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Gematria of Human Design

I wanted to take a look as I have with various other subjects but this time with the subject and study of Human Design. After listening to some of the work of Matt R. (link) and being very intrigued with his covering of the topic I thought I would do some analysis of some of the major key subjects he brings up. I very much appreciate his work to help bring awareness to the definite conscious and unconscious tendency for people to gravitate toward collective or individualized modes of awareness and behavior and the correlation thereof between certain personality types which can be graphed, understood and then better integrated and exercised so as to effectively sharpen the Will or 'self- fulfillment' itself. I also bring up another video by a friend who gives a basic visual analysis of the duality of manifestation and the distinction of being and non-being and the fundamental understanding of the 'esoteric' side of things. The main thing I am trying to show with this post is that polarization with anything can be very limiting and this goes for both dogmatic religion or dogmatic scientism - neither of which represent the true idea that both operate under the guise of. I want to show just how complimentary the many systems that people like to say and think cannot or should not be integrated when they clearly can and to a very remarkable degree.

Taken in a simplified expression,
the middle pillar of the Tree can be
thought of (from the bottom up)
as representative of:
Malkuth: Body
Yesod: Mind
Tiphareth: Spirit
Daath: Gnosis
Kether: Soul
The twin pillars balance these forces.
Matt mentions Human Design quite a bit which I myself when I first heard him mention it had only heard passing references to it. He mentions (as well as the sites I've looked into) that is very compatible with the Qabalah , Tarot, and Astrology. Using the Qabalistic practice of Gematria, we can see that the word DESIGN = 132, the number QBL in Hebrew, the root of 'Qabalah' which shows the design of the energetic emanations from Ain (0) [Absence] to Manifestation (10) [Malkuth]. Studying and working with the Qabalah is a form of 'Mental Alchemy' wherein one aims at purifying base/mundane consciousness into spiritually infused and awakened Awareness through balance and confronting of what Carl Jung called 'the Shadow'. Adding 'HUMAN' (102) to 'DESIGN' gives 234, the number of 'RECEIVE', the meaning of the Qabalah as the reception through which one receives the higher-power of their True Will. 234 is also 'BIOLOGICAL', and of course the biological energetics are the physical manifestations of the more subtle energy patterns.

According to the site Introduction;
"Human Design is a synthesis of several ancient systems, integrating aspects of Astrology, the I Ching, chakras, and the Kabbalah. It represents a map of human consciousness that links these old wisdom traditions to contemporary thought. It connects in particular to our modern understanding of genetics."

132 is also 'Astrology' in Simple Gematria, which is simply "the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world." Of course it has been known for thousands of years that everything from the position of the Earth in regards to Solar and Lunar positions affects people's psychology and plant growth - and that other planetary and celestial positionings correspond with other micro-cosmic events as well showing that the large bodies do have numerous measurable and immeasurable effects on the smaller ones. The Sephiroth or Spheres of the Tree of Life are represented by the planets, but to be understood they need to be viewed as elastic and expansive centers which can expand like a fractal template of ever-complexifying archetypes emanating from the numerical micro-forms 1 through 9 to the cosmic projections of the temporal spatial dimensions.

(Taking 132 as a veiled reference to the triangular number of 1 through 32 we find that the sum is 528, the number of 'The Key' in Jewish Gematria, and COINCIDENCES in Hebrew-English Gematria. Qabalah is a literal key to the understanding of seeming coincidences as it unlocks the underlying structure of the design of the human Logos or logic system and the unfolding map of the manifestation. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry includes 32 degrees with an 'honorary' 33rd degree, which parallels the Qabalistic system of 10 Sephiroth and 22 Paths with the 33rd degree as 'Daath', the hidden knowledge gained through personal experience. Note that 528 is also THE 474 KEY, 474 being the number for the Hebrew form of Daath, דעת. The gematria itself is the 'key' which unlocks the knowledge.)

The individualized body-mind-spirit creates the complex of perceived and memorized 'Self' which creates an illusory veil of separation between itself and that which is outside of the body. That which is without is like that which is within, and every other 'thing' outside is in its place as are we within it. Situations (cosmic or atomic), archetypes and even psychological patterns can all be found to resonate with a few basic sets of numbers, sounds, letters, colors and shapes. These are the true basic informational quanta or data, the 'transmitted' and 'received' Daath/Gnosis which is passed through the medium of form. THE TEXT itself is 132, and carries like a Qabalah a certain magickal (i.e. creative) charge of direct revelation, i.e. the power of the Logos/Language. Our own ability to understand what is before us at a given time is directly related to how aware we are of the components and forces at play which themselves can come down to our very genetic and energetic arrangements and charges. It may come as a surprise to some, but many western and eastern esoteric systems which have been developed over the course of human history can be found to help decipher and interpret these arrangements and are also to a great degree compatible with modern scientific and technological innovations.

If we look at the insights provided in the ancient writings of our ancestors not literally, but allegorically - like an experienced Egyptologist would do to understand hieroglyphs and the underlying meanings of myths - we could greatly amplify our efforts to finding more balanced and integrated solutions to our many societal and technological problems. This was the primary aim of the Scientific Illuminists of the late 19th and early 20th century which has since been kept on the back burner, so to speak, of mainstream cultural development. With the tools we now have at our perusal we can revive these channels of wisdom to further empower our current technological advancements with a deeper view of how our actions here and now affect us in the long term especially in the subconscious and epigenetic ways we don't immediately see or understand. There is much there for us to see if but we had the sight or even just a nudge in the right direction. The alignments, or what in Liber AL is called 'the space-marks' are these things which allow for energies to flow and things to happen according to their Will. The interlocking of these different systems which align at key vectors of their frameworks is thus seen as a holistic harmonization which expand one another by the help and development of the other various systems, much in the same way languages can be seen as very much inter-related yet distinct, and tied together in numerical value as well as meaning like a sort of tenuous logical topography and how when one based in English who studies Latin or Greek can better understand the true meanings of their English language system.

Using the ancient knowledge left by Masons, Occultists and even the book of Revelation in the Bible itself, the number 666 - as analyzed extensively in this blog already - has been said to be a number of great wisdom, associated with the Sun and Gold (1 Kings 10:14) as well as the dark-side of the Sun - the dark star of Set/Daath (Set-Thoth/"Yog-sothoth", the Aeon/'Yuga' of Set-Thoth, the Dark Gnosis, i.e. Daath.) 666 is the number of the Key of the Abyss which when recognized through the knowledge it puts into scope unlocks the codes of certain hidden knowledge which then allows access for certain 'leaps' via extractions/extrapolations into domains of knowledge which would otherwise take much longer to obtain. This is the hidden wisdom that has been both consciously and unconsciously kept from people from obtaining for themselves, and at a great disadvantage to all.
Just looking at some things regarding astrology in Gematria, the knowledge of the 'space-marks' starts to become unveiled:

Looking at some things in the subject of Human Design also shows some interesting corresponding values:

HUMAN DESIGN taking S as Shin (300) has a value of 474, which is Daath/Knowledge itself showing how the ancient Hebrew is accurately SYNCHRONIZED with the 'English Gematria Code', which once again illustrates how ancient knowledge and practices can be found to be compatible with modern ones.

The subject of 'Metaphysics' (=132='Astrology'= QBL, Qabalah) is very difficult for some people to come to terms with even enough to try and entertain the various ideas because of their pre-conditioned bias which when causing one to be that anchored is really antithetical to the true spirit of Science. If one analyzes the components of any one of these systems in a truly scientific manner they will find that they are accurate in their systematics when used appropriately (i.e. according to tradition, formula, keeping in line with logic, etc.) and in and of themselves are neither 'true' or 'false', they merely serve as tools or mediums through which to view a data-set or situation.

To deny altogether an entire system or group of system which you have no adequate experience with is like an Englishman who things because he simply can't fathom Sanskrit or Hindi then all the thousands of years of manuscripts are nothing more than nonsensical scribbles. It is in this sense that the expression "Nothing is an absolute reality, all is permitted" comes to a more illuminated understanding because it reminds us that there may as well be an infinitude of planes of awareness just beyond the 'reality tunnel' of our immediate present view. The 'occult', or that which is hidden refers to just that which is beyond and outside of our knowledge. What separates a true 'Dark' or 'Black' Occultist/Magician is that they are ignorant to their position and work being almost wholly stuck in the selfish egoic levels and following the lower drives without any regard for the higher and more subtle ones. Some of the most vehement deniers and scoffers of the occult who like to use the term 'woo woo' are not aware of the very archetypal traits and paradoxical hypocrisies they embody which also correspond to certain astrological and trans-psychological resonances which if known could be of great insightful value to address and respond to effectively.

Thus, once again the true nature of the 'occult' is that which is hidden, and sometimes that is simply that which we will not confront or cannot fathom from lack of real personal investigation (i.e. ignorance). This sort of black magick is a 'low' form which can be so mundane it is often confused with what we call 'everyday reality' and can be referenced on the Tree of Life as the Lower Saturnian aspect of Malkuth which is but a small sliver (literally akin to the visible spectrum) of the rest of the 'Tree' and it is through gradual steps that one learns to truly 'see' what the deeper layers/spheres represent.
the Eye of the Dragon
As has been said previously, the region of Yesod/9, the Foundation is where the Mind opens up to a deeper plane of non-physical awareness (Tiphareth, the Heart) as symbolized by the DRAKONTIA, or 'Eye of the Dragon' which itself has the same value as the Astral Triad surrounding and including Yesod (Netzach, 148 + Hod, 15 + Yesod, 80 + Malkuth, 496 = 739 = DRAKONTIA). Yesod is positioned so that it mirrors the 'Abyss' of Daath and being the 'Foundation' of Malkuth it is where the material world (maya) is precipitated from via the Mind (symbolized by the Moon which receives its light from the Sun/Tiphareth, for without the Moon Man and life would not be manifest). It is in this sense that the 'Kingdom' is on Earth (Malkuth) as it is in 'Heaven' (Kether), for Malkuth is in Kether and Kether in Malkuth 'but after another manner'.

Our individuated self-hood is a mirror of our inner Will and Desire, we grow become who we are to fulfill much deeper impulses than that which is purely material and as Dion Fortune says, Malkuth or materiality is but like a buoy around which the process of manifestation goes - it is but one of many steps in a great process of emanation and so for us to unfold what we truly Will and Desire in our material reality we must first have aligned internally (i.e. the Heart and Mind must be aligned for the material world to manifest, or cause 'change' in accordance with one's Will. The entire purpose of our manifestation is to fulfill our True Will consciously for when you are in conscious (not from an egoic level, but a heart-level consciousness) control of this level of Being you are more aware of how your emotions and self-perception guide both your Mind and thus Body.

What is ironic is that while occultists are scoffed at as 'woo woo' and pseudo-scientific, the whole paradigm of mainstream academic science is itself to a great deal itself ultra pseudo-scientific in how corporate interests in many subjects such as cancer research and the weaponization of anything and everything purposely disregard that which would prove to be not only more healthy and cost efficient, but which would render people more independent - which is what they don't want - therefore most major endeavors are financed and directed by industrialized institutions (government and private) and only a small few are able to really 'advance' while then domineering everyone else who is conversely often times harmed, or even overtly killed as 'opposition', 'threats', 'obstacles', etc.
While people are being sold on the idea of all sorts of great gadgets and games they are really just being outsourced, pacified, and programmed while they are milked and groomed for their own disposal when in reality they will never benefit from their labors. Dependence on the comforting idea of centralized authority makes everyone far more insecure and less credible, and people of such characteristics have not only their mass-drugging and hypnosis to 'blame' but they themselves not only allowed but often (and still do) begged for this. Just like the biggest flaw to all of our security efforts is our own insecurity, the biggest flaw to our industrialized science is its inability to be used for actual good and instead as a weapon. 
'SCIENTISM' = 666 in English Gematria
'THE BIGOTED SCIENTISM' = 666 in Jewish Gematria
Scientism can be even more hostile than many of the religions it bashes  and doesn't approach the models some systems provide from a truly scientific, educated or perceptive approach and instead seeks to undercut and dissuade away from some very legitimate subjects which would actually unveil the whole  other side to certain research subjects which have in fact been 'occulted' so as to maintain still yet another form of control in a new way that now legitimate personal  independence threatens by way of empowering and educating the individual  without capitalistic oversight or gain. The poles have literally shifted, science if unchecked  will grow to be just as controlling and dictatorial, if not moreso, than just another failed religion.

These are merely the basic keys which when applied to your own situations and experiences can help one to get a much more broad perspective of the occult forces at play. There is still much to be known that I am not able to put out at this point on my own which you must learn for yourself. Just like how all of these various subjects come together to balance and strengthen one another so too can we as individuals. We must just simply be able to see things from the 'other side' so to speak, by being able to see from other people's perspectives - which all boils down to a healthy and balanced expression of empathy.

Another good talk about the importance of the positive approach to 'occult'/'esoteric' modalities and the importance of the distinctions thereof, personal & group-work in the westernized culture.

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Pi Unraveled

Today is 'Pi' day so I thought it might be a good time to write about some of my findings regarding Pi, as well as its first 3 digits - 3.14 - which taken straight forwardly as 314 has many interesting correspondences which connect to the the Greek letter and word Pi (π/Πι). Pi has been mentioned before in various posts already to be related to the Hebrew letter Peh (פ), which has many symbolic connections through its Tarot attribution to The Tower card, and having a literal meaning of 'mouth', or 'tongue', as it is stylized.
This is significant since it is the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and it is said that each letter pronounced with the help of the tongue utilizes seventeen muscles, and according to some scholars the tongue actually has a total of seventeen muscles instead of eight, see The Sense of Taste by Harry Levi Hollingworth, and The Ear and the Voice by Alfred Tomatis.

Seventeen is a number of prime importance in the Typhonian Tradition, and a section is dedicated to it in Kenneth Grant's last book The Ninth Arch which gives a list of significant dates and events which had the number 17 figure into them. 17 is related to the concept of Osiris and Orion, and another co-incidence is that seventeen stars in the constellation Orion are visible to the naked human eye (OsIris being strongly connected to the Eye). The Eye and the Tongue are primary Maatian symbols analyzed by Kenneth Grant in his expository work on the Typhonian Tradition.
The Eye (Ajna) is the receiver, the Tongue the transmitter, of data (Da'at/Gnosis), which is why vivid imagery and mouth noises (clicking and vibration) are strongly associated with communication between the Higher 'Genius' and Lower Self. As actual 'connections' between the Higher and Lower, the number 314 (which along with 17 combines into 8 - the symbol of the Higher and Lower/Micro & Macrocosm), is the value of the Hebrew name of the Archangel of Kether, Metatron (מטטרונ), and the Jewish value of the Archangel of Malkuth, Sandalphon.
314 is also the Jewish value of Uriel, another Archangel that is sometimes associated with Malkuth being the 'Light of God', or 'God is my Light', which in its original Hebrew form of of URIEL is essentially synonymous with VRIHL, the life-force contained in and composing Malkuth (material form) and pervading the entire physical universe.

The All-pervading Supreme Being of Vedic tradition is NARAYANA, also 314, and a form of Vishnu, the Preserver and Protector of the Hindu Trimurti (Trinity). As such, he is connected with the yogic STILLNESS at the center of 'NOW' / 'LUX'. The traditional explanation of the name Vishnu involves the root viś, meaning "to settle" (cognate with Latin vicus, English -wich "village," Slavic: vas -ves), or also (in the Rigveda) "to enter into, to pervade," glossing the name as "the All-Pervading One".o 314 is thus the Θεικος (Greek: 'Divine') Resonance of the OCCULT LIGHT LUX ever obfuscated yet ever in plain sight. Relating more to the Triad, 314 is the value of MITSUDOMOE, symbolic of the Shinto division of Earth, Man and Sky, again symbolic of the equal division of planes with Man balanced between the Above and Below/Past-Future/Within-Outside.

314 is THE PI SPELL, or SPELL THE PI, as in spell the letter Pi in Hebrew-English Gematria and see the OBVIOUS PI value. Rounded off, PI = THREE. Three is sacred to all traditions as it is the primary structure upon which any formation is built since it is the square root of our numbering system which is 1 through 9 (3 x 3). 9 is the number of the Sphere of Yesod, the Foundation of Malkuth/the Material (Physical) World, and the Hebrew value of Yesod is 80. EIGHT + ZERO is 314, and Eight is the Twisted Zero of the Μαγος (Magus) who has united the Higher/Inner and Lower/Outer selves across the veil of Yesod. 80 is the Hebrew value of Peh, which is sometimes spelled Peh-Aleph in full, which enumerates to 81. 80 is 1 less than 9 x 9, 1 being the number of the Magus and the Middle Pillar which unifies Kether (The Universal Over-Soul) with Malkuth (The Body) through the Daath (Gnosis) of the Heart (Tiphareth) and Mind (Yesod).  Note: PI + PA (81) + TONGUE = 314 as well as 'THE VALUE OF PI / PA'. The Tongue is of course iconographically connected with the Serpent, 'Apep'/Apophis or APEPH (=PI-PA), and the coiled serpent is akin to the Spiral of Pi and the Gematria Database List itself, 1~999..., the SERPENT LINK (=999; Kaph final = 500) of THE SNAKE'S LANGUAGE, the OCCULT KNOWLEDGE which is hidden in plain sight.

“And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.” –Genesis 3:14
It is the Kundalini-Serpent which acts as a link between Malkuth and Kether in its re-ascent of the Tree, symbolic of the ascent of the Kundalini-Shakti, or Serpent Power (Shekinah = APEPH) which is transmitted through serpentine energy-body of the DNA double-helix. The Serpent/DNA is 'ascending' the Tree through time, emanating from the SEED (=314) as a Spiral of Fractal-Cosmic Energy. Just as a serpent leaves its old skin behind, Seed can be spelled as SHED since both H and E are taken as Heh (5) in Hebrew-English Gematria. Thus, THE SEED is 333, the symbol of the Triple Spring, which could even be thought of as symbolic of the bed, since many have coil springs, and 333 is associated with THE DREAMTIME of sleep from which we spring from, from which the Seed blooms into the Tree or Flower of Life from during the Spring time. The rest of sleep is the STILLNESS of the all-pervading NARAYANA, the Supreme All-Pervading Soul of Being.


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Circles in the Sand

By Don Karr, see
Approaching the Kabbalah of Maat
CERN, when taking N for its final value of 700 (חהרן) has a value of 913. 913 is also 666+247 (or 24/7), which is 666 IDENTIFICATION (See previous post, Enemy #1). 913 is a primary number of the Demiurge, the 'Beast System' which is created under the prism of Daath as the Ruach, or 'Cube of Space' on the Tree of Life. 913 is the SECRET GNOSTIC PHYSICS/GEMATRIA GNOSIS of THE GEMATRIA SEQUENCE of THE SECRET OPERATING SYSTEM of the LIVING COMPUTER.  913 is the number of the very first Hebrew word of Genesis 1:1, and means 'with Beginningness' (See The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis by David Chaim), or translated as 'In the Beginning'. In Greek it is Η Δημιουργος, ‘The Creator’, or transliterated The Demiourgos, and this corresponds to Ο Θεος Ο Πατηρ, ‘God the Father’ (John 6:27).

The Simple Gematria value of this particular Bible verse below is also 913, and they are the words of Jesus:

The Eye/Ayin (O) has been covered extensively in this blog being as it is the symbol of the Egg itself, an archetypal symbol of the 'beginning' of manifest creation, as well as the immortal principle of the Soul/Sol.

Taking CERN with N in its regular value of 50 it has the value or 263, which is the number of the RING which is the actual shape of the Large Hadron Collider, as well as the O Gate of Daath/Shiva. 263 is also the number of the SHIVA MAHA-LINGAM, the Great phallus of Shiva, along with the BRAIN, the primary center of focus in Kundalini-force and fullest expression of the maha-lingam at the top of the spine. Grant notes in The Ninth Arch how 263 is the number of the older Hebrew גמטריא, 'Gematria', as well as his own last name 'GRANT' itself, relating to the Grant Grimoire, an allusion to the 'Primal Grimoire' written into the Book of Nature and apprehendable through the art of Gematria. Upon first considering writing about the subject of CERN I remember thinking that there must be some connection to Osiris, the Father-god of the Egyptians who presided over the past-Aeon of pastoral/father-god religions and male-dominated social institutions. The Lingam obviously falls into this category, but it should also be known that adding CERN (263) to OSIRIS (650) gives the 913 mentioned above. 'CERN is Osiris' = 555 in Jewish Gematria. 

The O's Iris, or the Eye of the O is the Eye of DRACHEN which sees into THE PRIMAL GRIMOIRE of the eternal DEEP MIND [Peh=800] (“The Unconscious area of emotional and instinctual nature in the psyche of each individual. It is the source of all psychic powers, the full extent of which is as yet unmeasured and perhaps immeasurable. It comprises also for each person the counterparts of the planetary archetypes.” See pages 394-395 of Planetary Magick by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips.) The 7 Rays along with the dual polarities of Black and White create the 9# Grid Spectrum. The Gnostic Physics of the Logos within each gematria formula is a holographic computer program within itself and different programs may interlink, but all follow the same 1-9 pattern in one way or another with 0 being the 'cipher' of the matrix representing the space between numbers, as well as the space in which all numbers appear. While a gematria database is itself a more 'left-brain' way of externalizing the hierarchy (Note: Gematria = 444 = HIERARCHY), explaining it in a way that connects through art, symbols, media, etc. make it more understandable as an operative tool. 

CERN 'O' = 333, the number of the coil circuit (see previous posts), as well as Choronzon, the Guardian of the Gate of Daath. 333 is the SHIVA EGG, a form of the Shiva-lingam which corresponds with THE OBSIDIAN EGG OF DAATH, a talismanic Ixaxaar stone which fell into my possession April 2, 2011 - the same day Frater Achad discovered in 1948 the Key of Ma-Ion (107) which he realized had to do with the Egg mentioned in AL.I.49 and by Amalantrah - and 2011 happened to be 107 years itself since the reception of Liber AL in 1904. Kenneth Grant himself doesn't note it specifically, but April 2nd was also the date that R'lyeh sunk into the sea in The Call of Cthulhu, thus further showing a Daathian connection to the date to THE R'LYEH CALL, 333 which brings with it the potential forces of ultimate obliteration (Ακολαςια, 'Dispersion', or 'Radiation'. i.e. Qliphoth) 333 is one half of the cosmic force which when unified with its reflection creates the 666 power of ultimate DESTRUCTION, a force which is feared but which also has a purpose for creating that which is new. The one who presides over this force is of course, SHIVA-GOD OF DESTRUCTION, a force not to be feared but aligned in balance with for destruction is also necessary for the removing of sorrows and obstacles. Thus, to find that 666 is also the number of SORROWS shows that this number is one of deep pain, a pain that cannot be ignored without empowering. Note that CERN IS CHORONZON = 666 as well.

Pan and Cernunnos were both horned gods associated with Nature, and Pan in particular with Bees. Note the Beehive shaped building at CERN, symbolic in its negative/inverted aspect as the 'hive mind'. 
The 'CERN O' and the Shiva Egg are the same things as the HIGGS BOSON itself (formed by high powered COLLISION=333, thus making HIGGS BOSON COLLISION = 666) which is the part containing the whole which can't be separated from the whole, the Egg of Daath itself which is THE NIGHTSIDE OF EDEN GATE opening on to the BLACK TREE (K=500; =666=), THE LOOKING GLASS of THE BACKWARD SUBCONSCIOUS. The Subconscious is accessed via the route of inbetween-ness, such as abstact art and offbeat rhythms, also the consonants and the vowels in between them play major roles in the process of  formation. Kenneth Grant mentions in Outer Gateways that;
"The Egyptian priests celebrated the Gods (i.e. the Primordial Powers or the Great Old Ones) by chanting the seven vowels referred to by Demetrius (in the Mithraic Ritual) as the 'sounding letters'. Nicomachus (2nd. Cent.) mentions not only vowels and consonants but also 'unarticulated' sounds, reminiscent of the hissing speech to which Solinus alludes in connection with the black stone, Ixaxaar. According to the Ritual, "whenever theurgists are awe-struck (i.e. entranced) they make invocation symbolically by means of 'hissings' and 'poppings' and unarticulated discordant sounds". Hissings and poppings point to the Ophidian Cult. (Cf. 'pop' with Apophis, the Serpent, the Apep of the Egyptians.) 
The Greek term for these strange sounds denote a shrill piping or hissing, and the Latin term stridor, 'a singing in the ears'. The word 'popping' is used to denote a clicking or clucking with the lips and tongue, and it is interesting to recall in this connection that accotding to Gerald Massey (The Natural Genesis) the earliest forms of human speech resembled the clicking of the kaf ape. This creature typified the link between human and non-human articulartion. Mead calls attention to the whistling, cheeping, chirruping, warbling, and trilling of birds which, in turn, recalls Lovecraft's observation that the croaking of the ranidae, and the ululations of certain insectsm heralded the proximity of the Great Old Ones. Aristophanes and Pliny describe such inarticulate stridors as "a greeting of lightning", the elemental characteristic, par excellence of extraterrestrial intervention."

One of the secret ancient names of God was an arrangement of the vowels in a form resembling AEEIIIOOOOUUUUUYYYYYY, or

This is the word of DAATH (411), the hidden Knowledge beneath the words and between the consonants. Vibration of this word would be like a long shrill shout arising from very deep internally to an exhaustive bellow, symbolizing the Word of Words. 
411 is THE 1, as in the Pillar of Light which consumes/connects all. 411 is also Y20H10S360V12H10 in full, showing the relation between the 'Word of Light/God' and the Word made Flesh (Jesus, 888). Counting it in Simple Gematria, the same number of 'Higgs Boson' in Jewish Gematria is obtained, the THE CROWN of CREATION, THE MYSTERY of Ερμης, 'Hermes' (Thoth/Lucifer). The name Hermes comes from herma, 'A Stone', the corner-stone the builders rejected, the SECRETUS  (Latin secretus "set apart, withdrawn; hidden, concealed, private," past participle of secernere "to set apart, part, divide; exclude," from se- "without, apart," properly "on one's own" (see se-) + cernere "separate".) THE WAVE-FORM and the concept of THE ANTI-MATTER are both connected to this knowledge, the wave-form carrying the shells of the anti-matter. 353 in Simple Gematria is also 'The Holy Name of God is in the Vowels'. (Note that 353 is 58 [H'ABN, 'The Stone'] less than 411, 58 being a number exalted by the Knights Templar.)

From Genesis One:
The Sacred Code of Creation 
by Bonnie Gaunt
POP has the same value as the phrase given by Amalantrah "IT'S ALL IN THE EGG", and is also the name of the 19th Enochian Aethyr. I was 19 when I began this blog, and cracked, or 'popped' the Egg into place in order to pop the qliphothic bubble that has since developed around these subjects while no one is taking care to work them through any further. 19 is the 'Egg' in Simple Gematria and represents the spectrum of 1 through 9, beyond which is the outside of the Egg of the Matrix (Chaos). POP THE 19 EGG = 999 (taking the final Peh as 800), the number of THE STRANGE LOOP EGG (i.e. the full matrix), and it is within 999 that the Key to the Mystery is found in its most complete form and having aligned myself to this number before knowing what it meant I was aligning to my True Will which is the unlocking of certain Gates with these Keys so as to fill the gaps that have for too long gone ignored. In continually 'popping the egg' and going further we are able to attune to higher knowledge that we were unaware of which is urgently more necessary now than ever.

A proposed model of the Universe
"TO GO IN A CIRCLE" has a H.E.G. value of 474, the number of Daath itself, the center of the Loop or Likhu of the Ankh. 474 is also THE TIME (also THE MYTH which contains the Knowledge), showing the definite connection between Daath and Time. 999 - 474 is CHORONZON, therefore Choronzon Guards the Gate of the Knowledge of 999 - THE SUPREME KNOWLEDGE - of the toroido-cyclical nature of Being.  CERN + SHIVA is 4(Daleth, The Door) less than 999 (Using Nun final=700). 4, or Daleth (D) is symbolic of the 'Door', or Doorway, particularly of the Elements, but also of the 4 states of consciousness (Jagrat, Svapna, Susupti and Turiya). If the diagram to the left is extended indefinitely into the 'future' it would coil back in on itself forming the 'past', and thus create an infinite number of 'parallel' possible 'timelines', however recent propositions (which parallel some of the most ancient) have shown that 'Time' is not linear like we are used to thinking, but beginning and end-less. (See Big Bang, Deflated? Universe May Have Had No Beginning.) 

333 is the number of 'ATLAS' + 'OVUM MUNDI' (Latin: ‘Egg of the World’, or Mind of the Universe, see pg. 148 The Book of Earths - Edna Kenton) Relating to the 'Mind of the World' aspect, it should be noted that in regard to what has been said in the last two posts about the 'World Wide Web', the WWW was actually developed and born out of research by nuclear physicists at CERN. (See The Birth of the Web - CERN.Ch 
ATLAS is one of two general-purpose detectors at the Large Hadron Collider. It investigates a wide range of physics, from the search for the Higgs boson to extra dimensions and particles that could make up dark matter. Note that ATLAS DETECTOR has a value of 411, that of DAATH in Hebrew-English Gematria, as well as 'Dark Matter' in Jewish gematria. (411 is also the formula of SOLVE, which means to 'dissolve', or also to solve a problem/equation; 4-1-1 is also a number meaning 'information', thus relating further to Daath.) Note also that THE GOD PARTICLE+OVUM MUNDI = 666 = THE INFINITY ATLAS = HIGGS BOSON COLLISION.)

In his book The Voudon Gnostic Workbook, Michael Bertiaux talks extensively about what he terms the 'Meon', which is ultimately the 'void' of inconceivable nothingness. THE ZONE OF THE MEON happens to have a value of 411, which is also that of the DUAT (related to Daath as the dark-double), the Egyptian underworld. The Meon is related by Kenneth Grant to Frater Achad's magical formula of MA-ION, and in Hecate's Fountain, Grant says Meon is "a term coinced by Michael Bertiaux to denote certain aspects of the Ma-Ion (q.v. and the Aeon of the Maatians, in relation to the dark doctrine of the Daäthian Gnosis." In the glossary to Outer Gateways, the Meon is more extensively described:
"'The Heavenly Habitation', a punning euphemism for the vulva. According to Inman, the Beth-Baal-Meon was a temple of lascivious rites. The connection with the Ma-Ion (See Cults of the Shadow, ch. 8) is via the metaphysical meaning of the term Meon, which denotes the Habitation of the Outer Ones, back of the Tree of Life. It is an expression used by the Black Snake Cultists to denote Universe 'B', the reflex of Universe 'A', the 'known' universe. Meon means a 'dwelling' or 'habitation'."

The Meon is the '0' point itself, which like a gate or door-way opens on to an infinite number of realms being as it is a symbol of the Eye/Vulva of the birth canal. Mystics and Mages have been aware of this realm for aeons, and have maintained their own organic 'Atlas detectors' in the Castle of their Skulls (Golgotha, the Place of the Skull). O as Ayin, the 'Eye'/Ajna refers to not the dual eyes of matter, but the singular inner eye of the Pineal Gland, or Third Eye, which sees in the 'dark' of the Meon which gives access to 'Ma-Ion', i.e. the 'ends' of Manifestation as the Doorway thereof. The 'ends' of manifestation in the microcosmic sense would be the birth and death of life, while on the macrocosmic scale would be the explosion and implosion of a galactic cycle. 

'Keys of Heaven'
Significantly, THE MEON using Nun final is 1225, the number of the 'crossed keys' (35 x 35, 35 being the number of 'KEY'), as well as the triangular number of 49 (7 x 7), which is that of the VULVA. 1225 enumerates the Greek Μεσουρανηματι, meaning 'The Midst of Heaven' or 'Mid-Heaven' (from Rev. 14:6) relating to 'The Heavenly Habitation'. 1225 is the sum of ATALAN + NALATA (Using Nun final again), a mysterious phrase in Liber OKBISh, which connects to THE MEON (using Teth and Nun final, טהה מהען) as 834, the verse in Liber OKBISh which says: "A prophet shall expound the Mysteries of Atalan." This is on page 483, a metathesis of 834 and 483 itself is a number of ATALAN, a word which resembles both Atlantis and Atlas. The next verse shows Atalan reversed as 'Nalata', which is where the original 'Atalan+Nalata' comes from. 

Both Commentaries to these verses mention a Stone or Egg, particularly one which is used for scrying which is what I initially obtained my talismanic obsidian egg for. AT-AL-AN can be translated from Hebrew as "'The Essence' (ATh), of AL ('God') of the Most High (AN, meaning 'Sky', and referring to Heliopolis, the center of the Sun", i.e. The Essence of the Most High God. Note also that 1225 is also the value of the Hebrew זֶה שְּׁמִי לְעֹלָם וְזֶה זִכְרִי לְדֹר דֹּר (Exodus 3:15: "This is My eternal name-and this is My memory from generation to generation."), as well as עתיקא דעתיקינ, "The Ancient of the Ancient Ones", i.e. the 'Demiurge' itself which speaks through the generations of matter. The formula of reversal is applied to this (Nalata) showing that this transmission goes 'both ways', between Creator (Demiurge/Over-self) and Creation (Individuated being/Lower-self), and that reflection is key for that which is Below is like that which is Above and that which is Without is like that which is Within. 'The Most High God' is thus the Eternal Totality of NOW.

'Light' is extremely relevant as it is what gives the opportunity for perception as well as measurement. The Earth was first discovered to be round through the measurement of Sun-light, which for many was seen as a form of God itself. THE FREEMASON GOD OF LIGHT, is Lucifer and 'Lucifer is the Hidden God', as the origin and nature of Light is highly elusive when attempts are made to analyze it. Nikola Tesla once said in an interview with a journalist named John Smith in 1899 that "Everything is Light". While some scientists may say instead that a better way of putting it would be "Everything is Energy", for those who have experience as 'Light-workers', the two are understood to be the same, for Light, Energy and Number are all the same fundamental components - Quanta. (Note that QUANTA = 558 = LIGHT-WORKER = LETTERS = Hριλιυ, ‘Hriliu’ (I.e. Pure Creative Energy). 

Thanks to Soror 722 for pointing out the relation of the Diamond to the Geometry of Light. See The Diamond of Perfection and A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics.
In the esoteric sense, Light refers to anything that provides illumination or perception and need not only be dense physical light, but also the 'dark-light' of the mind as well. Light is Manifestation itself, in whatever form, being as it is distinguished as separate from the Meonic Void of no-thing-ness. This act of separation is referred to in many different ways throughout sacred texts, as the 'face of the waters over the deep', the incarnation of the Ego from the Over-self,  or the 'Fall' of Mankind through the agency of Lucifer. This act of separation is ultimately the separation of Hadit and Nuit which come back together in 'Love', and thus creating the atomic blast of Creation known in Thelemic terminology as Heru-Ra-Ha, containing the dual-polarity of Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-par-Kraat, the Outer and the Inner 'Dawn'. The name 'Golden Dawn', referring to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which Aleister Crowley himself was originally initiated into, relates to this idea of the dawning twilight which is 'Golden' in essence, being as it is a alchemical marriage of the Light (Day) and Dark (Night) - the Ever-coming illumination of the 'Morning Star', Lucifer, the guide of Initiation through the Saturnian ("Satanic") morass of Matter. Lucifer is the 'Gnostic Light Bringer' whose Gnosis lies encoded in the 'Geometric Light Gematria', particularly under 'The Great Satanic Seal' of 666, 'The Brotherhood Seal' of 'The Magical Masonic Alphabet Code' which I am revealing through this publication. 

Lucifer in The Devil card is known as 'The Lord of the Gates of Matter', which is relevant to the subject of CERN which is seeking to find the primary unit of physical matter. THE GATES OF MATTER has a value of 437, which is that of FREEMASON, the measurer and master of the material craft. (Note 437 is also the number of the  'Brotherhood', a term used by Freemasons.) 
437 is also the Hebrew לתבה, meaning 'Arch', or 'Ark', both of which are related to the supreme knowledge of Freemasonry; the Royal Arch and the Ark of the Covenant which both veil astrotheological concepts. (See Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy, Robert Hewitt Brown.) This word can also mean 'Box', or 'Chest', which could also refer to the 'Cube of Space', i.e. the Matrix of Manifestation/Matter. Notice the Black Stone on which the Devil is sitting in Atu XV of the Tarot. The man and woman are chained to a ring on this saturnian stone of matters symbolic of the cycle of time. 6 is the number of the Cube from the outside, but from the inside all is reflected by the inner light and the 6 faces double to become 12 and with the Central Light of Manifestation becomes 13, symbolic of the immortal principle which stands at the center of the axle of the Wheel of Life veiled under the Cube of Metatron. 437 is also the number of the Greek Κορονζον, 'Choronzon', whose name in Hebrew is 333, corresponding to his title as the GATEKEEPER. The Gates of Matter are referenced also in The Ninth Arch, under the term 'THE GATE OF ONYX', Onyx being symbolic of the black Saturnian density of manifestation. This is the Supreme Gate of Matter which is prophesied in that text to be opened by 'A Man named Black', which has been in effect since the terrestrial manifestation of the Stellar Lode of Ma-Ion in 2011 as the veil of Isis (Matter) has been increasingly lifted through the exposition of this previously secret wisdom (Secret not because people intended for it to be so, but because the necessary events had not occurred yet for it to come into view). 

With the deeper inquiries into 'matter' by programs such as CERN much more of this wisdom will be secreted and made available/understood being as this is a collective process the likes of which the materialist scientists cannot at this time fully appreciate, but may eventually as these Currents further their manifestation. 

Stone engraving in Vatican City with 666 numerals within a Freemason Compass & Square.

"The Apocalypse is, to those who receive the nineteenth Degree, the Apotheosis of that Sublime Faith which aspires to God alone, and despises all the pomps and works of Lucifer. LUCIFER, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not! for traditions are full of Divine Revelations and Inspirations: and Inspiration is not of one Age nor of one Creed. Plato and Philo, also, were inspired. 
The Apocalypse, indeed, is a book as obscure as the Zohar.

It is written hieroglyphically with numbers and images; and the Apostle often appeals to the intelligence of the Initiated. "Let him who hath knowledge, understand! let him who understands, calculate!" he often says, after an allegory or the mention of a number. Saint John, the favorite Apostle, and the Depositary of all the Secrets of the Saviour, therefore did not write to be understood by the multitude.
The Sephar Yezirah, the Zohar, and the Apocalypse are the completest embodiments of Occultism. They contain more meanings than words; their expressions are figurative as poetry and exact as numbers. The Apocalypse sums up, completes, and surpasses all the Science of Abraham and of Solomon. The visions of Ezekiel, by the river Chebar, and of the new Symbolic Temple, are equally mysterious expressions, veiled by figures of the enigmatic dogmas of the Kabalah, and their symbols are as little understood by the Commentators, as those of Free Masonry." 
-Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma
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