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The Mechanization of Man

      The current trends toward ultimate materialism and technological replacement or usurpation of basic human responsibilities is something that needs to be addressed and put into context so as to understand the collective drive in that direction and some of its potential consequences that should be anticipated. I have already analyzed some of the overt problems with Transhumanism in The Factors of Balance, along with possibilities (current and in the future) for the abuse of such technologies in Enemy #1. Now I want to analyze some of the long standing impulses which have been and are still driving this Current and what sort of historical, cultural and psychological places it stems from.
    While much of this blog has been centered on my own developments along the lines of Crowleyan and Grantian concepts and terminology, I have been seeking to expand the subjects and sources. The last blog I wrote centered on Alice Bailey and her system of 'Soul Psychology', now I want to delve into an important aspect of the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), yet another Adept whose work may be decades old but nonetheless very much relevant for our time. Steiner was a very gifted individual even from a young age he had various psychic and mystical experiences which guided him into the study of the occult. Having had a good upbringing and family as well, he was able to get a good education at the Vienna Institute of Technology where he studied mathematics, physics, chemistry, botany, biology, literature, and philosophy on an academic scholarship from 1879 to 1883, at the end of which time he withdrew from the institute without graduating. 
First Goetheanum
     He had already been interested in philosophy, and later when he joined the Theosophical society he sought to apply his method of 'Occult Science' in order to bridge the gap between the seemingly disparate subjects of occultism or metaphysics and science. Steiner had certain issues with the Theosophical Society, mainly regarding the issues surrounding Jiddu Krishnamurti being pronounced as the 'Maitreya' (which he himself later redacted). He later ended up forming his own Anthroposophical Society, which apparently certain Germans and German members of his former Lodge did not like. According to The Spear of Destiny by Trevor Ravenscroft, attempts were made on Steiner's life by the Nazis and one time he barely got away with his life if it weren't for a group of people that purposely formed a barrier between Steiner and some Nazi troops so he could get away. They also destroyed by arson the Goetheanum, the center of the Anthroposophical Society, on New Years Eve of 1923 while Dr. Steiner was giving a lecture with about 800 people inside. A new Goetheanum was completed in 1928.

Second Goetheanum
     Both books The Spear of Destiny and The Mark of the Beast talk about the nature of the zeitgeist, or 'spirit of the age', that dawned around the time of the two World Wars and liken it to that which Steiner termed 'Ahriman', or 'The Ahrimanic Deception' (as in the title of one of his lectures on the subject). It was this 'Spirit' which became overtly manifest in the nature and actions of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party - which if you look you will find never fully died out with the death of Hitler but trickled into the United States via Operation Paperclip, and 'The Nazi Ratlines'. Ravenscroft and his co-author T. Wallace Murphy state that it is no mere coincidence that just after the United States came into possession of the Spear of Longinus the U.S. itself unleashed the most deadly force on mankind, the atomic bomb, which was dropped on two different cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), furthering the manifestation of the Spirit of Ahriman. (Legend has it that whoever possess the Spear of Destiny has immense power, particularly over Life and Death and Good and Evil.) They also point out that the Spear on display in Austria is probably not the original and who knows who might have it - probably the Vatican (who backed Hitler, see Hitler's Pope by John Cornwell.) 

    Steiner depicted Ahriman in two different forms, one as a sculpture of his head and face as well as a large wood carving which also features Christ and Lucifer known as 'The Representative of Humanity'. This piece barely escaped the flames of the Nazi arson and is now on display at the second Goetheanum. Christ was conceived by Steiner to represent the balance between two poles of extreme expansion and contraction, Lucifer and Ahriman (See Christ in Relation to Lucifer and Ahriman, May 18, 1915) Detailed images of this piece can be seen here. In his lecture on The Ahrimanic Deception, Steiner gives an account of the importance of Ahriman in what was at the time the coming generations and what is now present day:

     "The impulses entering humanity from a Luciferic source sank down gradually into the soul [I.e. Intelligence and Enlightenment]. On the other hand, however, another impulse, which we call the Ahrimanic, is growing stronger and stronger in modern times. It will become increasingly strong in the near future and on into future ages. The Ahrimanic impulse proceeds from a super-sensible Being different from the Being of Christ or of Lucifer. Equally with ‘super-sensible’ one can say ‘subsensible’ — but that is not the point here [I.e. Sub- or Unconscious]. The influence of this Being becomes especially powerful in the Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch. If we look at the confused conditions of recent years we shall find that men have been brought to such chaotic conditions mainly through the Ahrimanic powers.
      Just as there was an incarnation of Lucifer at the beginning of the third pre-Christian millennium, as there was the Christ Incarnation at the time of the Mystery of Golgotha, so there will be a Western incarnation of the Ahriman being some little time after our present earthly existence, in fact, in the third post-Christian millennium. To form a right conception of the historical evolution of mankind during approximately 6000 years, one must grasp that at the one pole stands a Luciferic incarnation, in the center, the incarnation of Christ, and at the other pole the Ahrimanic incarnation. Lucifer is the power that stirs up in man all fanatical, all falsely mystical forces, all that physiologically tends to bring the blood into disorder and so lift man above and outside himself. Ahriman is the power that makes man dry, prosaic, philistine — that ossifies him and brings him to the superstition of materialism. And the true nature and being of man is essentially the effort to hold the balance between the powers of Lucifer and Ahriman; the Christ Impulse helps present humanity to establish this equilibrium."

    Various writers have noted the significant connections between Ahriman and materialism, particularly in regard to the Computer, most notably Robert Mason in The Advent of Ahriman: An Essay on the Deep Forces behind the World Crisis (see particularly chapter 13, The Occult Meaning of the Computer) published in 1997, one year before Rudolf Steiner's predicted year around which time the Incarnation of Ahriman would occur (1998 being the assumed date as it is comprised of 666 x 3): 
    "A very interesting theory (by David B. Black) interprets the progressive mechanization of culture not only as an Ahrimanic influence, but as the actual "macrocosmic incarnation" of Ahriman: This is being brought to completion through the development of the electronic computer. Black traces the milestones in the evolution of the computer as reflections of the spiritual events in the heavens. For example, in the 1840's, around the time of Jehovah's abandonment of human bloodbound
thinking to Ahriman, Boolean algebra was developed. The year 1879 -- the time of Michael's accession as Time Spirit and the final expulsion of the "dragon" onto earth -- saw the publication of Frege's Begriffschrift, a great milestone in the development of "formal logic": the separation of logic from the spiritual "Word". Also in 1879: Edison invented the electric light (light is separated from the sun and plunged into the "sub-earthly": "Electricity is Ahrimanic `light'."); Trotsky and Stalin were born; Merganthaler invented the Linotype machine; Bessemer introduced the hard-steel process; and the US Census Bureau hired Herman Hollerith, who developed the first large-scale punched-card tabulating machine.
    The Christ's "coming in the clouds" [The Fatima Event or, 'Miracle of the Sun'] in the early 1930's was reflected on earth by the publication of Gödel's "incompleteness theorem", which demonstrated that a truly-thinking machine is impossible, but which also led to the development of "recursion theory", which is the essential conceptual framework for "artificial intelligence" and "artificial life". Also in 1930, by a fortuitous comedy of errors, the planet Pluto was discovered. Pluto, of course, is the god of the underworld, and the discovery of "his" planet was a synchronistic harbinger of the unleashing of the sub-material "powers of the pit" upon earth [At the same time as the Great Depression and then World War II]: later transits of Saturn and Uranus to Pluto's discovery position marked the bombing of Hiroshima and the explosion of the first "H-bomb". -- As is well-known, the development of the electronic computer proceeded exponentially, from von Neumann's development of the "stored program" to the desktop and the laptop.
    A lesser-known development was the "Josephson effect", which allows the construction of semi-conductors from superconducting materials. Thus, electrical circuits can operate without "Luciferic" heat, and Ahriman, whose nature is "freezing cold", can completely enter into electrical devices. As superconducting computers become more common, Ahrimanic beings higher than "elementals" might actually incarnate in them, since no physical energy is consumed in a superconducting circuit. (Ahrimanic "elemental spirits" inhabit our artificial machines, just as normal "elementals" [or "nature spirits": gnomes, undines, sylphs, salamanders] work in and throughout the living processes of Nature.) Black sums up: "Sunless light and Wordless logic intertwined, and out of them came the computer." Thus, while Ahriman incarnates "microcosmically" in a human body, we might also face the "macrocosmic" literal incarnation of Ahriman in our machines."

    The forces of Pluto are very tied in with this entire predicament because as humanity became aware of it and its archetypal qualities great shifts in social and technological evolution have occurred which have and still are proceeding to completely change humanity and all life on earth. Pluto is now not considered a planet, though its use in modern astrology is still very prevalent. Quoting from A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator, "Pluto in classical mythology was the god of the outer regions, the ruler of the dead... He is represented in gloomy majesty, his forehead shaded by his hair, and with a thick beard. In his hand he holds a two-forked scepter, a staff or a key; by his side is Cerberus. He is often accompanied by his wife, Persephone. (Cerberus, the dog-monster of Hades is described as having three heads, a serpent's tail, and a mane of snakes... In the oldest Greek mythology the House of Hades was a place neither of reward nor punishment; it was simply the home of the dead, good and bad alike, who led a dim or shadowy reflection of life on earth; akin to what is now termed the astral plane. Pluto was simply the ruler of the house of death; in no sense was he depicted as the tempter or seducer of mankind, like the devil of Christian theology. Pluto was certainly depicted as stern and pitiless, but he was only so in discharge of his duty as custodian of the dead."
   As presider over the dead and death, Pluto/Hades/Ahriman thus holds the Key of the Dead and the realm of the Duat or Daath (DUAT = DAATH). This is precisely what Artificial Intelligence and Life-extension typical of our modern age are dealing with getting control of. The obvious problem, however, is that one cannot even begin to understand the mystery of Life and Death from purely materialistic means as the processes of Life and of Death are themselves not purely material. The same things Rudolf Steiner and others anticipated regarding the micro-(Individual) and macro-(collective) aspects of this situation were already beginning to manifest in his time and in an extremely overt form as the National Socialists and other forms of Totalitarian communal forms of thinking. It is apparent that while the overt nature has been transformed, much has merely become covert and various academic, governmental and even seeming/alleged 'grassroots' organizations are still authoritarian based hierarchies which can often to be found to be different forms of the same things each answering back or in some way greatly influenced if not directly informed by the same sources. The author James Webb has written two historical volumes on this aspect of history The Occult Underground and The Occult Establishment. See also Occult Theocrasy by Edith Star Miller who catalogs many of the major past and extant Orders and Organizations which have each worked in some way to help build the current governmental and religious systems we still use today.

by Winsor McCay
   The outcome of this is a hierarchical Occult Technocracy. Technocracy is defined as a term used to describe an organization structure or system of governance where decision-makers are selected on the basis of technological knowledge. The term technocracy derives from the Greek words τέχνη, tekhne meaning skill and κράτος, kratos meaning power, as in governance, or ruleWilliam Henry Smyth, a Californian engineer, is usually credited with inventing the word "technocracy" in 1919 to describe "the rule of the people made effective through the agency of their servants, the scientists and engineers", although the word had been used before on several occasions. This would imply a great degree of compartmentalization and therefore control which is, as history shows, liable to become antithetical to civil rights and liberties. If the various forms of authority shift to become artificially proscribed such as by technological /computer systems and statistical information then it will effectually become even more occulted by eventually surpassing and possibly obsoleting the humans it was designed by and for.

    This is more likely to occur in the near future as virtually everything from communication, education, healthcare and governmental systems become increasingly digital and computer-based than the more feasible 'Technocracy movement' at first set forth by Howard Scott which proposed replacing politicians and business-people with scientists and engineers who had the technical expertise to manage the economy and shifting the monetary system to a credit or 'energy' based system. "At the core of Scott's vision was "an energy theory of value". Since the basic measure common to the production of all goods and services was energy, he reasoned "that the sole scientific foundation for the monetary system was also energy", and that by using an energy metric instead of a monetary metric (energy certificates or 'energy accounting') a more efficient design of society could be made." This was, however, before the computer age commenced and there were many problems with the Technocracy movement that would have lent it open to a wide range of possible outcomes but it eventually disbanded and lost momentum in the 40's.
The movement was originally banned in Canada for its opposition to the war efforts at the time and it is quoted: "Our opposition to the Nazis," Scott said, "is not merely on the basis of ideology, but because Germany is built largely on human toil and ours is a power and extraneous energy society." But there were no tears for the dead and dying on either side. "Technocrats," said The Chief, "are not filled with any love of humanity or influenced by any ethical idea, but are primarily concerned with function." This still seems to be the prevailing notion which is completely Ahrimanic in essence and outward appearance.
Notice how the effect of architecture, i.e. Masonry, creates a great deal of
an effect on the psyche of the individual and the masses. Smooth and rounded architecture such as the Goetheanum create more soothing and creative states of mind whereas architecture employed by the Nazis 'Totalitarian Architecture' is more rigid and stern, Ahrimanic in a sense.  Note that ART + ARCHITECTURE = 666, the number of the Sun, the Heart and the Psyche. 
   We already now do, for all intensive purposes, operate on a largely globalistic technocracy which operates irrespective of perceived borders where not only government officials meet and discuss things secretly but because of the internet ideas are able to flow pretty easily to everyone and each person is able to use it as an informational tool to the best of their ability. It is in this way we can see that 'authority' is a great illusion because those who may have great authority in one way such as among people in a certain subject may have absolutely none in another while he who has the least authority, knowledge or skill the other has is leagues above his supposed superior. A starving African child may be more dignified to lead a country than a rich man who has engorged himself on all he can. Someone in that situation however doesn't serve much of a 'function' however, so the ill-dignified useful idiot receives greater demand.
   Something which must be understood as the key point regarding the Ahrimanization of the human condition is that there is a definitively noticeable and traceable demarcation of an outside force working through people and events in the course of the historical unfoldment of this 'current', zeitgeist, or situation. There are overt indications that this is a covert 'alien', or in other terms qliphothic manifestation emanating through our own personal and collective 'shadow', i.e. the things we ignore, repress, condemn, judge, dismiss, manipulate, subjugate, etc. It seems to be manifesting at a maximized level presently in various ways through the media from music (especially Pop, Electronic, Metal), television shows and movies (from animes to big screen Hollywood movies), as well as the military-industrial complex and as mentioned before, the supposed 'healthcare industry'.
     One other thing to note regarding all of these superficially pleasant but intentionally systematic programs is that if they were really as beneficial and progressive as they claim then the same scripted individuals and organizations promoting things such as Agenda 21, Gun control and transhumanism in general is that if they truly 'cared' for progress, evolution, or even just the people they want to use as essentially slaves we wouldn't be spending more money on weaponization, surveillance and censorship than feeding the poor, helping the homeless - much less veterans even, or lower class citizens - and they wouldn't be arming virtually every national enemy from the Mexican drug cartel to Israel to Hamas and Hezbollah. The ignorance or downright acceptance of this is also very Ahrimanic and inhuman. Such is the nature of the guiding forces working through and behind the lower nature and carnal drives of mankind which can reach to monstrous proportions and used to manipulate and maneuver entire populations of people. 

   In other words, the 'Hive Mind' which is increasingly gaining strength as well as physical externalization in a modern (i.e. technological) way is not completely being directed by Anthropic or Human volition, but as well by various qliphothic forces emanating from the entitized adversarial Shadow known as Ahriman (the anti-humanity or Antichrist, the forces of self-destruction) and forces beyond the Anthropic and Ahrimanic which would be termed the 'aliens', the Outer Ones and Great Old Ones which are fighting for the direction of mankind takes, either furthering our Spiritual Advancement or collapsing again as 'the Fall' into Ahrimanic entropy. The Outer Ones ([Negative] Archons, Asuras, 'Demons') are of course those who would benefit from our being more 'tool'-like, preferably more artificial or at least controllable. The Great Old Ones (Buddhas, Boddhisattvas, 'Archangels') desire our advancement as conscious, autonomous rather than automatic sovereignty - which comes at a great cost and effort. 
    The 'cure' would of course obviously be to do the Great Work, the individual process of Initiation and self-enlightenment not based on any external authority, but grounded and balanced within and without through experiential perseverance and ruthless compassion, to use the words in which Soror 722 once put it. The only way to 'convince' anyone to do the right thing and begin to find their own True Will is to try and teach them by example. Only in that way will the driving force in them awaken if it be there at all for them to respond and act on their own accord otherwise any attempt at pointing the way will only push them further away. The Spiritual and Occult Science as developed by Rudolf Steiner, as well as the Mystical & Magickal system of the A∴A∴ (and its Outer counterpart, the O.T.O.) were and still are only in their infancy and have great work to do if they are to arise beyond the lazy and stagnant pull of the Qliphothic and Ahrimanic enticements and glamours with which it has slowly but surely sloped into. Major keys are being revealed at the present time not only to me but various other Adepts who are working to use them to defuse and disengage the mechanizations and machinations behind this situation and it is important not to engage much of these Ahrimanic and ultimately parasitic distractions which manifest in a number of ways, from overt media crap to eerie 'spooks' or frustrations.

   The concept of the Dhyani-Buddha Akshobhya is a useful tool to evoke as he represents the Immoveable Mirror.  According to Buddhist legend, a monk wished to practice the Dharma in the eastern world of delight and made a vow to think no anger or malice towards any being until enlightenment. He duly proved "immovable" and when he succeeded, he became the buddha Akshobhya. I have already written about the symbolism and usefulness of the Mirror as a magickal and mystical tool in The Mirror Working, and Ahriman being an ancient form equated with the Vampire or 'Zombie', the 'Undead' ruler of the Dead, the Mirror is the primary tool of qliphothic evocation and vanquishing. The Mirror, in fact, as symbolic of the 'glass ceiling' of Daath, is the gateway of the Ruach between Daath and Malkuth, the Gate of Manifestation which is 'THE O', 89, the number which troubled Aleister Crowley and refers to the Hebrew concept of the GVPh, the 'place between incarnations' or 'The Treasury of Souls'. The 'Discourse on the Eight and the Nine' has also already been analyzed in The Faculty of Abraxas, and deals with the notion of the Astral and Magickal Light of Being (Within/Mystical) and Ex-istence (Without/Magickal). The awakening of this 'Lost' and 'Hidden' Occult Science is now occurring and is probably going to be a singularly important key to balancing the Luciferian and Ahrimanic impulses which are reaching fruition.

References and Links
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What the Financial Newsletters Leave Out - Trevor James Constable
AHRIMAN (Angro-mainyush; identical with Satan, the Devil, Armilus) -

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The Secret Language of the Soul


      Much speculation has been made over the nature of the complex of the Body-Spirit-Soul of Man over the course of the development of the sciences and general consensus of all the worlds major religio-spiritual systems hold that this Trinity is essentially universal despite its many guises and forms. It is commonly understood that the Body is the manifestation or manifest counterpart of the unmanifest Soul through the various emanations and condensations of Spirit, Spirit being the energy which acts as the empowering medium which the Body receives its substance and vitality according to its Inner Soul-(Solar)-Nature. 
This concept is perfectly summed up in the SOLAR symbol of  ☉, which conceals the value of its own nature (The Circle of  360° + The Point = 361). This is the CONCEALED WISDOM of the HADIT + NUIT MANIFESTATION as explained in a multitude of ways thus far. The Point can be conceived of as the 'Soul', the unmanifest 'Higher', or Hidden Self, while the Circle would be the Body and the Spirit is generated in the Ever-Coming union of the two in the Ever-Coming One, Ra-Hoor-Khuit (with his inner/silent/passive counterpart, Hoor-par-Kraat).

   Plato himself also expounded a similar doctrine of the soul which is quoted from Bernard Hollander's In Search of the Soul by Alice Bailey in The Soul and its Mechanism:

   "He believed the soul to have three parts. One, an immortal or rational part, coming from God; another a mortal, animal or sensitive part, the seat of appetite and sensation, belonging to the body; and a third, lying between these and making their interaction possible - Will or Spirit - by means of which reason conquered desire. Plants have the lowest pat; animals the two lower; but the rational part is exclusively human. This rational soul he regarded as immaterial and metaphysical in nature, incapable of being perceived b the senses, and only to be grasped by the intellect. The union with the mortal, material and phsical body was only a minor incident of its long career. . . Plato thus drew a fundamental distinction between soul and body."
      Also, "Aristotle regarded the soul as the sum of the vial principles and as being to the body what vision is to the eye. The soul was to him the true Being in the body, and with him Plotinus was in agreement. He regarded the soul as the living sentiency of the body, belonging to a higher degree of being than matter. Tertullian divided the soul into two parts, a vial and a rational principle, as did St. Gregory. Most of the Oriental schools regard the soul as the self [Atma], the individual, and Christian mysticism is concerned with the elaboration of the teaching of St. Paul, that there dwells in each human being a potentiality which is called by him "Christ in you," and which, through its presence, enables every man eventually to attain the status of the Christ. A close comparison of the Christian and Oriental teachings leads to the conclusion that the terms: Self, Soul, Christ, connote the same state of being or consciousness, and indicate the subjective reality in every man."

    She goes on to describe the various views of the Soul and its relation to the Human personality and physical body. Some people, however, have posited that the Spirit is the trans-personal aspect while Soul is relegated to the level of Psyche and there is much confusion and contention here but it is really up to you which you take as being the Atma or Cosmic Self Unity and which would be the more personal and unique qualities which are contained and expressed through the Body (i.e. personality, mentality, etc.). This could be understood on the Tree of Life with the Supernal Triad being the 'Soul' (or Quintessence), the Ruach would be the Spirit (meaning literally 'Breath' or 'Spirit') and Malkuth would be the Physical Body and shown here to the right under the same expression.

    Drawing from my actual Magickal Record, of which this blog is merely a more creative extension, I would like to bring together some various findings I have made regarding the Three-fold Flame and certain key formulas connected to it in an attempt to be able to find further connections and practical observations as well as make the main body of this knowledge more available to others who may be interested. Back on May 21st I picked up Alice Bailey's first book again, Initiation Human and Solar, and began to take notes as I read, particularly regarding the Diagram and Section regarding The Constitution of Man and its similarity to the Three Triads of the Tree of Life (with their condensation into Malkuth). Much of the structure is the same, and it took a while to see that the Seven Rays which both Bailey and Blavatsky mention are essentially the same as the 7 lower Sephiroth below the Abyss emanating as the Ruach, 'Breath'/'Spirit', from the 3 Sephiroth of the Supernal Triad. These Seven Rays form the Antahkarana 'Rainbow Bridge' between the Physical or Material world (Malkuth) and the Spiritual plane(s) of the Supernal Triad, and in Bailey's diagram this would equate with the 'Solar Logos', ☉. These graduate on down into various sub-planes all the way down to the dense physical, hence being the 'occult', 'esoteric', or 'mystical' hierarchy of manifestation.
   Since I only have 12 of the 24 books Alice Bailey wrote, I moved on to A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, as it was the next on the list which I add (I prefer physical copies to pdf if possible) and it introduced me to a much deeper explication of the nature of the life and power of the various levels of personal and cosmic mind (manas) and consciousness (Chit, Buddhi, Vijnana, etc.) in their many forms. I actually performed a 3 hour meditation on Fire (Sanskrit: Agni) and attempted to channel and communicate with the Spirit of Fire with much success particularly in my queries regarding certain formulae appertaining to the value of the number 666 which is itself not only the Spirit of the Sun (SVRTh, Sorath) but also  the SPIRIT OF FIRE, as well as many other things. As Alice Bailey says fire and its movement is integral if not central to the process of THE EVOLUTION on all levels. 666 is given special relevance in Revelation as the number of the Beast and Man (i.e. the evolution from beast to man) and therefore it conveys the 'Secret Wisdom' (of and between 'The Self'/'I' and 'God'/'All') which is unveiled over time and through The Great Work. Hence, 666 is also THE KEY TO THE GREAT WORK.

    666 is obviously the Triple-Flame itself, as the number 6 most closely resembles the flame of fire more than all the other numbers, and 6 is itself the Beauty of the Sixth Sephiroth Tiphareth. A PHYSICAL FIRE is obviously merely THE CHEMICAL LIGHT PROCESS in natural action of combustion, but again Alice Bailey also mentions Electricity to be a form of Fire. On page 38 of A Treatise on Cosmic Fire she divides Macrocosmic Fire into 3 divisions;

   Fire by FrictionSolar Fire, and Electric Fire

   Fire by Friction, or internal vitalising fire. These fires animated and vitalise the objective solar system. They are the sum total of logoic kundalini, when in full systemic activity.

   Solar Fire, or cosmic mental fire. this is that protion of the cosmic mental plane which goes to the animation of the mental body of the Logos. This fire may be regarded as the sum otal of the sparks of mind, the fires of the mental bodies and the animating principle of the evolving units of the human race in the three worlds.
   Electric Fire, or the logoic Flame Divine. This flame is the distinguishing mark of our Logos, and it is that which differentiates Him from all other Logoi; it is His dominant characteristic, and the sign of His place in cosmic evolution.

     This is significant since 666 is also the ELECTRIC formula as well, the actual power of the physical manifestation of the logos in the psyche of man and the Universe itself. 666 veils the 3 phases of Fire, the 3 Fires being the Past, Present and Future, Jagrat-Svapna-Susupti, or Length-Width-Height of the Ruach-Antahkarana Cube Matrix, and technically 666 shows the 3 coils of the Kundalini writhing in the 4th state of Pure Being, Turiya, beyond the 'Mauve Zone' or Twilight between states/'dimensions'. It is called the Mauve Zone because Mauve is the pinkish-purple hue reminiscent of the 'Purple beyond Purple' (AL.II.51.), that magickal or astral rather 'light higher than eyesight' which stretches beyond the infrared and ultraviolent ends of the visible spectrum, the same color glimpsed in the Lightning-fast flash during thunderstorms as well as that murky lucid state between waking and dreaming during which a vast many of magickal transformations may occur. This is the SHAKTI LIGHTNING, the THE KUNDALINI SHAKTI POWER which can be generated, condensed and transmuted for empowerment and wisdom within the Temple of the Body itself, the Altar of the Most High. (LIVE ALTAR OF THE MOST HIGH GOD = 666).

    Mind or Manas itself is one of the inner fires, and Alice Bailey says on page 310 that "Manas is electricity", and also on page 337-339 that:

Manas is the intelligent Will or Purpose of an Existence
Manas might finally be defined as the intelligent will and ordered purpose of every self-conscious entity. I would urge the student to bear in mind certain basic facts which will serve to keep his mind clear, and which will enable him to comprehend something of the place which this fire of mind holds in the cosmos and the solar system, and (needless to say), in his life also, - the reflection of the other two.
He should ever remember that manas is a principle of the Logos, and necessarily therefore is felt in all those evolutions which are a part of His nature but is allied especially to the throat and head centers; it is the active intelligent factor which enables a solar Logos, a planetary Logos or Heavenly Man, and a human being to:
  1. Use intelligently a form or vehicle.
  2. Build faculty into the causal body.
  3. Reap the benefit of experience.
  4. Expand the consciousness.
  5. Make progress towards a specified goal.
  6. Discriminate between the two poles.
  7. Choose the direction in which his activity shall trend.
  8. Perfect the form as well as use it.
  9. Obtain control of active substance, and turn its forces into desired channels.
  10. Coordinate the different grades of matter, and synthesize the utilized forms till each and all show a unanimous line of action and express simultaneously the will of the Indweller.
All these ends are the result of the manasic development and perhaps the student might apprehend the underlying idea more clearly if it is realized that:
  1. The Spirit employs manas [Mind] in all that concerns matter, the electrical substance, or the active akasha.
  2. The Spirit employs buddhi [Undersanding/Knowing] in all that relates to the psyche, that relates to the soul of the world, to the soul of an individual, or to the soul of every form.
  3. The Spirit employs will or atma [Soul/Essence/Breath] in all that relates to the essence of all, to itself, considering the essence and the Self as pure Spirit as distinguished from spirit-matter.
In the first ease, the distinctive quality of manas is discrimination which enables the Spirit to differentiate between:
  1. The Self and the Not-Self.
  2. Spirit and Matter.
  3. The planes and the subplanes.
  4. The different grades of atomic matter in the system.
  5. Vibrations, engendered by will, working through love-wisdom, and energizing substance.
  6. All that concerns forms of every kind and in every type of essential existence.
In the second case, the buddhic principle has for its distinctive quality love, and demonstrates as wisdom working through love and producing:
  1. Unity between all Selves.
  2. Group coherence.
  3. Qualities that are distinctively along the line of what we call love.
  4. Effective work in connection with evolution, or the fundamentals of hierarchical work.

In the third case the Spirit employs the will aspect or atma (in man), which has, for its distinctive feature, that coherent force which keeps the purpose of the entity ever in view, working it out through love in substantial form.

      It has been said that "Unless there is a shift from manas (mind) to citta (psyche) it is not possible to do dhāraṇā (concentration)." (Yoga Sūtra C3 v1) – TKV Desikachar January 2nd 1998

Citta is one of the three overlapping terms used in the Nikayas (Pali texts) which refers to the mind, the others being manas, of course, then vinnana/vijnana. The three are sometimes used in sequence to refer to one's mental processes as a whole, but they are distinct. Citta is the heart aspect of mind, or the emotive side of the mind which being attributed to Psyche and also refers to one's mindset or state of mind. Attaining purified citta corresponds to attaining 'liberating insight', known as Vipassana, 'insight into the true nature of reality'. This is effected through mindfulness of breathing (Anapanasati), as well as all thoughts, feelings and actions (Satipatthana) in order to gain insight to the Three marks of existence: Impermanence (Anicca), Dissatisfaction/Suffering (Dukkha) and Non-Self (Anatta). These three 'marks' are the three root SORROWS of the Illusion of Formation, but it is to be ever remembered that there is the shadows that pass and are dead but there is That which remains - that being the immortal soul which directs and receives the Gnosis from its coming to Know itself through Going on the path of Manifestation. 

The 'Spirit' or Ruach of the Tree of Life which corresponds to the Intellect and Yetzirah (the Formative World) also corresponds with the Psyche. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of 'Psyche' is:
1. A Princess loved by Cupid [i.e. Eros]
2. A: Soul, Personality
B. Mind
with the Medical Definition of Psyche as:
"The specialized cognitive, conative, and affective aspects of a psychosomatic unity :  mind; specifically :  the totality of the id, ego, and superego including both conscious and unconscious components"

     Therefore, the Ruach/Breath and the Psyche are essentially one and the same. In psychology, the psyche is the totality of the mind (conscious and unconscious). Citta corresponds more to Psyche (Emotion) while Manas is the general thinking faculty (Intellect) while Vijnana is the life force of the Consciousness (Cognizance) which is said to be categorized into 89 different states stemming from the six types of senses, vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and mind.

ψυχή (Psyche) is also further defined as:
(a) the vital breath, breath of life, (b) the human soul, (c) the soul as the seat of affections and will, (d) the self, (e) a human person, an individual.
Psyxḗ (from psyxō, "to breathe, blow" which is the root of the English words "psyche," "psychology") – soul (psyche); a person's distinct identity (unique personhood), i.e. individual personality.
STRONGS NT 5590: ψυχή
1. breath (Latinanima), i. e.
     a. the breath of life; the vital force which animates the body and shows itself in breathing:
     b. life
     c. that in which there is life; a living being: ψυχή ζῶσα, a living soul
2. the soul (Latinanimus), a. the seat of the feelings, desires, affections, aversions (our soul, heart, etc. (R. V. almost uniformly soul)
     b. "the (human) soul in so far as it is so constituted that by the right use of the aids offered it by God it can attain its highest end and secure eternal blessedness, the soul regarded as a moral being designed for everlasting life
     c. the soul as an essence which differs from the body and is not dissolved by death

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Soul, Life, Self
     From psucho; breath, i.e. (by implication) spirit, abstractly or concretely (the animal sentient principle only; thus distinguished on the one hand from pneuma, which is the rational and immortal soul; and on the other from zoe, which is mere vitality, even of plants: these terms thus exactly correspond respectively to the Hebrew nephesh, ruwach and chay) -- heart (+ -ily), life, mind, soul, + us, + you.

     (Note: The Thalamus, which is Greek for 'Chamber', "is a midline symmetrical structure of two halves, within the vertebrate brain, situated between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain. Some of its functions are the relaying of sensory and motor signals to the cerebral cortex, and the regulation of consciousness, sleep, and alertness. The thalamus has multiple functions. It may be thought of as a kind of hub of information. It is generally believed to act as a relay between different subcortical areas and the cerebral cortex. In particular, every sensory system (with the exception of the olfactory system) includes a thalamic nucleus that receives sensory signals and sends them to the associated primary cortical area. For the visual system, for example, inputs from the retina are sent to the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus, which in turn projects to the visual cortex in the occipital lobe. The thalamus is believed to both process sensory information as well as relay it—each of the primary sensory relay areas receives strong feedback connections from the cerebral cortex. Similarly the medial geniculate nucleus acts as a key auditory relay between the inferior colliculus of the midbrain and the primary auditory cortex, and the ventral posterior nucleus is a key somatosensory relay, which sends touch and proprioceptive information to the primary somatosensory cortex.

The thalamus also plays an important role in regulating states of sleep and wakefulness. Thalamic nuclei have strong reciprocal connections with the cerebral cortex, forming thalamo-cortico-thalamic circuits that are believed to be involved with consciousness. The thalamus plays a major role in regulating arousal, the level of awareness, and activity." -Wikipedia

Thus, the Thalamus is one of the central brain-centers regulating the Mind and its 'Fires' or activities. 
Connecting with its meaning, 'Chamber', it is interesting to note that it has been shown to represent the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. The Thalamus actually surrounds the Pineal Gland or 'Third Eye', the biological omphalos or 'Holy of Holies' which acts as the physical nexus between the Body and its physical vision and the Spirit and its mystical vision (the Inner and Outer Sights.)

     Thus, THE COSMIC FIRE of 666 creates the individual fire of the personality, but within each is still a seed-form of the Logos from the One Source - THE NUMBER SOURCE itself. 666 is the central fire of THE CIRCLE which forms the Atomic ring-O, The Cellular O, The Egg O, The Eye O, the Magick Circle O, the Seasonal O, the Solar O, the Galactic O. Incidentally, this O or Egg repeatedly appears and once again we find 107 as ALICE BAILEY, the teacher of this Solar Γιογκα, 'Yoga' (Gk.) Indeed it is the same cosmic fire she is talking about that charges and enlivens the Cosmic Egg of HAMSA ('The Swan' of Brahma) itself out of THE AKASHA with ANANDA ('Blissful') ULLAM ('Consciousness'). Reflecting the 3 coils of The Aum, there are three qualities to the subjective experience of Brahma known as Sat-Chit-Ananda, 'Being, Consciousness, and Bliss'. Cycling back to 666 we find that THE AUM + SAT + CHIT + ANANDA equates with the triple flame yet again. It should also be noted that the Triple Flame (666) is also symbolically figured into other symbols such as the Fleur de Lis and the Trident of SHIVA GOD OF DESTRUCTION who presides over the cosmic power of DESTRUCTION (the seeming opposite of The Evolution, but a necessary factor).

     Also, the MIND BORN SONS of Brahma known also as the Kumaras named Sanaka (The Ancient), Sanatana (The Eternal), Sanandana (The Joyful) and Sanat Kumara (The Ever Young) are found to align with their Source - LUX THE ETERNAL FIRE - the divine electric substance filling THE COSMIC BEING. THE FOUR KUMARAS CHITTA = 666 as well showing 666 to be predominant over the Plane of the Fire of Mind, hence it being the Greek Η Φρην , meaning 'The Mind' or 'The Reason', as well as THE LIGHT OF THE MIND.

     The word Psychology is comprised of the words Psyche (The Spirit-Mind complex) and Logos ('Word', Order, Reason), and though Logia also means 'the study of-' something, it also used "in reference to communications of divine origin. In pagan contexts, the principal meaning was oracles, while Jewish and Christian writings used logia in reference especially to the divinely inspired Scriptures." i.e. the Logoic influence to and reception by the Psyche. The Study of and/or the Development through the induction through the Inner Planes and 'Sheaths' of the Body-Mind-Spirit complex is very therapeutic when done under Will, but when conducted against the Will and with negative intentions toward others it becomes dangerous and what is termed variously 'Black Magick' or 'Mind Control/Manipulation', as in the case with much media and political programming and propaganda. 

     Alice Bailey mentions the number 666 a few times in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, but emphasizes the number 777 being that of the Transmutation or Transformation of the 666 into 888 (and then to 999). The '777 Incarnations' is a symbolic allegory held primarily by the Rosicrucians. "Occult science teaches that there are 777 incarnations, but that does not mean that the Earth undergoes 777 metamorphoses. It means that evolving life makes 7 Revolutions around the 7 Globes of the 7 World Periods."  (See The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception).

     "It has been stated that a mystery lies hid in the 777 incarnations. This figure provides room for much speculation. (S. D., I, 191.) It should be pointed out that it does not hold the number of a stated cycle of incarnations through which a man must pass, but holds the key to the three major cycles previously mentioned. Primarily this number applies to the planetary Logos of our scheme and not so much to other schemes. Each Heavenly Man has His number and the number of our Heavenly Man lies hid in the above three figures, just as 666 and 888 holds the mystery hid of two other Heavenly Men. 

      This number 777 is also the number of transmutation, which is the fundamental work of all the Heavenly Men. The basic work of man is accumulation and acquisition, or the acquiring of that which must later be transmuted. The work of transmutation, or the true cycle of 777 commences on the Probationary Path, and is definitely the activity of a Heavenly Man being realized and responded to by the cells in His Body. Only when His Body has reached a certain vibratory movement can He truly influence the individual cells. This work of transmuting cell activity was begun on this planet during the last root-race, and the divine alchemy proceeds. The progress made is as yet but small, but each transmuted [307] conscious cell increases the speed and the accuracy of the work. Time alone is needed for the completion of the work. In connection with this matter of transmutation comes the legend of the Philosopher's Stone, which is literally the application of the Rod of Initiation in one sense.

     It has already been noted that THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE is 888, created through the Transmutation of 777 where the Light of the Fire AGNI PRAKASh (666) is transformed from the Physical flame to the Spiritual Energy which coalesces into the Life-force of THE AZOTh which forms the completed 999 of 'The Justice/The Truth' of Maat (Balance) represented by THE AEON OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE outside the circles of time (i.e. in the state of Perfection [The Omega Point Singularity], i.e. balanced integration of the Self and Other as One (Communion with and expression of THE HIGHER POWER). 777 is 111 (ALCHEMY) more than 666, therefore being the number of Transmutation it is the Alchemy of the Fire that is the living link between the Spiritual/Supernal Plane and the Physical/Manifest Plane. While 666 is THE EVOLUTION, 777 is THE KEY OF EVOLUTION and this key is THE DICTIONARY of THE TRUE GRIMOIRE of the Logos as unveiled here which can unlock past, present and potential data for extrapolation and application for both mundane and magickal uses (i.e. physical engineering and ritual/ceremonial procedure). As has already been shown through many other posts, the sequence of the Qabalah of Nine Chambers (111-999) is not only accurate in Hebrew gematria but also modern English and many transliterations thereof. 

    777 is not only the number symbolizing the Transmutation process, but it is also the value of THE MAGICK THAUMATURGY, Thaumaturgy being θαῦμα thaûma, meaning "miracle" or "marvel" and ἔργον érgon, meaning "work", 'Miracle Work', most often referring to Magick. This is a more exoteric form of the mystical/esoteric work known as Theurgy which is 'Divine Working' and usually aimed at inner refinement and inner transmutation so that the outer Thaumaturgical works would be of better value and precision. The main goal of Theurgy is to learn to act in better harmony and reach fuller communion with the Divine, while the goal of Thaumaturgy is to ascertain and utilize the functions of the Divine. 666 is the Spirit of Fire, 777 is the Flaming Sword or the Will in REVELATION. 888 is THE COSMIC CHRIST and 999 is THE O OF PERFECTION, i.e The Egg or Ion of Perfection and the host of correspondences dealing with the O/Egg Toroid. 
The Hierarchy of the Nine Chambers is similar to that of the Seven Rays in a lot of ways, and it takes much work with each 'Chamber', 'Sphere' or 'Ray' to truly appreciate what they represent and the nuances they bring at various intervals, but Magick being the art of causing change in accordance with the Will emphasizes on the knowledge and often experimental usage and exploration of the powers and energies of these Zones and their connectory Paths. 
     The bridging of the gulf between the Dayside and Nightside of the Tree of Life and Death or the Conscious and Sub/Unconscious strata of Mind is central to Theurgic and Thaumaturgical Work as it is the allegorical bridging of Worlds and Crossing of the Abyss. Much Psychotherapy today centers upon looking at the underlying and root causes of psychological disorders which to understand and work on require learning a new way of approaching and considering things, often in oblique, obscure, esoteric ways (such as in the interpretation of dream and in navigating neuroses.) 666 contains all the keys (many more than I am able to share even in long discourses such as this) of THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY which is beginning to emerge which incorporates more spiritually aware approaches along with the wider circulation and integration of eastern and western systems and methods of Psycho-Spiritual literature and work. 

     There has been much work in the last 50 years that has been done to further blend the knowledge and practices of the East (primarily Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism) with those of the West (Qabalah, Gnosticism, Abrahamic tradition) but the leading figures of the 70's and 80's who were most prolific have since parted planes and so with the current state of socio-politic and economic affairs coupled with the far-sweeping impact of media and social networking there is little time or attention given (even for those that truly are interested) to these subjects for them to be worked on or considered - and often when subjects like these are brought up it is but brief and passing and extremely biased in some way and without an inkling of useful insight. This is being overcome however, as people are increasingly finding that they are hungry for that manna which cannot be bought or consumed but through and under the Will. There is still much to be learned and work to be done and it is important new fires are kindled regarding these strands of wisdom and there is still quite a bit of fresh 'juice' to be squeezed from these figurative 'fruits'. 

    While I could present this data in a purely informational way such as in a database form which I already have at my own personal disposal, it would not be as meaningful and much would be left out because it does take a personalized way of explaining things in context for their fuller significance to be seen. While a public database is in the works it is necessary to achieve a certain rapport and firm exposition of certain facts and considerations that have already been established along with the necessary background information and personal evidences pointing to the effective application of this wisdom as a valuable theurgic and thaumaturgic tool. THE CIRCLE of 666 veils the central symbol of THE RITUAL which ensorcells the ceremonial magickal zone of operation. After proper banishing and casting is done the circle is empowered with Qi in any number of ways. QI OF THE O equates with 666 showing the Qi of the O to be equated with the Cosmic Fire and another formulation is 'O OF THE MAGUS', i.e. The Circle of the Magus. With that in mind which one is seeking to effect, the procedure initially mapped out during THE RITUAL ENGINEERING beforehand is performed according to the correspondent planetary days and hours, under the proper herbal, sonic, and visual stimuli, and with the necessary intention and will-power while empowered with and in the Qi of the O. The ritual employed is often a reduced or simplified (or in some cases an overly exaggerated) form of that which is being willed into manifestation so as to engrain the subconscous actions and inner drives toward that direction.

    THE MAGICK RITUAL MOTIONS also equate to 666, the number of the MAGICK FORCES which are the active essences of the natural world sought to be employed and worked with. Considered Macrocosmically, these are the GOD-FORCES of the Egyptian NETERU which are called 'Gods', 'THE STAR GODS', but represent cosmic attributes of the 'Hidden' or 'Unknowable' God (represented by 'nothing', or 0. [ZERO POINT OF THE O]) These are also the 'Angels', or 'Archangels', the Angles or Degrees of the O, 'the Archons' or Rulers of the Spheres. Being also the number of the QLIPHOTHIC FORCES it is the number of the Shadow or 'Black Sun', symbolic of the subconscious and reflexive (and reflective) vacuum cast by the activity of the ego - the 'shells' and subsequent vibrations, effects, impulses and karmas which are created in the wake of our going which end up instantaneously coming to fabricate the chosen pathway before us. The shadow side must be faced and worked with rather than against for there to be proper balance between the physical and astral planes of vision, which is an extension of the imagination as it becomes a means of seeing more than just thoughts but also into the higher planes of being beyond the threshold of the physical (which is actually the least habitable). 

     Since 666 is the formula to UNLOCK PHYSICAL MATTER, it is also the formula which conveys THE ASTRAL-DOUBLE INITIATION to FOCUS INNER VISION which also gives the siddhi to see THE KALAS OF ASTRAL ENTITIES. (Kalas are the 'colors', or spectral light-substancesof emanation which comprise any being. In Sanskrit kala refers to 'time', i.e. the time of being. In Magick, particularly Sex Magick, Kalas are considered essences.) 666 is the number of A VIBRANT PSYCHIC VISION, which can be cultivated through practical yogic and ritual work supplemented with the proper and effective knowledges. Whether involved in group or individual effort THE INITIATE'S PROCESS is endless, without any definite beginning or end (having realized their eternal energetic nature, like Fire, endlessly transmuting like the Phoenix. Those who can see and understand this possess the key of THE ILLUMINATI DOUBLE HEADED PHOENIX.

    666 is the number of the HUMANS PINEAL GLAND which connects with THE REPTILES THIRD EYE or the Parietal Eye, the photo-receptive organ which is 'dormant' or for the most part inactive in man except when stimulated. The THIRD EYE-ASTRAL DOUBLE symbolism is conveyed in the Ophidian/Draconian Mysteries expounded by certain 'Vama-Marg' or Left Hand Path sides of Hindu, Tibetan, and other Mystical and Practical traditions. The 'Dark side', or the Occult/Hidden side is unveiled through Ordeals, and Degrees, which gradually reveal the subtle planes. Ironically, 666 is the number of both THE FREEMASONRY (and FREEMASON INITIATION) and the GIZA PYRAMIDS, one of the central monuments of Masonry, both of which have a central focus on Initiation through dark corridors, labyrinthine ritual and symbolism which unveil the astral and essential nature of things by revealing the inner light to itself. Again, the Body is the Altar of the Temple of 'Holy Spirit', which is within as the Light/Life-breath of the Spirit, the manifestation of the Soul. 

    Once more, 666 aligns the RITUAL TEMPLE ALTAR with the Spiritual Sun energy. The cyclical/spiral/6 nature of the Cosmic Fire is perceived as Time, and significantly the Sanskrit AGNI equates with TIME, and 'Change' in Jewish Gematria, the number of hexagrams in the I Ching, or 'Book of Changes'. Consideration of the Time-cycles and Time-stations are important for sowing and cultivating both physical and psychical seeds and bring about the fruiting of the fullest potential. It has already been noted that THE SEED = 333, the number of Choronzon the GATEKEEPER as well as the HIGGS BOSON and its COLLISION, but 333 also veils the Gnosis of the TIME-STATIONS of TIME GEMATRIA and is said to mean "Transistion, Change, Travel" and "To awake (physically or spiritually)". When unified, 333+333 forms CERN'S PARTICLE, THE GRAND SINGULARITY which connects all in One, the Solar value of 666 which also contains the SIDDHI (333) to SEE BEYOND TIME. 666 is the SAMSARA NUMBER or the number of the Wheel of Time and since 666 is also the number of the Sun par excellence it is therefore a number of the Star (symbolic of the Soul), which connects with the word ASTER ('Star'). Thelema emphasizes that 'Every man and every woman is a Star', that we are to follow our True Will and attain the Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel (attain to Tiphareth), so it is significant that A STAR'S PATH is also 666, the ASTROLOGY CALCULATION of PLANETARY ALIGNMENT MAGICK which embodies the Mystical and Magickal Stellar Gnosis of the Cosmic Fire. 

"The stars must be aligned in a specific way in order for Set (The Fire Snake) to be properly invoked."— Kenneth Grant