod center in the genital region. Imagine a sphere of light formed there. Intone the name Shaddai El Chai (pronounced Shah-dye El-Chai meaning Almighty Living God.
Malkuth: Visualize the shaft of light descending from Yesod into your Malkuth center at the feet and ankles. Vibrate the name Adonai ha-Aretz (pronounced Ah-doe-nye ha-Ah-retz, meaning Lord of Earth).

Visualize the Middle Pillar complete.

Circulating the light
Then circulate the light you have brought down through the Middle Pillar around the outside of your body to strengthen your aura (Perform each circulation a number of times.):
Circulation One: Side to Side
Using the cycles of rhythmic breathing, bring the light down one side of the body and up the other, from Kether to Malkuth and back to Kether. Exhale and visualize the light descending the left side of the body. Inhale and imagine the light ascending the right side of the body back to Kether.
Circulation Two: Front to Back
After performing this for a short space of time, imagine the ribbon of light descending from Kether down the front of your body to Malkuth and rising up your back, returning again to Kether.
Circulation Three: The Shower of Light
Still employing rhythmic breathing, visualize the sphere of Malkuth, then see the shaft of light rising up the Middle Pillar in the center of your body. When it reaches Kether, imagine a shower of light cascading down the outside of your body as it descends to Malkuth again. Circulate the light in this manner for some time. 
Circulation Four: The Ascending Spiral
Then see the light rise again in a ribbon that spirals around the outside of your body from Malkuth to Kether.
Finally focus some of the energy back into your Tiphareth center, the seat of equilibrium and balance.
Often, the Middle Pillar is combined with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram 

To do this:

  •        Perform the opening Qabalistic Cross
  •        Formulate the Pentagrams
  •        Call the Archangels
  •        Perform the Middle Pillar exercise
  •        Perform the closing Qabalistic Cross

A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism - Gareth Knight 
The Golden Dawn - Israel Regardie
The Middle Pillar - Israel Regardie
The Essential Golden Dawn: An Introduction to High Magic - Chic & Tabatha Cicero
New Millennium Magic - Donald Tyson

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The Key of It All

The sum of the cryptogram in chapter II, verse 76 of Liber AL = 1066 using basic Hebrew-English Gematria, (i.e. the Hebrew formula applied to the English alphabet.) [Note: SUM, Samekh-Vav-Mem final = 666 which plus 400 (Tau, 'T' The SUM) Tau also refers to the Cross, the symbol of which refers to the 'sum', or addition (+). Thus, '+ SUM' = 1066. Also, the sum of the components 10 and 66 are of course 76, the verse number, 10 being Had (1) and Nu (0), 66 being the number of the Great Work (the union of HAD and NU).]


As further verification of this formula and its relevance to the Liber we also find that 1066 is the number of THE CRYPTOGRAM KEY itself, as well as THE GEMATRIA KEY OF LIBER AL VEL LEGIS. I've found it is also VERSE 76 TEST and EXPOUND THE 76 SUM (Mem final). I've found this formula to decode THE VERSE 76 GEMATRIA KEY, which when applied to the Book of the Law unlocks some of the primary concepts. 

The number 76 itself is quite significant, being as it is the number of WILL in Hebrew-English Gematria, the meaning of the Greek word Thelema. It is also the number of ANKH, which is the Egyptian word for Eternal Life, or the Immortal Principle synonymous with the Will.  76 is also THE LIGHT, and this year, the 111th year of the Aeon of Horus, has been declared the International Year of Light by the United Nations - 111 being itself the number of THE WHITE LIGHT which is associated with Kether and Aleph, the pure light of manifestation. As has been said, this is the 111th year of the Aeon of Horus, and the 76th happened to be 1980 when Kenneth Grant released his 5th book Outside the Circles of Time which went into more detail regarding Frater Achad's findings regarding the Key(s) of Manifestation. This book cataloged the recurrence of the egg iconography from its first occurrence in  Liber AL.II.49 for a recurring sevenfold cycle of seven years.

On the 107th year of the Aeon of Horus, without my awareness of the significance of the egg or even the slightest importance of Achad's insights into Liber AL I happened to buy a black obsidian egg on April 2nd. It was not until just within about a week later did I realize when reading OTCOT that Achad too had discovered what he did about the Egg (BITzH = 107 = MAION) on the very same day, which was also his birthday, in 1948.

Further 'synchronicity' I've noticed among all of this is that 111 is 35 more than 76, 76 being the verse of the Cryptogram and 35 being the number of the 'KEY': The 76 KEY (i.e. 111) unlocks the number of THE BALANCE (i.e. the weighing/measuring scales of Maat). 107, the number of the Egg in a number of ways as shown throughout this blog (THE MAGICK EGG, The Egg of Daath, An Obsidian Egg, etc.), which is also that of 'GOLD'/'Chrysos', the formula of the Philosopher's Stone, is the sum of AL (31) and 76, i.e. the Key of verse 76. This Key also opens the HÉ FINAL, or Daughter aspect of the Tetragrammaton which is aligned with the forces of synthesis, regeneration, awakening and in a way is reminiscent of the 4th state of awareness, 'Turiya', which is typified as cosmic bliss, or ANANDA, which is also 107. 

The Egg is the symbol of the seed which contains a very deep charge of magickal, i.e. mayic potential. As has been said by Qabalists for ages, the Qabalah of Nine Chambers (i.e. 111-999, AIQ BKR) which forms the Tree of Life is a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm and therefore the blueprint of Creation is bound up in the palm (hand/5/ Heh) / seed / egg. (The fifth element, Akasha, is symbolized by a black egg). Thus, the black egg is totemic of the Eye of the Dragon, the '0' itself, realized and awakened which is not even centered in my talismanic egg, but merely a cosmic symbol of expansion within my own Bindi ('DOT', Daath/Gnosis). 

111, 'THE WHITE LIGHT', can also be rendered in Greek as 'RAY', or 'AIR', ray being the BOLT of Light or Lightning which emanates from not just from Kether, but the Ain Soph Aur, or Limitless Light, in its descent to Malkuth (and Air being the element associated with Aleph, ALP = 111.) 111 is the number of the Greek Εννεα, 'Nine', and the Qabalah of Nine Chambers which is veiled in the numbers 111-999 show with the utmost precision how the ancient principles of Qabalah still apply to the modern English (and transliterated Hebrew, Greek, Sanskrit, etc.), thus aptly the Key of it All. (Note that THE ALL + AL = 111 = Η Λεξη ‘The Word’ = QTB, [Arabic], 'The Point'). 111 veils the 3 in 1 and 1 in 3 which relates to the Key (AL, 31) of Achad (13), 'One in All and All in One' - 'All in One and One in All', which according to Liber 31, in its original Latin form ended up enumerating to 777 (using Hebrew applied to the Latin phrase/English letters), which at the time of conceiving of this motto he was not aware. 
(Note 777 is the number of the Hebrew word NMLA IVMM (Mem final), meaning "filled with Light".) 777 is, of course, also אדגטלןףרת, The Flaming Sword which descends to CHARGE (=222) the Ruach which crystallizes into Malkuth (Manifestation). Exoterically, MALKUTH (=111) itself is shown with this formula to be a manifestation of the Logos, which in its fullest trine expression as 999 represents THE ALIGNMENT / THE BALANCE as represented by The Truth and Justice of Maat.

In Magick, Book 4/Liber ABA, page 508, Notes for an Astral Atlas, Crowley notes how he received a better spelling of Therion (Gk. 'Beast') from Amalantrah on February 24, 1918 who gave him the answer:
  "t'au, yod, resh, yod, ayin, nun' which adds to 740 or 1390, according as nun is given its ordinary value of 50 , or its value as the final letter of a word, 700. Neither of these numbers possessed any special significance to The Master Therion. He became very annoyed  at Amalantrah's failure to be of use, so much so that the communications became confused, and the work had to be abandoned for that evening. He tried various other Hebrew spellings for the word ΘΗΡΙΟΝ, but was unable to obtain anything of interest. This is rather remarkable, as it is nearly always possible to get more or less good results by trying with various possibilities. For example, the Th might be represented either by teth or by tau, the O might be equally well ayin, vau or aleph.
On Monday morning The Master Theior went to the office of The International, of which he was editor. At this period there was a coal famine in New York, and it was forbidden to heat office buildings on Mondays. He merely took away his mail and went home. On Tuesday morning He found on his desk a letter which had arrived on Monday for the general editor, who had sent it across to Him for replay as it concerned The Master Therion rather than himself. This letter had been written and posted on Sunday evening, at about the same time as the communication from Amalantrah. The letter ends as follows: "Please inform your readers that I, Samuel bar Aiwaz bie Yackou de Sherabad, have counted the number of the Beast, and it is the number of a man.
 (Read from right to left) ת   ר   י   ו   נ
                                          N  O  I  R  Th
                                           50 6 10 200 400
Here, then, we see the most striking solution possible of the problem presented to Amalantrah. Observe that Amalantrah had refused to give the correct solution directly; as it would seem, in order to emphasize the remarkable character of the intervention of this Assyrian correspondent. Observe too, that the latter was totally ignorant of the ordinary Qabalah, it being quite generally known that ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ adds up to 666 in Greek. Observe, moreover, that nearly four months had passed since the problem was propounded in The International. The Assyrian lived some distance outside of New York, and was an entire stranger to any of the staff of The International. The evidence appears overwhelming for the existence of Amalantrah, that he was more expert in the Qabalah than The Master Therion himself, and that he was (further) possessed with the power to recall this four-months-old problem to the mind of an entirely unconnected stranger, causing him to communicate the correct answer at the same moment as the question was being asked many miles away."

The reason I quote this is because there is a hidden key which was overlooked even by The Master Therion himself as well as the editors (John Symonds and Kenneth Grant) themselves, which is that simply, THERION can not only be 666 as shown above, but also using Hebrew-English Gematria it is precisely 999 using Nun final and Teth, the inverse of 666 which shows the nature of the Beast as The Dual One, i.e. the Double-Wanded One

999 has been shown to be THE NUMBER OF THE KEY OF IT ALL, and I have also noted elsewhere previously that September 9th, 2009 (9-9-9) was the day of my self-Initiation which at the time I had very little knowledge of Crowley and gematria and no knowledge of the importance of these formulas or 999 itself. To my knowledge, no one else has found very many of these keys except for Frater Achad who began finding the first few, then Kenneth Grant who picked up his work and a few other Adepts here and there who have contributed their insights, but as far as providing these formulas it is interesting to note that even Crowley, nowhere in his writings, seems to have been aware of the precision of these formulas and their application to Liber AL. I've surveyed all of his writings, as well as those of Achad and Grant and as many others I can find and no one has even simply seemed to have found that the original title LIBER L VEL LEGIS = 666, the number of The Beast and how ironic that is before my publishing of The Sword of Zin in 2012. I've even presented this to others and they don't understand and therefore scoff at the idea that something could be so simple, as if nothing else has ever hidden in plain sight.

212 can be thought of as the 'double' one,
or devil with the 2 fingers held out.
The question remains. 'How is this applicable and relevant to our daily lives'? Well, in that it unveils more deeply than ever the insights and revelations of Liber AL, as well as many other texts and even entire systems, the combination of Gematria formulas (especially along with the Hebrew-English Gematria formula) unlocks the underlying meanings and true essential expressions of magickal gnosis which can be more easily apprehended, developed and guided, i.e. magickal exercise.
There are great connections between the numbers (1-9) themselves and our measurements of certain things, such as the melting point (33 degrees), the boiling point (212 degrees), the distance to the sun (93 million miles), certain geographical places, scales and ratios between these things (Pi & Phi), etc... they correspond to gematric things in pretty precise ways and I think that we could understand more about the mathematics of physics when you understand that you can kind of 'telescope' the larger things with the smaller and extrapolate thing using the existing mathematics themselves. By observing the natural mechanisms and mathematics we can perhaps better engineer things accordingly, rather than work as if we didn't have or need the blueprint sitting right beneath our noses. Adepts have known of the application of this knowledge in physical and esoteric engineering since as far back as the inception of the Freemasonic guilds, and is written about extensively in various books, one of which is even mentioned by Crowley in Magick, by William Stirling called The Canon from 1897 which talks about this ageless wisdom which was suppressed by the various 'establishments' over the ages

What I recommend you do for practical magickal work regarding the advent of the Maatian Aeonic tide, having done it myself for the past few years with great results, is to create a personal Gematria database by simply making a folder on your computer and coping a Word file into about 3000 different files numbered 1-2277 (The sum of the middle pillar). Create a list of all the different words you can find using the various primary gematria ciphers (i.e. Simple, Jewish, English, Hebrew, Greek, Hebrew-English, NAEQ) and begin reading Liber AL vel Legis along with Liber Pennae Praenumbra if you haven't, and when you can start reading Kenneth Grant's Typhonian Trilogies. These are merely creative ways at looking at and using natural energies in art for the purpose of creative manifestation, i.e. Magick itself. The mundane development of a personal 'Qabalah of Nine Chambers' will help one to attune and develop their True Will and 'Magickal Universe'. The combined experience of this and basic preliminary mystico-magickal (ceremonial and meditative) work helps one to also learn the mechanics of what Michael Bertiaux calls the 'Gnostic Physics' of the Ontological realm, the level of mind which the Logos is centered. Manifestation from the Heart-level, rather than the mind/body-level is the goal and aim of the 'True Will'/Great Work, 'The Golden Path', or 'Middle Way'.

A CROSSED RING = 666, the number of 'The Mark of the Beast', this symbol being 'The Mark of the Beast' which is relinquished when one can themselves cross the abyss that is the ring pass not of THE O GATE of the HÉ FINAL (i.e. the Egg, symbolic of the doorway of manifestation.), the threshold of Malkuth itself.
This knowledge becomes wisdom by what you make of it, and as Amalantrah says, "The egg is a work which must be done - the great work. By doing the work we get to the key."