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Electricity; The Fire of Heaven: The Golden Link Between Science and Religion

     In my extensive collations and investigations of a wide range of information on the relation of certain ideas across various cultures and in different time periods I have found a singularly most important common thread running through each, albeit variously distorted depending on such varying circumstances. This thread has also been woven heavily throughout the recent blogs of the past year centering on the formula of 666, the Solar number of forbidden wisdom mentioned in Revelation 13:18. This number also features heavily in the Qabalistic calculations of the Western Hermetic Tradition, and the more I apply this general body of knowledge to that of the more ancient Eastern ones as well as the modern scientific knowledges of today the more I am coming to find there is much still to be gained through an integral and holistic approach to each of these avenues of potential unfoldment.

     That 666 is a numerical value, formula, or symbol for the Electric current in its raw form - if not evident from past expositions - can be explicated as follows:
     666 is the value of the SUM of the letters of the word 'ELECTRIC', using Heh=5, Lamed=30, Heh=5, Cheth=8, Tau=400, Resh=200, Yod=10, Cheth=8. 666 has long been known to be a 'solar' number, being as it is the value of SVRTh, Sorath, the Spirit of the Sun, as well as the value of the sum of the numbers in the Magick Square of Sol. 6 is the number of spatial rays emanating from the central point of locus forming the cube of the Ruach, and in its Grand Scale represents the condensation of the Ruach ('Breath') into manifestation, symbolized by Blood or Earth (Malkuth), therefore it is the central interface between the Potential and the Actual - i.e. where Force first starts becoming Form, under Will. 666 is also THE ELECTRICITY FORMULA as well, and relating back to the Forbidden Wisdom of Genesis/Revelation, THE ELECTRICITY IS THE FALL OF MALKUTH = 666 showing that the fallen light of Lucifer is a mythological form of the formative aspect of electrical energy. Note also that ELECTRIC = LUCIFER = THE ANGEL OF THE LIGHT = 260, the number of Baratchial, the qliphothic tunnel of Beth/The Magus card. In Nightside of Eden, Kenneth Grant notes some important relations of the number 260:

    260 is the sum of the series 1-(8x8)/8, 8 being the number of Mercury as a cosmic power-zone. 260 is the number of TIRIAL, the Intelligence of Mercury, so we shall expect to find a very precise reflection and inversion of this entity in the depths of the abyss where the path becomes a tunnel transmitting infernal influences. And this is where we do in fact find, for 260 is also the number of TMIRA, the 'concealed', or 'hidden', and of KMR, 'a priest', not of the Light but of the Dark, for KMR means 'blackness', its root being the the Egyptian Kam, 'black'. Yet although the 12th path is that of the Magician or Magus, the black or hidden priest should not be identified with the black magician, but with the Black Brother. This is the kala of the Sorcerers, the MONNIM (also equal to 260) who transmit the light direct from beyond Kether to Saturn via the formula of duality. (The letter beth which is ascribed to the 12th kala, is synonymous with our word both, implying duality.) Duality is expressed zoomorphically by the twin serpents Od and Ob, and by the ape - the shadowof the Magus who, according to tradition, distorts and perverts the Word of the Magus thus making a mockery of his work, as do the Black Brothers with their formula of duality. (i.e. Illusion. It is the 1 reflected that becomes 2. Likewise 11, eleven, is the number of those 'who are of us'.) This is evidenced by the symbols of Baratchial: two swords with inturned blades, suggesting intense concentration on the ego as opposed to the Self of All, flanking a ghostly face (mask) surmounted by a crescent moon. The sigil is a glyph of falsity and illusion reflected in the current of duality that reveals the Shadow of Thoth in the image of his ape or cynocephalus. This doctrine is expressed in the second verse of CCXXXI: "The lightnings increased and the Lord Tahuti (i.e. Thoth) stood forth. The Voice came from the Silence. Then the One ran and returned."     
    The One is Kether, and it returned to its own power-zone because the vibration of this kala is illusory and cannot transmit truth. Its vibration duplicates that of the previous kala, thus creating a mere simulacrum of the creative spirit. The Black Brother is double tongued, as the serpent, which is significant, for the magical power ascribed to the obverse aspect of of which this path is the tunnel, is the Gift of Tongues, the Gift of Healing, and a Knowledge of the Sciences. The healing here however is the healing of the ego, which merely aggravates with illusion the disease of false identity creating thereby a chain of endless suffering. Likewise, the Sciences of which knowledge is given are the sciences of darkness. Yet it mus not be supposed that these are necessarily evil, it is merely that in the hands of a Black Brother they necessarily tend to sterility because directed towards the fulfillment of wholly personal ambitions. The dark sciences of this path contain the secrets of the kalas of the void, and of that Kalinian Current which obtains in the widdershins world of anti-light. The witches and wizards of this tunnel speak with 'voices' that are reflected ino the aura of the Adept by the mechanism of unnatural acoustics associated with the mysterious ventriloquism of Bath Kol, the Voice of the Oracle. The bath or beth is the house or womb of the supreme kala, and of the source of that ventriloquism that was primal in the myths of man, for the word was endowed with flesh and issued from the belly of the mother. Here again the number of Baratchial, 260, corroborates the doctrine of this path of beth for it is the number of MINMON 'pleasures', 'delights', and of IRKIK, 'thy thighs', which reveals the sexual nature of these pleasures. The disease typical of this path is Ataxaphasia which here refers specifically to disorders of the faculty of speech, typified by the bestial howlings or cachinnations of the pre-human creation and by that 'monstrous speech' (mentioned in Liber VII) that thrills beyond the veil of the void. The dangers attendant upon the use of this kala are extreme, yet the advantages that may be gained would seem to outweigh them in that the Adept is able to transcend the merely conceptual transmission of imagery. He is thus able to manoeuvre specific atavisms at a level deeper than those he could penetrate as a Magus. This is because the silence of the outer spaces, like the music of the spheres, may be apprehended only when the ape-like chattering of the Magician's vehicle (his senses) has been subdued by contact with the transcosmic forces that sweep through this tunnel from the pathways of the Great Inane. The latter is the Ain, or Void, the unwiking eye which emits invisible rays that reify within the innermost sanctuaries of the Adept's non-being. He then becomes The Magus of Power (The title of the tarot trump equated with the obverse path.) in a true and totally different sense to that which this power has been understood in any previous aeon. For that power (shakti) is primal and does not exist apart from the shadow, the solidification of which is the entified Magus whose Word is but falsehood and glamour. This particular kala shows clearly how the face of the Tree is - and can only be - a facade. This is so because a reified and therefore dualistic interpretation of the hidden currents of energy, that pulse through the tunnels on the other side of the Tree, transmit energies of Non-being. It is in this sense that the 'One ran and returned'. To where did it return? The manifested Word returned to the silence of non-manifestation.

     On page 145 of Nightside, Grant also mentions that "The eleventh power-zone, Daath, is attributed to Uranus and is the Abode of the Black Brothers, when viewed from the Sphere of Malkuth (earth.) The black Brothers are represented phenomenally by those who view the universe as an objective reality. The 'scientists' are their prototypes."

     While the literalist scientism types as well as the literalist fundamentalism types will take this to mean either that this must all be false, without attempting to understand it of course, or that Electricity itself must be 'evil' and 'Satanic', really it's all just metaphorical for cosmic energy grounding itself out into the formations that give rise to life and consciousness itself, and our language just so happens to follow a line of logical reasoning higher than that of our own personal datum of reference.  In being unable to be elastic minded enough to understand these concepts without being so loose-brained enough to take them literally we can begin to see the energetic nature of these formulae and better understand their manifestation into, or compositioning of, our realm of actuality. Just as the various churches claiming to be 'of God' have attempted and more often than not succeeded in denying the individual free reign over (let alone a basic familiarity with) their True Will and become the very Satanic Accusers (Satan is said to mean 'Accuser' as well as Adversary/Opposer) they claim to be fighting against.

     And so this is a major point in the line of conjecture put forth back in 1858 by Alexander Hislop in his book The Two Babylons which has been subsequently demonized for its calling into question the Catholic Church and its origins in the Pagan tradition. This interesting book helped me to further decode the MYSTERY of Babylon in 666, for the MYSTERY WOMAN BABYLON on whose forehead is inscribed the the FOREHEAD MYSTERY DIGIT in the MYSTERION SYMBOL (See Rev. 17:5, the original word for 'Mystery' is Mysterion.) Hislop claims that THE SCARLET WOMAN'S IDENTITY is the ancient SEMIRAMIS, and it could be seen that A VALUE OF THE NAME SEMIRAMIS is 'written on her forehead' in the sense that it is contained within her name itself.
She was said to have been impregnated via a Solar ray with the child known as Tammuz for which she is depicted with a solar crown, as in the case of the Statue of Liberty which is a modern rendition. Furthermore, in Rev. 17:4 it is said she holds a golden cup, a form of the Holy Grail, and THE GOLDEN CUP is also the solar formula. In Rev. 17:9 it is said the Seven Horns of the Beast are the Seven Mountains, or Hills of Rome and A WOMAN OF SEVEN MOUNTAINS is also 666. This number is therefore the 'MYSTERION SYMBOL' of not only Babylon and Rome (i.e. 'The Two Babylons'), but all truly Antichristian (i.e. anti-Soul) nations and political organizations.

     The word 'Babylon' is said to come from an Akkadian root meaning 'The Gate of God' or 'The Gate of the Gods', which is an ironic name for a city that was said to be godless. BABYLON IS THE GATE OF A GOD = 666, a number which itself acts as a gate to many different levels of godhead and godhood. The Gate of God, or more precisely, the Gate of the Sun God is the ELECTRICAL 360, the solar-phallic Hadit, THE PRIMAL ATOM OF THE BIG BANG, 666. 666 is also the value of 'ESTAR', or 'ASTER', which means 'Star' and is the root of Ashtaroth, Astarte, or Ishtar, the primary goddess of Babylon (Note that Hislop also talks about the symbolism of Easter and the Egg.) The Gate of the Sun/Star is thus the Star-Gate, and incidentally THE STARGATE MACHINE is also 666, which equates with the GIZA PYRAMIDS which have long been said to be just that with their star-aligned chambers possibly acting as stellar lenses for some usage in the King's chamber. Egypt is said to be the remnants carried over from Atlantis, which like Babylon collapsed from its own corruption and misuse of its knowledge and power. It is indeed highly likely that the misused power that accounts for the destruction of Atlantis (not as a single continent but as the idea of a pre-historic past civilization) was electricity itself, something we too are abusing and destroying our environment with. Note that THE LEGEND OF ATLANTIS + ELECTRICITY = 666 as well. The DENDERA LIGHT BULBS also happen to have the electrical value of 666.

     This still as yet insufficiently understood energy, electricity, is really the basis of all manifestation and the 'golden thread' underlying and unifying all legends, religions, sciences, and technologies. The key to its understanding and dynamics are encoded in the gematria of 666 and so of course it has been occulted as any useful tool is. But of course, once this knowledge achieves more re-cognition those same people that claimed this knowledge is irrelevant will suddenly have 'known it all along'. But of course if that were the case it wouldn't have taken me to have to write what had and has yet to be. Since consciousness itself arises as an energetic charge from the chemical compositions of biological materials it too is electrical, i.e. the neural firings in the brain and the central nervous system.
It may also be seen later on down the road that THE NIKOLA TESLA ELECTRICAL FIELD of TESLA'S ENERGY PHYSICS is also 666, which as I have already shown in previous posts how 666 is essentially the omnific power of the Zero-Point. I haven't found evidence of Nikola Tesla or anyone else on the internet knowing or writing the THE CODE OF FREE ENERGY is 666, the 'fire of heaven' which is within all, manifest and unmanifest and connected to the wealth of other natural formulae. This 'Free Energy' is THE RUACH HAQVDVSH, which is a Hebrew transliteration meaning 'The Holy Spirit' and known as 'The Helper' or 'The Comforter'. Note that THE HELPER + RUACH HAKVDASH = 666 as well.

     The angel who is said to bring down the Key of the Bottomless Pit is Abaddon, and we can see that the Hebrew אבדונ + THE KEY OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT is verified in 666, the 'BOTTOMLESS PIT SYMBOL'. The 'Bottomless Pit'/'Abyss' refers to the totality of potentiality residing beyond  the 'gate' or 'veto' of Daath where the All resides in Chaos separated from the Cosmos of the Ego. When this veto is removed and the gate opened the Ego dissolves and the self merges with the All until the ego again finds foundation. The All is an ocean of electrical vibrations and there really is no rest, death or stillness since all is in motion. As long as there is motion there is 'time', and for time to 'end' all would have to 'stop' in which there would cease to be differentiation and as Crowley says in The Book of Thoth, if the wheels stopped turning the universe would dissolve. "Of all important doctrines concerning equilibrium, this is the easiest to understand, that change is stability; that stability is guaranteed by change; that if anything should stop changing for the fraction of a split second, it would go to pieces." 666 even covers that as it is THE FORMULA OF THE END OF TIME, The notion of 'alternate timelines' arises when different routes of operation, 'choices', are considered. Since each choice or decision affects the subsequent course of events each 'timeline' exists as parallel 'reality tunnels', and the free will determining which one is chosen at any given moment is governed by the awareness at the time, the broader and more informed the awareness the more the will is exercised as opposed to being blindly subjected to 'fate'. It is the veil of Daath which separates the corridors of the mind-tunnels and this veil is lifted in ego dissolution and often during dreaming.

     There is a book called An Experiment With Time by J.W. Dunne (1975-1949) which discusses how there have been cases of people dreaming of future events, begging the question that if all events are happening simultaneously beyond the fractional 'peep-hole' of the present then any 'time' may be glimpsed if perception is able to go over the containment threshold. This is where the subject of 'Schizophrenia' arises, which is also lent a chapter in Dark Doorway of the Beast for good reason. Schizophrenia, meaning the 'cleaving' or 'splitting' of the mind, refers to a wide range of symptoms and experiences wherein the afflicted suffers from a lack of full presence of mind in the here and now, as if it were preoccupied with other perceptions not apparent to outside observers. The schizophrenic deals with 'voices' and 'images' which are passing into the mind unvetoed for whatever psycho-physiological reason and the subject is unable to distinguish which data is 'real'. This can be triggered, and is albeit in a more controlled form, with mystical practices which carryout a more contained and directed approach to the separation of the Egoic mask from the Spiritual Light Body.

    The Dream-world, or to Australian aborigines, the Dream-time, in which we spend about 1/3rd or more of our life is as active (if not more) than our 'real' life and yet we know about as little about its mechanics and purpose as we do the substance of electricity. These elusive yet powerful qualities, like those of time and space as well, are ever-present but seemingly unqualified by any actual 'substance' as they themselves are the modifiers and measurers of substance. The entire Universe both in physicality and mental essence are electrical in nature through every fiber of its being. We live in an ocean of electricity in which even during sleep there is little rest. True sleep is 'Not' and therefore unspeakable, unfathomable, and non-existent. To enter the 0 is to immediately be reborn anew and transported via the space globule to another dimensional strand.

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The Web of Manifestation

     A major formula that is examined in the book which was the subject of my last post can be further expanded upon since much more has accumulated since 1992 when that book was published. The formula is that of 210, or 'N.O.X.' (Nun=50, Ayin=70, Tzaddi=90). The author shows how 210 is a formula of reversion or absorption into the Unmanifest, the reduction of duality to a non-state of neither. 210 however, as Grant notes many times in his Typhonian Trilogies, is the value of the Hebrew word 'ChRB', 'a sword',which is the projective force of manifestation which precipitates the Tree of Life, as well as the value of 'ART', the creative function synonymous with Magick.

     True Creativity arises from within the individual by their ability to relate to and reflect upon a certain source material and bring it to a further or hitherto unreached state, and as such is itself a product and function of evolution. As Gareth Hewitson-May states at the outset of Dark Doorway, the visionary image-retaining and relaying faculty of early man was one of the single most important factors in his cultural and intellectual development. The 'primitive' art of the ancients, or so we call it today, was really an elaborate language of emotive symbology which spans levels of thought and being that we today can hardly adequately fathom.

     The symbolism of 210 would be then the 'double-edged sword' of manifestation and dissolution, or 'Solve et Coagula', the phrase inscribed on the forearms of Baphomet, the form of the Dual One - but also embodied in the Art card. In chapter 15, titled The Mark of the Beast, he also mentions the importance not just of 000 (as Ayin-70 x 3, a 'manifest' form of the Triple Veil of Nothingness or Ain-Ain Soph-Ain Soph Aur), but the first actualized number of the Grand Scale, 111 - the number of this year 2015 as the 111th year of the Aeon of Horus. 111 is the value of the first ray from Kether, Aleph in Hebrew, as well as the lightning BOLT of NDNZ (Nodens), whose symbol is that of the lightning bolt. I have already went deep into the connection between 111 and the Diamond iconography of Aleph/The Fool and Maat/Adjustment in The Diamond of Perfection, but it should be mentioned that the author's connection of 111 and 210 can be understood as the formula of MANIFESTATION for both come together in 321. Again, this appears to be a formula of reversion or condensation, but the expansion is outward, 1, 20, 300, an upraising of force around each level or cycle of the ring of power (0) (or conversely viewed as the 'Window of Perception' which can expand or contract in scope, the perception of MANIFESTATION, 321 being entirely dependent on the state and acuity of THE MIND, 123. 123 is itself the basic building blocks of manifestation as the Supernal Triad and it is also the value of the Hebrew אהה יהוה אלהים, a name of God implying Kether, Chokmah and Binah [with 3, 4, and 5 letters] translating as 'Oh Lord God!'.)

     The Sword (ChRB, 210) and the Lightning BOLT (111) or RAY (Rho-100, Alpha-1, Iota-10 in Greek) are symbolic of the same force of emanation on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and this is merely the electrical force itself, 'the Fire of Heaven' mythically given to man by Prometheus or the Serpent in the garden which now weaves its way through every aspect of our lives and binds us to MALKUTH (111) evermore (Note the similarity of 111 to prison bars, garden rows, or a two way road, all symbolic of the materialisation of Aleph, 'Air' into Tau, 'Earth', represented by the god of agriculture and hardship, Saturn and the dense metal lead.) 111 is itself THE WHITE LIGHT emanating from Kether which becomes 'sut' (a form of Set), blackened in the descent of the nigredo or darkening stage of the alchemical process in its descent from pure spirit to matter.

When this pure cosmic force is contained and Willed into form with the ART or function of INTELLIGENCE, 210 it becomes a power of MANIFESTATION. The author of the book also suggests many times that it is first important however to get a firm understanding of the dynamics and mechanics of the thought-generating faculty and the nature of one's own trains of thought through deep introspection and analysis. This would be akin to breaking beyond the mundane exterior superficiality of Malkuth (the physical world) and traversing the sea of dreams and nightmarish illusions of the emotional center of Yesod to the level of Tiphareth which governs the 'Heart' or Will, one's uniquely personal drive underlying all transitory desires. When this region is accessed and aligned to in the lower centers the Will is more able to operate effectively as obfuscations and obstacles are removed, obsoleted or transcended.

     Connecting in a rather unexpected way, I happened to come across a pair of books recently which connect to the wide range of ideas in Dark Doorway, and they are the books by the Theosophist author E.L. Gardner, The Web of the Universe (1936) and Play of Consciousness (1939). Both go into detail about the idea of form arising out of force and particularly the concept of the astral web, or etheric net underlying manifestation and their connections to both modern scientific understanding and the stanzas of Helena Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine (1888). On page 30 of The Web of the Universe, Gardner says that:
"The basic pattern of the Web is the six-armed Cross of the octahedron, infinitely repeated, and appears as a maze of exceedingly fine lines, interlaced in an infinitesimal rectangular texture, ablaze with tiny points of brilliance where the lines cross, filling, 'permeating' all space and serving as the foundational structure for all material - a vision of mystery and wonder." 

     The octahedron is not only a form of the Diamond discussed extensively in this blog, but also a three-dimensionalized form of the idea of the 'Mark of the Beast' with its four directions, projected from above and through, as if moving through the corridors of the four directions. Also, the description calls to mind Frater Achad's qabalistic reckonings regarding the fractal nature of the Tree of Life as it infinitely expands in 'snowflake' form to create the all-encompassing dodecahedral matrix (See The Anatomy of the Body of God, 1925.) The astral web is not flat but deeply rooted in the micro- and macro- extensions of space-time, 'above and below', 'within and without' and the same idea has been expressed more recently by Rupert Sheldrake under the term 'Morphic' and 'Morphogenetic' Fields, the latter being referring to specifically in the case of biological formations while the former is for more general substances. The same idea in the sonic realm is known as 'Cymatics' and has been discussed in 'The O Gate'. It is the underlying model or skeleton upon which manifestation is built.

   The skeleton would be an apt symbol for this wide range of ideas, and it has been mentioned before how the 'Skeleton Woman', Santa Muerte has many connections to the Egyptian goddess of Truth and Justice, Maat as well as the Whore of Babalon or the more ancient Kali. Each of them embody the idea of life and death, space and time, spirit and matter, and yet are relegated to the dark or 'negative' aspect belonging to the left pillar or path. The black skeleton however, as depicted in the Death, XIII card is a form of Osiris, god of the Dead who is resurrected in his son Horus with each sunrise or awakening. It is with the Tetragrammaton formula of Osiris, Isis, Horus, and Maat or Father, Mother, Son, Daughter that the mythical rendition is but an archetype of the marriage of Space, Time, Spirit and Matter in their eternal dance or play.

     The double nature of Horus having both an internal and external nature (Horus and Set, or Heru-Ra-Ha as Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-par-Kraat) are balanced by Maat and the container or 'hold' of the matrix is impressed in the 6, the heart or secret centre of man which flows forth to create the CUBES of the Ruach or 6-fold 'Web' of MANIFESTATION. This formulation of phenomena arising according to an archetypal pattern is the basis of every major theological myth, it is not literal, however when viewed in its different formulations can better show and highlight different ideas of the processes involved. When the 6 is further transmuted into 7 via the alchemical process and crosses the abyss of self in 8 the gestation process of 9 will give way to a new vision of Malkuth in 10, 'I', and a new 'EGG', 11 will be left to birth a new cycle (12, the zodiac/hours) of the soul (13, AChD, the One whose union is in AHBH, 'Love').

13 is the number of the WEB itself, the center point of the wheel of the zodiac clock, the bearer of the serpent of manifestation. 14 is the זהב, 'Gold' of the 1 exalted over the 4 elements, THE AKASHA=GOLD, and the 15th stage is the Eye of the Dragon which is opened to the reflective and yet translucent and diamond-like nature of the True Self. The web of the 4x4 'mark of the beast' is expanded ad infinitum, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256..., etc. This of course, is the formula of A BAPHOMET'S CROSS used by Crowley as Baphomet, head of the O.T.O. (Liber AL.I.4: "Every number is infinite; there is no difference.") A CROSSED RING is the symbol of the Mark of the Beast itself and veils the DIRECTION of the gates or 'Watchtowers' of Space. It is the 4 primary directions that are emphasized in many basic magickal rituals which activate the trans-dimensional spirit principle through time. The directions are markers of the RTU'S, the Sanskrit term for 'appointed', or 'fixed time'. A ritual being a composition of exercises calculated to achieve a specific goal, largely through attuning the mind and focusing its forces. 666 being a number of the Sun, The Circle, The Ritual, The Light, The Soul, The Shadow, etc., it is a number of the central axle of the wheel of the Universe, Mount Meru at the center of Manifestation, the Heart of Tiphareth at the center of the Middle Pillar connecting through the Soul- Man with the Divine. Thus, through this supreme channel which has been called by some 'THE WRYM', is the Kundalini Fire-snake itself, Consciousness, or Electricity in its raw form is seen as the infinite energy placed within Man himself ready to be used, with Wisdom and Will.

Note the appearance of the 4 directions,
the labyrinthine layout, the hourglass-cone
at the center, etc. 
    The significance of this lies in the ancient qabalistic idea, which is paralleled in the Hindu idea, tha the alphabet (either Hebrew, Sanskrit, or even English), is a manifestation of the 'Fire of God', or 'Kundalini', that manifestation was spoken into existence in a flash of light and all was formulated from the outset in toto almost simultaneously. However, the idea of s 'schism', or 'fall', happened when some idea of corruption skewed the original order which has been the cause of the successive chain of events crippling humanity today turning our original 'garden' into a ghastly slaughterhouse. In many of the legends regarding such events, a major theme is language, as in the confusion of tongues at the tower of babel, the utterance of 'barbarous names' or 'howlings' in occultism and sorcery, the speaking in tongues or receiving of wisdom in the form of cryptograms and oracles, the 'forbidden knowledge' itself which is found to be everywhere apparent in such ancient linguistic systems as the Hebrew and Greek Qabalah, a knowledge which is apparently almost completely lost or at least relatively dormant in our 'modern' culture.

     The old term for the ability to understand and communicate with the universe and the spirits of nature around you is 'the Language of the Birds', the ability to divine messages in the natural happenings of everyday life. George Hunt Williamson, a ufologist and researcher who wrote some interesting books in the 50's terms the language used by different races and entities from across the universe a symbolic language called 'Solex Mal', the language of the Sun (See Other Tongues, Other Flesh.) It would seem fitting and not too much of a stretch of the imagination that such a language would be the language of numbers, the most basic of symbols, for even A SOLEX MAL LANGUAGE has the same numerical quality as the Key which unlocks Hebrew, Greek, English, Sanskrit, and even Egyptian hieroglyphs I am coming to find which will be the subject of later posts.

     Thus, when it is seen that all these seemingly disparate systems come together and can work together, when understood from a more informed point of view, and that with the great amount of over-lap and natural integration a direct source of power can be tapped straight from the fountain of manifestation. 666 as the FORCE OF THE ZERO and the ZERO POINT OF THE 'O' is the manifest Zero-Point Energy which is channeled via the Funnel Effect Vortex of Daath through the Ruach to the Ego-plane of Malkuth. 210 is the MAGICK CONE itself as it connects the unmanifest potential (0) to the 21st level that is The Universe in the Tarot system, the Air and the Earth, Kether and Malkuth, the Sword itself, THE MAGICK CONE OF POWER, or THE MAGICK CONE OF ☉ (360+1), the power of the Alpha and Omega which forms the Tree of Knowledge of Life and Death.