Monday, May 15, 2017

The Computational Brain

     The format of this blog is no longer an adequate medium for the data I would like to convey, and an actual website database is still in the formative stages being yet another task on an ever-increasing list of things to do - however, there are certain developments which I feel necessary to disclose at this time and in as clear and concise a way as I may find possible.

     At the initial formulation of this blog I had no conscious awareness or knowledge of most of what has hitherto been written, being a sort of note-taking, idea formulating sandbox of sorts which I myself interact with very much as both reader and viewer where time has slowly unveiled its own directives. Subsequent cascading realizations have revealed a Key which I have presented and utilized, being the Key to THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS, and THE TIKKUN OLAM, or 'Repair of the World/Malkuth', thereby effectively fulfilling the prophecies in LIBER L VEL LEGIS (to which was added an A by Achad) (AL.II.55, "Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto.", as well as AL.II.76: THE SUM OF AL.76 : 4 + 6 + 3 + 8 + A1 + B2 + K11 + 2 + 4 + A1 + L12 + G3 + M13 + O16 + R20 + 3 + Y10 + X18 + 24 + 89 + R20 + P17 + S14 + T22 + O16 + V6 + A1 + L12  = 666 =  'SUM', Mem final = THE AL CRYPTOGRAM = 666 = APPLY HEBREW TO ENGLISH = LIBER AL 55 NEW SYMBOLS = NEW SYMBOLS EVIDENCE = THE PROOF OF THE AEON.) 

     Note also that 666 is also the value of LM-THE WAY using Mem final, the actual title of Lam as per the characters on the portrait, Crowley's idealized self-portrait corresponding to the Babe in/of the Egg and a form of Hoor-par-Kraat, or the inner aspect of Horus noted sometimes as Set. The Egg of Lam is further connected through 107, the formula given by Achad as that of MA-ION, BITzH (Egg), and found by myself after receiving an obsidian egg  on April 2, 2011 (the 107th year of the Aeon of Horus) later to be also the value of LAM: THE WAY. Lam is the mantra of the Root-chakra, Muladhara, or Malkuth in the Qabalistic system, and thus the material incarnation of the Serpent-force or Kundalini. Using these keys which arose to my awareness unexpectedly and through cohesive accumulation I have applied them to alternative subjects outside the occult context and have found significant data emerging in similar ways.

     This Key, referred to in Liber AL, or The Book of the Law (to which the initial A was added after Frater Achad's original revelations regarding the Key in its application to the title of the work itself) is also the Key of the advent and exegesis of certain other systems with multi-functional applications which will be illustrated herein and in forthcoming materials. It is also likely that this Key had once been known and utilized in ages past (consciously or instinctively), and despite Crowley's having utilized it and having come to find his own QABALISTIC RELATIONS  in and through it, there was still very much he (and the Adepts of preceding Aeons) clearly weren't aware of or able to pre-perceive in the case of then-future developments. However, hindsight is 20/20, and we often forget it was Crowley's Great Work (and his involved associates) which paved the way for much of what we now take for granted being mass-reproduced on the internet or sourced without credit in many 'New Age' books. Some of which materials were at one time actually very difficult to acquire, much less apprehended and actively utilized. The Key to which I refer may be a link between the SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY of the past as well as that of the future, and thus - one we should also be able to use most active and potently now. 

     I use 666 as a reference to but one of the more relevant stages of this Spiritual Technology, of which there are 9 primary aspects (10 when considering the Zero-Point field);
111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999 being The Qabalah of Nine Chambers in their full extension. Each of these are like mini/micro-sephiroth in that ideas and realities are expressed in their fullest, most logical and coherent forms within these Keys. For example, 666 is in Greek Η Φρην, 'The Mind', and being Solar in its relation to Tiphareth (6) corresponds therewith since Tiphareth is the Heart of the Ruach, i.e. the Mind/Manas/Nous/Psyche (the interactive element ensouling or animating the physical body represented by Malkuth.) Thus, when we see that using the Hebrew-English Gematria formula the seemingly innocuous values of THE(410) + LOGICAL(152) + MIND(104) come together and formulate the idea into an actual discernible pattern. It is said that COGNITION itself, which is a more active, personal and subjective aspect of consciousness, is generated out of DYNAMIC PROCESSES which operate on various integrated 'levels', 'planes' or 'orders of magnitude' of the DYNAMIC COSMOS.

     666 in particular seems to evoke NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS in people who do NOT KNOW anything about Gematria or the Qabalah, and the wealth of geometrical formulations which it relates to. Being indicative of The Logical Mind and H Phren, 666 carries an active magnetic/ELECTRIC charge which when focused and projected renders difficult to retract and revert, and this is seen manifest in the problem of the Mind being 'etheric' and numinous, i.e. unmanifest, yet mirror-like, absorptive and integrally webbed, and thus unable to extricate itself from itself when itself is still yet interrelated with its contents. The subject of HALLUCINATION is also related to 666, and has many points which can be deduced - such as the idea that 'THE DREAM OF MANIFESTATION' is but maya or illusion, or a 'simulation' of some higher or inner process. It also implies in its relation to the brain and cognitive technologies of quantum modulation of patterns and thus perception and behavior. 666 is thus inextricably and indubitably a number of prime significance in the process and being that is THE EVOLUTION of THE HUMAN ANTHROPOS.

      THE MENTAL MAP that is 666 represents a non-local database of logical connections that exist in situ of their variable emergences, any and all of which 'exist' in virtually different space-time vectors, but which all nonetheless conform to the same natural and mathematical laws. Therefore, 666 represents a 'plug' or 'port' in which non-local data or information can be accessed, such as files from a hard-drive. THE PSYCHO-PATTERNS of the mind are also dictated by 'laws' established through an endless projection of continuous causes and effects, and thus 'outside' data could only be accessed when the veil of Daath is in some manner opened for the subjective perspective to that which lies beyond the objective frame of objectification, however this 'break' in the continuity of crystalline mundanity is often perceived as inimical, especially when the perceptor is not consciously willing it to be. To willingly 'break out' of the confines of the zone of the present conscious perceptual field would inevitably be a supra-physical and supra-mental process which would not be deducible through physical or mental means, it would instead in Qabalistic terms be a Supernal process. Any data transmitted to or from the perceptor would be formulated in such a way that it could 'fold up' into a single point to then travel irrespective of SPACE-TIME-&-LIGHT constraints and be 'unfolded' or reformulated in full. This is precisely what not only 666 itself represents, but again, THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS as a whole (1-9 / 111-999) is itself the data-field of the numerical matrix and contains within itself all logical potentials of emergence/emanation.

     Having been studying various fields and systematically analyzing the data certain significant ideas have emerged and coalesced allowing for a multi-functional application of this 'occult' formula to more 'mundane' things. Being particularly related to the Mind, 666 is an umbrella-formula for some very profound concepts which when integrated could prove very powerful. For example,THE EEG WAVEFORMS generated from the brain images derived from THE FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can be scanned, mapped and compared to existing scans and data-sets for effective mind-reading. PSYCHIC ENERGY WEAPON(s) (Psychic being related to the psyche or mind, not necessarily 'ESP') are the 'next' (now current) stage in weaponry and warfare as they are able to render physical 'boots on the ground' battles unnecessary. Alteration of BRAIN-WAVE FREQUENCY, and attendant BEHAVIOR CHANGES, can be achieved through a variety of NON-LETHAL BIO-EFFECTS, and being THE KEY OF MIND CONTROL, 666 represents the formulaic key of the 'black box' or underlying and self-containing structure of Consciousness itself.

     BRAIN-SCANNING BY SATELLITE could feasibly be executed by apprehending THE EEG WAVEFORMS via THE FMRI 'connectomes' (brain fingerprints) generated from electromagnetic fields which bathe the surface of the planet by satellites and telecommunications towers, as well as personal wifi suffusing the electromagnetic field of the body and brain. NEURO-IMAGE COMPUTING via DIGITAL QUALIAS (i.e. mathematical signatures/algorithms of unique brain-function) could provide access to the perceptual and cognitive centers of any and all brains within such fields. Michael Persinger discusses this in his paper titled , as well as his presentation No More Secrets (video)

SYNTHETIC MICROWAVE TELEPATHY is but one potential method for SOUNDS INDUCED IN THE HEAD, however different mediums may also be used to pick up and modulate DIGITALIZED FREQUENCY OF THOUGHT. 666 represents therefore THE QUALIA TRANSDUCING DEVICES of whatever type wherein the qualia of cognitive function can be transduced or converted from basic data and reconfigured for various purposes, and thus the negative aspect of 666 reaches its apex in the TECHNOLOGY OF TYRANNY which could effectively create a planetary electro-magnetic straightjacket whereby SILENT ASSASSINATIONS could be executed from a distance and automatically/algorithmically forming what I termed in the previous post THE PSYCHIC DICTATORSHIP of THE GLOBAL ELECTRICITY GRID whereby a screen simulation of the GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS WEB of THE HUMAN NOOSPHERE will be virtually graphed, monitored and altered according to planning systems and their operators. Note also that DIGITAL AURA = 666, i.e. the light-field of consciousness is apprehendable through digital frequencies.

     Mass COMPUTERIZATION OF DATA has made DATA SURVEILLANCE simple for not only  NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCIES and the many massive NSADATA FACILITIES, but for private groups and hackers as well. Any DATA TECHNOLOGY is effectively SURVEILLANCE TECHNOLOGY and to COLLECT INFORMATION can be automatically recorded and relayed via meta-data and combined to create massive collections from which to derive predictions and programming. THE INTERFACINGS of electronically transduced brain signals and machines, known as BRAIN-MACHINE INTERFACE, will render a dynamic and interactive relationship between SMART PHONE/HOUSE and occupant, provided they have bought their CYBERNETIC UPGRADES. THECELL SITE STIMULATORS used to receive and monitor signals (SIGNAL MONITORING = 666 = TRACKING DIGITAL CELLPHONE DATA) from specific cell-phones will be outmoded by direct access to brain-scans. BIO-NANO-TECH, or Biological Nanotechnology is also being developed at an accelerating pace, and there is already conjecture as to the levels which may have already been reached in the field known as 'Wetware', and also the subject of 'Morgellons' has been attributed to experimental nanotechnology, which regardless of the reality of Morgellons in and of itself - at least presents an interesting concept which may potentially take root. Note also that both COMPUTER AUTOMATED CHIP and MACHINE NANOBOTS = 666, further denoting again the inventive-blueprint quality of this hallmark number.
     By finding the quantum-relative SOURCE CODE underlying and interrelating all logical vector-states, we can see COHERENCE OF SEQUENCE in THE SELF-ORGANIZING CODES that emerge through the GEOMETRIC EMERGENCE of INFINITE FORMATIONS of the INFINITE INFORMATION that is THE ETERNAL COMPLEXITY reflected and condensed in the single Key-Chamber that is 666. 666 contains the ANCIENT CODES of the distant past and future which being DYNAMIC PROCESSES (of DYNAMIC SYSTEMS THEORY) are continuous projections forming what can be termed THE PROJECTIVE CONTINUUM, and its virtually infinite 'connections' THE QUANTUM GLUE. THE SECRET WISDOM OF LANGUAGE shows that there is a NUMERICAL FORM inherent in all ideas, and that CODED WORDS can actually create a corresponding effect when consideration is taken of their component frequency or vibration (quality:qualia).

     When it is firmly grasped that the same functionality which is used in electronics, data-transmission, and especially the psychological elements involved in manipulation, propaganda, mind control, etc. are also those used (albeit with generally different intention) in occultism, 'magic', witchcraft, and ceremonial ritualism, etc. - both become more understandable and practical. The same general 'code' which underlies human psychology also underlies our religious, political, social and technological sub-systems. The COMPLETE GUIDE to technological innovation that is contained embedded within the Chamber 666 parallels the ANCIENT GRIMOIRE which 666 also contains, being as it is a cipher for the 'unwritten' or 'hidden' grimoire known under many names and forms, such as Liber Mundi, The Book of Nature, The Primal Grimoire, etc. A point of connection between the history of magic and science begins with the work by Joseph Ennemoser titled The History of Magic which explores the work of Franz Mesmer and the meaning and value of magnetism in his work and its relation to 'magic'. 

      The polarization of magnetism is what allows for motion, change, time, etc. but it is also a major factor to consider in regards to consciousness and life-energy systems for the processes of awareness are themselves magnetic currents of ELECTRIC manifestation. The idea of a 'POLE SHIFT' is not only a reference to THE VIOLENT CATACLYSMS throughout the aeons or some single GREAT CATASTROPHE, but a mechanical phenomena which occurs for the ability of COGNITION to come into cohesive operation. The process of becoming aware of something is itself a type of 'POLE SHIFT' in the quantum mechanical sense of subject-object interrelational existence. Again, the 'apocalyptic' unsealing of the Seals of the Higher Centers is a solar-cellular alignment process allowing for regeneration which necessitates a formative or physical 'death' and rebirth/reconstitution, as in the process of general cellular regeneration. THE PHYSICAL EXERCISES, particularly the solar adorations, pranayama, strength and endurance training, use the catalyst of gradual acclimation and flexibility as a current in which to build a certain PSYCHO-SOMATIC momentum which allows to more easily DEFEAT OBSTACLES. (Note: rearranging the Vajrayana formula of THE CLEAR WAY, mention in the previous post, to CLEAR THE WAY, becomes a mantra of MOTIVATION.) Note also the relation between the Breath, so important in Martial Arts and Yoga - is a translation of the Hebrew Ruach, which also relates to the Nous, 'Mind' and Psyche.
     666 being the Key to the COMPLETE GUIDE that is THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS - is also the Key to CEREMONIAL WITCHCRAFT, i.e. ritual traditional nature-magic which is present in all geographical cultural centers throughout anthropogenic history. Mankind, although largely dilapidated and chemically transfixed - is potentially the Keeper of the Kingdom, however we have turned the figurative garden into a literal farm, and are no longer the Initiator but the Imitator. The tendency toward artificiality and automation is the magnetically polarized current antithetical to what Gurdjieff called 'Conscious Labor', and true COGNITION of THE EVOLUTION of Man and Manas (Mind). The irony, however, is that THE TRANSHUMAN MOVEMENT which is a primary manifestation of this essentially qliphothic current (QLIPHOTHIC FORCES = 666 = PARASITES) fits within the same alignment-field. This is an example of the simulative process in effect, and the reflective cohesion of seemingly disparate ideas in an integrated wholeness, much along the lines of what David Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order suggests.

     There are many books I have been reading lately which I can't help but find related and significant, but one in particular is Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. I can't help but see THE FRACTAL BLUEPRINT that is 666 as a literal 'Structure' of Scientific Revolution in and of itself. Its ancient recognition is alone quite telling, and perhaps it has acted as a sort of 'beacon' of Occult importance in generating intrigue and inquiry across the ages. To me, 666 represents an access-port to SCIENCE & KNOWLEDGE OF THE FUTURE, being as it also THE TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE - and again, SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY, THE SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY, THE SCIENCE OF THE SOUL, THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL etc. - thus Μαθησις Θεολογια – ‘Science of Theology’, or The Scientific Study of God. Being not only the ELECTRIC formula of Tiphareth (Sorath, SVRTh), indicative of the 'Electric Universe' idea, 666 is also THE CELLULAR UNIVERSE, as well as THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE UNIVERSE (PANThEOS) and its component INTELLIGENCES. Significant to the readers of THE BOOKS OF WILHELM REICH (which were once burned by order of the FDA), 666 also covers many things relating to ORGONIC TECHNOLOGY and the psychology of BODY ARMOURING as well - and the SOCIAL PROBLEMS that arise in regard to both.

     If you look at The Magician tarot card in the Rider-Waite deck, the Magician has an Infinity symbol for a halo. THE INFINITE HALO = 666 as well, signifying the non-local auric field of THE AKASHIC RECORDS, and further expressed as THE MAGUS 8 SAHASRARA, 8 being the Infinity symbol upright as the hourglass, but 8 also relates to the united chakras of the Aura as a whole beyond mere present sensory space-time. Kenneth Grant relates the Egg of Achad's qabalistic investigations (BITzH, 107 = MA-ION) to the 'ends of Manifestation and the FINAL HE (107) to which is attributed Maat, the daughter aspect of Tetragrammaton. 107 is also the value of LAM-THE WAY, the egg-headed entity which has many relations to Liber AL, The Amalantrah Working, and essentially symbolic of Alien or Transhuman intelligence emanating not from another planet but from 'down when' in the time-stream. 107 is the Auric Egg of THE AKASHA, and in the Comment to verse 107 of Liber OKBISh in The Ninth Arch, Kenneth Grant says that 107 veils the formula for opening the 'gates of space', i.e. the Elemental Watchtowers and thus the Egg symbolizes the portal or gateway of the Final He/Daughter/MA-ION outside the circles of time. Note also that FLOOD THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM = 666, which Kenneth Grant says is the result of opening the auric/cosmic egg. Conversely, THE NUMBER ONE POINT is also redefined in the totality of differences that are contained in 666 - the point to and from which THE FRACTAL OF MANIFESTATION emerges.

     Realizing that 666 is the archetypal value of the Occult or Unknown, it can be used as a sort of ZERO DAY VULNERABILITY tool of linguistic conceptual framing by which THE COMPUTER HACKER could hack THE COMPUTATIONAL BRAIN itself and extract, extrapolate or otherwise exploit informational systems. 666 is thus a major tool of HACKING & DATA MINING, and and has a particular relevance to the idea of 'STATE SECRETS' and SECURITY CLEARANCES, for 666 is the Veil(=File) of The Unknown. COVERT AGENTS, as well as ROGUE CIA AGENTS, may be aware of this formula as there is evidence that 666 is itself THE TOP SECRET CODE OF THE CIA (THE UNITED STATES CIA USES GEMATRIA = UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT = NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCIES), it is also an unconscious and automatic phenomena wherein and whereby patterns follow their limited strictures. Again, to NOT KNOW is 666, and thus represents the Occult 'Veil of Unknowing', TO NOT KNOW SOME THINGS - and the biggest irony is the fact that all of these different things have emerged along this unique mathematical pattern without full conscious awareness. However, 666 also indicates NOTHING HIDDEN, and thus the EVIDENCE OF CONSPIRACY is embedded in the Fractal itself for all to see if they but have the eyes and ability to see and maintain an attention span. 

OBVIOUS FALSE FLAGS, as well as legitimate DESTRUCTION as we see almost daily as a DISTRACTION from their MALFUNCTION as Global Leaders to desensitize and condition the masses into accepting their subservience to a psychotic system that enslaves them. By understanding the codes on which we operate we can better foresee and interpret the unfolding of events, much as analysts do with the data-patterns of the individual and the COLLECTIVE MIND. That most if not all of our emerging technological systems all conform to this ancient formula should be enough for deeper investigation, however, the ignorance and fear is thick enough to cut with a knife and so publications like the present will likely be suppressed or if not then attacked and criticized rather than analyzed for the information presented. So far there has been little recognition or discussion. The understanding of the value of 666 is necessarily a PAINFUL PROCESS as it evokes many things that are otherwise ignored or suppressed, and as in the case of Initiation in general, much subconscious and unconscious material is needed to be faced and processed which when one is unprepared for can indeed be dangerous to the psychological health when not re-stabilized through appropriate exercise and strength. Man, whose number is said to be 666, has been successful in his ability to confront any and all problems through which subsequent growth is effected. Without friction there would be no progress, without resistance there would be no gain in strength. And again, MOTIVATION = 666, and relates to the intention behind all action and when this is subverted 666 inverts into the COSMIC PRISON of EVIL & HATRED and SORROWS, showing further the dual-sided nature of this formula. 

     There is much more to be said, and still more to be learned, and I understand that this medium is not the best way with which to convey this, however it works for the time being. Readers can derive from these articles what they will and I further encourage you to make your own databases not merely of The Qabalah of Nine Chambers, but all values possible. I still intend on making my database into a website, there is much more to be worked through and grasped. This post has already exceeded what I expected in terms of length and informational output but more is to come.