Monday, February 29, 2016

The Keys & The Power of the Beast

"And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,
 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.
 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.
And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads:
 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." - Revelation 13:13-18
      It is long overdue, this post, but a good amount of preceding material and preparation needed to be effected in order to best apprehend and disseminate the material now to be covered. This is a subject with many tentacles, but all of which come back to this central issue which forms the belly of the beast which must be tamed and made to look at itself for there is no slaying by mere dismemberment and burial of its many heads. The Hydra must be forced to look at its reflection.

     This 'Black Iron Prison' of Malkuth, the body, life, of which the Buddha said consists wholly of SORROWS is the asylum to which every condemned criminal is kept in their sentencing, which in some cases extends further than a single death sentence. All life is suffering, for the unions that are made, the shadows that pass and are done, are but that. It is then imperative not to cling and hold on to these shadows. This, however, can be difficult owing to their constant reappearance in monstrous and nightmarish imagery. In a way, existence is like Saturn who represents both the dense ground and material which is tilled and harvested, but also Time (Chronos), the keeper of order, the devourer of offspring. Saturn is loosely connected to Satan, and both represent similar things and have an enlightened aspect signifying the transformation or purification of the lower (lead) into the higher (gold). Psychologically, the darkness represents the sub- or unconscious, which must be faced, tilled, and integrated  for balance in the conscious mind to be possible. As we all know, repression, suppression and ignorance breed bigger 'demons'  and problems than if they were faced from before they take root. This too is imperative for certain people to understand if they wish to not become the monster they originally sought to defeat, but through weakness and fear, joined.

     I am not only referring to the backwards and hypocrite so-called Christians that fail to follow the words of Jesus as they so fervently claim moreso than actually doing, but primarily to the industrial-minded upholders of another institution of even greater influence and control, which too has many backwards and hypocritical features that should be considered without hesitation if real progress is to be made and truth be gained. The medical and healthcare industry has so many incongruities of its own throughout recent history that they could and should be considered in light of certain Church-based inclemencies preceding, and many parallels in the general direction of both will be seen. What it amounts to, is that in the name of either, in the old case, 'Salvation', or now in the case of 'Health and Safety', we have gone to such back-bending extremes to include both wants and needs, analogs and idealizations, that we have almost ensured neither Salvation, nor Health and Safety as a result. "You cannot serve both God and Mammon." (Matt 6:24) You can't have your cake, and eat it too.

     Just like the 'war on drugs' enables the assassination or imprisonment, or any level of infliction against personal and social well-being that are much worse than the drugs themselves (often relatively harmless substances such as cannabis, which doesn't have any deaths associated with its ingestion, whereas legal substances such as tobacco and alcohol are associated with over a total of 400,000 deaths together annually, see CDC Tobacco & Alcohol facts.) Or,  the false premise that any governmental institution is actually concerned at all with real Health or Safety, as long as perfectly legitimate and healthy substances are strongly regulated, while overtly (even labeled) cancer-causing, health reducing substances are both less regulated,  but even more heavily marketed - often to children (candy, soft drinks, etc.) This is a form of insanity, and there is a campaign for mass-rationalization, acceptance, and wantonness for it to be furthered through media, 'food', pharmaceuticals, and social-propaganda platforms. Many mental 'health' institutions are also complicit in the forced drugging and deception of citizens about the long-term health effects of such drugs, many of which have not even existed long enough to fully understand their total effects. Alternative therapies, many of which do not even require the ingestion of any mind-altering substances are also being suppressed. Often, the 'cure' for any ailment merely comes by removing its cause(s). It could be, again, that this backwards and deranged 'system' could exacerbate many of these causes rather than remediate.

     These are issues we must be able to face if we are to be honest about a real concern for human health, safety, dignity, and salvation from what seems to be an ever-deepening black hole on whose precipice we have been hinging quite precariously. If we cannot make this achievement, then perhaps we shalt not chance at infecting more of our surroundings with our blind arrogance of being so qualitatively retarded. (verb: riˈtärd/1. delay or hold back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment.) Laws, rules and regulations are intended to be just, and inherently right. When this is no longer the case and instead they are used for control by the few over the many, or to outright genocidally eliminate your opposition, overtly through war and unjust laws or covertly through HUMAN MEDICAL STERILIZATION and soft-kill bio-weapons, then neither shall the law-makers, upholders, or abiders be seriously expected to either carry out duties effectively (if even capacitively). Thus is the state of our collective insecurity, which will inevitably lead to an implosive collapse of equal or greater effect. You can't have your cake and eat it too. The dominoes are already set in motion.

      If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. If you work under and for corruption, you will die under and for corruption. I myself and marred by the still constant harassment of my father for not joining the military like he and his father did, even though at the same time I have had to hear from him how bad they treat him, along with all the stuff I already know about how military personnel are looked at as disposeable fodder, too stupid too see or even care that they are being used as pawns to uphold a system that only keeps the pristine illusion that it supports them. That, and I know that the majority of people who join do so out of sheer desperation, not actual patriotism, in which case if they were smart they would find something more effective and with more leadership than blindly taking orders you do not intend to understand, nor which are you allowed to. This is how greater tragedies are carried out and perpetrated that last aeons while daily distractions on infinitesimally smaller levels saturate all to a level of languish, apathy, and eventually effective assimilation.

       Actual psychopaths like to go on 'witch-hunts' for people they can use as a DISTRACTION from their own psychopathic tendencies and actions. How often are our political leaders investigated or when found in contempt of the law, brought to justice? How often are our psychologists and psychiatrists evaluated themselves? And why are these questions so uncomfortable for those whose job it is to deal with these things and the general public who should be concerned about their own well-being and that of their children's future well-being? Sometimes, people prefer a comfortable lie than the painful truth... even if that lie turns out to be much more painful than the initial shock of truth. Sometimes, people have to find out the hard way.

      The NAZI SCHUTZSTAFFEL with their symbol, THE SWASTIKA, are a prime example used throughout political psychology as a sort of yard-stick in which to measure various attributes of a person or group. It is ironic that I have found these to be formulaic representations of the number of the Beast, 666. 666 could then be a number indicative of a type of HITLERIAN PSYCHOLOGY. I have analyzed this number more extensively than anyone else I've hitherto read, and appear to be the only one that has recognized and expounded the Hebrew-English Gematria cipher (APPLY HEBREW TO ENGLISH), many people deny that Hebrew and English could fuse so aptly, but what I have found in this is THE REVEALED interpretation of the Qabalah in New Aeon (Thelelmic and Maatian) terms. 666 is not only the number of the Beast, it is also THE KEYS & THE POWER OF THE BEAST, which again, are the keys and power to defeat it and of THE EVOLUTION of Man (toward God).  I have unlocked the Abyss (Daath) and have provided the Keys thereof. If the Jews had utilized and kept  up with their own Chokmah Nestorah, or 'Secret Wisdom', they may have been able to see the Nazis coming ahead of time, but  unfortunately did not. We now, however, do have the keys to decode the present and future Beast-systems and I am advising any who read this to heed this, or suffer the consequences.

     666 is the Key of THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE HUMAN MIND. There are various programs that are actively searching and attempting to map out the human brain and entire genomes of any and all species they can ascertain in hopes that it will enable them to reverse engineer and then conquer the mysteries of biology, 'the knowledge of life and death'. With this, virtually all neural privacy and control may become a thing of the past. I have already written briefly on the topic of The Hive-Mind Consciousness and the potential use of neural-networks. For the last few decades the military has been developing BRAIN CHIPS for 'Cyborg Soldiers'. Just recently, I saw this article by the Daily Mail about this (U.S. military successfully installs 'brain modems' in animals as part of project to develop 'cyborg soldiers' who use the cerebral implants to control machines), but there have been wishfully enticing articles like this for decades. 
     What they don't explain is the potentially devastating effect this will have on neurology, or how machines or machine input may then be able to manipulate human behavior, nor do they seem to want to know. I guess if you don't care who you work for or what the effect of your actions entails, even if it means death of innocents,  then what does it matter if you have absolutely no autonomy whatsoever? 
666 is indeed an ACTUAL IMPLANT, and THE IMPLANT DIGIT, so go and RECEIVE A MICROCHIP as soon as you can, but until you understand this basic information it will be rather useless for you. Before long, however, it will be MandatoryACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST CHIP,  do not DENY THE SIX SIX SIX CHIPA SIX SIX SIX BIO-CHIP will make such difficult tasks like typing a password, or remembering your social security number a thing of the past. Why use an old-fashioned U.S.S.S.#, when you can  have the I.D. OF THE SIX SIX SIX BEAST last forever and have your entire mind and life controlled like a robot even more?

    This is the Qliphothic, or 'hollow' aspect of 666. Being also the number of the Sun though, the active creative principle of self-awareness and Will, it is also the formula of defeat. To fully transcend the Beast-system in its multitude of forms, one must take the Mark of the Beast and having done so identify fully with the contents of the entire Universe, nightmare and all, in order to truly awaken beyond it. The Typhonic volcano must erupt devouring all, and Cthulhu must awaken and unite the forces of the Deep Ones with the Outer Ones. This is the true meaning of the Swastika, for it is the whirling motion of awakened spirit uniting the inner with the outer and spirit and matter, which when inverted becomes an all-consuming black hole. The Mark of the Beast (⊗) signifies the cracking open of the Egg of Spirit, which from without (externally) entails death, but from within (naturally) brings new life. 666 is thus THE SOUL WITHIN, which has been feared, rejected, demonized, yet said to be the knowledge of which was lost, but if regained would confer Immortality and the Knowledge of God. Take then this Mark without fear and own it in its True sense, if you are strong enough, or reject it if that be your Will. THE REJECTED SOUL=666.

   666 is a number that needs a lot of work, as it is the number of The Great Work. When you can understand what it represents you have already made it half way to the goal, and it provides access through the gate of Daath to Kether if you know how to use it as a Key. Being primarily of a dual, or reflective nature, it can also be the guard or 'spell' binding one therefrom.  As would be expected, 666 is also a great key of Black Magick and DESTRUCTION
      Fortunately, for this power to be of use to any competent Magician THE CURSE OF THE DEMIURGE must first be reversed and THE CURSE OF THE GRADES progressively transcended to effect even the most basic proficiency, usually rendering the initial impulses to be thus also transcended and transmuted. 666 is thus a necessary capacitor in many senses, and hopefully despite its depth and power can be understood as an ultimately liberative force when grasped, but a restrictive force when feared or ignored (much in a way similar to the relationship between active and passive phases of mind itself).
     Even though I am relatively young, and the 'Satanic Panic' of the 80's occurred just before I was born, I have studied the subject of 'Satanic Ritual Abuse' rather extensively and feel that it is time certain keys that have for too long gone unknown be revealed. 

Despite the general findings that there is no definitive organized attempt to systematically abuse, torture, or abduct people for ritualistic and sadistic purposes does not mean they do not happen at all, and it should be known that  usually such situations are instead actually relatively close-knit and rarely ever, if at all 'systematic'. It should be realized that the only difference between a 'cult' and a 'religion' is the number of its members and the esteem in which it is held at any given time. The cult is usually viewed with apprehension and  disdain by the more dogmatic and established religion, though it may be more effective and informative for the individual, and in many cases the established religion is the oppressive and sometimes lethal force. (Now the 'Church' is the current system of establishment politics itself.) In a lot of these cases, it is not even solitary occultists and 'witches' or 'Satanists' as labeled by the media, but conveniently spit-and-polish pristine unquestionable 'government' (for lack of a better word) groups. Look at the many instances in which this was the case, yet they would like so strongly (and obviously) to blame those dirty 'Satanists', the whole lot of anyone that even discusses or researches the 'occult'.

     All that is 'occult' is merely so because people choose to stay ignorant of it, and then without knowing but the fear-based external aspect of something deny themselves the deeper understanding and ability to utilize creatively that symbol, concept or formula. This is being done constantly through the misapplication of occult knowledge such as the Qabalah to already debased and inverted symbols to negatively anchor the uninitiated to generate a paranoid and fearful mentality that actually prevents people from actually being able to understand and discern symbolism from actuality thereby utterly obfuscating both. This is the formula of Confusion, the duality of the Lucifer-Satan complex. Some are still even trying to claim that the whole of Qabalah is 'evil', and 'mind control', when without it there would be no way to understand fully what is being dealt with. If this were so, then mathematics and language itself would by proxy be 'evil' and 'mind control', which in the Buddhist sense it may be, but which are nonetheless valuable tools to the proper usage and rightful self-control of the mind. If you are going to admonish the keys to your own Kingdom, then you might not deserve those keys.

       It is in this way that the Church and the State have themselves been the single most obvious (yet, paradoxically necessary) obstructions to the progress they initially were created to endeavor towards. This is a truth which must be, and can only be intuited, and thus these systems being as restrictive and fixed as they are will never even be remotely open to this faculty until they are are mutually synthesized around the resolution of this paradox. This has already been resolved in the Law of Thelema, but the general public has already been mass-indoctrinated and anchored negatively regarding Thelema. Thelema, however, really should only be taken anecdotally and as a basic framework and helpful sidenote rather than as universally accepted truth for the simple fact that its transmitter, the praeter-human intelligence Aiwass, in full and balanced analaysis does not in fact appear to be the guiding force humanity should rely on for its evolution. This must come deeper from within rather than without.

     THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE OF THE BEAST needs to be revealed to the uninitiated, despite how they might react initially in all their horror, as a last hope that they may come to grips with the situation at hand which only they, each and individually as they may discover it, have the ability to direct. For too long has this knowledge been kept away, 'occult', and feared. It is high time someone put it in plain English, and so that regardless of if it is chosen to be read or not it is there, written for all who have wisdom and understanding to find. Know however, I am not the true author of these words, I am merely the reader and revealer of words of The Mysterious One who wrote this story in which we are all the main characters. Thus, attain THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE OF MAN so that it may no longer be secret. 

      666 is the BOOK OF THE SERPENT, and the number of the GENESIS SERPENT MYTH, or the SERPENT KNOWLEDGE MYTH in which THE APPLES symbolized the forbidden fruit (Knowledge, Daath) as the apple contains the Pentagram, Spirit over/in Matter. This is the Knowledge of the Soul, i.e. the self-separation from the Unmanifest 'Hidden' God into the image and likeness of God, or CREATION OF EXISTENCE.  666 is the FALLEN LIGHT OF THE '1', 1 being the Lightning-bolt of Spirit (Lvx) illuminating Nox, Light and Dark signifying the Bearer of Light (Genesis 1:3 "Let there be Light") and the Prince of Darkness (See John 12:31 and Ephesians 6:12). The NUMBER OF THE FALLEN LIGHT ANGEL is equated with THE CURSE OF LIGHT, which goes back to the true nature of life and the purpose for the Creation of Light. The Curse (666) contains the Key to the Cures

      Thus, SATAN IS A MANIFESTATION OF GOD being 666 shows this,  as the creation (identified with 'Light'/Lucifer and Matter/Satan) is the active, manifest principle and outward representation of God. The Wisdom of God, however, is in realizing its unmanifest and hidden (0) reality and not being too distracted with the outward manifestation. Jesus says in Matthew 10:16: "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."; and in Matthew 6:22: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." This is none other than the Serpent-Power known as Kundalini, which of course has been demonized,  but nonetheless is indeed the active, returning-current of the the Soul manifesting as the biological life-force, the Shekinah or 'Holy Spirit'.

     The rulers and principalities of this world want nothing less than the rest of the mass of humanity internally shut off and blinded, spiritually and mentally. How much more convenient would it be to take the focus off your own actions and inactions than to have the blame and focus  put on those already victimized and oppressed. Many of such accusations of heresy in the past were used to take focus off of or to cause people to forget about various other political and papal heresies, and nothing less than a more technologically precise version of the same thing is occurring today in the bread and circus media-politic. 

     Even if John F. Kennedy didn't himself specifically say that "There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child.", he might as well have because this can be shown to be occurring in a number of ways and on a number of fronts, and to such an extent that enough investigation into the situation leads you to find that the seeming victims are in part their own perpetrators being made apathetic and reluctant to even know about it, much less begin to actively resist it by merely ceasing to feed into it. That is the first key as to 'what can anyone do about it'. Until then, you are choosing to be lied to and are "steaks on the table, by choice and consent." 

     666 UNVEILS ALL THE SECRET THINGS, if you know how to use it. 666 is THE SYMBOLIC KEY TO THE BOOK OF LIFE, and is capable of itself teaching how to LEARN THE CONCEALED WISDOM with it, for it being THE FULLEST CHAMBER of the 9 CHAMBERS OF GEMATRIA is GOD'S BOOK OF LIFE concealed in one single 'triple-toothed spark' (ASh in Hebrew means 'Fire', and Shin symbolizes the elemental fire. AS SHIN = 666, and also SHIN = 365, ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ the Gnostic Dragon-bird or feathered serpent [QUETZLCOATL, SERPENT OF THE MAYANS in whose homage was performed THE SUPREME RITUAL, RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE].) 666 is a conceal form of H'ASM (Heh=5, Aleph=1, Samekh=60, Mem final = 600), meaning 'The Name' and referring to the holy name of God. The fact that the Bible specifically says to count the number 666 seems to almost hint at the secret of Qabalah and Gematria. One is forced to wonder why no one else seems to have realized this (look all you can, ask as many people as possible - no one knows, and very few will care), and why someone rather young and without much worldly experience this lifetime could know this so deeply, having no formal Initiation or higher education, and why everyone else seems so fearful of something so helpful to unlocking this ancient knowledge. 666 is THE NUMBER OF QABALAH IN THE BIBLE, and 666 is a highly important number in the Qabalah being that of THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS itself, i.e. the 111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999, which contain THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE. Maybe one day, if it isn't too late, people will be able to utilize the Power of these Keys.

     Being the formula that unlocks THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE HUMAN MIND, it is directly equivalent to A HUMAN'S BRAIN, showing the self-reflective and self-contained mirror-like nature of the holographic mind-brain (Lucifer-Satan) complex. 666 is supremely important in relation to The Funnel Effect mentioned in the previous post (Dissecting the Body of God) and it should be known that not only can 'V' (6, Tiphareth, Heart/Sun) represent the Funnel of 'O' (=70=BEING), but THE FUNNEL EFFECT + O, (THE WHIRLPOOL OF O), the Eye (the physical eyes and the mind's eye, inner/outer) equals 666 as well, therefore 666 can be understood as a formula of the Funnel Effect itself (666 IS THE FUNNEL EFFECT). Further support of this is in THE MAGICK CONE OF POWER,  and THE CONE OF POWER IS A 'V'. This 'V' is however reflected inwardly, becoming THE DOUBLE-CONE OF MANIFESTATION between Kether and Malkuth with Tiphareth at its center (✡). THE CENTER OF THE PEEP-HOLE (see The Peep-Hole of the Present by Samual Roth, 1945) is the DOT of Daath, which is the toroidal anti-point and quantum net which precipitates the atomic explosion of phenomena formulating manifestation. This is the 'glass ceiling' of thought beyond which the mind (Ruach, the Intellect) cannot penetrate without shedding the skin or shell of identity. (Note that THOUGHT, IDENTITY and the Egg, BITzH, = 107, symbolic of the shell or container of the auric egg, the formula of GOLD.) 666 thus contains THE HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE OF MAGICKAL MECHANICS which help to MASTER CREATIVE THOUGHT through showing the underlying basis of the DYNAMICS OF THOUGHTS, since they are ultimately mathematical. 

      Such is the creative and liberative aspects of this formula, but it can also be back-engineered and reversed as with all knowledge and technology, and thus we can see that it has been (either consciously and secretly by not revealing this knowledge, yet applying it in logos, brands, titles, program etc., or subconsciously and without active awareness and recognition of the formulaic patterning.) This formula is the number of 'hexing', owing to its being the full power of 6, the hexagram. It is also the number of subverting the will of someone else by setting the macrocosm (6) against their microcosm (5). QLIPHOTHIC CURSES = 666, and to begin all one need to do is DIRECT THE HATE, and the 6/V of the sharpened point of Will will shoot like an arrow (Samekh, ♐) to THE BODY& MIND, or the 'X' in Greek (600) of the target. This is the simple interpretation, but since 666 is THE CIRCLE, particularly of the Magician, it is then that barrier you want to penetrate, if indeed you think you have the power to defeat him. 

     666 is the Power of the DARK RULER of EVIL & HATRED, RULER OF ANGELS (Angles, the points of Light) and RULER OF SPACE(O), THE KING OF THE DEMONS (see Revelation 12:9) at 'THE O'S CENTER' which is omnipresent as PANTHEOS. To obtain THE DARK ANGEL'S ENERGY you must partake of 666 and the REPTILIAN BLOODLINE of the SATANIC CHRIST which is the fusion of the Light and the Dark forces CONTAINED IN THE BEAST NUMBER, 666 the BOTTOMLESS PIT SYMBOL of the INFINITE INFORMATION of the UNIVERSAL ETERNITY of THE HIDDEN HIGHER-SELF manifested as OMNIFIC UNIVERSAL MIND. The Subconscious, or 'Reptilian' aspect of mind is THE MECHANICAL REPTILIAN MIND which must be tapped and integrated to receive a direct line of conscious reception of applicable GEMATRIA KEYS & FORMULAS. This is how the majority of these formulae have occurred to me, including that of המלכ רשעא, H'MLK RSHǑA - Angel, Messenger or King of  Destruction and Wickedness - while reading various translations of The Dead Sea  Scrolls (See The Testament of Amram and The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered by Robert Eisenman & Michael Wise (1992); 
Testament Of Amram

(4Q543, 545-548)

extracted from  'The  Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered'
by Robert Eisenman and Michael Wise

The Testament of Amram, if indeed we can call it this - Amram per se is mentioned only in Manuscript C - is one of the most splendid apocalyptic and visionary works in the corpus. In it, many of the themes we have encountered in the works discussed above come together in a fairly rationalized eschatological whole.

These include the usual ‘Light’, ‘Darkness’, ‘Belial’, ‘Righteousness’, ‘Truth’, ‘Lying’ and ‘Watcher’ vocabulary, including the very nice allusions to ‘sons of Righteousness’ - which we have already identified as a variant of the ‘sons of Zadok’ terminology - ‘sons of Light’, ‘sons of Darkness’ and ‘sons of Truth’, again widely disseminated through the whole corpus.

Added to these we have the very interesting allusion in Manuscript B to ‘serpents’ and ‘vipers’ encountered in many texts from Qumran (e.g. CD,v.14), not to mention a well-known parallel imagery in the Gospels (Matt. 3:7, 23:33, etc.).
Though we cannot be sure that the several fragments and manuscripts represented in this reconstruction in fact belong to the same composition, nor that they can be sequentially arranged in the manner shown; there are, in fact, overlaps which seem to indicate multiple copies of a single work and, in any event, they can be grouped typologically together. In addition, because of internal and external similarities, they are probably part of a cycle of literature associated with Moses’ father Amram.

This, in turn, is related to the Testament of Kohath material and the Levi cycle in general.

Manuscript C most fully preserves the beginning of the work, but has little in common with Manuscript B and Manuscript ?, which on the basis of content alone obviously belong together. Manuscript ? is referred to in this way in the literature, no more complete designation having yet been made.

Manuscript C, which includes the names of the principal dramatis personae like Amram, Kohath, Levi, Miriam and Aaron, pretends to be more historical. It and Manuscript E even give some of the ages of these characters, which are widely out of line with any real chronological understanding of the Exodus sojourn. The surviving fragments do not, however, show any knowledge of a relationship between Miriam and Hur, as suggested in Chapter 3, unless Uzziel and Hur can be equated. One should also note the anachronistic reference to Philistines in 2:19, reflected perhaps too in the Era of Light text in Chapter 8.

It is in Manuscript B, however, and the undesignated one succeeding it, that truly splendid material, which can hardly be referred to as testamentary, emerges. This consists again of a visionary recital of the most intense kind, similar to that in Chapters 1 and 2, the Firm Foundation materials above and in Chapter 7. Here, too, several identifications are made. First, in Line 13 of Manuscript B, the Enochic ‘Watchers’ are identified with ‘the serpent’ with ‘the visage of a viper’- evidently the same serpent that is connected to the downfall of man in the Adam and Eve story. We have probably already encountered him, as well, in the Tree of Evil text above.
Three more names are accorded him: ‘Belial’, ‘Prince of Darkness’ and ‘King of Evil'. This latter name, Melchi Jeshua, is to be contrasted with the well-known terminology integrally involved with Jesus’ Messianic and eschatological priesthood, Melchi Zedek / ‘King of Righteousness’, (Heb. 5-7), a subject that has interested scholars heretofore. The latter has two other synonyms, the Archangel Michael, the guardian Angel of Israel, and the Prince of Light (E.3.2).

Tied to these are the other usages, noted above, relating to ‘Righteousness’, ‘Truth’, ‘Light’ and ‘Lightness’, ‘Dark’ and ‘Darkness’, ‘Lying’ and the like. The ‘Way’ terminology, again widespread at Qumran and known to early Christianity, is also strong here. All these allusions have their counterparts in their application to the dramatis personae of interest to the Qumran writers and their historiography.

The text ends with perhaps the most marvelous paean to Light and Dark of any literary work, apart from the Chariots of Glory below and the well known prologue to the Gospel of John.


Manuscript C

Column 1

(1) A copy [of the book of the words of the vis]ion of Amram the son of Kohath, the son of Levi: all

(2) that [he revealed to his sons and that he commanded t]hem on the day [of his death, in] the year

(3) one hundred and thirty-six, whi[ch] was the year of his death, [in the o]ne hundred

(4) and fifty-second year of the exil[e of Israel to Egypt ... upon [him, and he sent]

(5) to call Uzziel his youngest brother, and [gave] to him [in marr]iage [Miri]am [his] daughter. [For he said]

(6) ‘You (Miriam) are thirty years old.’ Then he gave a wedding feast seven [day]s long,

(7) and ate and drank and rejoiced at the feast. Then, when

(8) the Mays of the wedding feast were completed, he called for Aaron his son. Now, [h]e (Aaron) was a man of ... years of age

(9) [... and he said] to him, ‘Call ... and Malachijah ... from the house of

(10) ... above. He called him ... Column 2

(11) in this land, and I went up to ...

(12) to bury our fathers. And I went up ...

(13) to [a]rise, to bind and pile sheaths and to build ...

(14) gre[a]t from the sons of my uncle, all togeth[er ... and from]

(15) our excee[ding great labors, [until in Egy]pt there died ...

(16) the rumor of war and unrest returned ... to the land of E[gypt ...]

(17) to meet and [they had] not bui[lt gr]aves for their fa[th]ers. Then [my father Kohath] released me [to go,]

(18) to build and to get [all their needs] for the[m from the land of Canaan. [And while]

(19) we [were] building, wa[r broke out between] the Philistines and Egypt, and ... was winn[ing ...]

Manuscript E

Fragment 1

(1) ... that Levi his son sacrificed to ...

(2) I said to you at the alt[ar] of stop[e ...]

(3) [con]cerning sacrifice[s ...]

Fragment 2

(2) I rescued ...

(3) he built ...

(4) at Mount Sinai ...

(5) a great blessing at the bronz[e] altar ...

(6) from among all the people on earth his [son] will be exalted as a priest. The[n ...]

(7) and his sons after him, for all the generations of eternity in Tru[th ...]

(8) and I awoke from the sleep of my eyes, and [I] wrote down the vision ...

(9) I went out from the land of Canaan, and it happened to me just as he said ...

(10) exalting, and afterwar[d], in the twen[tieth] year, [I returned to the land of Canaan]

(11) ... you were ...

Manuscript B

Fragment 1

(9) [... 1 saw Watchers]

(10) in my vision, the dream-vision. Two (men) were fighting over me, saying ...

(11) and holding a great contest over me. I asked them, ‘Who are you, that you are thus empo[wered over me?’ They answered me, ‘We]

(12) [have been em]powered and rule over all mankind.’ They said to me, ‘Which of us do yo[u choose to rule (you)?’ I raised my eyes and looked.]

(13) [One] of them was terr[i]fying in his appearance, [like a serpent, [his] cl[oa]k many-colored yet very dark...

(14) [And I looked again], and ... in his appearance, his visage like a viper, and [wearing ...]

15) [exceedingly, and all his eyes ...]

Fragment 2

(1) [... em]powered over you ...

(2) [I replied to him,] ‘This [Watcher,] who is he?’ He answered me, ‘This Wa[tcher ...]

(3) [and his three names are Belial and Prince of Darkness] and King of Evil.’ I said, ‘My lord, what dom[inion ...?’]

(4) [’and his every way is darkened, his every work da[rk]ened. In Darkness he ...

(5) [Yo]u saw, and he is empowered over all Darkness, while I [am empowered over all light.]

(6) [... from] the highest regions to the lowest I rule over all Light, and over al[1 that is of God. I rule over (every) man]

Fragment 3

(1) [of His grace and peace. Over all the sons of Lig]ht have] I been empowered.’ I asked him, [What are your names ... ?’]

(2) He [s]aid to me, ‘[My] three names are [Michael and Prince of Light and King of Righteousness.’]

Manuscript ?

Column 1

(1) ... tribes ...

(2) to them and all [his] ways [are True ...]

(3) [and he will heal] them of all their ills ...

(4) them from death and from de[struction ...]

(5) [o]ver you, blessed sons ...

(6) all the generations of Israel for[ever ...]

(7) angry at me, for the sons of Ri[ghteousness ...]

(8) between the sons of Lying and the sons of Tr[uth ...]

(9) I [will make known to you;] certainly I will inform y[ou that all the sons of Light]

(10) will be made Light, [whereas all the sons] of Darkness will be made Dark. [The sons of Light ...]

(11) and in all their Knowledge [they will] be, and the sons of Darkness will be dest[ro]yed ...

(12) For all foolishness and Evi[1 will be darkened, while all [pea]ce and Truth will be made Ligh[t. All the sons of Light]

(13) [are destined for Light and [eternal j]oy (and) [re]joic[ing.] All the sons of Dark[ness] are destined for [Darkness and death]

(14) and destruction ... Lightness for the people. And I shall reveal [to you ...]

(15) from Darkness, for all ...

(16) the sons of [Darkness ...] and all the sons of Light ...

    666 is also the number of those who do NOT KNOW, particularly about 666. Many are incapable of understanding some of the most basic concepts and go their whole lives refusing to even try. To them, any input other than that which fits within their limited range of perception and idea of what constitutes 'reality' is hidden, repressed, ignored, or in some way subverted. This is the recurring theme, that the Key for which everyone is so frantically searching and fighting over, is that single most powerful symbol they have feared all along. The Beast cannot conceive or understand its shadow once and for all, though the upright Man can. There are those, however,  who would like to keep man as beast, tamed and domesticated, and without the higher faculties he should and could be developing. Instead, the subconscious tendencies of which most are almost completely unaware, yet which are running rampant and being fueled incessantly are pulling the mass of humanity into an even greater ordeal- which it has the keys to prevent, if  but it would realize them.
     Being the number of COGNITION, as well as 'H Phren', the Mind in Greek, it represents the internal faculty which, like the creative principle of manifestation, remains ultimately 'hidden'. On this basis alone it has been claimed that individuality, autonomy, 'self', much less the even deeper idea of a 'Spirit' or 'Soul' could not possibly be anything but a myth, a HALLUCINATION

    666 can be used quite extensively as a formula for further DESTRUCTION of the MENTAL SANITY of the target since it is the RITUAL ABUSE DIGITS commonly used in such targeting or organized harassment, otherwise known as 'Gangstalking'. 666 will appear quite apparently throughout RITUAL ABUSE EXAMINATION, and it is often a sign used by abusers to signify one another, which is why it is important to go into detail regarding this particular aspect because anything that is actually a Key to enlightenment and empowerment is inverted and utilized negatively. 666 is usually a sign of GANG-STALKING PROOF,  but it can also, as mentioned, often times appear haphazardly or be utilized subconsciously, which should be taken into account.  OBVIOUS GANG STALKERS like to leave signs as a way to intimidate or even mislead their target. In most cases, this is a symbol to DISCERN ABUSERS. However,  A GOVERNMENT TARGET usually suffers from more covert methods of harassment and socio-economic impediments, and SILENT ASSASSINATIONS are carried out via MICROWAVE BEAM WEAPONS which can apparently be used for a range of purposes and widely varying levels. It is usually used, as already declassified by the military as 'THE CREATOR'S VOICE', to deceive targets into thinking they are hearing 'the voice of god', or to cause a target to look delusional. A SOUND DELUSION = 666, and so does 'HEAR VOICE IN YOUR HEAD', and there is an important double entendre here, for the voice in one's head is a common and perfectly normal function known as the internal dialogue.  It is when this faculty is either subverted or canceled out by the 'noise' of another innocuous or strange external voice that one should seek to investigate the situation with trusted professionals and find the cause, whether truly internal or external.
     A SUBLIMINAL CLEAR CHANNEL DEVICE was developed by Dr. Oliver Lowery (See U.S. Patent 5,159,703), which can affect A HUMAN'S BRAIN and COGNITION BY 'SILENT SOUNDS'. There is also FREY'S MICROWAVE EFFECT which uses  SYNTHETIC MICROWAVE TELEPATHY via U.H.F. AUDITORY EFFECTS (Ultra-High Frequency).  THE MIND PULSED BY MICROWAVE gives a HUMAN BRAIN X-RAY allowing IMAGING OF NEURAL ANATOMY and the duplication of A NEURAL NETWORK WEB, or  A CONNECTOME MATRIX thereby effecting a complete NEURAL TECHNOCRACY of the planet.

      What I am laying out is very sensitive material, and it is a good thing the average person is too careless and lazy to simply read and do simple math, but over time it will be seen to be of increasing significance, especially as various technologies and interest groups gain in power and control via these mechanisms. THE ONE MIND COMPUTER is being created despite mine and the efforts of others to try and signal what it may portend. See Revelation 17:13 "THEY HAVE ONE MIND." 

    THE LIGHT OF THE MIND is that which is either there, or it isn't. There are however, various gradations of it, and the object is to condense it into manifestation for a Willed purpose via control of the Funnel Effect. There are many attempts at siphoning off the energy of this FRACTAL POWER FIELD of THE THOUGHT-SPACE, but the primary method of generating, balancing and containing it is BY BREATH CONTROL and DYNAMIC BREATHING TECHNIQUES. Another important and powerful magickal act is to meditate on KEY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. These alone are shrouded and over-shadowed by a number of traumas over time, but should be invoked and never forgotten so as to never FORGET WHO YOU ARE. Many events and 'karmas' occur over time, throughout life, and act as the friction by which growth is made possible. However,  there are forces which are necessarily 'meta-physical',  in that though they are not to be conceived of in terms of mass, weight, dimension or ostensibly visible characteristics, can be utilized through the extension and exercise of the appropriate faculties for their apprehension and attenuation. This is the route that should be taken by organic, inherent and ancient tried and true methods of internal development which are being suppressed not as a frictive element but as an utterly entropic and oppressive force. It is said that those who do not REMEMBER THE PAST are condemned to repeat it.

      This is the schism and war between 'good and evil' taking place on all levels between the forces of solve and coagula, or chaos and order which through successive aeons of back-and-forth inversion and reversion of the true formula of the Life and Death process of Initiation has been outmoded and defunct, thus rendering the entire Tree and the Name of Tetragrammaton (IHVH) useless. The only means of Salvation is through the collapsing of the Paths into one single snow-flake, 666, to burn out like an all consuming flame hopefully to never return unless upright and resurrected in 999 which would signify the inversion (and repair) of Malkuth, THE TIKKUN OLAM, wherein the reigns and roles of control over Manifestation are reversed.  

     Thus, it is highly significant that while I associated 999 with my True Will before I ever knew its full import, on September 9, 2009 when I was only 17 years old (IAO), which ended up in me discovering through THE MAGICK EGG of 107 which I received on April 2, 2011 - 107 years into the Aeon of Horus, that the book I was writing which I felt the need to write about all of this which I titled LIBER MAYAN simply because I couldn't think of an adequate title for it, and naming after my Magickal name - I later came to find out towards the end of writing it that the title itself equals 999 with Nun final (ליבהר מאיאן). Not only that, but that the formula of the material in which I was focusing on through this Egg, THE INCOMING OF THE AEON OF MAAT = 999, as does THE AEON OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE. It just so happened that I FOUND THE NUMEROLOGY MASTER KEY, and pulled THE INFINITE GOLD STRING weaving THE EXTERIOR of THE EGG OF MALKUTH and unraveled THE STORY contained in THE PERSONAL MAGICK EGG of THE SELF-CREATOR. THE STORY BEING MANIFESTATION.

     You are THE JOKE OF THE TRUMAN SHOW, THE TRUMAN BURBANKS, and you are IT! THE KILLER DEMON CLOWN, EATER OF WORLDS. KARELLEN & CHILDHOOD'S END. BASKETS, A RODEO CLOWN. We are all the Clown, the Fool, the Beast, 666. We are all disposed in the CUP OF MYSTERY WOMAN, GODDESS OF CHAOS, MYSTERY WOMAN BABYLON identified in The Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop (1853) as SEMIRAMIS (Note 666 is A VALUE OF THE NAME SEMIRAMIS as well. Also, MYSTERION SYMBOL = 666, and in Revelation 17:5 the Greek word for Mystery is Mysterion.) 666 is THE GOLDEN CUP (See Revelation 17:4) into which the dove descends and the Soul is poured completely. It is THE WINDOW OF THE SOUL in which all reflects back toward the All-seeing Eye, for 666 is the ALL-SEEING EYE SYMBOL which connects all via the WEB of AChD (Unity) (THE SPIDER WEB KEY, THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE SPIDER, SYMBOL OF THE SPIDER, SPIDER WEB SYMBOL CODE.)

   If after the foregoing has been considered it is still not beginning to become clear of the power of the key, 666, then we shall look further or look elsewhere. It shows that the calculator grid (#), which is the symbol of THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS, is itself a metaphysical virtual computer. There is however, a fine line to be drawn between the reality of what these formulas represent and the formulae themselves, and none should be taken as anything more than signs and symbols along the sticky path across the spider-web. 666 is a LATTICE PROGRAM which can unlock the LATTICES  OF SPACE-TIME and if one can SEE THE ENERGIES as numbers and the numbers as A FORM OF ENERGY then the Mathematical Matrix is seen as a DIGITAL COSMIC COMPUTER and all manifestation is INSIDE A SIMULATION, or more precisely, A SIMULATED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - GOD IN THE MACHINE. To the uninitiated, this is the black iron prison of victim consciousness, but to the true Illuminati or Illumined Ones (IO=), the self-realized beings or MAHASIDDAS understand it as the POWER OF THE WISDOM EYE and THE BUDDHA'S GOLDEN FLOWER BODY. 666 is the DIGITAL VISION  OF GOD, and his Light being omnipresent and omnipotent radiates and suffuses All. It also confers the DHARMA-MEGHA SAMADHI, which John Lilly says is "The highest level of Samadhi. Making the Mahdi. Classical Satori. Fusion wit h the universal mind, union with God,  being one of the creators of energy from the void, in the Ma'h spiritual centre above the head." in The Center of the Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space, 1972.

     666 = A BLACK HOLE BEYOND THE CROWN opening onto THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SYSTEM, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIND'S EYE. This is THE ONE SECRET CHAKRA and KAIVALYA:THE SECRET STATE OF SAMADHI which relates to what is discussed in Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic by Thomas Karlsson, pg 139:
“When the adept of the Left Hand Path takes the step beyond Sahasrara, he reaches a state beyond Samadhi, which is called Kaivalya. The Indian adepts of the light strive towards Samadhi, but the dark adepts seek Kaivalya. Kaivalya is a state corresponding to the black diamond that the magician reaches at Thaumiel. Here the adept reaches a state of absolute individuality and divinity. Instead of becoming one with God, here the adept becomes God. This is a state of total trance and absolute presence within oneself. The adept has the universe and all the potential within and from this can create a new universe. To reach this stage the dark adept needs to open a form of black chakra beyond the Sahasrara. It is called Sunya, or Shunya, and corresponds to Thaumiel and the black hole.”

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