Friday, August 28, 2015

Signals From the Sun

     The last six years have allowed me to see deeply through personal exploration, research and analysis of certain areas of occult activity, particularly revolving around the functions of thought processing, linguistics, mathematics, computer interfacing, etc. Each of these are connected very intricately by the fabric of the technological web, a web which is not flat like that of a typical spider, but more like a vortex as it condenses and upgrades over time. I can see this very well in my own 'reality tunnel' which has both widened in scope but sharpened in focus over this time period of deep introspection or implosion, i.e. Initiation. Ironically, or perhaps not really at all, I have been reading a very intriguing book which talks about much, but centers around this concept of the 'tunnel', or 'Vortex', and described variously as a 'Cone' or 'Funnel' as well. The book is titled Dark Doorway of the Beast and is Foreworded by Kenneth Grant, but the main core material is a dense and descriptive analysis of the primary mechanisms of thought and being that separate Man from beast, namely the image-making, retaining and accumulating faculties which have resulted in the evolution of language, cultural iconography, etc. This book came nearing a time where I felt as if all was beginning to dry up in terms of 'new' directions, and while actually being an eerily close almost word-for-word version of what I've learned in the last 6 years, it's like the author removed the blinding walls before me - or rather lifted me up from the labyrinth of my sterile boredom to see from a new perspective that which I had been wandering around among.

     The labyrinth is a very apt and powerfully suggestive symbol throughout the book and signifies the nature of the mind and is contained in the myth of Theseus and Ariadne. The various levels leading from the periphery toward the center is essentially a form of the same idea of the various 'levels', 'planes' or 'densities' ranging from the physical, astral, etheric, etc. It is difficult to say which is the 'center' and what may qualify as an 'edge' or boundary for there may be none but perhaps one all-encompassing central edge in which all else is but a graduation of Its Omnific Unity. This ever growing and widening spectrum has his beginning as a seed of eternity encapsulated in the Unmanifest and upon its germination when the mirroric clarity of the 0 is illuminated and magnified by its own internally combustive contemplation triggered the catalystic charge of the growth process breeding forth branches into manifestation. The 0 is the Seed of the Tree of Life from which all things grow from and all things return, and for this reason the 0 is not only the 'Seed' of fecundity and the womb which is fertilized and gives birth to new life, but it is also the burial chamber, coffin, or tunnel to Amenta - the portal of Death (Daath). The 'Thread' of Theseus, which is really the Astral Light, is also the 'thread' of the electromagnetic spectrum, Kundalini, and the scales of the alphabets which bind the structure of reason into understandable words, codes, phrases and formulas, etc. These are all 'cells' containing, barricading, and regulating certain avenues of thought and emotion, signposts throughout the tunnels of mind and being.

See The Second Coming (poem) by W.B. Yeats, and The Double Gyres section of

     For anyone else other than myself and my magickal co-workers who may have read some of the main key points of this blog the Egg as a symbol of THE AKASHA, 107, there should be no need to regress back too much to already examined information and it should be beginning to now be apparent what Kenneth Grant was trying to convey in his Comment to verse 107 of Liber OKBISh in The Ninth Arch, which is that the number 107 and its correspondent keys can potentially unlock the space-gates of the individual consciousness continuum - which is to say that the 'Seal' of Daath, the individual 'Veto' as termed by Gareth Hewitson-May which acts as capacitor and guardian of the Doorway of 'Self' and 'Other'. The Auric Egg is a very old concept, as is the Cone of Power which has applications ranging from Wicca, The Golden Dawn, and Ceremonial Magick, Electro-physics, Quantum Mechanics, and also when considered that the Double-Cone Wave-form as the  or 8 is a form of the Vajra/Diamond-Thunderbolt known as the Double Wand of Power in Liber AL vel Legis, the knowledge of which contains the Gnosis of Manifestation. THE LIGHT CONES OF MANIFESTATTION (=666=) are a highly similar if not parallel formula for THE MAGICK CONE OF POWER used in THE GOLDEN DAWN MAGICKAL RITUALS which usually tended toward Middle Pillar work and the ascent of Malkuth toward Kether via the Middle Way centering  the focus on the mid-point of Tiphareth, the Sun (i.e. ANAHATTA ALIGNMENT = 666). (The reparation of Malkuth is known in Hebrew tradition as 'THE TIKKUN OLAM', which again, has a value of 666, the bringing down of the fire of Heaven to Earth.)
     The number 6 and its extension as 666 veils the idea behind the Cone of Power as it shows how circumnambulation on the lower, physical level reverberates upward/inward toward the Source of Manifestation, which in terms of the physical and astral/individual matrix is right at Daath, the place of the division of the Ruach (Mind) from the etheric machinery of Being and the astral and physical machinery of Thought and Existence. If the heart (Tiphareth), mind (Yesod) and body (Malkuth) are all aligned then the True Will can be better followed without hindrance and the veil of illusion between 'Self'and 'Other' will thin and further progress can begin to be made as the whole system of mental and physical being will begin to operate according to the higher nature of the True Will. The whole essence and idea of Magick is to cause change in accordance with the Will - particularly external and objective change. This can only be effected through the accrual of insight and ability to effectively engineer the dynamics and mechanisms of thought and its translation from the filter of mind and its direction toward application and expansion. Without proper understanding of one's own mental operating system they will be as if reading from a blank slate and project data and perspectives from others as their own until real personal experience, understanding and wisdom are developed. Here is where the almost non-existent tip of a cone of power begins its course like an unleashed spore building a network of criss-crossing and interconnecting tentacles spreading further as they further intertwine with the host. When looking at a seed one does not see what immense beauty it contains in such a small capsule, so too with any idea, symbol, talisman, or other 'seed image'.

     The art of cultivating seed images is known commonly as Sigilization, but any form of Art is essentially the same thing. This is the method of influencing the subconscious through impression of consciously unintelligible data so as to bypass the 'Veto' of reason and embed it in the core of the self or take it into one's own nature so as to again, form a channel or vortex in which to empower the Will to a point where it focuses on that goal. This is why Art can compel someone even if they don't know it's 'meaning' or origin, as they can pick up on its inherent vibration. When listening to music, there are many 'levels' in which to consider, though its the first layer of outward appearance and 'tune' which is what drives anyone to listen to a particular 'style' of music. There are many underlying 'reasons' for things we do, and art is one of those which shows very well how much one can be a medium themselves for something which they can see in their own minds but nonetheless cannot 'exist' in any other way but through imperfect and unjust depictions. Pass any information let alone 'secret' around enough and you'll end up having a new generation of demons to destroy, but Art always seems to speak without words and guides without speaking, and when one begins to see that everything is Art he becomes a Magician who knows his Art is a gift as a 'God' or Creator. This is related to the idea of the Vision of Pan, the Ordeal where one rises up out of the egoic cube-frame of the space-time labyrinth and beyond to a state of ineffable understanding outside of individual frames of perspective. The idea of the 'Dark Doorway of the Beast' is that the barrier or abyss between waking and dreaming (which is deep-sleep itself) refers to the veil, wall, or 'river' that separates the two levels of mind which if unlocked and integrated would provide further access to both.

     Lux and Nox are the Waking and Dreaming, or Day-side and Night-side aspects of the mind, and there really is no difference, they too are the dual poles of the graduations of the spectrum of the 'I', or Funnel/Vortex of Power which spirals outward from the Unmanifest toward the Omega Point of Perfection, where the Zero '0' becomes the fully gestated egg and hatches opening the Eye 'O' of a new manifestation. THE CIRCLE is the basic universal geometric shape though its multidimensionality arises when the O is conceived as moving through time, such as when a clock (or planets) would appear to be going in a circle, but is really advancing through another 'dimension', forward through the substrate of relative change we call 'Time'. Since day and night are both relative themselves they are but physical representations of the dualistic nature which we biologically experience through the processes of waking and dreaming/sleeping and even Life and Death. The top half of the circle would be that which is 'light' and heavenly, while the lower part would be dark and wintery, but nonetheless as the Egyptians came to idolize in their mythology, the cycle ever continues and the Ever-Coming Sun rises again, the resurrection is established in the heavens (the sky) and on the Earth (through Man), i.e. the 'Golden Dawn'.

The first image on the left is that of the thread of Azoth connecting Kether and Malkuth via the Double Cone of Power. The middle two images are Sioux-Lakota medicine wheels, representative of many things, primarily the wheel of time, seasons, change, directions, etc. The top right image is a Sioux-Lakota symbol of "The Lakota Symbol for Sun-Earth Connection The inverted triangle on top symbolizes the stars and/or the Sun. The triangle on the bottom symbolizes earth sites. The Lakota strongly believe that there is a powerful connection between the Sun and the Earth. Much of their culture has been directly influenced and shaped by centuries of solar observation. In the book, "Lakota Star Knowledge" by Ronald Goodman, you can learn why the Lakota consider the buffalo to be the embodiment of solar power and how the tipi symbolizes living inside the sun." (see Lakota Parallels, Native American Connections In Focus, The bottom right symbol is essentially the same, though turned sideways, and is the Runic symbol Dagaz and symbolic of the Day, Dawn, Light, Awakening, and Cycles.
     The 'bridge' or 'doorway' between Waking (Malkuth) and Dreaming (Yesod) could be thought of as Tau the 22nd Hebrew letter, or The Universe/The World Tarot card, the 32nd Path which connects the two lower sephiroth. (Upon further consideration, perhaps the design in the Thoth version which I thought looked like premonitionary computer chip grid-lines, could actually be a form of the Labyrinth. Tau itself as the first letter encountered upon ascent of the Tree from Malkuth, means the 'Cross' and connects with the Cross of Malkuth as well as implications of the subsequent Crossing of the Abyss (wherein the Fool becomes the Magician). The English letter 'T' even shows a division between 2 states under the 'rule' of an unmanifest third and could also be see as the Magician with his arms outstretched as he balances along the Path, and I've mentioned it before but the common Christian cross signifies the ascent of the Material (horizontal) plane along the Spiritual (vertical) plane, the 'bridge' or 'crossing' between Heaven and Earth.

     The Hermetic dictum of 'As Above, So Below' can also be extended to a broader scope of 'As Within, So Without', so taken Ceremonially what is contained within one's internal nature will manifest outwardly and that which is manifest externally will saturate one's inner being. The ancient Delphic inscription of Temet Nosce, or 'Know Thyself' is also relevant and connects with the Vedantic practice of Atmavichara or 'Self Enquiry'. This Ultimate Question, of 'Who Am I?' is what motivates one to find the source and nature of the Holy Grail which ends up being one's own True Will, found to be nothing external like physical gold or riches but is the eternal and pure substance called Azoth which composes the Philosopher's Stone or Pearl of Great Price, the adamantine astral light of the Soul symbolized again by the Egg or '0'.
The alchemical formula of V.I.T.R.I.O.L. is also related here as it is a notarikon for a Latin phrase Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem, which means "Visit the interior of the Earth; by rectification thou shalt find the hidden stone." This shows that by going inward and persevering through the stages of transformation and purification one can find the source beneath the leaden barrenness of mundanity and reach toward the more tenuous and vibrant of energetic planes from which the physical is composed, the very source of mind, sense perception and the matrix of the Self. Only by way of this will one be able to know the depths of their own nature and subsequently gain more Mastery or Adepthood in its external application and embodiment.

    The iconic image of the Witch or Wizard with their conical hat and dizzying circumnambulations around the cauldron or circle contain the essential key or seed of the idea of creating the mental vortex to allow for condensation and attraction toward physical materialization. The hypnotic trance, as with any tool, has potential for beneficial use or detrimental abuse, depending on its application and the intention or charge being generated. The geometric formulation of the Circle with its central point of emanation itself as 360° + 1 equates with the manifestation of the POWER (=361=) of THE UNIVERSE. 361 therefore veils the SOLAR symbol of the ☉, which is the basis of THE GEOMETRY of the ancients who used the point and the circle (and its measurements obtained by way of the light of the sun) to derive their calculations, and it is through the evolution of the expanding circle that the Tree of Life springs into being. 666 is also A SOLAR GEMATRIA KEY which unlocks the gnosis bound into the fibers of the web of manifestation and no matter how many formulas I may find and give myself there will always be more I can't find or relay because the sheer magnitude of potential, I've already accumulated some 50 pages of three columns of basic words and phrases that enumerate to 666 and have found it is a dense but carefully tuned web of the central information relevant to man's mind, body and being and it is being released along with the other 111-999, along with 1010, 1111, 1212, and 1313 values at the end of Liber 999. The values in between can be extrapolated rather easily through simple deduction, however it's not the knowledge that is necessarily needed so much as the exercises required to acquire it.

    In doing this work I have had very strange dreams and experiences which tie directly in to what Kenneth Grant termed 'perichoresis', and 'tangential tantrums'. Entanglements may occur at key vectors in different zones of the space-time matrix. The underlying 'filing cabinet' of human thought is bound up in the directional grid of the nine-celled square, figured as the magick square of Saturn, with the underlying '0' as the cipher allowing for movement to and through the tunnels of manifestation. The # number grid is the most basic version of the web of marmas or vectors which weave and grow outward like a vortex (as 9 shows the Azothic Thread flowing outward, toward Malkuth and weaving the fabric of perceived individual reality. This is the 'silver thread' which one pulls to unravel the veil and unlock the seal of the doorway guarding the Waking and Dream worlds.)
The Nine Circles of Hell are also related, as well as the Nine Planes of Norse Mythology, the 9 higher Sephira, the 7 colors with their shades between Black and White (the Rainbow/Antahkarana), the 9 is also related to the number of physical gates of Man, the number of months in the womb, and the number of formation, and as Yesod it means 'Foundation'. The astral net of being is not flat, as modeled in the calculator # grid, but is present in all levels of manifest density in all directions but nonetheless still retains fractal integrity, each cell or 'chamber' being holonic. (See Holon (philosophy)).

     It is in this way that by way of the quantum observer principle, which has been known as Magickal Will for ages, can be used to ones advantage in directing external circumstances through deep understanding of their dynamics for as the principle goes, the observer or the Magician's observation influences the outcome of the experiment therefore it becomes very important to also pay close attention to detail regarding the 'set and setting' and far reaching influences (such as time, frequency, lunar, solar or other cosmic zonings, weather considerations, etc. as they all may change and account for a difference in effect no matter how seemingly minute.) The 'Scientists' need to tune themselves and develop the Magician's ability to improvise and direct, and the 'Magicians' need to brush up on their education, experimentation, and overall efficacy. The two are only so different by being so extreme in how they (or at least their 'popular' figureheads in the scientific and occult communities) try so hard to discount the other rather than actually investigate and apply each others methods. Now that I myself have a much better understanding just what they are talking about in some of the more advanced books that focus on actual ceremonial ritual workings I can better understand and extrapolate not merely the vocabulary but the actual mechanisms for my own uses.

     The Dark Doorway of the Beast is that back-door of the mind which opens on to the greater sea of our being beyond the shell of the body and mask of the ego, we guard ourselves from the power on the other side of our reality tunnels and rightfully so for we Will what we Will, just don't be surprised if in running from the darkness causes it to grow darker instead of illuminating that which is occulted so as to bring out its positive nature or at least banish the dimness. The entire question of the 'Soul' and whether it does or doesn't, can or can't exist, is entirely relevant upon whether the Great Question is even being asked - therefore, if you have the ability to conceive of it then why not?! The Light of Lux and the Darkness of Nox are ancient formulas for Matter and Anti-Matter, Manifestation and the Unmanifest, Consciousness and Un-/Subconsciousness (that which isn't immediately perceivable) and their 'existence' is dependent upon the observer/Magician in question. The reason the vampire is not reflected in the mirror is because he has no personal life-force generating from his soul, and like a zombie he is a qliphothic shell parasitizing those who do. The mirror is illuminated by the one looking into it and so too is the mirror of matter itself illuminated by the One (The '0', or 'O', the Eye of the Light Body) looking into and through it.

     Though the 'I' and the 'O', or the Self and the Other are not actually separate in the sense they occupy the same datum of reference and matrix of operation, they are split into differentiated qualities. One is not really part of the mirror itself even though it contains a near perfect image and even though the mind matrix as well as the physical external matrix is one complete fluid strata the differences are still there to maintain operational function. Even just looking into the mirror brings an awing effect as if one could somehow just barely reach in and pull something out - or jump through - if but the glass wasn't in the way. The illusion of reflected light being mirrored back is of such fine quality that it appears quite 'real', but even optics has shown that our own 'pure' vision is itself but a refabrication of data as well and therefore a simulation which can err. Further augmentation such as through extra mechanical devices would likely only serve to further clutter the issue.

   The materialistic viewpoint which says that only that which has superficial tact is not only 'real', but the only 'real' field of study, as if their ignorance and lack of knowledge on various other subjects and levels are some 'official' standard in which judgement could be at all made. It's rather like a 6 year old telling an adult - and knowing no better - that his advice is useless. 'Scientists' who have done no investigation of their own of many different fields of study seem to think they're uninformed opinions hold any weight or value. Then you also have the 2D minded fundamentalist 'Christians' that seem to care more about what gay people do than their own accountability, who are dumb enough to believe anything thrown at them because they think every little thing in existence is Satanic while expecting Jesus to physically come down to their little flat earth and save them like sheep from slaughter when they've been slaughtering people for ages and can't even learn the same message they've been killing to ignore. They want the apocalypse to manifest in literal form rather than to look at it esoterically so as to undertake the necessary initiation to truly understand the nature of the 'fall' from grace. In shunning the wisdom by which they fell from they create the very evil they fear. Magick, however, as usual, will be the key to revolution - if but the key would be turned to unlock the gateway.