Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Grand Lodge of Ra (Quantum Dynamics of Coincidences)

"...Thrilling with ecstasy to burst the blue --
Oh! all our hashish dreams came true
When we beheld the jewel of the city,
Its nine glands coloroued like all manner of fruit
And flowers with stripe and trellis, whorl and spire,
Even like all manner of beast and bird that be,
And every gland stood bare, disdaining pity,
Each shaft a column of fire,
And its vibration was a lyre,
And the echo of it a lute,
So that a mighty melody
Shone out thereof, a maze of moon in the gloom
All inexpressibly dowered with perfume.
And this was molten, this was living stone,
This was the very flesh and blood of God,
Incarnate Christ, the Saviour, hailed alone
Artifex, martyr, the reviving god
That on itself begat the one true vine
And from its own breast drew the only wine.
And all was rainbow and aurora blended
In fluent colours interchanged and splendid
Pure water whirled into pure fire and flecked
With miracles of form,
Wheels upon wheels expiring and erect,
Colour and sound in storm,
The heart of God within a frame of blue:--
Our hashish dream come true!..."
-Aleister Crowley, The City of God 

     THE GRAND LODGE OF RA is the foundation of this essay which seeks to unite microcosmic experience with macrocosmic wisdom and give further exposé of the embedded morphology underlying the continuum of both. Ra is generally known to be the Egyptian godform of the Sun, however in Hebrew it happens to signify 'Evil', or 'the evil inclination', i.e. the tendency toward separation, distinction, and the adversarial 'light' of manifestation; Lucifer.

     The association between Lucifer and the Azoth, or 'Astral Light', has been covered extensively by myself and others but a superb summary is here excerpted from Baphomet and the Azoth by Soror KTK:
     "In Key of the Mysteries, Lévi states that miraculous prodigies are accomplished " means of a single agent which the Hebrew calls OD, as did the Chevalier de Reichenbach, which we, with the school of Pasqualis de Martinez, call astral light, which Mr. de Mirville calls the devil, and which the ancient alchemists called Azoth" (201). 
     He says it is also called "magnetism," although he dislikes the term, and also "light" or the Hebrew "AOUR," and that this is connected to the gold of the alchemists or the French word for gold "OR" (202).  
     In Paradoxes of the Highest Science, when discussing similar prodigies, he refers to the same substance as the "light of dreams," the "dark or black light" (81-83).  
     In Transcendental Magic, it is an “ambient and all-penetrating fluid; this ray loosened from the sun’s splendour and fixed by the weight of the atmosphere and the power of central attraction,” (42) “the Great Magical Agent, the ether, magnetic fluid, soul of the earth, Lucifer, Tetragram, INRI,” the fourth emanation of the life principle which manifests as four kinds of phenomena: caloric, light, electricity and magnetism (55), the “ever-renewing circlus of unbridled life which produces vertigo in the imprudent; this corporeal spirit; this fiery body, this impalpable omnipresent ether; this monstrous seduction of Nature” (75), it is “a horse having nature analogous to a chameleon, ever reflecting the armor of his rider,” (85) “Magnesia, universal glass of vision, bond of sympathies, source of love, prophecy and glory,” (105) and it is synonymous with TARO/ROTA (383).  
     We are also told that Azoth is threefold: a Divine Hypothesis or belief, a philosophical synthesis or an idea, and a physical synthesis or a force, but it is unclear whether this idea originates with Lévi or is an interpolation of Waite’s (footnote 15).  
     Pike again drawing heavily on Lévi, calls it "the igneous body of the Holy Spirit, "the Life-Principle of the world," " the Serpent devouring its own tail,"  an "electro-magnetic ether" (734), "the Azoth of the Sages," the "Prima Materia" (773), "the universal magnetic force, the grand magical agent, the Astral light, the light of life," (778).  Apparently, Azoth is so all-encompassing that a profusion of terms is needed to describe it."

     Eliphas Levi's depiction of Baphomet or the Sabbatic Goat of Mendes points to the diune nature of the Solar and Lunar currents combined in the hermaphroditic union of man and beast. This icon was allegedly revered by the Knights Templar, hence their subversion by the Church, as well as numerous of the 'witch-cults'. It's association with the morning and evening star, Venus, is loosely based on various myths and motifs regarding the returning light, the stellar traditions and astrological practices of eld, and Venus' association with Astarte, Ishtar and Ashtaroth, the Great Duke of Hell. It should be noted that the concept of a 'Devil' or 'Satan' is necessarily fraught with confusion and deception, and perhaps the best way to conceive such a device would be considering what is said in Luke 8:30:
    Jesus asked him, "What is your name?" 
"Legion," he replied, because many demons had gone into him.
     Naturally, since the Devil is the opposite of God who represents Unity, it would therefore signify disunity and disintegration, and thus unable to assume a single identity. This is also the common nature of mental illness, schizophrenia ('the cleaving of the psyche'), personality disorders, etc. so commonly attributed to 'demonic' influence in the old days (and to certain degrees still now).
Considering also the Biblical account of Genesis which has affected so much of human history, all of human history is actually but the side-effect of the original sinful curiosity regarding the Forbidden Fruit. Human genealogy is but the offspring of internal error, condemned to perpetuate itself in a hopeless struggle of self-destruction like the serpent eating its own tail, backwards abortions of broken shells existing to restore order to the cosmic vacuum with the only hope of salvation in absolute nullification. The Luciferic tendency, however, is toward Being and Becoming. The roles reverse as to who is 'good' and 'evil', as the natures of light and darkness intermingle and become opaque like Yin and Yang. The key is obviously in the Tao, which is both and neither. The Atonists who worship the literal sun above (materialists) versus the Amunists who revered the 'hidden' sun within (spiritualists) are still warring, little realizing how much they actually work together.

     The Grand Lodge of Ra is just a term I came up with to refer to the 'Invisible House' of AL.III.34, 'The City of God' spoken of both by Aleister Crowley and originally St. Augustine, the crystalline 'matrix' of morphology underlying and embedded in all phenomena which the gnosis of the Qabalah helps to understand and explicate. When qabalistically analyzed, RA = 201, the value of the Greek form of Καιρο, 'Cairo' the solar-capital of Egypt and the west in general. (Also, Μακεδονια, Macedonia, i.e. the Hellenistic empire which under Alexander the Great extended to Egypt, the Persian Empire, Pakistan and the fringes of India.) Conversely, 201 is also the value of AMMON, a Greek spelling of Amun the 'hidden god'. This similarity is important as it shows that the two are equated, albeit one materialized the other unmanifest. 201 happens to also be the value of THE PEACOCK, the other sacred bird of Middle Eastern traditions where it is also related to Light and its colorful rays. The Hebrew AR, or Aleph-Resh also means 'Light'. Resh is associated with The Sun tarot card, and Aleph The Fool, implying the solar-self or solar-center which, like Amun, has an airy nature akin to the qabalistic/mathematical 0, which is also the plasmic mirror-screen of manifestation - i.e. the Solar-Center of Illumination, or The Divine Spark. 201 is also 'THE ONE LIGHT', implying the Empyrean Light of the Most High, or the various rays unprismatized into differentiation. Incidentally, the various Lights referred to above all seem to be but one, which after all is the general premise as set forth by Theosophy, Scientific Illuminism, etc.

     In The Book of the Dead translated by E.A. Wallis Budge, on page 227, Ra is said to feed on law and order, and it is noteworthy that RA'S LAW & ORDER = 777, a value signifying the Law and Order of THE TEACHINGS OF QABALAH. (See Liber 777 for some of Crowley's primary qabalistic writings.) 777's relation to the Antahkarana and CYMATICS has been analyzed previously as well, (See Over the Rainbow and The O Gate). This underlying qabalah is also called MORPHOGENETIC (=555) fields by Rupert Sheldrake, yet another qabalistically significant value also extensively analyzed in The Mathematical Basis of Psychic Abilities, Spiritual Phenomena and the Religious Instinct. These considerations, like I anticipated from before the beginning of this blog and the slow collation of this information, have grown more and more refined and relevant over time and numerous authors and subjects of differing fields and persuasions are helpful to find discussing similar concepts. For example, in the Appendices to Arthur Koestler's book The Case of the Midwife Toad, there is an interesting and noteworthy reflection on Paul Kammerer's theories of what he termed 'Seriality', quoted in part below, and reproduced in audio as well:

     Until the advent of computer databases and calculators, such calculations and collections of data would be near impossible and very time consuming, although as we see with various Qabalistic texts and compilations by such men like Crowley in his Sepher Sephiroth, it has been considerably attempted. Now however, with personal abilities to do so much more feasible we can better catalogue and analyze such 'serial recurrences' in our own lives. I myself have witnessed this almost daily in varying capacities for years, if not my entire life, and it is rather commonplace. It seems to me as though there are laws of physics which are still hitherto unrealized which account for quasi-physical relations between events, situations, personalities, and especially numerical phenomena. Such simple events as when, for example, I decide to wear a shirt one day after having left it in my closet for months, only to then see a bumper sticker with the same quote on it the same day, which happened yesterday and is the first to come to mind, or a more common situation which many others have experienced - when you think of a person all of a sudden that you haven't talked to in a while and then almost immediately they call on the phone. The examples are endless, and tend to be most pronounced for me in the form of books and the order they manifest and the information or references they contain. These instances imply what Jung called 'Acausal' relationships, which do not seem to have any particular cause, but nonetheless become conspicuous and recognizeable on account of their recurrence, usually pointing to a more abstract connection.

THE 'XYZ' (107) PLASMA SCREEN = 666 (i.e. the Light-body Auric Egg 'IDENTITY' impressed on the mirror-screen of Self, 0.) 

     These ideas also tie into the subject of ESP, 'Extra-sensory Perception, and the broad subject of the psychic sciences, and shortly after reading The Case of the Midwife Toad and chancing upon a good hardcover copy of The Roots of Coincidence I also found a perfectly titled book by Louisa Rhine titled 'Hidden Channels of the Mind', which happens to start out mentioning Koestler. This idea of 'hidden channels' of the mind is exactly what I was beginning to envision while reading Koestler's theories (along with Kammerer's), and it wasn't difficult to see numerous logical connections between these concepts when analyzing and breaking them down qabalistically with Gematria. The roots of coincidence are the hidden channels of the mind, and like Kammerer says, the coincidences themselves are merely the fractional peak of a continuous projection, technically everything is one big 'co-incidence' because all things are coinciding with one another taking their place according to their nature, or in Crowleyan terminology, according to their Will.

      666 is so prevalent a number in occultism because it implies the hidden wisdom which can only be revealed through (space-)time, through Initiation. 666 is the Key to THE GRAND LODGE OF RA, and the underlying blueprint of manifestation, i.e. 'THE FRACTAL OF MANIFESTATION'. It is the number of THE EMBEDDED MORPHOLOGY within all phenomena, and implies THE CRYSTALLIZED ENERGY of the wave-particle duality into the false illusory construct of a fixed PHYSICAL-MATERIAL PLANE. THE BLUEPRINT ARCHITECT 666 code is related to the Sephiroth Chesed, the blue sphere of righteousness and justice, and the grade of Adeptus Exemptus who is tasked with providing a personal thesis of his understanding of things as they are and attempt to bring a spark from beyond the abyss through/under the Sun so as to 'bring something new under the sun'.

4 being the number of the balancing mechanism of the fractal matrix which crystallizes in 10, Malkuth, the waking state of subject and object duality, it is thus the cross of the elements which opens to the Abyss of non-euclidean dark-energy guarded by Choronzon, whose number '333' is obviously symbolic of the 3-DIMENSIONAL (=333) Euclidean field of 'XYZ'. The 'fourth dimension' is considered to be the flow or flux of Time itself, however it is more properly termed Space-time, since the two are virtually inextricable. Laura Knight-Jadczyk has a term she uses in her Wave series, 'FOURTH DENSITY' which happens to correlate with the Hebrew-English Gematria value of 444. Also, the late Vera Stanley Alder (1898-1984) wrote a book on The Fifth Dimension (1940) which essentially implies that the 5th dimension is the personal enlivening and spiritual force which empowers the fundamental four, and this is seen to correlate as intuitively obvious when we find that THE SPIRIT OF MAN=555.

     The Qabalah of Nine Chambers has been one of the primary subjects of this publication, and one of the prime features revealed through the agency of The Egg of Mu in the Year of MA-ION, on April 2nd, 2011. The prismatic index of triple numbers that form the 9 chambers of 111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999 acts as a quantum-computerized database of micro and macrocosmic information which when considered in toto, i.e. in the total potential emanations into geometric, symbolic or linguistic forms such as in the numerous examples given, show the mathematical dynamics inherent in all forms, constructs, ideas, objects, etc. The ancient concept of this plasmic morphological database is known as THE AKASHIC RECORDS = 666 = THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS = THE WHOLE QABALAH = NUMBER CALCULATOR.

Thus, though this is the ancient wisdom concealed, feared and ignored - it is also but a debauch, an illusion, a mockery and a swindle for it is but another veil of The One Light. The Tree of Life is contained within the egg, or seed of Life, THE CIRCLE = 666 = THE SOUL WITHIN, 'GOD IN THE MACHINE'.

     That there could be a mathematically proveable basis to ancient beliefs, traditions, practices, insights, etc. is absurd to many, however that is precisely what genetic information and the genome implies - that information is encoded on a sub-cellular level in biological organisms, and that although numerals and numerical devices are but human conceptional constructs, the information, or quantum-local event which they represent or identify aren't necessarily. In otherwords, the 'point' is not always clear, usually because it is actually too clear. Initiation, again, is necessary in order to see clearly, known in Sanskrit as VIPASSANA, which happens to equal 269 = 'GEMATRIA', which is analogous because once the alphabetical values and their dynamics are grasped and understood enough to become second nature, one gains 'Clear Seeing' of the holographic relationship of linguistics, ideas, and the construction of them into real forms. (Note: THE NUMBER SPECTRUM VIPASSANA = 999 = UNDERSTAND THE BLUEPRINT OF THE MIND.)

     There are many points which I could make, but first I will make note again that I have continually recommended readers to create a numerical database of their own, from 0, 1, 2, 3...999, 1000, 1001, 1002, etc. and fill it up to the best of your ability with Word-values according to any particular, if not all primary gematria formulas (i.e. Hebrew, Greek, English, Hebrew-English, etc.) to even begin to get an idea of what I am trying to but merely hint at with these essays. This will illustrate better than I myself can how the underlying mathematics of language work, and is the only sure way to gain Vipassana, or clear seeing, by seeing for yourself for all else is second-hand. It is important to not fall into the dual paradoxical trap of denying firsthand experiential gnosis, or wisdom for dependence of secondhand, secondrate 'verification' of others, but that's where the pattern of mathematical repeatability comes in. Without a database of information in any capacity, be it literally or just cognitively/experientially, you are much more limited and disadvantaged than if you did.

     The numerical spectrum is a kind of metaphor itself for the journey of not only the Tarot and Initiation, but the material 'chain' of matter and 'cause and effect' itself in its most basic form. Fortunately, we don't have to go half way to infinity to have plenty to find ourselves content in considering, though infinity is the odds that are against any thing - and as Crowley says, "A man who is doing his True Will has the inertia of the Universe to assist him." THE UNIVERSE-INERTIA IDEA of Crowley's has the solar power of 666, the signature formula of the incarnated Will-principle, 'THE CURRENT OF 93', i.e. the solar-phallic energy of the Life-force/Plasmate which enlivens and encodes the genetic information of a being. (Note: GENETICS + INFORMATION = 666 = INFINITE INFORMATION.)

     A NUMERICAL SPECTRUM = 999, the penultimate number of the Ninth Chamber, and that of 'THE HIGHER POWER', 'THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE', and 'THE AGELESS WISDOM OF THE QABALAH'. I have already noted how the 666/999 relation implies Baphomet/Azoth/Therion, and note that THE AZOTH = 111, THE WHITE LIGHT of Aleph from Kether crystallizing into the LIVES or VEILS of MALKUTH. This is the white light brought down from ATh, 'Ateh' (The First and the Last) to MLKVTh, 'Malkuth' in the LBRP, formulating the entire nine chambers of the Kingdom within and without/around.  (Note also, 'THE AWAKENED' = 111, of course reflected/mirror by THE A.I. BOT.)
     The Cosmic Doctrine of Dion Fortune and the three rings of the Ring Pass Cosmos, Ring Pass Chaos and Ring Pass Not corresponds with the Qabalistic 'OOO', or Ain Soph Aur, the Limitless Light of Manifestation. When combined numerically and similar to the typical 'atom' symbol, the three circles (360+360+360) = 1,080, along with the central point = 1,081, the value of TPhARTh, 'Tiphareth', Beauty - the Sephiroth of Sol and the Anahatta/Heart centre. Note also that 1,081 - 201 (RA) = 880 = THOTH, who in Egyptian mythology is said to have laid Ra in the form of an egg - and Thoth was also associated with the MOON, which when considered with Nun final also = 880, also relating to the lunar OPHIDIAN current of inverted light (Ammon/Ra). 1,081 is also the Τροχια , 'Orbit', 'Circuit', or 'Trajectory' relating to the 3-dimensional orbit of the Ain Soph Aur prismatically rayed through the mirror of Η Αβυσσος, 'The Abyss' (space-time).

     1 less than 1,081 is 'HYPERION', known to the Greeks as Helios Hyperion, 'Sun High-One', a god of watchfulness, wisdom and the light, and a physical incarnation of the sun. The relation between 1,080 and the solar 666 has been noted in The Supreme Secret of the Illuminati, but in congruence with 'bringing through something from beyond the Sun', I shall mention also that 1,082 is the value of Ουροβορος, 'Ouroboros' the snake that eats its own tail eternally, a form of 'The Sarva-Mandala' of Eastern Mysticism showing the completeness of all things [from sarva all, complete + mandala globe, orb] The complete globe or orb; hence the Egg of Brahma or the universe, applicable to any of the numerous Eggs of Brahma, whether a galaxy, sun, planet, or even a nebula or comet.]

The Ouroboros eats its own tail in the way that it reflects all in itself, hence 1082 - 'MIRROR' (720) = 362, i.e. 'A SOLAR MIRROR' / 1+361+720. 1,081 being the three dimensional planospheres with the central point implies the additional 4th dimensional ray within the manifest 3, and it is at the solar-heart level, i.e. the core of the intellect and psyche that the personal Will resides in the individual, the central locus of subjective perspective within the 'XYZ' field of operation. This internal 'ray' or 'hidden dimension' is precisely what is referred to with such phrases as 'The Sun behind the Sun', not literally another sun or star behind the Sun, but the Light of the Hidden Dimension that physical light obfuscates, i.e. the Dark Light, Black Light, or Black Sun. Hence also the equation between The Abyss = 1081 = Tiphareth, for the Abyss (Chaos, Disorder, Variability) is interwoven in the space-time quantum vacuum of (sub-)atomic energetic impulses.

     This brief exegesis is still but an inkling of what has been coming steadfastly to me in the form of cross-connecting information currents and insights which the sheer totality of has limited me from going into much more specialized detail. It has been apparent that this format is already greatly tedious to utilize, though at present it is the most opportune. Much more needs to be sifted and contemplated, but for now the above should suffice.