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Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Zeitgeist

"I frankly accept the most materialistic conceptions of Victorian science. I yell with unholy glee that consciousness is a function of the brain. I merely add that nature is continuous, and that it is therefore absurd to suppose that any special group of phenomena and no other should exhibit unique qualities…. all matter is to some extent conscious; and so there may be, all over the Universe, individuals of many orders-only the shallowest salvationists would sneer “why don’t we see them?” The Unknown-from “Australia before it was discovered” (as the child’s riddle says), to bacilli, Hertz rays and electrons-had the impudence to exist without our formal recognition." -Aleister Crowley,On the Reception of the Book of the Law, page 700 of Magick: Liber ABA

"Contemporary science agrees with the sacramentalist’s attitude to matter. The world is seen as a play of forces which sometimes burst into manifestation, and, at other times remain veiled behind the apparently innocuous forms of everyday objects. These forces were concealed by the ancients beneath the image of Pan, the earliest representations of which were extraordinarily hideous. The work of the magician lies in reifying these powers by bringing them into alignment with the subconscious energies that form the basic substance of manifestation. In a more particular sense the secret of Creative Occultism resides in a capacity for projecting a magically charged sigil beyond the astral walls that confine consciousness to its waking state. One engine capable of launching such a missile is the sexually magnetised imagination freed from the limitations of thought." -Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time, page 32

    Every zeitgeist has its share of highs and lows, and it has been shown by many different authors how those highs and lows can often follow a similar pattern or almost mirror the previous or subsequent. A thesis of Terence McKenna's known as Timewave Zero was that the I Ching, or 'Book of Changes' from ancient China contained a basic pattern (8x8 = 64 = 'TIME') which when mapped out graphically over time happened to correspond with the peaks and troughs of human history, and that coinciding with the re-cycling of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012 the projected sequence from the I Ching also came to an Omega Point, or point of maximum complexity wherein a new sequence would begin, albeit higher along the spiral so to speak, or an increase in octave - corresponding with the sun aligning with the ecliptic of the galactic center. When considering the advances that occurred around this period, i.e. that of the breaking of the Key of It All, the work of CERN, the bridging of the sub-atomic and space-age fields along with that of neuroscience, biology and computing, this may be seen with some level of credence (Perhaps even a type of macrocosmic/collective 'Ordeal of the Abyss'.)

    Patterns in time are nothing new or outrageous, the cycle of time repeats in common micro- to macro- levels every minute, hour, day, week, month, season, and year and it is these organizational structures that we owe modern history to. The routines and rituals of the zeitgeist of cultures, such as fashion, political and spiritual trend-cycles are a popular topic and it goes without saying how much the more time goes by we can more clearly see how indeed 'history repeats'. Another important thread in all this is the 1969 book Hamlet's Mill by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend. A whirlpool of myth, legend and legitimate history, among the seemingly endless possible points that can be derived, the primary line of contention is that myth, legend, 'prophecy' and even random occurrence or unconscious acting all work along a similar footing, a pattern or skeleton of logical development in which every part is immediately related to each other with some connections being stronger and closer than others.

"Mathematics was moving up to me from the depth of centuries; not after myth, but before it. Not armed with Greek rigor, but with the imagination of astrological power, with the understanding of astronomy. Number gave the key. Way back in time, before writing was even invented, it was measures and counting that provided the armature, the frame on which the rich texture of real myth was to grow." -pg. ix, Hamlet's Mill

     The story of Hamlet by Shakespeare has been psychoanalyzed extensively by Freud and others, and its parallel to the Oedipus complex is a prime example of a legitimate psycho-drama of fable that so aptly reflects actual unconscious repressive tendencies all individuals face. Many Greek, Roman, and Egyptian stories also continue to reappear in every zeitgeist because they are so archetypaly relevant and relateable. Surely either the ancients were more in tune with the deeper aspects of psychology and its expression than they are given credit, or they merely unconsciously intuited many labyrinthine corridors of human psychology in the form of elaborate fantasies; either way (or perhaps more or less both ways) many of the greatest scholars and perceptive minds of the past have recognized the awe inspiring nature of stories of the past and the value they have into the insight not only of the people of the time but for any time.

     It should be born in mind that in actuality, all stories fictional or subjective, are but facets of the one true story that we call Reality. Each subjective experience is part of the continuous thread of Objective Reality, and if Materialism is to be accepted, then each of even the most minutest threads composing all conceivable being connect as one with all others, for there can be nothing that is not. Therefore, the Pythagorean premise that "All is Number" would be found validated, the 'number' being the data, or material itself in its most fundamental form. Mathematics is said to be the language of the universe, the common basis in which any person from any language can come to agree on, at least as far as basic cause and effect, provable and definite facts. To say mathematics and numbers have absolutely no meaning would be to turn the last couple millenia of scientific advancement on its head, and to choose to ignore the foundations thereof would be to hollow it out.

     When the premise of Gematria is sufficiently understood as the basic application of mathematics to language an entire vista of millenia-long ignorance regarding the mechanical basis behind everyday communication and thought itself is revealed. Perhaps part of the ignorance itself is from the rightly perceived gulf of immense neglect. This entire idea, that language has a mathematical and therefore syntactically mechanical basis would be a very useful key, or missing link, for (m)any of the age-long mysteries of occultism. Through the scientific advancement in Neural Networks, we can see that our COGNITION itself is precipitated out of basic, fundamental and definitive functional constructs (i.e. organs, the nervous system, nutrients, bio-electricity, etc.) The idea that thought and language itself can be broken up into component parts is not much different.
     The 'mystical' contention that 'magick' is the art of causing change in accordance with will, is really not mystical at all when you consider this aesthetic mythos in Scientific [Illuminist] terms. The 'Periodic Table' for the Magus is Liber 777, which contains the psychological elements to be utilized in experiment (ceremonial ritual). The Correspondences are themselves logically arranged according to their worked out results through both mathematics and practical application. The Paths of the Tree of Life and the Sephiroth or Spheres which they connect represent the Mind (Nous, Psyche or Ruach), synonymous with 'Spirit', the nebulous quality said to not ex-ist, but nevertheless accounts for the cognition of all existence. These crystallize out into the physical composition of outward phenomenal perception, i.e. the Ego, known as Malkuth, the Kingdom of Earth, the alchemical earthen-ware vessel of manifestation, which the average uninitiated person would not perceive but as a clear, though perhaps dim, simulacrum of identified Self (0, The Fool ~ ⊗, The Universe). [i.e. Hamlet's Mill, the Demiurge with whom He, i.e. 'I', is synonymous.]

Note the extensive reversal symbolism of the Dog/God.
     The Fool is 0 because he can't see in the dark, all is dark. All appears as nothing. 0%. APhL, a temurah of ALPh means Darkness, and Death (i.e. the Forbidden Knowledge). (PhAL also reminds of the 'Fall', which the Fool embodies in walking off the cliff, with his 'PAL', the dog at his side.) 111 is also a BOLT of THE WHITE LIGHT, for the Fool awakened is The Universe, directed/conjured under Will via The Magus. 0=2 is resolved not in the triangle but the Diamond, corresponding to the Daughter/He final of Tetragrammaton, IHVH. He Final is the door/window of death and rebirth, and 4, The Cross of the Elements and the Universe contains the Whole 10 in its part (1+2+3+4). 
1,234 is also the Hidden Diamond-prism of Kether, 620; Chokmah, 73; Binah, 67; and Daath, 474. This is the number of both Πραγματικοτητα, 'Reality/Actuality' and  Γλωσσα, 'Tongue/Language' (Glossa, root of glossalalia). This reminds again of Terence McKenna's statement that:
 “The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish." 
     The Logos, or Word which is the creative faculty of Alhim, or the Creative Powers of the Ruach is the expressive function of the Ruach, 'Breath/Spirit/Psyche' itself, and the value of the Greek Λογος is 373, which corresponds to the Hebrew 300 (Ruach Alhim) + 73 (Chokmah), i.e. the Wisdom of the Spirit of God(s)/the Creative Forces, i.e. the Sephiroth below the Abyss which comprises the Intellect (Daath through Yesod). 373 is also the Greek Το Γ, 'The G', the masonic symbol which as Gamma (Γ) symbolizes the Square and as 'G', symbolizes the tracing Compass both of which are the artisinal/demiurgic tools symbolizing the squaring off and circumscribing of spirit in matter, or mind over matter and also 300, Shin (Set/Shiva/Spirit) + 70 (Ayin, 'Eye') + 3 (Triangle) signifies the Third Eye of Set/Shiva in the Triangle of Spirit (prismatically raying into manifestation), another illuminated symbol complex. It is through such mnemonic devices that Correspondences can serve as keys for unlocking not only long forgotten memories, such as scents and images have been known to do, but for also aligning the focus much in a similar way as a search-dog is given a sample scent to snuff out, but in a range far wider than just olfactory.

Consider the 3 directions/dimensions the Supernal Triad
     Just as the dyad is resolved in the triad, and again in the quatrad, then pentad and on until the 9 collapses back into a triadic unity, so each set along the way also resolves in a synthesis such as the 3 dimensions, phases of time, and states of matter each resolve in a fourth, while the fourth phases (Turiya, 'Twilight', and Plasma), the four directions, and four elements all resolve in a hidden but transcendent fifth wherein each is perceived in the five senses, five tattvas, and Phi-pentragram unfold in space (3), Time (4), spirit (5) and matter (6-9/10). [6-9 denotes the magnetic polarity of Tiphareth and Yesod which coalesce from electrical friction in Malkuth/Material physicality.]
 Thus, the 6th sense which synthesizes and transcends the five mundane senses is an electro-magnetic quality which is trumped by planetary/mineral (7) and temporal/time (8) constraints, but reflects the Will (i.e. inherent tendency; evolutionary trajectory) [9] into actuality (10, "I").

     Put in simpler terms better corresponding to the Tree you could consider the Supernal Triad under the basic atomic symbol of a nucleus with three rings, symbolizing the Ring Pass Not, Ring Pass Cosmos and Ring Pass Chaos, with Tiphareth as the Nucleus [Note 360+360+360 + 1 = 1,081 i.e. Tiphareth in Hebrew]- and Daath at each fractal point of 'not' delineating the separation at every instance in space-time, balanced by the forces of the two pillars (solve et coagula) but reflected both inward and outward at the level of Yesod wherein the internal forces become manifest outward forming the dense and seamless construct known as 'matter'. This is a gross outline of the fractal sub-atomic application of the Tree of Life to the atom, but if it can be understood one will see at once that 'Daath', the non-sphere is the 'abyss' of space-time itself which enables separation and distinction (11, i.e. Knowledge).

'Quanta' means quantity, amount, number or charge. Quantum Physics can then also be thought of as Number Physics.
      A new television program called Stranger Things which hints at some of these mysteries has two main characters named Will and Eleven. Eleven is an obvious avatar or embodiment of the Daughter-Diamond/Daath symbolism as her name implies, and who subsequently reveals that she knows about something called the 'Veil of Shadows' which is a gate to 'the upside down' realm, akin to the Sitra Ahra or 'Other Side' of the Qliphothic Tree of Death. VEIL OF SHADOWS happens to equal 333, the number of Choronzon the GATEKEEPER of Daath (i.e. the ring pass not of the Event Horizon, or 'present' space-timeframe). The title was originally going to be Montauk, but it was changed and there is a reference to MKULTRA, the mind control program of the 50s-70s which is said to still be ongoing, albeit clandestinely. The premise, however, is interesting considering that more and more media and popular culture is touching on these issues, which have both the potential to inspire people to research as well as generate disinformation and distraction with the intention to repel. It should be noticed that the theme of the magickal childe has been recurring lately and is indicative of the Crowned and Conquering Child of the Aeon of Horus, signified by the expressions Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law, and Love is the Law, Lover Under Will (i.e. magickal manifestation on the lower planes via the Higher centers).

     Aside from the sensational horror aspect, there is again a thread of relationships manifesting either consciously or unconsciously, as has been shown previously in such recent formulaic occurrences I have pointed out such as JADE HELM+1+5 (using Mem final) being a military drill code containing 666, along with the television remake of Arthur Clarke's Childhood's End bringing to my attention the formula CHILDHOOD'S END + KARELLEN also 666, etc. I can not answer as to whether this sort of thing is intentional or 'unconscious', all I know is that it should be addressed and considered from all angles rather than dismissed under the false premise that any phrase can be made to equate to any number, when using the self-same formula renders it impossible to alter what is fixed by mathematical logic.

     If this is being done consciously it would imply that this knowledge is known about and being kept quiet, and/or it could be again, a happenstance product of the mathematical organization of linguistics which has hitherto been largely unrealized at least on the level of universal application as it has been increasingly found to be. Of course, 666 is only a single general marker which tends to have some of the most related, obvious and telling correspondences it should be noted that each previous and subsequent number also has its own unique characteristics and correspondences and the totality can only be grasped through personal knowledge (gained from experience, i.e. making a database to see how each part interlocks). 1=A, 2=AA, B, 3 = AB, C, 4 = ABA, CA, D, etc. Each numerical cell grows in its linguistic potential as far up the scale as one is able to go while still maintaining logic, but I tend to find that 1-2,000 yeild the most valuable correspondences. Although, the Biblical verse Revelation 2:16 happens to equate to 9,999: "Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth." The Sword of his Mouth is the Numerical Spectrum itself, the Logos or 'Word of God' which creates, and constitutes 'Reality'.

     Human history, life itself, is very much like a horror story with the God-Monster Chronos insatiably devouring every star for eternity. Coming back to the mythos behind Hamlet and Oedipus we see that fate cannot be stopped or avoided, it will come sooner or later, and that sometimes in trying to destroy your enemies you become just like them... In magickal or psychological terms this would relate to Will and Fate. There is, however, a quantum conundrum to be ascertained and understood. This is that Fate is is the subsequent development and future-tense aspect of Will, whereas Will is neither past, present or future-dependent. If the Solar-Tiphareth level of Will is truly understood and activated the physical, outward reflected manifestation will be awakened to its inner-guidance and less subject to external factors, and the 'non-existent'/immaterial quality of Psyche/Spirit will drive the chariot of the Ego with insight and foresight unaccesable to the limited present-frame of mind. I have long said that the determining factor between free-will and determinism is the level of awareness, which can vary in each person at different periods of time. The quality of time (and cognition) can vary to such large extents themselves, ranging from instantaneous to eternal,  sometimes comparisons are near impossible to make. The implications of the quantum observer effect also show that perception has a number of varying factors which make the observer rather than what is observed one of the primary subjects of concern rather than vice versa. And as we see from anything posted on the internet, responses can vary greatly among those perceptive enough to grasp something as opposed to those too dense to enable themselves to.

    There is much more to be presented laying out more systematic and practical approaches to the application of this Gnosis to the arts and sciences, but a primer needs to be laid pointing in the direction which we are already going, but unfortunately lacking in many respects as far as the most basic integrational insights which if gained could better balance our technological ability and tecnical capacity for understanding and operating efficiently. It is as if we see but one side, that of the superficial and shallow, aspect of things and if they aren't immediately appealing or gratify our base natures they are unworthy of deeper consideration - a notion both foolish and dangerous. The iron curtain of mundane bondage, nihilistic boredom and absurd purposelessness can be more easily cast aside than ever before, and for the most part though there are a number of chemical and psychological obstacles, the biggest source of oppression is usually right under the surface.

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