Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The O Gate

Much has been unveiled to me since my last few posts and at an increasing rate to where I feel the need to make note of many of the corroborating bits of information and present it to those who have seen the unfolding of this publication and my findings regarding the Egg of Ma-Ion. This information can be of use to anyone so long as you are able to discern, extract and extrapolate your own ideas from the material set forth, that is in this post as well as others. In this post I will focus on a recent situation regarding a cascade of coincidental events which all connect to various materials I have been researching and widely different strands of wisdom which come together to the same Point.

Really, it actually starts with me searching for stuff on eBay, which is how I found out about Kenneth Grant through his book Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God (somewhat shortly after I began reading about Crowley). I found a shirt of this band I admire called Daath, ironically, and it happened to have the symbol of an eye within, not one triangle, but four. This was odd because later that night, completely by chance, I  came across that very symbol again. I was reading a book by Jim Keith, Saucers of the Illuminati, and it mentioned an older writer on such subjects named George Williamson Hunt. I was reading what I could about him and came across his book Other Tongues, Other Flesh (which I also found in an original 1953 first edition for a good price), and it contains the very same symbol on page 72. The book goes on to talk about many things, but there is an emphasis on the symbolism of the 'tongue' and its spiritual meaning, as well as that of language itself. Chapter 1 is called 'The Solex-Mal', and explains how this phrase means the 'Mother', or 'Solar' 'Tongue'. Solex means 'Solar', and Mal is said by Hunt to mean 'Tongue'. Mal is generally known to mean 'evil' or 'bad', as in Les fleurs du Mal, Malice, or Malevolent. Incidentally my own initials are M.A.L., the reverse of Lam (meaning 'He who Goeth', see The Voice of the Silence.) {Note: I have no connection with any members of the band Daath, and to my knowledge they are no longer producing albums, I have just been a fan for years and if they aren't you 'taste' that is fine, I am merely just noting that I found it odd this symbol came up in a book after years of seeing this album, to learn about its meaning the very day I bought a shirt which had this same symbol on it.}

The tongue is a magickal organ of manifestation of which the materialistic Western mind fails to understand or adequately control. The symbolism of the tongue has been described excessively in my previous material, and Grant has explained its Maatian significance extensively in his books. One of the main things to point our is that there are said to be 17 muscles in the tongue (See the book The Sense of Taste By Harry Levi Hollingworth, Albert Theodor Poffenberger.) This is Qabalistically significant since 17 is the number of the Hebrew letter Peh (P, with a Gematria value of 80/800), and the meaning of Peh is that relating to the tongue. It should be known that 17 was seen of special enough relevance by Grant for him to have put an appendix on its occurrence in special esoteric dates in his last Typhonian Trilogy in 2002, The Ninth Arch. The tongue is a form of phallus or lingam in the oral yoni, and since 17 is associated with the mysteries of Osiris and Orion (note that there are 17 stars in the constellation of Orion that are visible to the naked eye), the tongue itself can be fathomed as the 'Lost Phallus' of Osiris whose meaning was lost to the unconscious. The Tarot card to which the letter Peh is attributed is The Tower, which of course calls to mind the legend of the Tower of Babel and the confusion of tongues.

The odd coincidences don't end here, my girlfriend and I both have been seeing both the number 17 and 107 come up all over the place and oddly enough there is even a guy on Facebook who has created a group called '107 Anomaly' because he too sees combinations of the number 1 0 and 7 all over as well. I have consulted him regarding my own qabalistic findings of this number, but he seems to have little to no knowledge of the complexities of gematria or this mass of work I have written  regarding this ominous number. There has to be something to it though which someone has to know about. I have even captured screenshots of it in various movies and shows I've seen from the movie Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts to the children's cartoon Yu-Gi-Oh!, and other animes. (See below.)

(NOTE: The main significance with this one is that the 107 is fully clad in purple/pink/fuchsia colors which I have also explained extensively in this blog as relating to Daath and the Magick-force known under various names. See Over the Rainbow.)  

I may sound like some 'conspiracy theorist', but clearly there is something strange about this number. As a matter of fact, 107 is also the number of Marmas or energy-points in the body according to Ayurveda and so this number is particularly associated with the auric-energy field of the spirit-body itself, as symbolized by the Egg. This number shows the Egg (0) warded by the number 17 (the tongue), showing that the tongue and aura/Ruach (spirit) are closely related. 
It is of course by way of the tongue in which we communicate in words, and even when we are not actually speaking we can feel the impressions the tongue would make if it were spoken because the tongue is the actual muscle behind our human linguistic expression. This is only so if we are communicating only via the region known as the Vishuddha or throat/vocal chakra. We are able to communicate also at higher and lower centers, via the higher mind as well as the heart and of course the sexual and mundane channels of expression as well corresponding to the far lower chakras. The idea is to open each of them.

In reading more about the concept of 'Mu', since I decided to call the obsidian egg which I happened to obtain 107 years into the Aeon of Horus while not even knowing the significance of the egg or that number, I came across the books of James Churchward who wrote about the ancient continent known as Lemuria, or 'Mu'. Interestingly enough, and whether or not his material is even all that accurate in and of itself, something highly unique stood out to me. He claimed that the language of the Lemurians was something called 'Naga-Maya', and sure enough I calculated it using Hebrew-English Gematria and NAGA MAYA is 50+1+3+1 + 40+1+10+1, which is 107. Not only that, but in reading further into that Other Tongues, Other Flesh book I found that he calls the New Age the 'New Mu', as it is a resurrection of the old. Low and behold 'NEW MU' is 50+5+6 + 40+6 = 107. Clearly something which is far deeper than our language can express is being conveyed here. The language is symbolic, and in some extreme cases it boils down to being purely numeric where its meaning is as precise as a mathematical formula. Mu being the 13th Greek letter calls to mind the Greek philosopher Euclid and his 13 books on mathematics. In the New Mu mathematics will be seen as co-equal to language, and the art of Naga Maya or 'serpent magic' will bridge the gap between the two polarizations of the analytical left-brain and the creative right-brain - language and mathematics and feeling and meaning, as expressed in what has been called 'Art'.

To these two generalized categories can also be placed the seeming opposites of 'Science' and  'Religion/Mysticism', but the two are simply the basic 'Outer/Outward' and Manifest Ordeals in the world of Matter juxtaposed with the Inner or Inward Ordeals of Mind of the Individual. The two are inevitable and inescapable interchangeable. It was Aleister Crowley whose publication The Equinox stated on every copy the dictum 'The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion'. It is quite a shame that so many deny the very Arts and Sciences of those masters before them even though the Path has been outlined in numerous detailed accounts. So far, I have showed with Science, that these Hermetic or Mystic 'practices', known variously as Astrology, Qabalah, Gematria, Tarot, Symbolism, Synchronicity, etc. are in fact apt languages themselves, each connected or over-lapping and interpenetrating even though of distinct origins arising at completely separate periods of time by various peoples. The only way to analyze anything effectively is by surveying all possible categories and perspectives of the available data. From the little bit of organizing I have done of my own database I have found legitimate scientific evidence of value in the gematria and other Qabalistic principles for use in things such as Engineering and a host of other applications.

Being a complete skeptic about everything to where it blinds you from reality itself is a result of being fearful and clouding yourself with denial. Many people see the name Aleister Crowley and scoff because all they know about him or his work they read second-hand or couldn't get past some particular part of his character they dislike and never took the time to look beyond him and look at the work he provided and the wide range of subjects he pointed to. Using as an example one of his more widely known works, Liber 777, which in the common printed edition by Weister contains his Sepher Sephiroth which is a short sort of gematria database list of Hebrew word-values. For the number 777 he has listed עולמ הקליפות, OVLM H'QLIPhVTh, 'The World of Shells'. These 'shells' are the dead forms, forms which are 'not' in the sense they are non-physical, but nonetheless 'there' as if like a magnetic field. The 'Shells' are thus equated with the 'cells' in which bits of data occupy a matrix, or in which kalas give rise to the lila of maya. These are THE SHELLS OF ATMAN (=777), and Atman is literally the 'Self', and it should be seen ATMAN = 101 = SELF. 777 is also THE LIGHT WORLD, which is the Mind and Ruach itself as the Lights of the Zonei or Planets/Alchemical Metals/Chakras.

Max Heindel, in his The Rosicrucian Cosmo-conception; or Mystic Christianity, says:
 "Occult science teaches that there are 777 incarnations, but that does not mean that the Earth undergoes 777 metamorphoses. It means that evolving life makes 
                7 Revolutions around the
                 7 Globes of the 
                  7 World Periods."

Peeling Bodies by Chris Dyer

I began talking about Gematria in my second post '1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9' and mentioned that 777 was the number of REVELATION, but at the time I had not known it was also the number of THE DICTIONARY, showing how Liber 777 acts as a sort of Gematria Dictionary. Either Crowley hadn't taken it serious enough to include it, or didn't have space in the book, or perhaps didn't want to go into too explicit of detail, but there is little in his writings dealing with the gematria of Hebrew values applied to English words and phrases. However, I have found it accurate enough that I could even show 777 to be symbolic of the 'GEMATRIA CODE PROOF' of 'THE TEACHINGS OF QABALAH' just with this very number. People could say that I any word or phrase could be made to equal this number, but using specifically Hebrew-English Gematria this is not possible since the values are fixed, with the exception of the few final values and C/K/Q, S/Sh, T/Th variations. These minor details are important for they actually serve as ways to protect its full wisdom from those who are unable to read and understand the formula itself and it's schematic. It has come through great struggle that these words and formulae can be presented here in such a condensed form, and this is still maintaining a safe distance from much of the material yet to be released in Liber 999.

The direction I want to take this now ties in with the material I have been steeping myself in, namely that of Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism (along with the archaeology of Mu). This is where the 'various strands' come together to a single point. My friend who I have mentioned before as Soror 722 told me a while ago to look into this thing called 'Cymatics' which is apparently the study of sound and its effects and patterns in various materials such as sand or water when applied at different frequencies. After many months of not even calculating the word itself, I finally found that ChYMAThIChSh (CYMATICS) is 777 when using Cheth-8 for C and Tau-400 and Shin-300 for T and S. After playing with various calculations I found 777 to also be the number of the very relevant 'VISIBLE SOUND HOLOGRAPH' and 'VIBRATION HOLOGRAM'. Also, after reading much about all these various Buddhist and Hindu words something about Sanskrit (and the Eastern languages in general - more-so in fact than Hebrew or English) and how its focus on Mantras, sound and feeling. I found that Sanskrit transliterated more accurately is SAMSKRTA, which added to the lesser valued CYMATICS (with a Teth and Samekh) also gives 777. Furthermore 777 is 'THE CODE OF THE SOUND' itself being both the EQUILIBRIUM + VIBRATION of the SONIC SCALE. Sound and Vibration is related to Light and Shadow, and the Shells or Cells of Light have their counterpart in the waves of sound.

(Very good lecture on Cymatics by Mandara Cromwell, if you have the time.)
Waves radiate in circular/spiral patterns and it is notable that 777 is also THE O OF CIRCE, Circe being the goddess of the Great Circle of Witchcraft and Sorcery (sorcery means to ensorcell or encircle.) The name Circe is also related to the words 'Church' and 'Circus', which are closer concepts than one might think. 777 is not just related to the circle and the shell/cell, it is THE WHOLE CIRCLE being the fullness of the Ruach before twisting beyond THE WALLS of space-time in the triple infinite lemniscate of 888 (=THE FULLNESS OF INFINITY). This 'O' is the circle of which we base our clocks and time off of as it is the path which our earth and sun take giving us night and day. The O is the Gate which we see through, called Ayin in Hebrew and Ajña in Sanskrit. The emphasis of sight throughout this blog has always been not so much in the exoteric sense as in the esoteric and so the Sight here being referred to deals with consciousness which is ethereal ("of or relating to the regions beyond the earth; lacking material substance."), and together of course ETHEREAL CONSCIOUSNESS is 777. It is even THE BRAIN + MIND showing that 'Mind' is separate from the physical Brain, but they come together to make this same particular mathematical number (777) which exposes the TRUE MAGICK of the HOMOSAPIEN SCIENCE as it is the LUCIFER CONSCIOUSNESS of LIBERATION and relating to the Gates thereof, 'THE GATE-WALKER CODE and THE DIGITAL REALITY KEY.

Perhaps of prime significance to the Masonic Brothers and Sisters out there, tying in with what I began in Maat and Masonry, 777 is THE KEY OF FREEMASONRY which parallels THE KEY OF EVOLUTION. I have similar sentiments about Freemasonry as I do with Crowley, while they both have a bit of controversy surrounding them, not only does that lend them more fascination but they yield too much knowledge and benefit to turn away from in fear or mistrust and preconceptions. The Masons have used gematria in their geometry since time immemorial and their 'secrets' have long been left in plain sight for those with the keys of the Wisdom (The unification of Letters, Numbers and Astro-Alchemical-Elemental symbols in the Qabalah). In the true Spirit of Brotherhood the Masons lay all differences as the door of the Temple and come together in their Oneness as carriers of the One Spirit known as The Grand Architect of the Universe. 777 is THE MASON ASHLAR, the Cubic Stone which is shown in PICTOGRAPH FORM as the Antahkarana Cube which is the Bridge of Spirit and Matter. Thus, its also the formula of A MASTER MASON who, if one is truly a Mason, knows their place in THE SECRET MASONIC CHURCH wherein each Disciple is a Builder of the Earthly Paradise to which many have long forgotten their duty to maintain. Thus, 777 brings the Spiritual Gnosis of the ETHEREAL CONSCIOUSNESS down to the EARTH PLANE and as the Key of Evolution it is also THE MALKUTH EVOLUTION and Malkuth is not to be treated as a landfill or a farm, but a garden to be tended to appropriately.

Furthermore, I have found 777 is THE SECRET OF THE CUBE-SPHERE, mentioned by Walter Russell in The Secret of Light. The Cube and Sphere veil the dual male-female principles like Fire and Water, whose symbol comes together has the Hexagram or 33 which in Masonic symbolism is usually on the Phoenix whose Light shines beyond Life and Death in THE VAST EXPANSE beyond the Cube-Sphere Matrix of THE FALSE REALITY of Maya, which can also be thought of as THE ASTRAL SEA - the inner/mystical realm of mind and imagination which sometimes seems more real than that which is right in front of your eyes. The Cube-Sphere implies the alchemical formula of the Squaring of the Circle which is veiled in the Square and Compass symbol itself for the Compass outlines the Circle and the Square tool measures the Square and veils the Ordeal of merging the Spiritual Universe with the Material Universe, which is further veiled in 777 as THE TWO WORLDS + INSIDE + OUTSIDE. The two come together as one in THE LODGE ARCHITECT. This is the same identity as THE ARCHITECT OF THE PSYCHE (using all Cheth=8 for C in this case), for the Genius behind THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE KINGDOM is both within and without. This is THE MISSING GENIUS, the POWERFUL GENIUS who holds THE POWER OF MANIFESTATION via the Word and gives the message to 'RECOVER THE GEMATRIA' since it contains the formulae of Man's true spiritual heritage. 

777 literally points the Way of Man as it is MAN + THE WAY (127 - 50 + 700 = 777 [Gematrix doesn't calculate final values]). In this formula we can see that MAN carries the value of 741 which is attributed by the Rosicrucians to the Archetypal Spirit of Creation through Light and Sound known as Lucifer. (See page 145 of The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Palmer Hall in regard to this.) To explicate this further it should be known that 741 is also the value of אמן, AMN, 'Amen'/'Amun', the Egyptian name of the Supreme 'Hidden God', the Sun behind or beyond the Sun. Coming as a verification that this number deals with the Angelic principle of Lucifer is the fact that it is also the value of THE REBEL ANGEL, and of course Lucifer was known for being cast out for his rebellion. (See The Lucifer Rebellion in The Urantia Book.) The value of THE WAY, or THE VIA is here in its lower form of 36 (19+17). 36 is commonly known to be 6x6, and if the numbers 1 through 36 are summed up the number 666 which is attributed to the Devil/Lucifer is obtained. The symbolism darkens when it is realized that the Spiritual state of Man is in a 'fallen', or suppressed state as we are still in the Kali Yuga where the minds of man are clouded and distracted, sometimes fully entranced, by the externalizations of the Outside world. In this sense, we find a sort of 'necessary evil' for through perseverance during hardship we find great pearls of truth and worth. 

As the Way of Man, 777 is an amplification of the number 77 which appeared to me recently in a dream very large on the price-sticker of an unknown red book. When I woke up I wondered what 77 may mean and quickly looked it up in my gematria database. It is both GOD and BEAST, as well as the VIA MEDIA or 'Middle Way' between the two extremes which was also the preferred path of the Buddha. Above I mentioned having been steeping myself in Buddhism (particularly Tibetan) as of late and I wrote about it in the final chapter of my book Liber 999 that I found it highly significant that not only have I just turned age 22 this past August but 22 happens to be the number of the BUDDHA, which actually means 'fully awakened', or 'awakened one'. 22 has been discussed here as being the the Hebrew letters, Tarot Trumps, etc. but most importantly it is to be understood as the 'full circle' of manifestation and ultimately The 'O' Gate, the Supreme Gate of the 231 Gates traversed by The Fool in his Path of Becoming One with The Universe.  Later I found that 77 was BUDDHA-FIELD, which is actually a concept in Buddhism relating to the 'Pure Land' or Realm/Abode of the Buddha - literally the 'Buddha-Matrix', or 'Buddha-Embryo'. (See Buddha-Nature or Buddha-Principle). Qabalistically, 77 is the Ayin (70) full with the 7 spirits of the Ruach. It is also the number of the ANAHATTA or Heart Chakra which is the Hexagram and Sol Symbol implying the unification of the 7 Points or Chakras of the body. Hence, 77 is also DISC as well as O.B.E., the acronym of 'Out of Body Experience', which is done with the Buddha-Field of the unified Disc by entering the space-time capsule of the Egg or Zero-Body (0), the True Eternal Buddha-Body. This is the Way of THE BUDDHA AMITABHA MAITREYA which I am setting forth in this Work. 

77 with the Egg is 707, which is related to 777 as well simply by the fact that the 0 is closely related to the 'O', Ayin/Eye, which has the value of 70. 707 is the number of the CRACK (K=500) in the Egg, and THE AJNA CHAKRA itself which cracks open when the the Fire-Serpent reaches that level, which is also known as THE LEVEL OF GURU (=777) where the two hemispheres of the brain as well as Inner and Outer Worlds come together as One - which is exemplified numerically in 707 as the double-Ayin/70 facing toward one another. This is the Eye looking in on itself - the resolution of the Self into not-Self, understood as Pure Being and when reified as a state of being is called 'Anatma' in Sanskrit or 'Anatta' in Pali. 
This 'state' is shown at the top of this page as what is known as the 'Tai-chi-quan' symbol, which is related to the Taijitu or 'Yin-Yang', but shows the empty center of the Great Void which connects with Daath on the Tree of Life, and is known in Sanskrit as 'Sunya' or 'Sunyata'. I have found that THE SUNYA = 777, and so it can be seen how the Ayin of the O opens onto the Void and contains the Kalas of the Goddess 15 - 'O'. The five triangles in the Yantra of Kali give the '15' Nityas or 'eternities', corresponding to the fifteen days of the Waning Moon. Incidentally, there are 36 outer corners, and 36 was mentioned about as 6 x 6, and THE WAY which is the unification of all ways or all 36 decans of the Zodiac or all 360 degrees of the Great Circle. This shows that 777 is THE KALI YANTRA KEY of THE KALI YANTRA GATEWAY which opens the waking consciousness up to the astral/death-consciousness of the dreaming and deep-sleep states symbolized by the 3 rings. This is the inward opening current whereas the Antakarana is a glyph of the Outward flow of the manifestation of Light. The downward triangle is  symbolic of Water and the 5 Triangles of Water are related to the 5 'M's, or Makaras used in Tantric puja or sadhana (see Panchamakara.)

As a matter of fact - THE GODDESS FIFTEEN, which Kenneth Grant mentions so much especially in Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God, = 707, thus along with 'O' = 70 gives 777. Thus, 777 can clearly be seen as a supreme formula of Manifestation and Consciousness and their various systems of advancement. 777 is also THE 231 KAULA GATES, and the Kaula Circle is commonly known among Eastern adepts while the 231 gates are of Western/Qabalistic origin. They come together because they are one and the same for they both open the Gates of Consciousness. Each of the 231 Cells or Shells is a Gateway in the Consciousness-continuum for 777 enumerates the 231 PATHS (231+546) as well as the sum of Hebrew letters forming Path of the Flaming-Sword traced down the Tree of Life. 231 is the number of the Greek Σκια, ‘Shade/Shadow’, and the Shadows are the Shells mentioned above, and 777 is the fullness of THE INNER LIGHT-SHADOW, the Shadow of the Inner Light being the Material world of Manifestation (Maya/Magick). 

(Frontispiece of the Chinese Diamond Sūtra, the oldest known dated printed book in the world. 
Note the Diamonds/Rhombus on the ground. See The Diamond of Perfection.)

Tying back in with these 'coincidences', I found that  777 is also THE DREAM OF THE BUDDHA, which reminds me of the dream I had featuring the number 77, which was odd since numbers rarely ever actually appear in my dreams. Not only that, but it is also THE GEMATRIA OF BUDDHA, or THE BUDDHA OF GEMATRIA, the Gematria of the Awakened One. If it hasn't been shown clear enough how highly concentrated the Gnosis is in this number, 777 is also THE VAJRAYANA SIGHT, Vajrayana being the Diamond-Vehicle which is of the Purest tenuousity it pierces through all veils of illusion (See The Diamond Sutra.) This is the 'Dragon-sight', derkesthai 'to see clearly', mentioned in Dragon Blood which is opened via the Dracontia or Diamond Eye of the Dragon. (Note that DRACONTIA is 739, which is the sum of the Spheres on the Tree which form the Dracontia - Netzach=148 + Hod=15 + Yesod=80 + Malkuth=496. 739 is 1 more than THE DRAGON, 738 and thus the Point in THE LETTER O / THE MAGICK CIRCLE (738+1). 739 is 10 more than 729, which is 9 cubed (9 x 9 x 9), which veils the Opening of the I of the Dragon-Serpent at the center of the Dracontia. This is why I wrote about the significance of THE MIRROR (=739) in The Mirror Working because it too is a tool for opening the Inner Sight of the Diamond-Dragon. I have thus expounded the NOBLE TRUTH of THE DRAGON WISDOM (=777) which has for long aeons been lost to Man, if not forever unknown to the common man. Looking at the Buddha in the image above, it should be seen as significant that THE HALO CIRCLE is also 777.

Presenting this Wisdom, my name is Mem, Aleph, Resh, Gimel, which is 244. MARC THE MAGICIAN is 777, and 'The Magickal Gematria of 294' (294 being the number of my full name in Jewish Gematria) also = 777 in Jewish Gematria. It is also 'The Magickal Gematria Code of Satan'. The idea of Satan has already been explored extensively, but for the sake of comprehension it can be thought of as the State of Materialization/Materialism. 666 was given in The Book of Revelation, the 66th book of the Bible as being the number of both a Man and The Beast. Obviously, ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ, 'The Great Beast' in Greek was identified by Crowley to equal 666, along with the Hebrew ThRIVN, Therion, 'Beast'. The number 111 was attributed to his Magickal Son, Frater Achad or Charles Stansfeld Jones, who was the 'One One One' mentioned in Liber AL, and Crowely's Liber Aleph, or 111, was specifically written for and dedicated to Achad. Together they formulate the much exhausted 777 analyzed above. It is in this sense that I consider my work a continuation of what has been termed The Externalization of the Hierarchy, for the HIERARCHY is the 444, the number of THE LAPSIT EXILLIS or Stone of Exile (Externalization). Grant has noted throughout his books that 333 is a number of the Star-Stone Ixaxaar (as well as S'LBA, which he says is 'The Self. The Source of the Wisdom of the Stellar Tradition.' THE LAPSIT EXILLIS IXAXAAR is thus 777, being the Cubic Stone which itself Crosses, as well as bridges, the Abyss from the Ruach-7 to the Supernal Triad-3.  

This 'Star-Stone' is THE EGG OF VAJRAYANA (=777), the Diamond Vehicle or THE CHARIOT VEHICLE which is also typified as a Cosmic Egg. The Chariot Tarot card is related to the Merkabah Chariot, and 777 also shows THE WAY OF MERKABAH. The 'Great Vehicle', or Mahayana, to which the great school of Mahayana Buddhism lends its name, is veiled under the symbol of the Perfect Circle. I have noted in Break the Cycle how CIRCLE is 251, which is the same number as K'RLA and VRIHL. It is significant then, that there is a cross-over in how MAHAYANA = 109, which is the same number as the Hebrew word for 'Circle', עגול. How significant then is it that we find 251 + 109 to equal 360, the actual mathematical value of the Full, or Great Circle?
777 is THE 360 CONTAINER, or THE 360 SPECTRUM, being THE ENERGETIC BUDDHA-FIELD of THE BUDDHA MICROCOSM. These are THE DAATH BUBBLES of individuated consciousness. Note that the word BUBBLES = 107, the number of the Gold Egg (BITzH), as well as AZATHOTH, who bubbles the dream-froth of existence from his blind-eye at the primordial center of Space-Time. 107 being the combination of AZATHOTH, PAZUZU, EBLIS, and even recently I found the value of the Sanskrit transliteration of 'Satan' as PIZAChA is also 107, as well as V.A.L.I.S. itself, tends to show that this number veils the ENTITY ID or IDENTITY (=107) of the Demiurge itself, beneath its various masks. Which is why THOUGHT is 107 as well, which is where the 'Demiurge' begins to clothe itself.

This blog is first and foremost an account of my findings regarding the Star-Stone of Ma-Ion which manifested itself to me on April 2nd, 2011. It was not until relatively recently, this long after my findings of this Egg and this Date which relates to Frater Achad and his findings regarding the Aeon of Maat, that it actually appears in the work by H.P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu, which is mentioned so much by Kenneth Grant. Apparently, April 2nd is the date of a great storm in that story, as well as the date in which the fabled R'lyeh sank into the ocean, corresponding with the 'Lost Continent' of Mu, located near the 'Nemo Point' farthest from any land-mass in the Pacific Ocean.  This story was written in 1926 and published in 1928. The sinking of R'lyeh relates to the subconscious mind as well as to the dream, and it should be noted that R'LYEH = 250 = DREAM.

Lovecraft claims R'lyeh is located at 47°9′S 126°43′W in the southern Pacific Ocean. While August Derleth, a contemporary correspondent of Lovecraft and co-creator of the Cthulhu Mythos, placed R'lyeh at 49°51′S 128°34′W. Both locations are close to the Pacific pole of inaccessibility (the "Nemo" point, 48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W), a point in the ocean farthest from any land mass.

Quoting from The Call of Cthulhu at one of the main parts which mentions the date of April 2nd, it says;

"And what of this storm of April 2nd — the date on which all dreams of the dank city ceased, and Wilcox emerged unharmed from the bondage of strange fever? What of all this — and of those hints of old Castro about the sunken, star-born Old Ones and their coming reign; their faithful cult and their mastery of dreams? Was I tottering on the brink of cosmic horrors beyond man’s power to bear? If so, they must be horrors of the mind alone, for in some way the second of April had put a stop to whatever monstrous menace had begun its siege of mankind’s soul."

The date is now see in its Cosmic importance, being not only the date of the sinking of R'lyeh, but also the birthdate of Frater Achad (as well as Charlemagne in 742, apparently), and the day on which he discovered the key of Ma-Ion in 1948. Numerologically, this date is also significant in that it is the 93rd day of the year on Leap years, 93 being the Current of Thelema which the Current of Ma-Ion is a continuation of under the aegis of Maat, however the two are one as Horus-Maat, or Hrumachis. Thus the currents of 93 and 107 come together as 200 which is THE THELEMA-MAAT KEY. Thelema is the 'Will', and Maat is the keeper of of Truth, therefore 200 is related to the True Will which is veiled under the number 200 which is that of Resh and The Sun card. The True Will is condensed in THE KUNDALINI (=200) which is related to = THE MAGNETIC FIELD, with 200 also being the MAGNET BALANCE

Maat is the Balancer, while Horus is the dual-contending forces of the active Ra-Hoor-Khuit and passive Hoor-Par-Kraat. The dual-form of Maat is in Isis and Nephthys, and the corresponding polarities come together to form the inner and outer diamond/ crystalline-grids of the Micro and Macrocosmic Matrix. The Diamond-Grid is the basic form of the Dragon-Lines, or Ley Lines, which hold the fabric of matrix together and it is interesting to note that the Trowel of the Masons which cements the bricks of the Temple together is also diamond-shaped. 

More simply, however, is the allocation of the four letters of the Tetragrammaton to the four points of the Diamond. This Diamond is a square when on its side, and can be a Pyramid if considered from an aerial perspective. The symbol thus veils the Secret word of God in the Stone Ashlar of the Masons as well as full Temple Pyramid which is capped or crowned with the fifth element of Spirit, interpenetrating the elements like the cement holding the bricks together. However, if it is looked at in another way, and the top point where Yod is is considered the apex, a triangular prism stands out. The fifth element still applies as being the etheric point within and beyond the platonic form, the diagram has simply been transmogrified into a three-dimensional shape instead of a flat 2-D square/diamond. I was not aware at the time of my writing it, but the formula in Dragon Blood dealing with the five elements I A M Sh Th, 'I Am Set' enumerates to 751 which is IHVH (26) less than 777. 26 is also the number of ChVZH, the Hebrew word for 'Sight' or 'Vision', and 26 is the Path of Ayin on the Tree. 777 is thus THE EYE + EYESIGHT, which like THE BRAIN+MIND, also expresses the organ and its function. 

777 is THE ETERNAL FALL into the bottomless pit of the Abyss for 777 is also THE OPENED DAATH ABYSS. It is THE DREAMER of Daath as 474 in the LUCID DREAM of 303, or THE LUCID DREAM-TIME wherein the Dreamer has control over his creative Magick power. This is HEALING SECRET of THE SHAMAN POWER which I am attempting to try to convey in as clear terms and examples as possible. The Energy known variously as 'Chi', 'Prana', Virya', 'Vrihl', 'Juju', 'Khu', 'Magick', etc. is all one and the same Spirit which veils itself in different vibrational or numerical patterns. This number shows THE SPIRIT CHANNEL which as I said above connects the Above with the Below and the Within with the Without. To the more spiritually, it may be found significant that 777 is also the Angel number of THE SPIRIT ANGELS/THE ANGEL SPIRITS. For those still skeptical that this Gematria formula is accurate I have this: 'A VERIFICATION'. 
No amount of evidence will suffice for some who choose to ignore this legitimate science, while they still consider themselves open minded scientists. As can be seen from the many links provided, the exact same formula was used with only a couple examples in Jewish Gematria. It's not like I went to hell and back to derive these formulas which were actually quite easy to find, even for a 22 year old. Still, to this date to my knowledge with my extensive surveying of the available literature on the subject, no one else has provided so much data regarding either the science of Gematria or its application to the Thelemic and Typhonian Traditions since Kenneth Grant. 

In fact, it is my experience that very few occultists consider Gematria to be a valid practice and I even tried discussing it with the leader of a nearby O.T.O. encampment and he couldn't seem to understand just how gematria could be of any value or application. This is a valid question but it shows a markedly small understanding or knowledge of the applications of mathematical formulae of magickal and mystical concepts which Crowley himself used extensively, particularly in the numbers 23, 93, 418, 666, 777, etc. What value is there in 93 in and of itself? Nothing, except it is 93 parts over 100. It is only when it is understood in relation to various occurences of that number among others. For example, the Earth is 93 million miles away from the Sun and  93 is also shown in the Pali form of Aum/Om. The Aum symbol is also similar to the Arabic form of Allah, which itself has 7 divisions corresponding to the 7 chakras. Using Simple Gematria, we can also see 'Allah' + 'Omkara' = 93 as well. 93 is also the value of JAHOVA, as well as ALLAH + IHVH showing the all these various identities of the same archetypal being are indeed one and the same. Thus, the application of numerology comes about from understanding the cosmic essence and quality of that number so that one can rightfully organize their Work according to precise mathematical calculations. 

Again, all the formulas come together as One, AChD = 13. 13 is the One in Three, or manifest Holy Trinity. The Three States of Consciousness (Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping) all come from the same one source known as Turiya which underlies these three like an ocean of pure consciousness. 13 is the number of M, Mem or Mu, the Waters of Bliss which give both life and death. It should be known here that 777 is THE BOOK OF M, M being my name, Magick, Mystery, Maat, Metatron, Maitreya, Mu, Mathematics, Manifestation, etc. The letter M shows symbolically the vortex of the void at the center of the pillars of the Abyss. The downward pointing cone coils down into the sunyata and dissolves into the state of anatma represented by the absent 'O' at the center of the Taijiquan symbol of the Tao Te Ching. Is it surprising that THE TAO TE CHING TAIJIQUAN = 777? This number is loaded with knowledge which can be extrapolated, along with the many other key numbers which I have tried to unveil in this blog. I didn't understand how at first, but I found 777 to be THE SEX SYMBOL, which shows THE AUM-YIN-YANG UNION of opposites. 

I have written about as much as I can on this subject for the time being, but I can see much coming from this and other material that is still yet to be examined. Hopefully some things have been made a bit clearer for those wanting to understand more about the far-reaching aspects of Qabalah and other aspects of the Occult and Hermetic Sciences. Any new findings of the number 107 or 777 in any movies or personal situations will be added below until something significant enough to be written about in a new post comes up. Finally, I want to post a link to a movie called The Laws of the Sun from this cult called 'Happy Science' which I actually found interesting for a number of reasons. For one, one of the hero-characters happens to have a diamond symbol on his chest, and this movie was made long before I made any of the discoveries of that symbol. I am not a member of this group I merely just recently found this movie, along with The Rebirth of Buddha and found them very interesting. (Click picture for link to video.)