Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Natural Matrix

      In an interesting series of revelations I recently found that a phrase a friend and I have been using for years now also has the same numeration as the formula I've been hyper-focusing on the last year, i.e. 666 and The Qabalah of Nine Chambers (111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999). The phrase I'm referring to is that of THE NATURAL MATRIX, which is used to refer generally to the underlying blueprint of manifestation (THE FRACTAL BLUEPRINT) which, like magnetic fields, direct the FLOW OF CURRENT and delineate the NUMERICAL FORM of GEOMETRIC EMERGENCE. Over the course of a year, with the exception of the month or so extra I have spent for further processing of this data to express it more succinctly, I have endeavored to show how the Hebrew Qabalah of Nine Chambers can be used as a blueprint for modern technological and quantum mechanical concepts from a variety of approaches to show the multi-functionality of the system.

     The application of the Hebrew formula to the English alphabet via phonetics came to me over the course of my personal initiations from 2009-2012 when beginning to read the works of Aleister Crowley, Frater Achad, Kenneth Grant and related materials. During this period I happened to obtain an obsidian egg and subsequently soon after began reading Outside the Circles of Time (1980) which talks about the Egg being a recurring symbol through the work of Crowley, Achad and Grant - which caused me to realize the precise connection between the date in which I obtained the talismanic egg (April 2, 2011) in the year which was to be the 107th year of the Aeon of Horus and 107 being the number Achad noticed as the value of the Hebrew word Egg (BITzH, 107) and the 'Ends of Manifestation'. I felt it necessary to log this publicly via this medium when numerous connections started becoming apparent, allowing me to further unveil certain formulae and data which Crowley, Achad, Grant and even modern authors on similar subjects had yet to discover, distinguish or delineate.

     It was on September 9th, 2012 - exactly 3 years to the day from my personal Oath of Initiation taken on September 9th, 2009 - that I met one Soror 722, who has over the last six years helped me to better process much of this, as well as adding much insight and evidence in regards to certain recurrent elements which linked both of our personal researches, intuitions and intimations. She had already published a blog titled 'Womb of Nuit', as well as a post analyzing Philip K. Dick's monumental V.A.L.I.S. (=107) and the esoteric insights of the 'Pink Light'. We met, however incidentally, via a video comment section and began discussing our similar interests in the Work left by Crowley, Achad, Grant and others. Certain 'keys' began to manifest further via the leads I was given, particularly through certain symbolic formulae Soror 722 pointed to as recurrent in her own initiatory experiences, i.e. the number 722 and its correspondences (38x38, 361+361, 22/7=3.142857... etc.), the Diamond, the Daughter-aspect or HE FINAL of Tetragrammaton, and their application to understanding the Malkuth/Daath dis-connect, the dimensional unfoldment of space-time/spirit-matter, and certain hitherto undeciphered verses of Liber AL vel Legis and passages of Liber 729.

Note that our visible spectrum begins and ends where the Red and Purple connect/disconnect. Kenneth Grant calls this the Mauve Zone, though the notion Hyper-Chromatic rays also relates the colors Indigo and Octarine, but is more aptly thought of as 'Twilight', i.e. the between/interstitial state which transcends our magnitude of space-time as rendered in color.

     THE NATURAL MATRIX as 666 indicates the Key to the idea of magnetic and even MORPHOGENETIC (555) fields and the discernible numerical basis therein (THE EMBEDDED MORPHOLOGY), thus THE CODIFICATION of THE DIGITAL PHYSICAL FORMS is indicative of THE MENTAL MAP of THE LOGICAL MIND, as well as THE SUBCONSCIOUS FUNNEL VETO which filters that which is irrational or unreasonable factors from the associative groupings of RATIO/RATIONALE.

     This SUBCONSCIOUS RITUAL is natural and automatic in THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE HUMAN MIND, as numbers are the basic SOURCE-CODE of Η Φρην, 'The Mind/Reason' of THE HUMAN ANTHROPOS. The connection of Η Φρην, 'The Mind/Reason' and the physical body is termed PSYCHO-SOMATIC, referring to the psyche/mind/soul and soma/body. THE PSYCHO-PATTERNS or patterns of the psyche are developed and expressed through THE PHYSICAL EXERCISES of THE FINITE VESSEL or THE VEHICLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. THE EMBODIED CONSCIOUSNESS reflects below (without) that which is above (within), and 666 just happens to effectively MODEL CONSCIOUSNESS in the holographic manner in which data folds and unfolds.

     666 as the CELL OF CONSCIOUSNESS and MAGNETIC ENERGY CENTER represents the 'Soul' and ELECTRIC cell of Solar power, THE CHAINS OF THE ABSOLUTE (See THE NEW MODEL OF THE UNIVERSE) emanate from THE ZERO POINT OF BEING from which the differences or DISCREPANCY arise. The square sum of 6 (6x6=36, 1+2+3+4+5+6...35+36=666), 666 seems to express precisely the way in which fundamental geometric bits of data can coalesce into cohesive entelechies and INTELLIGENCES, i.e. Monads which manifest externally the internal 'standing waves' and 'thought forms' developed through the self-same PSYCHOSOMATIC cohesional patterns and structures, even without conscious awareness of the numerical basis underlying such behavior and thought patterns.

     The underlying Point to all this is that the formative vectors are substantiated not by the corporeal forms but by the essential tendency, or directional flow that comprise the corporeal forms and thus for the individual it is not merely the surfaces and shells, or numbers themselves, but the relationships and resonances between them in the INTERSTICES. These Interstitial forces, which are essentially QLIPHOTHIC FORCES, are coterminous with the unknown factor(s) and hidden variables the comprise the x-percentage of 'brain/mind power' we don't consciously use or recognize, not only the sub- and un-conscious areas of our Psychosomatic complex, but of Objective Reality in general of which we are not cognizant and aware.

     The question of Free-Will and Determinism varies with level and quality of Awareness. The less aware one is of their situation and the outcomes of their choices, the less Free-Will they will exercise and tend to let things be determined as they go with little anticipation or foresight. Awareness is also tricky in that it is not something that can be easily coaxed, and is an Art which must be Mastered via mindfulness and meditation in all arising states. The practices of Yoga and also, despite its lack of Initiated perspective - Prayer, are lasting methods of acknowledging the Inner Dimension which is a doorway and nexus between the Micro- and Macrocosms. THE NATURAL MATRIX underlies THE PURE SIMULACRA that has been overlaid in so many augmented layers. THE MICRO-MACRO doorway has 666 allocated as its Key and further revelation of this mystery is found via the formula of THE OBSERVER'S EFFECT / THE OBSERVER EFFECTS, i.e. the quantum mechanical relationship between Subject and Object or Experiencer and Experience - which in reality is not a duality. The Keys of the Qabalah of Nine Chambers are the Keys to
     666 is the number of the INVISIBLE SCHOOL and THE MYSTICAL ORDER underlying all Outer Orders as it is of THE PLANE WITHIN and with its pupil as THE SOUL WITHIN, i.e. ONE'S INNER PLANE. This INNER PLANE OF ADEPTI represent those Illuminated Ones who have achieved SELF-MASTERY and union of the Inner and Outer planes. Through 'THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF THE SOUL' as I have termed it, the web of manifestation unravels as the underlying SOURCE-CODE of not only THE AKASHIC RECORDS of THE FRACTAL OF MANIFESTATION, but the QUANTUM MULTIDIMENSIONALITY of THE CODIFICATION of THE HUMAN NOOSPHERE, i.e. the Anthropic mind-sphere which is also being artificially augmented via the Internet, Communication networks, and various devices - soon to be interfacing Humans with such networks and devices biologically.

As has been explored already in such posts as The Factors of Balance, The Keys & The Power of the Beast, The Hive-Mind Consciousness, etc. the Keys of The Qabalah of Nine Chambers fully explicate THE TRANSHUMAN MOVEMENT, THE TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE, and a range of BIO-NANO-TECH and DATA-SURVEILLANCE applications which have been in development for a century or more. 666 represents the Fire with which to fight Fire with, being the Key of the False Matrix as well as the Natural Matrix, and thus the SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY by which the Individual can regain and RETAIN sovereignty over their ELECTRIC Sol/Soul currency. 

Note the Masonic nature of many of the formulae.












Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Quantum Hard-Drive

     THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS and its formulation as the NUMBER CALCULATOR, or Magical Square of Saturn and number 3 key symbol (#) is itself a glyph of the QABALISTIC HARD-DRIVE containing all possible connections and thus INFINITE INFORMATION. 666 is not an 'evil' number, but the number of THE EVOLUTION of Man from Beast and toward PANThEOS or THE ALL (&) ONE BEING (THE ALL IS ONE). The Hebrew-English Gematria formula combines the ancient principles of the Qabalah with modern advancements in virtually any field, and when graphed into a database with particular focus on the 'Chambers' (111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999) certain numerical patterns emerge which help to find and formulate additional relationships and therefore more knowledge, understanding and wisdom. From this Qabalistic Hard-drive data can be 'divined' or extrapolated using logical methods of deduction and backwards tracing of additional relations as illustrated in the previous post.

     333 contains in seed form the magical laws for Sigil and Talisman formation, however all of the Chambers are relevant in deciphering and encoding larger qabalistic blueprints. 333 is both the value of THE QABALISTIC TEST as well as THE CELESTIAL SEALS, the former referring to the method of testing either spirits, guides, circumstances, etc. and the seals of the planets and their days and hours. 333, again, is the number of the TIME-STATIONS or states of time (Past-Present-Future), as well as the gateway (and GATEKEEPER) of Daath which represents the space-time continuum or fourth-state/fourth way/Final Heh/Hidden Pillar beyond the '3-DIMENSIONAL' limitations. The Hidden Pillar or 'invisible direction' can also be considered along with the formula of the HIDDEN CAMERA which is also 333, thus linking it to the concept of the Camera Obscura which led to the development of photography. The term refers to a 'dark chamber' but refers to the optical phenomenon that occurs when an image is projected through a pinhole from one side of a screen or wall to another, for example as in Da Vinci's model for the human eye where light rays forming an image are refracted through the pupil and reformed on the RETINA (666).

     Reflection is a qabalistic principle which has been focused on in this publication extensively, especially in regards to the 13-31 Key of Liber AL originally presented by Frater Achad and the Qliphothic reflexes of the paths which Kenneth Grant referred to as the Tunnels of Set. The numeric system contains its own reflective nature as shown here, though there are many different natural arrangements which yield apparent symmetry and pattern (See Dissecting the Body of God) and it is not only in the superficial patterns as they appear but in their correspondent data-sets between them as well. There is a recursiveness to the number spectrum which can be utilized to reduce macrocosmic factors and forces by scale to more reasonable proportions. Certain of these proportional relationships have been known for ages, as shown by William Stirling in The Canon: An Exposition of the Pagan Mystery Perpetuated in the Cabala as the Rule of All the Arts (1879). Note also that the words 'rational', 'rationale', etc. come from the same Latin root Ratio:
"reckoning, numbering, calculation; business affair, procedure," also "reason, reasoning, judgment, understanding," from rat-, past participle stem of reri "to reckon, calculate," also "think" (from PIE root *re- "to reason, count"). Mathematical sense "relationship between two numbers" is attested from 1650s.

     The word 'Reason' also relates back to ratio;
early 14c., resunmen, "to question (someone)," also "to challenge," from Old French raisoner "speak, discuss; argue; address; speak to," from Late Latin rationare "to discourse," from ratio "reckoning, understanding, motive, cause," from ratus, past participle of reri "to reckon, think," from PIE root *re- "to reason, count." Intransitive sense of "to think in a logical manner" is from 1590s; transitive sense of "employ reasoning (with someone)" is from 1847. Related: Reasoned; reasoning.

     Reason is associated with basic COGNITION, being essentially the capacity of making connections from sensory input. As noted previously, 666 is the number of the Greek Η Φρην, referring to the 'Reasoning' Mind and it is also the value of HALLUCINATION as well as SYNESTHESIA which refers to a wide variety of sensory derangements, commonly in the form of cross-perception in numbers or letters of color, taste, sound, smell, etc. Often when induced via psychedelics it is described as sound and color having taste, smell, feeling, etc. The word Synesthesia means 'union of the senses', and a related idea significant here is that of 'Number Forms', or the synesthetic perception of forms in numbers, as illustrated in numerous forms herein. Note that NUMERICAL FORM = 666 = GEOMETRIC EMERGENCE. That there are rational patterns and relationships between numbers, forms, ideas, words, phrases, formulae, etc. is not surprising considering this is fundamentally the basis of coherence, knowledge, cognition, etc. 

      To sum up a teaching of the Yogis, as well as one of the teachings concentrated by Kenneth Grant in his work, in the form of a memorable numerical formula is the exhortation: 'REVERT ALL SENSE'. This reversion or implosion of sense toward the MAGNETIC ENERGY CENTER of the Solar toroidal axle provides access to the central source of MAGICAL ENERGIES and QLIPHOTHIC FORCES.
Relating to the concept of retrocity, or the reflective patterns of numbers as mentioned above, 666 also denotes ENERGY REFLECTION, which could be taken to indicate a number of concepts, either in terms of Psychic Self-Defense, Industrial science, or numerical analysis. The reflection of energy is one of the primary functions of the Magician who utilizes Light or Energy in its various forms as a medium for change, and hence The Magus being a reflection of The Monad. (Note: THE MAGUS AND THE MONAD = 999.)

     There are many natural occurrences of certain numerical values among certain primary and fundamental subjects which have accumulated and allowed me to make certain breakthroughs in being able to make important connections where otherwise relations may have gone unrecognized. For example, BERYLLIUM is a substance used in many applications being dense and metallic, yet non-magnetic and useful in satellite, computer and nuclear technology. Emerald is a naturally occurring compound of Beryllium and an EMERALD GEM has a value of 333 as well. The number 333 is that of the DATA-COMPLEX of the 3x3x3 grid which unfolds into the full Qabalistic Chambers. There is a thus a special relationship between 333 and the QUANTUM LOGIC of THE QABALISTIC DATABASE. The phrase 'DATA STORAGE' is 363, i.e. 303/NUMBER less than 666, implying 666 is a 'DATA STORAGE NUMBER'. Further analysis reveals 666 corresponds further with the science of data storage in that it is also 'MAGNETIC RECORDING' as well as 'THE MAGNETIC POLES SURFACE' by which binary data is recorded magnetically via A MAGNETIC VOLTAGE SPIKE in the FLOW OF CURRENT. The FLOW OF CURRENT is important since the word ELECTRIC also equals 666 and implies universal energy which can be tapped and transmuted. 

     In working on this post I found a formula which is telling: "THE YANTRAS MAKE SOUNDS" or "THE SOUNDS MAKE YANTRAS" / "THE SOUNDS YANTRAS MAKE". This shows the Cymatic nature of these gematria formulas as yantras themselves, and a relevant book to be recommended here is The Myth of Invariance: The Origin of the Gods, Mathematics and Music from the RG Veda to Plato by Ernest G. McClain (1978) which also delineates various 'Tonal-Mandalas' and 'Algebraic Yantras'. The word Yantra actually translates as 'Machine' or 'Contraption', rather than a mere inert design. Leibniz, said to be one of the first computer scientists and information theorists, also had a concept of 'Divine Machines', which relate to the 'Gnostic Machines' of Michael Bertiaux (See The Voudon Gnostic Workbook).

     These MAGICKAL MACHINE(s) (=222) are essentially the same as the 'angels' and 'demons' or creative and destructive forces of nature sought to be harnessed for the directing Will of the Magus. MAGICKAL YANTRAS = 444 showing the connection between the ideas of Magickal Machines/Yantras, which the Qabalah of Nine Chambers themselves represent. Even the first chamber, 111, happens to be the value of the ALMADEL, a western wax yantra used in Ceremonial Magic. Leibniz created many 'magickal machines', including a CALCULATING MACHINE capable of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and also anticipated aspects of the universal Turing machine and is said to be a patron saint of cybernetics.

     Leibniz is also important because of his 1714 work Monadologie, which despite having no esoteric relationship to Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica, should nonetheless be considered alongside for the reasons above. Dee and Leibniz both anticipated a technological shift towards the AUTOMATION AGE we are now in. The Monadology of Leibniz does, however, seem to parallel the 'Doctrine of Signature' or Qabalistic Correspondence/Sympathy with the most basic of these in their monadic form termed 'SIMPLE SUBSTANCE(s)'. "The Monad, of which we shall here speak, is nothing but a simple substance, which enters into compounds. By ‘simple’ is meant ‘without parts’. Leibniz also likens this simple substance to the Soul, which has already been linked to 666 previously (See The Secret Language of the Soul, etc.)

18. All simple substances or created Monads might be called Entelechies, for they have in them a certain perfection (ἔχουσι τὸ ἐντελές); they have a certain self-sufficiency (αὐτάρκεια) which makes them the sources of their internal activities and, so to speak, incorporeal automata. (Theod. 87.)
19. If we are to give the name of Soul to everything which has perceptions and desires [appetits] in the general sense which I have explained, then all simple substances or created Monads might be called souls; but as feeling [le sentiment] is something more than a bare perception, I think it right that the general name of Monads or Entelechies should suffice for simple substances which have perception only, and that the name of Souls should be given only to those in which perception is more distinct, and is accompanied by memory. 
 20. For we experience in ourselves a condition in which we remember nothing and have no distinguishable perception; as when we fall into a swoon or when we are overcome with a profound dreamless sleep. In this state the soul does not perceptibly differ from a bare Monad; but as this state is not lasting, and the soul comes out of it, the soul is something more than a bare Monad. (Theod. 64.)

     The magnetic nature of the magick of Mind and Matter are conveyed via the formula of 666 as key to THE WHOLE QABALAH of THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS. It is via the observation of natural forces and our manipulation thereof that both magick and technological advancement is effected, however the 'archaic' and 'primitive' modes of perception have been given new terms and outlooks the underlying simple substance is the same. It is through the transmutation of the base metals, so to speak, of mundane life and consciousness into more practical and enlightening forces and fuels that one performs THE ALCHEMICAL GREAT WORK which 666  symbolizes being the Solar number of the Gold talents of Solomon (See 1 Kings 10:14.) It is also THE EVOLUTION, once again, from Beast to Man to God and the FUTURE TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES / THE TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE which will engender it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Cosmic Nexus

"Our work is therefore historically authentic; the rediscovery of the Sumerian Tradition." -Aleister Crowley

     Aleister Crowley openly expressed his opinion that for humankind to truly break beyond the self-induced boundaries of the human condition and modern predicament contacts with Higher Intelligences would need to occur. Kenneth Grant quotes him in the beginning of Outer Gateways (1994) from the postscript of Chapter XXX of Magick Without Tears:

"My observation of the Universe convinces me that there are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality than anything we can conceive of as human; that they are not necessarily based on the cerebral and nervous structures that we know, and that the one and only chance for mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make contact with such Beings."

     The connection between demonology and ufology has been noted by many, especially Kenneth Grant, but more nuances and connections have become apparent in the collation of formulae regarding both subjects.  The formulae I am referring to are not merely the numerical formulae of The Qabalah of Nine Chambers (111-222-333-444-555-666-777-888-999), nor even their broken-down components, i.e. 1+110, 20+202, 300+33...etc. Such 'parsing' is what gives any formula or code meaning. Note: 'MEANING' = 159 = 'MATHEMATICAL'. 1-5-9 is one of many numerical 'VEILS' (=111) of THE (19) + QABALAH (140) hinting at the holographic source-code containing the 'Beginning'-'Middle'-'End' of THE AZOTH (111) / QUINTESSENCE (999) / Alpha et Omega '.

     Considering the fact that 666 (and THE QABALAH OF NINE CHAMBERS as a whole) encompasses the fields of ancient magic/hermetic philosophy, modern technology and future developments, it can be used as a tool to analyze conceptual data from virtually any frame of reference. 666 - 'CONNECTION' (330) = 'REFLEX' (336). This is a simple example of how the SUM (666) of a Chamber can be used as a point from which to deduce and extrapolate numerical, and thus conceptual, reflexes. This is where having a good database comes in handy to better expand the potential connections with which one can expand the conceptual data-sets.
     Using this method of induction I have surveyed the demonological and ufological literature (along with the psychological and mythological literature) and found Qabalistic analysis of them to provide continuity as well as practical applicability or pragmatic virtue in the rendering of usually 'occult' and 'out there' subject matter increasingly relative and associable with other sympathetic factors/vectors. For example, 666 contains The MYTH OF THE SUN embedded within, as well as RA & SET, the dual aspects of the Solar deity. From the TIME OF THE SUN and the DIRECTIONS of the Light the MAGICAL TIMINGS used in Ceremonial Magic can be determined, and it was this ancient realization and reckoning that brought about the beginning of agriculture, history, civilization, etc. The notion of the ancients having 'received' their knowledge 'from the Gods' (Egy. 'NETERU'=666) could indicate a recognition of such 'higher knowledge' reflected in the lower planes and cycles.

     The forces of space and time, i.e. the 'GOD-FORCES'/MAGICK FORCES of Nature are combined in THE FORMULA OF SPACE-TIME, 666, which stripped of its cultural accretions still has many geometrical properties that renders it useful in a number of calculations being as it is the numeric expansion of 6, or the Hexagon/Hexagram. The hexagon is 6 x 60 in THE CIRCLE of 360. 6 is Tiphareth on the Tree of Life, the center of the Middle Pillar and the central focus of Yetzirah or the Formative World. Again, it is the 'Axle' of THE AXLE OF THE AEONS, or in Gnostic parlance, THE AEON OF THE AEONS. There is a special connection between the Sun and Saturn (i.e. as Kronos, the 'Ring Pass Not' of Time, or Space-Time) in 666 which represents the 'Keys of the Kingdom' and of both Heaven and Hell. 666 as the number of the Beast is obvious, but it is also the Greek Παραδισος, 'Paradise' or Heaven/Perfection. Alexander Hislop, in The Two Babylons, identifies Nimrod with Saturn, and being the great HUNTER he is also equated with 666.

    The queen of Assyria, given the legendary title 'Queen of Heaven', SEMIRAMIS also equals 666 - yet Hislop does not seem to have applied gematria to notice, and neither did Kenneth Grant seem to have noted it in his books despite having likely one of the most extensive gematric indexes at the time, though as I have shown there were and are many seemingly obvious yet unrecognized formulae. Semiramis and Tammuz may also have been the basis for the Mother Isis and Child Horus / Madonna and Christ-child motif.

     "While Saturn, therefore, is the name of the beast, and contains the mystic number, Lateinos, which contains the same number, is just as peculiar and distinctive an appellation of the same beast. The Pope, then, as the head of the beast, is equally Lateinos or Saturn, that is, the head of the Babylonian "Mystery." When, therefore, the Pope requires all his services to be performed in the "Latin tongue," that is as much as to say that they must be performed in the language of "Mystery"; when he calls his Church the Latin Church, that is equivalent to a declaration that it is the Church of "Mystery." Thus, by this very name of the Pope's own choosing, he has with his own hands written upon the very forehead of his apostate communion its divine Apocalyptic  designation, "MYSTERY--Babylon the great." Thus, also, by a process of the purest induction, we have been led on from step to step, till we find the mystic number 666 unmistakably and "indelibly marked" on his own forehead, and that he who has his seat on the seven hills of Rome has exclusive and indefeasible claims to be regarded as the Visible head of the beast.

The reader, however, who has carefully considered the language that speaks of the name and number of the Apocalyptic beast, must have observed that, in the terms that describe that name and number, there is still an enigma that ought not to be overlooked. The words are these: "Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast--for it is the number of a man" (Rev 13:18). What means the saying, that the "number of the beast is the number of a man"? Does it merely mean that he has been called by a name that has been borne by some individual man before? This is the sense in which the words have been generally understood. But surely this would be nothing very distinctive--nothing that might not equally apply to innumerable names. But view this language in connection with the ascertained facts of the case, and what a Divine light at once beams from the expression. Saturn, the hidden god,--the god of the Mysteries, whom the Pope represents, whose secrets were revealed only to the initiated,--was identical with Janus, who was publicly known to all Rome, to the uninitiated and initiated alike, as the grand Mediator, the opener and the shutter, who had  the key of the invisible world. Now, what means the name Janus? That name, as Cornificius in Macrobius shows, was properly Eanus; and in ancient Chaldee, E-anush signifies "the Man." By that very name was the Babylonian beast from the sea called, when it first made its appearance. * 

* The name, as given in Greek by Berosus, is O-annes; but this is just the very way we might expect "He-anesth," "the man," to appear in Greek. He-siri, in Greek, becomes Osiris; and He-sarsiphon, Osarsiphon; and, in like manner, He-anesh naturally becomes Oannes. In the sense of a "Man-god," the name Oannes is taken by Barker (Lares and Penates). We find the conversion of the H' into O' among our own immediate neighbours, the Irish; what is now O'Brien and O'Connell was originally H'Brien and H'Connell (Sketches of Irish History). 

     The name E-anush, or "the Man," was applied to the Babylonian Messiah, as  identifying him with the promised seed of the Woman. The name of "the Man," as applied to a god, was intended to designate him as the "god-man." We have seen that in India the Hindoo Shasters bear witness, that in order to enable the gods to overcome their enemies, it was needful that the Sun, the supreme divinity, should be incarnate, and born of a Woman. The classical nations had a legend of precisely the same nature. "There was a current tradition in heaven," says Apollodorus, "that the giants could never be conquered except by the help of a man." That man, who was believed to have conquered the adversaries of the gods, was Janus, the god-man. In consequence of his assumed character and exploits, Janus was invested with high powers, made the keeper of the gates of heaven, and arbiter of men's eternal destinies. Of this Janus, this Babylonian "man," the Pope, as we have seen, is the legitimate representative; his key, therefore, he bears, with that of Cybele, his mother-wife; and to all his blasphemous pretensions he at this hour lays claim. The very fact, then, that the Pope founds his claim to universal homage on the possession of the keys of heaven, and that in a sense which empowers him, in defiance of every principle of Christianity, to open and shut the gates of glory, according to his mere sovereign will and pleasure, is a striking and additional proof that he is that head of the beast from the sea, whose number, as identified with Janus, is the number of a man, and amounts exactly to 666. 

Janus with The Looking-Glass
    Janus, the Greek god the month January is named after, is the double-faced god of beginnings and endings, gateways, doorways, time(s), passages, transitions, etc. He is depicted as facing forwards and backwards in time, and being also associated with the first month he reminds of the association of the Qliphothic aspect of Kether in Thaumiel as the 'double-faced' Satan-Moloch. The double-face is again reminiscent of the double-nature of any number, particularly 666, being one of the main Keys to the Kingdom. Many of the keys presented in this medium have been found independently of the associations made later herein, and thus have potential alternate contexts and applications, however each of them have their own Janus-like quality in that they 'look back- and forward' from their circumstantial origins and eventual extensions, yet nonetheless retaining their inherent value. The Keys of the Chambers and their components are, once again, more easily arrived at when more 'data' can be drawn from the reflex-values. The problem with me making these Keys available to those who have not made the necessary inner-connections is that such inherent value and context is limited or nil, and therefore rendered inert.

     The inverted aspect of a force or energy can be considered its 'demonic' aspect, and thus Demonology can be extended to include not merely externalized 'demons', but the Qliphothic or 'shadow-aspect' of any thing, particularly Qabalistically reckonable forces. The oft-quoted statement by Jean Paul Sartre that "Hell is other people." is a very qliphothically-intuitive statement which expresses the 'demonic' or 'fallen'/'fractured' state of Self and Other, and remember that the Qliphothic side of the Tree is called in Hebrew the 'Sitra Ahra', or 'Other Side'. Formulaically relating here, we can recall that 'THE LOOKING-GLASS', another name for the mirror, is also 666 and connects the ideas of the double-facing Janus, the Gateway(s), and the 'fracture' or rift/abyss outside of the space-gates. Gematrically, 'MIRROR' = 720, (1x2x3x4x5x6) which can be figured geometrically as 360+360 and is '54' more than 666, which is significant since 54 is the number of 'THE KEY', (as well as 'ALICE'.)

     Higher Intelligences in Qabalistic terms could refer to any of the INTELLIGENCES above the Sphere of Malkuth. Each of the Sephiroth has specific Intelligences with varying qualities and rarifications, which for mundane consciousness to recognize it must apprehend on their own levels rather than expect Higher Intelligences and their numinous energies to descend to such a restrictive and in some cases, oppressive plane or state of mind as that of a human in whatever stage of Initiation if any. Since 666 is THE HOLOGRAPHIC MONAD and THE CHAINS OF THE ABSOLUTE that emanate therefrom, there is still a capacity for THE WHITE LIGHT (111) of the Gnosis or 'THE MANA' (magic power) to descend via the Monadic Chains. When conceived of not merely as dense 'Chambers' of data, but dynamic 'Monadic Chains' of the Absolute the numeric cells become connectory channels for the weaving of future cycles or shells. We do this every day by way of the fact that EVERY ACT IS A MAGICAL ACT, and thus Qliphothic in that Magick is the science of controlling the Qliphoth. Recognition of the THE MAGIC KEY (=111) and the CYCLIC LAW underlying all phenomenal manifestation is a continual process as THE INTELLIGENCE OF THE UNIVERSE expands with INFINITE FORMATIONS and INFINITE INFORMATION (פאנתהעס).

    THE COSMIC NEXUS = 666, the number which represents the Solar link and lens of focus related to THE CIRCLE of Ceremonial Magic, also represents the gateway between THE MICRO- & MACRO-. This is the boundary of the event horizon of the seen and unseen, the conscious and unconscious veils. The supreme ruler of the demons is ShTN, Satan whose name = 359, the broken circle and the ShEDIM or Demons and the ARS GOETIA. 359 can also be thought of as the SPIDER at the center of THE QLIPHOTHIC WEB. THE GOETIA OF KING SOLOMON = 666, the number also of the SOLOMONIC RING and THE KEYS OF THE LEMEGETON used to bind and CONTROL DEMONS. THE MAGIC OF ANGELS AND OF DEMONS is essentially based on the angles and shadow-aspects of the planetary times being useful in obtaining the sympathetic alignments with the proper monadic chains. With the proper deductions and inductions gematria becomes a powerful too to CHAIN DEMONS IN NUMBER via EDITING THE TIMELINE OF MANIFESTATION and SOURCE-CODE of THE FRACTAL OF MANIFESTATION.

     The Online Etymology Dictionary says that the word Nexus is from the 1660s, and means "bond, link, means of communication," from Latin nexus "that which ties or binds together," past participle of nectere "to bind," from PIE root *ned- "to bind, tie." 'Cosmic' comes from the Greek kosmikos, meaning "of this world", therefore THE COSMIC NEXUS is that which ties or binds together that which is in or of this world, however it also implies the nexion or gate/portal in and outside of the Cosmic framework. This reminds of Babylon as the 'Gate of the Gods', and associated with the Sun as a sort of stellar-link or stargate. (Note: THE STARGATE MACHINE = 666 = FUTURE TIME TRAVEL MACHINE) BABYLONIAN CELESTIAL MAGIC & DIVINATION is not only one of the most ancient of systems extant in the field it is still one of the most accurate and actively useful. The Chaldeans are also said to be one of the ancient source-origins of what developed into Qabalistic magic(k), and it is significant that not only does THE CHALDEAN SORCERY = 666, but also THE CHALDEAN ACCOUNT (See The Chaldean Account of Genesis by George Smith, 1876. Note also that GEORGE SMITH CHALDEAN ACCOUNT happens to equal 666 as well.) SEMITIC AND CHALDEAN NUMBER MAGIC used by the Semites and Chaldeans is but a highly primitive form as that which we can now formulate as I have tried to illustrate here in showing how otherwise innocuous and seemingly unconnected ideas can be linked together in a cohesive pattern so as to build a systematic pattern to be reinforced and built upon.

     In The Oracle of Geomancy by Stephen Skinner a good summary is given as to how communication with the archetypal angelic or demonic aspects of mundane, earthly forces can be made:
     "Aleister Crowley's explanation of the mechanics of divination is more traditional, more medieval in fact, than Jung's so we will examine his first.
     He suggests that there exist "intelligences" which are either beings with a separate existence (elementals) or parts of the subconscious mind of the diviner of which he is not normally aware (intuition if you like).
     It does not matter to the theory whether the communicating spirit so called is an objective entity or a concealed portion of the diviner's mind as both are abstract concepts, each as likely to be as real as the other. We assume that these intelligences are able to reply, within limits to the questions asked. Otherwise it makes no sense to say that accurate information which was not previously known consciously by the diviner can be obtained from a purely mechanical operation. Anyway, if you take the attitude when divining that you are dealing with intelligences external to your own mind (whether it be true or not) this helps to "distance" the question and helps to prevent interference by your own hopes and desires. (It is necessary for the diviner to banish from his mind all interest in the out ome if the divination is to be accurate and unbiased.) 
     Now to communicate with these "intelligences" it is necessary to have a kind of shorthand, "a compendium of hieroglyphs sufficiently elastic in meaning to include every possible idea." Crowley assumes that these will be understood by intelligences with whom we wish to communicate in the same sense as it is by ourselves; that we have therefore a sort of language. 
      Now the answers to questions in divination cannot be conveyed directly (except in the case of spoken oracles such as at Delphi in ancient Greece) but must be conveyed by the standard "hieroglyphs" of the form of divination being used. These in turn have to be interpreted by the diviner in terms of the problem, as it is not possible to have enough "hieroglyphs" to answer every conceivable question in specific detail.
     The system of symbols can vary from the almost unlimited combination of symbols of horary astrology, through the 78 cards of the Tarot, the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching to the 16 figures of Geomancy, but each system must be flexible enough to give a complete representation of any outcome or relationship in the universe, so they can be employed to answer questions at any level of truth or complexity."

     This is essentially the mechanical basis of Sigil Magick, whereby a formula is converted to a sort of subconsciously absorptive shorthand 'seed' (Hence, THE SEED = 333 = THE MAGICKAL TALISMAN = THE CELESTIAL SEALS) By 'embedding' this seed-code into the SOURCE-CODE of the natural matrix THE QUANTUM GLUE of THE PROJECTIVE CONTINUUM is correspondingly altered. This orientation of DIRECTIONS on the internal level of the MAGNETIC ENERGY CENTER recalibrates THE PURE SIMULACRA that is the 'illusion' of Maya/Malkuth. The Ars Notoria or Notary Art of Solomon, as well as the Steganographia of Trithemius are both analagous methods of 'magical shorthand', however with the addition of the Hebrew-English Gematria system as utilized here I have been able to further expand and update the many different areas of Magical computation, especially in the more difficult to 'assimilate' system of Enochian, as developed by John Dee and Edward Kelley and further updated by Aleister Crowley, the Golden Dawn, etc.

     These ENOCHIAN COMMUNICATION KEYS still needs time to incubate while THE ENOCHIAN LIBRARY of various literature on the subject is more fully qabalistically analyzed. Suffice to say, the ENOCHIAN ANGELIC BEINGS seem to be highly compatible with this mode of analysis leading me to wonder if the Hebrew-English Gematria formula was anticipated and necessary to be applied in this connection. The 'Enochian' literature goes back to The Book(s) of Enoch, the Apocrypha, and the Gnostic texts which themselves are still not fully translated or historically understood, yet they will be shown to be inextricably linked with many facets of the modern 'UFOlogical' subject as further posts proceed. (See also Monolithic A.I. Alien Invasion.)

     This Key has already been identified as directly connected to the prophesized Key of It All mentioned in LIBER L VEL LEGIS, to which Achad initially discovered in his addition of Aleph to Lamed, thus subsequently unveiling many mysteries contained therein, and then the Qabalistic Keys hitherto arrived at through its influence and direction. The Work of the Egg mentioned in Liber 729, The Amalantrah Working is likely a harkening back to the 'Enochian' Work of Dee and Kelley, which like much of Crowley's Workings, were left unfinished. There is still much to be done, but these Keys must be presented to open the doorways for the future unfolding of the Mysteries in their next phase.

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