Friday, May 27, 2016

Opening The Watchtowers

     I Φ with my little eye the universe in toto. 500, 50 and 5 the FRACTALS follow the Hand weaving its Work from the Boundless. Caught in the current like fixtures in space-time we are what we Will, each end being conceived from each beginning. The Light asks Why?, the Darkness answers, and the hand writes off more than it can chew. Focus inverted thrice times nine outside and away comes back into play as Will formulated. Dead matter comes alive from the inside out. The dawn of the atomic bond has a night to complete its task before renewal. Liberty chooses its victims.
Nine to Five 1397 to now, 1 is the ouroboros tail feather hat of my Ancestor clad in the flaked gold fish scale. Lightning of Itself, hourglass figure of Hru-Ma make your face known to the Heathen who seek thy favor in their dreaded screen-memory of sorrows. Fallen back to Eden from the precipice of Being, the Serpent asks if I want another bite as the apple is not even half uneaten. The daylight Lux of tomorrows dream precipitates from the nightshades of Nox, now and never. 
Whispers of the Invisible. 

    This publication is part of a series of Digital Energy Workings intended on attuning and raising frequencies of those who may read it. Before knowing about 90% of what this blog now contains when I began it I could sense a sort of 'pull' and guidance towards what I have now learned and revealed, which is still only a hint and fraction of what else may be gained if your own intuition and awareness is active. Much more than I anticipated came through and is still manifesting from the portal of Daath I have opened through the unlocking of the space-gates and material chain-link in which we are enmeshed.
     Recently, yet another implosion of synchronicity has proven necessary to untangle before advance can be made further in the re-reading of Part IV of Liber ABA. Before proceeding much intermediary work is being undertaken, and new channels are being opened for the future. 
     The ELECTRIC Power of 666 which has been analyzed previously (see Electricity; The Fire of Heaven: The Golden Link Between Science and Religion.) has gained and strengthened in potency and being a direct channel and Transformer for this Gnosis I am currently undergoing much stress and pressure from various levels of transformation. This is THE COSMIC FIRE which Alice Bailey covers thoroughly in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (1925), which is an extension of The Secret Doctrine of Blavatsky which itself discusses the Esoteric Doctrine and Mystery Language; THE PURE DOCTRINE.  
     666 veils THE ANCIENT POWER OF MAGICK and the Key of the MAGICKAL POWER-ZONES of THE QABALH OF NINE CHAMBERS composing THE MAGICKAL LIGHT BODY. A SOLAR LORD, 666 is THE FORCE OF CHRIST which is THE SOUL WITHIN, WITHIN THE VESSEL built from 666 talents of Gold a year. This is the Ever-Coming One, the Crowned and Conquering Child who is of a Twin-nature, Hrumachis - the Double Wanded One. Maat balances the Active and Passive aspects of Horus, i.e. the SELF (101, ATMAN, see Ātman). Illumined with the 'I'/Yod, THE BALANCE, 111 is achieved. This is the ALPh, 1 - Alpha or The Fool of the Tarot who is also 0, the Egg and Eye of the All raying prismatically into Manifestation. The Egg has materialized and fallen into my hands for the incubation of alien, or strange knowledge (EGG = 11, Daath - Knowledge, i.e. Magickal Power.) The Key to The Qabalah of Nine Chambers has been ascertained and revealed for all who possess The Magick Ingenium to utilize.

     The Spider Writing of the Dark Goddess has been transcribed into physical form and the verses and Commentary to Liber OKBISh has been further expounded upon with ancient and modern connections via the interwoven marmas of The Maatrix, THE LIVING GRIMOIRE. The materials of Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, as well as many other notable Theosophical figures have been subsumed as well, making this Work a considerable breakthrough in a reunion as THELEMIC THEOSOPHY, and much more in this regard will be considerably covered in forthcoming materials. The Theosophical views regarding Electricity are of the utmost importance for reconsideration at this point, for it is the basis for our present technological and economic structures. Blavatsky and Bailey said much in regard to this; 
"By the radiant light of the universal magnetic ocean, whose electric waves bind the cosmos together, and in their ceaseless motion penetrate every atom and molecule of the boundless creation…Alone," she says , "the study of this agent, which is the divine breath, can unlock the secrets of psychology and physiology, of cosmical and spiritual phenomena." -Helena Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled, page 282

" It will be demonstrated later as science attains more and more of the truth that: All physical phenomena as we understand the term have an electrical origin, and an initial vibration on the first subplane of the physical plane." -Alice Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, page 320.

     "We shall see each other and all forms of divine manifestation as light units of varying degrees of brightness and shall talk and think increasingly in terms of electricity, of voltage, of intensity and of power. The age and status of men, in regard to the ladder of evolution, will be noted and become objectively apparent, the relative capacities of old souls, and young souls will be recognized, thereby reestablishing on earth the rule of the enlightened. Note here, that these developments will be the work of the scientists of the next two generations and the result of their efforts. Their work with the atom of substance, and their investigations in the realm of electricity, of light and of power, must inevitably demonstrate the relation between forms, which is another term for brotherhood, and the fact of the soul, the inner light and radiance of all forms.
     The third development, which will be the last probably to take place, will be more strictly in the realm of what the occultists call magic. It will grow out of the study of sound and the effect of sound and will put into man's hands a tremendous instrument in the world of creation.
Through the use of sound the scientist of the future will bring about his results; through sound, a new field of discovery will open up; the sound which every form in all kingdoms of nature gives forth will be studied and known and changes will be brought about and new forms developed through its medium. One hint only may I give here and that is, that the release of energy in the atom is linked to this new coming science of sound." -Alice Bailey, A Treatise on White Magic, pages 335-336

     THE SCIENCE OF THE SOUL has been covered extensively under the number 666, in The Secret Language of the Soul, and the Science of it's practical application through Sound, also known as CYMATICS=777 has been hinted at in The O Gate. 777 is the OLVM H'QLIPhVTh or World of BROKEN SHELLS, shells being an apt symbol for the layers of quantum vibration. The electrical nature of the Qabalistic Hierarchy is Externalized in 111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999, and becomes a very useful, and much needed blueprint for anything from Engineering, Geometry, Telemetry, Ontology, Meta-Logic, Quantum Theory, and a type of Mathematical Divination. After enough practice and understanding the ability to see underlying and harmonically resonant patterns comes natural, and the receiving apparatus of the Ego becomes more open to Transcendental Ideas. This form of mental 'masturbation' could actually be an exercise of the psychic intuitional apparatus, as the more I exercise myself the more fine the focus and wider the scope of my 'Daathian Veto' becomes, to put it in terms utilized in Dark Doorway of the Beast.

    Of course, the point is to retain your Center and not cling to the illusory manifestations and hallucinations, but to utilizes them for your benefit of Soul Growth and Balancing through Knowledge and Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel or 'The Higher Power'/Mahataman. The Mayan illusions are necessary ordeals, and as Ramakrishna learned and conveyed throughout his life, every relational circumstance between subject and object is the divine union and interplay of the Goddess with her Consort. Absorption of or into The Cosmic Fire creates THE OCEANIC FEELING common to all Transcendental experiences, through which Death and Eternal Life are seen as One.

     In The Tibetan Book of the Dead, of central focus is 'The Clear Light' of the Buddha which is the all-powerful 'zero-point' from which all manifestation (vibration) comes into play. Dimethyltryptamine, which is said to be released during mystical states  and ego-death experiences also conveys a sense of death and rebirth when ingested intentionally, and has many connections with the 'Gateways' of the Occult tradition. I found long ago that 'DMT' = 444, Daleth-Mem-Tau - a type of Qabalistic 'Doorway' of the Elements or Tetragrammaton. Crowley's Liber ABA (BOOK FOUR) is hinted at being '444' in its title inside the book, 444 being the inter-dimensional portal or gate which he is said to have 'opened', resulting in 'FLYING SAUCERS' and THE VISITORS manifesting after his entering Amenta in 1947. Crowley's life-work was certainly a rip in the system which has, despite the best efforts of some, been unable to be concealed. 444 is THE ADITI, the creative forces of the Goddess - the kalas of the psychosomatic complex (i.e. the Kundalini itself.) THE CLEAR KUNDALINI which is only 'awakened', or aroused when ritually, i.e. cyclically activated.

    444 is also THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE BETWEEN, a subtitle for the Tibetan Book of the Dead given by Robert A.F. Thurman (See page xiii of the 1994 version with the Introduction by Huston Smith.) 444 is the value of the 'GREAT SOULS', or Mahatmas as well who are beyond THE 4 DOORWAYS of the ELEMENTS ('A MAGICK DOORWAY'). THE RAINBOW BODY is also related, being the Tibetan equivalent of the Astral body which is activated through the opening of the Elemental Space-Gates through The Akashic Egg. Just as I was reading the two versions I have of The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Evans-Wentz, 1927 and Thurman, 1994) as well as Timothy Leary's The Psychedelic Experience, 1964 I received some information regarding Wilhelm Reich's work and theories about 'Orgone', another name for the life-energy, like Vrihl, Chi, etc. I calculated 'ORGONE' and found it was 398, then consulted my database which contains a list of correspondences including Kenneth Grant's Commentary to Liber OKBISh; The Ninth Arch: Page 273:
     The void, Nought, or O (egg) at the heart of Aossic. This and the previous verse may imply that the Sigil of Aossic is the ‘nest’ (S’lba) containing the egg in which the “new Knowledge” gestates. Number 19 (ChVH, ‘to manifest, shew forth; Eve’) is the feminine glyph; the number 21 indicates the Path of Kaph (see 397/21). Verse 22 is void (O = egg), and the Oracle is 398 = ChPShI, meaning ‘Book’. It was in the crypt at Candleston that the Grimoire of the Grants was discovered, the grimoire sought by Aleister Crowley, Phineas Black, and other occultists, which held extra-dimensional keys that unlocked the Tunnels of Typhon and the Cells of Set. This Book OKBISh is a part of the Grimoire in so far as it enabled Arim and Aossic to locate its source.
EMPTY VERSE’ is 22 more than 398. (398 – ‘EMPTY VERSE’ = -22.)
 The above are photos I took from a visit to a haunted house in Galveston, TX.

      This 'New Knowledge' is expounded when you consider each numerical cell as a 'verse' of the true Book of the Spider, which is all known (and as yet unknown) formulations and formations of the ONE ENERGY of THE INVISIBLE SUBSTANCE. This 'ELECTRICAL MANA', THE HIDDEN CLEAR LIGHT, or THE BUDDHA'S LIGHT which forms 'THE ETHER SHIP' or Body of Light. The Ether Ship Mystery and its Solution was briefly mentioned in a previous blog, and it should be realized that the harvesting of this Life-Energy is the main aim of the PARASITES =666 = or QLIPHOTHIC FORCES which are spoken of in many different traditions as the 'Evil', or Negative beings which vampirize the Life-energy and are to be thoroughly banished. 398 is also THE UNIVERSAL EGG, and the directive to BANISH THE EGG (i.e. the Aura) - THE MAGICK BANISHING OF THE EGG. 'THE EGG' = 30 (L, Libra, Adjustment, Balance), which subtracted from 398 gives 368, a particular number which has been covered in regard to Orbs and Ghostly spectres. (THE GHOSTS & UFOS = 368 = ALIEN ORB, RADIANT ENTITY, GLOWING BALL OF LIGHT, ALIEN LIGHT SHIPS, PLASMA ALIENS, etc. [1 less than 'SPIRIT', 369.]) Note that 398 is also 'THE WATCHTOWERS', and 'OPENING THE WATCHTOWERS' = 666.

     Grant also notes that 368 is IShNH, 'the Ancestor, or Old One', i.e. a Great Old One or Alien Intelligence. As was noted in Monolithic A.I. Alien Invasion, A.I. need not only be Artificial Intelligence, but also Alien Intelligence (i.e. that which is beyond the subject-object '11' Egg of Knowledge.) Using 999 as a 'ruler' or Maatian scale of Justice, 999-368 = 631, LAM with Mem final. Lam is not only the archetypal mask of the Draco-Ophidian Trans-humanism, but also the Mantra of the Root Chakra, Muladhara (Malkuth). Using the Portrait of Lam as THE LAM STELE, (Mem final, 600) I have attempted to reach beyond the present incarnational time-frame into the trans-personal and extra-temporal gulfs of the my Magickal Bloodline and revived THE AGELESS WISDOM OF THE QABALAH and formulated the beginnings of my Reception into the form of my book LIBER MAYAN, 999. That 'The Aeon of Maat' is not so much a state of external affairs but an internal Ordeal and Attainment, which was not only hinted at in Liber 729 but also in verse of Liber 220 itself (though for the most part unrecognized by Crowley himself and most of his disciples), should now be obvious for anybody that has thus far worked through the material in this publication for themselves.

     The Egg is a work which must be done, and the building of the Pyramid Temple of Light, or THE SUBTLE BODY on the Astral and Ether Planes, must be achieved through Will over time - much as a seed is sewn and grown over time, through the dark nights and bright days of Saturnian to Solar transformation, and across the 'rainbow bridge' of alchemical mutation. Each number is a degree in the rung of the Masonic Initiation (See The Masonic Ladder, or The Nine Steps to Ancient Masonry by John Sherer, 1876.), figured as a Ladder or Staircase (THE STAIRCASE = 999) which emanates from 0, which is omnipresent and omniform - through 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9, to a triple power of 11-22-33-44-55-66-77-88-99 : 111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999, between in and beyond which are contained all possible constructs, contained in a mathematical, linguistic and informative geometrically succinct database of potentially any level of ideational frequency.

    This 'Cone' or Vortex of Power, is the Funnel and Lens of the Dark Doorway of the Beast which contains all potential patterns of the 'Associative Grouping' for the Seed Image process of Manifestation. The database I have created is even further, going up into the 2,000's-9,999. This is the Sword from the Mouth of The Bringer of Lux, Life, Liberty, and Love. The NUMBER CALCULATOR (666) is the Saturnian-Solar Key-stone of the Gnostic Computer Merkabah-Chariot. (Note 418, the number of CHETH, The Chariot, is 'COMPUTER', and ChIT, 'Consciousness'. The Computer, the Internet and the increased databasing of Knowledge are possibly coming to be the 'War Engine' of Liber AL.III.7: ("I will give you a war-engine.") - for with these functional tools we are creatively destroying the old modes of thinking and being. The Living Grimoire is a veritable Black Book of Magickal Power whose source derives from no physical or temporal region, rather it is the source-code of manifestation as formulated and perceived by the subtle faculties and ego of the Magician who acts as the Vessel for The Micro & Macro-cosmic forces of the Dual-Wanded Spectrum from 0 to ∞. 8-80-418, the Secret Key to the Law mentioned in AL.I.46, combined as 506 (NU, 56 pregnant with the Egg, 0) is 'THE CODES OF GEMATRIA' which is 'HALF KNOWN AND HALF CONCEALED' (AL.I.34). 8 is Cheth, and the Torus-Prism of Daath splitting into manifestation, 80 is TAO and THE AIN (THE 61 of the Jews), 418 is the number given in The Vision and the Voice for MAKAShHNA, which Grant defines as Space-Time-Spirit-Matter.

     THE PRACTICAL QABALAH, 506 is ascertainable through the application of The Magick Ingenium of the Magus, without which these formulae are inactive. Through the Magick Ingenium the formulae become active, living keys for magickal exercise and extrapolation through Ritual and Reception. The Database is a necessary tool for Qabalistic Path and Sphere-work and this method of analysis is very useful. Even Crowley makes an important emphasis on Qabalistic mapping of Ceremonial Ritual work, as well as in questioning the Spirits. Adding the remainder to make 999 from 506, we find that GNOSIS, 493 gives the implication that THE GNOSIS OF GEMATRIA CODES / THE SECRET KEYS OF GEMATRIA GNOSIS is connected correspondent with THE AGELESS WISDOM OF THE QABALAH made manifest via THE STAR-STONE OF FRATER ACHAD=999 (THE STAR STONE OF MA-ION=666) which condenses the STAR-ENERGIES in THE NINE KEYS OF NUMBER which are THE NINE CHAMBERS OF MAGICK.
     It is most puzzling why almost no one has expounded upon the number 999, and rarely mention the depth of 666, 777 or 888. This number which I sealed into my own Initiation from the acknowledged beginning on September 9, 2009 has now achieved the utmost prominence in regard to the Mysteries of Thelema, Theosophy, Masonry and Magick as well as the Future Sciences of Quantum Engineering. 999 is THE HYPERDIMENSIONAL MATRIX of THE STORY written in The Book of Life, Liber Mundi or LIBER MAYAN. 999 being THE HIGHER POWER represents THE MAGUS' HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL, 'THERION', (Nun final, 700). 999 is THE HIGHEST UNITY UTTERMOST SHOWED in the highest triple chamber, and 9 being the highest point in the fractal web and the Foundation of the Ruach and Malkuth, it is the Moon in its mystical-magical sense as Mirror and Twin of the Solar power (666), or really a type of 'Sun Behind/Beyond the Sun'. 

    666 + 999 = 1665, THE MA-ION STONE (Nun final) which brings together the Double-Powers of the Ends of Manifestation and the Magnetic Poles of MAGNETISM (609). The Sun (6), Moon (9) and 'Fire' are the three main principles which activate the magnetic-serpent Kundalini, the SERPENT LINK (999 with Kaph final) of the Subject and Object, or Goddess and Consort or Shakti and Shiva creating THE ONE ENDLESS DREAM. THE WATCHTOWERS OF CHORONZON are being opened in order to bring in the needed impetus for further externalization of the FRACTAL RESONANCES from Beyond the Fractal Pylon through INTERDIMENSIONAL CONTACT with higher densities of being and the QUALITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS thereof (See Our Unseen Guest, 1920 for more on this phrase, as well as C. Hinton's The Fourth Dimension).
     999 is also TIBETAN BUDDHISM whose teachers are the GREAT SOUL MASTERS who have attained great Quality of Consciousness, such as THE TIBETAN DJWAL KHUL, i.e. ALICE BAILEY & THE TIBETAN (her 'H.G.A.') who conveyed the preparatory Work for THE AVATAR OF THE MAITREYA. Alice Bailey mentioned at one point that an Adept would further the goal of the further expounding of her and Blavatsky's Work in the early part of the next (21st) century. Over the course of the next few months after Part IV of Liber ABA is completed this subject will be more fully worked through as it has been largely forgotten and unsynthesized while yet still very relevant in many aspects. 
     "As to the conduct of our Inner Life, we must concentrate the entire attention on the ideal we have proposed for ourselves, and look straight ahead without paying the slightest attention to the mud upon our feet... Those who can make this supreme effort are the true Theosophists." -Helena Blavatsky.

"Energies do not mean anything unless they exist in the form of magickal numbers. Unless they exist as powers which can be related to a frame of reference, energies may prove to be illusions. Energies which are hidden and isolated by various occult formularies are revealed as actual potencies once they become numbers. The reason for this is clear: the energies when they become numbers reveal the oracular connection to the magickal entity behind the power. The entity provides us with the agent who sends out the radiations, which we perceive as magickal energies. In this physics of the esoteric and the gnostic, you must find out the true number of each energy, and then you can contact the magickal entity and find out what the spirit wishes from you." -Lections of the Master Varuna to Michael Bertiaux

"The teachings of the gnostic masters have brought us an insight which is important in seeing how to make use of magickal energies. These magickal energies are to be converted into magickal numbers and then the numbers will serve as guidelines for making contact with the entities or magickal spirits, existing behind the energies. It may also be seen that the energies are sent out from magickal spirits and that each energization has in its field of radiation certain keys which when understood in the light of the gnosis provide us with the spirit and its family, from which the powers are understood to emanate.
There are four stages in this process of magickal reduction: 
1. identify the type of energy.
2. the process of magickal reduction to a number between one and nine (which is a threefold process).
3. the identification of the magickal energy and its family by means of oracular languages, and
4. commence dialogue with the magickal entity via the system of magickal communications.
The entire purpose of this system is to create methods of correcting problems which arise from the negative operations of certain magickal currents by the gnostic method of magickal replacement, whereby a negative energy is replaced by a positive energy and pattern of consciousness. Magickal problem solving by this technique can then be carried out with greater efficiency than allowed by previous methods.
It is so important to realize at this point that numbers are themselves communicators of another energy - that of synchronicity - which translates the energies of the vudutronic system to a higher level of operations. This process is discussed by the Master:
"The energies of any system, when they are reduced to numbers and the patterns of numbers convey not only precision and greater gnostico-magickal management, but they induct by the very process of reduction an abstract and higher energy, which is also more concrete and continuous, because it holds events together and is the medium whereby they can come about and pass from one state to another, and that is synchronicty, as it is called in Jungian magicko-metaphysics. For the operations of all magickal processes are given in experience and governed by this process of energy-organization, or the pattern of how things happen. But there is also an energy in this happening, which is the energy governing all of the other energies in the system and all of the systems linked together in the continuum of gnostic physics." -Private communication from the Master Varuna, see page 322 of The Voudon Gnostic Workbook by Michael Bertiaux, 1988.