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The Dangers of Choronzon

From C.F. Russell's ad for the Choronzon Club, circa 1931. See The Unknown God by Martin P. Starr (2003)
       Choronzon is a name for the guardian and gateway of the Abyss/Chaos, rendered as 333 in Hebrew (ChVRVNZVN) - 333 being the 'gate' of the number grid (#), symbolic of the 'between' and 'beyond' the physical/manifest 9 (333) numbers (123.456.789) which interpenetrate holonically in the n-dimensional 0, the gateway of Manifestation. When this gateway is opened the Microcosm (Consciousness) is flooded with the onrush of Macrocosmic (Unconscious) forces and unless a center is prepared and able to align, absorb and integrate the breakthrough experience the weaker forces will be swept away in the tide of the greater. On the one hand, Choronzon is the gnashing teeth of the Hell-mouth of Chaos, Dispersion, and Dissolution (Ακραςια, Akrasia Lack of Self-Control or Weakness of Will), it is also the GROUND of materiality, hence also its relation to the Magick Square of Saturn (3x3; #), the binding and ordering of all forces in Cosmos. 333 will be examined here more thoroughly, and in relation to the Qabalah of Nine Chambers as a whole since there is still much confusion as to its symbolism.

     The name Choronzon appears to have began with John Dee in his diaries from the 16th century and revived by Aleister Crowley in his scrying of the Enochian Aethyrs in 1909 (See The Tenth Aethyr called ZAX in Liber 418: The Vision and the Voice.) The essential relation of Choronzon with the Abyss, the Guardian or GATEKEEPER thereof, connects with the Dweller on the Threshold or Dark Unknown within, beyond and between All and Nothing. The Triple-Headed Cerberus, the Hound of Hell in Greek mythology is the guardian of Tartarus (The Underworld) and Hades (Satan), so the relation is obvious, and connects further with the Triple AUM of Creation-Preservation-Destruction/Past-Present-Future and the Kundalini Serpent with Three and One-Half Coils which symbolize the Waking-Dreaming-Deep Sleep and Turiya (Twilight). 

The number 3 is itself the symbol of the Coil or Spring, symbolic of the spiral force of potential created as the off-spring of the Universal duality (). This is the 'Ever-Coming One' or Crowned & Conquering Child, Heru-Ra-Ha (who is comprised of Active and Passive aspects - Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-Par-Kraat, respectively; i.e. Horus and Set.) Choronzon could be thought of as the nuclear reaction of hyper-charged positive and negative polarities in their microcosmic and macrocosmic interfacing between perceptual (subjective) and objective reality. The cosmic dualities uniting in the third charge the conarium (Third Eye) engendering Manifestation. 

      The 'Gates' of Choronzon, symbolized by the number 333 and the Qabalah of Nine Chambers (111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999) are the Gates of the Consciousness Continuum itself, the 'Window(s)' of the Soul. The dangers of Choronzon arise when these Seals are tampered with without the proper Wisdom and Understanding obtained only through psycho-physiological strength-training, which should be the root focus in any Occult Work. Again, the Weakness of Will or Akrasia that is typical of this particular task is the supreme business to be attended to otherwise little will be of subsequent value or power and assimilation, absorption or dissolution will be the inevitable result. The Egoic Microcosm can be dissolved in a number of ways that will not harm the physical vessel, but the Auric Body of Light can also be cracked or shattered or in other ways infested with astral and etheric virii. 333 certainly has a serrated nature to it, almost like shark teeth, which reminds of its Saturnian relation to Binah, the 3rd Sephira. Saturn and his Scythe represent the cleaving of the Goddess and the tilling of the Earth, as well as the cutting of the threads of Birth-Life-Death (as in the Death card of the Thoth deck).

     The true nature of Understanding is hinted at in the fact that it is above the Abyss, beyond the phenomenal prism generated through Daath (Identification) and Malkuth (Ego) i.e. the Fallen 'Cube' of the Ruach or Psyche/Soul (the Hebdomad or 7 Color-Rays between the Abyss and composing Manifestation). Choronzon is a figurative Guardian of the INNER GATE maintaining a separation of the Higher and Lower Orders of Being, the 'Ring Pass Not' (again, which is Triple according to Dion Fortune in The Cosmic Doctrine.) The Higher Order, which is numinous and pure energetic potential or tendency utilizes the lower orders as vessels for its embodiment and emanation, 'mind over matter', I DREAMING I. (333 = UNLOCK THE SHELL, UNLOCK SPACE, THE NUMBER EGG 0 )

     The considerations about The Funnel Effect in Dark Doorway of the Beast are extremely important regarding a practical understanding of 333. The fact that he even says that its results will herald another global transformation is concerning considering that this book has been virtually taken out of circulation and the topics it discusses (as well as the work of Kenneth Grant, who wrote the Foreword to the book) is vehemently feared by the uninitiated if even at all considered. I'll quote:
     "Magic [Maya; Manifestation] in its entirety is based upon the operations of the Funnel Effect. Very often it is said that the Astral Light is the main component in the armoury of the Magician. The Magician is purely an individual, who becomes more introspective by virtue of systematic obsessions and controlled derangement than his contemporaries. But it is a knowledge of the dynamics of the Funnel Effect that enables him to operate his system, controlled by the Will. The Astral Light is purely the nuts and bolts of the system. The image/thought is the created masterpiece and the Funnel Effect is the tools of construction. In enhancing an understanding of the tools it is possible to create and design any structures and any forms. 
     The Funnel Effect of course, happens each time any creature 'thinks'. It accesses its group subconsciousness and its personal conscious. Only sustained and intense saturated introspection allows Man to be fully aware of what is happening in mind. It was this sustained concentration that enhanced the operation of the Funnel Effect and the singularly most important factor that caused the initial development of Palaeolithic Man. A thorough working knowledge of the system of operation of the Funnel Effect and its results, will allow Man to truly understand his mental machinery. This will herald another global transformation, instantaneous and similarly proportional to the advance given to Palaeolithic Man, who played with both mind and image in the recesses of darkness." 
        333 is the FUNNEL EFFECT FUNNEL itself as it acts as a prime point of interface between the 'map'/'model' and the Inner/Underlying Reality beneath and behind the web of the astral thread. Again, each of the Qabalah of Nine Chambers shows the Literal Qabalah being emanated in both number and language, in such an exquisite way as to act as a mechanism for not only unveiling the natural and unnatural codes of the Matrix, but also explaining and giving directions for its application. 0 is the Egg of the Eye, the container of vision, the shell of the soul, and thus the inner FLAME = 82 = UFO. (82 is the number of MAGICK, and 333-82 = 251, the number of VRIHL, and the K'RLA cell (i.e. the Astral Body, see Beyond the Mauve Zone, and Break the Cycle.), both of which indicate the plasmic energy. This relates to the HIGGS BOSON (333), which is the quantum excitation of the GALACTIC ENERGY Higgs field said to exist throughout manifestation. 111 is THE WHILE LIGHT of the Light-Lattice of the FABRIC (=222) of the 3-DIMENSIONAL (=333) 'OUTER SPACE' (=444=) of FOURTH DENSITY. The FRACTALS (555) and the SYNCHRONICITIES (555) align in the QUANTUM PARTICLE (555) of A QUANTUM UNIVERSE (555 = HAD in Full, [HE=10 + ALPh=111 + DLTh=434]). 

     666 is the Key to the Abyss and the Number of THE EVOLUTION from Beast to Man to Superman. God is not to be evolved into, as God is the Goer, the Going force already at once attained, omnipresent and onmiform. 666 is the ELECTRIC Solar Power of Παραδισος, Paradise or Heaven - the Fire from Heaven brought down for the witness of Man. THE REVEALED word of the PERFECT CREATION of THE WHOLE QABALAH, and particularly this primary Key to THE CHAMBER, THE FULLEST CHAMBER of THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS - THE FREEMASONRY of the GEOMETRIC FORM within and without THE FRACTAL OF MANIFESTATION. 666 represents the WISSENSCHAFT, a word whose meaning incorporates science, learning, knowledge, scholarship, and implies that knowledge is a dynamic process discoverable for oneself, rather than something that is merely handed down, much-less 'bought'. 666 literally represents the occult as it is the formula of 'NOT KNOW', but it is also that of NOTHING HIDDEN. The Masonic Secret is that the True Word and Science of God (Μαθησις Θεολογια, Mathesis Theologia) is written in everything - within and about us all, in every way - forever and all ways. 

     It gets repetitive, but this is the nature of the Lightning Flash of 777, (I.e. counting the values of the Paths of the Flaming Sword of the Tree of Life = 777). 777 is THE DARK DOORWAY OF THE BEAST itself, the Vortex of Daath into the World of BROKEN SHELLS, or Qliphoth (OVLM H'QLIPhVTh) . Dark Doorway of the Beast talks about the importance of the Lightning-flash of Astral Light synonymous with Consciousness and Kundalini at the base of the spine in the Muladhara chakra/Malkuth whose symbol is the Mark of the Beast or Swastika ⊗. Asside from baseless digressions of the inversion of this symbol by the NAZI SCHUTTSTAFFEL (=666=) THE SWASTIKA = 666, which being the Solar-Gateway of Spirit in Matter is mathematically related to THE FUNNEL EFFECT & 'O'. 666 is THE CIRCLE, 777 being 111 more is KEY OF THE CIRCLE, i.e. the Key that unlocks the Egg, which is relevant considering 777 was the formula both of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GEMATRIA CODES began by Crowley in Liber 777, but also UNUS IN OMNIBUS OMNIA IN UNO, ("One in All, All in One"), the magical motto of Frater Achad as Probationer - the One ('AChD', Unity) who unlocked the Key to Liber AL vel Legis and uncovered the mystery of MA-ION=107=BITzH, 'Egg', = OVAL, the Egg-Key of Manifestation.  

     888 is Ιησους, the Illuminated Messiah (Messiah in Full = 888, [MIM=90+ShIN=360+IVD=20+ChITh=418]), who spoke many parables of wisdom for those who can be like serpents but harmless as doves who had an ear to hear and an eye to see the Way Out (ULTIMATE LIBERATION) of THE GNOSTIC DEMIURGE known simply as MANIFESTATION by not overly identifying with it, but seeing the SUPERNATURAL Light Within one-self, the only necessary quality needed for entry into the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD. The Christ-Light of 888, or THE AZOTh or Astral Light is the Stellar Light of the Soul itself - something which cannot be determined or denied for anyone but itself, as it speaks for itself. The Soul should rather be considered not so much as something given or taken, but something built and strengthened or dulled and weakened. The fluid nature of 888 is reminiscent of the Aquarian Water-Bearer, and it is also the formula of the spell "I WILL BRING DOWN THE FIRE OF THE HEAVEN", i.e I will manifest the Light. 999 is THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE of this Light, and the Key to its full Understanding. 

     999 is the Curse of Choronzon, while 0 (Silence) is the Cure. 333 x 3 or Choronzon Manifest in 3-Dimensionality invokes the Qliphothic Vibrations/Fragmentations from Beyond the Hyper-Sphere/Toroid of the Consciousness Continuum, which can alter the entire perceptual 3 dimensional space-time continuum itself altogether. 999 being the Key in Full (MIM=90+PE=85+ThV=406+ChITh=418) unlocks the O of Nuit-Hadit-Ra-Hoor-Khuit, being also the Key of the Aeon of Maat, THE AEON OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE, and as I have duly noted previously - THE INCOMING OF THE AEON OF MAAT, i.e. Frater Achad's first intimations circa 1948. 999 is Ο Απορρητος, O Aporretos - The Secret that remains Το Αρρητον, The Unspeakable. The Κοσμικος Σοπηια, or Cosmic Wisdom that achieves status in the Highest Chamber with THE HIGHER POWER. This is matched by THERION (Nun final), The Beast 666 who said I WILL MAKE MYSELF LIKE THE MOST HIGH GOD (Isaiah 14:14). O is Ayin, the Key-Hole and the Key of the Eye, THE WINDOW OF THE SOUL (666). It is also the Περιαγω (999), or Perfection, 'Circle', as well as בראשית אלהימ, Berasht Alhim (Elohim) - With Beginningness Creation!
,פיתגורש Pythagoras - the father of Mathematics and Numerology equals 999, but this has been veiled by the usage of Samekh - and it is significant considering 999 is Θεος NSThRH, Theos Nestorah or 'God's Secret' - THE AGELESS WISDOM OF THE QABALAH.

     Just as Crowley made an alignment in order to bring in the Stellar Gnosis to Man more fully in 1904 and onward, I realize I could never meet his level of subject coverage and output nor all the other wonderful things he is known to have achieved, mountaneering all he could... I do however feel like my Ma-Ion egg experience is similar in reckoning, perhaps deeper than that even - a continuation. Frater Achad and Kenneth Grant both saw something particularly powerful about certain things in Crowley's work that they failed to fully expand upon, being short of time, perspective, technology, and foresight. Using the pieces of the puzzle they have left I have pieced together, at all odds and against much dissuasion - a clearer portrait of the Eternal Book of Nature, embedded in the morpho-genetic fabric of space-time/spirit matter, 'The Books of the Stars' (See Liber OKBISh) (or what some term 'MEST', Matter-Energy-Space-Time - which I say, why not STEM?, Space-Time-Energy-Matter as it would be a repair and adjustment of the fallen 4 elemental phases of Manifestation: Air-Water-Fire-Earth.)

     The irony behind all this, is no matter how close one gets to the center of the DOT (=474, Daath, Knowledge+) CHORONZON (= 999) always breaks up the Unity into utter dispersion. This is the nature of Daath, as the 11th Zone, 11 being the mirror reflection, shadow/shell or simulation/duplicate. But the mistake is throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater (or the Egg out with the Shell, or vice versa) without realizing the whole Knowledge factor being, as we all know, the Key to Power. Knowledge itself is highly related to Maat the measurer and balancer in a number of ways, as in effect Knowledge is always Truth in and of itself in a number of particular ways, historically, as literature, even archaeologically - and ultimately (micro&macro-) Cosmically. Knowledge, or Information can also be false, however, and various pieces of 'information', and media can contain both true and false statements in them. The truest theories have always been able to be tested and proven by others, and the Beauty of Maat - is the Soul which is weighed against Truth, is in all Truth weighing Itself against Itself. All Truth and its shadow is contained in the Akashic Egg of Maat, the balanced truth and justice of the still waters of unbroken tranquility in the midst of It All.

     The corrosive, nuclear and acidic nature of Choronzon is attributed to its being a mask for the breaking down of the Ego by short-circuiting the reason-faculty and providing means to glimpse the inner workings and outer egg-shells of the mind-body/meaning-limits complex. The human mind can already only perceive fractions, or fragments of 'Reality' at any time, and the focus of Awareness is not only outward through the Eyes and other senses (Malkuth), but also inward, toward an unknown omnipresent inner center (Daath) - their Union being Kether/Samadhi. The considerations of the 'cleaving' of the mind, or Schizophrenia, which parallels many mishaps relevant to the Occult Path and the unique nature of Choronzon has been made in Dark Doorway of the Beast at length and should be considered. The chapter Schizophrenia, Past, Present and Future is quoted at length below:

Schizophrenia, Past, Present and Future

     The idea of abnormality is impossible to define from either a personal or a universal standpoint. The relativity of abnormality stems from whichever culture attempts to describe its inherent conditions. Certain behaviour patterns accepted by one culture type, are considered socially unacceptable by another. For instance, the mental states of deep meditation and trance, are certainly regarded as abnormal by the Western culture when viewed as the idiosyncrasies of obscure religious societies. Whereas to the Hindu ascetic or Buddhist Monk, they are an accepted and indeed expected part of their racial cultural tradition.
     The borders of recnognised acute Schizophrenia are the playground of contemporary Magicians and Mystics, who, as the spearhead of evolutionary development are paving the way for the new aeon mentality. It is by natural evolutionary change that mankind is able to learn and grow. Changes in evolutionary development have always been thought to occur slowly, organically. Despite this, there are situations where cataclysmic events cause such a disruption to the environment that entire species are wiped out merely due to their inability to adapt. It was Darwin’s belief that evolutionary development was always slow, of necessity. However, many recent researchers have demonstrated that in certain cases this principle was not as active as at first thought. In fact, in contradiction to this, some species have been shown to have mutated very quickly in order to sustain their continued existence.
     In line with this belief, it is my contention that mans mental evolution is once again at the borders of such an abrubt and unavoidable change. It is hoped that this book may present an attitude of insight into the systems of thought process and thereby provide a basis for the individual to chart the presently unknown territories of his mental machinery and enter into communion with the direction of natural evolution.
     A key in this puzzle is the increased occurrence of Schizophrenia within society. An examination of which, yields many important factors and ideas, which in themselves are capable of revealing vast tracts of understanding. Without the presence of this ‘abnormal’  condition, this enhanced understanding would be hidden beneath the strata of ‘normal’ consciousness.
     What of the Western European culture and its view of the conditions symptomatic of Schizophrenia.1 There is a wealth of knowledge on the subject, from literally hundreds of sources. Much of it is nebulous and contradictory in nature. In order to begin to clear the shambles that surrounds the subject it should therefore simply be assumed that the conditions surrounding Schizophrenia are many and varied, and that much of an unexplained nature has been bundled into the generic terminology of the ‘split mind’. The undisturbed core of this maelstrom of opinion seems to concentrate on the following as being typically characteristic. The Schizophrenic;
1.      Indulges in asocial behaviour and brooding.
2.      Becomes apathetic and indifferent, often morbidly suspicious.
3.      Retires from the ‘real’ world.
4.      Creates an entirely new world for himself.
5.      Often lives in squalor.
6.      Sometimes succumbs to petty crime and often wanders in fugue states.
7.      Often has a horror vacuii, a fear of empty spaces.2
     In addition to this, influencing factors upon the situation may include uncontrollable outbursts of temper whose unbalanced fervor take an inordinately long period of time to return to equilibrium. Also there is often a history of solitariness, which is particularly relevant if traced back to childhood. Even widespread detractors and squabblers do seem to display a consistency of opinion on the above mentioned as being naturally inherent tendencies in the Schizophrenic individual.
     The foregoing seems to suggest, particularly with respect to the behavioural aspects, that there is an absence of a conscious control factor in those persons of a Schizophrenic nature. [AKRASIA] This latter element, that of the conscious control Veto, is mentioned throughout this book. The pious Christian may talk of conscience, morality and guilt as the guide to eventual action or non-action, but the control factor mentioned here is not that which is the judge of whether persons ‘do or don’t’. This control factor3 is the faculty of the mind that is at the source of all thought and is above and beyond all conscious consideration.
     The division of opinions on the characteristics inherent in Schizophrenic patients, is also taken to include Organic Psychosis, where there are changes in the cellular structure of the brain or body illness, and Functional Psychosis, which exists without a known organic cause. Such organic effects may be the result of functional causes and indeed vice-versa. From an occult point of view, man is considered a psychosomatic4 complex, so this dissolves the need for such classification within this work. It is this outdated concept of the division of mind and body that has the affect of a brake upon the progressional advancement of man’s knowledge of himself.
     Initially Schizophrenia was known as Dementia Praecox.5 This suggests that Schizophrenia is a removal of awareness from the realities of everyday living. The main symptom, from scientific observation, shows that the most vital aspect contributing to Schizophrenia is a seemingly totally illogical pattern of thought. Apparently disconnected fragments of partial images, assembled in a merely haphazard fashion, which are then projected without linearity into the mind’s eye. Such incoherencies in Schizophrenic individuals, have often left a bewildered audience. It is because of this, that such persons exhibiting unexpected spontaneous and uncontrollable characteristics are often suspect of Schizophrenic tendencies. It is to this social and cultural judgment that this treatise will apply. However, it must be remembered that Schizophrenia like all things, exists in varying degrees. For the purposes of everyday living and the pursuance of career prospects, it is not a desirable state in which to be encapsulated. But, like all things, a knowledge of a certain degree of Schizophrenic derangement donates ideas and knowledge particularly relevant to those seekers who would venture into the darkness of the Self. It will be noted that far from being rare, Schizophrenia is extremely widespread. And far from being undesirable, it is, to a certain extent, in many cases, both desirable and extremely useful.
     The stages that herald the progressive disintegration of the Schizophrenic personality are often easily recognised in the pictorial evidence of paintings, which is a therapy often thrust upon the patients of psychiatric hospitals. Evidence of Schizophrenia may feature in such paintings, as severely distorted or partially removed body parts.6  Such images are almost suggesting that the reality of the artist has altered, become distorted. Often the pictorial evidence also shows fragmentation and deteriorating linearity. Also, often depicted are symbols which appear to have no direct connection with their surrounding environment.7 The particular relevance of such iconography is only normally apparent, and indeed relevant to the creator, whose method of expression seems entwined with the constant reference to, and the usage of private symbology.
This is not a situation altogether distant from the attitude adopted by many of todays contemporary Magicians and seekers after occult knowledge. In fact, it has almost become a traditional pattern that the occultists should adopt some totem or symbol, as representative of his inner self. An extension from the core of being to the linearity of the outside world, as it were. The  use of such adopted icons is often used as a key or point of reference to which the construction of the personality is referred, and ultimately reconstructed during a continuous learning process. Even the simplest notion of adopting a magical name is yet another analogous act, which is nearly always the requirement of the newly accepted siblings of magical fraternities and mystery schools.
     Francis Reitman8 has suggested that children initially think in terms of verbal symbols, but as learning and age increase, this gives way to the use of schematic and conceptual symbols. My own researches lead to the belief that the Schizophrenic appears to undergo a reversal in this respect. That is, the verbal deteriorates to the appreciation of the visual, as if somehow the visual becomes more readily accessible. Perhaps the withdrawal of the Schizophrenic from social intercourse, stultifies vocalization to the point of atrophy, whereupon the imagery function becomes the predominant factor. The resultant is the symbolic images that verge on the abstract and surreal.
     Such paintings however, bring us very close to the images that we perceive in the ‘occult art’ of today. This contemporary fascination appears to be centring around the results of Atavistic Resurgences9 which are more often than not, totally without recognizable form. Such ‘unreal’ images only serve to exacerbate the thought that the artist is capable of leaving the state of normality and reaching or substituting an alternative method of mental perception by systematic methods of intentional derangement. An alternative to the preceding is, that the state is equally coexistent with the day to day personality as is beyond the conscious control of the individual, who, continually drifts from one condition to the other. 
     Whichever is considered, whichever is thought to have the greater validity, is of no real benefit to the direction of this dissertation. The condition exists, that is all. However, let it be said that his is no new phenomena by any means. It is necessary to refer to the surrealist abstract painters to see that Schizophrenic artistic creations have in fact been produced for uears. The most important viewpoint to hold is that such creative abstractions from the surrealist point of view are real-ised in the absence of control by the conscious mind.
     The Surrealists first manifesto 1924, defines surrealism as,
“Pure psychic automatism, by which an attempt is made to express, either verbally, in writing, or in any other way, the true functioning of thought. The dictation by thought, in the absence of all control by the reason, excluding any aesthetic or moral preoccupation.”
It is the link between the linear and non-linear worlds that we must become aware of, in order to fully integrate our mentality into the changes that compose the New Aeon Consciousness.10 For by doing so it is possible under controlled conditions to unlock the Doorway of Darkness that comprises the access port to the corridors of the mind.
     It should come as no great surprise to learn that it is the abreaction of the capacity for logical reasoning within the Schizophrenic that causes the production of such abstract creations. The creative visualization of mental imagery is the building block of any artist. It is the lack of consciously functioning reason during construction of the final image that creates the apparent disconnected and obscure end products that society considers as an abnormality. As Goya put it,
“The sleep of reason produces monsters.”
     The conclusion of such evidence firmly leads to the expression that, true artistic expression takes place in the absence of control. For in the automatic state that exists in the absence of the control by the Ego, it is possible to glimpse the cogs and wheels of the universe, which are otherwise neglected by the mind, simply because visualization of this ‘machinery’ is not considered necessary to maintain day to day survival. Such introspective analysis has always been the stamping ground of intellectuals, artists, poets, who, in shedding the outer veils of materialism can eventually begin to perceive the inner core of Self. In doing so however, the faculties of materialistic acquisition atrophy and it is often the case that the true artist and creator is indeed a hungry man. 
     Such a person was Austin Osman Spare, respected and renowned Magician/Sorcerer and Artist, who advocated methods of Automatic Drawing. Examples of his work range from breathtaking beauty to confusing indeterminacy. On observing many examples of his work, the transition between the functioning of reasoning, via conscious control, and the abandonment of the latter is unerringly obvious, as lucid form and random indeterminacy are traced across the pages of his works. Such an example of this fluctuating reasoning and control is his; Stealing the fire from heaven.11
As we are therefore apparently being faced with an increasing range of abstracted occult art and ideas, it is very tempting to draw a parallel analogy with many aspects of these and the Schizophrenic outlook. This, to some, offensive and pedantic statement is only considered as such by those unaffected by acculturation, who regard Schizophrenia as abnormality. It has already been stated that such abnormalities are an idea wholly relative to the cultural and indeed sub cultural viewpoint and therefore should be easily acceptable with the passage of time.
     If it was to be said that Schizophrenic mentality was a natural and evolutionary development, many would express counter opinions based on the observation that ‘stability is a function of solidity, and apparent change donates a departure from it.’ But, the key in this is the concept of apparent change. The only immediately recognisable difference between revolution and evolution is the relativity of the time scales involved. It is futile to say that the mind apparatus of man has been unchanged in its acceptance of reality and linearity for ‘n’ years and is therefore stable and normal. The sample that can be used for comparison is so very small. Man has existed on earth form many times ‘n’ years. So, what good is referral to such a miniscule time datum as contemporary historical knowledge in order to define normality. Whether the existence of the increasing occurrence of Schizophrenia is due to slow organic development of the race as a whole, or the ministrations of some outside element impinging upon our circumstances, causing radical and unexpected change in only the most sensitive of individuals, is yet another unsolved mystery. The only currently useful information as a by product of the analysis of the situation by the established hierarchy of professionals, is limited to ‘Schizophrenic attitudes are becoming more abundantly obvious in current lifestyles’. This is most certainly not progress, or a useful attitude. It neglects the true cause of, and the important influences that the Schizophrenic holds for future development.
In order to attempt to at least understand the motivational impulse that drives the machinery of increasing Schizophrenia within the race as a whole, it becomes necessary to analyse the artistic productions of the ‘Men of Vision’. Perhaps one of the most notable components of this strange art are the geometric forms that exist in the paintings of Schizophrenics. These are often repeated and exhibit bilateral symmetry. These are most often the last forms to disappear in acute Schizophrenia.12 It is as if they are the last threads, the last link with the outside world of possible expression, whose absolute rigidity and permanence at the basis of the mental structure, retains them until the last layer of the Ego is peeled away. The classic myth portraying the image of Theseus following the thread of Ariadne in order to escape from the labyrinth, is perhaps and apt image to consider here. For if the geometric/Entopic Form is the last totem of the path on entering the Underworld or the unconscious13 then conversely it must be the first path trodden on the way out. This pathway is the route towards the concrete mentation of everyday life and conceptual reality, defined and constructed as valid by the existence of the conscious constructional capacity of the mind.
     Schizophrenic paintings often display part human, part animal creatures, whose relative sizes and shapes are not referred to the same datum of scale. Often these zoomorphic forms have a multiplicity of heads and limbs, or perhaps just the latter in the absence of the torso. In other words, the image has been viewed in a disconnected manner. Samples of areas of the whole become visible to the mind’s eye, but the artist has not been capable of reassembling the disconnected parts into a composite unit of proportional and acceptable scale. It is as if the artist has been able to travel to parts unknown, but has either not had the capacity to observe the whole of the Astral Landscape during the excursion, or was not able to sensibly compile the parts retrospectively, upon return to ‘normality.’ In either case a salient factor appears to be the lack of an ability to associate disconnected items and to reassemble the pieces. There is a certain trans-dimensional element breathing within this, as if the component of collectivity is missing. This is extremely significant in light of todays occult art. The above description is certainly very representative of many of the examples available.
     Another concept to consider in disconnected and fragmented images is the occurrence of the dream state. One particular occult fraternity, The Esoteric Order of Dagon14 utilises a method of dreaming, amongst others, to access the areas of the Underworld, and recover hidden treasures from the antipodean fount. One particular recurring image of dreams, enshrined in consequent artistic form to come from the resulting practices of this Fraternity, often shows a one eyed cephalopod,15 referred to as Cthulhu.
In Lovecraftian parlance, the current Director of the E.O.D. states that;
     “The Dream School of the Esoteric Order of Dagon can be found only through personal dream work. Members can experience contacts and relationships with various definite persona and entities in many specific, often recurring Astral locations. In particular, imaginary cities are often visited in dreams, wherein are found remarkable artefacts and books. With continued reconnaissance, sometimes in a series of connected dream-workings, these objects can be remembered and, upon waking, recreated in physical actuality.
     The Miskatonick University (with its library of arcane Grimoires), the Nameless City (with its hieroglyphic wall-decorations), the Plateau of Leng’s prehistoric Temple, and the Mountains of Madness (a realm of primal nightmares), as well as other ‘places,’ can be found by careful, experienced Dreamers.”
     “Dream/Nightmare Workings may involve the temporary dissociation of the senses in order to stimulate Astral/right brain perception. This is achieved by various methods, similar in nature to Dali’s ‘paranoiac-critical’ technique.”16
     Presumably the collation of resultant data from ‘dreaming the mythos,’ exhibits much in New Aeon imagery, both in terms of written and artistic interpretation. This is very much like the intrusive perichoresis of fictional and non-fictional elements discussed in the Chapter; The Ingression of Alien Forces.
     This begs the question, are present day occult drawings and concepts not inherently pathological, or just beyond or other than the accepted normal? It would seem at least that ideas are turning towards Eastern ideals where pictorial evidence shows not what the author saw, but what they knew, or more correctly, what they believed. As the Eastern belief does not separate mind from body and environment, as do Westerners, the whole culture allows for the introduction and usage of the otherwise ‘odd’ images that are utilized in temple sculptures and in the theatre of the Shadow Screen17 plays. This is because Western minds have a tendency to linear forms, with a beginning and an end. Whereas the Eastern mind seems to be always more concerned with the concept of cycles of infinity and eternal progression.
     If contemporary scholars were able to describe the method of the thought process from inspiration, through idea, to selection of image, vast tracts of undiscovered territories could be exploited in search of personal illumination. The revelation of the method of this process, is The Supreme Secret of all Magick. It dissolves the need for ritual and all other tedious and involved and peripheral operations of a similar nature. An understanding of the process of thought generation, explains the reasons for the occurrences of specific thoughts. We are what we think. To understand one, reveals the other. The Key to the Door of the Universe18 is readily available for those who know how to apply it.
     If it became possible through determined effort to ably utilise the still obscure and esoteric constructional process of thought, and reveal the dynamics of mind operation, it would also become clear why Schizophrenic imagery arises. The Schizophrenic in losing the capacity for formative construction, acquires the faculty of collecting sample images that do not automatically collate and combine into linear structures. This lack of an ability to construct is natural, and yet it is the quality desired by the potential abstract artist or intuitional creative writer. They require the ability to slough the automatic process of non-selective construction of mind images. Many methods of derangement have been utilised in an attempt to synthesize this effect. The taking of narcotics, or the usage of such substances as ether or nitrous oxide have enabled the paralysis of lower, more concrete and linear assembling portions of the consciousness, thereby allowing attention to become centered on the higher more tenuous levels.19
     The Schizophrenic is actually capable of raising the level of his awareness above the confines of everday waking consciousness and thereby see thought at a higher, more primary (abstract) stage than the majority of ‘normally’ thinking people.  The paradox however, is that in a surreal world, above the normal functioning of conscious veto, images may only be glimpsed during the moment of their inception. Any attempt by the mind to actually manipulate, even to the smallest degree, involves the faculty of (but not necessarily full) conscious reasoning. The result of this process is to snap back into the mundane mentality, fall to the more corporeal zones, and consequently to abandon the temporary theatre play of the icons in the surreal realms. The situation is very like that of the Yogin, who in meditating, is suddenly aware of a bump or shock travelling through the body.
The instance of this realization donates the state of full waking consciousness and he realises, that suddenly, from a state of vacuity he has become aware and is incapable of remembering his immediately previous thoughts, images and daydreams. The reason of course is because in not formulating the images at a corporeal and densely conscious level, it is not as readily accessible from the Astral Light.20
     This also explains why dreams, recalled early in the morning, evaporate all to easily, and in most cases float beyond the reach of memory recall. It is this condition of vacuity that neophytes often confuse with falling asleep. An exacerbated form of this attitude is evident in the mystic, who realises the situation of ‘forgetfulness’ during the meditation, and attempts to prevent the loss of awareness in order that he may retain his conscious knowledge and be aware of the experience of cosmic bliss, that is his rightful reward. The consequence of this action however, prevents the everyday functional awareness from being sloughed in favor of the enlightened state. Aleister Crowley quite succinctly describes the elements of this comedy in Liber LXV.I.56.
     “And Adonai said: The strong brown reaper swept his swathe and rejoiced. The wise man counted his muscles, and pondered, and understood not, and was sad. Reap thou and rejoice!”
      Without question, there is severe difficulty in the task of accessing the twisted and tortured pathways that delineate the Labyrinth of mind. For it would appear that in the primary stages of investigation into the operation of mental processes, one is either in, or out of waking consciousness, and never inbetween.21 The horror in this situation is that it is this inbetweenness22 (called by the term spacemarks in Aleister Crowley’s Liber AL vel Legis,) that is the key to the selection of thought. As such, it is the gateway to the entire panorama of the thinking and selective action of mind and brain. Therefore it will always be difficult to understand the operations that occur in the thinking process. The way is always shrouded in darkness, and only repeated journeys will give an instinctive appreciation of the landscape, by virtue of the act of repetition. Rather like fumbling in the dark until confident enough to walk boldly, having learnt the necessary geography instinctively. Such a formula is necessary. Repeated usage leads to the process becoming familiar, and then completely automatic. Then the conscious input, that acts as a guide along the route is limited, and in fact sloughed, with the result that the individual is more able to relax in his environmental introspection. He is capable of viewing his surroundings without having to concentrate upon the method of this travel, as the route can be followed automatically, effortlessly and without conscious intervention.23 The resultant being, that every once in a while, awareness will well up and intrude into the vortex of the conscious zone as apparently virginal thought, as if from nowhere, devoid of all associations. It is almost the acquisition of something from nothing. The reality of the situation is that ideas are produced from the ‘Dark Room of the Mind’ without the instigation of conscious control. It is widely thought impossible to obtain something from nothing,24 but it is the lack of illumination during the process of thought formation that prevents us from being cognizant of the thought process. The mind being undefined and limitless, exhibits itself to causal inspection, as infinite, and thus devoid of form.
     From the foregoing it is possible to see that the Mystic-Schizophrenic link is open to scrutiny. Many contemporary Magicians seem to wallow in this twilight wolrd without achieving any productive results. And yet, almost all practical Magicians use some form of derangement in order to explore the depths of their pools of consciousness. One source of thought propounding the reasons for the arrival of this Schizophrenic New Aeon Mentation, is the concept of the introduction of the aeon of Horus,25 by the auspices of the Mage, Aleister Crowley.
     There are many works available on Crowley which deal succinctly with his life, ambitions and achievements. As far as he was concerned probably the most important event in his career was the reception of the manuscript Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law.26 This was obtained via a magical opus involving the ministrations of an entity known as Aiwass. The content of the document announces the ushering in of a New Aeon, said to have begun in 1904. An Aeon to be baptised with blood. Certainly the two world wars may lend a semblance to credence to this concept, especially considering amongst other minor accolades, Horus was regarded as the Egyptian God of war. (The Scandinavian equivalent is that of Thor, the Roman, Mars and the Indian, Vishnu.) Vishnu, for instance, is described as the centripetal energy by which all things exist. He is not concerned with their outward form. The Vishnu principle is identified with the world of dream. This echoes very clearly of the borders of Schizophrenia. That indeterminate dead band where the acceptable and unacceptable mingle in a cacophony of aberrant existence.
     The compelling idear here, is that Horus is representative of pure energy, blind force (without visage, thus without form)27 and the vision of power. As such, the preponderance of force over that of form becomes apparent, for diminishing form gives way to symptomatic Schizophrenia, as demonstrated earlier.
     Cited here is the case of a saturation experiment by a contemporary Magician. This utilises systematic derangement by saturated identification with the Egyptian God, Horus, as a totem in an opus involving total involvement with the God Form over a period of many months.
“After the banishing and purification rituals were duly performed, I progressed to visualizing the force of Horus as an energy which I could grasp and bring down into my body. I also utilised my visual imagination to superimpose the body of the God onto my own. Using a technique of breath control whilst firmly holding the desired image, I attempted to exhaust the body by repeatedly performing the process. Hopefully, in this way I would be able to bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious spheres and leave a seed of intention, a glyph of recognition that I may use as a method of tapping the energy embodied in the Horus zoomorph.
     At the end of a two month period of intense saturation with the Horus God Form, I found that contrary to obtaining any useful results of noteworthiness, I had lost entirely the capacity to analyse my experiences of even to recover any spoils of the process. I had become hopelessly inept at intellectualization, and furthermore found that I was even incapable of supplying the impetus necessary to continue the experiment. On reviewing my records I was disgusted at the total apathy and inertia that I found.
     It was only months afterwards, that on recovery, I was able to piece the situation together. I had until then been unaware of the allied symptoms of Schizophrenia, but it was immediately apparent to me that my lack of articulation coupled with other aspects had many parallels with such a diagnosis.
My capacity to write, read, converse, analyse and socialize generally had deteriorated alarmingly. I wanted and very much needed to do something as I was driven by a blind impulse to create. The lack of form provided no vessel for me in which to encapsulate, and hence abreact the energy that was compelling me to act. I acted spontaneously and without forethought and directly as a function of my immediate situation. In the early stages of the condition, this was most alarming as I was thrust into an area unbeknown to me. I had always been careful and calculating in respect of decision and action. Divergence from this had always endowed me with a sense of detachment. But this was certainly not the case now. I was totally, utterly, completely uncaring and unconcerned about the direction my life was about to take. In actual fact, I had managed to dissolve the conceptual fear of the future. I had achieved a certain quality of spontaneity.”

     Research on this subject shows that Horus is associated with blind force, raw energy in the absence of reason, restraint or indeed, conscious intervention. The main resultant characteristic of this type of obsessional derangement is often formulated as Schizophrenia.”28 These rituals are useless to one who has discerned and attained The Mark of the Beast. It is this single knowledge that guides the mind to its various theatre plays. To concentrate upon the ritual and its end product, is to limit experience to the products of the investigation.
     It must be remarked that such a freedom from the expected and normally, socially acceptable course of direction that each of us is normally carried in, is rare, truly frightening and yet capable of immense achievments.
     Once the persona of the majority character that indwells us is broken apart,29 it is possible to see that we are all only a collage of morsels of experience, and that we have acquired these, from various sources, during our journey through life. The dissolution of these character traits leads to unexpected responses from the individual. It is the outside observer that classifies abnormality. It is well to remember that being sick only means that we are in possession of something that the majority does not have. Surely this implies that if the observer is incapable of understanding the natural thought processes acutely, his diagnosis of possible Schizophrenia (and consideration that its state is an undesirable illness) is only an eidolon of his own ineptitude in perception and understanding.
     All of the symptoms of Schizophrenic indulgence may be present in the exterior of those involved with Tantra Sastra. The liberation attained via Tantra may well be representative of a dissolution of all previous character traits. Abnormality and illness are as we have seen, referred to specific cultural datums. The associations with Schizophrenia, Tantra, and ‘New Aeon Mentation’ are further explored in the Chapter Tantra; A Personal Approach.
     The Shaman of primitive tribes is almost always in possession of strange powers or tendencies, perhaps being epileptic, nervous, Schizophrenic or transvestite. In some way he is different from the ‘normality’ of the surrounding culture. It is this abnormality that the tribe recognises as a path to enhancement of the entire social system. For, they believe that the odd appearance and manners of the Shaman demonstrates his exaggerated capacity to enter other worlds, where communion with the Gods is evident. The transvestite aspect is evidence of the preoccupation of the individual with womanly attitudes.
     These include a better rapport with form and intuition and are thus, evidence of the Shaman’s qualifications for intuitional prescience and divinatory knowledge. The Hindus also created a class of men30 devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and natural phenomena, in order to construct a core of invulnerability, which would preserve the continuance of the species, based upon unshakeable foundations. It became necessary to free this class of man from the toil of everyday living, for such preoccupations would interfere with the natural direction of the mental faculties and detract concentration from those higher aspects so much desired. That such Brahmins and Holy Men employed obscure methods of asceticism, as aids to learning, is evident from the wealth of information available. Only in the so called civilized world are such ‘abnormal’ traits considered totally unacceptable.
     The resurgence of Schizophrenia within contemporary mindstuff, must be understood as the outward manifestation of a method of attainment. It is the byproduct of the ways to learning the functional methods of the mind and the systems of planetary evolution. If we are to condemn the modern Shaman out of hand, simply because he does not comply with the normality of the so called civilized world, then no progress beyond the pathetic level of our mental functioning will be made at this time.
     Is Schizophrenia then, to be considered as an abnormality of nature, classified as a mental disorder and a disease? Alternatively it could be said that Schizophrenia is in fact a considerably powerful factor in the mentation of the New Aeon.31 Today’s Schizophrenic is the harbinger if tomorrows thought child. Studying the Schizophrenic thought impulse structure teaches much about the association and grouping of thoughts, referred to as Associative Grouping. Whether these are regognised, in mind, as words or icons is of no importance here. What is important however, is the relationship between subsequent ideas, which arise within the mind.
     Like anything that is studied, the mind appears to become far more complex and involved as greater attention is paid to it. One difficulty in this respect, unfortunately, is that when a state of ‘self study’ is entered, the parameters of the surrounding system appear to change. The change is because of the grouping of associated thoughts that are collected and reserved in the mind. If the student is not very bright or does not have the ability to even consider that one man’s meat, is another man’s poison. The Schizophrenic having shattered the mental framework that was built for him since birth, has gained the capacity for creativity. This creativity is no more than having the experience of associating various instances of thought, action, etc, in a different format to normal man. The normal man, not having created an exact introspective file upon himself has no way of knowing how he thinks. Even less, he has no idea of how thoughts arise. Like most things that are not normal, Schizophrenia is considered as an unacceptable abnormality in the cultural background of our society. Again, I assert that we are only ill, when we exhibit that which is not shared by the majority.
It could be said that the apathetic non caring Schizophrenic, having sloughed off the conditioned morality and social dogma of his peers, exhibits to a greater extent a more sovereign attitude than they. To insist that the total disregard for well being exhibited by such persons is ridiculous. The contempt for their welfare only posits the theory that the established hierarchy knows best. It is this total and utter refuting of the possibility of errors of judgment by the latter, that demonstrates a total contradiction to the laws of evolution. It may seem too much of a contradiction to contemporary culture to say that it is time to stop thinking in an outdated, conditioned and formal manner, and to begin thinking creatively and with spontaneous reaction to environment. This seems to be an exhortation to Schizophrenia and as such, of course, will be considered inimical to acceptability.
The destruction of conditioned thinking, with its impotent creations is paving the way for the ‘New Aeon Mentation.’ The astounding capacity of the mental machine is being unveiled by those who have the courage to rush into the chaotic realms of the mind. The appearance of Schizophrenic attitudes are only the outward manifestation of the shadows cast by the creation matrix of a new thought generation. The unfolding of this mystery will lead Man to understand himself and realise his full potential, but only via the implementation of the will.
     Schizophrenia may also be unintentionally engendered by Magicians and Mystics alike, who believe that they are sufficiently protected from harm. Raising the consciousness to higher levels, for the purposes of investigation, seems harmless enough. But much may happen, before a safe return is accomplished.32 Floating towards the amniotic state of chaos may radically alter the association of mental links, as the level of perception, the Ego and the datum of reference are raised to new zones. Results remain unnotices, until after returning to the banality of everyday consciousness. Very often, such a situation causes the seeker to wander in a world whose parameters no longer have any fixed geography. For, as the dissolution of the matrix of the lower vehicles have already begun. In the so called destructive phases of this experience, severe mental disorientation is experienced. There is no longer a comforting ease of familiarity into which it is possible to relax. The whole of the surrounding environment is new. At this stage it is not possible to understand that this occurrence is not dark and destructive, without being bright and creatively beautiful. But such a situation is indeed enviable, as it is here that the true potential of the individual is unmasked.33 The lack of observed reasoning associated with this only serves to demonstrate that the destruction of the false and non-organic belief, thrust upon the individual since birth, has begun. This release paves the way for new attitudes, full of life and vigour, that are created by the element of spontaneous thought.
This is the beginning of a journey of investigation into the abandonment of reason and conscious control in favor of direct action. The action is that of spontaneous activity and the understanding of its principle is of immense relevance to other facets of the Aeonic Mystery, namely the Thelemic expression Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law and Love is the Law, Love under Will.

1.      Greek; Schizein ‘to cleave’ and Phren ‘the mind’.
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18.  The allusion is to Daath.
19.  The mind may have only one point of focus at any time. If paralysis of the ‘lower’ function of mind is obtained, then the point of focus (awareness datum) is shifted automatically. In this case, ‘upwards’.
20.  Placement of images into the Astral Light for subsequent recovery as memories, is only effected when the energy (force) is translated into full form. If the awareness level is above the zone of formation of the image, then no memories, or at best, fragmented and incomplete portions will be all that exists.
21.  A nice dualist concept.
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33.  See the references to Tantra and Kali throughout this work.

An excerpt from pages 92-93 of A True & Faithful Relation of What Passed for Many Years Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits... by Meric Casaubon (1659) not only mentions Choronzon (in its simplified CORONZON, which using Vav in Hebrew gives its 333 value) but also the application of Number to Letter, why it is important as showing the substance - and that in this mathematical way is truer to the Language of the 'Angles' of God, i.e. the Powers of Manifestation. 


E.K. [Edward Kelley] Why joyn you numbers with these letters, and added none with those of the former Table.
Brother, what is the cause that all the World is made by numbers? The Numbers we speak of, are of reason and form, and not of merchants.
 I beseech you as concerning the powder whereof he thinketh he hath made due assay of it, as if it should have been the Philosophers Stone, and so affirmed to be, by the minister of this action? I beseech you so to answer, the thing, as his reason may be satisfied.
            They gave no answer hereunto, but proceed in the former matter of Numbers.
Gab[riel]. …Every Letter signifieth the member of the substance whereof it speaketh. Every word signifieth quiddity of the substance. The Letters are separated, and in confusion: and therefore, are by numbers gathered together: which also gathered signifie a number: for as every greater containeth his lesser, so are the secret and unknown forms of things knit up in their parents: Where being known in number, they are easily distinguished, so that herein we teach places to be numbered: letters to be elected from the numbered, and proper words from the letters, signifying substantially the thing that is spoken of in the center of his Creator, whereby even as the mind of man moved at an ordered speech, and is easily pervaded in things that are true, so are the creatures of God stirred up in themselves, when they hear the words wherewithal they were nursed and brought forth: For nothing moveth, that is not persuaded: nether can any thing be persuaded that is unknown. The Creatures of God understand you not, you are not of their Cities: you are become enemies, because you are separated from him that Governeth the City by ignorance.
            E.K. [Edward Kelley] Whether is this Language known in any part of the World or no? if it be, where and to whom?
 Gab[riel] … Man in his Creation, being made an Innocent, was also authorized and made partaker of the Power and Spirit of God: whereby he not onely did know all things under his Creation  and spoke of them properly, naming them as they were: but also was partaker of our presence and society, yea a speaker of the mysteries of God; yea, with God himself: so that in innocency the power of his partakers with God, and us his good Angles, was exalted and so became holy in the sight of God until that Coronzon (for so is the true name of that mighty Devil) envying his felicity, and perceiving that the substance of his lesser part was frail and unperfect in respect of his pure Esse, began to assail him, and so prevailed: that offending so became accursed in the sight of God; and so lost the Garden of felicity, the judgement of his understanding: but not utterly the favour of God, and was driven forth (as your Scriptures record) unto the Earth which was covered with brambles: where being as dumb and not able to speak, he began to learn of necessity the Language which though, E.K. callest [1 Hebrew] and yet not that [2 Hebrew] amongst you: in which he uttered and delivered to his posterity, the nearest knowledge he had of God his Creatures: and from his own self divided his Speech into three parts; twelve, three and seven: the number whereof remaineth, but the true forms and pronunciations want; and therefore is not of that force that it was in his own dignity, much lesse to be compared with this that we deliver, which Adam verily spake in innocency, and was never uttered nor disclosed to man since till now, wherein the power of God must work, and wisdom in her true kind be delivered: which are not to be spoken of in any other thing, neither to be a taked of with mans imagination; for as this Work and Gift is of God, which is all power, so doth he open it in a tongue of power, to the intent that the proportions may agree in themselves: for it is written, Wisdom sitteth upon an Hill, and beholdeth the four Winds, and girdeth her self together as the brightnesse of the morning which is visited with a few, and dwelleth alone as though he were a Widow.
Thus you see there, the Necessity of this Tongue: The Excellency of it, And the Cause why it is preferred before that which you call Hebrew: For it is written, Every lesser consenteth to his greater. I trust this is sufficient.
E.K. As concerning the power, What is it?
Gab[riel] … What it is, that it is, for the knowledge of it may lead you to error.
This answer offended greatly E.K. and thereupon he left off, and would receive no more at their hands. God make him patient, and a favourer of this Action as soon as it is needful that he should be.

See also
Dissecting the Body of God which has The Funnel Effect chapter appended.