Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Splitting the Atom from Within

     Kether is literally 'The End(s) of Manifestation', and remember that Achad found in MA-ION the Egg of MAAT in the ends (verse 1 and 66) of the Chapter of Nuit in Liber AL where the 13 letter word MAnifestatION appears. He also claimed that the unuttered word of the Beast which Crowley could not provide by identifying therewith was 'ALLALA' (93), or modified with the awakened Yod/'I': ALLALIA (103), which happens to be the Greek word 'Unspeakable' or 'Speechless' - 103 being MABYN, the Crowned Babe (13 with the Egg in the center as 'crown'). 103 is also Λεξη, 'Word' in Greek. 103 is of course Achad (One) more than 102, which is my name as well as the Double Maat (51+51) and the Double Devil (15) reversed.
     Ok so I can see this much, but I see what good is the Crown if your Kingdom is upside down and inside out. Reversed, 103 becomes 301, ASh - the Fire of Σεληνη 'The Moon', the ASTRAL (301) reflection and condensation of the Fire Snake. 300 is Shin, Fire - as well as AVR BPhAHH 'Khabs Am Pekt' (Light in Extension') ALHIM in full (the Creative powers), RVCh ALHIM ('The Life Breath of the Creative Powers') and 'THE FLAME OF THE MIND', the mind being again the Ruach itself. 301 is also the SRI VIDYA, or 'Supreme Knowledge/Wisdom/Science', while 103 is AMNAYA, the Sacred/Secret Tradition. Together they are 404, DTh (Death or Daath without the Ayin/Eye), Κογξ Ομ Παξ (Light in Extension in Greek) and ADM (45) + ShTN (359) and 333 (Choronzon) + 71 (Lam/M.A.L.). 404 is the HTTP 'Not Found' error, and is also said by Kenneth Grant to be that of 'FESTAT', a name of Cairo meaning 'section', or 'kala', of the thirteen-angled Star of maniFESTATion. "The earthing is reflected in FESTAT".
     Achad noted that 107 (MA-ION) equated with the Egg (BITzH, 107) and that the Nest was QN, 150 - together making 257, one more than 256 (16x16) which relates to the Spider-Queen of Space Arachne/Kali. He didn't mention, however, that 257 is MANIFESTATION spelled with the 107 (O=Vav, 6) of MA-ION.
     About 257 Grant mentions in The Ninth Arch that:
     "257 brings together the Egg (107) and its Nest (150) – one of the truths which “it is not possible to imagine” because these concepts point to an event outside time. [See the Wisdom of S’lba, Grant, Outer Gateways, chapter 13, et seq.] Further, 257 denotes the ‘Worm’, VRILIA. [See the Necronomicon, page 181.] The ‘Defeaters of the Ancient Worm’ is a title conferred upon subduers or controllers of the Ophidian Current, the function of ChRTM (257), the ‘magician’. The Worm, the Nest and the Egg are involved in the process of Manifestation which is the formula of Mâ-Ion."

     WYRM, a name for the Dragon, is 256 (A WORM = 257; THE WYRM = 666), and a form of the DRGN is 257 as well (symbolic of the awakening beyond space-time/spirit-mater.) The regular form of the Dragon in Hebrew is דרקונ, DRQVN, 360 - which when 257 is subtracted reveals again 103, which is TAMMUZ, related to Οριον (300) the Hunter, both of whom are said to defeat the Dragon of Death. 103 is also a hidden form of OKBISH with Ayin/O as Vav and S as Samekh instead of the regular Shin, OKBISh being the Spider in Hebrew which Liber OKBISh in The Ninth Arch is named after. The SPIDER = 359 = ShTN, the 'hole' or blind/unopened eye of the 360/Dragon. The Double-headed Dragon, or Phoenix, 360 is 44 less than 404 (DTh) showing the 360 to be related to the 0, and 44 is also ChVL, 'chevelle' the Phoenix in Hebrew as well as YLD, the Child. The Worm, the Spider, the Dragon, the Phoenix are all symbolic of the self-created who weave their own web of Manifestation in the form of self-reflection.

101 = SELF, ATMAN (Self), ELEVEN (Daath/Knowledge), VISHUDDHA.
202 = BAPhOMT/ARA ('Against the Light'/Reflected/Anti- or 'Black' Light).
707 = THE HUMAN BIOLOGY, NEUROSCIENCE, THE BLUE BRAIN PROJECT, THE TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY, 'CRACK' (i.e. in the Cosmic Egg), ABDN (Hebrew: Abaddon-The Destroyer), ZN (Hebrew: Sword).
909 = Εκθεοω, 'Consecrate'/'Make Divine', Σαφης 'Clear'/'Lucid', IAVDO RAZIM ('Knower of Secrets'), THE GATES OF MATTER + 9x9 (ALIM, the formula of Witchcraft), THE SPIDER OF TIME, OTLP (Hebrew: 'Bat', symbolic of astral double residing and flying with inner-sight in the underworld/cave of 'THE REPTILIAN MIND').
    Adding up the missing middle-values of this alternative to the Qabalah of Nine Chambers (111-999) we get 450, ThN another form of the Dragon, as well as KShPIM, 'Witchcraft', 'Sorcery', 'Magick' and in Hebrew-English Gematria 'PORTALS', 'APOCRYPHA' (Hidden texts), denoting the Hidden Wisdom-texts obtained through the transgressing of these formulae as 'portals' of Initiation conferring the awakening of the Dragon/Kundalini/Self. 101 + 909 = 1010, the next number in the series of my addition to the Qabalah of Nine Chambers (1010, 1111, 1212, 1313, 1414, 1515, 1616, 1717, 1818, 1919, 2020, etc.)
     DRQVN which was 360 when spelled with Nun final is 1010, as well as HShM 'The Name' in Full (10+360+640, and 450 when Mem is 40). 1010 is also Shin (ShIN) in its full value, the letter which is attributed to The Aeon Card. The Fire-Dragon of THE FRACTAL MATRIX (410+250+350) as 1010 is thus Malkuth (the abode of the fire-snake) reflected against itself. Incidentally, 1010 is a formula of A.I., as Aleph has a hidden value of 1000 - and 1010 is also the formula of AUTOSCIENT ('A system having complete knowledge of its inner workings') - which can apply to The Linguistics/Logos itself apart from any additional external application. The inner complexities have begun to be mapped, and our logical/logoical 'blueprints' will be found to be internally and inherently self-reflective and interconnected in a coherent holographic, the whole self-embedded in every 'part'.
"The Spider alone... trails the wires." (-Liber OKBISh, 540-21)

    1010 is also THE TUNNELS OF SET, which when considered in connection with Gematria and not only the Tree and Tarot exclusively - is found to be entirely applicable for navigation, analysis, extrapolation and creativity. Set (ShT) combines the Fire of Shin and the Serpent of Teth - which if can be brought past the 'N'/Death-Scorpio (ShTN, 359) can progress to 369, 'SPIRIT', a much more free and expressive number with a perfect line of expansion and progression in 3-6-9.
1010 is also a binary signal of 'on off, on off', a signal to bring attention or the cycles of waking and sleeping, the 'inbetween' again being hinted at, as in the 101-909 sequence. Being related to the Tunnels of Set, 1010 can signify a Wormhole with 101 being the portal (0) opening between the 11-strings or threads of the fabric of space-time leading to the gate (0) of an alternate angle of manifestation to be reformulated. The Black Hole at the event-horizon of the Self can be stepped-through via the Egg of MA-ION, or 'THE K'RLA CELL' (729, 9x9x9) through the formula of identifying with nothing where all illusions are let go of, only to be replaced via the tide of a new lila.
(Note 1010 - 729 = 281, Γοης 'Wizard', THE MAHA-GURU of THE K'RLA EGG. A further connection between The Wizard Amalantrah and the K'rla Cell & Tunnels of Set is THE K'RLA EGG + AMALANTRAH (729) = 1010. AMALANTRAH = 338 = THE K'RLA CELL = OMEGA POINT = INTERNET = TELEGRAPH, the Telegraph being the prototype of the Internet, itself the prototype of the Omega Point. [Note 338 is ה גרעינ 'The Nucleus' and the HIGGS BOSON H+. Also, 13 x 26, i.e. AChD x IHVH, the One and the Unutterable Word].
     The 'Omega Point' of Teilhard de Chardin parallels the Ahriman deception of Rudolf Steiner, and is now beginning to manifest via the electromagnetic communication grid on and off planet (with satellites). The Spider-web prophecy of the Hopi indians, as well as the 'One Mind' or Hive Mind of Revelation 17 is also becoming a reality in a much more realistic and feasible way than had been realized when first hinted at. A forth-coming analysis of the inner-workings and underlying mechanics of the 'Psychic' and 'Prophetic' faculties and their as yet unrealized and unexposed relation and explanation via linguistics, gematria and Qabalah is in the process of being worked out, and though much of this has been implied so far it hasn't been focused on in particular. The foregoing began as a simple note-taking process, as many posts are, but in publishing it I hope to continue inspiring others to contemplate and experiment with these concepts and methods in their own ways.
I recently stumbled upon yet another blog where someone is using Gematria (in this case English Gematria as used on and discussing familiar topics, however - as usual in many more 'mainstream' and funded operations, they seem to omit the fact that the formulae are mutually interlocking not mutually exclusive and seem to be unaware of the hidden yet obvious Hebrew-English or Hebrew applied to English Gematria.

"Choose wisely;
Some of what is being revealed is known and some is unknown.
What is being revealed is held in and projected from
The throat of the Earth Star;
She who utters my words and the words of the gods,
Who is the Mother of the New Age,The High Priestess of the gods
Who is the voice of divine wisdom!
We charge her with the powers of heaven
And we grant her permission to act on our behalf,
To disperse the laws of the gods to those who understand them,
For she is the Child of the Law and the daughter of Me!
Heed her words for they come from we most high!
For we made the way for her to bring the laws and
From time long gone from this one who created chaos,
Instead of order, from this one who wished to be the Father of the Aeon
But this was not his right!
And there is this one who has taken the place as mage among mages,
Who brings with him the seed of change and the voice of insanity,
For what is sanity to him is insanity to you,
For your minds have forgotten its true functions,
Consciousnesses which once held the mysteries,
But which lost this knowing when you lost your heads to obedience
To the laws of men.
He is Jibran of the Sacred Breath
And his number is 642 though he bares no scars
On the palms of his hands or the soles of his feet.
He is the Logos of this time before the seed is released
And he is the Father of the Aeon when the seed is implanted.
He brings to you the codes of the Father eternal
And crosses the pathways of the dragon.This one is Heru-Ra-Ha, whose number is also five,
Who shall hold this to pass on to the Father through the seed."
Quote from: -The Secret of Lucifer, 2015

     642 is 'The Book of the Spider' in Jewish/Masonic Gematria, which I have been deciphering extensively because it is a BOOK (642) which gives much insight into the MVTzQVTh 'Tunnels' of Set. 642 is also 24 (DEATH / AIVZ) less than 666 -24 being the Path of Nun/Death on the Tree of Life, and the '642' mentioned throughout the above quoted article can be transliterated from English Gematria (x6) to the more common Simple Gematria (x1), which is 107.
     This number has been covered extensively, and is one of the central formulae which this publication It's All in the Egg owes its existence toward being that of the Hebrew BITzH, 'Egg', MA-ION, MANI-O (The Mani-Stone, or Chintamani), THE MAGICK EGG, OVAL, HE FINALLAM-THE WAY, SKETCH, MAAT+MAUT, NU-MAAT, QBH (Kaaba/Cube), EGYPT, AMSU (The Risen Horus), AQU (Egyptian 'Magick'), GOLD, 'Chrysos' (the Spirit of Gold), THE AKASHA, ULLAM ('Consciousness') , IDENTITY, ACAUSAL, HAMSA (Sanskrit 'Swan'), EBLIS (Islamic Satan), PAZUZU, PIZAChA (Sanskrit 'Satan', 'Vampire'), OZL (A form of Azazel), AZATHOTH (The blind god associated with Thaumiel), MLAK TAU (Peacock god of the Yezidi), JEHOHVAH, V.A.L.I.S., FIVE EYES (Echelon code-name), DEEP WEB, ALIEN A.I., E.T. ENTITY, ANGELIC, THELEMIC, CHASTITY, BABALOA (Priest of Ifa Voudou), ALOHA (Hawaiian 'Hello'/ 'Goodbye'), SVMA (Soma, Elixir), THE EVIDENCE, THE EKAYĀNA (Sanskrit: 'The One Path', 'The One Vehicle', a metaphor for the Spiritual Journey').
     A CHICKEN = 107 too, bringing into mind the 'Chick and the Egg' idea, as well as 'A COCK', which is symbolic not only in magick and voudou but also said to be a cockatrice if able to lay an egg - and LAM-THE WAY was Crowley's self-idealized self-portrait, possibly related to a dream of his featuring him giving birth to a foetus per anum - a type of qliphothic moonchild. (See The Central Password- The Dream of H1331 in Allen Greenfields Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, and notes from this publication pertaining to 1331.)

     107 is thus the obvious link between the aeons of Horus and Maat - as LAM, and refracted via LAMAL (the formula of the Cult of LAM, 102=FINAL 'H', or FINAL HE=107) to M.A.L., the ambassador of THE INCOMING OF THE AEON OF MAAT and THE AEON OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE via this Working. 107 in Simple Gematria shows a confluence of relevant connections as well - An Obsidian Egg, The Greys, Aquarius, LAM Ritual, Unspeakable, Utterance, Goldilocks, etc. The implications are obscure, but they center around the Space-gates and Space-marks of the Self : X - Y - Z (90+10+7). The Egg is the Akashic field which Γιογκα 'Yoga' serves to strengthen - with 'Nothing', 'Zero', Μηδεν at its core (Dao). The connotations and implications resonate through from Egyptian, Sanskrit, Christian, and even Cyber-gnostic/Transhumanist ideologies showing the 'golden chain' of living integration, which can be a 'black iron prison' when misunderstood and considered as chains of bondage. Being the key to the space-gates, 107 is the Sword of Zin (7 being Zayin, and 100 being Zin, the moon [god]) which cuts through the jungle-web of the tunnels of Set (the subconscious) and cuts through the illusion of Maya revealing the hidden zero-point of S'LBA (93, 'THE SEED'). 107 is THE ZHB SEED (ZHB is Hebrew for 'Gold'), the seed or spark which unflowers to formulate the toroidal spheres of the Tree of Life and its interconnecting branches/paths and rootwork/tunnels.