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Lam and the Mysteries of Mu

     A curious thread of insight has made its appearance, not just to me recently, but as far back as 1926 with the beginning of the publication by James Churchward of the series of books on the ancient continent of Lemuria or Mu. Although I was aware that these books existed for quite some time I had yet to familarize myself with their deeper concepts and symbology aside from their primary subject, the submergence of Mu. In reading each of the five books, however;
The Lost Continent of Mu (1926), The Children of Mu (1931), The Sacred Symbols of Mu (1931), The Cosmic Forces of Mu (1934), and The Second Book of the Cosmic Forces of Mu (1935)
I have come to find that alongside some of his geological theories he has presented many other strands of esoteric wisdom to such a dense degree it is almost as if he was using the main thesis as a cover for his unveiling of such wisdom, especially considering there is much to do with Freemasonry - and his brother, Albert Churchward was a Freemason whose books on the subject are quite superb albeit without the sensational conjecture.
     There are some primary points of interest in these works that I have noticed as relevant to my own work, namely that I was not aware of the deeper meanings of 'Mu' when I attributed it to my talismanic obsidian egg having not read any of the Churchward, LePlongeon or any other writings on the subject. Having now read the books I see that certain symbols reappear as central, primarily the Cosmic Egg, the Serpent(s) or Narayana the Seven-headed serpent in particular, the Tree, the Sun, the Swastika, the Feather, etc. All of which are also ancient Gnostico-Qabalistic symbols. On page 250 of The Sacred Symbols of Mu (1931) it is said that Mu, aside from being the original 'Garden of Eden', is also the Tree of Life (which is usually figured within a cosmic egg, i.e. Mu = Eden = Tree = Egg.)

     "One of the names given to Mu was the Tree of Life. In this legend the man and the tree are combined in one. Yet this is not so far wrong, for the Sacred Writings of Mu tell us that Mu was the Tree of Life and that Man was its fruit. This is corroborated where the Sioux legend tells of a great serpent biting off the trees at their roots. A serpent was always the symbol for the waters and when Mu was destroyed she was swallowed by the waters. Biting, in the Sioux legend, is a correct word to use symbolically, for Mu was certainly bitten off from the rest of the land above water. "From these have sprung all the people that now inhabit the earth" clearly shows that this refers to the migrated children of Mu and is confirmed by the saying, "They wandered off" for they had left the land of their birth where they grew up, to go to other lands where they might find living easier."

     MU has the value of 46, which in Crowley's Libri is the number of his translation of Eliphas Levi's The Key of the Mysteries. Levi quotes the Serpent of Eden (who is said to have spoken 46 words to Eve) in the Tree: "When you have eaten the fruit of this tree, you will be as the gods." 46 is also the number of ADAM (1+4+1+40), archetypal representative of Mankind, and the 23 pairs of male-female chromosomes also total 46 therefore implying the 'Tree of Life' itself is our genetic inheritance through time, the family tree of evolution. 46 is the atomic number of Palladium (named after the Greek goddess Pallas), an element symbolic of the alleged secret Freemasonic Rite of Baphomet, the image of whom Levi first committed to publication, Baphomet being the archetype of the diune androgynous power of the Azoth or Ain Soph, the Limitless Light of Creation, i.e. the Astral Light and its coagulation into material forms, Wisdom Incarnate. (See Liber C, Liber CDXIV.) MU is also said in The Heart of the Master (1938) to be the Cry of the Vulture, and Kenneth Grant in Outer Gateways relates it as the inversion or reversal of the forces of Creation, i.e. OM - and as Crowley says in Liber C, "For he that reverseth the whirlings of matter is greater than he that worketh in them." Mu is thus Key to the Mysteries of Manifestation (materialization and destruction). Both Levi and Crowley claim that possession of this Key can provide control over Nature herself, as Levi himself said:
     "Furthermore, there exists in nature a force which is immeasurably more powerful than steam, and by means of which a single man, who knows how to adapt and direct it, might upset and alter the face of the world. This force was known to the ancients; it consists in a universal agent having equilibrium for its supreme law, while its direction is concerned immediately with the great arcanum of transcendental magic... This precisely that which the adepts of the middle ages denominated the first matter of the Great Work. The Gnostics represented it as the fiery body of the Holy Spirit; it was the object of adoration in the secret rites of the Sabbath and the Temple, under the hieroglyphic figure of Baphomet or the Androgyne of Mendes." -Transcendental Magic

And Crowley, thus:
     "This secret is the true Key to Magick; that is, by the right use of this secret man may impose his Will on Nature herself, as will appear hereafter in this comment. In this way, although all recorded Knowledge were destroyed, it would be possible for an adept of this secret to restore it." -Liber 414, De Arte Magica (1914)

     Kenneth Grant also notes on page 300 of The Ninth Arch that 46 is the Key of the Mysteries because it "designates the male seed and the water (i.e. blood) from which Man (ADAM=46) was fashioned." The Seed (sperm) and Blood (gluten) are the two components which combine to form the Elixir in the O.T.O. system of Sex Magick, the 'Red Lion' for the former and the 'White Eagle' for the latter. In this sense, MU could also stand as a notarikon for the idea of 'Mystical Union', or if U be taken as Vav for the equivalent of 'F' in Female, Male & Female. On page 456 he says that MU, which is synonymous with Lemuria, is the "space-time zone in which the Typhonian Current was initiated." i.e. pre-history.

      Crowley warns against the misuse and abuse of the sex-force in the grade papers on the subject, and it is this crime which causes the penalty of incarnation and death in the Abrahamic religions, as well as creation of all worlds through desire and the begetting of illusion. The sex force being thus that of ever-primordial yet ever-new creation can be used for magickal purposes, in the sense that it can be applied in a conducive toward life and generation or if in a certain manner redirected, toward dissolution, alteration and regeneration. Being as it is the One Substance of the NARAYANA KUNDALINI AUDOWIDO, Audowido being the African Nago voodoo rainbow-serpent of the light spectrum, it represents the coiled serpent-power that eternally conveys the Promethean fire of Creation through the phallic rod, axle or 'Tower' from Within to Without (Kether/Malkuth). (Note: Grant also mentions that 46 = MAH, the 'Tower'. Mah is also 'Great', 'Old', 'Strong' in Sanskrit, denoting the power of the Great Old Ones, Titans, or Archons. The wry-neck of the Vulture, the reversion of the primal whirlings of OM/MV, the Tower and Tree of ADAM, all comport ideas of the origins and ends of the genetic lineage of Humanity on planet Earth and various stellar, cosmic and transmundane influences which have had their bearings on our development.

     The Seven-headed Serpent, or The Narayana, is a direct correspondence with the Demiurge of Gnostic lore, the Seven-headed Dragon or 'Beast' of Revelation, the seven rays of Lucifer Light, the Ruach or Intellect of the Tree of Life, and the G (=7) in the Square and Compass of the Masons symbolizing the ray of Gnosis permeating the Grand Lodge. The Seven Seals, Seven Vials and the Seven Churches, Bowls, etc. of the Bible are veils for the Seven Chakras and their conditions. The Seven Sins as well relate to the great trials of purification and transformation. In a review of The Apocalypse Unsealed by James Pryse (1910), John Yarker (author of The Arcane Schools, 1909) sums up certain premises made by the book:

     "The idea that Revelation is a book of Initiation is not altogether new to Freemasons, as the late Dr Geo. Oliver elaborated that view at considerable length, but Mr Pryse's view is quite a different sort of Initiation; it is the development of the semi-miraculous powers of the Gnosis of Clement, Origen, and the early Christian Church, the birth of the divine three principles, the Crestos, in the human soul. The key to this "Unsealing" is the text itself, in which is found the Nos. 333, 444, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1000, as applied to the seven principal chakras of the human body, as taught by Greek Yogis. Apart altogether from the possession of a reliable literal translation of the book, there are seventy-five pages upon the development of the Kundalini, and each subject is followed in the text by a commentary in application. Mr Pryse expresses the view that the book is necessarily incomprehensible to the conventional theologian, yet easily comprehended by the esoteric Initiate, i.e. by him who possesses the Gnosis, and that the drama is perfect in all its parts. I may add that most of this class of Initiative books had a double interpretation, and hence that the same may be equally found in the Apocalypse, but into this Mr Pryse does not enter." -John Yarker, 1910, from The Equinox Vol. I, No. VI

     This, along with those texts quoted in the previous post, prove without a doubt that others long before now have indeed known of these particular 'Keys' to the Qabalah of Nine Chambers, albeit had yet to apply the Hebrew formula to English with any assurance there would be a 'fit', nor to consider such applications in regard to the Book of the Law, and other Grimoires or general practical applications. If considered from a 'bird's eye view', with an entire database of consistent formulations, the underlying numerical web of valences is discerned as itself the 'COILS OF APOPHIS' (=555=H'NSHR 'The Eagle'), or the illusory veils of quantum reflections multiplied to the nth degree. The Matrix of Creation (Nuit) precipitates perspectives (Hadit) which inter-mingle and interpenetrate to formulate new and more novel, complex beings (Ra-Hoor-Khuit), which upon 'death', or dissolution, are recycled (Set) and through their offspring regenerated, at least ideally, with additional wisdom and strength (Maat), thus completing the Micro and Macrocosmic circuit of Tetragrammaton, that is the Word which is spoken through the generation of Man.

     That the gematria of various cultures of distinct genetic descent and widely varying origins, such as that of the Hebrews compared to that of the Mayan, or East Indian/Sanskrit-speaking peoples for that matter, happen to correspond in very precise ways shows indubitably that there are mathematical underpinnings which govern linguistic speech formulations by higher mental faculties than those which we are immediately conscious of before being verbalized via tongue, lip, tooth and throat patterns which modulate expelled air. When we speak, in any language be it English, Hebrew, Greek, Spanish, etc. we very rarely have the time to individually pick which words we are going to use, they instead tend to just 'come to us' almost automatically. This itself shows that we operate on logical patterns, or at least we try to as best we can, and if you read one of the foundational books on 'NLP', or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Structure of Magic (1975) by Richard Bandler he essentially shows, without even needing to mention or utilize Gematria, that language and speech patterns are structured and organized largely according to attitude, perception or perspective, and that by readjusting the way questions are asked, statements made, and choices deduced, the entire nature and outcome of a situation may be dramatically changed. This also relates to the premise of Dark Doorway of the Beast (1992) in that both attempt to give insights on how re-calibrate the circumstances of a situation to provide a greater modicum of control for the magician.
      In his chapter on Creative Gematria, in Outer Gateways (1994), Kenneth Grant discusses how English gematria is a 'subsidiary' or 'confirmatory' method of analysis, and having been analyzed thus extensively we can see that his statements are very insightful:
     "Here it may not be inappropriate to say a few words about an 'English Qabalah' suggested by verse 55 of the second chapter of AL:
     Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto.
     The hybrid nature of any such construction should be evident, because the numerical values of English words can form only subsidiary or confirmatory gematria. This is so because English words are so far removed from the magical roots of language. Their often arbitrary structures can yield only a distorted, at best a bastard qabalah. To begin with, the vowels are a stumbling block. They are aids to pronunciation, yet some qabalists today accord them qabalistic values, as 'a' with Aleph, 'e' with He, 'i', with Yod, 'o' with Ayin, 'u' with Vau. In the Chaldean and Hebrew tongues these are not vowels, vowels being later 'phonetic' devices denoted by points, not by letters. It is evident that to treat them as consonants is to alter the numerical values of the words in question. 
     It is not stated in AL that the 'order & value of the English Alphabet' shall constitute a new qabalah: the verse merely states that the order and value shall be assumed to new symbols. [Austin Spare evolved such a system. He called it the Alphabet of Desire, or the Alphabet of Sentient Symbols. See Images & Oracles of Austin Osman Spare (Grant).] It is because I have occasionally applied to English words principles which are, strictly speaking, applicable only to words of Chaldean, Hebrew, or Greek provenance that these remarks are considered necessary. Such exceptions are justified only by a need for qabalistic emphasis and confirmation. That a so-called 'English Qabalah' is on the way to becoming de rigeur calls for strong protest, although I would not suggest that some form of it is not permissible and in certain cases useful. But its use should at all times subserve the basic magical qabalahs from which arise the genuine insights."

     And this it does, and more, for numerous times have I learned something not known by even the greatest of Qabalists from the insights following my own investigations using cross-examinations, transliterations and clear numerical correlations using primarily both Hebrew and English combined. (For example, APPLY HEBREW TO ENGLISH = 666 = THE TIKKUN OLAM.) The whole Qabalah of Nine Chambers as well as each numerical degree between them also follow logical patterns regardless of whether English vowels are considered such in Hebrew and aside from conjecture about 'magical roots'. The fact the Necronomicon mythos has no legitimate magical roots but still happens to convey many unique parallels with the work of Crowley and the Typhonian tradition which its creator had no knowledge shows in its own way how the shell of something may become invested with enough life and energy that it becomes real enough. This is, in essence, the nature of most of our societies and institutions in general, and most assuredly in the case of minted money which only has value insofar as we ourselves value it. Even though the love of it were said to be the root of all evil, it is necessary to have for just about every move made and thus is every move made in the shadow thereof.

      One must thus learn to live in the shadows and work with the demons, as essentially demons are merely those which are not complete, and but fractions, fractured, broken or inchoate and it is these, as it were qliphothic - that is to say, other/outer - forces which he is to magickally manipulate through fractal-resonance of that Being within. At the level of Tiphareth, the Heart, one is able to reach beyond the 90 degree angle perpendicular to all other 90 degree angles within the three-dimensional field of X-Y-Z, wherein 'time' is uncoiled and the face of the Solar Angel is made clear. The object of reaching through the gate of Malkuth is to bring through new gnosis, wisdom, or forces from beyond - therefore to open a gate, a circle of 360 crossed in four 90 degree sections with a fifth angle invisible and opening within and without through the Final He of The Akasha needs to be effected with the Cone of Power (See the notes on the Sign of Protection in Appendix II of The Ninth Arch, and the formula of the Cone or Funnel in Dark Doorway of the Beast.) Both FINAL HE and THE AKASHA = 107, the number of BITzH, the Egg, THE MAGICK EGG of generation of both ULLAM, 'Consciousness' (IDENTITY), and ANANDA, 'Bliss'. 107 is also the formula of NAGA MAYA, the serpent language of Mu and the Mayans (See page 312 of The Lost Continent of Mu), as well as the regeneration of this ageless wisdom in the egg of the NEW MU. The combination of MAAT and her dark counterpart MAUT also total 107, which is also the Greek Μηδεν 'Zero' - the dual truth that is equal to the feather of Maat, and the portal through which flow the Kalas or energy spectres from Beyond.

     Kenneth Grant notes that Michael Bertiaux concept of the Meon, or 'the opposite of Ontology, or Being', the realm of nothingness ('Universe B') relates to the Ma-Ion of Frater Achad, as well as the MU AION, 177 which is equated with the GN ODN or Garden of Eden, the state of Perfection, or the 'Perfect Ion' symbolized by the Egg, 'O'. (Note: O = 70, + 107 = 177 = THE EGG OF LAM.) All of these concepts relate and come to an apex in the Egg which I haphazardly and unknowing of its significance at the time, obtained on April 2nd, 2011 - on what was to be the 107th year of the Aeon of Horus - the day which Achad formulated MA-ION from the verses in Liber AL.I.1 & 66, which was his birthday as well as the day in The Call of Cthulhu (1926) in which R'lyeh sank (harking to the idea of the sinking of Mu/Lemuria, the book on which was published by James Churchward in the same year, and in which Achad at the time formulated the word ALLALIA, 'Not talking', 'Speechless' as a new 'Word' for the Grade of Magus/Master being numbered at 103, 10 degrees more than 93, the traditional masonic value of V.I.A.O.V., JABLN (Jahbulon), MABN (Mahabone; combining Mother & Son), etc. and containing both the Egg (0) and the One, AChD (13) symbolic of the Egg and the Serpent, or ovum and sperm. (Note: CTHULHU = 69 = BAFOMET. The comments on Verse 69 of Liber OKBISh are here highly relevant:

69– 2. The Sign will be known when the Thirteenth

    We can but speculate as to the nature of the thirteenth gateway. The verse number is, by Tarot, the number of the path of the Magician, to which the letter Beth is attributed. The hieroglyphic ‘house’ is the Kamite bu-t, a euphemism for the vagina. The account of the Children of Isis and the birth of the beetle from the loins of Isis should be recalled in the connection with the thirteenth gateway, which may lead to the House of the Spider. A contemporary hoaxer claimed to have discovered a thirteenth zodiacal Sign, and attributed it to Arachne the Spider. As in some other cases, the hoaxer proved the old adage that ‘many a true word is spoken in jest’. Blavatsky, Crowley, Dali, etc, played the clown and all broke into the womb, or House of Initiation, by a process of deliberate hoaxing (or hexing?). Twelve is the number of the House of the Magician whose lies turn out to be true.

    The Oracle is, by Greek qabalah, equivalent to the Chaldean GVNI, ‘painted with colours’, hence γυνη (‘woman’). Painted with colours is not indicative merely of cosmetic adornment, but of her natural chromatic changes of complexion in the scale of her thirteenfold lunar phase, where the emission of colours (or kalas) announces specific qualities of her magical potential. 69 also = δινε, ‘the vortex of the solar system’, which equates with ABSU, ‘the Abyss’ – the cosmic kala-spouting vagina. By metathesis, ABSU becomes ABUS, ‘a manger, a stable, an enclosure’ – the manger wherein the magical child was born to become, eventually, the victim of a bloody sacrifice which linked in human consciousness the microcosm and the macrocosm. It is significant that the word CHILD also = 69 = 23 x 3, indicating the formula of the ‘Hanged Man’ brought into direct relationship with the Sphere of Maat whose Word, IPSOS, is attributable to the 23rd Path. Furthermore, 69 = 23 + 46, a formula of viparita, or reversion of the senses, allied to the Mother Goddess in her avatar of Mû, the vulture which, in its mortuary feast, absorbs the Light of the World and ex-creates it in the House (web) of the Spider.)

     69 is the elixir of solar and lunar juices, and combines the Solar-phallic Teth (9) with Samekh, which in the Tarot is Temperance or Art, the alchemical fusion of fire and water, or Sol and Luna. Adam and Even partaking of the fruit of knowledge which caused them to become aware of their nakedness is perhaps a conveyance of sexual gnosis. (Note: H'ADM, 'Man' + ChVH, 'Eve' = 69.) The qabalah itself has often been said to be the forbidden knowledge of the Tree of Life itself, which is known could make Man as God. As yet another incidental 'confirmation', I just found THE SIXTY NINE FORMULA = 666 as well, 666 being the primary key of the occult gnosis of Mankind and his stellar heritage. 369 is 69 with Shin, both Fire and Spirit and is the value of SPIRIT, as well as ChShMVDAI, The Spirit of the Moon and Σοπηια, the goddess of Wisdom. 369 is 1 less than 370, OSh, 'Creation', and 9 more than that Circle, signifying the Spiral force of Spiritual fire manifesting in the Eye of All. Sophia relates to Athena, Pallas, and Baphomet (whose name means 'Baptism of Wisdom', and Note that PALLAS = 202 = BAPhOMT, see page 145 of The Ninth Arch.) and according to a certain Atbash cipher, some have found Sophia to reflect Baphomet. See also the older Tarot card, particularly the Rider-Waite version where Man and Woman are set apart and chained to the ring of The Devil, and note that 69 inverted as 96 is 'XV', the number of the card of THE BEAST

     These are merely ruminations but they merely additions and deeper insights into those I have found in these various books quoted. These values are better understood if further context is gained from the books themselves and the periods from which they come. MU conceals the 23+23 genetic lineage of man, and 69 - CTHULHU/BAFOMET implies the third line of CAIN (=69) introduced through the qliphothic descent of primordial creation into the Sitra Ahra or 'other side' comprising the 'broken shells'.  69 is also 'THE 50', denoting the 50 seals of the names of Marduk in the Necronomicon, and in the Sumerian myth Marduk conquers the Dragon Tiamat (TIAMT = 69) from whose blood was generated Man. The number 69 seems to crop up in many ways relating to these seemingly disparate ideas, as each has the propensity to do in their own unique ways when you consider them thoroughly. In Hecate's Fountain (1992), Grant mentions 69 further saying:
"After these verses comes the declaration: "There is success", written against the number 69, which denotes the magical formula to be employed for ensuring it. It is in effect a part of the Mass of Maat (See OTCOT, ch. 16) and it bears a direct relationship to the Ordeals. 69 = 23 + 46, an equation which embodies the formulae of the Path of IPSOS, and the Vulture of Maat, in relation to the mortuary feast symbolic of the full accomplishment of the Mass."
     [That is to say that the Vulture (MU) is to eat the 'Blood', (Mem, path 23) as in the Mass of the Phoenix, which is however singular while the one here referred includes the combined elixir.]
     "The Hawk-headed Lord of Silence & of Strength" is no longer Horus, the embodiment of Force and Fire, but Set! He declares to the "twin warriors about the pillars of the world" that their "time is nigh at hand". The twins are Horus and Set as Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-paar-Kraat, and 71 (the verse number) is the number of Lam. This suggests that Lam has been invoked to complete or fulfil the work set afoot by Aiwass at the beginning of the book. Lam is the "Lord of the Double Wand of Power: the wand of the Force of Coph Nia " - "but his left hand is empty" for he has "crushed an Universe & nought remains".
    And in Chapter 16 of Outside the Circles of Time (1980), Grant says:
     "Considerations of the technical degrees of sexual magick used in the O.T.O. will show how the Mass of Maat is comprehended by the scheme of the One beyond. (I.e., the 'one beyond ten' - the eleventh degree. The one beyond the ten Sephirioth is the one beyond the system of power-zones which constitutes the known Universe. The one beyond ten is Daath, the eleventh power-zone that is the Gateway to the 'other side'.) We are thereby lifted out of the category of the known Universe 'A' and translated into the unknown Universe 'B', where exists the factor infinite and unknown, viz: the Aeon of Maat, the Daughter-Darkness; dark, that is, to those whose vision is confined to the hither side of the Tree."

     [Hence the association between MA-ION, 107, the FINAL HE Daughter formula of death/rebirth via the Doorway of Daath symbolized by the Egg of Manifestation. 11 = EGG, and thus 1-11 = 66, the Great Work of HAD + NU, the 'Ends' of Manifestation. This Egg manifested physically on April 2nd, 2011 and has been a great tool for its primary purpose, that of scrying and acting as beacon and lens or Window for transmundane forces, owning up to its original given name The Egg of Mu.]

     "The XI° O.T.O., is therefore the Door to the Infinite; it opens on to a completely new series, a totally different dimension of consciousness. In terms of Tetragrammaton, the degrees of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the O.T.O. may be classified as follows:
The VIII° involves the Yod
The IX° involves the He
The X° involves the Vau (As the Hierophantic or Administrative Degree.)
The XI° involves the He (final) (The Daughter that reifies the entire formula on another plane or in another dimension.)
The XI° therefore initiates a totally new series of worlds having their roots, as it were, in the known universe, and passing from thence (via secret pathways) to the Unknown by means of the formula of reversal, from IX° to XI°; a leap from Yesod to Daath via the Sun/Son (Vau); to the Daughter (He) via the Mother-Moon; to the Priestess, via the Hierophant.
     The Eye of the Daughter - Coph Nia - is the Door to the Unknown Universe, and it is opened by the secret key of the eleventh degree. In Liber AL, Coph Nia is mentioned in the same verse as the 'Lord of the Double Wand', who is the dual Shaitan."
     Coph Nia would then correspond itself with the Final He which opens as the gateway to the future, or more aptly, the between-states outside the circles of time, being the invisible pylon opening beyond the present fractional instant of 'reality', which is but a fragment and fraction of the True Reality, i.e. the Aeon of Maat, or The Aeon of Truth and Justice. Note also that COPH NIA + MAAT = 666, and COPH NIA = 224 = NEPHTHYS, another form of the Daughter. The 'Light higher than eyesight', and 'Purple beyond purple' refer to that which is beyond the visible spectrum, and 'over the rainbow' of the Ruach and the Abyss of Daath which acts as the factor of division in space-time and thus the gate of manifestation into our known 'reality' or Universe 'A'. Note Kaph is the 11th letter, NIA is the inversion of AIN, 'Nothing', therefore the formula Coph Nia veils the reflection of 'Not' (Universe 'B') into Being, relating to the formula of LAMAL. This is confirmed on page 153 of OTCOT:
     "The back of the page bearing Lam's portrait is page 311 which is one of the numbers of Coph Nia, a mysterious term mentioned in AL which has been investigated extensively in Nightside of Eden. There is therefore a strong, if oblique connection between Lam, the Talam, and the Daughter, Coph, whose secret Eye (Nia) is the Gateway to Universe 'B' and the back of the Tree of Life.
     Blavatsky (Secret Doctrine, vol. iii) draws attention to a passage in Ralston Skinner's The Source of Measures in which the letter P is shown as referring to 'the half of the head behind the ears'. This part of the body is more usually ascribed to Qoph or Koph. The daughter is thereby equated with the Pe or Mouth, not of the face but of the back of the head! If this symbolism is applied to the mystical mouth, the mode of entry into Universe 'B' becomes plain.'

     The backwards mouth is obviously related to the backwards word of the vulture, MU, and MAH being the Tower is also an obvious relation to Pe, the Mouth as well via its tarot attribution. The connection between Mu, Lam, the Tower, and Coph Nia are all related to the 'reception' which Liber AL was and the word Qabalah itself means, and the oracular faculty known as Bath Kol, or Besqul:
     "Lam, 71, also equates with IVNH, 'a dove'. This recalls AL.I.57: 'There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well! He, (He or He, the Mother/Daughter Letter.) my prophet, hath chosen, knowing the law of the fortress and the great mystery of the House of God. (I.e. Pe, the Tower.) All these old letters of my Book are aright; but צ is not the Star. This also is secret...'.
     Note that the dove and the serpent appear as feminine totems, and that 'He, my prophet' could be read as He (i.e., the Star), for she is prophetic in the sense that Lam is the Voice of the Silence as well as being the Image of Nothingness (Nagual). 
     Thus, the bath kol, or divine vach or vox of the daughter is the living mouth of the Tower which is the pylon of Ipsos Lam: the Tower reared in the Desert of Set wherein Nuit bids her devotees to invoke her. ('Invoke me under my stars' (i.e. kalas). AL.I.57.) In The Heart of the Master it is said that the Voice of Word of the Dove is hriliu, the shrill scream of ecstasy occurring at the climax of the creative act. It occurs against the background hiss of the Swan, which is the qabalitic equivalent of Ipsos Lam (767). And here it is necessary to note a curious point. If the two Ss be abstracted from Ipsos Ipo remains. This is a word meaning ' to shine forth'; it derives form an Egyptian word AF, a name of the sun in the lower hemisphere. SS (the Silver Star) is the star Sirius, the sun behind the sun. The number of Ipo is 160, which is the number of 'Tonal', the world of phenomena in Castaneda's system. The Nagual is to the Tonal what Sirius is to the sun in the lower hemisphere. This brings to bear a direct beam of inflence from Sirius to earth; from Nagual to Tonal via the pylon of Ipsos Lam
     It is possible to define these inbetweenness concepts by means of the Qablah of Besqul, and other dark grimoires, for we are now in spaces outside thought (dualism) and its expression in ordinary terms. Crowley remarked, in The Book of thoth, that constant meditation on the symbolic contraries embodied in the imagery of the Atus will eventually engender a new faculty of consciousnes that enables the individual mind to apprehend that which is beyond human logic and understanding. But it is necessary constantly to penetrate these spaces, first mentally and then etherially, before one can graspe the extremely tenuous and evanescent wraiths of the realities they contain. These considerations apply even more emphaticaly to the O.T.O.-Horus-Maat-Ipsos network, wherein the candidates for initiation enter totally new spaces. Not spaces which have, until that time, been sealed off or closed like long disuesed galleries thick with the dust of aeons, but spaces that do not exist before the Will formulates a resolve to enter them and to align the mind and the heart with the 93 Current.
     Austin Spare referred to 'making the correct alignments', and Carlos Castaneda to Gorda's 'lines of force'. (The Second Ring of Power.) The means of travelling through these spaces beyond the 'sun in the lower hemisphere' (i.e. the Tonal) is the Maatet Boat, the Aeon of Maat which leads beyond Horus to the 'sun behind the sun', (I.e. Sirius or Sothis) reified by the ritual hissing back of all creation (Note that 767 [Ipsos Lam] is the number of the word 'Swan' which is the bird symbolic of the background hiss.) The Maatet Boat (Inner-space craft) is the New Aeon or Aquarian space-barque that saves from the waters of space as Noah's ark saved from the deluge on earth. Note the nautical terms: ship of the desert; (Gimel, a camel; the symbolic mode of Crossing the Abyss. The letter Gimel is attributed to the High Priestess and to the path that crosses the Abyss. See Tree of Life.) the Maatet-Boat space-ship; Noah's (or Nu's) ark; and the womb or ark (C.f. 'ark' and the figure of Nuit arched over the earth and shedding her kalas (starlight).) of Nu-Isis and of Nu-Maat. 

     The qabalistic formula of Nu-Maat space is 107 (This is Lam (71) in reverse (17) with the Void (0) at its heart.) which is 56 + 51 and a number of Mani-O and of Ma-Ion. 107 is also the number of QBH, the 'genitalia muliebra', 'a pleasure chamber' 'vault of heaven'; the primitive type of the Kaaba, the feminine abode. (The root of Kaaba, QB, means 'a hollow vessel or cup', from the Egyptian word Kabh, 'vase of the libation'. Its number is 102, which is that of LAMAL, a palindrome that reveals the true nature of the Cult of Lam as the transmitter to AL (Universe 'A') of, or from, LA (Universe 'B') via MA (the Daughter). 102 is also the number of LBN AVVZ, 'the Ostrich'; the bird of Maat.) 107 is also the number of OVAL which is half of the word RPSTOVAL, a mysterious cryptogram in Liber AL that is qabalistically identical with the Word of the Aeon of Maat (Ipsos). 

     The Man-io is the Stone of Manifestation. Thus, 107 links the Stone, the Kaaba, and BITzH (An Egg), the latter symbol being of importance to Crowley during the Amalantrah Workings, which terminated abruptly with this symbol as if the gap were the hiatus or void - the nagual - between the two aeons of Horus and of Maat.
     Maion (107) refers more precisely to the aeon of the Daughter (the Koph), and the oval - or egg - may imply the capsule in which the daughter-star makes its safe passage from one star system to another through the tunnels outside the circles of Time (Kali, Nuit, Nu-Isis, etc.) 

     These concepts are rather technical and complex, having come from various sources and combined via either their numerical or otherwise symbolic connection. I myself had a difficult time understanding how the concepts of Mu, Maat, and the Ma-Ion linked together at first, and have still only but glossed over some primary points that have emerged and through reading the books on Mu and attempting to relate them to Crowley, Achad and Grant's theories with which I am familar. I consider this by no means exhaustive, but merely as a basis upon which to base further references and details which are likely to become apparent and written about in future posts. 

The Lost Continent of Mu
by James Churchward (1926)
pages 27-29

     "Originally, the universe was only a soul or spirit. Everything was without life - calm, silent, soundless. Void and dark was the immensity of space. Only the Supreme Spirit, the great Self-existing Power, the Creator, the Seven-headed Serpent, moved within the abyss of darkness.
     "Then desire came to Him to create worlds and He created worlds; and the desire came to Him to create the earth, with living things upon it, and He created the earth and all therein."
And this is the manner of creation of the earth, with all the living things upon it:

  "The seven superlative intellects of the Seven-headed Serpent gave seven commands." (I shall use the Naacal esoteric meanings as they are the most intelligible to the reader. The demotic are all symbolical and not easily understood.)

The first intellectual command was:
" 'Let the gases which are without form and scattered through space be brought together, and out of them let the earth be formed.' The gases then assembled themselves into the form of a whirling mass."

The second command was:
" 'Let the gases solidify to form the earth.' Then the gases solidified; volumes were left on the outside, out of which water and the atmosphere were to be formed; and volumes were enveloped within the new world. Darkness prevailed and there was no sound, for as yet neither the atmosphere nor the waters were formed."

The third command was:
" 'Let the outside gases be separated and let them form the atmosphere and the waters.' And the gases were separated; one part went to form the waters, and the waters settled upon the earth and covered its face so that no land anywhere appeared. The gases that did not form the waters formed the atmosphere, and:
"The light was contained in the atmosphere.
"And the shafts of the sun met the shafts of the light in the atmosphere and gave birth to light. Then there was light upon the face of the earth; and (Fig. 4):
"The heat was also contained in the atmosphere.
"And the shafts of the sun met the shafts of the heat in the atmosphere and gave it life. Then there was heat to warm the face of the earth." (Fig. 5)

The fourth command was:
" 'Let the gases that are within the earth raise the land above the face of the waters.' Then the fires of the under-earth lifted the land on which the waters rested until it appeared above the face of the waters, and this was the dry land."

The fifth command was:
" 'Let life come forth in the waters.' And the shafts of the sun met the shafts of the earth in the mud of the waters and there formed cosmic eggs (life germs) out of particles of the mud. Out of these cosmic eggs came forth life as commanded." (Fig. 6b)

The sixth command was:
   " 'Let life come forth upon the land.' And the shafts of the sun met the shafts of the earth in the dufst of the land, and out of it formed cosmic eggs; and from these cosmic eggs life came forth upon the earth as was commanded." (Fig. 6c) And when all this was done, the seventh intellect said: "Let us make man after our own fashion, and let us endow him with powers to rule this earth."

     "Then Narayana, the Seven-headed Intellect, the Creator of all things throughout the universe, created man, and placed within his body a living, imperishable spirit, and man became like Narayana in intellectual power. Then was creation complete."

     The seven commands are, without doubt, also indicative of seven periods of time. A period of time is not measured by any particular number of years. It may mean a day, a year, or millions of years. Thus these tablets do not assign any particular length of time to creation. It may have taken millions or tens of millions of years to accomplish what was recorded in the tablets. It is merely stated that the earth was created in seven periods of time, not in seven days, as recorded in the Biblical legend.
  The general resemblance oft he opening part of the Naacal record, as regards the story of the creation, to the account as found in the Bible is remarkable, and it is also remarkable how great are the divergences thereafter. Legends of the creation are prevalent among peoples throughout the world, and in all instances I have found so much of the material identical that the only conclusion to be drawn is that they are of common origin and their genesis was in Mu.The seventh command was the hardest of all to translate. The actual deciphering was easy, but we found it impossible to find modern words that would convey identically the same meanings as the ancient. For instance, "soul" or "spirit" were the nearest words we could find to represent what was put into the body of man.The word "living" may or may not be exactly what was intended in the original. The word "imperishable" is, without doubt, absolutely correct. But what does the phrase"after our own fashion" actually mean? Certainly not "in our own image." It, in some way, refers to mentality and mystic powers, and this is substantiated by the words: "endow him with powers to rule the earth."The Bible uses a good symbolical example when it refers to " the breath of God."At any rate, it is clear that the meaning is special powers received from God, and may therefore be looked upon as a part of God, as a leaf is a part of the tree. Man came from God and must return whence he came.