Monday, May 15, 2017

The Computational Brain

     The format of this blog is no longer an adequate medium for the data I would like to convey, and an actual website database is still in the formative stages being yet another task on an ever-increasing list of things to do - however, there are certain developments which I feel necessary to disclose at this time and in as clear and concise a way as I may find possible.

     At the initial formulation of this blog I had no conscious awareness or knowledge of most of what has hitherto been written, being a sort of note-taking, idea formulating sandbox of sorts which I myself interact with very much as both reader and viewer where time has slowly unveiled its own directives. Subsequent cascading realizations have revealed a Key which I have presented and utilized, being the Key to THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS, and THE TIKKUN OLAM, or 'Repair of the World/Malkuth', thereby effectively fulfilling the prophecies in LIBER L VEL LEGIS (to which was added an A by Achad) (AL.II.55, "Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto.", as well as AL.II.76: THE SUM OF AL.76 : 4 + 6 + 3 + 8 + A1 + B2 + K11 + 2 + 4 + A1 + L12 + G3 + M13 + O16 + R20 + 3 + Y10 + X18 + 24 + 89 + R20 + P17 + S14 + T22 + O16 + V6 + A1 + L12  = 666 =  'SUM', Mem final = THE AL CRYPTOGRAM = 666 = APPLY HEBREW TO ENGLISH = LIBER AL 55 NEW SYMBOLS = NEW SYMBOLS EVIDENCE = THE PROOF OF THE AEON.) 

     Note also that 666 is also the value of LM-THE WAY using Mem final, the actual title of Lam as per the characters on the portrait, Crowley's idealized self-portrait corresponding to the Babe in/of the Egg and a form of Hoor-par-Kraat, or the inner aspect of Horus noted sometimes as Set. The Egg of Lam is further connected through 107, the formula given by Achad as that of MA-ION, BITzH (Egg), and found by myself after receiving an obsidian egg  on April 2, 2011 (the 107th year of the Aeon of Horus) later to be also the value of LAM: THE WAY. Lam is the mantra of the Root-chakra, Muladhara, or Malkuth in the Qabalistic system, and thus the material incarnation of the Serpent-force or Kundalini. Using these keys which arose to my awareness unexpectedly and through cohesive accumulation I have applied them to alternative subjects outside the occult context and have found significant data emerging in similar ways.

     This Key, referred to in Liber AL, or The Book of the Law (to which the initial A was added after Frater Achad's original revelations regarding the Key in its application to the title of the work itself) is also the Key of the advent and exegesis of certain other systems with multi-functional applications which will be illustrated herein and in forthcoming materials. It is also likely that this Key had once been known and utilized in ages past (consciously or instinctively), and despite Crowley's having utilized it and having come to find his own QABALISTIC RELATIONS  in and through it, there was still very much he (and the Adepts of preceding Aeons) clearly weren't aware of or able to pre-perceive in the case of then-future developments. However, hindsight is 20/20, and we often forget it was Crowley's Great Work (and his involved associates) which paved the way for much of what we now take for granted being mass-reproduced on the internet or sourced without credit in many 'New Age' books. Some of which materials were at one time actually very difficult to acquire, much less apprehended and actively utilized. The Key to which I refer may be a link between the SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY of the past as well as that of the future, and thus - one we should also be able to use most active and potently now. 

     I use 666 as a reference to but one of the more relevant stages of this Spiritual Technology, of which there are 9 primary aspects (10 when considering the Zero-Point field);
111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999 being The Qabalah of Nine Chambers in their full extension. Each of these are like mini/micro-sephiroth in that ideas and realities are expressed in their fullest, most logical and coherent forms within these Keys. For example, 666 is in Greek Η Φρην, 'The Mind', and being Solar in its relation to Tiphareth (6) corresponds therewith since Tiphareth is the Heart of the Ruach, i.e. the Mind/Manas/Nous/Psyche (the interactive element ensouling or animating the physical body represented by Malkuth.) Thus, when we see that using the Hebrew-English Gematria formula the seemingly innocuous values of THE(410) + LOGICAL(152) + MIND(104) come together and formulate the idea into an actual discernible pattern. It is said that COGNITION itself, which is a more active, personal and subjective aspect of consciousness, is generated out of DYNAMIC PROCESSES which operate on various integrated 'levels', 'planes' or 'orders of magnitude' of the DYNAMIC COSMOS.

     666 in particular seems to evoke NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS in people who do NOT KNOW anything about Gematria or the Qabalah, and the wealth of geometrical formulations which it relates to. Being indicative of The Logical Mind and H Phren, 666 carries an active magnetic/ELECTRIC charge which when focused and projected renders difficult to retract and revert, and this is seen manifest in the problem of the Mind being 'etheric' and numinous, i.e. unmanifest, yet mirror-like, absorptive and integrally webbed, and thus unable to extricate itself from itself when itself is still yet interrelated with its contents. The subject of HALLUCINATION is also related to 666, and has many points which can be deduced - such as the idea that 'THE DREAM OF MANIFESTATION' is but maya or illusion, or a 'simulation' of some higher or inner process. It also implies in its relation to the brain and cognitive technologies of quantum modulation of patterns and thus perception and behavior. 666 is thus inextricably and indubitably a number of prime significance in the process and being that is THE EVOLUTION of THE HUMAN ANTHROPOS.

      THE MENTAL MAP that is 666 represents a non-local database of logical connections that exist in situ of their variable emergences, any and all of which 'exist' in virtually different space-time vectors, but which all nonetheless conform to the same natural and mathematical laws. Therefore, 666 represents a 'plug' or 'port' in which non-local data or information can be accessed, such as files from a hard-drive. THE PSYCHO-PATTERNS of the mind are also dictated by 'laws' established through an endless projection of continuous causes and effects, and thus 'outside' data could only be accessed when the veil of Daath is in some manner opened for the subjective perspective to that which lies beyond the objective frame of objectification, however this 'break' in the continuity of crystalline mundanity is often perceived as inimical, especially when the perceptor is not consciously willing it to be. To willingly 'break out' of the confines of the zone of the present conscious perceptual field would inevitably be a supra-physical and supra-mental process which would not be deducible through physical or mental means, it would instead in Qabalistic terms be a Supernal process. Any data transmitted to or from the perceptor would be formulated in such a way that it could 'fold up' into a single point to then travel irrespective of SPACE-TIME-&-LIGHT constraints and be 'unfolded' or reformulated in full. This is precisely what not only 666 itself represents, but again, THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS as a whole (1-9 / 111-999) is itself the data-field of the numerical matrix and contains within itself all logical potentials of emergence/emanation.

     Having been studying various fields and systematically analyzing the data certain significant ideas have emerged and coalesced allowing for a multi-functional application of this 'occult' formula to more 'mundane' things. Being particularly related to the Mind, 666 is an umbrella-formula for some very profound concepts which when integrated could prove very powerful. For example,THE EEG WAVEFORMS generated from the brain images derived from THE FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can be scanned, mapped and compared to existing scans and data-sets for effective mind-reading. PSYCHIC ENERGY WEAPON(s) (Psychic being related to the psyche or mind, not necessarily 'ESP') are the 'next' (now current) stage in weaponry and warfare as they are able to render physical 'boots on the ground' battles unnecessary. Alteration of BRAIN-WAVE FREQUENCY, and attendant BEHAVIOR CHANGES, can be achieved through a variety of NON-LETHAL BIO-EFFECTS, and being THE KEY OF MIND CONTROL, 666 represents the formulaic key of the 'black box' or underlying and self-containing structure of Consciousness itself.

     BRAIN-SCANNING BY SATELLITE could feasibly be executed by apprehending THE EEG WAVEFORMS via THE FMRI 'connectomes' (brain fingerprints) generated from electromagnetic fields which bathe the surface of the planet by satellites and telecommunications towers, as well as personal wifi suffusing the electromagnetic field of the body and brain. NEURO-IMAGE COMPUTING via DIGITAL QUALIAS (i.e. mathematical signatures/algorithms of unique brain-function) could provide access to the perceptual and cognitive centers of any and all brains within such fields. Michael Persinger discusses this in his paper titled , as well as his presentation No More Secrets (video)

SYNTHETIC MICROWAVE TELEPATHY is but one potential method for SOUNDS INDUCED IN THE HEAD, however different mediums may also be used to pick up and modulate DIGITALIZED FREQUENCY OF THOUGHT. 666 represents therefore THE QUALIA TRANSDUCING DEVICES of whatever type wherein the qualia of cognitive function can be transduced or converted from basic data and reconfigured for various purposes, and thus the negative aspect of 666 reaches its apex in the TECHNOLOGY OF TYRANNY which could effectively create a planetary electro-magnetic straightjacket whereby SILENT ASSASSINATIONS could be executed from a distance and automatically/algorithmically forming what I termed in the previous post THE PSYCHIC DICTATORSHIP of THE GLOBAL ELECTRICITY GRID whereby a screen simulation of the GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS WEB of THE HUMAN NOOSPHERE will be virtually graphed, monitored and altered according to planning systems and their operators. Note also that DIGITAL AURA = 666, i.e. the light-field of consciousness is apprehendable through digital frequencies.

     Mass COMPUTERIZATION OF DATA has made DATA SURVEILLANCE simple for not only  NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCIES and the many massive NSADATA FACILITIES, but for private groups and hackers as well. Any DATA TECHNOLOGY is effectively SURVEILLANCE TECHNOLOGY and to COLLECT INFORMATION can be automatically recorded and relayed via meta-data and combined to create massive collections from which to derive predictions and programming. THE INTERFACINGS of electronically transduced brain signals and machines, known as BRAIN-MACHINE INTERFACE, will render a dynamic and interactive relationship between SMART PHONE/HOUSE and occupant, provided they have bought their CYBERNETIC UPGRADES. THECELL SITE STIMULATORS used to receive and monitor signals (SIGNAL MONITORING = 666 = TRACKING DIGITAL CELLPHONE DATA) from specific cell-phones will be outmoded by direct access to brain-scans. BIO-NANO-TECH, or Biological Nanotechnology is also being developed at an accelerating pace, and there is already conjecture as to the levels which may have already been reached in the field known as 'Wetware', and also the subject of 'Morgellons' has been attributed to experimental nanotechnology, which regardless of the reality of Morgellons in and of itself - at least presents an interesting concept which may potentially take root. Note also that both COMPUTER AUTOMATED CHIP and MACHINE NANOBOTS = 666, further denoting again the inventive-blueprint quality of this hallmark number.
     By finding the quantum-relative SOURCE CODE underlying and interrelating all logical vector-states, we can see COHERENCE OF SEQUENCE in THE SELF-ORGANIZING CODES that emerge through the GEOMETRIC EMERGENCE of INFINITE FORMATIONS of the INFINITE INFORMATION that is THE ETERNAL COMPLEXITY reflected and condensed in the single Key-Chamber that is 666. 666 contains the ANCIENT CODES of the distant past and future which being DYNAMIC PROCESSES (of DYNAMIC SYSTEMS THEORY) are continuous projections forming what can be termed THE PROJECTIVE CONTINUUM, and its virtually infinite 'connections' THE QUANTUM GLUE. THE SECRET WISDOM OF LANGUAGE shows that there is a NUMERICAL FORM inherent in all ideas, and that CODED WORDS can actually create a corresponding effect when consideration is taken of their component frequency or vibration (quality:qualia).

     When it is firmly grasped that the same functionality which is used in electronics, data-transmission, and especially the psychological elements involved in manipulation, propaganda, mind control, etc. are also those used (albeit with generally different intention) in occultism, 'magic', witchcraft, and ceremonial ritualism, etc. - both become more understandable and practical. The same general 'code' which underlies human psychology also underlies our religious, political, social and technological sub-systems. The COMPLETE GUIDE to technological innovation that is contained embedded within the Chamber 666 parallels the ANCIENT GRIMOIRE which 666 also contains, being as it is a cipher for the 'unwritten' or 'hidden' grimoire known under many names and forms, such as Liber Mundi, The Book of Nature, The Primal Grimoire, etc. A point of connection between the history of magic and science begins with the work by Joseph Ennemoser titled The History of Magic which explores the work of Franz Mesmer and the meaning and value of magnetism in his work and its relation to 'magic'. 

      The polarization of magnetism is what allows for motion, change, time, etc. but it is also a major factor to consider in regards to consciousness and life-energy systems for the processes of awareness are themselves magnetic currents of ELECTRIC manifestation. The idea of a 'POLE SHIFT' is not only a reference to THE VIOLENT CATACLYSMS throughout the aeons or some single GREAT CATASTROPHE, but a mechanical phenomena which occurs for the ability of COGNITION to come into cohesive operation. The process of becoming aware of something is itself a type of 'POLE SHIFT' in the quantum mechanical sense of subject-object interrelational existence. Again, the 'apocalyptic' unsealing of the Seals of the Higher Centers is a solar-cellular alignment process allowing for regeneration which necessitates a formative or physical 'death' and rebirth/reconstitution, as in the process of general cellular regeneration. THE PHYSICAL EXERCISES, particularly the solar adorations, pranayama, strength and endurance training, use the catalyst of gradual acclimation and flexibility as a current in which to build a certain PSYCHO-SOMATIC momentum which allows to more easily DEFEAT OBSTACLES. (Note: rearranging the Vajrayana formula of THE CLEAR WAY, mention in the previous post, to CLEAR THE WAY, becomes a mantra of MOTIVATION.) Note also the relation between the Breath, so important in Martial Arts and Yoga - is a translation of the Hebrew Ruach, which also relates to the Nous, 'Mind' and Psyche.
     666 being the Key to the COMPLETE GUIDE that is THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS - is also the Key to CEREMONIAL WITCHCRAFT, i.e. ritual traditional nature-magic which is present in all geographical cultural centers throughout anthropogenic history. Mankind, although largely dilapidated and chemically transfixed - is potentially the Keeper of the Kingdom, however we have turned the figurative garden into a literal farm, and are no longer the Initiator but the Imitator. The tendency toward artificiality and automation is the magnetically polarized current antithetical to what Gurdjieff called 'Conscious Labor', and true COGNITION of THE EVOLUTION of Man and Manas (Mind). The irony, however, is that THE TRANSHUMAN MOVEMENT which is a primary manifestation of this essentially qliphothic current (QLIPHOTHIC FORCES = 666 = PARASITES) fits within the same alignment-field. This is an example of the simulative process in effect, and the reflective cohesion of seemingly disparate ideas in an integrated wholeness, much along the lines of what David Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order suggests.

     There are many books I have been reading lately which I can't help but find related and significant, but one in particular is Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. I can't help but see THE FRACTAL BLUEPRINT that is 666 as a literal 'Structure' of Scientific Revolution in and of itself. Its ancient recognition is alone quite telling, and perhaps it has acted as a sort of 'beacon' of Occult importance in generating intrigue and inquiry across the ages. To me, 666 represents an access-port to SCIENCE & KNOWLEDGE OF THE FUTURE, being as it also THE TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE - and again, SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY, THE SCIENCE OF SPIRITUALITY, THE SCIENCE OF THE SOUL, THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL etc. - thus Μαθησις Θεολογια – ‘Science of Theology’, or The Scientific Study of God. Being not only the ELECTRIC formula of Tiphareth (Sorath, SVRTh), indicative of the 'Electric Universe' idea, 666 is also THE CELLULAR UNIVERSE, as well as THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE UNIVERSE (PANThEOS) and its component INTELLIGENCES. Significant to the readers of THE BOOKS OF WILHELM REICH (which were once burned by order of the FDA), 666 also covers many things relating to ORGONIC TECHNOLOGY and the psychology of BODY ARMOURING as well - and the SOCIAL PROBLEMS that arise in regard to both.

     If you look at The Magician tarot card in the Rider-Waite deck, the Magician has an Infinity symbol for a halo. THE INFINITE HALO = 666 as well, signifying the non-local auric field of THE AKASHIC RECORDS, and further expressed as THE MAGUS 8 SAHASRARA, 8 being the Infinity symbol upright as the hourglass, but 8 also relates to the united chakras of the Aura as a whole beyond mere present sensory space-time. Kenneth Grant relates the Egg of Achad's qabalistic investigations (BITzH, 107 = MA-ION) to the 'ends of Manifestation and the FINAL HE (107) to which is attributed Maat, the daughter aspect of Tetragrammaton. 107 is also the value of LAM-THE WAY, the egg-headed entity which has many relations to Liber AL, The Amalantrah Working, and essentially symbolic of Alien or Transhuman intelligence emanating not from another planet but from 'down when' in the time-stream. 107 is the Auric Egg of THE AKASHA, and in the Comment to verse 107 of Liber OKBISh in The Ninth Arch, Kenneth Grant says that 107 veils the formula for opening the 'gates of space', i.e. the Elemental Watchtowers and thus the Egg symbolizes the portal or gateway of the Final He/Daughter/MA-ION outside the circles of time. Note also that FLOOD THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM = 666, which Kenneth Grant says is the result of opening the auric/cosmic egg. Conversely, THE NUMBER ONE POINT is also redefined in the totality of differences that are contained in 666 - the point to and from which THE FRACTAL OF MANIFESTATION emerges.

     Realizing that 666 is the archetypal value of the Occult or Unknown, it can be used as a sort of ZERO DAY VULNERABILITY tool of linguistic conceptual framing by which THE COMPUTER HACKER could hack THE COMPUTATIONAL BRAIN itself and extract, extrapolate or otherwise exploit informational systems. 666 is thus a major tool of HACKING & DATA MINING, and and has a particular relevance to the idea of 'STATE SECRETS' and SECURITY CLEARANCES, for 666 is the Veil(=File) of The Unknown. COVERT AGENTS, as well as ROGUE CIA AGENTS, may be aware of this formula as there is evidence that 666 is itself THE TOP SECRET CODE OF THE CIA (THE UNITED STATES CIA USES GEMATRIA = UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT = NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCIES), it is also an unconscious and automatic phenomena wherein and whereby patterns follow their limited strictures. Again, to NOT KNOW is 666, and thus represents the Occult 'Veil of Unknowing', TO NOT KNOW SOME THINGS - and the biggest irony is the fact that all of these different things have emerged along this unique mathematical pattern without full conscious awareness. However, 666 also indicates NOTHING HIDDEN, and thus the EVIDENCE OF CONSPIRACY is embedded in the Fractal itself for all to see if they but have the eyes and ability to see and maintain an attention span. 

OBVIOUS FALSE FLAGS, as well as legitimate DESTRUCTION as we see almost daily as a DISTRACTION from their MALFUNCTION as Global Leaders to desensitize and condition the masses into accepting their subservience to a psychotic system that enslaves them. By understanding the codes on which we operate we can better foresee and interpret the unfolding of events, much as analysts do with the data-patterns of the individual and the COLLECTIVE MIND. That most if not all of our emerging technological systems all conform to this ancient formula should be enough for deeper investigation, however, the ignorance and fear is thick enough to cut with a knife and so publications like the present will likely be suppressed or if not then attacked and criticized rather than analyzed for the information presented. So far there has been little recognition or discussion. The understanding of the value of 666 is necessarily a PAINFUL PROCESS as it evokes many things that are otherwise ignored or suppressed, and as in the case of Initiation in general, much subconscious and unconscious material is needed to be faced and processed which when one is unprepared for can indeed be dangerous to the psychological health when not re-stabilized through appropriate exercise and strength. Man, whose number is said to be 666, has been successful in his ability to confront any and all problems through which subsequent growth is effected. Without friction there would be no progress, without resistance there would be no gain in strength. And again, MOTIVATION = 666, and relates to the intention behind all action and when this is subverted 666 inverts into the COSMIC PRISON of EVIL & HATRED and SORROWS, showing further the dual-sided nature of this formula. 

     There is much more to be said, and still more to be learned, and I understand that this medium is not the best way with which to convey this, however it works for the time being. Readers can derive from these articles what they will and I further encourage you to make your own databases not merely of The Qabalah of Nine Chambers, but all values possible. I still intend on making my database into a website, there is much more to be worked through and grasped. This post has already exceeded what I expected in terms of length and informational output but more is to come. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Universal Science of Light

     "Truths that we already know become not more valuable because we find them accepted by a multitude of witnesses, or garbled in outlandish jargon; but sometimes the very familiarity with a Truth that has been inculcated to us from early youth prevents us from appreciating its value and perceiving its importance upon which a new wording often throws new light and displays the jewel that has been all the while overlooked." -Page viii-ix of The Mystery of the Ages contained in the Secret Doctrine of all Religions by Marie, Countess of Caithness (1887)

     Lately I have been struggling to record notes and even find words to describe certain insights which have been accumulating in wading through the flood of information I have been processing.  To further illustrate the dynamic practicality of the GEOMETRIC NUMBER WEB / COMPUTATIONAL GEMATRIA WEB and The Qabalah of Nine Chambers which comprise the primary triple number index thereof, I want to go over certain QABALISTIC RELATIONS which I have been contemplating and working with recently which will continue forward from the previous three posts of this year.

     I have been thinking for the last month or so as to how to best express something along the lines as that conveyed in the quote above,  however the more I try the more difficult it becomes. Instead of attempting to yield single apparent 'facts' and anecdotes I want to use certain tools to analyze specific information in attempt to shed light on a wide range of connections and potentials. It is difficult to write in linear format about subject matter which interpenetrates and relates in many directions and on different levels. With that said, I want to reitterate and then further illustrate an important statement made by Soror 722 that "Magick is the control of the Qliphoth," i.e. the art and science of utilizing the shells, or husks as vehicles or vessels under direction of the Will. The QLIPHOTHIC FORCES which magnetize and contrast the positive and manifest forces correspond to the 'Dark Matter/Energy' of Quantum Physics, and the shadow-counterpart, or mirror reflection of every 'force', and thus corresponds to the alternate descriptions of 'Dark Matter/Energy', termed Mirror Matter, Shadow Matter or Alice Matter. And again, these relate to the older Qabalistic concept of the Sitra Ahra, or 'Other Side'. 

     Kenneth Grant has shown that much of what has been interpreted as 'ghosts', 'demons,' and even 'aliens', UFOs, and extra-terrestrial/interdimensional entities are actually qliphothic emanations perceived from or through the 'Veil' of Daath, i.e. manifestations of energy spectres from outside - within the field of operation of either individual or, if receptive and perceptive, multiple/collective consciousnesses. This interpretation gives a much more broad spectrum of potential points of origination for any particular circumstantial emanation, be it subconscious, somnambulistic, trans-personal, elemental, etc. There would obviously be variations of classification for these, much as we have classifications for the species or 'INTELLIGENCES' of planet Earth, it would be rather both ego- and geo-centric to consider our plane of being to be the only type to consider as The unit of measure, much less the only. 

     "In parenthesis, the Tree of Life, with its glowing globes, comprehends schematically the variety of space capsules and their respective kalas. When a star is sighted in the sky the radiance seen by the human eye is not of our time, and the star itself may have ceased to shine long aeons since. Similarly, the flying lights - the subject of innumerable sightings since Hiroshima - are radiations from the lenticular energy-spectres of long dead beings that existed in remote galaxies/ They are the 'dead' in Amenta, the Shining Ones. They formed the world of shells known in ancient lore as the Qliphoth. Occultists, at last, are beginning to recognize them as such, and to salvage them from the debris of ideas interpreted as 'evil' because unknown and unidentifiable. What was unknown, what was not understood, was considered to be inimical, hostile." -Kenneth Grant, Outer Gateways, pg. 121 (1994)

     Actual 'extraterrestrial' biological life-forms on other planets are of secondary priority to that of Earth, for it would seem that there is an altogether different but closer classes of beings which are but on different planes of being which we are as of yet hardly aware of - and still more, there are plenty of physical beings here on the mundane plane of Earth of even greater priority in regards to the great work of planetary evolution who are themselves but shells/vessels needing development, and it is through the evolution of humanity on Earth that many such higher and lower Beings are also effecting their own evolution, i.e. we are integrally developing along with the flora and fauna with which we interact, in both micro-scopic/physiological and macro-scopic/environmental levels.) 

(See Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller, as well as Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A. by Alex Constantine for more on the origin of these Gematria formulae, and their potential applications.)

     What should also be considered in relation to the classification of Beings and their purposes, from the amoebas and bacteria, to the cosmic-filaments and all who lie in-between is the unique inability for certain humans to even attempt consideration of any Beings but themselves. This pernicious form of qliphothic narcissism is most obvious in its manifestation in THE TRANSHUMAN MOVEMENT = 666, which in its Ahrmanic rigidity and 'clinging' to egoic illusion essentially halts true evolutionary change which relies on the flow of life-energy rather than its cementing into 'stone', or dense 'Saturnian'/lead materialistic form. These subjects have been discussed extensively in previous posts: The Factors of Balance, The Mechanization of Man, The Keys & The Power of the Beast, etc. however, I want to give further insight into these matters as they are increasingly becoming more obvious and understandable when analyzed with the teachings of the Qabalah, Gematria and the insights of the Qliphothic aspects thereof.

       The primary reason I have insisted on utilizing the formula 666 is because for the past few years I have been receiving transmissions through it from what is most likely just my subconscious mind, and in a very basic way in that having a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Hebrew alphabet and its super-imposition over English letters transliterated by phonetics, I will often 'read' words as numerical formulae, or automatically/subconsciously add-up or 'SUM' various formulae and it just happens that the ones that stand out the most tend to be triple numbers, and 666 in particular will 'reveal' itself in various ways almost daily at this point and I  feel it necessary to reveal rather than RETAIN them (another formulae which 'came to me' while driving the other day.) There are also other significant and peculiar incidents such as when not only will a given number repeat in various mediums in a short time-frame, but also when certain concepts, formulas or correspondences will also reappear in ways that are often surprising rather than expected. I do not ascribe any 'metaphysical' basises for any of these matters, but merely say that our limited egoic waking awareness is but the surface and not even the active dynamo of operation governing psycho-physiological cohesion - which needless to say, we know - but seem to so often ironically forget. Therefore, to expect to judge things accurately from its limited standpoint without seeking to delineate its boundaries and limitations is an exercise in futility.

"By "matter," he doesn't mean that somewhere in the deep recesses of your brain is a small bundle of liquid, sloshing around and powering your sense of self and your awareness of the world. Instead, Tegmark suggests that consciousness arises out of a particular set of mathematical conditions, and there are varying degrees of consciousness - just as certain conditions are required to create varying states of vapor, water, and ice."

(Note: MATHEMATICAL CONSCIOUSNESS = 666 using Gimel for the hard C's and Cheth for the soft, as in THE CIRCLE. This cryptographic device of using interchangeable letters-transliterations for phonetics further conceals certain formulae from automatic computation and highlights the depth and cohesion expressed through the formulaic vehicles.)

     Another telling formula which I happened to come to find is the root of Material, MATERIA + the root of Form, MORPHE = 666. MATERIA MORPHE, i.e. Material Form is thus equivalent to GEOMETRIC EMERGENCE, THE FRACTAL OF MANIFESTATION, THE CRYSTALLIZED ENERGY, etc. This has relevance to the question of Qliphothic Forces and the Solar 666 because obviously it is at the Solar-Nucleic level within and subsisting the outward material form that Being begins to manifest on a sub-/non-atomic level, for "That which is Above is like that which is Below" and "That which is Within is like that which is Without." There appears to be a type of Teleology within the Gematria formulas themselves in that each word-value seems to express in some way the actual ideas embodied (For example the descending rays of THE WHITE LIGHT, 111 from Kether in the Path of Aleph.) 666 has many possible teleological attributions, one being that of the hypnotic trance spirals, and thus the gate between conscious and unconscious, as well as the Triple Flame of the Trakaya, or Three Luminous Bodies. The Triple Flame of Shin/Spirit is also evoked to mind, and thus 666 represents the SPIRIT OF FIRE/FIRE OF SPIRIT which illuminates and enlivens the 'shells', 'husks' or 'lights' that are the angles/angels of manifestation. 666 is of course only really understood when the entire Qabalah of Nine Chambers is sufficiently grasped, and thus its inversion in 999 happens to shed further light thereon. (Note: THE EXEGESIS OF 666 = 999; See Liber Mayan or Liber 999 by Frater Mayan.)

     As much as certain interests might not want it to be the case, 666 appears to indeed be a unique Key to the Qabalah as well as many other fields, particularly the Unified Field which integrates every point in space-time into what can be called THE ZERO POINT OF BEING. (Note BEING = 70 = 'O', i.e. THE ZERO POINT OF 'O', i.e. the Etheric Solar-Plasma Cell. However, note also that ETHERIC SOLAR-PLASMA CELL = 888, which has a particular connection with 666 in that it is THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE which is the Soular 666 alchemically transmuted toward The Higher Power (999) by way of 777, i.e. the World of Shells, OVLM H'QLIPhVTh which being related to the prism of manifest vibration in shells of light and sound provides the necessary frictive vehicle of VECTOR EQUILIBRIUMS, the basis of all forms. 

"The vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings or nonhappenings: it is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe ready to accomodate any act and any audience." -Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics, 503.03

     I want to quote a chapter at length which further expresses the depth and significance of the 'Zero-Point' of the 'O', which I found while reading I.K. Taimni's 1969 book Man, God and The Universe:

     It is fashionable these days in scientific circles to represent everything in mathematical terms. If we can somehow put any law or phenomenon of Nature in the form of a mathematical equation we think we have brought it within the realm of scientific knowledge and put it on a scientific basis. To a certain extent this effort to reduce everything in Nature to mathematical terms is justified because the basis of manifestation is mathematical. The relation between mathematics and the phenomena of manifestation has long been known and expressed in various ways. Pythagoras called God a Geometrician, and in more recent times the same idea has been put by Sir James Jeans in the statement that 'God must be a mathematician.'

     Fundamental truths of Nature are based on mathematics and are reflected in mathematical relationships. The most spectacular demonstration of this fact was made in the formulation of the Theory of Relativity. Einstein, sitting in his room with a pencil and some paper, and not even stepping into a laboratory, discovered some of the most fundamental truths with regard to the physical universe. Some of these truths were incorporated by him in the form of a simple formula E= -mc2 which led to the discovery of atomic energy. This discovery has not only revolutionized the fundamental conceptions of Science but brought about far-reaching changes in our life. The Theory of Relativity appears to have given almost a new direction to our civilization and to have created problems which are a challenge to our current outloooks and modes of thinking.

     Now, it is not only truths of the physical world which are reflected in mathematical relationships, but also those of the subtler worlds. By this it is not meant that they can these truths can be grasped to some extent by the intellect with the help of mathematics without direct realization in one's consciousness as is done in Yoga. It is true that such a knowledge is bound to be skeletal or like a map. It gives only the relations and not the contents of the realities which it represents. These latter can be known only by direct experiences on the higher planes. But this mathematical knowledge is knowledge which can be relied upon, because the conclusions of mathematics are infallible and utterly dependable. The only difficulty is in the interpretation of these conclusions which may or may not be correct and may completely vitiate the conclusion. For being without content and of a general nature they can be interpreted in different ways. That is why such conclusions are always tested by actual experiments before they are accepted. Einstein's theory was not considered valid until it had been tested by experiments made by astronomers and physicists.

     That the physical universe is based on mathematical laws will be seen easily if we remember that all phenomena are essentially of the nature of vibrations or motions of different kinds. Every vibration in the ultimate analysis is a mode of motion which can be represented by a mathematical formula. Since the bhutas (Elements), which affect our sense-organs and produce the five kinds of sensations through the instrumentality of the sense-organs, are dependent upon vibrations of various kinds they are really in the ultimate analysis merely mathematical qualities. Every sensation is produced by a vibration and is mathematically related to the vibration. For example, light of a particular wave-length will produce the sensation of a particular color, sound of a particular wave-length will produce the sensation of tone of a particular pitch. Some sensations may be produced by a complex group of vibrations but these can be analysed and can always be reducted to mathematical terms. That is why sensations are called tanmatras in Hindu philosophy. The Sanskrit word tanmatra means literally 'the measure of that'. Sensations are measures of reality in this objective aspect, and we can actually represent them by mathematical formulae. We can contact reality in its objective aspect only through them as proved by Science. The whole physical universe in its objective aspect which we perceive through our sense-organs is thus reducible to a set of mathematical formulae.

     That the whole of the manifested universe in its physical and superphysical aspects must be based ultimately on mathematics follows from the very nature of the Ultimate Reality. If undifferentiated Consciousness is the only Reality at the basis of the universe and all the phenomena are merely modifications of Consciousness or in Consciousness, it follows logically that all phenomena and noumena as well must be nothing but relations in that underlying Consciousness. And since mathematics is the science of pure relations it must underlie all the truths of existence and must reflect those truths in every sphere of life. The pure undifferentiated Consciousness can be compared to pure water in a perfectly still condition and the perception of phenomena by the mind to the patterns produced in the water when it is churned in different ways and with different speeds. If pure water is being churned in a tank and we consider the essential nature of the infinite variety of innumerable patterns of water we shall find that there is nothing else in existence but water and relations between its different parts. There can be nothing else. And these relations between the different parts of the water which find expression in an infinite variety of patterns are all based on mathematics and can be defined by mathematics.

     Only the Absolute is absolute and not relative. All else in manifestation below that State is strictly relative and since mathematics is the science which deals with relations of every conceivable type it must be the very ultimate basis of manifestation. Because the Absolute is also the womb of this relative manifested universe and is the ultimate source from which the universe comes forth it should be possible to represent the Absolute also by the ultimate reality of mathematics. What is this ultimate reality of mathematics? Zero! Zero is the undefinable, unknown, potential container of all figures and so of all mathematical relationships. It is the womb of mathematics, containing the very essence of all mathematics. It is for this reason that it alone can serve as a symbol of the Absolute.

     Mathematics deals only with pure abstract relations without taking into consideration the contents of those things which are related to one another. It is obviously, therefore, concerned with the world of the Relative and not with that Ultimate Reality which we refer to as the Absolute. It gives us the foundation principles upon which the manifested universe in all states of subtlety is based, but it cannot touch the Absolute, for, in the Absolute those different parts or aspects which are related in manifestation become so completely integrated and perfectly harmonized as to appear a void to the intellect. So, all the laws and formulae of mathematics which are applicable to the manifested state must also become integrated into a state of No-Relation or No-number, as this state is called in The Secret Doctrine. But this No-number or No-relation represented by the zero is not a void in the ordinary sense. It contains all the laws and relations of mathematics within itself in an exquisitely harmonized though incomprehensible condition. From this No-number or No-relation can be obtained by differentiation or derivation all those laws of pure mathematics which regulate the relations of things in manifestation. Upon these derived laws of mathematics in their totality, whether discovered or still undiscovered, is based on the whole structure of the manifested universe in all its aspects and parts. It is according to these laws that the Great Architect of the universe plans and erects the universe through which He manifests.

     It will be seen from what has been said above how and why mathematics can provide us with valuable clues in investigating, understanding and representing the mysteries of Occultism. In trying to understand the nature of Reality in manifestation through the instrumentality of the intellect we can derive help form mathematics because it is the science of pure relationships devoid of any content and can throw some light on the relations of different aspects of manifested Reality to another. Let us be quite clear in our mind what this means.

     We cannot know Reality in its different aspects and different levels except through direct perception, which means the fusion of the individual's consciousness with the Divine Consciousness. But we can know the relations between these different aspects and levels of Reality because these relations are reflected in the facts and laws of mathematics. The difference between the two kinds of knowledge is very similar tot he difference in the knowledge of a country gained by going and seeing it directly with our own eyes or by looking at is map. There is really no way of knowing a country truly except by going to it and seeing it with our own eyes and coming in direct contact with it. But we can get some idea of the country, though of a different nature, by looking at its map. A map or a diagram can give an idea only of the relations of the different parts of a thing which it represents. It is a symbol, but a symbol of things as they exist in relation to one another and not as they are in reality. In a way a map or a diagram sometimes gives a better idea of a composite and complicated whole than seeing it directly or through pictorial representation. For it can give a general idea of the whole as well as the parts in relation to each other, while seeing it directly through pictorial representation gives only a partial view of a particular aspect at a time. A man who sees and studies a map of Kashmir gets a better idea of the natural features of the country than a person who goes there and see things one after another in a haphazard manner as a tourist. But of course, the map will not give him the slightest idea about the beauty of the scenery and the life of the people.

     It is necessary to have a clear idea with regard to the limitations and advantages of symbolic representation of Occult truths through diagrams or in other ways if we are to utilize these properly for investigating and understanding those truths. The limitations have been pointed out above. These are mainly two: one is that we can get an idea in this manner only of the relations between different aspects of reality, and not of their real nature; the other is that we have to be careful in representing and interpreting correctly the conclusions which we arrive at in this manner. It is here that intuition comes in and becomes a necessary factor in our studies or investigations. For, while the conclusions arrived at in the field of physical science can be interpreted adequately and correctly with the help of the intellect alone, because they deal with non-sentient blind forces of Nature, the conclusion with regard to the realities of mind and consciousness cannot be left to the intellect alone. They require the light of intuition which comes from the realms of consciousness.

     In spite of these limitations there is no doubt that mathematics can be of great help in investigating, representing and understanding the truths of the inner life; it can provide us with a map of the country which we shall later explore unaided within ourselves. The value of a map under these conditions cannot be overestimated; it may not help us directly but at least it helps us in having a correct perspective and keeping to the right course, and not losing our way. A military commander who has to carry out operations in a country is provided with a map of the country and not picture post cards. This is the function of philosophy in tackling the problem of Self-discovery and Self-realization. It gives us a sort of map of the country which we have to explore.

     Let us now discuss very briefly the significance of numbers, for mathematics is ultimately based upon numbers, and all numbers should therefore have some relation with the basic realities of manifestation. If we examine the series of numbers beginning with 1 we find that they increase from 1 to 9, and then after that the numbers begin to repeat themselves in various permutations and combinations as shown below:

      0,  1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,
    10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,
    20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29,
    30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39,
    40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49,
    50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59,
    60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69,
    70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79,
    80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89,
    90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99,
  100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109,
  110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119,
  120, 121, 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130...

     The evolution of all numbers from the number one is an interesting mathematical problem but we are not concerned with it here. All that we need note here is that there are only nine fundamental numbers, 1-9 and their derivatives, flanked by two intriguing mathematical entities O (zero) and (infinity) which are really no numbers. These eleven mathematical entities which seem to have a specific identity of their own are, therefore, not only the basic realities of mathematics but must somehow represent the basic realities of existence and their relations to one another. The correlation of these eleven mathematical entities with the realities which they represent is an interesting problem, and research in this field will be very rewarding, for, it will throw new land interesting light on the nature of these realities and the relations which exist between them. But even with the little knowledge which Occultism has placed at our disposal we can see the tremendous significance of these numbers and their correspondences with the fundamental realities of existence, both in the unmanifest and manifest state. The Occult doctrines fit in very nicely in this scheme of correspondences, and, if there are any gaps or discrepancies, a thorough investigation of these will be of great help in throwing further light on the mysteries of these realities. In the scientific study of any problem nothing is more useful than the exceptions and discrepancies which sometimes crop up in the working of a natural law. It is through the investigation of these exceptions and discrepancies that new vistas of knowledge and lines of enquiry open up before the investigator.

     We have already referred very briefly in the chapter on the concept of the Absolute to the intriguing and to a certain extent unpredictable characteristics of zero which make it eminently suitable for representing the Absolute in the world of mathematics. The zero contains within itself potentially all mathematical quantities and relationships that can be possibly imagined, each + quantity being balanced by its exactly - quantity. It is not, therefore, a symbol of nothing but everything present in a harmonized and balanced state. It is a symbol of No-thing for it does not contain any quantity as such, yet all quantities are present in it potentially, and can be drawn from it as need arises. The zero is thus a natural symbol of the Absolute. A careful investigation of its properties may enrich our concept of this Reality.

     Let us now descend from the realm of No-number or zero into the realm of numbers. Here obviously 1 is the starting point, for all numbers are made up by the successive addition of 1, as shown below:

  1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+1=4, 4+1=5, 5+1=6, 6+1=7, 7+1=8, 8+1-9, etc. 

     We see thus that one is a fundamental number, the father of all other numbers, all of which can be derived from the proliferation of one. And since one, unlike zero, is also in the realm of manifestation it must represent that level of Reality which is the very basis of manifestation, that Principle in which is rooted the tendency or the power to manifest. What is this level of Reality or Principle? In order to be able to answer this question we have first to consider two facts.

     One is the primary differentiation of the One Reality into the Siva-Sakti Tattva. This tattva or principle being the primary dual tattva must obviously be represented by the number 2. This means that there must be another level of Reality between zero and 2, which corresponds to the number 1 in the fundamental series of numbers: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The symbolization of the Siva-Sakti Tattva by a bi-focal ellipsoid also presupposes the presence of another tattva corresponding to a sphere, for an ellipsoid can form only by the separation of the centre of a sphere into two separate foci of an ellipsoid. As an ellipsoid presupposes the existence of a sphere from which it is derived, as 'two' pre-supposes the existence of 'one' from which it is derived, so a bipolar dual Siva-Sakti Tattva or + and - Principle presupposes the existence of a non-polar unitary tattva or Principle from which it is derived. 

     The second fact we have to consider is that in the concept of the Absolute as a harmonious synthesis of all opposites, and an integration of all tattvas there is no place for a centre. It must be an undifferentiated state which we generally indicate by the word nirvisesa (without distinction). A centre means centralization, and centralization means partial distortion and deviation from the perfectly uniform undifferentiated, nirvikara (undistorted) state of the Absolute. And yet without a centre there can be no manifestation. 

     Even the primary differentiation of the Siva-Sakti Tattva requires the presence of a centre which can then separate into two foci. This second fact also, therefore, points to the existence of a level of Reality which comes between the uniform undifferentiated Absolute and the dual Siva-Sakti Tattva. This level of Reality must be a centralized reality but non-polar, unlike the Siva-Sakti Tattva. It must contain within itself the principle of individuality and the potentiality of manifestation, for without a centre of individuality there can be no manifestation. It is this level of reality which is represented by the number 1. 

     So when we talk of the One we do not refer to the Absolute but to this aspect of level of Reality which comes between the Absolute represented by zero and the Siva-Sakti Tattva or the Father-Mother Principle represented by 2. 


     Let us not try to identify this Reality by any specific name and refer to it merely as the One for the time being. We see in the above illustration the value of mathematics in helping us to arrive at definite conclusions with regard to these things which are beyond the realm of intellect. If our conceptions of the Absolute and the Siva-Sakti Tattva are correct then the existence of a Reality coming between these two and corresponding to the number one in the mathematical series 0, 1, 2, 3, etc., becomes inevitable. This Reality correspoding to the number one can be considered as an aspect of the Absolute but we shall not go into this question here. 

     The level or aspect of Reality corresponding to the number 3 is obviously the Triple Logos who is the very basis of a manifested system. His triple nature, as has been pointed out in a previous chapter, is the result of the appearance of the subject-object relationship which brings into action His Chit (Mind) aspect, the basis of Divine Ideation. All triplicities, which we find in Nature everywhere, are derived from the triple nature of the Logos, are reflections of His Life and Consciousness, as has been pointed out already in chapter VI. 

     It is not possible to discuss here in detail the correspondences between the fundamental numbers from 0 to 10 and the different levels of Reality which they represent, but the following chart gives some hints with regard to this interesting question and may be taken tentatively by the student for further thought and enquiry. The significance of numbers and the powers and potencies associated with them is a subject of very wide scope with which many Western occultists are familiar. It is not only of theoretical interest but forms the basis of many occult arts. 

     We have not dealt with the significance of geometrical figures in this chapter. Many examples of geometrical symbolism will be found in different parts of the book. 

     The Absolute (0) and its fractal pattern of division into units as described by Taimni is very similar to that described by Ouspensky with his 'Chains' of increasing complexity as quoted at length in The New Model of the Universe. What is fascinating, yet difficult to understand and still more to explain is how meaning can be conveyed through mathematical equations in more ways than merely what is happening such as in the form you find yourself transducing, i.e. basic language. Consciousness itself, as well as the quantum charges that comprise the states of wave-particle/vibration-materialization of all manifestation, becomes actuated by 'mathematical conditions,' or dynamic states of interacting quantum forces acting integrally over incalculable periods of space-time (which in the case of the individual, implies another near-incalculable set of super-imposed 'timelines') - which us humans perceive and utilize still but a mere fraction of ourselves for our own relativistic purposes with more or less general proficiency. 

     There are already numerous forms of what can be simply called in a general expression, THE QUALIA-TRANSDUCING DEVICES, i.e. a device, system or method of transducing (converting) qualia (sense-perceptions), some of which have been referred to in The Hive-Mind Consciousness, The Keys & The Power of the Beast, and in future posts I hope to expand on this subject further. Although some aspects of consciousness are easier to quantify than others, much is still not fully understood. The next major stage in the technological MARKET will involve hybrid bio-tech, and parallel to this is the Military- and Police-Industrial Complex's need to obtain further control and surveillance which will be that of wiretapping not merely the technological grid but the bio-physiological and psychological field as well (for your own good, of course.) Brain-fingerprint  imaging and 'Connectome' mapping applied in a mass scale with the help of 'wetware', BIO-NANO-TECH, and the global communications network will enable a fully apprehendable 'internet of things' on both an external and internal level. If one has not read the extant research and documentation in the field of BRAIN-MACHINE INTERFACE technology, Neuro-cybernetics, Bio-Informatics, etc. to understand the present situational level of such a notion, try doing so with the resources provided in the source-material to The Keys & The Power of the Beast and realize that it is at the very least something many interests have been patiently waiting for their most opportune convergences to manifest.

     The convergence of such seemingly distanced subjects as Meta-geometry and Metaphysics and Technological advancement goes back to the ancient occult knowledge of Alchemy and Magic, i.e. the control of substances and natural forces through understanding of their mechanisms. Hence, again, the incidental irony of TECHGNOSIS (See the book of that name by Erik Davis) equating to 666 which conveys both Ancient and Future knowledge. It seems likely that the mechanism behind 'divination', 'channelling', 'oracles', and 'psychic abilities' actually have mathematically quantifiable and understandable explanations - and through the universal language of mathematics the subconscious/automatic 'associative-grouping' of the linguistic faculty, as well as the symbolical image-making faculty, qualia (sense-perceptions) may be transduced. Therefore, through certain formulaic stimuli and patterning (ritual/ceremony/habit/conditioning), certain results and manifestations are effected - which is the fundamental basis of both psychotherapy and when inverted, mind control (as well as 'Magick'.)

     Clairvoyance, 'clear seeing' or 'second sight', as well as clairaudience and other forms of Extra-sensory perception is explainable via the theory of mathematical induction and the subconscious mind has already been found to calculate things automatically, as exemplified in simple things like physical movements where we calculate the force with which to move limbs to achieve desired results without having to consciously calculate anything. And again, it shouldn't come as much of a shock to materialistic-minded people that there are numerical quantifications of phenomena since in a materialistic paradigm for anything to 'exist' it must be quantified and able to be committed to a peer-reviewed journal for it to be considered valid or significant. For more on this aspect see The Mathematical Basis of Psychic Abilities, Spiritual Phenomena, and the Religious Instinct.

     Many of the different forms of 'magic(k)' and witchcraft ulimately revolve around sympathetic and correspondent relationships, and it is their conscientious and intentful modulation to an envisioned result that effectuates their veridicality. A 'spell', or ritual is not to be considered as separate from the intented result in any way and as Crowley says, a full qabalistic blueprint should be made for any working just as would be done for the preparation of a battle or building. The fullest capacity for oversight and willed-influence must be gained, which going back to the subject of the Qliphoth, means that for the True Will of the Magus to be realized One must be fully integrated and all dissonances resolved otherwise such disharmonious desires will manifest as Willed. Thus, to intentionally affect the unfolding directional timeline of manifestation One must attain to the grade of Tiphareth for 'Knowledge and Conversation' with One's H.G.A., or THE HIGHER POWER (999) that is the Genius of the True Will or 'Transcendental Superconscious' which is not bound by the space-time limitations of Daath and the Ruach (the Cube-Sphere container of the Astral Light.) It is my experience-based opinion that through practical exercises with the Gematria correspondences and in building a gematria database certain psychic faculties of a higher order become activated and strengthened to the point of being automatic and second-nature. This 'Faculty' may also be what Colin Wilson opted to term 'Faculty X', which he says in The Occult: A History, may be a singularly relevant factor in future human evolution, if but we don't supplant it by altogether artificial means.

"Expect him not from the East, nor from the West; for from no expected house cometh that child. Aum! All words are sacred and all prophets true; save only that they understand a little; solve the first half of the equation, leave the second unattacked. But thou hast all in the clear light, and some, though not all, in the dark." -Liber AL.I.56

Further note on The Qabalah of Nine Chambers:

18 x 37 = 666
     18 is commonly known as symbolic in the Jewish tradition of 'Chai', or 'Chi', meaning Life, Alive, or Living. 18 is 6+6+6, or the Solar-Power cubed and 37 is ChITTA, 'Mind-stuff'/'Thought', equated with the Qabalistic Ruach, or Psyche/Nous/Manas. 666 can thus be thought of as Mind imbued with the Power of Life and Creativity. Each of the Nine Chambers is a multiple of 37; 111 being 37 x 3. Note: 37 is YChIDH, Yechidah, the Soul in Kether - the innermost spark or Flame (LHB, 37) of THE WHITE LIGHT. See the section on the symbolism of 37 in A Mathematical Journey Into the Number 666.

37 x 3 (1+1+1) = 111 (1+1+1=3)
37 x 6 (2+2+2) = 222 (2+2+2=6)
37 x 9 (3+3+3) = 333 (3+3+3=9)
37 x 12 (4+4+4) = 444 (4+4+4=12, 1+2=3)
37 x 15 (5+5+5) = 555 (5+5+5=15, 1+5=6)
37 x 18 (6+6+6) = 666 (6+6+6=18, 1+8=9)
37 x 21 (7+7+7) = 777 (7+7+7=21, 2+1=3)
37 x 24 (8+8+8) = 888 (8+8+8=24, 2+4=6)
37 x 27 (9+9+9) = 999 (9+9+9=27, 2+7=9)
(37 x 37 = 1,369) (1+3+6+9=19, 1+9=1)

     37 x 37 is 1,369, which happens to be the sum of the Abstract Triad; ChSD, 72 + GBVRH, 216 + ThPhARTh, 1,081. 1369 is the Greek Ο Ζωης, 'The Living God', and Θεος Εικων Θεου, 'Image of God', showing the unfolding nature of the numeric sequence it is significant that 1369 is also Ω Φαλλη, O Phallus, or The Phallus, which is used in The Star Ruby (also see the considerations in Liber 414, "The Phallus is the physiological basis of the Oversoul.") Two other phallic correspondences that equate to 1369 are THE CADUCEUS OF HERMES and THE TRIDENT OF NEPTUNE, both of which illustrate the concept of channeling the Power of Creation (OSh, 370 + 999 = 1,369) and thus embodies the Fractal-Holon of The Qabalah of Nine Chambers. There is also a particular relationship between 1369 and 666 being that it does not have the same sequential feature as the ordinary triple numbers, and 1+3+6+9 = 19, a numerical corollary to 37 and 18 (6+6+6) [ 19+18=37. ] 19 conceals the spectrum 1-9, with 36 in the center of 1369 hinting at the SUM of (1-36=) 666.  1369 is also VRVCh ALHIM MRChPhTh OL PhNI HMIM, 'And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.' (second half of Gen. 1:2)

    Not only is Jesus 888, but Christos, 1,480 (37 x 40) is also a multiple of 37 making the full title 2368 (37 x 64). Considering ADM in its ordinal value (1+4+13), along with Eve (ChVH, 8+6+5 = 19) we also find 37, and note that EDEN = 64, the number of permutations of Yin and Yang in the I Ching, or Book of Changes. Note also that 2,368 is 1,369 + 999, i.e. The Phallus + The Bride. 64 is also Aletheia, 'Truth', and 37 is 'LAW' - both of which are Maatian concepts of 'Truth and Justice'.