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Liber MABYN vel OON חית

Liber MABYN vel OON חית
The Crowned Babe of the Egg-Grail 
Being an exegesis of certain revelations on the Ma-Ion

     With greater perspective and further Initiation, as well as collation of more information, wisdom, insight, intuition, etc. I have now come to realize the value of the obsidian egg which manifested itself to me on April 2nd, 2011 and its role as talismanic centre of focus for the Incoming of the Aeon of Maat as prophesized by Frater Achad in 1948 on the same day. The numerical connections of this perichoresis has been duly reflected on throughout this publication, primarily regarding the number 107 and its correspondences via the Egg (BITzH), the formula of OVAL in AL.II.76. (Note AL+76 = 107), and THE MAGICK EGG referred to by Amalantrah in Liber 729, relating to LAM-THE WAY, etc. In The Work of the Egg, mention was made to a certain Liber ANDANA or 107 which shows this current manifesting as far back as 1981-83, and Kenneth Grant also identified its magickal and mystical value as far back as 1980 (see Outside the Circles of Time.) In chapter 8 of O.T.C.O.T. the recurring intervals of the Egg from its first appearance in Liber AL.II.49 are recorded, and it was within the days in which I chanced upon the obsidian Egg that I also obtained and began reading this book which caused me to notice the curious circumstances regarding the literal reappearance of the Egg on the particular day referred to in the book, which I later found also to be the same day in The Call of Cthulhu of the sinking of R'lyeh - yet another mysterious though symbolic overlap.

     I have noted already that my Self-Initiation began at age 17 when on September 9, 2009 I consciously dedicated my efforts to the realization and establishment of dominion of my True Will through the Great Work. On this day I already partially knew that 9, and particularly the interaction between the 9 numbers (8 and 9 especially), and the triple valuing thereof (999) must yield some 'secret knowledge', or insight - and at the time knowing very little of the Qabalah, Gematria or the significance/context of much at all regarding Thelema, Liber AL, the occult in general, etc. it was not until years later, with the experiences subsequent to the appearance of The Egg of Mu that I began to take note of the gematria correspondences in detail, and signaled as it were, to apply the Hebrew formula of 1-9:10-90:100-900 to the English alphabet which yielded much more insight into both Liber AL, the Qabalah of Nine Chambers, and my own True Will.

     As typical of 'magickal currents', another curious timely event happened exactly 3 years from my conscious Initiation was that on September 9, 2012 I met a mentor and now colleague who helped me tremendously to regain perspective and whose own independently achieved Gnosis quite thoroughly aligns with that of not only my own but certain currents she was not fully aware of and familiar with at the time. Together, in working with much of the material which Kenneth Grant, Aleister Crowley and others have left, we have noticed much in the way of New Knowledge which has hitherto remained truly occult, or hidden. It was not until recently when reading Liber XXXI, The Diary of Achad in full that I noticed Achad mentions Therion replied back to his sending of the manuscript on September 9, 1918 (93 years ago) and found it funny. Briefly, be it remembered that I also unknowingly at the time, titled my own book detailing these matters Liber Mayan, Mayan being the motto I took as Probationer, which I later realized to be valued at 999 if N be taken in its final value. This was only one of many startling revelations which confirmed to me that this number indeed did represent the New Knowledge I anticipated early on. 999 is a rather 'untouched', and occulted number in and of itself owing to not only the focus on 666, but also since the Qabalah of Nine Chambers has not been fully understood until more recently.

     Neither Crowley, Achad or Grant seemed to be aware of the literal and liberal application of the Hebrew gematria formula to the English alphabet in a veritable way, though when doing so many keys are revealed, notably: THE HEBREW KEY OF THE BOOK OF THE LAW - veiled in 666, the number of THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS, and THE SECRET KNOWLEDGE OF THE BLACK EGG, a formula which shows the nature of the egg as talismanic vector for transmission from LA to AL, via M (or Ma) qliphothic forces, i.e. the formula of the Cult of LAMAL involving the reception of negative, dark, or invisible spectra, energy or gnosis. LAMAL is 102, the value of MAYAN the Great Magician (See Liber 418). The Magician in the Tarot is attributed to Beth, 2 - the Double-wanded One with Wisdom (Chokmah) which actually transcends duality. 100 is said by Crowley that "this number 100 mysteriously indicates the Magical formula of the Universe as a reverberatory engine for the extension of Nothingness through the device of equilibrated opposites." 101 is 'SELF', as if implying the reflective aspect thereof, and Crowley also mentions this number in The Book of Lies, Ch. 12 The Dragon-flies: "JOY = 101, the Egg of Spirit in equilibrium between the Pillars of the Temple." Obviously this is not technically correct as J and Y would both = 10, but nonetheless he is pointing out a sort of hidden, or occulted relation which occurs in many numerical devices. (Note: Η Αγαπη, 8 + 93 = ‘The Love’ = BALANCED = Η Θηλεμα, 'The Will'.) 100 is the Hebrew Qoph, and Greek Roh - both of which look similar and suggest the back of the head, particularly the cerebellum and spinal cord.

     MABYN = 103, 'The Crowned Babe' and a variant of the Masonic maha-bone, 'The Grand Lodge Door Opened'. 103 is 13, AChD with the Egg (0).  (See The Amalantrah Working, Outside the Circles of Time, and The Official and Unofficial Correspondences of Charles Stansfeld Jones.)
= ALLALIA, 'Not talking', 'Speechless', 'Unspeakable', the word given by Achad in 1926.
= ABYX, the magickal stone mentioned by Lord Dunsany in the Book of Wonder, see also page 169 of Beyond the Mauve Zone.
     103 is also a variant of the Spider OKBISH when S is Samekh instead of Shin, and O is counted as Vav/6 as is often done. (See The Ninth Arch, Liber OKBISh - The Book of the Spider.)
103 is JUSTICE, the counterbalance of Truth in The Aeon of Maat, or The Aeon of Truth and Justice.
'Parzival' in Simple Gematria also equals 103, the motto of Achad which reversing helped him to find the Word, and note the Greek word Λεξη, 'Word' = 103 as well.(Note: MA-ION + ALLALIA + IPSOS = 666.)

     OON is the Egg, the symbol which recurs in Liber CCXX (the Book of the Law), Liber DCCXXIX (The Amalantrah Working), Liber DCCC (Liber Samekh), etc. as the glyph of the Bornless One, or the Babe in the Egg/Abyss. As a symbol also of the Tao, and the '0' which is Not, and therefore Silence and Stillness, the egg represents the 'Lost' or Omnific Word of Manifestation. The Egg is symbolic of both the Universe, the Soul, the Seed of the Tree of Life and the 'single sphere' which the Tree folds back up into (O). (Note: TREE OF LIFE FOLDS INTO EGG = 666 = MANIFESTATION OF HADIT = NUIT'S EXPANSE = THE MAGICKAL DOUBLE WAND OF POWER.) Note also that the 'O', or THE CIRCLE which is 666 also = CONSECRATED CIRCLE, which is mentioned in Liber 24, XIV: A Reproof, as well as THE ROOM FULL OF IMAGES one is to furnish with solar-phallic mystical images.

     OON = 840 when Nun is taken for its final value of 700, which corresponds to the phrase from Liber 729, "HOW ARE WE TO BREAK OPEN THE EGG?". The verse of Liber OKBISh relates here as well which says: "open the body of Nuit", and references 7, Zain, The Sword. 7 is the number of Set, who cleaved both his way out of the womb of Isis (8), as well as Osiris into 15 (7+8) pieces, or 14 with the phallus being hidden or lost. In Emblems and Mode of Use the Egg is of both microcosmic and macrocosmic importance, and its fertilization or activation ('opening') is effected through the ritual dance of the Serpent, i.e. copulation. 15 is the number of Ayin, the Eye which is symbolic of vision, the opening of life and light, and The Devil tarot card which symbolizes materialism, sexuality, animalistic nature, as well as Initiation. As the 15th letter 'O' it is closest to the actual shape of the Egg, and thus being both masculine (6, solar) and feminine (9, lunar) in nature it adequately represents Baphomet. Amalantrah gives the true spelling and value of Baphometr as 729, and 840 - 729 happens to equal 111, the value of ALPh, the Fool and his one one one.

     Cheth, 'Fence', 'Enclosure' = 8 = The Chariot (Atu VII) = The Grail
The 18th Path, The Emanative Intelligence, or The Intelligence of the House of Influence.

The Egg is symbolic of the 'fence' and 'enclosure' of the space-time event horizon, and also being EGG = 11 it obviously relates to the 'glass ceiling' of Daath which signifies the ring pass not veil of dis-solution. Daath is not located 'physically', or temporally in any conceivable location, but is instead itself the faculty of space-time differentiation which gives way to separation, distinction, 'Knowledge', and the splitting into subject and object being as it is the False Crown of the Ruach, or Intellect. Daath considered as space-time itself, and the other Sephiroth as integrated fractal holons (See the work of Arthur Koestler, particularly The Ghost in the Machine, 1966.), along with the Supernal Triad as the 'Sorrow IS Joy', 'Change IS Stability', 'Selflessness IS Self', which as Achad shows how The Word (AL-eph, the Breath, 111, the 3 rays which reflect into 1+999) reflects Not, or Nothingness (LA) into Being (AL). The simplicity of this formula is perhaps what is most elusive about it, but simply the revelations of Achad by simply adding '1', Unity (AChD) - A - to the L of Liber Legis, and the subsequent unlocking of the mysteries therein, and then the revelation of the Order and Value of the English Alphabet. 

     THE STAR-STONE OF MA-ION (relating to THE IXAXAAR 60 STONE, see the works of Kenneth Grant, as well as Arthur Machen.) acted as a talisman and unveiled for me The Key of it All (i.e. The Qabalah of Nine Chambers, 111-999, particularly veiled in the number of the beast and of man, 666.) Ma-Ion being the ends of manifestation and the nexion between Being and Non-Being, or AL and LA in the formula of LAMAL, implies that the Star-Stone is of an inverted nature reflecting inversely the qliphothic reverberations of SPECTRAL ENERGY (=QLIPHOTHIC FORCES). The Egg of Mu is a physical manifestation itself of these quantum-stellar typologies in the form of a literal black stone egg which is central on my Altar and anointed with solar power in lunar cycles, and has yet to cease in acting as a magickal vessel or tool of Initiation, being as it was originally conceived a scrying device. I have thus delineated over the course of this publication a magickal record of gradual initiation into THE AEON OF THE AEONS, or THE AXLE OF THE AEONS which is the fourth-dimensional angle of space-time perception (i.e. Daath) and its integrational role in the manifestation of the Tree of Life and the alchemical process or journey of Initiation. (Note: The Fool, 0 and The Universe, 21 or 'X', (The Cross) implies ⊗ the 'Mark of the Beast' which represents the Cross of the Elements or Spirit in Matter, another form of 'Alpha and Omega', or The Ends of Manifestation

THE MYSTERY OF THE OBSIDIAN EGG = 666, relating to LM-THE WAY (spelled in its original form of two letters as on the portrait), THE CROWNED CHILD OF MA-ION (note Lam's crown).
NUMBER 107 REVEALED = 666, and it wasn't revealed to me until 2015 with The Work of the Egg that I realized LAM (71) + THE WAY (36) = 107, as well as my ESSAY ON NUMBER 107 (my magickal record), 'COUNT THE NUMERICAL VALUE OF THE EGG', NUMBER OF THE BOOK OF THE EGG, THE FORMULA OF THE EGG UNLOCKED, etc. 107 is obviously linked to 666 in its formula as 'GOLD', which is the alchemical metal of the Sun, and 666 is the number attributed to Sol. 666+107 = 773, a number of SHUNYAThA (Sunyata), the Sanskrit word meaning 'Nothing', 'Void', or 'Zero', which when spelled with a Teth instead of Tau has the inverted value of 377= ShUNYATA.
     What Kenneth Grant says in The Ninth Arch commentary to Liber OKBISh is interesting, since for verse 773 he says:

773-23. pressed upward

            The air (vayu) here pressed upward is the apana, the natural tendency of which is downward; this is a stage in the Kaula praxis. The Oracle is Ψιγξ (Syrinx), the pipe of seven reeds held in the hand of Pan. The reeds signify the air (vayu/prana) ascending through the seven chakras which vibrate to the passage of the Fire Snake; a further reference to Kaula praxis. The integers 2 3 conceal the triple formula of the Scarlet Woman: 3 - 2 = 1; 2 + 3 = 5; 2 x 3 = 6   (Page 461)
     Note the seven-fold Pan-pipe, which relates to the 'Breathe' of the Ruach, or Seven Chakras, or Seven Stars. See also page 265, verse 377:
377-1. Draped in seaweed, tangled boughs and the deadly Serpent’s coil.

     The Oracle seems to point to AL.II.26, the “deadly Serpent” being identified with the “secret Serpent coiled” that shoots forth “venom” and which is identified with terrestrial consciousness. [See Woodroffe, Varnamala, where the fifty-two coils of the Fire Snake are named separately.] 377 = ShBOH, ‘Seven’, a further reference to Typhon of the Seven Stars (see Comment to previous verse). It is also a number of LAMUS, a name applied by Crowley to a high Initiate. [See Crowley, The Diary of a Drug Fiend. Basil King Lamus was Crowley’s Higher Genius.] Its containing the name LAM justifies the reference to the Book of the Law, the Book from Aiwaz or Lam [See Grant, Beyond the Mauve Zone, for the inner sense meaning of .] transmitted to Crowley’s Higher Genius. 

     Interestingly enough, 773 is also אבנ השתיה ABN H'ShThIH, 'The Drinking Stone', or Foundation Stone, 'The Stone of Creation', the name of the rock at the center of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. It is also apparently called the Pierced Stone, since it has a small hole on the southeast corner which enters a cavern beneath it, known as the Well of Souls. It is considered the spiritual junction of Heaven and Earth in the Jewish tradition, and is considered where the Holy of Holies was originally located. 773 is also Σφιγξ, 'Sphinx', another mystical keeper of secrets. 666+107, or 773 can be thought of as the Solar-Egg, or the Gold Solar-orb, i.e. RA-SET-AMSU, Horus/Ra re-arisen with, or through Set (Note also 770 = Ορυς, Horus, with the Triangle (3) implying the symbol of the Eye of Horus. 770 = ON, a name of the Sun.) 'THE EGG OF FOUNDATION'. These are just side considerations made for the sake of analysis, note 773 is also 'THE NUMBERS' and 'THE HOT POINTS', i.e. = 'THE POINTS CHAUDS', or power-points (See The Voudon Gnostic Workbook by Michael Bertiaux). The practical, and even sexual connotations of these considerations should, again, be considered in context with the various extant formulae. Incidentally, 377 is also THE NUMBER FIELD, and 13 x 29 (AChD, 'One' x HADIT = THE WEB OF GEMATRIA, see verse 290 of Liber 29 (OKBISh), The Book of the Spider.)

     William Stirling mentions 773's connection between the Sphinx and Syrinx as well in The Canon (1897); "The name Σφιγξ (Sphinx) has the value of 773, or the perimeter of the Holy Oblation taking the sun's distance at 10. St. Clement ("Miscell.," bk. v., ch. 8), says, "The sphinx is not the comprehension of the universe, and the revolution of the world, according to the poet Aratus ... But it is better to regard it as the Ether, which holds together and presses all things." By gematria Sphinx is equivalent to Syrinx, the pipe of seven reeds shown in the hand of Pan (fig. 25). And doubtless her well-known riddle, whose answer was a Man, mystically adumbrated the Microcosm whose body is measured by the number 773."

"Every number is infinite there is no difference." -AL.I.4
4 is the fractal number which unfolds into 10 (1+2+3+4) and relates to the prismatic lensing of Daath at the region of the 'Abyss', and the 'fall' of Malkuth or 10 into its inverted state of broken shells, and fractured light is a metaphor for the breaking up of mankind into a near infinite series of egos, but also the breaking up or cleaving into pieces the elements of space and time, as well as energy and matter. The point is that the numbers themselves are but the shells, and are carrier waves for transmissions that operate through them, much in the way letters themselves are able to convey 'data' or information by their intent and structure, even though the same letters but a limited framework which are used repeatedly for alternate, sometimes opposite formulations.

The introspective landscape of the mind which is able to Reason on its own accord is the Nous, Psyche, or Ruach, and it is related to the idea of a 'Hypercube' or cube within a cube, being as it is within Malkuth from Yesod to Binah. The will to attain toward the Supreme One, like a plant or the serpent ascending toward the Light, is a natural tendency toward Life and Love, but the closer one gets to the One the more one begins to understand the temperance with the Many, and even the dissolution into the dark as in sleep or death, or soil as fundamentally necessary. (Note: THE WHITE LIGHT = 111 = LOVE = MALKUTH = LIVES).

     Considering that the Egg of Mu is a veritable physical manifestation of the same Current going back to Liber AL, Achad's revelations, and the writings of Kenneth Grant - all of which I knew not the importance of at the beginning of my gradual realization of these events, formulae, connections and information - it can be said that in essence, the Tree (being identified with Mu and the Egg), has been regenerated and reformulated under a new Aeonic Order. Again, Mu also signifies the lineage of ADAM, and the genetic sequence of 23+23 chromosomes, and thus a regeneration of the lineage of Adam implies an evolutionary update, achieved through our technological and socio-communication advancement. It was originally conceived that Orders such as the Golden Dawn, O.T.O., and others could potentially 'regenerate the planet' and mankind as a whole, and that the wisdom they possessed could better equip the individual with the knowledge and discipline necessary for personal and collective advancement.

     The title of this post is related to the mystery of Parzival, the Crowned Child of Initiation who attains the Egg of Life, the Holy Grail of Blood or the Sangraal. (Note: A LIFE FORCE IS IN THE BLOOD = 666. Note also THE GRAIL IS 666 = 999, the number of ORDO DRAKONIS, the Order of the Dragon and THERION, the Beast. IS = 'O', and 666 is THE CIRCLE, therefore 999 is THE CIRCLE 'O' + THE GRAIL, or more aptly THE TORUS GRAIL, since the Circle ratchets around spirally into a hyper-sphere. 999-773 = 226 = 'QABALISTIC', therefore 999 embodies THE QABALISTIC NUMBERS of 111-999, which act themselves as a type of Cheth, or 'fence', and note 'THE NUMBER NUMBER-FENCES' = 999. The Ma-Ion, or ends of Manifestation, which signify the regeneration or repair of Malkuth (through reformulation in the Void), and which is related to Michael Bertiaux's concept of Meon, the creative void, symbolized by the Egg of the Universe/Manifestation itself and all forms is thus a qabalistic motif incorporating the whole of the Cosmic Design and Wisdom, Gnosis or Jnana thereof. Through the Egg (0) All can be known.