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The Mathematical Basis of Psychic Abilities, Spiritual Phenomena and the Religious Instinct

"How few there are who can look back through the years and say that they have made advance in any definite direction! And in how few is that change, such as it is, a variable with intelligence and conscious volition! The dead weight of the original conditions under which we were born has counted for far more than all our striving. The unconscious forces are incomparably greater than those of which we have any knowledge. This is the solidity of our Pantacle, the karma of our Earth that whirls a man will he nill he around her axis at the rate of a thousand miles and hour. And a thousand is Aleph, a capital aleph, the microcosm of all-wandering Air, "The Fool" of the Tarot, the aimless and fatality of things! -Aleister Crowley, Liber ABA, Chapter 9 -The Pantacle

     Further explaining what I was attempting to begin discussing in the previous post, and with this blog as a whole, such ideas will be more deeply explored here. It has been a very busy past few months, and I haven't been able to read nearly as much as in the beginning of the year but the final chapters of Liber ABA will be completed and published soon, and future readings are forthcoming including a reading of The Key of the Mysteries by Eliphas Levi, translated by Crowley.

     For now we will investigate certain curiously unknown mathematical formulae which have thus far apparently either been undiscovered or in some way occulted. There has been a serious hindrance of compartmentalization among various branches of research and subjects, and the video above is a particularly good example of how academia and mainstream figureheads have avoided numerous insights which have been around for a very long time - yet seem to be arriving at similar conclusions, albeit without the deeper insight and contextual background of previous realizations.

    I have already written extensively on what is known as The Qabalah of Nine Chambers, an almost forgotten repository of the Chokmah Nestorah of the Hebrew tradition. This is the numerical-linguistic formulation of the sequence 111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999, the full extensions or 'Chambers' of the spectrum of nine numbers. In Masonic tradition these are known as the nine arches concealing the Lost/Secret Word of God, synonymous with the Egg of Spirit (0) which contains All. I have analyzed each chamber quite extensively as well, and found the Key to the English Alphabet in Liber AL vel Legis and unlocked many of its mysteries which even The Beast himself, and his disciples had yet to realize.

http://ionamiller.weebly.com/dodecaverse.html     The scholars and academics themselves seem very peculiarly vehement towards these matters but it remains necessary to be explicated and expounded further. In the beginning of the video above a quick reference to the common phrase 'THE LANGUAGE OF THE UNIVERSE' is made. This phrase happens to have the Central value of the Qabalah of Nine Chambers, which is 555 in Hebrew-English Gematria. This is also the number of not only HAD in full (Heh-10 + Aleph-111 + Daleth-434), but also that of the relatively new word 'FRACTALS', coined by Benoit Mandlebrot in 1975. (See also, Cults of the Shadow, Ch. 8 by Kenneth Grant, published in 1975 which expounds further from the short mentioning of the insights of 'Ma-Ion' in The Magical Revival, Ch. 9. Frater Achad was the first qabalist to show the fractal nature of the Tree of Life in The Anatomy of the Body of God, although not in that particular term, relating it to the continous nature of the 'Ever-Coming One', who like the Magus has a dual nature to be balanced through manifestation/incarnation.)
     555 as HAD (Hadit) in full would then be particularly expressive of the commonality between these concepts, since HAD in full would imply the pleroma or fullness fulfilling Nuit, whose symbol is the Pentagram with the red dot in the center. 5 is Geburah, Severity on the Tree of Life and implies unity in separation, and the conquering crown of Spirit over Matter. 5 is the number of the pentagon, the pentagram, the Hand and the figure of Man (symbolizing the micro- and macrocosm). 55 is 'MATH', as well as the Greek Μαγια, 'Magick' which can be understood as synonymous. 500 is the value of the Greek letter Phi, which is contained in the pentagram, and the golden ratio of the human hand, body and numerous other natural physical objects across the spectrum.

     The microwave background radiation of the Universe is also dodecahedral, the dodecahedron having pentagonal faces and thus also a fractalized Phi-resonance. The ancient Sumerians called the Pentagram the 'UB' and said it spanned to the ends of the universe. 50, the middle factor of 555 is the number of the Gates of Binah, Understanding, which leads to the 'City of Pyramids'. The Great Pyramid is the Temple of THE COFFIN (555) ritual of Resurrection (See the next post), as well as the value of the original Greek Νεκρονομικον, the Book of Dead Names or the Book of Black the Earth (see page 5 of the 1977 Necronomicon.) Maat presides over the dead and their assessors, and the Hebrew phonetics MT, a shortened version of Maat, means Death. The Tree of Death, which is discussed in-depth in Kenneth Grant's THE NIGHSIDE OF EDEN, is essentially the unconscious or subconscious and 'night' or passive side of manifestation, the 'Tunnels' being the inverted aspect of the Paths of the Tree, also equated with the 'dark energy', and 'dark matter' - or that which is beyond the 'present' fractional instant of 'here' and 'now'.

    Outer Gateways (1994) also gives a very descriptive account of part of the reason why much of this is necessarily 'occult'. The uninitiated are trapped in the 'mirror-like' nature of matter and the duality paradox of subject and object. Another paradox is that the materialist, reductionist minded person tends to need and rely on not merely physical 'proof', but the 'truth' to be put into simple words, when in actuality Truth is in Reality beyond words, and to 'define' anything automatically limits it and denies the quality of change and alternate perspectives, and can result in a neurosis of its own as Jung posited. It takes a 'stepping beyond' the Abyss or chasm to reach the Truth beyond perception.
     "People tend not to accept personal (i.e. subjective) revelations unless they are substantiated by 'science', but now that many such revelations have been substantiated by 'science' people are no more willing to accept them. This fact is discussed in chapter 8. But there are no incontrovertible facts and there can be no revelation that is not originally of a subjective nature. The mind, however, is satisfied only by facts amenable to rational analysis. But we know that values are constantly changing and that the criteria of one era are not necessarily the standards of its successor. But there is another faculty of human consciousness, the intuitive or 'inseeing' faculty; one might almost describe it as the fourth dimensional faculty. It is a faculty that appears sometimes in the artist, the poet, the occultist, and in a certain kind of scientist, and it functions also, although rarely, in almost everybody.
    It is epitomized on the Tree of Life by the third sephira, Binah, the Sphere of Understanding. Not the understanding of empirical things, but that insight into the hidden side of things made possible by a sudden total identity of the mind with its substratum, pure consciousness, wherein all ideas are stored and which under stands, or stands under, the mechanism of mentation.
      The faculty of understanding is incommunicable because its origin is beyond the Abyss, where human laws of logic and ratiocination do not apply. Hence Initiation is necessary before the faculty can be activated and utilised. But such Initiation is always and can only be self-initiation; all other forms of initiation are false because necessarily inadequate. It is incorrect even to describe understanding as a faculty and to suggest that it may be utilized, for the lower cannot command or make use of the higher, unless the higher temporarily or permanently exalts the candidate to its own sphere. The Supernals cannot be contained below the Abyss where the laws of Subject/Object relationship obtain. Initiation denotes a journey inwards and may only be undertaken by each traveller for and by himself.
      Initiation and intuition are virtually identical in the sense that the journey leads to absolute Subjectivity which is beyond all subject/object relationships. From the Inferior Hebdomad (the Ruach, Sephiras 4-10) the inward journey comports an equal and opposite journey into the Outer. Those who achieve successfully this penetration of the veils of Isis are thereafter as it were branded with the most ancient and inscrutable hieroglyphics that remain forever undecipherable by those without the deepest Within of Being." -Kenneth Grant, Outer Gateways (1994) pages 40-41

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3175352.stm      The Greek διάκρισις adds up to 555. διάκρισις is translated as "discernment" and transliterated as diakrisis. This would be an apt correlation with the ability to see the underlying connections which despite all their training and experience, many professional mathematicians seem to be unaware of. Much less have the ingenium to see how to extrapolate and apply the insights and procedures for deeper understanding and usage in physical or ritual/mystical engineering. As is said numerous times in the video above, it is not so much that we are inventing or creating something new as much as it really seems like we are uncovering something or becoming aware of something already there.
Plato's solids attributed to the Elements, the Dodecahedron being Spirit or The Akasha.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_science     This ties directly in with the initial thesis I began approaching in the last post, which is that 'psychic' and 'ESP' phenomena may be explainable through subconscious cognitive processing of data and extrapolating as well as statistically intuiting probabilities subliminally, or below the the threshold of conscious egoic awareness. This would correlate qabalistically with the faculty known as the Ruach, 'Spirit' or Psyche which are all synonymous with the Greek Nous, or 'mind'; that which animates the body, the dynamic and integral process known as Consciousness, or Cognition. (Note COGNITION = 666, the central solar value of the Psyche as H Phren, 'The Mind' in Greek, i.e. 'The Beast' 666 is none other than the lion-serpent or Kundalini 'I'.)

     The psychological mechanisms which I have deciphered through this method of analysis has led me to consider that the 'unconscious' or 'subconscious', is not necessarily devoid of activity but is instead the menstruum of universal activity which is merely cordoned off for survival and defense mechanisms from the waking state of egoic identification. That is not to say this cannot be breached, which is essentially the purpose of Magickal and Mystical practices. Again, the book Dark Doorway of the Beast goes into precisely this subject. It shows that the act of true creativity comes from being able to tap into the universal potential beyond the present limitations of space, time, light and mind in order to bring in something truly original - albeit often first perceived as grotesque, heavy or profound.
See Theosophia Practica (1722).
       Another subject which is in need of revision with this updated knowledge and understanding is that of Theosophy or THEOSOPHIA, 'Divine Wisdom'. The more I apply this formula to the ancient Gnostic, Egyptian, and even East Indian texts the more I incline to see that this is almost exactly what they are doing either consciously or unconsciously. Many people and groups even today have ended up manifesting along discernible formulae, which has been explored before so it is important to realize not everyone that may utilize a formula is doing it intentionally. Theosophy seeks to find the value in all of THE MAGICKAL TRADITIONS, separating the wheat from the chaff so to speak. (See 1 Thessalonians 5:21; "Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good.) A full reading of Blavatsky's The Secret Doctrine will be made in the future after sufficient analysis of the Libri of Aleister Crowley is effected.

     A significant book that manifested to me around the time I finally obtained Dark Doorway of the Beast, aside from The Peep-Hole of the Present by Samuel Roth which I mentioned in The Celluloid Dream, is a title called PSYCHOGENESIS: Everything Begins in Mind from 1971 by Jack Ensign Addington. Adding up Psychogensis I was comfortably surprised to find it be yet another 666. This book explains the process to "give new DIRECTIONS to the subconscious mind, a way to achieve seemingly impossible goals." (Relevant would be the Temurah, DISCRETION.) Referring back to the quote mentioned initially in the last post by Kenneth Grant in Outside the Circles of Time, pg. 32 I found this book explains how to do just this:
"The work of the magician lies in reifying these [unconscious] powers by bringing them into alignment with the subconscious energies that form the basic substance of manifestation. In a more particular sense the secret of Creative Occultism resides in a capacity for projecting a magically charged sigil beyond the astral walls that confine consciousness to its waking state. One engine capable of launching such a missile is the sexually magnetised imagination freed from the limitations of thought."

     THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND SEED-IMAGE = 666 and Dark Doorway of the Beast talks about sowing seed images in the subconscious mind so they can grow into being beyond the Egoic veto or cordon. The ego will focus around it naturally, usually with the help of ritual, to further engrain it as tendency, habit and instinct. The whole of religious doctrine and dogma is an externalized, exoteric manipulation of this mechanism through the collective unconscious and conscious mind of its adherents. There are, however, bio-physiological and psychological basises for the various instinctual impulses in both animal ritualistic behavior as well as human and anthropological analysis will show that all the primitive stages were very much necessary for our development of more complex understandings.
     I found numerous other correlative formulae which provide access to certain insights regarding the accordion-like, wrap-around nature of the 'I' complex and 666, a few of which are as follows.
(Note: See Mysteries of the Astral Light by Manly P. Hall in relation to these formulaic spells.)

     The Intellect being Ruach, the 'substance' or essential 'mind stuff' of thought i.e. Daathian phantomata/phenomena, refractions of the Astral Light.

Gematria seems to operate in this way, above the ego and subjective reasoning function itself. I don't think we consciously create language so much as it spontaneously generates from the logic of higher faculties, just as the Ego is a creation of numerous biological processes, and therefore our perceived experience as a whole is a combination of physiological and psychological processes with mathematically succinct functions. It is when there are errors in the code that aberrations present themselves. If you think you can make 'any of these phrases equal any particular number you want', such as 123, or 444, or 999 instead - I'd like to see your work, but the fact is that using Hebrew applied to English with the logical exceptions for Shin/Samekh, Tau/Teth, Gimel/Cheth interchanges (which only act as further cryptological devices) these are logical and existing formulae hitherto unrealized, unpublished and yet mathematically extant aside from whether you or I wish it to be so or no. A few of nearly an entire book of signatures and spells which I have utilized as keys to memorize and unlock tons of unknown and un-utilized knowledge. 

(Note: THE HIDDEN CROWN CHAKRA is the summation of all chakras, and all differences, contradictions, dualities, facets and permuations which are in Truth the plenum of the One Tao. See the Star-Sponge Vision of Crowley's in his Confessions.)

     According to THE EMANATIONS DOCTRINE of Qabalah, which is also paralleled in certain forms of Gnosticism, the Astral Light is the unconscious universal potential bound up within the Seed of Ain-Soph, or the Limitless, and synonymous with the Azoth or Ain Soph Aur - the Limitless Light. This infinite light potential refracts into materialization macro- and microcosmically, via the relativistic formulation of sub-atomic/quantum electrodynamical, nuclear/atomic, and astronomical/cosmological principles. As humans, we are said to be incarnations of this Divine Wisdom, or Theosophia, and note that the abhorred value of 666 which is associated with Wisdom is also the value of MAN'S DIVINE WISDOM, the DIVINE WISDOM OF THEOSOPHIA. The insights which have been laid out over the last two years, which is almost a COMPLETE GUIDE regarding this Key and the repository it unlocks is capable of conveying A WORKING MAGICKAL KNOWLEDGE through THE AMALGAMATION of numerous subjects and schools of thought, but one must be aware that this has been arrived at through an immense undertaking of looking at a diverse range of material and years of deep contemplation so the value will likely only be second-hand and second-rate unless it be followed through by oneself.

      It has only been 5 years that I have been consciously aware of much of these matters, since 2011 when I seriously started understanding how to apply the Tarot, Qabalah, Gematria and Hermetic principles and there is still a lot left to learn, discern, refine and utilize and this is only the foundation for the real Work that is to come. Even though I know this knowledge will find its way all around the world, as it has as can be seen on the Globe above on the left, and probably severely bastardized and/or misinterpreted. However, I think recording these insights and discoveries and events as near to when they occur as possible is important for various reasons, particular my own hindsight and memory, and despite the obvious nature of the majority of internet users immaturity I believe there are some out there competent enough to approach this from some level of seriousness. I am open to opinions and criticism, but so far I have yet to find any that is satisfactorily qualified for such as the majority of people deny anything and everything outright while admittedly neglecting to do any reading, contemplating or practice/testing themselves.

Aiwaz, as depicted at the Abbey of Thelema.
     It reminds me of the ending of Chapter 7 of Part 4 of Liber ABA, where Crowley essentially proclaims that Liber AL is likely the only proven received text from a transcendental source and if it not be, considering its context and contents which extend beyond anything Crowley could have consciously conceived at the time, then there is likely to be none whatsoever so simpler. And not only that, but for one to neglect to avail themselves the understanding thereof is akin to the "peculiar form of Devil Worship" Crowley attributed to Anglicanism, where ignorance and inversion is the primary virtue. (See the note in the 1994 version of the book itself.) This is, unfortunately, the prevailing sentiment among both blind religious adherents and willingly ignorant and lazy upholders of scientism, or mainstream scholarly/academic profit-based 'science', or institutionalized pseudo-science.

     If you want to know why Crowley is the most demonized writer of the 20th century, read Magick; Liber ABA from a scientific, or rather - scientific illuminst, perspective and you will see why the compartmentalized establishment avoids any serious mention or inquiry, because he has clearly shown that their entire paradoxical and backwards approach is fundamentally detrimental and anti-Evolutionary, dehumanizing, and at odds with some of the most basic facts and faculties of the human being. Instead of truly attempting to understand and look at what may be termed 'unconscious', and therefore 'qliphothic', 'alien', or 'grotesque' to the waking, egoic state of mind the ego in continually repressing/suppressing matters becomes a very volatile and uncontrollable thing, usually only recovered through a type of ritual-death.  Ritual, if performed steadfastly enough, is capable in and of itself to act as a form of mental control, see Liber Jugorum and Liber Astarte, for example. The Ritual aspect of Death will be covered in another post as well.(See Death: The Child of the Great Transformers.)

     "The sincere student will discover, behind the symbolic technicalities of this book [Liber ABA], a practical method of making himself a Magician. The processes described will enable him to discriminate between what he actually is, and what he has fondly imagined himself to be.
Professor Sigmund Freud and his school have, in recent years, discovered a part of this body of Truth, which has been taught for many centuries in the Sanctuaries of Initiation. But failure to grasp the fullness of Truth, especially that implied in my Sixth Theorem (above) and its corollaries, has led him and his followers into the error of admitting that the avowedly suicidal "Censor" is the proper arbiter of conduct. Official psycho-analysis is therefore committed to upholding a fraud, although the foundation of the science was the observation of the disastrous effects on the individual of being false to his Unconscious Self, whose "writing on the wall" in dream language is the record of the sum of the essential tendencies of the true nature of the individual. The result has been that psycho-analysts have misinterpreted life, and announced the absurdity that every human being is essentially an anti-social, criminal, and insane animal. It is evident that the errors of the Unconscious of which the psycho-analysts complain are neither more nor less than the"original sin" of the theologians whom they despise so heartily.
      He must behold his soul in all its awful nakedness, he must not fear to look on that appalling actuality. He must discard the gaudy garments with which his shame has screened him; he must accept the fact that nothing can make him anything but what he is. He may lie to himself, drug himself, hide himself; but he is always there. Magick will teach him that his mind is playing him traitor. It is as if a man were told that tailors' fashion-plates were the canon of human beauty, so that he tried to make himself formless and featureless like them, and shuddered with horror at the idea of Holbein making a portrait of him. Magick will show him the beauty and majesty of the self which he has tried to suppress and disguise.
      Having discovered his identity, he will soon perceive his purpose. Another process will show him how to make that purpose pure and powerful. He may then learn how to estimate his environment, learn how to make allies, how to make himself prevail against all powers whose error has caused them to wander across his path.
      In the course of this Training, he will learn to explore the Hidden Mysteries of Nature, and to develop new senses and faculties in himself, whereby he may communicate with, and control, Beings and Forces pertaining to orders of existence which have been hitherto inaccessible to profane research, and available only to that unscientific and empirical
(of tradition) which I came to destroy in order that I might fulfil.
I send this book into the world that every man and woman may take hold of life in the proper manner. It does not matter of one's present house of flesh be the hut of a shepherd; by virtue of my
he shall be such a shepherd as David was. If it be the studio of a sculptor, he shall so chisel from himself the marble that masks his idea that he shall be no less a master than Rodin."

Update: September 10, 2016 - 11:18PM. Today I found a book in the clearance section of Half Price Books titled The Riemann Hypothesis: The Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematicsi by Karl Sabbagh (2002). I didn't realize there was a new movie out about one of the key figures regarding this formula, and low and behold - I calculated
and found it to equal 666 on the spot. Just another typical day